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New Studies in the Archaeology of the Judean Desert: Collected Papers
Author/Editor: Ofer Sion ,Joe Uziel ,Amir Ganor ,Eitan Klein
New Studies in the Archaeology of Northern Israel / חידושים בארכיאולוגיה של צפון ארץ ישראל
Author/Editor: Karen Covello-Paran ,Adi Erlich ,Ron Beeri
New studies in the archaeology of Jerusalem and its region / חידושים בארכיאולוגיה של ירושלים וסביבותיה: Collected Papers. Volume 14 / קובץ מחקרים. כרך יד
Author/Editor: Yehiel Zelinger ,Orit Peleg-Barkat ,Joseph (Joe) Uziel ,Yuval Gadot
New Italian Women: A Collection of Short Fiction
Author/Editor: Martha King
New Italian Voices: Transcultural Writing in Contemporary Italy
Author/Editor: Cinzia Sartini Blum,Deborah L. Contrada
The Neolithic Site of Abu Ghosh
Author/Editor: Khalaily, H.; Marder, O
The Necropolis of Bet Guvrin
Author/Editor: Avni, G.; Dahari, U.; Kloner, A
Nahal Haggit
Author/Editor: Seligman, J
The Naḥal Tanninim dam and its vicinity: final report of the 2000–2005 excavation seasons, Vol. 71
Author/Editor: Yosef Porath ,Uzi ‘Ad ,‘Abed al-Salam Sa‘id ,Donald T. Ariel ,Etan Ayalon ,Yehoshua (Yeshu) Dray ,Amir Freundlich ,Peter Gendelman ,Avner Hillman