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Early Canadian Gardening
Author/Editor: Woodhead, Eileen
Early Journals and Letters of Fanny Burney, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Troide, Lars E
Early Journals and Letters of Fanny Burney, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Troide, Lars E
Early Journals and Letters of Fanny Burney, Volume 3
Author/Editor: Troide, Lars E.; Cooke, Steward J
Early Journals and Letters of Fanny Burney, Volume 4
Author/Editor: Burney, Frances; Rizzo, Betty
The Early Journals and Letters of Fanny Burney: Volume V, 1782-1783
Author/Editor: Troide, Lars E.; Cooke, Stewart J
Early Modern Spectatorship
Author/Editor: Huebert, Ronald; McNeil, David
Early Origins of the Social Sciences
Author/Editor: McDonald, Lynn
Earth into Property
Author/Editor: Hall, Anthony
East Asia-Arctic Relations
Author/Editor: Hara, Kimie; Coates, Ken
Eastward to Empire
Author/Editor: Lantzeff, George V.; Pierce, Richard A
An Echo in the Mountains: Al Purdy after a Century
Ecoliberation: Reimagining Resistance and the Green Scare, Vol. 3
Economic Intelligence and National Security
Author/Editor: Potter, Evan
Economics, Enlightenment, and Canadian Nationalism
Author/Editor: Wright, Robert W
Economics of Cyprus
Author/Editor: Jenness, Diamond
Economics of the Canadian Corporate Bond Market
Author/Editor: Peters, J. Ross
Economic Theory, Welfare, and the State
Author/Editor: Asimakopulos, Athanasios; Cairns, Robert D
Edgar Allan Poe
Author/Editor: Zimmerman, Brett
The Edge of the Precipice
Author/Editor: Socken, Paul
Educating the Imagination
Educating the Neglected Majority
Author/Editor: Jarrell, Richard A
Education and Politics in Africa
Author/Editor: Morrison, David R
Education as Dialogue
Author/Editor: Kazepides, Tasos
Education in New France
Author/Editor: Magnuson, Roger
Education of a Canadian
Author/Editor: Skilling, Gordon
Eighteenth-Century Naturalists of Hudson Bay
Author/Editor: Houston, Stuart; Ball, Tim; Houston, Mary
Eighteenth-Century Ukraine: New Perspectives on Social, Cultural, and Intellectual History
Author/Editor: Zenon E. Kohut ,Volodymyr Sklokin ,Frank E. Sysyn ,Larysa Bilous
E.J. Pratt
Author/Editor: Djwa, Sandra
Elections in Dangerous Places
Author/Editor: Gillies, David
Element of Hope
Author/Editor: Hayter, Charles
Elizabeth Bishop's Poetics of Description
Author/Editor: Pickard, Zachariah
Ellen Smallboy
Author/Editor: Flannery, Regina
Elusive Pursuits
Author/Editor: Hampson, Fen Osler; Saideman, Stephen M
The Embattled General
Author/Editor: Stewart, William F
Embattled Shadows
Author/Editor: Morris, Oeter
Emergence and Empire
Author/Editor: Bonnett, John
The Emerging Worker
Author/Editor: Westley, William A.; Westlet, Margaret W
Emigrant Worlds and Transatlantic Communities
Author/Editor: Errington, Elizabeth Jane
Emotional and Interpersonal Dimensions of Health Services
Author/Editor: Dubé, Laurette; Ferland, Guylaine; Moskowitz
Empire and Ireland
Author/Editor: MacLaren, Roy
The Empire Within
Author/Editor: Mills, Sean
Empty Promises
Author/Editor: Shilton, Elizabeth J
Empty Revelations
Author/Editor: Alward, Peter
Enabling Engagements
Author/Editor: Owens, Judith
Encounters with Wild Children
Author/Editor: Benzaquén, Adriana S
The End of Ethics in a Technological Society
Author/Editor: Schmidt, Lawrence E.; Marratto, Scott
Enduring Work: Experiences with Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program
Author/Editor: Catherine E. Connelly
Enemy Aliens, Prisoners of War
Author/Editor: Kordan, Bohdan S
Enemy Archives: Soviet Counterinsurgency Operations and the Ukrainian Nationalist Movement – Selections from the Secret Police Archives
Engaging the Thought of Bernard Lonergan
Author/Editor: LOUIS ROY
Engendering the Republic of Letters
Author/Editor: Dalton, Susan
English Atlantics Revisited
Author/Editor: Rhoden, Nancy L
English Fact in Quebec
Author/Editor: Arnopoulos, Sheila McLeod; Clift, Dominique
The English Housewife
Author/Editor: Markham, Gervase; Best, Michael R
English Immigrant Voices
Author/Editor: Cameron, Wendy; Haines, Sheila; Maude, Mary
English Poetry in Quebec
Author/Editor: Glassco, John
English River Book
Author/Editor: Duckworth, Harry W
The Enigma of Perception
Author/Editor: Maclachlan, D.L.C
Enlightenment and Community
Author/Editor: Redekop, Benjamin W
Enlightenment Tory in Victorian Scotland
Author/Editor: Michie, Michael
Entangling the Quebec Act: Transnational Contexts, Meanings, and Legacies in North America and the British Empire
Enterprises of Robert Hamilton
Author/Editor: Wilson, Bruce G
The Enterprising Admiral
Author/Editor: Gwyn, J
Enter the Dragon
Author/Editor: Lombardi, Domenico; Wang, Hongying
Entrepreneurship and Community Economic Development
Author/Editor: Diochon, Monica C
Environmental Philosophy
Author/Editor: Belshaw, Christopher
Environment and Good Sense
Author/Editor: Dunbar, M.J
Ephesians, Baptism and Pentecost
Author/Editor: Kirby, John C
Epic of Qayaq
Author/Editor: Oman, Lela
The Equal Parent Presumption
Author/Editor: Kruk, Edward
Equity and Efficiency in Economic Development
Author/Editor: Savoie, Donald J.; Brecher, Irving
Equivocal City
Author/Editor: Hakl, Hans Thomas
Era of Emancipation
Author/Editor: Jenkins, Brian
Escott Reid
Author/Editor: Donaghy, Greg; Roussel, Stéphane
Eskimo of the Canadian Arctic
Author/Editor: Valentine, Victor F.; Vallee, Frank G
Essays for Richard Ellmann
Author/Editor: Dick, Susan; Kiberd, Declan
Essays on the Early History of Plant Pathology and Mycology in Canada
Author/Editor: Estey, Ralph H
Essays on the Reconstruction of Medieval History
Author/Editor: Murdoch, Vaclav; Couse, G.S
Essence of Indecision
Author/Editor: McMahon, Patricia I
Author/Editor: MacFadyen, David
Ethical Canary
Author/Editor: Somerville, Margaret
Ethical World of British MPs
Author/Editor: Mancuso, Maureen
Ethico-Religious Concepts in the Qur'an
Author/Editor: Izutsu, Toshihiko
Ethics and Experience
Author/Editor: Chappell, Tim
Ethics for Broken World
Author/Editor: Mulgan, Tim
Ethics in Public Service
Author/Editor: Chapman, Richard A
Ethics of Catholicism and the Consecration of the Intellectual
Author/Editor: Bélanger, Andre J
Ethnic Demography
Author/Editor: Halli, Shiva
Ethnicity in the Mainstream
Author/Editor: Greenhill, Pauline
Ethnic Relations in Canada
Author/Editor: Breton, Raymond
Ethnographic Feminisms
Author/Editor: Cole, Sally
Ethnography and Development
Author/Editor: Silverman, Marilyn
Ethnology of the Ungava District, Hudson Bay Territory
Author/Editor: Turner, Lucien M
Author/Editor: HENRI F. ELLENBERGER,Emmanuel Delille,Jonathan Kaplansky
The Etruscans in the Modern Imagination
Author/Editor: Sam Solecki
Euripides' Use of Psychological Terminology
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Shirley D
Evangelical Century
Author/Editor: Gauvreau, Michael
Evangelical Mind
Author/Editor: Van Die, Marguerite
Evangelicals and the Continental Divide
Author/Editor: Reimer, Sam
Evangelism and Apostasy
Author/Editor: Bowen, Kurt
Everyday Sacred
Everyone Says No
Author/Editor: Conway, Kyle
Evolutionary Intuitionism
Author/Editor: Zamulinski, Brian
Examination of the Philosophy of Bacon
Author/Editor: Maistre, Joseph de; Lebrun, Richard A
Excessive Expectations
Author/Editor: Gwyn, Julian
Excluded Wife
Author/Editor: Woon, Yuen-Fong
Exiles and Islanders
Author/Editor: O'Grady, Brendan
Existentialist Thinkers and Ethics
Author/Editor: Daigle, Christine
Expect Miracles
Author/Editor: Culver, David M
Expeditions of Honour
Author/Editor: Salusbury, John; Rompkey, Ronald
Expelling the Plague
Author/Editor: Blazina Tomic, Zlata; Blazina, Vesna
Experience and Identity
Author/Editor: Money, John
The Experience of Beauty
Author/Editor: Underwood, Harry
Explorations in Aerospace Law
Author/Editor: Cooper, John Cobb; Vlasic, Ivan A
Expo 67 and Its World: Staging the Nation in the Crucible of Globalization
Author/Editor: Craig Moyes ,Steven Palmer
Author/Editor: Rowlands, Mark
Ex Uno Plures
Author/Editor: Stevenson, Garth
Eyewitness Textures: User-Generated Content and Journalism in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Michael Lithgow ,Michèle Martin