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Guide des pays fédérés, 2002
Author/Editor: Griffiths, Ann L.; Nerenberg, Karl
Guide des pays fédéraux, 2005
Author/Editor: Griffiths, Ann
The Guardianship of Best Interests
Author/Editor: Lafferty, Renée
Growth and the Canadian Economy
Author/Editor: Brewis, T.N
Growing with Canada
Author/Editor: Helmer, Paul
Growing Up Canadian
Author/Editor: Beyer, Peter; Ramji, Rubina
Growing to One World
Author/Editor: Janzen, Eileen
Growing a Race
Author/Editor: Devereux, Cecily
Grow Home
Author/Editor: Friedman, Avi
Grounded in Eire
Author/Editor: Keefer, Ralph
Grotesque Tenderness
Author/Editor: Daniel Cowper
Gross National Product, Canada, 1870-1926
Author/Editor: Urquhart, M
Grossières indécences: Pratiques et identités homosexuelles à Montréal, 1880-1929
Grillparzer's Libussa
Author/Editor: Reeve, William C
Griffith Taylor
Author/Editor: Sanderson, Marie
Grenfell of Labrador
Author/Editor: Rompkey, Ronald
The Grenfell Medical Mission and American Support in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1890s-1940s
Author/Editor: Jennifer J. Connor,Katherine Side
Greenland Mummies
Author/Editor: Hansen, Jens Peder Hart; Medlgaard, Jorgen
Greek Scepticism
Author/Editor: Groarke, Leo
The Great War as I Saw It
Author/Editor: Scott, Frederick George
Great Place to Raise Kids
Author/Editor: Bonner, Kieran
Great Peace of Montreal of 1701
Author/Editor: Havard, Gilles
Greatness and Decline: National Identity and British Foreign Policy
Great Land Rush and the Making of the Modern World, 1650-1900
Author/Editor: Weaver, John C
Great Heart
Author/Editor: Davidson, James West; Rugge, John
The Greater Gulf: Essays on the Environmental History of the Gulf of St Lawrence
Greater Glory
Author/Editor: Casey, Stephen
Greater Game
Author/Editor: Van Praagh, David
Great Duty
Author/Editor: Kuffert, L.B
Great Britain's Woodyard
Author/Editor: Lower, Arthur R.M
The Grand Regulator
Author/Editor: Perry, George D
Grand Adventure
Author/Editor: Ingstad, Benedicte
Grammar Schools of Medieval England
Author/Editor: Miner, John N
Graham Greene's Thrillers and the 1930s
Author/Editor: Diemert, Brian
Governments, Parties, and Public Sector Employees
Author/Editor: Blais, Andre; Blake, Donald E
Government of Edward Schreyer
Author/Editor: McAllister, James
Government-Nonprofit Relations in Times of Recession
Author/Editor: Rachel Laforest
Government, International Trade, and Laissez-Faire Capitalism
Author/Editor: Holroyd, Carin L
Governing the Poor
Author/Editor: Ilcan, Suzan; Lacey, Anita
Governing Charities
Author/Editor: Maurutto, Paula
Author/Editor: Bickerton, James; Peters, B. Guy
Governance in the Twenty-first Century
Author/Editor: Peters, Guy; Savoie, Donald J
Governance in a Changing Environment
Author/Editor: Peters, Guy; Savoie, Donald J
Governance, Conflict, and Natural Resources in Africa: Understanding the Role of Foreign Investment Actors
The Good Regiment
Author/Editor: Verney, Jack
Good Citizens
Author/Editor: Greenlee, James G.; Johnston, Charles M
Gold’s Rounds: Medicine, McGill, and Growing Up Jewish in Montreal
Author/Editor: Phil Gold
Going to War?
God's Plenty
Author/Editor: James, William Closson
God's Peculiar Peoples
Author/Editor: Wise, S.F.; McKillop, A.B
God's Assassins
Author/Editor: Marchak, Patricia; Marchak, William
God and Government
Author/Editor: Jarrett A. Carty,Philip J. Cercone
Author/Editor: Wood, W. Jay
Glory of Ottawa
Author/Editor: Young, Carolyn A
Global Shift
Author/Editor: Mason, Mike
Global Regimes and Nation-States
Author/Editor: Boardman, Robert
The Global Politics of Poverty in Canada: Development Programs and Democracy, 1964-1979
Author/Editor: WILL LANGFORD
Global Journalism Ethics
Author/Editor: Ward, Stephen J.A
Global Financial Governance Confronts the Rising Powers
Author/Editor: Henning, C. Randall; Walter, Andrew
Giving My Body to Science
Author/Editor: Rose, Rachel
Giving Canada a Literary History
Author/Editor: Djwa, Sandra
Gilles Deleuze
Author/Editor: Stivale, Charles J
Gilded Youth of Thermidor
Author/Editor: Gendron, François; Cookson, James
Ghost Stories: On Writing Biography, Vol. 29
Author/Editor: Judith Adamson
Ghost Storeys
Ghost Brothers
Author/Editor: Blum, Rony
Getting Used to the Quiet
Author/Editor: Wilson-Forsberg, Stacey
Getting on Track
Author/Editor: Drache, Daniel
Getting It Right
Author/Editor: McGee, Harley
Getting it Done
Author/Editor: Burney, Derek
Getting Down to Business
Author/Editor: Daub, Mervin; Buchan, Bruce
Germany as Model and Monster
Author/Editor: Argyle, Gisela
German Peasants' War and Anabaptist Community of Goods
Author/Editor: Stayer, James M
George Whalley
Author/Editor: Whalley, George; Crick, Brian; Ferns, John
Georges Bernanos
Author/Editor: Tobin, Michael R
Georges and Pauline Vanier
Author/Editor: Coady, Mary Frances
George-Etienne Cartier
Author/Editor: Young, Brian J
George Costakis
Author/Editor: Roberts, Peter
George Cartwright's The Labrador Companion, Ed. DGO - Digital original
Author/Editor: Marianne P. Stopp
The Geography of Aging
Author/Editor: Hodge, Gerald
Genuine Multiculturalism
Author/Editor: Foster, Cecil
A Gentleman of Pleasure
Author/Editor: Busby, Brian
Gentleman In The Outports
Author/Editor: Wilkshire, Michael
Gentle Eminence
Author/Editor: Platt, Wallace
Genre, patrimoine et droit civil
Author/Editor: Nootens, Thierry
Generative Thought
Author/Editor: Buzzi, Elisa
Generation Why: How Boomers Can Lead and Learn from Millennials and Gen Z
Author/Editor: KARL MOORE
General Consent in Jane Austen
Author/Editor: Seeber, Barbara K
The General
Gender, Religion, and Modern Hindi Drama
Author/Editor: Dimitrova, Diana
Gender, Generation, and Journalism in France, 1910-1940
Author/Editor: Stewart, Mary Lynn
Gender, Communications, and Reproductive Health in International Development, Vol. 15
Gender and Narrativity
Author/Editor: Rutland, Barry
Gender and Land Reform
Author/Editor: Goebel, Allison
Gaullist Attack on Canada, 1967-1997
Author/Editor: Bosher, J. F
Gate of Heaven
Author/Editor: Shuchat, Wilfred
Garden Plots
Author/Editor: Boyd, Shelley
Gangs and Girls
Author/Editor: Dorais, Michel; Corriveau, Patrice
Game Planners
Author/Editor: Macintosh, Donald; Whitson, David
The Gaelic Vision in Scottish Culture
Author/Editor: Chapman, Malcolm
Gaelic Cape Breton Step-Dancing
Author/Editor: JOHN G. GIBSON
Gael Force, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Daub, Merv
Gael Force
Author/Editor: Daub, Mervin; Buchan, Bruce