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Salvage Excavations at Tel Moza
Author/Editor: Greenhut, Z.; De-Groot, A
Salvage Excavations at Tel Moza: The Bronze and Iron Age Settlements and Later Occupations
Author/Editor: Zvi Greenhut,Alon De Groot,Eldad Barzilay,Elisabetta Boaretto,Baruch Brandl,Anna Eirikh-Rose,Elisheva Kamaiski,Raz Kletter,Marie Petersson-Solimany,Moshe Sade,Irina Segal,Orit Shamir,Daniel Vainstub,Elena Zapassky
Salvage Excavations at the Early Bronze Age Site of Qiryat Ata
Author/Editor: Golani, A
The Sermons and Liturgy of Saint James: Book I of the Liber Sancti Jacobi
Author/Editor: Thomas F. Coffey ,Maryjane Dunn
Settlement Dynamics and Regional Diversity in Ancient Upper Galilee
Author/Editor: Frankel, R.; Getzov, N.; Aviam, M
Settlement Dynamics and Regional Diversity in Ancient Upper Galilee: Archaeological Survey of Upper Galilee
Author/Editor: Rafael Frankel,Nimrod Getzov,Mordechai Aviam,Avi Degani,Ann Roshwalb Hurowitz
Shoham (North)
Author/Editor: van den Brink, E.C.M.; Gophna, R
Shoham (North): Late Chalcolithic Burial Caves In the Lod Valley, Israel
Author/Editor: Edwin C.M. van den Brink,Ram Gophna,Israel Carmi,Catherine Commenge,Vered Eshed,Sonia Itkis,Uri Kafri,Nili Liphschitz,Ofer Marder,Henk K. Mienis,Yorke M. Rowan,Tamar Schick,Dror Segal