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Author/Editor: Whiteman, Bruce
T.A. Crerar
Author/Editor: Rea, J
Taking Sex into Account
Author/Editor: Vickers, Jill McCalla
Taking Stock
Author/Editor: Peters, Guy; Savoie, Donald J
Taking to the Streets: Crowds Politics and the Urban Experience in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Montreal
Author/Editor: DAN HORNER
Tales and Traditions of the Eskimo
Author/Editor: Rink, Henrik
Tales for an Unknown City
Author/Editor: Yashinsky, Dan
Tales Until Dawn
Author/Editor: MacNeil, Joe Neil; Shaw, John
Talking in Context
Author/Editor: Goodfellow, Anne Marie
Tamarack & Clearcut
Author/Editor: Bluger, Marianne; Haas, Rudi
Tancook Schooners
Author/Editor: O'Leary, Wayne M
Tanzanian Doctor
Author/Editor: Stirling, Leader
Tax, Borrow and Spend
Author/Editor: Gillespie, Irwin
Teaching as Activism
Author/Editor: Tripp, Peggy; Muzzin, Linda
Teaching for Commitment
Author/Editor: Thiessen, Elmer John
Tear Gas Epiphanies
Author/Editor: Robertson, Kirsty
Techniciens de l'organisation sociale
Author/Editor: Bourbeau, Amélie
Technology and National Competitiveness
Author/Editor: Niosi, Jorge
Technology and Nationalism
Author/Editor: Adria, Marco
Tecumseh's Bones
Author/Editor: St-Denis, Guy
Teeth of Time
Author/Editor: Cook, Ramsay
Telecom Nation
Author/Editor: Mussio, Laurence
Telling it to the Judge
Author/Editor: Ray, Arthur J
Telling the Flesh
Author/Editor: Boon, Sonja
Tenants in Time
Author/Editor: Wilson, Catharine Anne
Tense, Reference, and Worldmaking
Author/Editor: McGilvray, James A
Terra Nostra
Author/Editor: Murray, Jeffrey S
Thackeray's Cultural Frame of Reference
Author/Editor: McMaster, R
Theatre of Apollo
Author/Editor: Griffith, Drew
Theatricality of Robert Lepage
Author/Editor: Dundjerovi?, Aleksandar Saša
Then and Now
Author/Editor: Coutu, Joan
Theology and the Victorian Novel
Author/Editor: Perkin, J. Russell
Theology of the Oral Torah
Author/Editor: Neusner, Jacob
Theopompus The Historian
Author/Editor: Shrimpton, Gordon S
Theory and History of Ocean Boundary-Making
Author/Editor: Johnston, Douglas M
There's Always Something to Do
Author/Editor: Risso-Gill, Christopher
These Mysterious People
Author/Editor: Roy, Susan
They Shot, He Scored
Author/Editor: Wright, James K
Thinking about Faith
Author/Editor: Horvath, Tibor
Thinking Outside the Box
Author/Editor: Banting, Keith; Chaykowski, Richard; Lehrer, Steven
Thinking with Water
Author/Editor: Chen, Cecilia; MacLeod, Janine; Neimanis, Astrida
The Thin Smoke of the Heart
Author/Editor: Bowling, Tim
Third Solitudes
Author/Editor: Greenstein, Michael
A Thirst for Wine and War: The Intoxication of French Soldiers on the Western Front
Author/Editor: ADAM D. ZIENTEK
This Colossal Project
Author/Editor: Roberta M. Styran,Robert R. Taylor
This Distant and Unsurveyed Country
Author/Editor: Ross, Gillies
This Great National Object
Author/Editor: Styran, Roberta M.; Taylor, Robert
This Kindred People
Author/Editor: Kohn, Edward P
This Strange Loneliness: Heaney's Wordsworth
Author/Editor: PETER MACKAY
This Unfriendly Soil
Author/Editor: MacKinnon, Neil
Thomas Attwood
Author/Editor: Moss, David
Thomas D'Arcy McGee
Author/Editor: Wilson, David A
Thomas D'Arcy McGee
Author/Editor: Wilson, David A
Thomas Nagel
Author/Editor: Thomas, Alan
Three Pillars of Public Management
Author/Editor: Ingstrup, Ole; Crookall, Paul
Through Post-Atomic Eyes, Vol. 29
Author/Editor: Claudette Lauzon ,John O’Brian
Through Sunshine and Shadow
Author/Editor: Cook, Sharon Anne
Through the First Antarctic Night, 1898-1899
Author/Editor: Cook, Frederick A
Author/Editor: Macdonald, Donald S
Tides of Change on Grand Manan Island
Author/Editor: Marshall, Joan
Tides of Empire
Author/Editor: Graham, Gerald S
Tigers and the Internet: Story, Shamans, History
Author/Editor: KIRA VAN DEUSEN
Time and Philosophy
Author/Editor: McCumber, John
Time and Space
Author/Editor: Dainton, Barry Francis
Time in Time
Author/Editor: Smith, J. Mark
Timely Voices
Author/Editor: Stanivukovic, Goran
Timing Canada
Author/Editor: Paul Huebener
Tinkers and Travellers
Author/Editor: Gmelch, Sharon
Tin-Pots and Pirate Ships
Author/Editor: Hadley, Michael L.; Sarty, Roger
To Build a Shadowy Isle of Bliss
Author/Editor: Weinroth, Michelle; Browne, Paul Leduc
Together We Survive
Author/Editor: Long, John S.; Brown, Jennifer S.H
Tolerant Allies
Author/Editor: Donaghy, Greg
To Make a Difference
Author/Editor: Goodman, Morris
To Make a Killing: Arthur Cutten, the Man Who Ruled the Markets
Tom Paine and William Cobbett
Author/Editor: Wilson, David A
To Preserve & Defend
Author/Editor: Tulchinsky, G
Top Secret Exchange
Author/Editor: Zimmerman, David
Toronto Architect Edmund Burke
Author/Editor: Carr, Angela
The Torontonians
Author/Editor: Young, Phyllis Brett
Tortillas and Tomatoes
Author/Editor: Basok, Tanya
Total Defence Forces in the Twenty-First Century, Vol. 20
Total Science
Author/Editor: Prévost, Jean-Guy
To the Arctic by Canoe 1819-1821
Author/Editor: Houston, Stuart
To the Spring, by Night
Author/Editor: Dagtekin, Seyhmus
Touching Beauty: The Poetics of Kim Thúy
A Touch of Fire: Marie-André Duplessis the Hôtel-Dieu of Quebec and the Writing of New France
Author/Editor: THOMAS M. CARR JR
À tout prendre et Il était une fois dans l’Est
Author/Editor: Julie Vaillancourt
Toward a Healthcare Strategy for Canadians
Author/Editor: Carson, A. Scott; Dixon, Jeffrey; Nossal, Kim Richard
Toward Equity and Inclusion in Canadian Cities
Author/Editor: Klodawsky, Fran; Siltanen, Janet; Andrew, Caroline
Towards a Canada-Quebec Union
Author/Editor: Resnick, Philip
Towards a Francophone Community
Author/Editor: Gendron, Robin S
Towards a Godless Dominion: Unbelief in Interwar Canada, Vol. 99
Towards Constructive Change in Aboriginal Communities
Author/Editor: Taylor, Donald M
Towards North American Monetary Union?
Author/Editor: Helleiner, Eric
Toward the Charter
Author/Editor: MacLennan, Christopher
Tower under Siege
Author/Editor: Lewis, Brian; Massey, Christine; Smith, Richard
To Will One Thing
Author/Editor: Walker, Jeremy
Town House, Country House
Author/Editor: Boswell, Hazel
Toxic Immanence: Decolonizing Nuclear Legacies and Futures
Author/Editor: LIVIA MONNET
Tracings of Gerald Le Dain's Life in the Law
Trade and Commerce: Canada’s Economic Constitution
Author/Editor: Malcolm Lavoie
Trade and Health
Author/Editor: Blouin, Chantal; Heymann, Jody; Drager, Nick
Trade Barriers to the Public Good
Author/Editor: Michalos, Alex C
Traditional Gaelic Bagpiping, 1745-1945
Author/Editor: Gibson, John G
Tragedy and After
Author/Editor: Faas, E
Trance Speakers
Author/Editor: Massicotte, Claudie
Transatlantic Methodists
Author/Editor: Webb, Todd
Trans-Atlantic Partners
Author/Editor: Potter, Evan H
Transatlantic Passages
Author/Editor: Gilbert, Paula; Santoro, Miléna
Transatlantic Subjects
Author/Editor: Christie, Nancy
Transatlantic Upper Canada: Portraits in Literature Land and British-Indigenous Relations
TransCanadian Feminist Fictions
The Transcultural Streams of Chinese Canadian Identities
Author/Editor: Jessica Tsui-yan Li
Author/Editor: Somerville, Margaret A.; Rapport, David J
The Transformation of Civil Society: An Oral History of Ukrainian Peasant Culture, 1920s to 1930s
Author/Editor: WILLIAM NOLL
Transformation of Sin
Author/Editor: Grant, Patrick
Transforming Conversations
Author/Editor: Wallin, Dawn; Wallace, Janice
Transforming Medical Education: Historical Case Studies of Teaching, Learning, and Belonging in Medicine
Author/Editor: Delia Gavrus ,Susan Lamb
Transforming Psyche
Author/Editor: Huber, Barbara Weir
Transforming the Nation
Author/Editor: Blake, Raymond B
Translating Air
Author/Editor: Kath MacLean
Translating Montreal
Author/Editor: Simon, Sherry
Translation Effects
Author/Editor: Mezei, Kathy; Simon, Sherry; Flotow, Luise von
Author/Editor: Behiels, Michael; Stuart, Reginald C
Treading Fast Rivers
Author/Editor: Schönmaier, Eleonore
Treaty No. 9
Author/Editor: Long, John S
Tremblay Report
Author/Editor: Kwavnick, David
Trials of Labour
Author/Editor: Burtch, Brian
Author/Editor: Tolmie, Sarah
Triquet's Cross
Author/Editor: MacFarlane, John
Trojan-Horse Aid
Author/Editor: Walsh, Susan
Tropes and Territories
Author/Editor: Dvorak, Marta; New, W.H
Troubling Natural Categories
Author/Editor: Adelson, Naomi; Butt, Leslie; Kielmann, Karina
Trudeau and the End of a Canadian Dream
Author/Editor: Laforest, Guy
True Poetry
Author/Editor: Greenhill, Pauline
True Spirit and Original Intent of Treaty 7
Author/Editor: Treaty 7 Elders
A Truffaut Notebook
Author/Editor: Solecki, Sam
Trust, Distrust, and Mistrust in Multinational Democracies
Author/Editor: Engel, Pascal
Truth and Relevance
Author/Editor: Baum, Gregory
Truth Commissions and State Building
Author/Editor: Bonny Ibhawoh ,Jasper Abembia Ayelazuno ,Sylvia Bawa
Truth Matters
Author/Editor: Zuidervaart, Lambert; Carr, Allyson; Klaassen, Matthew
Tsardom of Sufficiency, Empire of Norms
Author/Editor: DAVID W. DARROW
Tuberculosis Then and Now
Author/Editor: Condrau, Flurin; Worboys, Michael
Tug of War
Author/Editor: Hampson, Fen Olser; Troitskiy, Mikhail
Tulip in the Desert
Author/Editor: Iqbal, Muhammed; Mir, Mustansir
Turkey and the Armenian Ghost
Author/Editor: Marchand, Laure; Perrier, Guillaume
Turning to the World
Turtle Hypodermic of Sickenpods
Author/Editor: Solway, David
Twentieth-Century Shore-Station Whaling in Newfoundland and Labrador
Author/Editor: Dickinson, Anthony; Sanger, Chesley
Twentieth Century Theories of Art
Author/Editor: Thompson, James M
Twenty-First Century Democracy
Author/Editor: Resnick, Philip
Twenty-First-Century Immigration to North America
Author/Editor: Esses, Victoria M.; Donald E., Donald E
Two-Edged Sword
Author/Editor: Tracy, Nicholas
Two Worlds
Author/Editor: Westfall, William
Tyendinaga Tales
Author/Editor: Rustige, Rona
Types of Interpretation in the Aesthetic Disciplines
Author/Editor: Carlshamre, Staffan; Pettersson, Anders