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Author/Editor: Von Finkenstein, Maria
Nuremberg Forty Years Later
Author/Editor: Cotler, Irwin
Author/Editor: Marchildon, Gregory P.; Torgerson, Renée
Nuclear Pursuits
Author/Editor: Fawcett, Ruth
Nuclear Fallacies
Author/Editor: Malcolmson, Robert W
Author/Editor: Lavoie, Vincent
Nova Scotia's Massachusetts
Author/Editor: Rawlyk, George A
Nouvelles Directions
Author/Editor: Christie, Keith H
Nourrir la machine humaine
Author/Editor: Durand, Caroline
Not Talking Union
Not Quite Supreme
Author/Editor: Baker, Dennis
Not Needing all the Words
Author/Editor: Hillger, Annick
Not Like Home
Author/Editor: Law, Michael John
Notion of Tolerance and Human Rights
Author/Editor: Groffier, Ethel
No Soft Options
Author/Editor: Hill-Norton, Peter
Norwegian Resistance, 1940-1945
Author/Editor: Gjelsvik, Tore
Norwegian Oil Policies
Author/Editor: Lind, T.; Mackay, G.A
North of Athabasca
Author/Editor: Keith, Lloyd
Northern Spirits
Author/Editor: Sibley, Robert C
Northern Sphinx
Author/Editor: Magnusson, Sigurdur A
Northern Lights against POPs
Author/Editor: Downie, David Leonard; Fenge, Terry
Northern Getaway: Film, Tourism, and the Canadian Vacation
Northern Experience and the Myths of Canadian Culture
Author/Editor: Hulan, Renée
North Atlantic Triangle
Author/Editor: Brebner, John Bartlet
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 1948-1957
Author/Editor: Milloy, John C
Normal Bad Boys
Author/Editor: Rains, Prue; Teram, Eli
Norbert Elias and Human Interdependencies
Author/Editor: Salumets, Thomas
No Place for Fairness
Author/Editor: McNab, David T
No Ordinary School
Author/Editor: Gray, Colleen
Nonparametric Trend Analysis
Author/Editor: Ferguson, George Andrew
Nonaligned Modernism: Socialist Postcolonial Aesthetics in Yugoslavia, 1945–1985
Author/Editor: Bojana Videkanić
No Justice, No Peace
Author/Editor: Rapaport, David
No Easy Fix
Author/Editor: Marchak, Patricia
No Balm in Gilead
Author/Editor: Gelber, Sylva M
Nineteenth-Century Cape Breton
Author/Editor: Hornsby, Stephen J
Night Voices
Author/Editor: Laskey, Heather
Nights below Foord Street: Literature and Popular Culture in Post-Industrial Nova Scotia
Author/Editor: Rigakos, George S
The Night Chorus
Author/Editor: Harold Hoefle
Nietzsche's Justice
Author/Editor: Sedgwick, Peter
Nietzsche as Stylist: Aesthetics and Philosophy
Author/Editor: Martine Béland
Nietzsche and the Rhetoric of Nihilism
Author/Editor: Darby, Tom; Egyed, Bela; Jones, Ben
Niagara's Changing Landscapes
Author/Editor: Gayler, Hugh J
New World Order
Author/Editor: Yovanovich, Gordana
New World Myth
Author/Editor: Vautier, Marie
Newton's Dream
Author/Editor: Stayer, Marcia Sweet
A New Synthesis of Public Administration
Author/Editor: Bourgon, Jocelyne
New Songs for Orpheus
The New Rationalism
Author/Editor: Goodin, David K
The New Pragmatism
Author/Editor: Malachowski, Alan
New Mecca, New Babylon
Author/Editor: Johnston, Robert H
New Lease on Life
Author/Editor: Wilson, Catherine Anne
New Leaders, New Dawns?: South Africa and Zimbabwe under Cyril Ramaphosa and Emmerson Mnangagwa
Author/Editor: Chris Brown ,David Moore ,Blair Rutherford
The New Labrador Papers of Captain George Cartwright
Author/Editor: Cartwright, George; Stopp, Marianne P
The New Hungarian Agriculture
Author/Editor: Fischer, Lewis A; Uren, Philipi E
Newfoundland Rhapsody
Author/Editor: Colton, Glenn David
Newfoundland National Convention, 1946-1948
Author/Editor: Hiller, James K.; Harrington, Michael F
Newfoundland Modern
Author/Editor: Mellin, Robert
Newfoundland in the North Atlantic World, 1929-1949
Author/Editor: Neary, Peter
A New Field in Mind: A History of Interdisciplinarity in the Early Brain Sciences
New Era of Global Competition
Author/Editor: Drache, Daniel; Gertler, Meric S
New England and the Maritime Provinces
Author/Editor: Hornsby, Stephen J.; Reid, John G
New Directions
Author/Editor: Christie, Keith H
New Canadian Political Economy
Author/Editor: Clement, Wallace; Williams, Glen
Never Rest on Your Ores
Author/Editor: NORMAN B. KEEVIL
Neurowaves: Brain, Time, and Consciousness
Networked Operations and Transformation
Author/Editor: English, Allan; Gimblett, Richard; Coombs, Howard
Neoliberalism and Everyday Life
Author/Editor: Braedley, Susan; Luxton, Meg
Nelson Goodman
Author/Editor: Cohnitz, Daniel; Rossberg, Marcus
Negotiations in a Vacant Lot
Author/Editor: Jessup, Lynda; Morton, Erin; Robertson, Kirsty
Negotiating Disease
Author/Editor: Clow, Barbara
Negative Cosmopolitanism
Author/Editor: Kent, Eddy; Tomsky, Terri
Nazi Germany, Canadian Responses
Author/Editor: Klein, L. Ruth
Navigating on the Titanic
Author/Editor: Purchase, Bryne
Nature as Landscape
Author/Editor: Von Maltzahn, Kraft E
Nature and Nurture in French Social Sciences, 1859–1914 and Beyond
Author/Editor: Staum, Martin S
Natural Selections
Author/Editor: MacEachern, Alan
Natural Resources
Author/Editor: Scott, A
Natural Allies: Environment, Energy, and the History of US-Canada Relations, Vol. 14
Natural Allies?
Author/Editor: Klepak
NATO and the Bomb
Author/Editor: Simpson, Erika
Natives and Newcomers
Author/Editor: Trigger, Bruce
Native Peoples of Atlantic Canada
Author/Editor: McGee, H.F
Native Peoples and Water Rights
Author/Editor: Matsui, Kenichi
Native People, Native Lands
Author/Editor: Cox, Bruce
Native Liberty, Crown Sovereignty
Author/Editor: Clark, Bruce
Nation's Navy
Author/Editor: Hadley, Michael L
Nations are Built of Babies
Author/Editor: Comacchio, Cynthia R
Nation Branding and International Politics
National Survival in Dependent Societies
Author/Editor: Breton, R
National Soul
Author/Editor: McKay, Marylin J
The National Question and Electoral Politics in Quebec and Scotland
Author/Editor: Bélanger, Éric; Nadeau, Richard; Henderson, Ailsa
Nationalism, Religion, and Ethics
Author/Editor: Baum, Gregory
Nationalism from the Margins
Author/Editor: Wood, Patricia K
Nationalism, Capitalism, and Colonization in Nineteenth-Century Quebec
Author/Editor: Little, J
Nationalism and Minority Identities in Islamic Societies
Author/Editor: Shatzmiller, Maya
National Identity and the Varieties of Capitalism
Author/Editor: Campbell, John L.; Hall, John A.; Pedersen, Ove
National Gallery of Canada
Author/Editor: Ord, Douglas
National Album
Author/Editor: Lanning, Robert
Narratives Unfolding