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Voyage to Newfoundland
Author/Editor: Thoulet, Julien
Voluntary Detours: Small-Town and Rural Museums in Alberta, Vol. 34
Author/Editor: Lianne McTavish
Voltaire and Sensibility
Author/Editor: Ridgway, R.S
The Voices of Medieval English Lyric: An Anthology of Poems ca 1150–1530
Author/Editor: Anne L. Klinck
Voices in Time
Author/Editor: MacLennan, Hugh
Voices in Exhile
Author/Editor: Barratt, Glynn
Voices from Hudson Bay
Author/Editor: Beardy, Flora; Coutts, Robert
Voices from Hudson Bay
Author/Editor: Beardy, Flora; Coutts, Robert
Voices from French Ontario
Author/Editor: Arnopoulos, Sheila McLeod
Voices for the Watershed
Author/Editor: Beck, Gregor G
Voice of the Vanishing Minority
Author/Editor: Hill, Robert
The Vitality of Contradiction
Author/Editor: Gilbert, Bruce
Visions of Canada
Author/Editor: Ostry, Bernard; Yalden, Janice
A Vision Greater than Themselves
Author/Editor: Laurence B. Mussio
The Visionary Landscape
Author/Editor: Piehler, Paul
Visibly Canadian
Author/Editor: Stanworth, Karen
Visible Histories
Author/Editor: Mackenzie, Suzanne
Virtual Marshall McLuhan
Author/Editor: Theall, Donald
Virgil the Blind Guide
Author/Editor: Howard, Lloyd H
Violence Interrupted: Confronting Sexual Violence on University Campuses
Violence and the Female Imagination
Author/Editor: Gilbert, Paula Ruth
Vingt ans apres, Habitants et marchands
Author/Editor: Dépatie, Sylvie; Desbarats, Catherine
Villain, Vermin, Icon, Kin: Wolves and the Making of Canada
Village Politics and the Mafia in Sicily
Author/Editor: Sabetti, Filippo
Vikings to U-Boats
Author/Editor: Bassler, Gerhard P
View from Xanadu
Author/Editor: Mugridge, Ian
View From Rome
Author/Editor: Stagni, Pellegrino; Zucchi, John E
Vie et mort du couple en Nouvelle-France
Author/Editor: Brun, Josette
The Video Art of Sylvia Safdie
Author/Editor: Lewis, Eric
Victory Harvest
Author/Editor: Kelsey, Marion
The Victorian Army at Home
Author/Editor: Skelley, Alan Ramsay
Victor and Evie
Veterans Charter and Post-World War II Canada
Author/Editor: Neary, Peter; Granatstein
Verbal Art
Author/Editor: Pettersson, Anders
V-Bombs and Weathermaps
Author/Editor: McElheran, Brock
Vatican II and Beyond
Author/Editor: Bruno-Jofré, Rosa; MacDonald, Heidi; Smyth, Elizabeth M
Vasily Grossman
Vasil Byka?
Author/Editor: Gimpelevich, Zina J
Variable Conditions: Para-computational Arts in Canada, 1965–1995, Vol. 43
Author/Editor: Adam Lauder
Vanguard of the New Age
Author/Editor: McCann, Gillian
Vancouver's Chinatown
Author/Editor: Anderson, Kay J
Values in Conflict
Author/Editor: Axelrod, Paul
Valparaíso School
Author/Editor: Rispa, Raúl; Pérez de Arce, Rodrigo; Pérez Oyarzún, Fernando
Valour and the Horror Revisited
Author/Editor: Bercuson, David J.; Wise