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The Cinema of Mika Kaurismäki
Author/Editor: Kääpä, Pietari
The Cinema of Mika Kaurismäki: Transvergent Cinescapes, Emergent Identities
Author/Editor: Pietari Kääpä
The Cultural Practice of Immigrant Filmmaking
Author/Editor: Lars Gustaf Andersson; John Sundholm
The Cultural Practice of Immigrant Filmmaking: Minor Immigrant Cinemas in Sweden 1950–1990
Author/Editor: Lars Gustaf Andersson,John Sundholm
Europe Faces Europe
Author/Editor: Fornäs, Johan
Europe Faces Europe: Narratives from Its Eastern Half
Author/Editor: Johan Fornäs
The Imaginary Geography of Hollywood Cinema 1960–2000
Author/Editor: Long, Christian B
Media and Participation
Author/Editor: Carpentier, Nico
Media and Participation: A site of ideological-democratic struggle
Author/Editor: Nico Carpentier
Music and Levels of Narration in Film
Author/Editor: Heldt, Guido
Performing Exile
Author/Editor: Rudakoff, Judith
Performing Exile: Foreign Bodies
Author/Editor: Judith Rudakoff
Resetting the Stage
Author/Editor: Klaic, Dragan
Resetting the Stage: Public Theatre Between the Market and Democracy
Author/Editor: Dragan Klaic
Signifying Europe
Author/Editor: Fornäs, Johan
Unbecoming Cinema
Author/Editor: Fleming, David H
Unbecoming Cinema: Unsettling Encounters With Ethical Event Films
Author/Editor: David H. Fleming