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Author/Editor: Burrill, Gary
Autumn of Central Paris
Author/Editor: Sutcliffe, Anthony
Autumn Harvest
Author/Editor: Frost, Stanley B
Autonomy in Subnational Income Taxes
Author/Editor: Ruiz Almendral, Violeta; Vaillancourt, François
Autonomy and Schooling
Author/Editor: Callan, Eamonn
Autobiographical Writings
Author/Editor: Sigerist, Henry E
Authors and Audiences
Author/Editor: Karr, Clarence
Austrian Immigration to Canada
Author/Editor: Szabo, Franz
Austria in World War II
Author/Editor: Keyserlingk, Robert H
Au risque de la conversion
Author/Editor: Foisy, Catherine
At the Origin of the Christian Claim
Author/Editor: Giussani, Luigi
At the Global Crossroads
Author/Editor: Ostry, Sylvia
Attending: An Ethical Art, Vol. 82
Author/Editor: Warren Heiti
Atlas of Congenital Cardiac Disease
Author/Editor: Abbott, Maude E
Author/Editor: Forsyth, Phyllis Young
At Home on the World Markets
Author/Editor: Jonker, Joost; Sluyterman, Keetie
At Home in Time
Author/Editor: Deane, Patrick
At Face Value
Author/Editor: Akenson, Donald Harman
As Though Life Mattered
Author/Editor: Morley, Patricia
Assisting Emigration to Upper Canada
Author/Editor: Cameron, Wendy; Maude, Mary McDougall
Assessing Quality in Postsecondary Education
Author/Editor: Harvey P. Weingarten,Martin Hicks,Amy Kaufman
Assassination, Politics, and Miracles
Author/Editor: Skuy, David
Aspects of the Canadian Evangelical Experience
Author/Editor: Rawlyk, George A
Asparagus Feast
Author/Editor: Zitner, S.P
As One Who Serves
Author/Editor: Pitsula, James M
Asleep at the Switch
Author/Editor: Smardon, Bruce
Asia Today
Author/Editor: Suyin, Han
Ascription and Achievement
Author/Editor: Boyd, M
As affecting the fate of my absent husband
Author/Editor: Franklin, Lady Jane; Elce, Erika Behrisch
Arvida au Saguenay
Author/Editor: Igartua, José E
Art's Emotions
Author/Editor: Freeman, Damien
Art of the Landscape
Author/Editor: Milani, Raffaele
The Art of Dying
Author/Editor: Tolmie, Sarah
The Art of Collectivity
Author/Editor: Spiegel, Jennifer Beth; Ortiz Choukroun, Benjamin
Art, Medicine, and Femininity: Visualising the Morphine Addict in Paris, 1870–1914, Vol. 8
Author/Editor: Hannah Halliwell
Artists in Dylan Thomas's Prose Works
Author/Editor: Mayer, Ann Elizabeth
Artisan Republic
Author/Editor: Stewart, Mary Lynn
Arthur Lismer, Visionary Art Educator
Author/Editor: Grigor, Angela N
Art, Education, and Cultural Renewal
Author/Editor: Zuidervaart, Lambert
Art as Revolt
Author/Editor: Fancy, David; Skott-Myhre, Hans
Art and Work
Author/Editor: Davis, Angela E
The Art and Science of Stanislaw Lem
Author/Editor: Swirski, Peter
Ars Americana, Ars Politica
Author/Editor: Swirski, Peter
Around 1945
Author/Editor: ALLAN HEPBURN
Aristotle's Poetics
Author/Editor: Aristotle; Baxter, John; Atherton
An Aristotelian Account of Induction
Author/Editor: Groarke, Louis
Arctic Voyages of Martin Frobisher
Author/Editor: McGhee, Robert
Arctic Ordeal
Author/Editor: Houston, Stuart
Arctic Migrants/Arctic Villagers
Author/Editor: Damas, David
Arctic Justice
Author/Editor: Grant, Shelagh D
Arctic Discoveries
Author/Editor: Bockstoce, John
Arctic Clothing of North America-Alaska, Canada, Greenland
Author/Editor: King, J.C.H
Arctic Bibliography
Author/Editor: Tremaine, Maire
Arctic Bibliography
Author/Editor: Martna, Maret
Arctic Bibliography
Author/Editor: Tremaine, Maire
Arctic Bibliography
Author/Editor: Martna, Maret
Arctic Artist
Author/Editor: Houston, Stuart
Archives and the Event of God
Author/Editor: Galston, David
The Architecture of Empire: France in India and Southeast Asia, 1664–1962
The Architecture of Andrew Thomas Taylor
Author/Editor: Wagg, Susan
Architecture in Transition
Author/Editor: Crossman, Kelly
Architecture in the Family Way
Author/Editor: Adams, Annmarie
Architecture, Ethics, and Technology
Author/Editor: Pelletier, Louise; Pérez-Gómez, Alberto
Archibald Lampman
Author/Editor: Ball, Eric
Archaeology of Bruce Trigger
Author/Editor: Williamson, Ronald F.; Bisson, Michael S
Archaeologies of an Uncertain Future
Author/Editor: McPherson, Karen
Approaches to Canadian Economic History
Author/Editor: Easterbrook; Watkins
Applied Research and Evaluation in Community Mental Health Services
Author/Editor: Vingilis, Evelyn; State, Stephen A
Apocalypse Soon?
Author/Editor: Haller, Stephen F
Aphorism in the Francophone Novel of the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Bell, Mark
Anxious Days and Tearful Nights: Canadian War Wives During the Great War
Author/Editor: MARTHA HANNA
Anxious Allegiances
Author/Editor: Mazoff, C
Anxiety and Depression
Author/Editor: Costello, Charles G
Antoinette de Mirecourt or Secret Marrying and Secret Sorrowing
Author/Editor: Leprohon, Rosanna; Stockdale, John C
Anthropology, Public Policy, and Native Peoples in Canada
Author/Editor: Dyck, Noel; Waldram, James B
Anthology of Australian Aboriginal Literature
Author/Editor: Heiss, Anita; Minter, Peter
Anne around the World
Author/Editor: Ledwell, Jane; Mitchell, Jean
Anglicans and the Atlantic World
Author/Editor: Vaudry, Richard W
Angel in the Sun
Author/Editor: Finley, Gerald
And We Go On
Author/Editor: Bird, Will R
André Thevet's North America
Author/Editor: Schlesinger, Roger; Stabler, Arthur
André Malraux
Author/Editor: Bevan, David
Anders als die Andern, Vol. 7
Author/Editor: Ervin Malakaj
Ancient Pathways, Ancestral Knowledge
Author/Editor: Turner, Nancy
Ancient Mythology of Modern Science
Author/Editor: Schrempp, Gregory
Ancient Greek
Author/Editor: Ellis, C.D.; Schachter, A
The Ancient Books of Ireland
Author/Editor: Slavin, Michael
Ancestral Recall
Author/Editor: Hart, Aoife Assumpta
Anatomy of the Spy Thriller
Author/Editor: Merry, Bruce
Anatomy of the Brain and Nerves
Author/Editor: Willis, Thomas; Feindel, William
The Anatomy of Scottish Capital
Author/Editor: Scott, John; Hughes, Michael
Anatomy of Gender
Author/Editor: Currie, Dawn
Anatomy of a Seance
Author/Editor: McMullin, Stan
Anatomy of a Naval Disaster
Author/Editor: Pritchard, James
Anarchism in France
Author/Editor: Carr, Reg
Analytic versus Continental
Author/Editor: Chase, James; Reynolds, Jack
Améliorer le leadership dans les services de santé au Canada
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Terrence; Denis, Jean-Louis
American Protestant Theology
Author/Editor: Giussani, Luigi
American Princess
Author/Editor: Dennett, Laurie
American Empire and the Fourth World
Author/Editor: Hall, Anthony J
American By Degrees
Author/Editor: Young, Robert J
Ambitions Tamed
Author/Editor: Reynard, Pierre Claude
Amateurs, Professionals, and Serious Leisure
Author/Editor: Stebbins, Robert A
Amassing Power
Author/Editor: Massell, David
A. Mary F. Robinson: Victorian Poet and Modern Woman of Letters
Author/Editor: A. Mary F. Robinson ,PATRICIA RIGG
Alone in Silence
Author/Editor: Kelcy, Barbara E
All the God-sized Fruit
Author/Editor: Lemay, Shawna
All the Difference
Author/Editor: Higgins, Benjamin
All Shook Up
Author/Editor: NIGEL A. RAAB
The Allied Arts
Author/Editor: Alfoldy, Sandra
Alice Street
Author/Editor: Valeriote, Richard
Alexander Kennedy Isbister
Author/Editor: Cooper, Barry
Aleut Identities
Author/Editor: Reedy-Maschner, Katherine L
Alejandro Malaspina
Author/Editor: Kendrick, John
alcides lanza
Author/Editor: Jones, Pamela
Aid as Peacemaker
Author/Editor: Miller, Robert
Author/Editor: Gualtieri, Antonio
Ahead of His Time
Author/Editor: Bünning, Erwin; Pfeffer, Helmut Wilhelm
Agricultural Economy of Manitoba Hutterite Colonies
Author/Editor: Ryan, John
Author/Editor: Reynolds, Louise
Agent of Change: My Life Fighting Terrorists, Spies, and Institutional Racism
Author/Editor: HUDA MUKBIL
Against the Current and Into the Light: Performing History and Land in Coast Salish Territories and Vancouver's Stanley Park
Against the Current
Author/Editor: Ragula, Boris
Against Rousseau
Author/Editor: Maistre, Joseph de
Against Judicial Activism
Author/Editor: Leishman, Rory
After the Terror
Author/Editor: Honderich, Ted
After the Revival: Pentecostalism and the Making of a Canadian Church
The Afterlife of Trees
Author/Editor: Bartlett, Brian
After Evangelicalism
Author/Editor: Flatt, Kevin N
After Auschwitz
Author/Editor: Gruenwald, Hermann; Demchinsky, Bryan
Africa's Gene Revolution: Genetically Modified Crops and the Future of African Agriculture
African Exploits
Author/Editor: MacLaren, Roy D
The Aesthetics of Fear in German Romanticism
Author/Editor: Paola Mayer
Aestheticism and the Canadian Modernists
Author/Editor: Trehearne, Brian
Aesthetic Dilemmas: Encounters with Art in Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s Literary Modernism
Aeschylus' Use of Psychological Terminology
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Shirley D
Adolescent Health
Author/Editor: Boyce, William; Roche, Jennifer; Davies, Diane
Adapted Brains and Imaginary Worlds
Adam Buenosayres
Author/Editor: Marechal, Leopoldo
act normal, Vol. 80
Author/Editor: Nancy Viva Davis Halifax
Author/Editor: Stout, Rowland
Across Greenland's Ice Cap: The Remarkable Swiss Scientific Expedition of 1912
Across Boundaries: Essays in Honour of Robert A.Young
Author/Editor: André Blais ,Cristine de Clercy ,Anna Lennox Esselment ,Ronald Wintrobe
Achieving Student Success
Author/Editor: Hardy Cox, Donna; Strange, C. Carney
Achieving Inner Balance in Anxious Times
Author/Editor: Killinger, Barbara
Accountability and Responsiveness at the Municipal Level
Author/Editor: Breux, Sandra; Couture, Jérôme
Accidental Indies
Author/Editor: Finley, Robert
Acceptable Inequalities
Author/Editor: Bowen, Ian
Acadie de 1686 a 1784
Author/Editor: Griffiths, Naomi
The Absolute Violation
Author/Editor: Matthews, Richard S
A.B. Simpson and the Making of Modern Evangelicalism
Author/Editor: Daryn Henry
Aboriginal Rights and Self-Government
Author/Editor: Cook, Curtis; Lindau, Juan
Aboriginal Peoples and the Law
Author/Editor: Morse, Bradford
Aboriginal Peoples and Government Responsibility
Author/Editor: Hawkes, David
Aboriginal Music in Contemporary
Author/Editor: Hoefnagels, Anna; Diamond, Beverley
Abenaki Daring
Author/Editor: JEAN BARMAN