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Faces of Kentucky
Author/Editor: Klotter, James C.; Klotter, Freda C
Fairy Tale as Myth/Myth as Fairy Tale
Author/Editor: Zipes, Jack
Faith in Black Power
Author/Editor: Pimblott, Kerry
The Faith of John Dryden
Author/Editor: Atkins, George Douglas
The Fallacies of Cold War Deterrence and a New Direction
Author/Editor: Payne, Keith B
The Family Legacy of Henry Clay
Author/Editor: Apple, Lindsey
Family or Freedom
Author/Editor: West, Emily
Fan in Chief: Richard Nixon and American Sports, 1969-1974
Author/Editor: Nicholas Evan Sarantakes
Fantasy, Forgery, and the Byron Legend
Author/Editor: Soderholm, James
Farm Families and Change in 20th-Century America
Author/Editor: Friedberger, Mark
The Faroe Islands
Author/Editor: Wylie, Jonathan
Fat Blame: How the War on Obesity Victimizes Women and Children
Author/Editor: April Michelle Herndon
Father of Liberty: Jonathan Mayhew and the Principles of the American Revolution
Author/Editor: J. Patrick Mullins
Father, Son, and Constitution: How Justice Tom Clark and Attorney General Ramsey Clark Shaped American Democracy
Author/Editor: Alexander Wohl
FDR and the Soviet Union: The President's Battles over Foreign Policy
Author/Editor: Mary E. Glantz
Federal Ecosystem Management: Its Rise, Fall, and Afterlife
Author/Editor: James R. Skillen
Feeding Victory: Innovative Military Logistics from Lake George to Khe Sanh
Author/Editor: Jobie Turner
The Feminine Reclaimed
Author/Editor: Davies, Stevie
Femininities, Masculinities, Sexualities
Author/Editor: Chodorow, Nancy J
Feminist Ethics
Author/Editor: CLAUDIA CARD
Feminist Literary Criticism
Author/Editor: Donovan, Josephine C
The Festive Play of Fernando Arrabal
Author/Editor: Arata, Luis Oscar
A Few Honest Words
Author/Editor: Howard, Jason
Fields of Learning
Author/Editor: Sayre, Laura; Clark, Sean
Fifth Symposium on the Structure of Low-Medium Mass Nuclei
Author/Editor: Davidson, J. P.; Kern, Bernard D
Fifty Years of Segregation
Author/Editor: Hardin, John A
Fighter Pilot
Author/Editor: Dunn, William R
The Fight for the Old North State: The Civil War in North Carolina, January-May 1864
Author/Editor: Hampton Newsome
The Fighting Coast Guard: America's Maritime Guardians at War in the Twentieth Century, with foreword by Admiral Thad Allen, USCG (ret.)
Author/Editor: Mark A. Snell ,Thad Allen
Fighting Foreclosure: The Blaisdell Case, the Contract Clause, and the Great Depression
Fighting Jim Crow in the County of Kings
Author/Editor: Purnell, Brian
Fighting Means Killing: Civil War Soldiers and the Nature of Combat
The Fighting Sullivans: How Hollywood and the Military Make Heroes
Author/Editor: BRUCE KUKLICK
Fighting the Cold War
Author/Editor: Galvin, John R
Film's First Family
Author/Editor: Shulman, Terry Chester
Finley Peter Dunne and Mr. Dooley
Author/Editor: Fanning, Charles
The First Cold Warrior
Author/Editor: Spalding, Elizabeth Edwards
First Ladies and American Women: In Politics and at Home
Author/Editor: Jill Abraham Hummer
First Lady Florence Harding: Behind the Tragedy and Controversy
The First Modern Clash over Federal Power: Wilson versus Hughes in the Presidential Election of 1916
Author/Editor: LEWIS L. GOULD
The First Presidential Contest: 1796 and the Founding of American Democracy
Author/Editor: JEFFREY L. PASLEY
A Fishing Guide to Kentucky's Major Lakes
Author/Editor: Lander, Arthur B
Fishing the Jumps
Author/Editor: Herrin, Lamar
Flag Burning and Free Speech: The Case of Texas v. Johnson
The Flaming Sword
Author/Editor: Dixon, Thomas
Flatheads and Spooneys
Author/Editor: Lund, Jens
Flavors from Home
Author/Editor: Zaring, Aimee
Flint Hills Cowboys: Tales from the Tallgrass Prairie
Author/Editor: JIM HOY
Flying against Fate: Superstition and Allied Aircrews in World War II
Author/Editor: S. P. MACKENZIE
Food and Everyday Life on Kentucky Family Farms, 1920-1950
Author/Editor: van Willigen, John; van Willigen, Anne
Football and Philosophy
Author/Editor: Austin, Michael W
Footloose in Jacksonian America
Author/Editor: Clark, Thomas D
For a Voice and the Vote
Author/Editor: Todd, Lisa Anderson
For Brotherhood and Duty
Author/Editor: McEnany, Brian R
Ford--A Village in the West Highlands of Scotland
Author/Editor: Stephenson, John B
Foreign Aid
Author/Editor: Mosley, Paul
Foreign Friends
Author/Editor: Fields, David P
Foreign Policy and the Developing Nation
Author/Editor: Butwell, Richard
Foreign Policy at the Periphery
Author/Editor: Sewell, Bevan; Ryan, Maria
Foreign Policy, Inc
Author/Editor: Davidson, Lawrence
Foreign Seizures
Author/Editor: Mooney, Eugene F
Forging the Anglo-American Alliance
Author/Editor: Tyler R. Bamford
The Forgotten Front
Author/Editor: Gross, Gerhard P
Forgotten Warriors: The 1st Provisional Marine Brigade, the Corps Ethos, and the Korean War
Author/Editor: T. X. Hammes
For Honor, Glory, and Union
Author/Editor: Lytle, William Haines
For Jobs and Freedom
Author/Editor: Zieger, Robert H
For King, Constitution, and Country
Author/Editor: Dozier, Robert
For Slavery and Union
Author/Editor: Lewis, Patrick A
For the Enjoyment of the People: The Creation of National Identity in American Public Lands
Author/Editor: Mary E. Stuckey
For the Hog Killing, 1979
Author/Editor: Berry, Tanya Amyx; Aguilar, Ben
Forty Minutes to Glory
Author/Editor: Brunk, Doug
Forward with Patton
Author/Editor: Allen, Robert S.; Rickard, John Nelson
Foundations and American Political Science: The Transformation of a Discipline, 1945-1970
Author/Editor: Emily Hauptmann
Foundations of the Nazi Police State
Author/Editor: Browder, George C
Founding Visions
Author/Editor: Banning, Lance; Estes, Todd
Four Comedies by Pedro Calderón de la Barca
Author/Editor: Calderón de la Barca, Pedro
Four Hats in the Ring: The 1912 Election and the Birth of Modern American Politics
Author/Editor: LEWIS L. GOULD
The Fourth Amendment in Flux: The Roberts Court, Crime Control, and Digital Privacy
Author/Editor: Michael C. Gizzi ,R. Craig Curtis
The Fourth Branch: Reconstructing the Administrative State for the Commercial Republic
Author/Editor: Brian J. Cook
Framing the Farm Bill: Interests, Ideology, and Agricultural Act of 2014
Author/Editor: Christopher Bosso
Framing the Solid South: The State Constitutional Conventions of Secession, Reconstruction, and Redemption, 1860-1902
Author/Editor: Paul E. Herron
Frances Burney, Dramatist
Author/Editor: Darby, Barbara
Franklin on Franklin
Author/Editor: Zall, Paul M
Frank L. McVey and the University of Kentucky
Author/Editor: Moyen, Eric A
A Fraternity of Arms: America and France in the Great War
Author/Editor: ROBERT B. BRUCE
Freedom and Solidarity
Author/Editor: Dallmayr, Fred
Freedom at Risk
Author/Editor: Wilson, Carol
Freedom of the Screen
Author/Editor: Wittern-Keller, Laura
Freedom on the Border
Author/Editor: Fosl, Catherine; K'Meyer, Tracy E
Freedom Rights
Author/Editor: McGuire, Danielle L.; Dittmer, John
Freedom's Main Line
Author/Editor: Catsam, Derek Charles
Freedom to Offend
Author/Editor: Haberski, Raymond J
Free Frank
Author/Editor: Walker, Juliet E.K
Free Men in an Age of Servitude
Author/Editor: Warner, Lee H
Free Soil
Author/Editor: Rayback, Joseph G
French Inventions of the Eighteenth Century
Author/Editor: McCloy, Shelby T
Friended at the Front: Social Media in the American War Zone
Author/Editor: Lisa Ellen Silvestri
Frog Pond Philosophy
Author/Editor: Donnelley, Strachan; Donnelley, Ceara; Jennings, Bruce
From Berlin to Baghdad
Author/Editor: Brands, Hal
From Defeat to Victory: The Eastern Front, Summer 1944 Decisive and Indecisive Military Operations, Volume 2
Author/Editor: C. J. Dick,David M. Glantz
From Game to War and Other Psychoanalytic Essays on Folklore
Author/Editor: Dundes, Alan
From Gentlemen to Townsmen
Author/Editor: Steffen, Charles G
From Mae to Madonna
Author/Editor: Sochen, June
From My Cold, Dead Hands
Author/Editor: Raymond, Emilie
From My Old Kentucky Home to the White House
Author/Editor: Conner, Catherine
From Pariah to Patriot
Author/Editor: Gagliardo, John G
From Red Hot to Monkey's Eyebrow
Author/Editor: Rennick, Robert M
From Stalingrad to Pillau: A Red Army Artillery Officer Remembers the Great Patriotic War
Author/Editor: Isaak Kobylyanskiy,Stuart Britton
From the Courtroom to the Boardroom: Privatizing Justice in the Neoliberal United States
Author/Editor: Deena Varner
From the Farm to the Table
Author/Editor: Holthaus, Gary
From the Mountain, From the Valley
Author/Editor: Still, James
From the Mountains to the Bay: The War in Virginia, January-May 1862
Author/Editor: Ethan S. Rafuse
From Victory to Stalemate: The Western Front, Summer 1944?Decisive and Indecisive Military Operations, Volume 1
Author/Editor: C. J. Dick,David M. Glantz
The Frontier Challenge: Responses to the TransMississippi West
Author/Editor: John G. Clark
Frontier Kentucky
Author/Editor: Rice, Otis K
Frontier Manhattan: Yankee Settlement to Kansas Town, 1854-1894
Author/Editor: KEVIN G. W. OLSON
The Frontier Mind
Author/Editor: Moore, Arthur K
Frontier Mission
Author/Editor: Posey, Walter Brownlow
Frontiers of Faith
Author/Editor: Dichtl, John R
Front Line of Freedom
Author/Editor: Griffler, Keith P
Author/Editor: Fritz, Stephen G
Author/Editor: Stahl, Bob
Fugitive Slave on Trial: The Anthony Burns Case and Abolitionist Outrage
Author/Editor: EARL M. MALTZ
Fundraiser in Chief: Presidents and the Politics of Campaign Cash
Author/Editor: Brendan J. Doherty
Funeral Festivals in America
Author/Editor: Thursby, Jacqueline S
The Future of China-Russia Relations
Author/Editor: Bellacqua, James A
The Future of Religion in American Politics
Author/Editor: Dunn, Charles W
The Future of the Citizen-Soldier Force
Author/Editor: Jacobs, Jeffrey