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Titles (82) Information
Aegean Bronze Age Rhyta
Author/Editor: Koehl, Robert B
Akrotiri, Thera
Author/Editor: Clairy, Palyvou
Alatzomouri Pefka: A Middle Minoan IIB Workshop Making Organic Dyes, Vol. 62
Author/Editor: Vili Apostolakou ,Thomas M. Brogan ,Philip P. Betancourt ,Vili Apostolakou ,Philip P. Betancourt ,Thomas M. Brogan ,Konstantinos Chalikias ,Alison M. Crandall
The Alatzomouri Rock Shelter
Author/Editor: Vili, Apostolakou; Thomas M., Brogan; Philip P., Betancourt
Author/Editor: Robert B., Koehl
Aphrodite’s Kephali
Author/Editor: Betancourt, Philip P
Aphrodite’s Kephali
Author/Editor: Betancourt, Philip P
Archaeological Survey of the Gournia Landscape
Author/Editor: Watrous, L. Vance; Haggis, Donald; Nowicki, Krzysztof
Ayia Sotira
Author/Editor: R. Angus K., Smith; Mary K., Dabney; Evangelia, Pappi
Author/Editor: Petrakis, Susan L
Bramiana: Salvaging Information from a Destroyed Minoan Settlement in Southeast Crete, Vol. 66
Author/Editor: Vili Apostolakou ,Philip P. Betancourt ,Thomas M. Brogan ,Vili Apostolakou ,Philip P. Betancour ,Lily Bonga ,Thomas M. Brogan ,Konstantinos Chalikias
The Bronze Age Begins
Author/Editor: Betancourt, Philip P
The Cave of the Cyclops
Author/Editor: Sampson, Adamantios
Chalasmenos I
Author/Editor: Melissa, Eaby
Cretan Bronze Age Pithoi
Author/Editor: Christakis, Kostandinos S
Crete beyond the Palaces
Author/Editor: Day, Leslie Preston; Mook, Margaret S
Daidalos at Work
Author/Editor: Clairy, Palyvou
Dams and Water Management Systems of Minoan Pseira
Author/Editor: Betancourt, Philip P.; McCoy, Floyd B
Elite Minoan Architecture
Author/Editor: Joseph W., Shaw
Exploring a Terra Incognita on Crete
Author/Editor: Konstantinos, Chalikias; Emilia, Oddo
The Galatas Survey
Author/Editor: L., Watrous; D., Buell
Göltepe Excavations: Tin Production at an Early Bronze Age Mining Town in the Central Taurus Mountains, Turkey
Author/Editor: Kutlu Aslýhan Yener ,Müge Bulu ,Talisha Chaput ,Mahmut G. Drahor ,Alexandra Fletcher ,Patience Ann Freeman ,Allan S. Gilbert ,Haskel J. Greenfield ,
Gournes, Pediada: A Minoan Cemetery in Crete, Vol. 63
Author/Editor: Calliope E. Galanaki ,Chrysa Apostolaki ,Yannis Balis ,Yannis Bassiakos ,Anastasios Eleftheriou ,Doniert Evely ,Georgios Fanourakis ,Charalambos Fassoulas
Gournia, Vasiliki, and Other Prehistoric Sites on the Isthmus of Hierapetra, Crete
Author/Editor: Harriet Boyd, Hawes; Blanche A., Williams; Richard B., Seager
The Hagia Photia Cemetery I
Author/Editor: Costis, Davaras; Philip P., Betancourt
Hagios Charalambos: A Minoan Burial Cave in Crete
Author/Editor: Louise C. Langford-Verstegen,Philip P. Betancourt,Costis Davaras,Susan C. Ferrence,Eleni Nodarou,Philip P. Betancourt,Costis Davaras,Eleni Stravopodi
Hagios Charalambos: A Minoan Burial Cave in Crete
Author/Editor: Philip P., Betancourt
Honors to Eileithyia at Ancient Inatos: The Sacred Cave of Eileithyia at Tsoutsouros, Crete: Highlights of the Collection
Author/Editor: Athanasia Kanta ,Costis Davaras ,Philip P. Betancourt ,Philip P. Betancourt ,Costis Davaras ,Georgia Flouda ,Calliope E. Galanaki ,Dimitris Grigoropoulos
House X at Kommos: A Minoan Mansion Near the Sea
Author/Editor: Jeremy, Rutter
House X at Kommos: A Minoan Mansion near the Sea. Part 1: Architecture, Stratigraphy, and Selected Finds, Vol. 35
Author/Editor: Maria C. Shaw ,Joseph W. Shaw ,Maria C. Shaw ,Joseph W. Shaw ,Deborah Ruscillo ,Anne P. Chapin ,John G. Younger
Introduction to Aegean Art
Author/Editor: Philip P., Betancourt
Kavousi I
Author/Editor: Haggis, Donald C
Kavousi IIA
Author/Editor: Leslie, Preston Day; Nancy L., Klein; Lee Ann, Turner
Kavousi IIB
Author/Editor: Day, Leslie Preston
Kavousi IIC: The Late Minoan IIIC Settlement at Vronda
Author/Editor: Leslie, Preston Day; Heidi M.C., Dierckx; Kimberly, Flint-Hamilton
Author/Editor: Dimitri, Nakassis; Joann, Gulizio; Sarah A., James
Kingship in the Mycenaean World and its reflections in the Oral Tradition
Author/Editor: Ione Mylonas, Shear
Kleronomia: Legacy and Inheritance: Studies on the Aegean Bronze Age in Honor of Jeffrey S. Soles, Vol. 61
Author/Editor: Joanne M.A. Murphy ,Jerolyn E. Morrison
The Knossos Tablets
Author/Editor: José L. Melena ,Richard J. Firth
Kos in the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age
Author/Editor: Georgiadis, Mercourios
Krinoi Kai Limenes
Author/Editor: Philip P. Betancourt,Michael C. Nelson,Hector Williams
The Late Minoan III Necropolis of Armenoi
Author/Editor: Yannis, Tzedakis; Holley, Martlew; Robert, Arnott
Livari Skiadi: A Minoan Cemetery in Lefki, Southeast Crete
Author/Editor: Yiannis, Papadatos; Chrysa, Sofianou
Marsa Matruh I
Author/Editor: White, Donald
Marsa Matruh II
Author/Editor: White, Donald
Metallurgy: Understanding How, Learning Why: Studies in Honor of James D. Muhly
Author/Editor: Susan C., Ferrence; Philip P., Betancourt
Midea: The Megaron Complex and Shrine Area
Author/Editor: Walberg, Gisela
The Minoan Shipwreck at Pseira, Crete
Author/Editor: Elpida Hadjidaki-Marder ,Philip P. Betancourt ,Thomas M. Brogan ,Joanne E. Cutler ,Heidi M.C. Dierckx ,Eleni Nodarou ,Todd Whitelaw
Mochlos IA
Author/Editor: Soles, Jeffery S
Mochlos IB
Author/Editor: Barnard, Kellee A.; Brogan, Thomas M
Mochlos IC
Author/Editor: Soles, Jeffery S.; et. al
Mochlos IIA
Author/Editor: Soles, Jeffery S
Mochlos IIB
Author/Editor: Smith, R. Angus K
Mochlos IIC
Author/Editor: Jeffrey S. Soles,Joanna Bending,Thomas M. Brogan,Kelly Caldwell,Tristan Carter,Alessandra Giumlia-Mair,Katerina Kopaka,Dimitra Mylona,Ann Nicgorski,Maria Ntinou,David S. Reese,George Rethemiotakis,R. Angus K. Smith,Sarah L. Smith,Mary Ellen Soles,Sevi Tri
Mochlos III: The Late Hellenistic Settlement
Author/Editor: Natalia, Vogeikoff-Brogan
Mochlos IVA: Period III. The House of the Metal Merchant and Other Buildings in the Neopalatial Town, Vol. 68
Author/Editor: Jeffrey S. Soles ,Tristan Carter ,Joanne Cutler ,Georgios Doudalis ,Douglas Faulmann ,Jonathan M. Flood ,Alessandra R. Giumlia-Mair ,Angela M. Hussein
Monastiraki Katalimata
Author/Editor: Nowicki, Krzysztof P
Moni Odigitria
Author/Editor: Vasilakis, Andonis; Branigan, Keith
Mortuary Behavior and Social Trajectories in Pre- and Protopalatial Crete
Author/Editor: Borja Legarra, Herrero
Mycenaean Messenia and the Kingdom of Pylos
Author/Editor: Richard Hope, Simpson
The Neolithic Settlement of Knossos in Crete
Author/Editor: Nikos, Efstratiou; Alexandra, Karetsou; Maria, Ntinou
Petras, Siteia I
Author/Editor: Metaxia, Tsipopoulou
Petras, Siteia II: A Minoan Palatial Settlement in Eastern Crete: Late Bronze Age Pottery from Houses I.1 and I.2, Vol. 67
Author/Editor: Metaxia Tsipopoulou ,Eleni Nodarou
Author/Editor: Eleni, Mantzourani; Philip P., Betancourt
The Politics of Storage
Author/Editor: Christakis, Kostandinos S
Prehistoric Crete
Author/Editor: Joanne M.A. Murphy,Philip P. Betancourt,Gerald Cadogan,Melissa Eaby,Borja Legarra Herrero,Katia Perna
The Prehistory of the Paximadi Peninsula, Euboea
Author/Editor: Cullen, Tracey; Talalay, Lauren E.; Keller, Donald R
Pseira IX
Author/Editor: Simpson, Richard Hope; Betancourt, Philip P.; Davaras, Costis
Pseira VI
Author/Editor: Philip P. Betancourt,Costis Davaras,Philip P. Betancourt,Costis Davaras,Julie Ann Clark,Heidi M.C. Dierckx,Harrison Eiteljorg II,William R. Farrand,Paul Goldberg,William B. Hafford,Richard Hope Simpson,Katherine May,Lada Onyshkevych,Natalia Poulou-Papadim
Pseira VII
Author/Editor: Philip P. Betancourt,Costis Davaras,Demetrios Anglos,Robert Arnott,Philip P. Betancourt,Polyxeni Bougia,Costis Davaras,Heidi M.C. Dierckx,Susan Ferrence,Paul Goldberg,Richard Hope Simpson,Robert B. Koehl,Mari P. Mateo,Olga Matzari,Kristalia Melessanaki,Na
Pseira VIII
Author/Editor: Philip P. Betancourt,Costis Davaras,Richard Hope Simpson,Philip P. Betancourt,Julie Ann Clark,Peter M. Day,William R. Farrand,Richard Hope Simpson,Teresa Howard,Oliver Rackham,Carola H. Stearns
Pseira X
Author/Editor: Betancourt, Philip P
Retrieval of Materials with Water Separation Machines
Author/Editor: Peterson, Sarah E.; Betancourt, Philip P
The Shrine of Eileithyia, Minoan Goddess of Childbirth and Motherhood, at the Inatos Cave in Southern Crete: Volume I: The Egyptian-Type Artifacts, Vol. 69
Author/Editor: Günther Hölbl ,Philip P. Betancourt ,Konstantinos Chalikias ,Philip P. Betancourt ,Athanasia Kanta ,Costis Davaras
Soil Science and Archaeology
Author/Editor: Morris, Michael W
Studies in Aegean Art and Culture
Author/Editor: Robert B., Koehl
Temple University Aegean Symposium: A Compendium
Author/Editor: Philip P. Betancourt
Thin-Section Petrography of Ceramic Materials
Author/Editor: Peterson, Sarah E.; Betancourt, Philip P
Tholos Tomb Gamma
Author/Editor: Papadatos, Yiannis
Transport Stirrup Jars of the Bronze Age Aegean and East Mediterranean
Author/Editor: Richard E., Jones; John T., Killen; Halford W., Haskell
Wall Paintings and Social Context: The Northeast Bastion at Ayia Irini, Vol. XI
Author/Editor: LYVIA MORGAN
The Wall Paintings of the West House at Mycenae
Author/Editor: Iphiyenia, Tournavitou