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I Always Wanted to Fly
Author/Editor: Samuel, Wolfgang W. E
I Am Because We Are
Author/Editor: Annetta Miller,Joanne Veal Gabbin,Christiana Chinwe Okechukwu,Alison Nordström
The Identity Question
Author/Editor: Philipson, Robert
If You Should Go at Midnight: Legends and Legend Tripping in America
Author/Editor: Jeffrey S. Debies-Carl
I'm Feeling the Blues Right Now
Author/Editor: King, Stephen A
Imperiled Whiteness: How Hollywood and Media Make Race in "Postracial" America
Implied Nowhere
Author/Editor: Ingram, Shelley; Mullins, Willow G.; Richardson, Todd
Improvising Sabor: Cuban Dance Music in New York
Author/Editor: SUE MILLER
Improvising the Score: Rethinking Modern Film Music through Jazz
The Indian Caribbean
Author/Editor: Roopnarine, Lomarsh
Indigenous Comics and Graphic Novels: Studies in Genre
Author/Editor: JAMES J. DONAHUE
Inherit the Land
Author/Editor: Stowe, Gene
In Search of Ancient Kings: Egúngún in Brazil
Author/Editor: Brian Willson ,Robert Farris Thompson
Inside the Hollywood Fan Magazine
Author/Editor: Slide, Anthony
Inside the Whimsy Works
Author/Editor: Johnson, Jimmy; Ehrbar, Greg; Ghez, Didier
Instruments of Empire: Filipino Musicians, Black Soldiers, and Military Band Music during US Colonization of the Philippines
Author/Editor: Mary Talusan
Intergenerational Solidarity in Children’s Literature and Film
Intersecting Aesthetics: Literary Adaptations and Cinematic Representations of Blackness
Author/Editor: Charlene Regester ,Cynthia Baron ,Ellen C. Scott ,Terri Simone Francis ,Robin G. Vander
In the Lion's Mouth
Author/Editor: Ali, Omar H
In the Shadows of the Big House: Twenty-First-Century Antebellum Slave Cabins and Heritage Tourism in Louisiana
Author/Editor: Stephen Small
Intimate Partner Violence in New Orleans
Author/Editor: Baggett, Ashley
Into the Jungle!: A Boy's Comic Strip History of World War II
Author/Editor: JIMMY KUGLER ,Michael Kugler
Inventing Benjy: William Faulkner’s Most Splendid Creative Leap
Author/Editor: Frédérique Spill ,Arby Gharibian ,Taylor Hagood
Inventing George Whitefield
Author/Editor: Parr, Jessica M
Inventing New Orleans
Author/Editor: Starr, S. Frederick
Inventing Southern Literature
Author/Editor: Kreyling, Michael
Invisible Ball of Dreams
Author/Editor: Rutter, Emily Ruth
Island at War
Author/Editor: Beruff, Jorge Rodríguez; Fresneda, José L. Bolívar
Iwao Takamoto
Author/Editor: Takamoto, Iwao