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Wyndham Lewis and the Avant-Garde
Author/Editor: Foshay, Toby Avard
W. Stanford Reid
Author/Editor: MacLeod, A. Donald
A Written Constitution for Quebec?
Author/Editor: Richard Albert ,Léonid Sirota
Writing the Lives of the English Poor, 1750s-1830s
Author/Editor: King, Steven
Writing the Everyday
Author/Editor: Fuller, Danielle
The Writings of David Thompson, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Moreau, William E
Writings of David Thompson, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Thompson, David; Moreau, William E
Writing Rogues: The Soviet Picaresque and Identity Formation, 1921–1938
Writing Lovers
Author/Editor: Cook, Méira
The Writing Life
Author/Editor: Fetherling, George; Busby, Brian
Writing Herself into Being
Author/Editor: Smart, Patricia
Wrestling with Life
Author/Editor: GEORGE REINITZ,Richard King
Wrapped up in God
Author/Editor: Rawlyk, George
The Wounded Brain Healed
World of the Gift
Author/Editor: Godbout, Jacques T.; Caille, Alain C
A World of Paper
Author/Editor: Rule, John C.; Trotter, Ben S
World Mission
Author/Editor: Wright, Robert A
The World in Canada
Author/Editor: Carment, David; Bercuson, David
World as Event
Author/Editor: John, Brian
The World and Darfur
Author/Editor: Grzyb, Amanda F
Works by A.Y. Jackson from the 1930s
Author/Editor: Groves, Naomi
Work of Words
Author/Editor: Thurston, John
Work in Tumultuous Times
Author/Editor: Shalla, Vivian; Clement, Wallace
Working Without Commitments
Author/Editor: Lewchuk, Wayne; Clarke, Marlea; de Wolff
Working People, Fifth Edition
Author/Editor: Morton, Desmond
Working Papers on Canadian Politics
Author/Editor: Meisel, John
Working Papers on Canadian Politics
Author/Editor: Meisel, John
Working Bodies
Author/Editor: Stone, Sharon-Dale
Work in a Warming World
Author/Editor: Carla Lipsig-Mummé,Stephen McBride
Workers and Canadian History
Author/Editor: Kealey, Gregory S
Words in Collision: Multilingualism in English-Language Fiction
Author/Editor: MICHAEL L. ROSS
Word of the Law
Author/Editor: Klinck, D.R
Word and Its Ways in English
Author/Editor: Hirtle, Walter
Women, Work, and the French State
Author/Editor: Stewart, Mary Lynn
Women, Work, and Place
Author/Editor: Kobayashi, Audrey
Women, Work, and Coping
Author/Editor: Long, Bonita C.; Kahn, Sharon E
Women Who Made the News
Author/Editor: Lang, Marjory
Women's Struggle for Higher Education in Russia, 1855-1900
Author/Editor: Johanson, Christine
Women's Organizing and Public Policy in Canada and Sweden
Author/Editor: Briskin, Linda; Eliasson, Mona
Women, Peace, and Security: Feminist Perspectives on International Security
Author/Editor: Caroline Leprince ,Cassandra Steer
Women in Zones of Conflict
Author/Editor: Jacoby, Tami Amanda
Women in the Canadian Academic Tundra
Author/Editor: Hannah, Elena; Paul, Linda; Vethamany-Globus, Swani
Women in Power
Author/Editor: Steinberg, Blema S
Women in British Imperial Airspace
Author/Editor: Millward, Liz
Women, Health, and Nation
Author/Editor: Feldberg, Georgina; Ladd-Taylor, Molly; Li, Alison
Women Founders of the Social Sciences
Author/Editor: McDonald, Lynn
Women, Feminism and Development
Author/Editor: Dagenais, Huguette; Piché, Denise
Women, Environment, and Networks of Empire: Elizabeth Gwillim and Mary Symonds in Madras
Women and Work
Author/Editor: Chaykowski, Richard; Powell, Lisa
Women and Well-Being
Author/Editor: Dhruvarajan, Vanaja
Women and the Canadian State/Les femmes et l'Etat canadien
Author/Editor: Andrew, Caroline; Rodgers, Sandra
Women and State Socialism
Author/Editor: Heitlinger, Alena
Women and Narrative Identity
Author/Editor: Green, Mary J
A Woman with Demons
Author/Editor: Ota, Yuzo
Woman Who Mapped Labrador
Author/Editor: Hubbard, Mina Benson
Woman's Way Through Unknown Labrador
Author/Editor: Hubbard, Mina Benson; Grace, Sherrill E
Woman's Songs in Ancient Greece
Author/Editor: Klinck, Anne L
Wives and Mothers, School Mistresses and Scullery Maids
Author/Editor: Errington, Elizabeth Jane
With Your Words in My Hands: The Letters of Antonietta Petris and Loris Palma
Author/Editor: Sonia Cancian ,Antonietta Petris ,Donna R. Gabaccia
With the Witnesses
Author/Editor: Tracy, Dale
With Skilful Hand
Author/Editor: Barnard, David T
With Scarcely a Ripple
Author/Editor: Widdis, Randy William
Without Walls or Barriers
Author/Editor: David Peterson,Arthur Milnes,Ryan Zade,Steve Paikin
Witch Hunts
Author/Editor: Rapley, Robert
Wisdom of Eccentric Old Men
Author/Editor: Bly, Peter Anthony
The Winter Count
Author/Editor: Leman, Dilys
Author/Editor: Artibise, Alan F.J
Winning Power
Author/Editor: Flanagan, Tom
Wings of the Doves
Author/Editor: Lombardi, Elena
William Thomas, Architect: 1799-1860
Author/Editor: McArthur, Glenn; Szamosi, Annie
William R. McIntyre
Author/Editor: McConnell, W
William Lyon Mackenzie
Author/Editor: Lesueur, William; McKillop
William Blake in the Desolate Market
Author/Editor: Bentley Jr, G.E
Wilfrid Sellars
Author/Editor: deVries, Willem
Wild Geese
Author/Editor: Harding, John S.; Hori, Victor Sōgen; Soucy, Alexander
Why the Church?
Author/Editor: Giussani, Luigi
Why I Left Canada
Author/Editor: Infeld, Leopold
Why Canada Cares
Author/Editor: Lui, Andrew
Why Botswana Prospered
Author/Editor: Leith, J
Whose Mission, Whose Orders?
Author/Editor: Charters, David A
Whose Canada?
Author/Editor: Grinspun, Ricardo; Shamsie, Yasmine
Who Killed the Queen?
Author/Editor: Dressel, Holly
White Siberia
Author/Editor: Pereira, N
White Men Came to the St. Lawrence
Author/Editor: Bishop, Morris
White Man's Gonna Getcha
Author/Editor: Morantz, Toby
White Canada Forever
Author/Editor: Ward, Peter
Whiplash and Other Useful Illnesses
Author/Editor: Malleson, Andrew
While the Women Only Wept
Author/Editor: Potter-MacKinnon, Janice
Where We Live
Author/Editor: John Reibetanz
Where to from Here?
Author/Editor: Duckett, Stephen
Where Have the Old Words Got Me?
Author/Editor: Maud, Ralph
When the Whalers Were Up North
Author/Editor: Eber, Dorothy Harley
When the North Was Red
Author/Editor: Bartels, Dennis A.; Bartels, Alice L
When the French Tried to be British
Author/Editor: Gunn, J.A.W
When Green Growth Is Not Enough
Author/Editor: Hayden, Anders
When Ballet Became French
Author/Editor: Karthas, Ilyana
What Was History Painting and What Is It Now?
What The Thunder Really Said
Author/Editor: Bolgan, Anne C
What the Bones Say
Author/Editor: Cove, John
What Television Remembers: Artifacts and Footprints of TV in Toronto
Author/Editor: Jennifer VanderBurgh
What's Wrong with the Law?
Author/Editor: Zander, Michael
What's to Eat?
Author/Editor: Cooke, Nathalie
What's the Import?
Author/Editor: McSweeney, Kerry
What Really Matters
Author/Editor: O'Grady, Thomas
What Makes Clusters Competitive?
Author/Editor: Hira, Anil
Whatever Happened to the Music Teacher?
Author/Editor: Savoie, Donald J
Wet Apples, White Blood
Author/Editor: Guttman, Naomi
West Indians of Costa Rica
Author/Editor: Harpelle, Ronald N
Western Ontario and the American Frontier
Author/Editor: Landon, Fred
The Western Interior of Canada
Author/Editor: Warkentin, John
Author/Editor: Roberts, Katherine Ann
Welfare State and Canadian Federalism
Author/Editor: Banting, Keith
Welfare, Property Rights and Economic Policy
Author/Editor: Rymes, Thomas K
Weariness, the Fever, and the Fret
Author/Editor: McCuaig, Katherine
Weariness of the Self
Author/Editor: Ehrenberg, Alain
We Are What We Mourn
Author/Editor: Uppal, Priscila
We All Begin in a Little Magazine
Author/Editor: Arc, 0
Weakening Philosophy
Author/Editor: Zabala, Santiago
Wavelengths of Your Song
Author/Editor: Schönmaier, Eleonore
Water into Wine?
Author/Editor: Larmer, Robert A
Author/Editor: Donaldson, Jeffery
Water as a Social Opportunity
Author/Editor: Davidson, Seanna L.; Linton, Jamie; Mabee, Warren E
Watch that Ends the Night
Author/Editor: MacLennan, Hugh
Watching Quebec
Author/Editor: Cook, Ramsay
watching for life
Author/Editor: DAVID ZIEROTH
Wash, Wear, and Care
War with a Silver Lining
Author/Editor: Heath, Gordon L
War Is Here
Author/Editor: ROBERT McGILL
War Diary of Clare Gass
Author/Editor: Gass, Clare; Mann, Susan
War and Remembrance: Recollecting and Representing War
Author/Editor: Renée Dickason ,Delphine Letort ,Michel Prum ,Stéphanie A.H. Bélanger
The War Against the Seals
Author/Editor: Busch, Briton Cooper
Waning of the Green
Author/Editor: McGowan, Mark G
Wampum Denied
Author/Editor: Antal, Sandy
W.A. Mackintosh
Author/Editor: HUGH GRANT
Walter Long, Ireland, and the Union, 1905-1920
Author/Editor: Kendle, John
Walter Gordon and the Rise of Canadian Nationalism
Author/Editor: Azzi, Stephen
Wallace Stevens among Others
Author/Editor: Jarraway, David R
Waiting for the Wave
Author/Editor: Flanagan, Tom
Wages of Crime
Author/Editor: Naylor, R.T
Wacousta or, The Prophecy
Author/Editor: Richardson, John