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Monastic Settlements in South Sinai in the Byzantine Period
Author/Editor: Dahari, U
Monastic Settlements in South Sinai in the Byzantine Period: The Archaeological Remains
Author/Editor: UZI DAHARI,R. Calderon,W.D. Cooke,Y. Gorin-Rosen,O. Shamir
The Miracles and Translation of St. James: Books Two and Three of the Liber Sancti Jacobi
Author/Editor: Thomas F. Coffey,Maryjane Dunn
The Mega Project at Motza (Moẓa): The Neolithic and Later Occupations up to the 20th Century: New Studies in the Archaeology of Jerusalem and Its Region. Supplementary Volume
Author/Editor: Hamoudi Khalaily,Amit Re'em,Jacob Vardi,Ianir Milevski
Mary's Well, Nazareth: The late Hellenistic to the Ottoman periods
Author/Editor: Yardenna Alexandre,Guy Bar-Oz,Ariel Berman,Noa Raban-Gerstel
Mary's Well, Nazareth
Author/Editor: Alexandre, Y
Maresha Excavations Final Report I: Subterranean Complexes 21, 44, 70
Author/Editor: Amos Kloner,Donald T. Ariel,Gerald Finkielsztejn,Chava Korzakova,Tikva Levine,Dalit Regev,Nahum Sagiv,Naomi Sidi
Maresha Excavations Final Report III: Epigraphic Finds from the 1989-2000 Seasons
Author/Editor: Amos Kloner,Esther Eshel,Hava B. Korzakova,Gerald Finkielsztejn
Maresha Excavations Final Report III
Author/Editor: Kloner, A
Maresha Excavations Final Report II: Hellenistic Terracotta Figurines from the 1989-1996
Author/Editor: Adi Erlich,Amos Kloner
Maresha Excavations Final Report II
Author/Editor: Erlich, A.; Kloner, A
Maresha Excavations Final Report I
Author/Editor: Kloner, A