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Jacob Burckhardt and the Crisis of Modernity
Author/Editor: Hinde, John R
Jacobitism in Britain and the United States, 1880–1910
James Clarke Hook: Painter of the Sea
Author/Editor: JULIET McMASTER
James Cook
Author/Editor: Frame, William; Walker, Laura
James McGill of Montreal
Author/Editor: Frost, Stanley Brice
James's Will-To-Believe Doctrine
Author/Editor: Wernham, James C.S
Jane Austen's Transatlantic Sister
Jan van Noordt
Author/Editor: de Witt, David
J.B. Collip and the Development of Medical Research in Canada
Author/Editor: Li, Alison
Jean de Grandpré: Legacy of a Giant
Author/Editor: Danielle Stanton ,Hervé Anctil
Jean-Luc Nancy and the Future of Philosophy
Author/Editor: Hutchens, B.C
J.E.H. MacDonald, Designer
Author/Editor: Stacey, Robert; Bishop, Hunter
Jena Romanticism and Its Appropriation of Jakob Böhme
Author/Editor: Mayer, Paola
Jena System, 1804-5
Author/Editor: Hegel, G.; Burbidge, John W.; di Giovanni, George
Jerusalem on the Amur
Author/Editor: Srebrnik, Henry Felix
Jessie Luther at the Grenfell Mission
Author/Editor: Rompkey, Ronald
Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents
Author/Editor: Mealing, S.R
Jesuit Series
Author/Editor: Daly, Peter M.; Dimler, Richard
The Jewish Oil Magnates of Galicia
Author/Editor: Schatzker, Valerie; Hirszhaut, Julien
Jewish Presences in English Literature
Author/Editor: Cohen, Derek; Heller, Deborah
Jewish Roots, Canadian Soil
Author/Editor: Margolis, Rebecca
Johan Schrøder's Travels in Canada, 1863
Author/Editor: Overland, Orm
John Case and Aristotelianism in Renaissance England
Author/Editor: Schmitt, Charles
John Clare and the Bounds of Circumstance
Author/Editor: Clare, Johanne
John Ford
Author/Editor: Huebert, Ronald
John Lehman
Author/Editor: Tolley, A. T
John McDowell
Author/Editor: Thornton, Tim
John Rawls
Author/Editor: Audard, Catherine
John Strachan
Author/Editor: Henderson, J.L.H
John Stuart Mill, Socialist
Author/Editor: Helen McCabe
John Toland
Author/Editor: Daniel, Stephen H
John William Dawson
Author/Editor: Sheets-Pyenson, Susan
Joseph Brodsky and the Baroque
Author/Editor: MacFadyen, David
Joseph Brodsky and the Soviet Muse
Author/Editor: MacFadyen, David
Joseph de Maistre's Life, Thought, and Influence
Author/Editor: Lebrun, Richard A
Joseph Howe
Author/Editor: Beck, Murray
Joseph Howe
Author/Editor: Beck, Murray
Journalism and Political Exclusion
Author/Editor: Clarke, Debra
Journals of Yaakov Zipper, 1950-1982
Author/Editor: Zipper, Yaakov
Journeys of Fear
Author/Editor: North, Liisa L.; Simmons, Alan B
Journey to Truth is an Experience
Author/Editor: Giussani, Luigi
Journey to Vaja
Author/Editor: Naves, Elaine Kalman
Journey with No Maps
Author/Editor: Djwa, Sandra
Judging Obscenity
Author/Editor: Nowlin, Christopher
Judicial Administration in Canada
Author/Editor: Millar, Perry S.; Baar, Carl
Judicial Power and Canadian Democracy
Author/Editor: Howe, Paul; Russell, Peter H
Justice for Natives
Author/Editor: Morrison, Andrea P
Justice in Paradise
Author/Editor: Clark, Bruce
Justice, Rights, and Toleration: Essays for Richard Vernon
Author/Editor: Neil Hibbert ,Charles Jones ,Steven Lecce
Just the Usual Work: The Social Worlds of Ida Martin, Working-Class Diarist
Author/Editor: Michael Boudreau ,Bonnie Huskins
J. Wendell Macleod
Author/Editor: Horlick, Louis
J.W. McConnell
Author/Editor: Fong, William