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Knowledge Matters
Author/Editor: Axelrod, Paul
Author/Editor: Welbourne, Michael
Author/Editor: Edward Carson
Knight-Monks of Vichy France
Author/Editor: Hellman, John
A Knight in Politics
Author/Editor: Miller, Carman
Kleist's Aristocratic Heritage and Das Käthchen von Heilbronn
Author/Editor: Reeve, William C
Kleist on Stage, 1804-1987
Author/Editor: Reeve, William C
Author/Editor: Van Deusen, Kira
Kit's Kingdom
Author/Editor: Freeman, Barbara M
Kingston General Hospital
Author/Editor: Angus, Margaret
Kingsley Amis
Author/Editor: James, Andrew
King Edward II
Author/Editor: Haines, Roy Martin
Kingdom of the Mind
Author/Editor: Rider, Peter E.; McNabb, Heather
Kingdom of Barracks: Polish Displaced Persons in Allied-Occupied Germany and Austria, Vol. 11
Kierkegaard's Livingroom
Author/Editor: Mercer, David
Kierkegaard as Humanist
Author/Editor: Come, Arnold B
Author/Editor: Walker, Jeremy
Keynesian Economics
Author/Editor: Timlin, Mabel F
Keeping to the Marketplace
Author/Editor: Bacher, John C
Keeping the Dream Alive
Author/Editor: Azoulay, Dan
Keeping Heads Above Water
Author/Editor: Basok, Tanya
Keepers of the Record
Author/Editor: Simmons, Deidre
Karl Polanyi on Ethics and Economics
Author/Editor: Baum, Gregory
Kant on History and Religion
Author/Editor: Despland, Michel