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The Sacred Language of the Abakuá
Author/Editor: Lydia Cabrera,Ivor L. Miller,P. González Gómes-Cásseres
Sacred Light
Author/Editor: A. J. MEEK ,Marchita B. Mauck
Same Old Song: The Enduring Past in Popular Music
Author/Editor: John Paul Meyers
Sam Myers
Author/Editor: Myers, Sam; Horton, Jeff
Samuel Fuller
Author/Editor: Peary, Gerald
Scattered Musics
Author/Editor: Martha I. Chew Sánchez ,David Henderson
The School Story: Young Adult Narratives in the Age of Neoliberalism
Author/Editor: David Aitchison
Author/Editor: Nelson, Jack; Matusow, Barbara
Scottish Traveller Tales
Author/Editor: Braid, Donald
A Scottsboro Case in Mississippi
Author/Editor: Cortner, Richard C
Scotty and Elvis
Author/Editor: Moore, Scotty
The Search for Good Wine
Author/Editor: Hailman, John
The Search for Sam Goldwyn
Author/Editor: Easton, Carol
Searching for John Ford
Author/Editor: McBride, Joseph
Searching for the New Black Man
Author/Editor: Anthony, Ronda C. Henry
A Season of Night
Author/Editor: McNulty, Ian
Season to Taste: Rewriting Kitchen Space in Contemporary Women’s Food Memoirs
Author/Editor: CAROLINE J. SMITH
Second Line Rescue
Author/Editor: Ancelet, Barry Jean; Gaudet, Marcia; Lindahl, Carl
SEE! HEAR! CUT! KILL!: Experiencing Friday the 13th
Author/Editor: Wickham Clayton
See Justice Done: The Problem of Law in the African American Literary Tradition
Selected Letters of Katherine Anne Porter
Author/Editor: Unrue, Darlene Harbour
Seventh-day Adventists and the Civil Rights Movement
Author/Editor: Jr. London, Samuel G
Sexy Like Us: Disability, Humor, and Sexuality
Author/Editor: Teresa Milbrodt
Shadow and Shelter
Author/Editor: Wilson, Anthony
Shadowing Ralph Ellison
Author/Editor: Wright, John
Shadows and Cypress
Author/Editor: Brown, Alan
Shaping Memories
Author/Editor: Gabbin, Joanne Veal
Shelby Foote
Author/Editor: Jr. Phillips, Robert L
Shenandoah Valley Folklife
Author/Editor: Suter, Scott Hamilton
Shocking the Conscience
Author/Editor: Booker, Simeon
Shreveport Sounds in Black and White
Author/Editor: Lornell, Kip; Laird, Tracey E. W
Side by Side: US Empire, Puerto Rico, and the Roots of American Youth Literature and Culture
The Sinful Maternal: Motherhood in Possession Films
Author/Editor: Lauren Rocha
The Sinking of the USS Cairo
Author/Editor: Wideman, John C
Sitting in Darkness
Author/Editor: Schmidt, Peter
Sitting Pretty
Author/Editor: Webb, Clifton; Smith, David L
The Sixteenth Mississippi Infantry
Author/Editor: Evans, Robert G
Slave Revolt on Screen: The Haitian Revolution in Film and Video Games
Slavery and Frontier Mississippi, 1720-1835
Author/Editor: Libby, David J
Slavery and the American South
Author/Editor: Jordan, Winthrop D
Slavery, Propaganda, and the American Revolution
Author/Editor: Bradley, Patricia
Slave Sites on Display
Author/Editor: Woodard, Helena
Smart Ball
Author/Editor: Lewis, Robert F
Smoker beyond the Sea: The Story of Puerto Rican Tobacco
Author/Editor: Juan José Baldrich
The Snare
Author/Editor: Spencer, Elizabeth
Social TV: Multi-Screen Content and Ephemeral Culture
Author/Editor: Cory Barker
Sofia Coppola: Interviews
Author/Editor: Amy N. Monaghan
Soldier's Son
Author/Editor: McClelland, Ben W
Sombreros and Motorcycles in a Newer South
Author/Editor: King, P. Nicole
Song of My Life
Author/Editor: Brown, Carolyn J
Songs of Slavery and Emancipation
Author/Editor: MAT CALLAHAN ,Robin D. G. Kelley ,Kali Akuno
Songs of Sorrow
Author/Editor: Charters, Samuel
Soul of the Man
Author/Editor: Farley, Charles
The Souls of White Folk
Author/Editor: Watson, Veronica T
Sounding Our Way Home: Japanese American Musicking and the Politics of Identity
Author/Editor: SUSAN MIYO ASAI
Southern Fiddlers and Fiddle Contests
Author/Editor: Goertzen, Chris
Southern Frontier Humor
Author/Editor: Piacentino, Ed
Southern Ladies and Suffragists
Author/Editor: Pfeffer, Miki
Southern Literature, Cold War Culture, and the Making of Modern America
Author/Editor: JORDAN J. DOMINY
The Southern Manifesto
Author/Editor: Day, John Kyle
Southern White Ministers and the Civil Rights Movement
Author/Editor: Lechtreck, Elaine Allen
The South's Role in the Creation of the Bill of Rights
Author/Editor: Haws, Robert J
The South Strikes Back
Author/Editor: Hodding Carter III ,Stephanie R. Rolph
Sowing the Wind
Author/Editor: Pratt, Dorothy Overstreet
The Speeches of Bishop Henry McNeal Turner: The Press, the Platform, and the Pulpit
Author/Editor: Andre E. Johnson
The Speeches of Fannie Lou Hamer
Author/Editor: Brooks, Maegan Parker; Houck, Davis W
Spheres of Liberty
Author/Editor: Kammen, Michael
A Spiral Way
Author/Editor: Brady, Erika
Spirit of the Delta
Author/Editor: Shawhan, Dorothy Sample
Spiritualism in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans
Author/Editor: Daggett, Melissa
Sports and the Racial Divide
Author/Editor: Lomax, Michael
Sports and the Racial Divide, Volume II: A Legacy of African American Athletic Activism
Author/Editor: Michael E. Lomax ,Billy Hawkins
Sports Crazy
Author/Editor: Overman, Steven J
Author/Editor: Ramirez, Jr. Jose P
Stan Brakhage: Interviews
Author/Editor: Stan Brakhage ,Suranjan Ganguly
Stanley Kubrick: Adapting the Sublime
Author/Editor: Elisa Pezzotta
The Starday Story
Author/Editor: Gibson, Nathan D.; Pierce, Don
Start a Riot!: Civil Unrest in Black Arts Movement Drama, Fiction, and Poetry
Author/Editor: Casarae Lavada Abdul-Ghani
Steelpan Ambassadors
Author/Editor: Martin, Andrew R
Steven Spielberg
Author/Editor: McBride, Joseph
Steven Spielberg: Interviews, Revised and Updated
Author/Editor: Brent Notbohm ,Lester D. Friedman
Stories of Oprah
Author/Editor: Cotten, Trystan T.; Springer, Kimberly
The Story of French New Orleans
Author/Editor: Dianne Guenin-Lelle
The Story-Time of the British Empire
Author/Editor: Naithani, Sadhana
Strangers on Their Native Soil
Author/Editor: Vernet, Julien
Strike Songs of the Depression
Author/Editor: Lynch, Timothy P
The Struggle for America's Promise
Author/Editor: Goldstene, Claire
The Struggle of Struggles, Ed. NED - New edition
Author/Editor: Vera Pigee ,Françoise N. Hamlin
Stuart Gordon: Interviews
Author/Editor: Michael Doyle
Subversive Spirits
Author/Editor: Roberts, Robin
Su Friedrich: Interviews
Author/Editor: Sonia Misra ,Rox Samer
Sullivan's Hollow
Author/Editor: Sullivan, Chester
The Summer of 2020: George Floyd and the Resurgence of the Black Lives Matter Movement
Superheroes Beyond
Author/Editor: Cormac McGarry ,Liam Burke ,Ian Gordon ,Angela Ndalianis
Superheroes in the Streets: Muslim Women Activists and Protest in the Digital Age
Author/Editor: Kimberly Wedeven Segall
The Superhero Reader
Author/Editor: Hatfield, Charles; Heer, Jeet; Worcester, Kent
Superman in Myth and Folklore
Author/Editor: Peretti, Daniel
The Supervillain Reader
Author/Editor: Robert Moses Peaslee,Robert G. Weiner,Stephen Graham Jones,Randy Duncan
Surinamese Music in the Netherlands and Suriname
The Survival of Soap Opera
Author/Editor: Ford, Sam; Kosnik, Abigail De; Harrington, C. Lee
Swapping Stories
Author/Editor: Lindahl, Carl; Owens, Maida; Harvison, C. Renee
Sweet Spots
Author/Editor: Toulouse, Teresa A.; Ewell, Barbara C
Swing, That Modern Sound
Author/Editor: Bindas, Kenneth J
The System of Comics
Author/Editor: Groensteen, Thierry