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The Fabric of Peace in Africa
Author/Editor: Pamela Aall,Chester A. Crocker,Kofi Annan
Fabriqué au Canada
Author/Editor: Elder, Alan
Faces in the Forest
Author/Editor: Blackstock, Michael D
Faces of Displacement
Author/Editor: Soroka, Mykola
Facts of Life
Author/Editor: Emery, George
Failure of l'Action Libérale Nationale
Author/Editor: Dirks, Patricia
Failure's Opposite
Author/Editor: Ravvin, Norman; Simon, Sherry
Faithful Encounters
Author/Editor: Åžahin, Emrah
Faithful Intellect
Author/Editor: Semple, Neil
Faking Death
Author/Editor: Cousineau-Levine, Penny
Fall and Rise of the Market in Sandinista Nicaragua
Author/Editor: Ryan, Phil
False Summit: Gender in Mountaineering Nonfiction
Author/Editor: JULIE RAK
Families in Transition
Author/Editor: Gossage, Peter
Family and Community Life in Northeastern Ontario
Author/Editor: Noël, Françoise
Family Life and Sociability in Upper and Lower Canada, 1780-1870
Author/Editor: Noël, Françoise
Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland
Author/Editor: Seary, E.; Kirwin, William
Family Ties
Author/Editor: Terry, Andrea
Far Eastern Tour
Author/Editor: Watson, Brent Byron
Farewell the Ivory Tower
Author/Editor: Corry, J.A
Far in the Waste Sudan
Author/Editor: Coghlan, Nicholas
The Farmers in Politics
Author/Editor: Irvine, William
Fashioning Acadians: Clothing in the Atlantic World, 1650–1750, Vol. 7
Author/Editor: HILARY DODA
Fatal Glamour
Author/Editor: Delany, Paul
The Fate of Canada: F. R. Scott's Journal of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism, 1963–1971
Author/Editor: Graham Fraser
Fate of the Nation State
Author/Editor: Seymour, Michel
Faulkner's Women
Author/Editor: Williams, Daivd
Fear and Temptation
Author/Editor: Goldie, Terry
Fearful Asymmetry
Fear of the Ride
Author/Editor: Bloom, Ronna
Fear's Folly/(Les demi-civilises)
Author/Editor: Harvey, Jean-Charles
Federalism and the Charter
Author/Editor: Russell, Peter
Federalism and the Welfare State in a Multicultural World
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant,Richard Johnston,Will Kymlicka,John Myles
Federalism, Bureaucracy, and Public Policy
Author/Editor: Schultz, Richard J
Federalism in a Changing World
Author/Editor: Blindenbacher, Raoul; Koller, Arnold
Federal Property Policy in Canadian Municipalities
Author/Editor: Ircha, Michael C.; Young, Robert A
Federal-Provincial Collaboration
Author/Editor: Savoie, Donald J
Federfuchser/Penpusher from Lessing to Grillparzer
Author/Editor: Reeve, William C
Feelings of Structure
Female Economy
Author/Editor: Kinnear, Mary
Feminist Challenge to the Canadian Left, 1900-1918
Author/Editor: Newton, Janice
Feminist Politics on the Farm
Author/Editor: Black, Naomi; Brandt, Gail Cuthbert
Feminist Research
Author/Editor: Tancred-Sheriff, Peta
Fenian Problem
Author/Editor: Jenkins, Brian
Fernand Dumont
Author/Editor: Baum, Gregory
Author/Editor: Ball, Norman R.; Vardalas, John N
Fertile Ground
Author/Editor: Paterson, Stephanie; Scala, Francesca; Sokolon, Marlene K
Fertility and Family Planning in a Canadian Metropolis
Author/Editor: Balakrishnan, T.R.; Kantner, J.F.; Allingham, J.D
Fictions of Gender: Women, Femininity, and the Zionist Imagination, Vol. 1
Author/Editor: ORIAN ZAKAI
The Fiddlehead Moment: Pioneering an Alternative Canadian Modernism in New Brunswick
Author/Editor: TONY TREMBLAY
Fight, Flight, or Chill
Author/Editor: Wilson, Brian
Fighting Newfoundlander
Author/Editor: Nicholson, Gerald W.L
Fighting over God
Author/Editor: Buckingham, Janet Epp
Figuring Grief
Author/Editor: Smythe, Karen E
Filling the Ranks
Author/Editor: RICHARD HOLT
Film, Theory, and Philosophy
Author/Editor: Colman, Felicity
Finance and Governance of Capital Cities in Federal Systems
Author/Editor: Slack, Enid; Chattopadhyay, Rupak
Finding Franklin
Author/Editor: Russell A. Potter
Finding Freedom
Author/Editor: MacDonald, Sara
Finnish Folk Poetry - Epic
Author/Editor: Matti Kuusi,Keith Bosley,Michael Branch
Firekeepers of the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Voyageur, Cora
First among Unequals
Author/Editor: Marland, Alex
First Crack
Author/Editor: Poile, Craig
First Man West
Author/Editor: Sheppe, Walter
First Nations? Second Thoughts
Author/Editor: Flanagan, Tom
First Nations? Second Thoughts, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Flanagan, Tom
First Nations? Second Thoughts: Third Edition, Ed. 3
Author/Editor: TOM FLANAGAN
First on the Antarctic Continent
Author/Editor: Borchgrevink, C.E
The First Public Playhouse
Author/Editor: Berry, Herbert
Fiscal Federalism in Multinational States: Autonomy, Equality, and Diversity
Fit and Proper Persons
Author/Editor: Hennock, E.P
Fleeting Empire
Author/Editor: Nicholls, Andrew
Flesh Reborn
Author/Editor: JEAN-FRANÇOIS LOZIER,Nicholas Dew,Jean-Pierre Le Glaunec
Flexible Design
Author/Editor: Pierce, John B
Flexible Innovation
Author/Editor: Niosi, Jorge; Bergeron, Maryse
Flight from Grace: A Cultural History of Humans and Birds
Author/Editor: RICHARD POPE
The Flight of Wild Oats
Author/Editor: Goodwin, Fred R.; Wise, S.F
Florida's Snowbirds
Author/Editor: Desrosiers-Lauzon, Godefroy
Flowers on the Rock
Author/Editor: Harding, John S; Hori, Victor Sōgen; Soucy, Alexander
Fluorspar Mines of Newfoundland
Author/Editor: Martin, John R
Flying Tiger
Author/Editor: Van Deusen, Kira
Foisted upon the Government?
Author/Editor: Montigny, Edgar-Andre
Fontanka 16
Author/Editor: Ruud, Charles A.; Stepanov, Sergei A
For an Amerindian Autohistory
Author/Editor: Sioui, George E.; Fischmann, Sheila
For Canada's Sake
Author/Editor: Miedema, Gary
Foreign Practices: Immigrant Doctors and the History of Canadian Medicare
Foreign Relations in Federal Countries
Author/Editor: Michelmann, Hans
Foremost Nation
Author/Editor: Hillmer, Norman
Forensic Colonialism: Genetics and the Capture of Indigenous Peoples
For Friends at Home
Author/Editor: Preston, Richard Arthur
Author/Editor: Goldman, Marlene
Forgotten Labrador
Author/Editor: Belvin, Cleophas
Forkhill Protestants and Forkhill Catholics, 1787-1858
Author/Editor: Madden, Kyla
Form and Transformation
Author/Editor: Schroeder, Frederic M
For Patients of Moderate Means
Author/Editor: Gagan, David; Gagan, Rosemary R
For the Love of the Game
Author/Editor: Bouchier, Nancy B
For the People
Author/Editor: Cameron, James D
For the Temporary Accommodation of Settlers: Architecture and Immigrant Reception in Canada, 1870–1930
Fortune Favours a Bieler: Adventures in Life, Love, and Business
Forty Narratives in the Wyandot Language
Author/Editor: JOHN L. STECKLEY
Founding Moment
Author/Editor: Westfall, William
Four Contemporary Novels
Author/Editor: McSweeney, Kerry
Four Historical Definitions of Architecture
Author/Editor: Parcell, Stephen
Four Quarters of the Night
Author/Editor: Bains, Tara Singh; Johnston, Hugh
Fourth South American Workshop on String Processing (WSP 1997)
Author/Editor: Baeza-Yates, Ricardo
Fous, prodigues et ivrognes
Author/Editor: Nootens, Thierry
Fous, Prodigues, Ivrognes
Author/Editor: Nootens, Thierry
Fragile Majorities and Education
Author/Editor: McAndrew, Marie
Fragile Social Fabric?
Author/Editor: Breton, Raymond; Hartmann, Norbert J.; Lennards, Jos
Framing Our Past
Author/Editor: Cook, Sharon Anne; McLean, Lorna R; O'Rourke, Kate
Framing Risky Choices: Brexit and the Dynamics of High-Stakes Referendums
France in the World: The Career of André Siegfried
Author/Editor: SEAN M. KENNEDY
Franco-Americans of New England
Author/Editor: Roby, Yves
Franklin's Passage
Author/Editor: Solway, David
Frank Manning Covert
Author/Editor: Cahill, Barry
Frank Underhill and the Politics of Ideas
Author/Editor: Dewar, Kenneth C
Franz Rosenzweig and Jehuda Halevi
Author/Editor: Galli, Barbara Ellen
Fred Taylor
Author/Editor: Virtue, John
Freedom, Equality, Community
Author/Editor: Bickerton, James; Brooks, Stephen; Gagnon, Alain-G
Freedom to Smoke
Author/Editor: Rudy, Jarrett
Freeing Trade in North America
Author/Editor: GREG ANDERSON
Free Trade
Author/Editor: MacDonald, Ian; Morton, Desmond
Free Will
Author/Editor: McFee, Graham
Free Women in the Pampas: A Novel about Victoria Ocampo
Author/Editor: María Rosa Lojo ,Norman Cheadle
French-Canadian Heritage in New England
Author/Editor: Brault, Gerard J
The French-Canadian Outlook
Author/Editor: Wade, Mason
French Canadian Society
Author/Editor: Rioux, Marcel; Martin, Yves
French-Canadian Thinkers of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Author/Editor: LaPierre, Laurier L
French Socialists before Marx
Author/Editor: Pilbeam, Pamela
Fresh Strange Music
Author/Editor: Hair, Donald S
Freshwater Pollution, Canadian Style
Author/Editor: Larkin, P.A
Friendly Remainders
Author/Editor: Dineen, Murray
Friends, Foes, and Furs: George Nelson's Lake Winnipeg Journals, 1804–1822
Author/Editor: George Nelson,HARRY W. DUCKWORTH
Friendship and the Novel
Author/Editor: Allan Hepburn
The Frog Lake Massacre
Author/Editor: Hughes, Stuart
From Babel to Pentecost
Author/Editor: O'Neil, Mary Anne
From Barrow to Boothia
Author/Editor: Barr, William
From Bourassa to Bourassa
Author/Editor: MacDonald, Ian
From Charity to Change: Inside the World of Canadian Foundations
Author/Editor: Hilary M. Pearson
From Cohen to Carson
Author/Editor: Rae, Ian
From Drawing to Visual Culture
Author/Editor: Pearse, Harold
From India to Israel
Author/Editor: Hodes, Joseph
From Internationalism to Postcolonialism: Literature and Cinema between the Second and the Third Worlds
From Liberal to Labour with Women's Suffrage
Author/Editor: Vellacott, Jo
From Liberal to Labour with Women's Suffrage, Second Edition
Author/Editor: JO VELLACOTT
From Literature to Biterature
Author/Editor: Swirski, Peter
From Lowbrow to Nobrow
Author/Editor: Swirski, Peter
From Migrant to Acadian
Author/Editor: Griffiths, N.E.S
From New Public Management to New Political Governance
Author/Editor: Bakvis, Herman; Jarvis, Mark D
From Outpost to Outport
Author/Editor: Ommer, Rosemary E
From Peacekeeping to Peacemaking
Author/Editor: Gammer, Nicholas
From Peasants to Labourers
Author/Editor: Kukushkin, Vadim
From Personal Duties Towards Personal Rights
Author/Editor: Monahan, Arthur P
From Politics to Profit
Author/Editor: Sotiron, Minko
From Power Sharing to Democracy
Author/Editor: Noel, Sid
From Quaker to Upper Canadian
Author/Editor: Healey, Robynne Rogers
From Revolution to Ethics
Author/Editor: Bourg, Julian
From Rogue to Everyman
Author/Editor: Bongie, Laurence L
From Talking Chiefs to a Native Corporate Elite
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Marybelle
From the Vilna Ghetto to Nuremberg: Memoir and Testimony
Author/Editor: ABRAHAM SUTZKEVER ,Justin D. Cammy ,Justin D. Cammy ,Avraham Novershtern
From White to Yellow
Author/Editor: Kowner, Rotem
From Wooden Ploughs To Welfare
Author/Editor: Buckley, Helen
Frontenac, the Courtier Governor
Author/Editor: Eccles, W.J
The Frontier and Canadian Letters
Author/Editor: Eggleston, Wilfrid
Frontier Boosters
Author/Editor: Naylor, Elaine
Frontier Cattle Ranching in the Land and Times of Charlie Russell
Author/Editor: Elofson, Warren M
Frontiers and Sanctuaries
Author/Editor: Brandis, Marianne
Frontline Justice: The Evolution and Reform of Summary Trials in the Canadian Armed Forces
Fruits of Perseverance
Author/Editor: Teasdale, Guillaume
Full of Hope and Promise
Author/Editor: Ross, Eric
Full-Orbed Christianity
Author/Editor: Christie, Nancy; Gauvreau, Michael
The Fundamental Things Apply
Author/Editor: MacLaren, Roy
Fur Trader's Photographs
Author/Editor: James, William
The Future of Action Research in Education: A Canadian Perspective
Future of NATO
Author/Editor: David, Charles-Philippe; Levesque, Jacques
Future's Back
Author/Editor: Harvey, Frank P