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Baba Yaga
Bad Boy of Gospel Music
Author/Editor: Cheatham, Russ
The Bad Sixties
Author/Editor: Hoerl, Kristen
Banjo on the Mountain
Author/Editor: Spottswood, Dick
Barbara Stanwyck
Author/Editor: Callahan, Dan
Author/Editor: Simon, Andrea
Beaches, Blood, and Ballots
Author/Editor: Mason, M.D. Gilbert R.; Smith, James Patterson
The Beat
Author/Editor: Lornell, Kip; Stephenson Jr., Charles C
The Beatles
Author/Editor: Frontani, Michael R
Author/Editor: Demby, William
Behold the Proverbs of a People
Author/Editor: Mieder, Wolfgang
The Berimbau
Author/Editor: Galm, Eric A
Between Distant Modernities
Author/Editor: Kennedy, Brittany Powell
Between Generations
Author/Editor: Smith, Victoria Ford
Beyond Bombshells
Author/Editor: Brown, Jeffrey A
Beyond Paradise
Author/Editor: Soares, André
Beyond the Blockbusters: Themes and Trends in Contemporary Young Adult Fiction
Author/Editor: Rebekah Fitzsimmons,Casey Alane Wilson
Beyond The Chinese Connection
Author/Editor: Anderson, Crystal S
Beyond Windrush
Author/Editor: Brown, J. Dillon; Rosenberg, Leah Reade
Big Band Jazz in Black West Virginia, 1930–1942
Author/Editor: Wilkinson, Christopher
Birth Chairs, Midwives, and Medicine
Author/Editor: Banks, Amanda Carson
Black and Brown Planets
Author/Editor: Lavender III, Isiah
Black and More than Black
Author/Editor: Leader-Picone, Cameron
Black Baseball, Black Business
Author/Editor: Newman, Roberta J.; Joel Nathan Rosen
The Black Carib Wars
Author/Editor: Taylor, Christopher
The Black Cultural Front
Author/Editor: Dolinar, Brian
Black Diva of the Thirties
Author/Editor: Weaver, David E
Black Exodus
Author/Editor: Harrison, Alferdteen
Black Feelings: Race and Affect in the Long Sixties
Author/Editor: Lisa M. Corrigan
Black Folklore and the Politics of Racial Representation
Author/Editor: Moody-Turner, Shirley
Black Greek-Letter Organizations 2.0
Author/Editor: Hughey, Matthew W.; Parks, Gregory S
Black Intellectual Thought in Modern America
Author/Editor: Behnken, Brian D.; Smithers, Gregory D.; Wendt, Simon
Black-Jewish Relations on Trial
Author/Editor: Melnick, Jeffrey
Black Power, Yellow Power, and the Making of Revolutionary Identities
Author/Editor: Watkins, Rychetta
Black Rock
Author/Editor: Dodge, William A
Black Superheroes, Milestone Comics, and Their Fans
Author/Editor: Brown, Jeffrey A
Black to Nature: Pastoral Return and African American Culture
Author/Editor: Stefanie K. Dunning
Black Velvet Art
Black Writers, White Publishers
Author/Editor: Young, John K
Blasian Invasion
Author/Editor: Washington, Myra S
Bloody Mary in the Mirror
Author/Editor: Dundes, Alan
Author/Editor: Hermansson, Casie E
Blue Ridge Folklife
Author/Editor: Olson, Ted
Blues Mandolin Man
Author/Editor: Congress, Richard
Blues Traveling
Author/Editor: Cheseborough, Steve
Author/Editor: Bennett, Gillian
Bohemian New Orleans
Author/Editor: Weddle, Jeff
Booker T. Washington in Perspective
Author/Editor: Smock, Raymond
Books of the Dead
Author/Editor: Lanzendörfer, Tim
Boom's Blues
Author/Editor: Verbei, Wim
Borders of Equality
Author/Editor: Sartain, Lee
Born in the U. S. A
Author/Editor: Scheurer, Timothy E
A Boy Named Sue
Author/Editor: McCusker, Kristine M.; Pecknold, Diane
Boys Love Manga and Beyond
Author/Editor: McLelland, Mark; Nagaike, Kazumi; Suganuma, Katsuhiko
Breaking the Rule of Cool
Author/Editor: Grace, Nancy M.; Johnson, Ronna C
Brian De Palma's Split-Screen
Author/Editor: Keesey, Douglas
Britain and the American South
Author/Editor: Ward, Joseph P
Author/Editor: Charters, Ann; Charters, Samuel
Builders of a New South
Author/Editor: Anderson, Aaron D
Building Louisiana
Author/Editor: Leighninger, Robert D
Building the Beloved Community
Author/Editor: Arnold, Stanley Keith
Bumpy Road
Buryin' Daddy
Author/Editor: Nicholas, Teresa
A Business Career
Author/Editor: Chesnutt, Charles W.; Wilson, Matthew; Schaik, Marjan van