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Von Sternberg
Author/Editor: Baxter, John
Voices of Resistance
Author/Editor: Maloof, Judy
Voices from the Vietnam War
Author/Editor: Li, Xiaobing
Voices from the Peace Corps
Author/Editor: Wilson, Angene; Wilson, Jack
Voices from the Korean War
Author/Editor: Peters, Richard; Li, Xiaobing
Voices From the Holocaust
Author/Editor: Cargas, Harry James
Voice of the Wildcats
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Alan; Cox, Joe
The Voice of the Frontier
Author/Editor: Clark, Thomas D
The Voice of the Child in American Literature
Author/Editor: Hurst, Mary Jane
A Voice in the Box
Author/Editor: Edwards, Bob
V.K. Wellington Koo and the Emergence of Modern China
Author/Editor: Craft, Stephen G
Visions of the American West
Author/Editor: Kreyche, Gerald F
Virtues of Renewal
Author/Editor: Bilbro, Jeffrey
The Virtues of Ignorance
Author/Editor: Vitek, Bill; Jackson, Wes
Virtual Afterlives
Author/Editor: Cann, Candi K
Virginia's Blues, Country, and Gospel Records, 1902-1943
Author/Editor: Lornell, Kip
Virginia at War, 1865
Author/Editor: Davis, William C.; Robertson, James I
Virginia at War, 1864
Author/Editor: Davis, William C.; Robertson, James I
Virginia at War, 1863
Author/Editor: Davis, William C.; Robertson, James I
Virginia at War, 1862
Author/Editor: Davis, William C.; Robertson, James I
Virginia at War, 1861
Author/Editor: Davis, William C.; Robertson, James I
The Violence of the Green Revolution
Author/Editor: Shiva, Vandana
Violence against Women in Kentucky
Author/Editor: Jordan, Carol E
A Vindication of Politics: On the Common Good and Human Flourishing
Author/Editor: Matthew D. Wright
Vindicating Andrew Jackson: The 1828 Election and the Rise of the Two-Party System
Author/Editor: DONALD B. COLE
The View from the Ground
Author/Editor: Sheehan-Dean, Aaron
The View from Space: NASA's Evolving Struggle to Understand Our Home Planet
Author/Editor: Richard B. Leshner,Thor Hogan
The Vietnam War on Trial: The My Lai Massacre and the Court-Martial of Lieutenant Calley
Author/Editor: MICHAL R. BELKNAP
The Vietnam War from the Rear Echelon: An Intelligence Officer's Memoir, 1972-1973
Author/Editor: Timothy J. Lomperis
The Vietnam War
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Michael P
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Angel Fire: War, Remembrance, and an American Tragedy
Author/Editor: Steven Trout
Vietnam: The History of an Unwinnable War, 1945-1975
Author/Editor: John Prados,Raymond Callahan,J. Garry Clifford,Jacob W. Kipp,Allan R. Millett,Carol Reardon,Dennis Showalter,David R. Stone
Vietnam's Second Front
Author/Editor: Johns, Andrew L
Vietnam's High Ground: Armed Struggle for the Central Highlands, 1954-1965
Author/Editor: J. P. Harris
Vietnam Rough Riders: A Convoy Commander's Memoir
Author/Editor: Frank McAdams
Vietnam Declassified
Author/Editor: Ahern, Thomas L
Victory in Vietnam: The Official History of the People's Army of Vietnam, 1954-1975
Author/Editor: Merle L. Pribbenow,William J. Duiker
Victors in Blue: How Union Generals Fought the Confederates, Battled Each Other, and Won the Civil War
Author/Editor: Albert Castel,Brooks D. Simpson,George Skoch
Victorious Insurgencies
Author/Editor: Joes, Anthony James
Victor Fleming
Author/Editor: Sragow, Michael
Vernon and Irene Castle's Ragtime Revolution
Author/Editor: Golden, Eve
The Verbal Icon
Author/Editor: Wimsatt, W.K
Venerable Trees
Author/Editor: Kimmerer, Tom
Veit Harlan
Author/Editor: Noack, Frank
The Vatard Sisters
Author/Editor: Huysmans, J.-K
Vascular Plants Of Kentucky
Author/Editor: Browne, Edward T.; Athey, Raymond
Varmints and Victims: Predator Control in the American West
Author/Editor: Frank Van Nuys
The Vanishing Farmland Crisis: Critical Views of the Movement to Preserve Agricultural Land
Author/Editor: JOHN BADEN
The Vandana Shiva Reader
Author/Editor: Shiva, Vandana
Vampire Legends in Contemporary American Culture
Author/Editor: Day, William Patrick