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Sacred Ritual, Profane Space
Author/Editor: Cianca, Jenn
Sad Comedy of Èl'dar Riazanov
Author/Editor: MacFadyen, David
Sad Comedy of Èl'dar Riazanov
Author/Editor: MacFadyen, David
Saddest Country
Author/Editor: Coghlan, Nicholas
Sadly Troubled History
Author/Editor: Weaver, John C
Safe Haven
Author/Editor: Barman, Roderick J
Sailor's Hope
Author/Editor: Bittermann, Rusty
Saints Alive
Author/Editor: Williams, David
Saint Saul
Author/Editor: Akenson, Donald Harman
The Same but Different
Author/Editor: Jason Blake,Andrew C. Holmon
Samuel de Champlain before 1604
Author/Editor: Heidenreich, Conrad; Ritch, K. Janet
Sanctifying Misandry
Author/Editor: Young, Katherine K.; Nathanson, Paul
Sandino's Nation
Author/Editor: Henighan, Stephen
Author/Editor: Wachowich, Nancy; Awa, Apphia Agalakti; Katsak, Rhoda
SARS in Context
Author/Editor: Duffin, Jacalyn; Sweetman, Arthur
SARS Unmasked
Author/Editor: Tyshenko, Michael G.; Paterson, Cathy
Satanic Purses
Author/Editor: Naylor, R.T
Saturn and Melancholy: Studies in the History of Natural Philosophy, Religion, and Art, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Raymond Klibansky,Erwin Panofsky,Fritz Saxl,Philippe Despoix,Georges Leroux,Bill Sherman
Saul Kripke
Author/Editor: Fitch, G.W
Saving Germany
Author/Editor: James C. Enns
Saviours of the Nation
Author/Editor: Dragovic-Soso, Jasna
Scandal in the Parish
Author/Editor: Carter, Karen E
Sceptical Guide to Meaning and Rules
Author/Editor: Kusch, Martin
Author/Editor: Gascoigne, Neil
Schiller, Hegel, and Marx
Author/Editor: Kain, Philip
Schism: China, America, and the Fracturing of the Global Trading System
Author/Editor: PAUL BLUSTEIN
Schools and Work
Author/Editor: Day, Charles
Schools of Sympathy
Author/Editor: Roberts, Nancy
Science and Politics in Canada
Author/Editor: Doern, G. Bruce
Science and Social Context
Author/Editor: Mills, Lisa N
The Science of Culture and the Phenomenology of Styles
Author/Editor: Barilli, Renato
Scissors, Paper, Stone
Author/Editor: Langford, Martha
Scorpions and the Anatomy of Time
Author/Editor: Chevalier, Jacques M
Scottish Common Sense in Germany, 1768-1800
Author/Editor: Kuehn, Manfred
Scripture, Skepticism, and the Character of God
Author/Editor: Neufeld, Dane
Sculptors and Physicians in Fifth-Century Greece
Author/Editor: Métraux, Guy P.R
Sécurité humaine et nouvelle diplomatie
Author/Editor: McRae, Rob; Hubert, Don
Seafaring Labour
Author/Editor: Sager, Eric W
Sea Has Many Voices
Author/Editor: Lamson, Cynthia
Sean O'Casey
Author/Editor: Murray, Christopher
Search for Good Government
Author/Editor: Sabetti, Filippo
Search Out the Land
Author/Editor: Godfrey, Sheldon J.; Godfrey, Judith C
Seat at the Table
Author/Editor: Boyce, William
Secession and Conflict: Iraqi Kurdistan in Comparative Perspective
Author/Editor: ZHEGER HASSAN
Secession and Self
Author/Editor: Millard, Gregory
Author/Editor: Sorens, Jason
Secession of Quebec and the Future of Canada
Author/Editor: Young, Robert
Second Promised Land
Author/Editor: Hiller, Harry H
Second Thoughts
Author/Editor: de Mestral, Armand
Secret History: Writing the Rise of Britain's Intelligence Services
Author/Editor: SIMON BALL
The Secrets of a Vatican Cardinal
Author/Editor: Costantini, Celso; Pighin, Bruno
Secret Trial
Author/Editor: Kaplan, William
Secular Socialists
Author/Editor: Morley, J.T
Security and Defence in the Terrorist Era
Author/Editor: Sloan, Elinor C
Seduced by Modernity
Author/Editor: O'Connor, Mary; Tweedie, Katherine
Seeing Ghosts
Author/Editor: Engle, Karen
Seeing Politics
Author/Editor: Harman, Sophie
Seeking New Horizons
Author/Editor: Castner, Henry W
Seeking Our Eden
Author/Editor: Findon, Joanne
Seigneurial System in Early Canada
Author/Editor: Harris, Cole
Seize the Day
Author/Editor: Pearson, Geoffrey A.H
Selected Essays of Sean O'Faolain
Author/Editor: Sean O’Faolain,BRAD KENT
Selection of Modern Italian Poetry in Translation
Author/Editor: Payne, Roberta L
Self-Employed Workers Organize
Author/Editor: Cranford, Cynthia; Fudge, Judy; Tucker, Eric
Self, Nation, Text in Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children
Author/Editor: Kortenaar, Neil ten
Self-Stabilizing Systems
Author/Editor: Ghosh, Sukumar; Herman, Ted
Selling Out
Author/Editor: Woodhouse, Howard
Sense of Their Duty
Author/Editor: Holman, Andrew
Sensitive Independence
Author/Editor: Gagan, Rosemary R
September 11'
Author/Editor: Roach, Kent
The Serbian Project and Its Adversaries
Author/Editor: Gow, James
Serious Leisure and Individuality
Author/Editor: Cohen-Gewerc, Elie; Stebbins, Robert A
Service in the Field
Author/Editor: Carroll, Barbara Wake; Siegel, David
Serving Diverse Students in Canadian Higher Education
Serving the Present Age
Author/Editor: Airhart, Phyllis D
Setting All the Captives Free
Author/Editor: Steele, Ian
Setting in the East
Author/Editor: Creelman, David
Setting the Stage
Author/Editor: Whittaker, Herbert; Rittenhouse, Jonathan
Settler-Indigeneity in the West Bank, Vol. 2
Sex, Lies, and Cigarettes
Author/Editor: Cook, Sharon Anne
Sexual Diversity in Africa
Author/Editor: Nyeck, S.N.; Epprecht, Marc
Sexual Enjoyment in British Romanticism
Author/Editor: Sigler, David
Shades of Green
Author/Editor: Frizzell, Alan
Shades of Laura
Author/Editor: Leving, Yuri
Shadow Woman
Author/Editor: Hayter-Menzies, Grant
The Shady Side of Fifty
Author/Editor: Dillon, Lisa
Shakespeare in Succession: Translation and Time
Author/Editor: Michael Saenger ,Sergio Costola
Shakespeare On Stage and Off
Author/Editor: Kenneth Graham,Alysia Kolentsis
Shall We Dance?
Author/Editor: Blattberg, Charles
Shame and Humiliation
Author/Editor: Steinberg, Blema S
The Shape of Irish History
Author/Editor: Stewart, ATQ
Shapes of Silence
Author/Editor: Tagore, Proma
Shaping the Urban Landscape
Author/Editor: Stelter, Gilbert
Shared Responsibility
Author/Editor: Staur, Carsten
Shattered Images
Author/Editor: Cove, John
Shaykh Ahman Sirhindi
Author/Editor: Friedmann, Yohanan
Sherlock Holmes
Author/Editor: Redmond, Donald A
Author/Editor: Wajnberg, Elizabeth
Shifting Sands
Author/Editor: Boase, Joan Price
Shifting Terrain
Author/Editor: Mulé, Nick J.; DeSantis, Gloria C
Shifting Voices
Author/Editor: Schwartz, Agatha
The Ship in the Medieval Economy, 600-1600
Author/Editor: Unger, Richard W
Short Histories of Light
Author/Editor: Chafe, Aidan
A Short History of Modern Ireland
Author/Editor: Killeen, Richard
A Short History of Quebec
Author/Editor: Dickinson, John A.; Young, Brian
A Short History of Quebec
Author/Editor: Dickinson, John A.; Young, Brian J
Shouting, Embracing, and Dancing
Author/Editor: Hollett, Calvin
Shut Off
Author/Editor: Taylor, Gregory
Side Effects May Include Strangers
Siege of Fort Cumberland, 1776
Author/Editor: Clarke, Ernest
Author/Editor: Scott, F.R
Silenced Sextet
Author/Editor: MacMillan, Carrie; McMullen, Lorraine
A Silent Revolution?
Author/Editor: Baskerville, Peter
Silent Surrender
Author/Editor: Levitt, Kari
Silk Stocking Mats
Author/Editor: Laverty, Paula
The Silver Palace Restaurant
Author/Editor: Abley, Mark
Sincere Ideal
Author/Editor: Guilhamet, Leon
Singing from the Darktime
Author/Editor: Weilbach, S
Singing Story, Healing Drum
Author/Editor: Van Deusen, Kira
Singular Creatures: Robots, Rights, and the Politics of Posthumanism
Author/Editor: MARK KINGWELL
Sir Andrew Macphail
Author/Editor: Robertson, Ian Ross
Sir Francis Bond Head
Author/Editor: Wise, S.F
Sir John George Bourinot, Victorian Canadian
Author/Editor: Banks, Margaret
The Sir Mortimer B. Davis Jewish General Hospital
Author/Editor: Guttman, Frank Myron; Wright, Alexander
Sir William C. Macdonald
Author/Editor: Fong, William
Sites of Governance
Author/Editor: Horak, Martin; Young, Robert
Author/Editor: Lee, Jo-Anne; Lutz, John
Six Hundred Years of Reform
Author/Editor: Hayden, J. Michael; Greenshields, Malcolm R
The Sixties
Author/Editor: Anastakis, Dimitry
Author/Editor: Lavelle, Des
Sketches from an Unquiet Country
Author/Editor: Hardy, Dominic; Gérin, Annie; Senechal Carney, Lora
Sleep is a Country
Author/Editor: Le Dressay, Anne
Slow War
Author/Editor: Hertwig, Benjamin
Small Differences
Author/Editor: Akenson, Donald Harman
Small Fires
Author/Editor: Kelly Norah Drukker
Small Matters
Author/Editor: Gleason, Mona
Small Stories of War: Children, Youth, and Conflict in Canada and Beyond, Vol. 264
Author/Editor: Barbara Lorenzkowski ,Kristine Alexander ,Andrew Burtch
Small Town in Modern Times
Author/Editor: Rayside, David M
The Smile Gap: A History of Oral Health and Social Inequality
Author/Editor: Catherine Carstairs
Smitten by Giraffe
Author/Editor: Dagg, Anne
Sober Reflections
Author/Editor: Giesbrecht, Norman; Demers, Andree; Lindquist, Evert
Social and Environmental Impacts of the James Bay Hydroelectric Project
Author/Editor: Hornig, James F
Social and Political Bonds
Author/Editor: Barnard, F.M
Social Classes and Social Credit in Alberta
Author/Editor: Bell, Edward
The Social Cost of Cheap Food: Labour and the Political Economy of Food Distribution in Britain, 1830–1914
Social Democracy, Capitalism, and Competition: A Manifesto
Author/Editor: MARCEL BOYER
Social Discredit
Author/Editor: Stingel, Janine
Social Engineering
Author/Editor: Podgorecki, Adam; Alexander, John; Shields, Rob
The Social History of Ideas in Quebec, 1760-1896
Author/Editor: Lamonde, Yvan
A Social History of Scottish Dance
Author/Editor: Emmerson, George S
A Social History of the Cloister
Author/Editor: Rapley, Elizabeth
Social Inequality in Canada
Author/Editor: Frizzell, Alan
Socialist Yugoslavia and the Non-Aligned Movement: Social, Cultural, Political, and Economic Imaginaries
Author/Editor: PAUL STUBBS
Socialization and Values in Canadian Society
Author/Editor: Zureik, Elia
Socialization and Values in Canadian Society
Author/Editor: Zureik, Elia
Social Origins of Violence in Uganda, 1964-1985
Author/Editor: Kasozi, A
Social Reproduction
Author/Editor: Bezanson, Kate; Luxton, Meg
Social Scientists and Politics in Canada
Author/Editor: Brooks, Stephen; Gagnon, Alain-G
Social Security and National Policy
Author/Editor: Woodsworth, David E
Social Trust and Human Communities
Author/Editor: Govier, Trudy
Sociology of Work in Canada
Author/Editor: Wipper, Audrey
Sods, Soil, and Spades
Author/Editor: Bleakney, J. Sherman
Sojourns in the New World
Author/Editor: Darby, T
Solitudes of the Workplace
Author/Editor: Elvi Whittaker
Solitude Versus Solidarity in the Novels of Joseph Conrad
Author/Editor: Lord, Ursula
Some Dance
Author/Editor: Sternberg, Ricardo
Some Family
Author/Editor: Akenson, Donald Harman
Something I'm Supposed to Remember
Author/Editor: Kritsch, Holly
Something New in the Air
Author/Editor: Roth, Lorna
Something of a Peasant Paradise?
Author/Editor: Kennedy, Gregory M.W
Songs for Fat People
Author/Editor: MacFadyen, David
Sonic Experience
Author/Editor: Augoyard, Jean-François; Torgue, Henri
The Son of Man in Mark
Author/Editor: Hooker, Morna D
Son of Man, Son of God
Author/Editor: Jay, E.G
So Obstinately Loyal
Author/Editor: Shenstone, Susan Burgess
Sophocles, Use of Psychological Terminology
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Shirley D
Sorrows of a Century
Author/Editor: Weaver, John
Sorrow's Rigging
Author/Editor: Adelman, Gary
Sourcebook of Canadian Media Law
Author/Editor: Martin, Robert; Adam, Stuart
So Vast and Various
Author/Editor: Warkentin, John
Sovereign Idea
Author/Editor: Whitaker, Reg
Space, Time and Einstein
Author/Editor: Kennedy, J.B
Speaking Memory
Author/Editor: Sherry Simon
Speaking Out on Human Rights
Author/Editor: Eliadis, Pearl
Special Trust and Confidence
Author/Editor: Reece, David Chalmer
Speculative Fictions
Author/Editor: Wyile, Herb
Spenser and the Poetics of Pastoral
Author/Editor: Shore, David R
Sphaerae Mundi
Author/Editor: Dahl, Edward; Gauvin, Jean-Francois
Spirited Commitment
Author/Editor: MacLeod, Roderick; Abrahamson, Eric John
Spirit Lives in the Mind
Author/Editor: Bird, Louis; Gray, Susan Elaine
The Spirit of Industry and Improvement
Author/Editor: Samson, Daniel
The Splendid Vision
Author/Editor: Griffiths, Naomi E.S
Sport and Canadian Diplomacy
Author/Editor: Macintosh, Donald; Hawes, Michael
Sport and Politics in Canada
Author/Editor: Macintosh, Donald
Sport under Communism
Author/Editor: Riordan, James
Spreading Misandry
Author/Editor: Nathanson, Paul; Young, Katherine K
A Stability-Seeking Power
Author/Editor: Paquin, Jonathan
Staff Relations in the Civil Service
Author/Editor: Frankel, Saul J
Author/Editor: Loiselle, André
Stages and Playgoers
Author/Editor: Hill, Janet
Stage Turns
Author/Editor: Johnston, Kirsty
Staging Modernist Lives
Author/Editor: SASHA COLBY
Staging Strife
Author/Editor: Kazubowski-Houston, Magdalena
Stalingrad Lives: Stories of Combat and Survival
Author/Editor: IAN GARNER
Standard Dictionary of Meteorological Sciences
Author/Editor: Proulx, Gerard J
Standing and Understanding
Author/Editor: Frost, Stanley Brice
Stanley's Dream
Author/Editor: Duffin, Jacalyn
Staples and Beyond
Author/Editor: Watkins, Mel
Staples, Markets, and Cultural Change
Author/Editor: Innis, Harold A.; Drache, Daniel
State and Society in Transition
Author/Editor: Little, J
State and Status
Author/Editor: Clark, Samuel
State, Class, and Bureaucracy
Author/Editor: Pal, Leslie A
State of Disappearance, Vol. 6
Author/Editor: Brad Evans ,Chantal Meza
The State of the System: A Reality Check on Canada's Schools
Author/Editor: PAUL W. BENNETT
Statistical Account of Upper Canada
Author/Editor: Gourlay, Robert
Author/Editor: Hoffman, Peter
Stauffenberg, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Hoffman, Peter
Staying Connected
Author/Editor: Ferrabee, James; Harrison, Michael St B
St. Denys Garneau & Anne Hebert
Author/Editor: F. R. SCOTT
Stealing the Show
Author/Editor: Lambton, Gunda
Steamboat Connections
Author/Editor: Mackey, Frank
Steeped in Blood
Author/Editor: Latchford, Frances J
Steering the Course
Author/Editor: Hughes, Sam
Stefansson and the Canadian Arctic
Author/Editor: Diubaldo, Richard
Author/Editor: Vigny, Alfred de
Stephen Leacock
Author/Editor: Lynch, Gerald
Steps on the Road to Medicare
Author/Editor: Houston, Stuart
Sterling Public Servant
Author/Editor: Ryten, Jacob
Stikeman Elliott
Author/Editor: Pound, Richard W
Stikeman Elliott
Author/Editor: Pound, Richard W
St Mary's
Author/Editor: Heaman, E.A
Stories of the Middle Space
Author/Editor: Bowen, Deborah C
Storm Still
Author/Editor: O'Meara, David
The Story of Shaw's Saint Joan
Author/Editor: Tyson, Brian
St Petersburg
Author/Editor: Bater, James H
St Petersburg Dialogues
Author/Editor: Maistre, Joseph de
Straight Talk
Author/Editor: Dion, Stéphane
Straits of Malacca
Author/Editor: Freeman, Donald B
The Strange and Dangerous Voyage of Captaine Thomas James
Author/Editor: Franklin, Colleen
Strange Contrarieties
Author/Editor: Barker, John
Strange Death of the Liberal Empire
Author/Editor: Torrance, David E
The Strange Demise of British Canada
Author/Editor: Champion, C.P
Strange Manuscript found in a Copper Cylinder
Author/Editor: De Mille, James; Parks, Malcolm
Stranger Gods
Author/Editor: Clark, Roger Y
Strangers Among Us
Author/Editor: Woodman, David C
Strangers in Arms
Author/Editor: ROBERT ENGEN
Strange Things Done
Author/Editor: Coates, Ken S.; Morrison, William R
Strategic Cousins
Author/Editor: Blaxland, John C
Strategies of Public Engagement
Author/Editor: Gillies, David
Strategy and Command
Author/Editor: Prete, Roy A
Strategy and Command: The Anglo-French Coalition on the Western Front, 1915
Author/Editor: ROY A. PRETE
Strict Metrical Tradition
Author/Editor: Keppel-Jones, David
Structure, Information and Communication Complexity, IIS 1
Author/Editor: Flocchini, Paola
The Structures of Law and Literature
Author/Editor: Miller, Jeffrey
Struggle for Quebec
Author/Editor: Young, Robert
Struggle for Swazi Labour, 1890-1920
Author/Editor: Crush, Jonathan
Struggle to Serve
Author/Editor: Godfrey, W.G
Struggling for Effectiveness
Author/Editor: Brown, Stephen
Student's Guide for Writing in Political Science
Author/Editor: Martel, Andre
Student Unrest in India
Author/Editor: Ross, Aileen D
Studies in Christian Existentialism
Author/Editor: Macquarrie, John
St. Ursula's Convent or the Nun of Canada
Author/Editor: Hart, Julia C.B.; Lochhead, Douglas G
Styles of Meaning and Meanings of Style in Richardson's Clarissa
Author/Editor: Fulton, Gordon
Subaltern Appeal to Experience
Author/Editor: Ireland, Craig
Subsistence under Capitalism
The Subtle Knot
Author/Editor: Habinek, Lianne
Such Hardworking People
Author/Editor: Iacovetta, Franca
The Suffering Gene
Author/Editor: Burdon, Roy
The Sum of the Satisfactions
Author/Editor: McDowall, Duncan
Sun in Winter
Author/Editor: Lambton, Gunda
Supreme Fictions
Author/Editor: John, B
Surface Climates of Canada
Author/Editor: Bailey, W.G.; Oke, Timothy R.; Rouse, Wayne
A Surgeon in the Army of the Potomac
Author/Editor: Wafer, Francis M.; Wells, Cheryl A
Surgeons, Smallpox, and the Poor
Author/Editor: Marble, Allan Everett
Surpassing Wonder
Author/Editor: Akenson, Donald Harman
Surveillance, Privacy, and the Globalization of Personal Information
Author/Editor: Zureik, Elia; Stalker, Lynda Harling; Smith, Emily
Surveyors of Empire
Author/Editor: Hornsby, Stephen J
Survival and Consolidation
Author/Editor: Debo, Richard K
Survival by Association
Author/Editor: Welch, Barbara M
Suspended Conversations
Author/Editor: Langford, Martha
Suspended Conversations: The Afterlife of Memory in Photographic Albums Second Edition, Ed. DGO - Digital original, 2
the swailing
Sweet Canadian Girls Abroad: A Transnational History of Stage and Screen Actresses
The Sweet Sixteen
Author/Editor: Kay, Linda
Swinburne and His Gods
Author/Editor: Louis, Margot K
Swinging the Maelstrom
Author/Editor: Grace, Sherrill E
The Symbolic State: Minority Recognition, Majority Backlash, and Secession in Multinational Countries, Vol. 7
Author/Editor: KARLO BASTA
Symbols in Life and Art
Author/Editor: Leith, James A
Syntactic Recoverability of Null Arguments
Author/Editor: Roberge, Yves
Systemic Risk in the Financial Sector: Ten Years After the Great Crash