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Lyric and Polemic
Author/Editor: Smith, Rowland
Author/Editor: Reaume, Geoffrey
Lying about the Wolf
Author/Editor: Solway, David
L' Université Laurentienne
Author/Editor: Bray, Matt
Luminous Creatures
Author/Editor: Anctil, Michel
The Love Queen of Malabar
Author/Editor: Weisbord, Merrily
A Lovely Gutting
Author/Editor: Durnford, Robin
Louis XV's Navy, 1748-1762
Author/Editor: Pritchard, James
Lost in the Crowd: Acadian Soldiers of Canada's First World War
Lost Harvests
Author/Editor: Carter, Sarah A
Lost and Found Voices: Four Gay Male Writers in Exile
Author/Editor: Luc Beaudoin
Lord's Dominion
Author/Editor: Semple, Neil
Lord Mansfield
Author/Editor: Poser, Norman
Lord Lyons
Author/Editor: Jenkins, Brian
Lord for the Body
Author/Editor: Opp, James
Lord Durham's Report
Author/Editor: Craig, Gerald M.; Ajzenstat, Janet; Laforest, Guy
Look Who's Watching
Author/Editor: Fen Osler Hampson,Eric Jardine
Look It Up!
Looking for Philosophy
Author/Editor: Sparshott, F.E
Looking After Miss Alexander: Care, Mental Capacity, and the Court of Protection in Mid-Twentieth-Century England
Author/Editor: JANET WESTON
Look Here Look Away Look Again
Author/Editor: Carson, Edward
Long Way from Home
Author/Editor: Grygier, Pat Sandiford
Long Road to Reform
Author/Editor: Milner, Henry
Long Eclipse
Author/Editor: Gidney, Catherine
Lonely Cold War of Pope Pius XII
Author/Editor: Kent, Peter C
Logic in the Wild
Author/Editor: Restall, Greg
Logging the Globe
Author/Editor: Marchak, Patricia
Local Hospitals in Ancien Régime France
Author/Editor: Hickey, Daniel
Local Governments and Their Intergovernmental Networks in Federalizing Spain
Author/Editor: Agranoff, Robert
Local Government and Metropolitan Regions in Federal Countries
Author/Editor: Kincaid, John; Steytler, Nico
L.M. Montgomery's Rainbow Valleys
Author/Editor: Bode, Rita; Clement, Lesley D
L.M. Montgomery and War
Author/Editor: Andrea McKenzie,Jane Ledwell
L.M. Montgomery and the Matter of Nature(s)
Author/Editor: Bode, Rita; Mitchell, Jean
L.M. Montgomery and Gender
Llyod George and Foreign Policy
Author/Editor: Fry, Michael G
Living Rhythms
Author/Editor: Wuttunee, Wanda
Living Prism
Author/Editor: Kushner, Eva
The Living Past of Montreal
Author/Editor: McLean, Eric
Living Factories
Author/Editor: Fish, Kenneth
Living and Learning in the Free School
Author/Editor: Novak, Mark
Lives of Dalhousie University, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Waite, P
Lives of Dalhousie University, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Waite, P
Lives and Landscapes
Author/Editor: Harp, Jr, Elmer
The Little Yellow House
Author/Editor: MacLeod, Heather Simeney
Little Slaves of the Harp
Author/Editor: Zucchi, John E
Literature and Ethics
Author/Editor: Wihl, Gary; Williams, David A
Literary Sisterhoods
Author/Editor: Heller, Deborah
Literary Impostors
Listening to Old Woman Speak
Author/Editor: Groening, Laura Smyth
Listening In
Author/Editor: Vipond, Mary
Listening for the Heartbeat of Being
Lion, The Eagle, and Upper Canada, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Errington, Jane
Lion, the Eagle, and Upper Canada
Author/Editor: Errington, Elizabeth Jane
Lines in the Ice
Lines Drawn across the Globe: Reading Richard Hakluyt’s “Principal Navigations", Vol. 90
Author/Editor: Mary C. Fuller
Limits to Satisfaction
Author/Editor: Leiss, William
The Limits of Trust
Author/Editor: Mills, Lisa Nicole
The Limits of Boundaries
Author/Editor: Sancton, Andrew
Limiting the Proliferation of Weapons
Author/Editor: Rioux, Jean-François
Limiting Rights
Author/Editor: Hiebert, Janet L
Light of Nature and the Law of God
Author/Editor: Stouffer, Allen P
Life through a Lens
Author/Editor: Borradaile, Osmond; Hadley, Anita B
Life on the Line
Author/Editor: Stewart, Brian
Life of Propriety
Author/Editor: McKenna, Katherine M.J
The Life of Luigi Giussani
Author/Editor: Savorana, Alberto
A Life of Ill Repute: Public Prostitution in the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: MARIA SERENA MAZZI,Joyce Myerson
Author/Editor: Verduyn, Christl
Life Embodied
Author/Editor: Fernández-Medina, Nicolás
The Life and Times of Raúl Prebisch, 1901-1986
Author/Editor: Dosman, Edgar J
Life and Times of Andrei Zhdanov, 1896-1948
Author/Editor: Boterbloem, Kees
Life and Time of Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt
Author/Editor: Skelton, O.D
Life and Religion at Louisbourg, 1713-1758
Author/Editor: Johnston, A
Life and Letters of Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Author/Editor: Skelton, Oscar
Life and Letters of Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Author/Editor: Skelton, Oscar Douglas; Farr, David M. L
Life and Death under Stalin
Author/Editor: Boterbloem, Kees
Life and Death in Revolutionary Ukraine: Living Conditions, Violence, and Demographic Catastrophe, 1917-1923
Lieutenant Owen William Steele of the Newfoundland Regiment
Author/Editor: Facey-Crowther, David R
Liberating Temporariness?
Author/Editor: Vosko, Leah F; Preston, Valerie; Latham, Robert
Liberal Nationalisms
Author/Editor: Kennedy, James
Liberal Education and the Small University in Canada
Author/Editor: Storm, Christine
L'Église et la politique québécoise, de Taschereau à Duplessis
Author/Editor: Dumas, Alexandre
L'Église et la politique québécoise, de Taschereau à Duplessis
Leviathan Transformed
Author/Editor: Caplow, Theodore
Letting the People Decide
Author/Editor: Johnston, Richard; Blais, Andre
Letters to a Québécois Friend
Author/Editor: Resnick, Philip; Latouche, Daniel
Letters of Brendan Behan
Author/Editor: Mikhail, E
Letters from the Grand Tour
Author/Editor: Spence, Joseph; Klima, Slava
Letters from Rupert's Land, 1826-1840
Author/Editor: Hargrave, James; Ross, Helen
Letter and the Spirit of Nineteenth-Century American Literature
Author/Editor: Loebel, Thomas
Lessons on the Noun Phrase in English
Author/Editor: Hirtle, Walter
Lessons on the English Verb
Author/Editor: Hirtle, Walter
Les fondements de la culture, le pouvoir de l'art
Author/Editor: Gattinger, Monica
Le retour à la biè au hockey
Author/Editor: Antoniou, Helen
Le retour à la biè au hockey
Author/Editor: Antoniou, Helen
Leonard and Reva Brooks
Author/Editor: Virtue, John
Author/Editor: Kolber, Leo; MacDonald, L. Ian
Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Governance in Federal Countries
Author/Editor: Le Roy, Katy; Saunders, Cheryl
Legislated Inequality
Author/Editor: Lenard, Patti Tamara; Straehle, Christine
Legendary Jackrabbit Johannsen
Author/Editor: Johannsen, Alice E
Legalizing Misandry
Author/Editor: Nathanson, Paul; Young, Katherine K
The Legacy of 9/11: Views from North America
Left Transnationalism: The Communist International and the National, Colonial, and Racial Questions
Left and Right
Author/Editor: Cochrane, Christopher
Le Concept de liberté au Canada à l’époque des Révolutions atlantiques (1776-1838)
Author/Editor: Ducharme, Michel
Le Carré's Landscape
Author/Editor: Hoffman, Tod
Le Canada: Au-delà des rancunes, des doléances et de la discorde
Author/Editor: DONALD J. SAVOIE
Leave No Doubt
Author/Editor: Babcock, Mike
Learning to Look
Author/Editor: Clement, Lesley
The Leamington Italian Community
Author/Editor: Temelini, Walter
Leading Research Universities in a Competitive World
Author/Editor: Lacroix, Robert; Maheu, Louis
Leading from Between: Indigenous Participation and Leadership in the Public Service
Leading Constitutional Decisions
Author/Editor: Russell, Peter H
Leadership Under Fire, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Paul, Ross H
Leadership Under Fire
Author/Editor: Paul, Ross H
Leadership in Disaster
Author/Editor: Murphy, Raymond
Leadership and Responsibility in the second World War
Author/Editor: Farrell, Brian
Law, Policy, and International Justice
Author/Editor: Kaplan, William; McRae, Donald
Law of Multi-Bank Financing
Author/Editor: Mugasha, Agasha
Law, Life, and Government at Red River, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Gibson, Dale
Law, Life, and Government at Red River, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Gibson, Dale
Law, Ideology, and Collegiality
Author/Editor: Songer, Donald R.; Johnson, Susan; Ostberg, C.L
Law and Politics in Space
Author/Editor: Cohen, Maxwell
Laurier and a Liberal Quebec
Author/Editor: Neatby, H. Blair; Clippingdale, Richard T
Author/Editor: Dafoe, J. W
Laurentian University
Author/Editor: Bray, Matt
Author/Editor: Stebbins, Robert A
Author/Editor: Hazelton, Hugh
Last Well Person
Author/Editor: Hadler, Nortin M
The Last French and Indian War
Author/Editor: Vaugeois, Denis
Last Child to Come Inside
Author/Editor: Desbarats, M
La somme des satisfactions
Author/Editor: McDowall, Duncan
Largest Amount of Good
Author/Editor: Hatton, Helen E
À la recherche d'Expo 67
Author/Editor: Monika Kin Gagnon ,Lesley Johnstone
The Lansdowne Era
Author/Editor: Harvey, Edward
Languages in Conflict
Author/Editor: Joy, Richard J
Language, Schooling, and Cultural Conflict
Author/Editor: Gaffield, Chad
Language of the Skies
Author/Editor: Borins, Sandford F
Language of the Senses
Author/Editor: McSweeney, Kerry
The Language of the Inuit
Author/Editor: Dorais, Louis-Jacques
Language in the Mind
Author/Editor: Hirtle, Walter
Language Ethics
Author/Editor: Yael Peled,Daniel M. Weinstock
Language, Citizenship, and Sámi Education in the Nordic North, 1900-1940
Land, Settlement, and Politics on Eighteenth-Century Prince Edward Island
Author/Editor: Bumsted, J
Land, Power, and Economics on the Frontier of Upper Canada
Author/Editor: Clarke, John
Land of the Midnight Sun
Author/Editor: Coates, Ken; Morrison, William
Land of Feast and Famine
Author/Editor: Ingstad, Helge
A Land of Dreams
Author/Editor: Mannion, Patrick
Author/Editor: Sinnett, Mark
Lament for a Nation
Author/Editor: Grant, George
Laid Low
Author/Editor: Blustein, Paul
La Frénésie des fusions
Author/Editor: Andrew, Sancton
Lady Landlords of Prince Edward Island
Author/Editor: Bittermann, Rusty; McCallum, Margaret
Ladies, Upstairs!: My Life in Politics and After
Author/Editor: MONIQUE BÉGIN
La création de l'École de médecine du Nord de l'Ontario
Author/Editor: Tesson, Geoffrey; Hudson, Geoffrey; Strasser, Roger
Labrador Odyssey
Author/Editor: Rompkey, Ronald
Labrador Memoir of Dr Harry Paddon, 1912-1938
Author/Editor: Paddon, Harry; Rompkey, Ronald
Labour's Apprentices
Author/Editor: Childs, Michael J
Labour, Love, and Prayer
Author/Editor: Brozyna, Andrea Ebel
Labour in the Laboratory
Author/Editor: Twohig, Peter
Labouring Children
Author/Editor: Parr, Joyce
Laboratory of Modernity: Ukraine between Empire and Nation, 1772–1914
Author/Editor: Serhiy Bilenky
Labeling People
Author/Editor: Staum, Martin S