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Utmost Art
Author/Editor: Rickey, Mary Ellen
The US Volunteers in the Southern Philippines: Counterinsurgency, Pacification, and Collaboration, 1899-1901
Author/Editor: John Scott Reed
The U.S. South and Europe
Author/Editor: van Minnen, Cornelis A.; Berg, Manfred
The USS Flier
Author/Editor: Sturma, Michael
The US Senate and the Commonwealth
Author/Editor: McConnell, Mitch; Brownell, Roy E
US Presidential Elections and Foreign Policy
Author/Editor: Johnstone, Andrew; Priest, Andrew
The U.S. Navy and Its Cold War Alliances, 1945-1953
Author/Editor: Corbin Williamson
The U.S. Constitution and Secession: A Documentary Anthology of Slavery and White Supremacy
Author/Editor: Dwight T. Pitcaithley,Sanford Levinson
U.S. Army Doctrine: From the American Revolution to the War on Terror
The Urban West at the End of the Frontier
Author/Editor: Lawrence H. Larsen
The Urban South
Author/Editor: Larsen, Lawrence H
Urban Guerrilla Warfare
Author/Editor: Joes, Anthony James
Author/Editor: Holbrook, Chris
Up Cutshin and Down Greasy
Author/Editor: Roberts, Leonard W
The Unusual Story of the Pocket Veto Case, 1926-1929
Unsolved History
Author/Editor: Nickell, Joe
An Unseen Light
Author/Editor: Goudsouzian, Aram; McKinney, Charles W
The Unorthodox Presidency of Donald J. Trump
Author/Editor: Paul E. Rutledge ,Chapman Rackaway
Unlikely Environmentalists: Congress and Clean Water, 1955-1972
Author/Editor: Paul Charles Milazzo
The Unknown Dead
Author/Editor: Schrijvers, Peter
The University of Louisville
Author/Editor: Cox, Dwayne D.; Morison, William J
The University of Kentucky
Author/Editor: Cone, Carl B
The University in the American Future
Author/Editor: Stroup, Thomas B
United States National Interests in a Changing World
Author/Editor: Nuechterlein, Donald E
The United States Army and the Making of America: From Confederation to Empire, 1775-1903
Author/Editor: Robert Wooster
The United States and the Development of the Puerto Rican Status Question, 19361968
Author/Editor: Surendra Bhana
The United States and NATO
Author/Editor: Kaplan, Lawrence S
The United States and Japan in the Postwar World
Author/Editor: Iriye, Akira; Cohen, Warren I
The Unitary Executive Theory: A Danger to Constitutional Government
Author/Editor: Jeffrey Crouch,Mark J. Rozell,Mitchel A. Sollenberger
A Union Woman in Civil War Kentucky
Author/Editor: Peter, Frances Dallam
The Union Soldier in Battle: Enduring the Ordeal of Combat
Author/Editor: Earl J. Hess
The Union Assaults at Vicksburg: Grant Attacks Pemberton, May 17–22, 1863
Author/Editor: Timothy B. Smith
The Unfolding God of Jung and Milton
Author/Editor: Driscoll, James P
Uneven Ground
Author/Editor: Eller, Ronald D
Under the Bombs
Author/Editor: Beck, Earl Ray
Understanding Clarence Thomas: The Jurisprudence of Constitutional Restoration
Author/Editor: Ralph A. Rossum
Uncle Will of Wildwood
Author/Editor: McVey, Frances Jewell; Jewell, Robert Berry
Uncle Sam's War of 1898 and the Origins of Globalization
Author/Editor: Schoonover, Thomas D
Uncle Bud Long
Author/Editor: Clarke, Kenneth
Unchained Voices
Author/Editor: Carretta, Vincent
UnAfrican Americans
Author/Editor: Adeleke, Tunde