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Dystopian Fiction East and West
Author/Editor: Gottlieb, Erika
Dyslexia: A History
Dying for France: Experiencing and Representing the Soldier’s Death, 1500–2000
Author/Editor: Ian Germani
The Dévotes
Author/Editor: Rapley, Elizabeth
Dust Blown Side of the Journey
Author/Editor: Eleonore Schönmaier
Dugard of Rouen
Author/Editor: Miquelon, Dale
Drum Songs
Author/Editor: Abel, Kerry
The Drug Solution
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Chester Nelson
Drugging France: Mind-Altering Medicine in the Long Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: SARA E. BLACK
Driving Continentally
Author/Editor: Molot, Maureen
Drink in Canada
Author/Editor: Warsh, Cheryl Krasnick
Dreams of a Totalitarian Utopia
Author/Editor: Surette, Leon
A Dream of Sulphur
Author/Editor: Haller, Aurian
Dream of Nation
Author/Editor: Mann, Susan
Author/Editor: Rempel, Roy
Dread Talk
Author/Editor: Pollard, Velma
Dramaturgy of Sound in the Avant-garde and Postdramatic Theatre
Author/Editor: Ovadija, Mladen
Drama and Intelligence
Author/Editor: Courtney, Richard
The Dragon's Footprints
Author/Editor: Alex He
Do We Care?
Author/Editor: Somerville, Margaret A
Double Lives
Author/Editor: Cowan, Shannon
Double-Edged Comforts: Domestic Life in Modern Italian Art and Visual Culture
Do Think Tanks Matter?, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Abelson, Donald E
Do Think Tanks Matter?, First Edition
Author/Editor: Abelson, Donald E
The Doomed Democracy
Author/Editor: Olivova, Vera
Don't Tell
Author/Editor: Dorais, Michel
Done with Slavery
Author/Editor: Mackey, Frank
Donald Davidson
Author/Editor: Joseph, Marc A
Dominion over Palm and Pine: A History of Canadian Aspirations in the British Caribbean
Author/Editor: Paula Hastings
Dominion Lands Policy
Author/Editor: Martin, Chester
Dominion Bureau of Statistics
Author/Editor: Worton, David A
The Domination of Nature: New Edition, Ed. 2
Author/Editor: William Leiss
Domination of Nature
Author/Editor: Leiss, William
Domination of Eastern Europe
Author/Editor: Subtelny, Orest
Author/Editor: Porteous, Douglas; Smith, Sandra E
Domestic Battleground
Author/Editor: Taras, David; Goldberg, David
Dog's Best Friend?: Rethinking Canid-Human Relations
Author/Editor: John Sorenson,Atsuko Matsuoka
A Dog Pissing at the Edge of a Path: Animal Metaphors in an Eastern Indonesian Society
Author/Editor: GREGORY FORTH
Does Money Matter?
Author/Editor: Porter, Marion R.; Porter, John
Documents on the Confederation of British North America
Author/Editor: Browne, G.P.; Ajzenstat, Janet
Documents of Protest and Compassion
Author/Editor: Arend, Angelika
Documents of Canadian Broadcasting
Author/Editor: Bird, R
Documentary Television in Canada
Author/Editor: Hogarth, David
Doctor to the North
Author/Editor: Burgess, John H
Doctor Dilemma
Author/Editor: Shortt, S
Do Conventions Matter?
Author/Editor: Courtney, John C
Dmitri Shostakovich, Pianist
Author/Editor: Moshevich, Sofia
Divorcing Marriage
Author/Editor: Cere, Daniel; Farrow, Douglas
Divining Margaret Laurence
Author/Editor: Stovel, Nora Foster
Divided Province
Author/Editor: Albo, Greg; Evans, Bryan M
Divided Loyalties
Author/Editor: Black, Edwin R
Diversity Leadership in Education: Embedding Practices of Social Justice
Diversity and Unity in Federal Countries
Author/Editor: Moreno, Luis; Colino, César
Disunified Aesthetics
Author/Editor: Hunter, Lynette
Disturbed State of the Russian Realm
Author/Editor: Bussow, Conrad; Orchard, Edward
Distribution of Powers and Responsibilities in Federal Countries
Author/Editor: Majeed, Akhtar; Watts, Ronald L; Brown, Douglas
Distributing Status
Author/Editor: SAMUEL CLARK
Distributed Algorithms on Graphs
Author/Editor: Gafni, Eli; Santoro, Nicola
The Distemper of our Times
Author/Editor: Newman, Peter C
Distant Stage: Quebec, Brazil, and the Making of Canada’s Cultural Diplomacy
Author/Editor: ERIC FILLION
Distant Relation
Author/Editor: Thomson, Eoin S
Distance and Duties
Author/Editor: Conlon, R.M
Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry
Author/Editor: Widdowson, Frances; Howard, Albert
Author/Editor: Goldman, Marlene
Disparate Remedies: Making Medicines in Modern India, Vol. 7
Dismantling Canada
Author/Editor: Jeffrey, Brooke
Discovering Confederation
Author/Editor: Ajzenstat, Janet
Disciplined Intelligence
Author/Editor: McKillop, A.B
Disaster Risk and Vulnerability
Author/Editor: Haque, C. Emdad; Etkin, David
Direct Intervention
Author/Editor: Black, Eldon
A Diplomat's Handbook for Democracy Development Support
Author/Editor: Kinsman, Jeremy; Bassuener, Kurt
Diplomacy of Prudence
Author/Editor: Kay, Zachary
Diplomacy of Hope
Author/Editor: Legault, Albert; Fortmann, Michel
Diplomacy and the Arctic Council
Dilemmas of Trust
Author/Editor: Govier, Trudy
Dilemmas, Challenges, and Ethics of Humanitarian Action
Author/Editor: Abu-Sada, Caroline
Digital Play
Author/Editor: Kline, Stephen; Dyer-Witheford, Nick; de Peuter, Greig
Different Point of View
Author/Editor: Dean, Misao
Different Kind of Care
Author/Editor: Julien, Gilles
Different Gods
Author/Editor: Breton, Raymond
A Different Drummer
Author/Editor: Cox, Bruce Alden
Diet, Nutrition, and Health
Author/Editor: Carroll, Kenneth K
Dictionary of the English/Creole of Trinidad & Tobago
Author/Editor: Winer, Lise
Diary of a European Tour, 1900
Author/Editor: Addison, Margaret; O'Grady, Jean
Diary of a Country Clergyman 1848-1851
Author/Editor: Reid, James; Reisner
Dialogues sur les origines, structures et changements constitutionnels dans les pays federaux
Author/Editor: Blindenbacher, Raoul
Dialogues on the Practice of Fiscal Federalism
Author/Editor: Blindenbacher, Raoul
Dialogues on Political Parties and Civil Society in Federal Countries
Author/Editor: Chattopadhyay, Rupak
Dialogues on Legislative and Executive Governance in Federal Countries
Author/Editor: Blindenbacher, Raoul
Dialogues on Intergovernmental Relations in Federal Systems
Author/Editor: Nerenberg, Karl
Dialogues on Diversity and Unity in Federal Countries
Author/Editor: Chattopadhyay, Rupak; Karos, Abigail Ostien
Dialogues on Distribution of Powers and Responsibilities in Federal Countries
Author/Editor: Blindenbacher, Raoul
Dialogues on Constitutional Origins, Structure, and Change in Federal Countries, Vol. 1
Author/Editor: Blindenbacher, Raoul
Dialectic of Love
Author/Editor: Pugh, David
Diagnosing Genius
Author/Editor: Mai, François Martin
D.H. Lawrence and Survival
Author/Editor: Granofsky, Ronald
D.H. Lawrence and Attachment
Author/Editor: Ronald Granofsky
De Witt Clinton and the Rise of the People's Men
Author/Editor: Hanyan, Craig; Hanyan, Mary L
The Devout Hand
Author/Editor: Rocco, Patricia
Devouring Time
Devotion to Their Science
Author/Editor: Rayner-Canham, Marelene F.; Rayner-Canham, Geoffrey W
Devolution and Constitutional Development in the Canadian North
Author/Editor: Dacks, Gurston
Development of the Pacific Salmon-Canning Industry
Author/Editor: Newell, Diane
Development of the Idea of History in Antiquity
Author/Editor: Press, Gerald A
The Development of Secularism in Turkey
Author/Editor: Berkes, Niyazi
Development of Postwar Canadian Trade Policy
Author/Editor: Muirhead, B
The Development of Postsecondary Education Systems in Canada
Author/Editor: Fisher, Donald; Rubenson, Kjell; Shanahan, Theresa
Development of Elites in Acadian New Brunswick, 1861-1881
Author/Editor: Andrew, Sheila M
The Development of Canada's Staples, 1867-1939
Author/Editor: Burley, Kevin H
Determining Boundaries in a Conflicted World
Author/Editor: Lalonde, Suzanne N
Des sociétés distinctes
Author/Editor: Bérubé, Harold
Des pouvoirs et des hommes
Author/Editor: Dagenais, Michele
Desire Change
Author/Editor: Heather Davis
Designing Government
Author/Editor: Eliadis, Pearl; Hill, Margaret M; Howlett, Michael
Designed Words for a Designed World
Author/Editor: JAMIE HILDER
Descartes and the Enlightenment
Author/Editor: Schouls, Peter A
Depth Psychology, Interpretation, and the Bible
Author/Editor: Polka, Brayton
Depression and the Social Environment
Author/Editor: Cappeliez, Philippe; Flynn, Robert J
Demon Rum or Easy Money
Author/Editor: Campbell, Robert A
Demography, State and Society
Author/Editor: Delaney, Enda
Democratic Society and Human Needs
Author/Editor: Noonan, Jeff
Democratic Legitimacy
Author/Editor: Barnard, Frederick M
Democratic Dilemma
Author/Editor: Verrelli, Nadia
Democracy with Justice/La juste democratie
Author/Editor: Gagnon, Alain-G; Tanguay, Brian
Democracy's Angels
Author/Editor: Llewellyn, Kristina R
The Democracy of Suffering
Author/Editor: Dufresne, Todd
Democracy of Despots
Author/Editor: Murray, Donald
Democracy in Kingston
Author/Editor: Harris, Richard
Democracy in Decline
Author/Editor: Allan, James
Democracy Burning?
Author/Editor: Raab, Nigel
Democracy and the Intersection of Religion
Author/Editor: Bruno-Jofré, Rosa; Johnston, James Scott; Jover, Gonzalo
Delivering the News
Author/Editor: O'Grady, Thomas
Delicious Mirth
Delayed Impact
Author/Editor: Bialystok, Franklin
Degrees of Freedom
Author/Editor: Banting, Keith G.; Hoberg, George
Deformed Discourse
Author/Editor: Williams, David A
Defining Work
Author/Editor: Mellow, Muriel
The Defence of the Undefended Border
Author/Editor: Preston
Deep Waters
Author/Editor: Krenz, Kim
Deep Futures
Author/Editor: Cocks, Doug
The Decline and Fall of the Chatty Empire
Debt, Law, Realism: Nigerian Writers Imagine the State at Independence
Author/Editor: Neil ten Kortenaar
Death Talk, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Somerville, Margaret
Death Talk
Author/Editor: Somerville, Margaret A
Author/Editor: Scarre, Geoffrey
Dead Boys Can't Dance
Author/Editor: Dorais, Michel
Dawn of the Neuron
Author/Editor: Anctil, Michel
The Dawn of Canada's Century
Author/Editor: Darroch, Gordon
David Lodge and the Tradition of the Modern Novel
Author/Editor: Perkin, J. Russell
David Lewis
Author/Editor: Nolan, Daniel
David Armstrong
Author/Editor: Mumford, Stephen
David Alexander
Author/Editor: Wylie, Liz
Daunting Enterprise of the Law
Author/Editor: Archer, Simon; Drache, Daniel; Zumbansen, Peer
Dark Age
Author/Editor: Titley, Brian
Danish Greenland
Author/Editor: Rink, Henrik; Larsen, Helga
Damned Women
Author/Editor: Waelti-Walters, Jennifer
Dal and Rice
Author/Editor: Davis, Wendy M
Daily Modernism
Author/Editor: Podnieks, Elizabeth