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The World's Oldest Church
Author/Editor: Peppard, Michael
The World Jewish Congress During the Holocaust
Author/Editor: Zohar Segev
Series Title: New Perspectives on Modern Jewish History
World Beats
Author/Editor: Fazzino, Jimmy
Wollstonecraft, Mill, and Women's Human Rights
Author/Editor: Botting, Eileen Hunt
We Shall Not Be Moved/No nos moverán
Author/Editor: Spener, David
The War Correspondent
Author/Editor: McLaughlin, Greg
Verse and transmutation
Author/Editor: Timmermann, Anke.
The Upper Guinea Coast in Global Perspective
Author/Editor: Knörr, Jacqueline,Kohl, Christoph
Understanding the Global Energy Crisis
Author/Editor: Eugene D. Coyle, Richard A. Simmons
Series Title: Purdue Studies in Public Policy
Thinking and killing
Author/Editor: Segev, Alon.
Thinking and Killing
Author/Editor: Alon Segev
Tense and Text in Classical Arabic
Author/Editor: Marmorstein, Michal
Technicians of Human Dignity
Author/Editor: Bennett, Gaymon
The Struggling State
Author/Editor: Riggan, Jennifer
Sexual States
Author/Editor: Puri, Jyoti
Rousseau and the Problem of Human Relations
Author/Editor: Warner, John M.
Rhetorics of Belonging
Author/Editor: Anna Bernard
Series Title: Postcolonialism Across the Disciplines
Reconsidering the Emergence of the Gay Novel in English and German
Author/Editor: Wilper, James P
Realizing the Witch
Author/Editor: Baxstrom, Richard,Meyers, Todd
Public Justice and the Criminal Trial in Late Medieval Italy
Author/Editor: Carraway, Joanna
Post-Ottoman Coexistence
Author/Editor: Bryant, Rebecca
Political Strategies in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica
Author/Editor: Baron, Joanne,Kurnick, Sarah
Paul Robeson
Author/Editor: Horne, Gerald
Passionate amateurs
Author/Editor: Ridout, Nicholas Peter.
Partisan gerrymandering and the construction of American democracy
Author/Editor: Engstrom, Erik J.
On Global Citizenship
Author/Editor: James Tully
Series Title: Critical Powers
On Civic Republicanism
Author/Editor: Kellow, Geoffrey,Leddy, Neven
Oaths and Swearing in Ancient Greece
Author/Editor: Alan H. Sommerstein (Ed.), Isabelle Christiane Torrance (Ed.)
Series Title: Beiträge zur Altertumskunde 307
The New Russian Nationalism
Author/Editor: Kolstø, Pal,Blakkisrud, Helge
Networks and Institutions in Europe's Emerging Markets
Author/Editor: Roger Schoenman
Series Title: Cambridge Studies in Comparative Politics
Networks and institutions in Europe's emerging markets
Author/Editor: Schoenman, Roger.
Negro Soy Yo
Author/Editor: Perry, Marc D.
My Voice Is My Weapon
Author/Editor: David A. McDonald
My voice is my weapon
Author/Editor: McDonald, David A.
The Myth of Piers Plowman
Author/Editor: Lawrence Warner
Series Title: Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature (CSML)
The Muslim Question in Europe
Author/Editor: O'Brien, Peter
Moral Economies of Corruption
Author/Editor: Pierce, Steven
Mind, Body, Motion, Matter
Author/Editor: McMurran, Mary Helen,Conway, Alison
Metroimperial Intimacies
Author/Editor: Mendoza, Victor
Making the White Man's West
Author/Editor: Pierce, Jason E.
Making Refuge
Author/Editor: Besteman, Catherine
Making and Unmaking in Early Modern English Drama
Author/Editor: Chloe Porter
Laying the Foundation
Author/Editor: White, John W.,Gilbert, Heather
Law, liberty, and the pursuit of terrorism
Author/Editor: Douglas, Roger (Roger Neil)
Jihad and Islam in World War I
Author/Editor: Zürcher, Erik-Jan
The Jalayirids
Author/Editor: Wing, Patrick
Islam, Politics and Change
Author/Editor: Dijk, Kees van,Kaptein, Nico J.G.
Insurgent Testimonies
Author/Editor: Rizzuto, Nicole
The Insecure City
Author/Editor: Monroe, Kristin V.
In Search of the Amazon
Author/Editor: Seth Garfield
Series Title: American Encounters/Global Interactions
In search of the Amazon
Author/Editor: Garfield, Seth
Humour and Irony in Dutch Post-war Fiction Film
Author/Editor: Verstraten, Peter
Human rights and democracy
Author/Editor: Landman, Todd.
Governing Failure
Author/Editor: Jacqueline Best
Girls of Liberty
Author/Editor: Shilo, Margalit
Girlhood and the Politics of Place
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Claudia,Rentschler, Carrie
Gesture and Power
Author/Editor: Covington-Ward, Yolanda
Fighting for a Living
Author/Editor: Erik Jan Zürcher (Editor)
Series Title: Work around the Globe: Historical Comparisons
Fighting for a Living
Author/Editor: Zurcher, Erik,Zurcher, Erik Jan
Fact and Fiction
Author/Editor: Lehleiter, Christine
Ever faithful
Author/Editor: Sartorius, David A.
Ever Faithful
Author/Editor: David Sartorius
The Ethics of Armed Conflict
Author/Editor: John W. Lango
Engines of Truth
Author/Editor: Schneider, Wendie Ellen
Enduring Uncertainty
Author/Editor: Hasselberg, Ines
The Emergence of Irish Gothic Fiction
Author/Editor: Jarlath Killeen
Electronic Iran
Author/Editor: Niki Akhavan
Series Title: New Directions in International Studies
Disciplinary Conquest
Author/Editor: Salvatore, Ricardo
Digital Divas
Author/Editor: Fisher, Julie,Craig, Annemieke,Forgasz, Helen,Lang, Catherine,McLeod, Amber
Diaspora and Trust
Author/Editor: Hearn, Adrian H.
Dalit Studies
Author/Editor: Rawat, Ramnarayan S.,Satyanarayana k.
The Correspondence of Wolfgang Capito
Author/Editor: Capito, Wolfgang,Rummel, Erika
Constructing Muslims in France
Author/Editor: Jennifer Fredette
The Conscience of Cinema
Author/Editor: Waugh, Thomas
Composing the party line
Author/Editor: Tompkins, David G.
Cold War Anthropology
Author/Editor: Price, David H.
China's iGeneration
Author/Editor: Matthew D. Johnson, Keith B. Wagner, Kiki T. Yu, Luke Vulpiani (Eds)
China's iGeneration
Author/Editor: Johnson,, Matthew D.,Vulpiani, Luke,Wagner, Keith B.,Yu, Kiki Tianqi
The British Monarchy On Screen
Author/Editor: Merck, Mandy
Borderland Cities in New India
Author/Editor: McDuie-Ra, Duncan
Biological Relatives
Author/Editor: Sarah Franklin
Series Title: Experimental Futures
Biological relatives
Author/Editor: Franklin, Sarah
Beastly Journeys
Author/Editor: Tim Youngs
Aging gracefully in the Renaissance
Author/Editor: Skenazi, Cynthia.