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Putting the Charter to Work
Author/Editor: Beatty, David M
Author/Editor: Bourgeault, Ivy Lynn
Pursuit of Division
Author/Editor: Loney, Martin
The Punjabis in British Columbia
Author/Editor: Nayar, Kamala Elizabeth
The Public Work of Christmas
Author/Editor: Klassen, Pamela E.; Scheer, Monique
Public Violence in Canada, 1867-1982
Author/Editor: Torrance, Judy
The Public Sector in an Age of Austerity
Author/Editor: Evans, Bryan M.; Fanelli, Carlo
Public Purpose
Author/Editor: Kent, Tom
Public Passion
Author/Editor: Kingston, Rebecca
Public Budgeting in Canada
Author/Editor: Doern, G. Bruce
Psychological Activity in Homer
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Shirley D
Psychiatry Disrupted
Author/Editor: Burstow, Bonnie; LeFrançois, Brenda A.; Diamond, Shaindl
Psychedelic Prophets
Psychedelic New York: A History of LSD in the City, Vol. 6
Author/Editor: CHRIS ELCOCK
Author/Editor: Young, Phyllis
Proximity, Levinas, and the Soul of Law
Author/Editor: Manderson, Desmond
The Provincial Towns of Georgian England
Author/Editor: Chalklin, C.W
Provincial Governments as Employers
Author/Editor: Hodgetts, J.E.; Dwivedi, O.P
Protestants in a Catholic State
Author/Editor: Bowen, Kurt
The Protestant Crusade in Ireland, 1800-70
Author/Editor: Bowen, Desmond
Protegér la démocratie canadienne
Author/Editor: Joyal, Serge
Protecting Canadian Democracy
Author/Editor: Joyal, Serge
Protecting Biological Diversity
Author/Editor: Potvin, Catherine; Kraenzel, Margaret; Seutin, Gilles
Prophets of Love: The Unlikely Kinship of Leonard Cohen and the Apostle Paul, Vol. 15
Author/Editor: Matthew R. Anderson
Projecting Canada
Author/Editor: Druick, Zoë
Profiting the Crown
Author/Editor: Bellamy, Matthew J
Professional Heckler: The Life and Art of Duncan Macpherson
Author/Editor: TERRY MOSHER ,John Honderich
Professional Autonomy and the Public Interest: The Barristers' Society and Nova Scotia's Lawyers, 1825–2005
Author/Editor: BARRY CAHILL
The Productions of Time: A Study of the Human Imagination
The Proceedings of the 1972 Meeting of the IGU Commission on Quantitative Geography
Author/Editor: Yeates, Maurice
Problems of Cartesianism
Author/Editor: Lennon, Thomas M
Problems and Prospects of Economic Integration in West Africa
Author/Editor: Plessz, Nicolas G
Privilege Parliamentaire au Canada
Author/Editor: Maingot, Joseph P
Private Practice, Public Payment
Author/Editor: Naylor, David
A Priori
Author/Editor: Mares, Edwin
Principles and Methods in Historical Phonology
Author/Editor: Picard, Marc
Principles and Gerrymanders
Author/Editor: Emery, George
Prince Michael Vorontsov
Author/Editor: Rhinelander, Anthony L.H
The Price of Leisure
Author/Editor: Owen, John D
Prestige Squeeze
Author/Editor: Goyder, John
Pressing Interests
Preparing for Post-Secondary Education
Author/Editor: Sweet, Robert; Anisef, Paul
Prelude to Quebec's Quiet Revolution
Author/Editor: Behiels, Michael D
Prehistory of Western Siberia
Author/Editor: Chernetsov, V.N.; Moszynska, W.; Michael, Henry N
The Precipice
Author/Editor: MacLennan, Hugh
Precarious Visualities
Author/Editor: Asselin, Olivier; Lamoureux, Johanne; Ross, Christine
The Precarious Lives of Syrians: Migration, Citizenship, and Temporary Protection in Turkey, Vol. 5
Precarious Employment
Author/Editor: Vosko, 0
Prayers, Petitions, and Protests
Author/Editor: Cecillon, Jack D
Prayer as Transgression?: The Social Relations of Prayer in Healthcare Settings
Author/Editor: SHERYL REIMER-KIRKHAM,SONYA SHARMA,RACHEL BROWN,MELANIA CALESTANI,Christina Beardsley,Lori G. Beaman,Paul Bramadat,Sylvia Collins-Mayo,Andrew Todd,Christopher De Bono,Barry Quinn
Prairie en Nouvelle-France, 1647-1760
Author/Editor: Lavallée, Louis
Pragmatic Idealism
Author/Editor: Melakopides, Costas
The Practice of Her Profession
Author/Editor: Butlin, Susan
The Practice of Fiscal Federalism
Author/Editor: Shah, Anwar
A Practice of Anthropology
Author/Editor: Golub, Alex; Rosenblatt, Daniel; Kelly, John D
Power without Law
Author/Editor: Cameron, Alex M
Power versus Prudence
Author/Editor: Paul
Power at Cost
Author/Editor: Fleming, Keith R
Power and Pleasure
Author/Editor: Young, Robert J
Power and Authority in British Universities
Author/Editor: Moodie, Graeme C
Author/Editor: Savoie, Donald J
Poverty Reform in Canada, 1958-1978
Author/Editor: Haddow, Rodney S
Potters' View of Canada
Author/Editor: Collard, Elizabeth
Post Secondary Education
Author/Editor: McLeod, T
Postmodernism and the Ethical Subject
Author/Editor: Gabriel, Barbara; Ilcan, Suzan
Postmodern Canadian Fiction and the Rhetoric of Authority
Author/Editor: Deer, Glenn
Postcards from the Western Front: Pilgrims, Veterans, and Tourists after the Great War
Author/Editor: MARK CONNELLY
Possible Worlds
Author/Editor: Girle, Rod
The Possession of Barbe Hallay: Diabolical Arts and Daily Life in Early Canada
Author/Editor: MAIRI COWAN
The Portrayal of Jews in Modern Biełarusian Literature
Author/Editor: Gimpelevich, Zina J
The Portrayal of Jews in Modern Biełarusian Literature
Author/Editor: Gimpelevich, Zina J
A Portrait of the Artist as Australian
Author/Editor: St Pierre, Paul Matthew
Portrait of an English Migration: North Yorkshire People in North America
Author/Editor: William E. Van Vugt
Population Control: Theorizing Institutional Violence
Popular Politics and Political Culture in Upper Canada, 1800-1850
Author/Editor: Wilton, Carol
Popular Music in England, 1840-1914
Author/Editor: Russell, Dave
Popper’s Legacy
Author/Editor: Sassower, Raphael
Popper’s Legacy
Author/Editor: Sassower, Raphael
Polliticke Courtier
Author/Editor: Dixon, Michael F.N
Politics & Players
Author/Editor: L. Ian MacDonald
Politics of Visual Language
Author/Editor: Roots, James
Politics of Transport in Twentieth-Century France
Author/Editor: Jones, Joseph
The Politics of the Pantry
Author/Editor: Mikulak, Michael
Politics of the Northwest Passage
Author/Editor: Griffiths, Franklin
Politics of Postal Transformation
Author/Editor: Campbell, Robert M
The Politics of Motherhood
Author/Editor: Lewis, Jane
Politics of Development
Author/Editor: Nelles, H.V
The Politics of Conflict
Author/Editor: Ingber, Monica
Politics of Collegiality
Author/Editor: Hardy, Cynthia
Politics of Codification
Author/Editor: Young, Brian J
The Politics of Canadian Foreign Policy, Fourth Edition
Author/Editor: Nossal, Kim; Roussel, Stéphane; Paquin, Stéphane
Politics in High Latitudes
Author/Editor: Ostreng, Willy
Politics and the English Country House, 1688–1800
Politics and the British Novel in the 1970s
Author/Editor: J. RUSSELL PERKIN
Politics and Territory
Author/Editor: Schwartz, Mildred A
Politics and Ideology in Canada
Author/Editor: Ornstein, Michael; Stevenson, Michael
Politics and Economics of Eric Kierans
Author/Editor: McDougall, John N
Political Unrest in Upper Canada, 1815-1836
Author/Editor: Dunham, Aileen
Political Thought of Lord Durham
Author/Editor: Ajzenstat, Janet
A Political Space
Author/Editor: Magnusson, Warren; Shaw, Karena
Political Philosophy
Author/Editor: Knowles, Dudley
Political Ecumenism
Author/Editor: Adams, Geoffrey
The Political Economy of Germany: 1815-1914
Author/Editor: Kitchen, Martin
Political Corruption in Canada
Author/Editor: Gibbons, Kenneth
Political Choices and Electoral Consequences
Author/Editor: Archer, Keith
Political Adaptation in Canadian Theatre
Author/Editor: KAILIN WRIGHT
Policy Unplugged
Author/Editor: Jenson, Jennifer; Rose, Chloë Brushwood; Lewis, Brian
Policy Governance in Multi-level Systems
Author/Editor: Conteh, Charles
Author/Editor: Toner, Glen; Pal, Leslie A.; Prince, Michael
Policing the Banks
Author/Editor: van Putten, Maartje
Police Officer
Author/Editor: Vincent, Claude L
Polar Pioneers
Author/Editor: Ross, M
Polar Castaways
Author/Editor: McElrea, Richard; Harrowfield, David
The Poetry of the Forties in Britain
Author/Editor: Tolley, A. T
Poetics of Place
Author/Editor: McCarthy, Dermot
Poetic Argument
Author/Editor: Kertzer, Jonathan
Poet and the Critic
Author/Editor: McDougall, Robert L
Plunder, Profit, and Paroles
Author/Editor: Sheppard, George
Pleasure of Fools
Author/Editor: Gantar, Jure
Planners and Politicians
Author/Editor: Bryden, P
Planets, Potions, and Parchments
Author/Editor: Levy, Barry
Planet Earth
Author/Editor: Leith, James A.; Price, Raymond A
Place to Belong
Author/Editor: Pocius, Gerald L
Places of Last Resort
Author/Editor: Wood, J. David
Places in the News
Author/Editor: Kariel, Herbert
Place Matters: Critical Topographies in Word and Image
Author/Editor: Jonathan Bordo ,Blake Fitzpatrick
Author/Editor: Eber, Dorothy Harley
Pipelines and Permafrost
Author/Editor: Williams, Peter J
Pioneer Woman
Author/Editor: Thompson, Elizabeth
Pilgrims in Lotus Land
Author/Editor: Burkinshaw, Robert K
Piety and Nationalism
Author/Editor: Clarke, Brian P
Pietro Bembo
Author/Editor: Kidwell, Carol
Pierrot in Petrograd
Author/Editor: Clayton, Douglas
Pierre-Esprit Radisson: The Collected Writings
Author/Editor: Warkentin, Germaine
Pierre-Esprit Radisson
Author/Editor: Warkentin, Germaine
Pierre-Esprit Radisson
Author/Editor: Fournier, Martin
Picturing the Land
Author/Editor: McKay, Marylin J
Picturesque Prison
Author/Editor: Heath, Jeffrey
The Picturesque and the Sublime
Author/Editor: Glickman, Susan
Pictorial Illusionism
Author/Editor: Sokalski, J. A
Physics and the Rise of Scientific Research in Canada
Author/Editor: Gingras, Yves
Physician's Guide to Coping with Death and Dying
Author/Editor: Swanson MD, Jan; Cooper, Alan
Author/Editor: Stewart, Roderick; Stewart, Sharon
The Philosophy of Wine
Author/Editor: Todd, Cain
Philosophy of Schopenhauer
Author/Editor: Jacquette, Dale
The Philosophy of Sartre
Author/Editor: Hatzimoysi, Anthony
Philosophy of Nietzsche
Author/Editor: Welshon, Rex
Philosophy of Nature
Author/Editor: Ellis, Brian
Philosophy of Music
Author/Editor: Sharpe, R.A
Philosophy of Merleau-Ponty
Author/Editor: Matthews, Eric
Philosophy of Language
Author/Editor: Miller, Alex
Philosophy of Kierkegaard
Author/Editor: Pattison, George
The Philosophy of Husserl
Author/Editor: Hopkins, Burt C
The Philosophy of Heidegger
Author/Editor: Watts, Michael
The Philosophy of Hegel
Author/Editor: Speight, Allen
Philosophy of Habermas
Author/Editor: Edgar, Andrew
Philosophy of Gadamer
Author/Editor: Grondin, Jean; Plant, Kathryn
Philosophy of Foucault
Author/Editor: May, Todd
The Philosophy of Derrida
Author/Editor: Dooley, Mark; Kavanagh, Liam
The Philosophy of Agamben
Author/Editor: Mills, Catherine
Philosophy, Neuroscience, and Consciousness
Author/Editor: Welshon, Rex
Philosophy and Personal Relations
Author/Editor: Montefiore, Alan
Philippe de Rigaud de Vaudreuil
Author/Editor: Zoltvan, Yves F
Phenomenal Consciousness
Author/Editor: Platchias, Dimitris
Petworth Emigration Set
Author/Editor: Cameron, Wendy; Haines, Sheila; Maude, Mary
Peter Strawson
Author/Editor: Brown, Clifford
Peter M. Pringle, Master Decoy Maker
Author/Editor: Reeve, William C
Persuasion and Propaganda
Author/Editor: Coutu, Joan
Perspectives on the North American Indians
Author/Editor: Nagler, Mark
Persistence of Unemployment
Author/Editor: Jones, Stephen R.G
Permanent Weekend
Author/Editor: JOHN MICHELS
The Permanent Nature of Everything
Author/Editor: Cowan, Judith
The Perils of Pedagogy
Author/Editor: Longfellow, Brenda; MacKenzie, Scott; Waugh, Thomas
The Periglacial Environment
Author/Editor: Pewe, Troy L
Performance Studies in Canada
Author/Editor: Levin, Laura; Schweitzer, Marlis
Percy Erskine Nobbs
Author/Editor: Wagg, Susan
Perceptions of a Monarchy without a King
Author/Editor: Woodford, Benjamin
Author/Editor: Maund, Barry
Peopling the North American City
Author/Editor: Olson, Sherry; Thornton, Patricia
A People’s Reformation: Building the English Church in the Elizabethan Parish
People Pollution
Author/Editor: Freeman, Milton M.R
People of Glengarry
Author/Editor: McLean, Marianne
The People of Denendeh
Author/Editor: Helm, June
People from Our Side
Author/Editor: Pitseolak, Peter; Eber, Dorothy Harley; Hanson, Ann
The Pen, the Sword, and the Law: Dueling and Democracy in Uruguay
Author/Editor: DAVID S. PARKER
Pensionnats du Canada : L’histoire, partie 2, de 1939 à 2000
Author/Editor: Canada, Commission de vérité et réconciliation du
Pensionnats du Canada : L’histoire, partie 2, de 1939 à 2000
Pensionnats du Canada : L’histoire, partie 1, des origines à 1939
Pensionnats du Canada : L’histoire, partie 1, des origines à 1939
Author/Editor: Canada, Commission de vérité et réconciliation du
Pensionnats du Canada : L’expérience métisse
Author/Editor: Canada, Commission de vérité et réconciliation du
Pensionnats du Canada : L’expérience métisse
Pensionnats du Canada : L’expérience inuite et nordique
Author/Editor: Canada, Commission de vérité et réconciliation du
Pensionnats du Canada : L’expérience inuite et nordique
Pensionnats du Canada : Les séquelles
Pensionnats du Canada : La réconciliation
Pensionnats du Canada : Enfants disparus et lieux de sépulture non marqués
Pegi by Herself
Author/Editor: Brandon, Laura
Peeking through the Keyhole
Author/Editor: Friedman, Avi; Krawitz, David
Peasant Economic Development within the English Manorial System
Author/Editor: Raftis, J
Pearson and Canada's Role in Nuclear Disarmament and Arms Control Negotiations, 1945-1957
Author/Editor: Levitt, Joseph
Author/Editor: Hillmer, Norman
The Pause: Experiencing Time Interrupted
Pauline Jewett
Author/Editor: McKenzie, Judith
Patterns of Plague: Changing Ideas about Plague in England and France, 1348–1750
Author/Editor: LORI JONES
Patriots and Proletarians
Author/Editor: Patrias, Carmela
Patriots and Profiteers
Author/Editor: Naylor, R.T
The Patriot Poets
Author/Editor: STEPHEN J. ADAMS
Patriotic Elaborations
Author/Editor: Blattberg, Charles
Patriot and Priest: Jean-Baptiste Volfius and the Constitutional Church in the Côte-d'Or
Patrician Families and the Making of Quebec
Author/Editor: Young, Brian
Patriarchs and Prophets
Author/Editor: Frost, Stanley Brice
Paths of Pollen
Author/Editor: Stephen Humphrey
Pathophysiology of Peptic Ulcer
Author/Editor: Skoryna, Stanley C
Patchworks of Purpose
Author/Editor: Boychuk, Gerard William
Passion and Restraint: Poles and Poland in Western Diplomacy, 1914–1921
Author/Editor: DENIS CLARK
Passeggiata and Popular Culture in an Italian Town
Author/Editor: Del Negro, Giovanna P
Passage to Promise Land
Author/Editor: Poy, Vivienne
Partners in Furs
Author/Editor: Francis, Daniel
Partita for Glenn Gould
Author/Editor: Leroux, Georges
Particular Condition in Life
Author/Editor: Burley, David G
Author/Editor: Penny, Michael
The Participation Paradox: Between Bottom-Up and Top-Down Development in South Africa
Author/Editor: LUKE SINWELL
Parliaments of Autonomous Nations
Parliamentary Privilege in Canada
Author/Editor: Maingot, Joseph P
Pari de la Franchise
Author/Editor: Dion, Stéphane
Parallel Paths
Author/Editor: Stevenson, Garth
Parallel Destinies
Author/Editor: Findlay, John M.; Coates, Ken
Author/Editor: Olin, Doris
Paradigm Freeze
Author/Editor: Lazar, Harvey; Forest, Pierre-Gerlier; Lavis, John N
Author/Editor: Donaldson, Jeffery
Painting the Map Red
Author/Editor: Miller, Carman
Padres in No Man's Land, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Crerar, Duff
Padres in No Man's Land
Author/Editor: Crerar, Duff