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Curt Flood in the Media
Author/Editor: Khan, Abraham Iqbal
Curious about George: Curious George, Cultural Icons, Colonialism, and US Exceptionalism
Author/Editor: Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre
The Culture and Politics of Contemporary Street Gang Memoirs
Author/Editor: Metcalf, Josephine
Culture after the Hurricanes
Author/Editor: Hackler, M. B
Cultural Orphans in America
Author/Editor: Pazicky, Diana Loercher
Cuban Literature in the Age of Black Insurrection: Manzano, Plácido, and Afro-Latino Religion
The Cry Was Unity
Author/Editor: Solomon, Mark
Crusades for Freedom
Author/Editor: Dowdy, G. Wayne
Cross the Water Blues
Author/Editor: Wynn, Neil A
Crossing Bar Lines: The Politics and Practices of Black Musical Space
Crockett Johnson and Ruth Krauss
Author/Editor: Nel, Philip
Critical Interventions in Caribbean Politics and Theory
Author/Editor: Meeks, Brian
Critical Essays on William Faulkner
Author/Editor: Robert W. Hamblin
Critical Essays on the Writings of Lillian Smith
Author/Editor: LILLIAN SMITH ,Tanya Long Bennett
The Crime Films of Anthony Mann
Author/Editor: Alvarez, Max
Creolization as Cultural Creativity
Author/Editor: Baron, Robert; Cara, Ana C
Creole Trombone
Author/Editor: McCusker, John
Creating the Jazz Solo
Author/Editor: VIC HOBSON
Creating Jazz Counterpoint
Author/Editor: Hobson, Vic
Covering for the Bosses
Author/Editor: Atkins, Joseph B
Courtship and Love among the Enslaved in North Carolina
Author/Editor: Fraser, Rebecca J
Count Them One by One
Author/Editor: Gordon A. Martin Jr
Country Boys and Redneck Women
Author/Editor: Diane Pecknold,Kristine M. McCusker
A Cormac McCarthy Companion
Author/Editor: Arnold, Edwin T.; Luce, Dianne C
Cooperatives in New Orleans: Collective Action and Urban Development
Author/Editor: Anne Gessler
Conversations with William Maxwell
Author/Editor: Burkhardt, Barbara
Conversations with William Gibson
Author/Editor: Smith, Patrick A
Conversations with Walter Mosley
Author/Editor: Brady, Owen E
Conversations with Tim O'Brien
Author/Editor: Smith, Patrick A
Conversations with Tim Gautreaux
Author/Editor: Nisly, L. Lamar
Conversations with Steve Martin
Author/Editor: Kapsis, Robert E
Conversations with Stanley Kunitz
Author/Editor: Ljungquist, Kent P
Conversations with Sarah Schulman
Author/Editor: Will Brantley
Conversations with Percival Everett
Author/Editor: Weixelmann, Joe
Conversations with Paul Auster
Author/Editor: Hutchisson, James M
Conversations with Orhan Pamuk
Author/Editor: Erdağ Göknar ,Pelin Kıvrak
Conversations with Natasha Trethewey
Author/Editor: Hall, Joan Wylie
Conversations with Mexican American Writers
Author/Editor: Mermann-Jozwiak, Elisabeth; Sullivan, Nancy
Conversations with Ken Kesey
Author/Editor: Parker, Scott F
Conversations with Karl Ove Knausgaard
Author/Editor: Bob Blaisdell
Conversations with Jonathan Lethem
Author/Editor: Clarke, Jaime
Conversations with Jimmy Carter
Author/Editor: Tom Head
Conversations with Jerry W. Ward Jr.
Author/Editor: John Zheng
Conversations with James Ellroy
Author/Editor: Powell, Steven
Conversations with Greil Marcus
Author/Editor: Bonomo, Joe
Conversations with Edna O'Brien
Author/Editor: Kersnowski, Alice Hughes
Conversations with Dorothy Allison
Author/Editor: Claxton, Mae Miller
Conversations with David Foster Wallace
Author/Editor: Burn, Stephen J
Conversations with Beth Henley
Author/Editor: Jackson R. Bryer ,Mary C. Hartig
Conversations with Ben Okri
Author/Editor: Vanessa Guignery
Conversations with Andre Dubus
Author/Editor: Edenfield, Olivia Carr
Contesting Post-Racialism
Author/Editor: Smith, R. Drew; Ackah, William; Reddie, Anthony G
Contemporary Southern Identity
Author/Editor: Watts, Rebecca Bridges
Containing Childhood: Space and Identity in Children’s Literature
Author/Editor: Danielle Russell
Contagious Imagination: The Work and Art of Lynda Barry
Author/Editor: Jane Tolmie
Consuming Katrina
Author/Editor: Horigan, Kate Parker
Conscripts of Migration
Author/Editor: Foster, Christopher Ian
Connecting Histories
Author/Editor: Thomas, Bonnie
Connecting Childhood and Old Age in Popular Media
Author/Editor: Joosen, Vanessa
Confederates in the Tropics
Author/Editor: Strom, Sharon Hartman; Weaver, Frederick Stirton
Confederate Industry
Author/Editor: Wilson, Harold S
The Confederate and Neo-Confederate Reader
Author/Editor: Loewen, James W.; Sebesta, Edward H
The Complete Folktales of A. N. Afanas'ev, Volume III
Author/Editor: A. N. Afanas’ev,Jack V. Haney,Sibelan Forrester
The Complete Folktales of A. N. Afanas’ev
Author/Editor: Haney, Jack V
The Complete Folktales of A. N. Afanas’ev
Author/Editor: Haney, Jack V
Coming to Colorado
Author/Editor: Samuel, Wolfgang W. E
Coming Home to Mississippi
Author/Editor: McCord, Charline R.; Tucker, Judy H
The Comics World: Comic Books, Graphic Novels, and Their Publics
Author/Editor: Benjamin Woo ,Jeremy Stoll
Comics, Trauma, and the New Art of War
Author/Editor: Earle, Harriet E. H
A Comics Studies Reader
Author/Editor: Heer, Jeet; Worcester, Kent
The Comics of Rutu Modan
Author/Editor: Haworth, Kevin
The Comics of R. Crumb: Underground in the Art Museum
Author/Editor: Daniel Worden
The Comics of Julie Doucet and Gabrielle Bell
The Comics of Joe Sacco
Author/Editor: Worden, Daniel
The Comics of Chris Ware
Author/Editor: Ball, David M.; Kuhlman, Martha B
The Comics of Alison Bechdel: From the Outside In
Author/Editor: JANINE UTELL
Comics Art in China
Author/Editor: Lent, John A.; Ying, Xu
Comics and the U.S. South
Author/Editor: Costello, Brannon; Whitted, Qiana J
Comics and Sacred Texts
Author/Editor: Gamzou, Assaf; Koltun-Fromm, Ken
Comics and Narration
Author/Editor: Groensteen, Thierry
Comics and Modernism: History, Form, and Culture
Comics and Language
Author/Editor: Miodrag, Hannah Miodrag
The Comic Book Film Adaptation
Author/Editor: Burke, Liam
Comic Art in Museums
Author/Editor: Kim A. Munson,M. Thomas Inge
Comfort Food
Author/Editor: Jones, Michael Owen; Long, Lucy M
Colonial Mississippi: A Borrowed Land
Author/Editor: Christian Pinnen ,Charles Weeks
Cold War II: Hollywood's Renewed Obsession with Russia
C. L. R. James and Creolization
Author/Editor: King, Nicole
Clothing and Fashion in Southern History
Clockwork Rhetoric
Author/Editor: Brummett, Barry
Clint Eastwood
Author/Editor: Kapsis, Robert E.; Coblentz, Kathie
Claudette Colbert
Author/Editor: Dick, Bernard F
Claude Chabrol: Interviews
Author/Editor: Christopher Beach
Civil War Mississippi
Author/Editor: Ballard, Michael B
Civil War Leadership and Mexican War Experience
Author/Editor: Dougherty, Kevin
The Civil War in Mississippi
Author/Editor: Ballard, Michael B
Civil War Humor
Author/Editor: Nickels, Cameron C
The Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi
Author/Editor: Ownby, Ted
The Civil Rights Movement in America
Author/Editor: Eagles, Charles W
Civil Rights in the White Literary Imagination
Author/Editor: Gray, Jonathan W
Civil Rights Childhood
Author/Editor: Shakoor, Jordana Y
Civic Buildings after the Spanish-American War
City Son
Author/Editor: Dawkins, Wayne
The Circus Is in Town: Sport, Celebrity, and Spectacle
Author/Editor: Lisa Doris Alexander ,Joel Nathan Rosen
The Cinema of Stephanie Rothman: Radical Acts in Filmmaking
Author/Editor: Alicia Kozma
Cinderella in America
Author/Editor: McCarthy, William Bernard
Chronicle of a Camera
Author/Editor: Pope, Norris
Christmas Memories from Mississippi
Author/Editor: McCord, Charline R.; Tucker, Judy H
Christian Petzold: Interviews
Author/Editor: Marco Abel ,Aylin Bademsoy ,Jaimey Fisher
The Christ-Haunted Landscape
Author/Editor: Ketchin, Susan
Choctaw Tales
Author/Editor: Mould, Tom
The Choctaw before Removal
Author/Editor: Reeves, Carolyn Keller
China in the Mix
Author/Editor: Xiao, Ying
Children's Books on the Big Screen
Author/Editor: Meghann Meeusen
Children of the Dark House
Author/Editor: Polk, Noel
Children, Deafness, and Deaf Cultures in Popular Media
Author/Editor: John Stephens ,Vivian Yenika-Agbaw
Chester Brown
Author/Editor: Grace, Dominick; Hoffman, Eric
Charley Patton
Author/Editor: Sacré, Robert
Charles Johnson
Author/Editor: Conner, Marc C.; Nash, William R
Charles Burnett
Author/Editor: Kapsis, Robert E
Changing Channels
Author/Editor: Mills, Kay
A Centennial Celebration of The Brownies’ Book
The Case against Afrocentrism
Author/Editor: Adeleke, Tunde
Author/Editor: Gaudet, Marcia
Carter G. Woodson
Author/Editor: Morris, Burnis R
Carole Landis
Author/Editor: Gans, Eric
Carnival Is Woman: Feminism and Performance in Caribbean Mas
Author/Editor: Frances Henry,Dwaine Plaza
Carnival in Alabama: Marked Bodies and Invented Traditions in Mobile
Caribbean Visionary
Author/Editor: Cudjoe, Selwyn R
The Caribbean Novel since 1945
Author/Editor: Niblett, Michael
Caribbean Masala
Author/Editor: Ramsaran, Dave; Lewis, Linden F
Caribbean Children's Literature, Volume 2: Critical Approaches
Caribbean Children's Literature, Volume 1: History, Pedagogy, and Publishing
The Capers Papers
Author/Editor: Capers, Charlotte
Can Anything Beat White?
Author/Editor: Petry, Elisabeth
The Canadian Alternative
Author/Editor: Grace, Dominick; Hoffman, Eric
Campus Traditions
Author/Editor: Bronner, Simon J
Calling Out Liberty
Author/Editor: Shuler, Jack
The Cajuns
Author/Editor: Bernard, Shane K
Cajun Foodways
Author/Editor: Gutierrez, C. Paige
Cajun Country
Author/Editor: Ancelet, Barry Jean; Edwards, Jay; Pitre, Glen
Cajun and Zydeco Dance Music in Northern California
Author/Editor: DeWitt, Mark F