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Fame to Infamy
Author/Editor: Ogden, David C.; Rosen, Joel Nathan
Fantastic Cities: American Urban Spaces in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror
Father of the Comic Strip
Author/Editor: Kunzle, David
Author/Editor: Honnighausen, Lothar
Faulkner and Film
Author/Editor: Lurie, Peter; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner and Formalism
Author/Editor: Trefzer, Annette; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner and His Contemporaries
Author/Editor: Urgo, Joseph R.; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner and Material Culture
Author/Editor: Urgo, Joseph R.; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner and Money
Author/Editor: Jay Watson,James G. Thomas Jr.
Faulkner and Mystery
Author/Editor: Trefzer, Annette; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner and Postmodernism
Author/Editor: Duvall, John N
Faulkner and Print Culture
Author/Editor: Watson, Jay; Harker, Jaime; Thomas Jr., James G
Faulkner and Race
Author/Editor: Fowler, Doreen; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner and Religion
Author/Editor: Fowler, Doreen; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner and Slavery
Author/Editor: Jay Watson ,James G. Thomas Jr.
Faulkner and the Craft of Fiction
Author/Editor: Fowler, Doreen; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner and the Ecology of the South
Author/Editor: Urgo, Joseph R.; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner and the Native South
Author/Editor: Jay Watson,Annette Trefzer,James G. Thomas Jr.
Faulkner and Welty and the Southern Literary Tradition
Author/Editor: Polk, Noel
Faulkner and Whiteness
Author/Editor: Watson, Jay
Faulkner at 100
Author/Editor: Kartiganer, Donald M.; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Hamblin, Robert W.; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner on the Color Line
Author/Editor: Towner, Theresa M
Faulkner's Families
Author/Editor: Jay Watson ,James G. Thomas Jr.
Faulkner's Geographies
Author/Editor: Watson, Jay; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner's Inheritance
Author/Editor: Urgo, Joseph R.; Abadie, Ann J
Faulkner's Sexualities
Author/Editor: Annette Trefzer; Abadie, Ann J
Fear and What Follows
Author/Editor: Parrish, Tim
Fear, Hate, and Victimhood: How George Wallace Wrote the Donald Trump Playbook
Author/Editor: ANDREW E. STONER
Feel My Big Guitar: Prince and the Sound He Helped Create
Feminism, the Left, and Postwar Literary Culture
Author/Editor: McDonald, Kathlene
Fiddle Tunes from Mississippi: Commercial and Informal Recordings, 1920-2018
Author/Editor: Harry Bolick ,Tony Russell ,T. DeWayne Moore ,Joyce A. Cauthen ,David Evans
Fiddling Way Out Yonder
Author/Editor: Beisswenger, Drew
Fifty Years after Faulkner
Author/Editor: Jay Watson,Ann J. Abadie
Film and Comic Books
Author/Editor: Gordon, Ian; Jancovich, Mark; McAllister, Matthew P
The Films of Delmer Daves: Visions of Progress in Mid-Twentieth-Century America
The Films of Douglas Sirk
Author/Editor: Ryan, Tom
The Films of Fred Schepisi
Author/Editor: Brian McFarlane
Finding a Way Home
Author/Editor: Brady, Owen E.; Maus, Derek C
Fire in the Morning
Author/Editor: Spencer, Elizabeth
Fish and Wildlife Management
Author/Editor: Rohnke, Adam T.; Cummins, James L
The Florida Folklife Reader
Author/Editor: Bucuvalas, Tina
Folklore in Baltic History
Author/Editor: Naithani, Sadhana
Folklore Recycled
Author/Editor: de Caro, Frank
Folklore Theory in Postwar Germany
Author/Editor: Naithani, Sadhana
Folk Music and Modern Sound
Author/Editor: Ferris, William; Hart, Mary L
Following the Drums: African American Fife and Drum Music in Tennessee
Author/Editor: JOHN M. SHAW
Forever Mame
Author/Editor: Dick, Bernard F
Forging Freedom in W. E. B. Du Bois's Twilight Years: No Deed but Memory
Author/Editor: Phillip Luke Sinitiere
For No Reason at All: The Changing Narrative of the First World War in American Film
Author/Editor: Jeffrey A. Hinkelman
For Us, the Living
Author/Editor: Myrlie B. Evers ,William Peters ,Willie Morris
Fourteen on Form
Author/Editor: Baer, William
Franco-American Identity, Community, and La Guiannée
Author/Editor: Servaes, Anna
Frank Capra
Author/Editor: McBride, Joseph
Frankenstein Was a Vegetarian: Essays on Food Choice, Identity, and Symbolism
Author/Editor: Michael Owen Jones
Fredric Wertham and the Critique of Mass Culture
Author/Editor: Beaty, Bart
Fred Schepisi: Interviews
Author/Editor: Tom Ryan
Fred Zinnemann and the Cinema of Resistance
Author/Editor: Smyth, J.E
Freedom Rider Diary
Author/Editor: Silver, Carol Ruth
Freedom Walk
Author/Editor: Stanton, Mary
Free Jazz/Black Power
Author/Editor: Carles, Philippe; Comolli, Jean-Louis
French on Shifting Ground: Cultural and Coastal Erosion in South Louisiana
Author/Editor: Nathalie Dajko
From Biblical Book to Musical Megahit: William B. Bradbury's Esther, the Beautiful Queen
Author/Editor: Juanita Karpf
From Buchenwald to Carnegie Hall
Author/Editor: Filar, Marian; Patterson, Charles
From Midnight to Guntown
Author/Editor: Hailman, John
From Wallflowers to Bulletproof Families: The Power of Disability in Young Adult Narratives
Author/Editor: Abbye E. Meyer
The Fruits of Integration
Author/Editor: Banner-Haley, Charles T
The Fugitive Race
Author/Editor: Knadler, Stephen P
Funny Girls