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Authority of Images / Images of Authority
Author/Editor: Fresco, Karen
A Bibliographical Guide to the Study of Troubadours and Old Occitan Literature
Author/Editor: Taylor, Robert A
The Disperata, from Medieval Italy to Renaissance France
Author/Editor: Scarlatta, Gabriella
Drama and Sermon in Late Medieval England
Author/Editor: Steenbrugge, Charlotte
Early English Poetic Culture and Meter
Author/Editor: Brady, Lindy; Toswell, M J
From the Romans to the Normans on the English Renaissance Stage
Author/Editor: Hopkins, Lisa
The Gawain-Poet and the Fourteenth-Century English Anticlerical Tradition
Author/Editor: Campbell, Ethan
Guy of Saint-Denis, Tractatus de tonis
The Impact of Latin Culture on Medieval and Early Modern Scottish Writing
Author/Editor: Johnson, Ian; Petrina, Alessandra
Liturgical Drama and the Reimagining of Medieval Theater
Author/Editor: Norton, Michael
Medieval Latin Liturgy in English Translation
Author/Editor: Salisbury, Matthew Cheung
Portraits of Human Monsters in the Renaissance
Author/Editor: Ghadessi, Touba
Rabbi Eliezer of Beaugency, Commentaries on Amos and Jonah (With Selections from Isaiah and Ezekiel)
Author/Editor: Harris, Robert A
Saints and Sainthood around the Baltic Sea
Author/Editor: Jensen, Carsten Selch; Jensen, Kurt Villads; Lehtonen, Tuomas M S
Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra, and the Nature of Fame
Author/Editor: Logan, Robert Alexander
Spenser's Narrative Figuration of Women in The Faerie Queene
Author/Editor: Anderson, Judith H
The Third Gender and Aelfric's Lives of Saints
Author/Editor: McDaniel, Rhonda L