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Titles (500) Information
78 Blues
Author/Editor: Minton, John
Abraham Polonsky
Author/Editor: Dickos, Andrew
Accordion Dreams
Author/Editor: Kilpatrick, Blair
Across the Aisle
Author/Editor: G. V. Sonny Montgomery
Across the Creek
Author/Editor: Faulkner, Jim
Acting My Face
Author/Editor: James, Anthony
The Aesthetics of Toni Morrison
Author/Editor: Conner, Marc C
Affect and Power
Author/Editor: Libby, David J.; Spickard, Paul; Ditto, Susan
Africa and the Blues
Author/Editor: Kubik, Gerhard
Africa in the American Imagination
Author/Editor: Magee, Carol
African American Preachers and Politics
Author/Editor: Dickerson, Dennis C
African American Religion and the Civil Rights Movement in Arkansas
Author/Editor: Williams, Johnny E
The African American Sonnet
Author/Editor: Müller, Timo
After Removal
Author/Editor: Wells, Samuel J.; Tubby, Roseanna
After Southern Modernism
Author/Editor: Guinn, Matthew
Agnès Varda
Author/Editor: Kline, T. Jefferson
Ain't That a Knee-Slapper
Author/Editor: Hollis, Tim
Alan Ball
Author/Editor: Fahy, Thomas
Alan Lomax, Assistant in Charge
Author/Editor: Cohen, Ronald D
Alan Moore
Author/Editor: Liddo, Annalisa Di
Alexander Payne
Author/Editor: Levinson, Julie
Alice Faye
Author/Editor: Elder, Jane Lenz
All Stories Are True
Author/Editor: Guzzio, Tracie Church
Alternate Roots
Author/Editor: Scodari, Christine
Alternative Comics
Author/Editor: Hatfield, Charles
The Amazing Jimmi Mayes
Author/Editor: Mayes, Jimmi
American Antebellum Fiddling
Author/Editor: Chris Goertzen
American Cyclone
Author/Editor: Hilpert, John M
American Horror Film
Author/Editor: Hantke, Steffen
American Indians and the Rhetoric of Removal and Allotment
Author/Editor: Black, Jason Edward
American Raiders
Author/Editor: Samuel, Wolfgang W. E
Analysis of Jazz
Author/Editor: Cugny, Laurent
Analysis of Jazz: A Comprehensive Approach
And One Was a Priest
Author/Editor: Johnston, Araminta Stone
Angola to Zydeco
Author/Editor: Fuller, R. Reese
Anne McCaffrey
Author/Editor: Roberts, Robin; Gayles, Gloria Wade
Another Haul
Author/Editor: Groth, Charlie
Another Haul: Narrative Stewardship and Cultural Sustainability at the Lewis Family Fishery
Author/Editor: Charlie Groth
Anteaters Don't Dream and Other Stories
Author/Editor: Hawes, Louise; Stewart, Jeffrey C
Anthony Minghella
Author/Editor: Falsetto, Mario
Anywhere But Here
Author/Editor: Radcliffe, Kendahl; Scott, Jennifer; Werner, Anja
The Architecture of William Nichols
Author/Editor: Kapp, Paul Hardin
Arguing Comics
Author/Editor: Heer, Jeet; Worcester, Kent
Arrowheads and Spear Points in the Prehistoric Southeast
Author/Editor: Culberson, Linda Crawford
Art for the Middle Classes
Author/Editor: Patterson, Cynthia Lee
The Artistic Activism of Elombe Brath
Author/Editor: Thomas Aiello
The Artistry of Afro-Cuban Batá Drumming
Author/Editor: Schweitzer, Kenneth
The Artistry of Neil Gaiman
Author/Editor: Sommers, Joseph Michael; Eveleth, Kyle
Asian Comics
Author/Editor: Lent, John A
Assassins, Eccentrics, Politicians, and Other Persons of Interest
Author/Editor: Wilkie, Curtis
At Arm’s Length: A Rhetoric of Character in Children’s and Young Adult Literature
Author/Editor: MIKE CADDEN
At Home Inside
Author/Editor: Petry, Elisabeth
Autobiographical Comics
Author/Editor: Refaie, Elisabeth El
Autobiography as Activism
Author/Editor: Perkins, Margo V
Baba Yaga
Bad Boy of Gospel Music
Author/Editor: Cheatham, Russ
The Bad Sixties
Author/Editor: Hoerl, Kristen
Banjo on the Mountain
Author/Editor: Spottswood, Dick
Barbara Stanwyck
Author/Editor: Callahan, Dan
Author/Editor: Simon, Andrea
Beaches, Blood, and Ballots
Author/Editor: Mason, M.D. Gilbert R.; Smith, James Patterson
The Beat
Author/Editor: Lornell, Kip; Stephenson Jr., Charles C
The Beatles
Author/Editor: Frontani, Michael R
Author/Editor: Demby, William
Behold the Proverbs of a People
Author/Editor: Mieder, Wolfgang
The Berimbau
Author/Editor: Galm, Eric A
Between Distant Modernities
Author/Editor: Kennedy, Brittany Powell
Between Generations
Author/Editor: Smith, Victoria Ford
Beyond Bombshells
Author/Editor: Brown, Jeffrey A
Beyond Paradise
Author/Editor: Soares, André
Beyond the Blockbusters: Themes and Trends in Contemporary Young Adult Fiction
Author/Editor: Rebekah Fitzsimmons,Casey Alane Wilson
Beyond The Chinese Connection
Author/Editor: Anderson, Crystal S
Beyond Windrush
Author/Editor: Brown, J. Dillon; Rosenberg, Leah Reade
Big Band Jazz in Black West Virginia, 1930–1942
Author/Editor: Wilkinson, Christopher
Birth Chairs, Midwives, and Medicine
Author/Editor: Banks, Amanda Carson
Black and Brown Planets
Author/Editor: Lavender III, Isiah
Black and More than Black
Author/Editor: Leader-Picone, Cameron
Black Baseball, Black Business
Author/Editor: Newman, Roberta J.; Joel Nathan Rosen
The Black Carib Wars
Author/Editor: Taylor, Christopher
The Black Cultural Front
Author/Editor: Dolinar, Brian
Black Diva of the Thirties
Author/Editor: Weaver, David E
Black Exodus
Author/Editor: Harrison, Alferdteen
Black Feelings: Race and Affect in the Long Sixties
Author/Editor: Lisa M. Corrigan
Black Folklore and the Politics of Racial Representation
Author/Editor: Moody-Turner, Shirley
Black Greek-Letter Organizations 2.0
Author/Editor: Hughey, Matthew W.; Parks, Gregory S
Black Intellectual Thought in Modern America
Author/Editor: Behnken, Brian D.; Smithers, Gregory D.; Wendt, Simon
Black-Jewish Relations on Trial
Author/Editor: Melnick, Jeffrey
Black Power, Yellow Power, and the Making of Revolutionary Identities
Author/Editor: Watkins, Rychetta
Black Rock
Author/Editor: Dodge, William A
Black Superheroes, Milestone Comics, and Their Fans
Author/Editor: Brown, Jeffrey A
Black to Nature: Pastoral Return and African American Culture
Author/Editor: Stefanie K. Dunning
Black Velvet Art
Black Writers, White Publishers
Author/Editor: Young, John K
Blasian Invasion
Author/Editor: Washington, Myra S
Bloody Mary in the Mirror
Author/Editor: Dundes, Alan
Author/Editor: Hermansson, Casie E
Blue Ridge Folklife
Author/Editor: Olson, Ted
Blues Mandolin Man
Author/Editor: Congress, Richard
Blues Traveling
Author/Editor: Cheseborough, Steve
Author/Editor: Bennett, Gillian
Bohemian New Orleans
Author/Editor: Weddle, Jeff
Booker T. Washington in Perspective
Author/Editor: Smock, Raymond
Books of the Dead
Author/Editor: Lanzendörfer, Tim
Boom's Blues
Author/Editor: Verbei, Wim
Borders of Equality
Author/Editor: Sartain, Lee
Born in the U. S. A
Author/Editor: Scheurer, Timothy E
A Boy Named Sue
Author/Editor: McCusker, Kristine M.; Pecknold, Diane
Boys Love Manga and Beyond
Author/Editor: McLelland, Mark; Nagaike, Kazumi; Suganuma, Katsuhiko
Breaking the Rule of Cool
Author/Editor: Grace, Nancy M.; Johnson, Ronna C
Brian De Palma's Split-Screen
Author/Editor: Keesey, Douglas
Britain and the American South
Author/Editor: Ward, Joseph P
Author/Editor: Charters, Ann; Charters, Samuel
Builders of a New South
Author/Editor: Anderson, Aaron D
Building Louisiana
Author/Editor: Leighninger, Robert D
Building the Beloved Community
Author/Editor: Arnold, Stanley Keith
Bumpy Road
Buryin' Daddy
Author/Editor: Nicholas, Teresa
A Business Career
Author/Editor: Chesnutt, Charles W.; Wilson, Matthew; Schaik, Marjan van
Cajun and Zydeco Dance Music in Northern California
Author/Editor: DeWitt, Mark F
Cajun Country
Author/Editor: Ancelet, Barry Jean; Edwards, Jay; Pitre, Glen
Cajun Foodways
Author/Editor: Gutierrez, C. Paige
The Cajuns
Author/Editor: Bernard, Shane K
Calling Out Liberty
Author/Editor: Shuler, Jack
Campus Traditions
Author/Editor: Bronner, Simon J
The Canadian Alternative
Author/Editor: Grace, Dominick; Hoffman, Eric
Can Anything Beat White?
Author/Editor: Petry, Elisabeth
The Capers Papers
Author/Editor: Capers, Charlotte
Caribbean Masala
Author/Editor: Ramsaran, Dave; Lewis, Linden F
The Caribbean Novel since 1945
Author/Editor: Niblett, Michael
Caribbean Visionary
Author/Editor: Cudjoe, Selwyn R
Carnival Is Woman: Feminism and Performance in Caribbean Mas
Author/Editor: Frances Henry,Dwaine Plaza
Carole Landis
Author/Editor: Gans, Eric
Carter G. Woodson
Author/Editor: Morris, Burnis R
Author/Editor: Gaudet, Marcia
The Case against Afrocentrism
Author/Editor: Adeleke, Tunde
Changing Channels
Author/Editor: Mills, Kay
Charles Burnett
Author/Editor: Kapsis, Robert E
Charles Johnson
Author/Editor: Conner, Marc C.; Nash, William R
Charley Patton
Author/Editor: Sacré, Robert
Chester Brown
Author/Editor: Grace, Dominick; Hoffman, Eric
Children of the Dark House
Author/Editor: Polk, Noel
Children's Books on the Big Screen
Author/Editor: Meghann Meeusen
China in the Mix
Author/Editor: Xiao, Ying
The Choctaw before Removal
Author/Editor: Reeves, Carolyn Keller
Choctaw Tales
Author/Editor: Mould, Tom
The Christ-Haunted Landscape
Author/Editor: Ketchin, Susan
Christmas Memories from Mississippi
Author/Editor: McCord, Charline R.; Tucker, Judy H
Chronicle of a Camera
Author/Editor: Pope, Norris
Cinderella in America
Author/Editor: McCarthy, William Bernard
City Son
Author/Editor: Dawkins, Wayne
Civil Rights Childhood
Author/Editor: Shakoor, Jordana Y
Civil Rights in the White Literary Imagination
Author/Editor: Gray, Jonathan W
The Civil Rights Movement in America
Author/Editor: Eagles, Charles W
The Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi
Author/Editor: Ownby, Ted
Civil War Humor
Author/Editor: Nickels, Cameron C
The Civil War in Mississippi
Author/Editor: Ballard, Michael B
Civil War Leadership and Mexican War Experience
Author/Editor: Dougherty, Kevin
Civil War Mississippi
Author/Editor: Ballard, Michael B
Claudette Colbert
Author/Editor: Dick, Bernard F
Clint Eastwood
Author/Editor: Kapsis, Robert E.; Coblentz, Kathie
Clockwork Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Brummett, Barry
Clothing and Fashion in Southern History
C. L. R. James and Creolization
Author/Editor: King, Nicole
Cold War II: Hollywood's Renewed Obsession with Russia
Colonial Mississippi: A Borrowed Land
Author/Editor: Christian Pinnen ,Charles Weeks
Comfort Food
Author/Editor: Jones, Michael Owen; Long, Lucy M
Comic Art in Museums
Author/Editor: Kim A. Munson,M. Thomas Inge
The Comic Book Film Adaptation
Author/Editor: Burke, Liam
Comics and Language
Author/Editor: Miodrag, Hannah Miodrag
Comics and Narration
Author/Editor: Groensteen, Thierry
Comics and Sacred Texts
Author/Editor: Gamzou, Assaf; Koltun-Fromm, Ken
Comics and the U.S. South
Author/Editor: Costello, Brannon; Whitted, Qiana J
Comics Art in China
Author/Editor: Lent, John A.; Ying, Xu
The Comics of Alison Bechdel: From the Outside In
Author/Editor: JANINE UTELL
The Comics of Chris Ware
Author/Editor: Ball, David M.; Kuhlman, Martha B
The Comics of Joe Sacco
Author/Editor: Worden, Daniel
The Comics of Julie Doucet and Gabrielle Bell
The Comics of R. Crumb: Underground in the Art Museum
Author/Editor: Daniel Worden
The Comics of Rutu Modan
Author/Editor: Haworth, Kevin
The Comics of Rutu Modan: War, Love, and Secrets
Author/Editor: KEVIN HAWORTH
A Comics Studies Reader
Author/Editor: Heer, Jeet; Worcester, Kent
Comics, Trauma, and the New Art of War
Author/Editor: Earle, Harriet E. H
The Comics World: Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and Their Publics
Author/Editor: Benjamin Woo ,Jeremy Stoll
Coming Home to Mississippi
Author/Editor: McCord, Charline R.; Tucker, Judy H
Coming to Colorado
Author/Editor: Samuel, Wolfgang W. E
The Complete Folktales of A. N. Afanas’ev
Author/Editor: Haney, Jack V
The Complete Folktales of A. N. Afanas’ev
Author/Editor: Haney, Jack V
The Complete Folktales of A. N. Afanas'ev, Volume III
Author/Editor: A. N. Afanas’ev,Jack V. Haney,Sibelan Forrester
The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader
Author/Editor: Loewen, James W.; Sebesta, Edward H
Confederate Industry
Author/Editor: Wilson, Harold S
Confederates in the Tropics
Author/Editor: Strom, Sharon Hartman; Weaver, Frederick Stirton
Connecting Childhood and Old Age in Popular Media
Author/Editor: Joosen, Vanessa
Connecting Histories
Author/Editor: Thomas, Bonnie
Conscripts of Migration
Author/Editor: Foster, Christopher Ian
Consuming Katrina
Author/Editor: Horigan, Kate Parker
Contemporary Southern Identity
Author/Editor: Watts, Rebecca Bridges
Contesting Post-Racialism
Author/Editor: Smith, R. Drew; Ackah, William; Reddie, Anthony G
Conversations with Andre Dubus
Author/Editor: Edenfield, Olivia Carr
Conversations with David Foster Wallace
Author/Editor: Burn, Stephen J
Conversations with Dorothy Allison
Author/Editor: Claxton, Mae Miller
Conversations with Edna O'Brien
Author/Editor: Kersnowski, Alice Hughes
Conversations with Greil Marcus
Author/Editor: Bonomo, Joe
Conversations with James Ellroy
Author/Editor: Powell, Steven
Conversations with Jonathan Lethem
Author/Editor: Clarke, Jaime
Conversations with Ken Kesey
Author/Editor: Parker, Scott F
Conversations with Mexican American Writers
Author/Editor: Mermann-Jozwiak, Elisabeth; Sullivan, Nancy
Conversations with Natasha Trethewey
Author/Editor: Hall, Joan Wylie
Conversations with Paul Auster
Author/Editor: Hutchisson, James M
Conversations with Percival Everett
Author/Editor: Weixelmann, Joe
Conversations with Stanley Kunitz
Author/Editor: Ljungquist, Kent P
Conversations with Steve Martin
Author/Editor: Kapsis, Robert E
Conversations with Tim Gautreaux
Author/Editor: Nisly, L. Lamar
Conversations with Tim O'Brien
Author/Editor: Smith, Patrick A
Conversations with Walter Mosley
Author/Editor: Brady, Owen E
Conversations with William Gibson
Author/Editor: Smith, Patrick A
Conversations with William Maxwell
Author/Editor: Burkhardt, Barbara
Cooperatives in New Orleans: Collective Action and Urban Development
Author/Editor: Anne Gessler
A Cormac McCarthy Companion
Author/Editor: Arnold, Edwin T.; Luce, Dianne C
Country Boys and Redneck Women
Author/Editor: Diane Pecknold,Kristine M. McCusker
Count Them One by One
Courtship and Love among the Enslaved in North Carolina
Author/Editor: Fraser, Rebecca J
Covering for the Bosses
Author/Editor: Atkins, Joseph B
Creating Jazz Counterpoint
Author/Editor: Hobson, Vic
Creating the Jazz Solo
Author/Editor: VIC HOBSON
Creole Trombone
Author/Editor: McCusker, John
Creolization as Cultural Creativity
Author/Editor: Baron, Robert; Cara, Ana C
The Crime Films of Anthony Mann
Author/Editor: Alvarez, Max
Critical Essays on the Writings of Lillian Smith
Author/Editor: LILLIAN SMITH ,Tanya Long Bennett
Critical Interventions in Caribbean Politics and Theory
Author/Editor: Meeks, Brian
Crockett Johnson and Ruth Krauss
Author/Editor: Nel, Philip
Crossing Bar Lines: The Politics and Practices of Black Musical Space
Cross the Water Blues
Author/Editor: Wynn, Neil A
Crusades for Freedom
Author/Editor: Dowdy, G. Wayne
The Cry Was Unity
Author/Editor: Solomon, Mark
Cuban Literature in the Age of Black Insurrection: Manzano, Plácido, and Afro-Latino Religion
Cultural Orphans in America
Author/Editor: Pazicky, Diana Loercher
Culture after the Hurricanes
Author/Editor: Hackler, M. B
The Culture and Politics of Contemporary Street Gang Memoirs
Author/Editor: Metcalf, Josephine
Curt Flood in the Media
Author/Editor: Khan, Abraham Iqbal
Daisy Bates
Author/Editor: Stockley, Grif
Damaged: Musicality and Race in Early American Punk
Author/Editor: EVAN RAPPORT
Dancing on the Color Line
Author/Editor: Martin, Gretchen
Dangerous Curves
Author/Editor: Brown, Jeffrey A
Danny Boyle
Author/Editor: Dunham, Brent
A Daring Life
Author/Editor: Brown, Carolyn J
Dave Sim
Author/Editor: Hoffman, Eric; Grace, Dominick
Author/Editor: Temple, John
Death, Disability, and the Superhero
Author/Editor: Alaniz, José
Death in the Delta
Author/Editor: Walling, Molly
A Decade of Dark Humor
Author/Editor: Gournelos, Ted; Greene, Viveca
Decolonization in St. Lucia
Author/Editor: Joseph, Tennyson S. D
Delivered by Midwives
Author/Editor: Luke, Jenny M
Dennis Hopper
Author/Editor: Dawson, Nick
Desegregating Desire
Author/Editor: Schmidt, Tyler T
Desegregating Dixie
Author/Editor: Newman, Mark
Desi Divas
Author/Editor: Garlough, Christine L
Diagnosing Folklore
Author/Editor: Blank, Trevor J.; Kitta, Andrea
Dictionary of Louisiana French
Author/Editor: Valdman, Albert; Rottet, Kevin J
Dining with Madmen
Author/Editor: Fahy, Thomas
Dining with Madmen: Fat, Food, and the Environment in 1980s Horror
Author/Editor: THOMAS FAHY
Dis-Orienting Planets
Author/Editor: Lavender, Isiah
Doubled Plots
Author/Editor: Strehle, Susan; Carden, Mary Paniccia
Dougla in the Twenty-First Century: Adding to the Mix
Author/Editor: Sue Ann Barratt ,Aleah N. Ranjitsingh
Douglas Fairbanks and the American Century
Author/Editor: Tibbetts, John C.; Welsh, James M
Downhome Gospel
Author/Editor: McGregory, Jerrilyn
Down on the Batture
Author/Editor: Houck, Oliver A
Downtown Mardi Gras
Author/Editor: Wade, Leslie A.; Roberts, Robin; Caro, Frank de
Drawing France
Author/Editor: Vessels, Joel E
Drawing from Life
Author/Editor: Tolmie, Jane
Drawn and Dangerous
Author/Editor: Castaldi, Simone
Dream and Legacy
Author/Editor: Clemons, Michael L.; Brown, Donathan L.; Dorsey, William H. L
D. W. Griffith
Author/Editor: Slide, Anthony
Earl Hooker, Blues Master
Author/Editor: Danchin, Sebastian
East Meets Black
Author/Editor: Chon-Smith, Chong
Eddy Arnold
Author/Editor: Streissguth, Michael
Ed King's Mississippi
Author/Editor: King, Ed; Watts, Trent
The Egg Bowl
Author/Editor: Barner, William G
Eleanor H. Porter'sPollyanna
Author/Editor: Roxanne Harde,Lydia Kokkola
Eleanor H. Porter's Pollyanna
Author/Editor: Harde, Roxanne; Kokkola, Lydia
Embroidered Stories
Author/Editor: Giunta, Edvige; Sciorra, Joseph
Emmett Till and the Mississippi Press
Author/Editor: Houck, Davis W.; Grindy, Matthew A
Empire and Slavery in American Literature, 1820'1865
Author/Editor: Sundquist, Eric J
The Enchanted Quest of Dana and Ginger Lamb
Author/Editor: Huffman-klinkowitz, Julie; Klinkowitz, Jerome
The Encyclopedia of Vaudeville
Author/Editor: Slide, Anthony
Eric Rohmer
Author/Editor: Handyside, Fiona
Escape from Archangel
Author/Editor: Simmons, Thomas E
Ethnic Heritage in Mississippi
Author/Editor: Walton, Shana; Carpenter, Barbara
Eudora Welty and Surrealism
Author/Editor: Fuller, Stephen M
European Empires in the American South
Author/Editor: Ward, Joseph P
Evelyn's Husband
Author/Editor: Chesnutt, Charles W.; Wilson, Matthew; Schaik, Marjan van
Exploring American Folk Music
Author/Editor: Lornell, Kip
Eyes of an Eagle
Author/Editor: Cenac, Christopher Everette
Fame to Infamy
Author/Editor: Ogden, David C.; Rosen, Joel Nathan
Father of the Comic Strip
Author/Editor: Kunzle, David
Author/Editor: Honnighausen, Lothar
Faulkner and Film
Author/Editor: Lurie, Peter; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner and Formalism
Author/Editor: Trefzer, Annette; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner and His Contemporaries
Author/Editor: Urgo, Joseph R.; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner and Material Culture
Author/Editor: Urgo, Joseph R.; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner and Money
Author/Editor: Jay Watson,James G. Thomas Jr.
Faulkner and Mystery
Author/Editor: Trefzer, Annette; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner and Postmodernism
Author/Editor: Duvall, John N
Faulkner and Print Culture
Author/Editor: Watson, Jay; Harker, Jaime; Thomas Jr., James G
Faulkner and Race
Author/Editor: Fowler, Doreen; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner and Religion
Author/Editor: Fowler, Doreen; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner and Slavery
Author/Editor: Jay Watson ,James G. Thomas Jr.
Faulkner and the Craft of Fiction
Author/Editor: Fowler, Doreen; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner and the Ecology of the South
Author/Editor: Urgo, Joseph R.; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner and the Native South
Author/Editor: Jay Watson,Annette Trefzer,James G. Thomas Jr.
Faulkner and Welty and the Southern Literary Tradition
Author/Editor: Polk, Noel
Faulkner and Whiteness
Author/Editor: Watson, Jay
Faulkner at 100
Author/Editor: Kartiganer, Donald M.; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Hamblin, Robert W.; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner on the Color Line
Author/Editor: Towner, Theresa M
Faulkner's Geographies
Author/Editor: Watson, Jay; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner's Inheritance
Author/Editor: Urgo, Joseph R.; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner's Sexualities
Author/Editor: Annette Trefzer; Abadie, Ann J
Fear and What Follows
Author/Editor: Parrish, Tim
Feminism, the Left, and Postwar Literary Culture
Author/Editor: McDonald, Kathlene
Fiddle Tunes from Mississippi: Commercial and Informal Recordings, 1920-2018
Author/Editor: Harry Bolick ,Tony Russell ,T. DeWayne Moore ,Joyce A. Cauthen ,David Evans
Fiddling Way Out Yonder
Author/Editor: Beisswenger, Drew
Fifty Years after Faulkner
Author/Editor: Jay Watson,Ann J. Abadie
Film and Comic Books
Author/Editor: Gordon, Ian; Jancovich, Mark; McAllister, Matthew P
The Films of Douglas Sirk
Author/Editor: Ryan, Tom
The Films of Douglas Sirk: Exquisite Ironies and Magnificent Obsessions
Author/Editor: TOM RYAN
Finding a Way Home
Author/Editor: Brady, Owen E.; Maus, Derek C
Fire in the Morning
Author/Editor: Spencer, Elizabeth
Fish and Wildlife Management
Author/Editor: Rohnke, Adam T.; Cummins, James L
The Florida Folklife Reader
Author/Editor: Bucuvalas, Tina
Folklore in Baltic History
Author/Editor: Naithani, Sadhana
Folklore in Baltic History: Resistance and Resurgence
Folklore Recycled
Author/Editor: de Caro, Frank
Folklore Theory in Postwar Germany
Author/Editor: Naithani, Sadhana
Folk Music and Modern Sound
Author/Editor: Ferris, William; Hart, Mary L
Forever Mame
Author/Editor: Dick, Bernard F
Fourteen on Form
Author/Editor: Baer, William
Franco-American Identity, Community, and La Guiannée
Author/Editor: Servaes, Anna
Frank Capra
Author/Editor: McBride, Joseph
Fredric Wertham and the Critique of Mass Culture
Author/Editor: Beaty, Bart
Fred Zinnemann and the Cinema of Resistance
Author/Editor: Smyth, J.E
Freedom Rider Diary
Author/Editor: Silver, Carol Ruth
Freedom Walk
Author/Editor: Stanton, Mary
Free Jazz/Black Power
Author/Editor: Carles, Philippe; Comolli, Jean-Louis
French on Shifting Ground: Cultural and Coastal Erosion in South Louisiana
Author/Editor: Nathalie Dajko
From Buchenwald to Carnegie Hall
Author/Editor: Filar, Marian; Patterson, Charles
From Midnight to Guntown
Author/Editor: Hailman, John
The Fruits of Integration
Author/Editor: Banner-Haley, Charles T
The Fugitive Race
Author/Editor: Knadler, Stephen P
Funny Girls
The Gaithers and Southern Gospel
Author/Editor: Harper, Ryan P
The Garden District of New Orleans
Author/Editor: Fraiser, Jim
Garden of Dreams
Author/Editor: DeMaio, Patricia A
Garlic Capital of the World
Author/Editor: Adema, Pauline
Gary Larson and The Far Side
Author/Editor: Soper, Kerry D
Gender and the Poetics of Excess
Author/Editor: Ford, Karen Jackson
Gender and the Superhero Narrative
Author/Editor: Goodrum, Michael; Prescott-Johnson, Tara; Smith, Philip
General Stephen D. Lee
Author/Editor: Hattaway, Herman
Geographies of Cubanidad
Author/Editor: Bodenheimer, Rebecca M
George A. Romero
Author/Editor: Williams, Tony
George Ohr
Author/Editor: Lippert, Ellen J
George P. Knauff's Virginia Reels and the History of American Fiddling
Author/Editor: Goertzen, Chris
German Boy
Author/Editor: Samuel, Wolfgang W. E
Germans and African Americans
Author/Editor: Greene, Larry A.; Ortlepp, Anke
Gertrude Stein and Richard Wright
Author/Editor: Weiss, M. Lynn
Ghost Hunters of the South
Author/Editor: Brown, Alan
The Glenbuchat Ballads
Author/Editor: Buchan, David; Moreira, James
Global Faulkner
Author/Editor: Trefzer, Annette; Abadie, Ann J
Global Neorealism
Author/Editor: Giovacchini, Saverio; Sklar, Robert
Global Pop, Local Language
Author/Editor: Berger, Harris M.; Carroll, Michael Thomas
Gloria Swanson
Author/Editor: Welsch, Tricia
Glorious Days and Nights
God of Comics
Author/Editor: Power, Natsu Onoda
Golden Days
Gone to the Grave
Author/Editor: Burnett, Abby
The Gorilla Man and the Empress of Steak
Author/Editor: Fertel, Randy
Gothic for Girls: Misty and British Comics
Grant Morrison
Author/Editor: Singer, Marc
Graphic Indigeneity: Comics in the Americas and Australasia
Author/Editor: Frederick Luis Aldama
Graphic Novels as Philosophy
Author/Editor: McLaughlin, Jeff
Graphic Novels for Children and Young Adults
Author/Editor: Abate, Michelle Ann; Tarbox, Gwen Athene
Graphic Satire in the Soviet Union
Author/Editor: John Etty
Great Smoky Mountains Folklife
Author/Editor: Williams, Michael Ann
Greek Music in America
Author/Editor: Tina Bucuvalas
Green Seduction
Author/Editor: Streever, Bill
Growing Up Asian American in Young Adult Fiction
Author/Editor: Mathison, Ymitri
Guadalcanal Marine
Author/Editor: Lane, Kerry L
A Guide to Moist-Soil Wetland Plants of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley
Author/Editor: Schummer, Michael L.; Hagy, Heath M.; Fleming, K. Sarah
The Guitar in America
Author/Editor: Noonan, Jeffrey J
Gustave Doré
Author/Editor: Kunzle, David
Haiti and the Americas
Author/Editor: Calarge, Carla; Dalleo, Raphael; Duno-Gottberg, Luis
Hand of Fire
Author/Editor: Hatfield, Charles
Hands in the Till
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Happy Clouds, Happy Trees
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The Hardest Deal of All
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A Hard Rain Fell
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Haunted Halls
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Hearths of Darkness
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He Stopped Loving Her Today
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The High-Kilted Muse
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Hip Hop on Film
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History and Politics in French-Language Comics and Graphic Novels
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A History of Affirmative Action, 1619'2000
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Hi There, Boys and Girls! America's Local Children's TV Programs
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Hollywood Enigma
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Hollywood Madonna
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Hollywood Unknowns
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Hoo-Doo Cowboys and Bronze Buckaroos
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Howard Chaykin
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How the Other Half Laughs: The Comic Sensibility in American Culture, 1895-1920
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Huey P. Newton
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The Hungry Cowboy
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Hurricane Camille
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Hurricane Katrina
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Hydrocarbon Hucksters
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I Always Wanted to Fly
Author/Editor: Samuel, Wolfgang W. E
I Am Because We Are
The Identity Question
Author/Editor: Philipson, Robert
I'm Feeling the Blues Right Now
Author/Editor: King, Stephen A
Implied Nowhere
Author/Editor: Ingram, Shelley; Mullins, Willow G.; Richardson, Todd
Improvising Sabor: Cuban Dance Music in New York
Author/Editor: SUE MILLER
The Indian Caribbean
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Inherit the Land
Author/Editor: Stowe, Gene
In Search of Ancient Kings: Egúngún in Brazil
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Inside the Hollywood Fan Magazine
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Inside the Whimsy Works
Author/Editor: Johnson, Jimmy; Ehrbar, Greg; Ghez, Didier
Instruments of Empire: Filipino Musicians, Black Soldiers, and Military Band Music during US Colonization of the Philippines
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Intergenerational Solidarity in Children’s Literature and Film
In the Lion's Mouth
Author/Editor: Ali, Omar H
Intimate Partner Violence in New Orleans
Author/Editor: Baggett, Ashley
Inventing George Whitefield
Author/Editor: Parr, Jessica M
Inventing New Orleans
Author/Editor: Starr, S. Frederick
Inventing Southern Literature
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Invisible Ball of Dreams
Author/Editor: Rutter, Emily Ruth
Island at War
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Iwao Takamoto
Author/Editor: Takamoto, Iwao
James Cameron
Author/Editor: Dunham, Brent
James K. Humphrey and the Sabbath-Day Adventists
Author/Editor: Jones, R. Clifford
James Z. George
Author/Editor: Smith, Timothy B
Japanese Animation
Author/Editor: Yokota, Masao; Hu, Tze-yue G
Jazz and Death
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Jazz Diplomacy
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The Jazz Image
Author/Editor: Pinson, Heather K
Jazz in China
Author/Editor: Marlow, Eugene
The Jazz Pilgrimage of Gerald Wilson
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Jazz Planet
Author/Editor: Atkins, E. Taylor
Jennie Carter
Author/Editor: Gardner, Eric
The Jim Dilemma
Author/Editor: Chadwick-Joshua, Jocelyn
Joan Blondell
Author/Editor: Kennedy, Matthew
Jockomo: The Native Roots of Mardi Gras Indians
Author/Editor: Shane Lief,John McCusker
Joe T. Patterson and the White South's Dilemma
Author/Editor: Luckett, Robert E
John Waters
Author/Editor: Egan, James
Joss Whedon
Author/Editor: Lavery, David; Burkhead, Cynthia
Jujitsu for Christ
Author/Editor: Butler, Jack
The Jumbies' Playing Ground
Author/Editor: Nicholls, Robert Wyndham
Just Trying to Have School
Author/Editor: Natalie G. Adams,James H. Adams
Kathryn Bigelow
Author/Editor: Keough, Peter
Kennedy's Blues
Author/Editor: Rijn, Guido van
King Cotton in Modern America
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Knowing Jazz
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The Know Nothings in Louisiana
Author/Editor: Carriere, Marius M
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Labor Pains
Author/Editor: Taylor, Christin Marie
Labor Pains: New Deal Fictions of Race, Work, and Sex in the South
Author/Editor: Christin Marie Taylor
Ladies of Soul
Author/Editor: Freeland, David
The Lakes of Pontchartrain
Author/Editor: Hastings, Robert W
Lalo Alcaraz
Author/Editor: Fernández L’Hoeste, Héctor D
Language in Louisiana
Author/Editor: Dajko, Nathalie; Walton, Shana
Language in Louisiana: Community and Culture
Author/Editor: Nathalie Dajko,Shana Walton
Larry Brown
Author/Editor: Cash, Jean W
Larry Brown and the Blue-Collar South
Author/Editor: Cash, Jean W.; Perry, Keith
La Salle and His Legacy
Author/Editor: Galloway, Patricia K
Last Barriers
The Last Lawyer
Author/Editor: Temple, John
The Last Resort
Author/Editor: Watkins, Norma
The Last Seat in the House: The Story of Hanley Sound
Author/Editor: JOHN KANE,Allan DiBiase,Ken Lopez
Leander Perez
Author/Editor: Jeansonne, Glen
The Legacy of Eric Williams
Author/Editor: Shields, Tanya L
A Legal History of Mississippi
Author/Editor: Ranney, Joseph A
A Legal History of Mississippi: Race, Class, and the Struggle for Opportunity
Author/Editor: JOSEPH A. RANNEY
Legend-Tripping Online
Author/Editor: Kinsella, Michael
The Legs Murder Scandal
Author/Editor: Cole, Hunter
Les Cadiens et leurs ancêtres acadiens
Author/Editor: Bernard, Shane K
Let's Make Some Noise
Author/Editor: Henry, Clarence Bernard
Let the World Listen Right
Author/Editor: Neff, Ali Colleen
Lew Ayres
Author/Editor: Coffin, Lesley L
Life on the Press
Author/Editor: Gambone, Robert L
A Lifetime Burning
Author/Editor: Douglas, Ellen
The Light in the Piazza and Other Italian Tales
Author/Editor: Spencer, Elizabeth
The Limits of Loyalty
Author/Editor: Ruminski, Jarret
Lincoln Apostate
Author/Editor: McKirdy, Charles R
Listen to This
Author/Editor: Svorinich, Victor
Little Red Readings
Author/Editor: Hubler, Angela E
Livestock Brands and Marks
Author/Editor: Cenac, Christopher Everette
A Locker Room of Her Own
Author/Editor: Ogden, David C.; Rosen, Joel Nathan
Lockstep and Dance
Author/Editor: Tucker, Linda G
Lonesome Melodies
Author/Editor: Johnson, David W
Long, Long Tales from the Russian North
Author/Editor: Haney, Jack V
Looking Back Mississippi
Author/Editor: Cooper, Forrest Lamar
Look Who's Cooking
Author/Editor: Dutch, Jennifer Rachel