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Lynda Barry
Author/Editor: Kirtley, Susan E
Author/Editor: Ore, Ersula J
Louis Malle: Interviews
Author/Editor: Louis Malle ,Christopher Beach
Louisiana Governors
Author/Editor: Cowan, Walter Greaves; McGuire, Jack B
Louisiana Fiddlers
Author/Editor: Yule, Ron
Louisiana Creole Literature
Author/Editor: Brosman, Catharine Savage
Lotus among the Magnolias
Author/Editor: Quan, Robert Seto
Lost Plantations of the South
Author/Editor: Matrana, Marc R
Lost Plantation
Author/Editor: Matrana, Marc R
Lost Mansions of Mississippi, Volume II
Author/Editor: Miller, Mary Carol
Lost Churches of Mississippi
Author/Editor: Cawthon, Richard J
Losing Ground
Author/Editor: Burley, David M
Look Who's Cooking
Author/Editor: Dutch, Jennifer Rachel
Looking Back Mississippi
Author/Editor: Cooper, Forrest Lamar
Long, Long Tales from the Russian North
Author/Editor: Haney, Jack V
Lonesome Melodies
Author/Editor: Johnson, David W
Lois Weber: Interviews
Author/Editor: Martin F. Norden
Lockstep and Dance
Author/Editor: Tucker, Linda G
A Locker Room of Her Own
Author/Editor: Ogden, David C.; Rosen, Joel Nathan
Livestock Brands and Marks
Author/Editor: Cenac, Christopher Everette
Little Women at 150
Author/Editor: Daniel Shealy
Little Red Readings
Author/Editor: Hubler, Angela E
Literacy in a Long Blues Note: Black Women’s Literature and Music in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Author/Editor: Coretta M. Pittman
Listen to This
Author/Editor: Svorinich, Victor
Lincoln Apostate
Author/Editor: McKirdy, Charles R
The Limits of Loyalty
Author/Editor: Ruminski, Jarret
The Light in the Piazza and Other Italian Tales
Author/Editor: Spencer, Elizabeth
A Lifetime Burning
Author/Editor: Douglas, Ellen
Life on the Press
Author/Editor: Gambone, Robert L
The LGBTQ+ Comics Studies Reader: Critical Openings, Future Directions
Lew Ayres
Author/Editor: Coffin, Lesley L
Let the World Listen Right
Author/Editor: Neff, Ali Colleen
Let's Make Some Noise
Author/Editor: Henry, Clarence Bernard
Les Cadiens et leurs ancêtres acadiens
Author/Editor: Bernard, Shane K
The Legs Murder Scandal
Author/Editor: Cole, Hunter
Legend-Tripping Online
Author/Editor: Kinsella, Michael
A Legal History of Mississippi
Author/Editor: Ranney, Joseph A
The Legacy of Eric Williams
Author/Editor: Shields, Tanya L
Learning Jazz: Jazz Education, History, and Public Pedagogy
Author/Editor: KEN PROUTY
Leander Perez
Author/Editor: Jeansonne, Glen
Laugh Lines: Humor, Genre, and Political Critique in Late Twentieth-Century American Poetry
Last Stand of the Louisiana Shrimpers
Author/Editor: Emma Christopher Lirette
The Last Seat in the House: The Story of Hanley Sound
Author/Editor: JOHN KANE,Allan DiBiase,Ken Lopez
The Last Resort
Author/Editor: Watkins, Norma
The Last Lawyer
Author/Editor: Temple, John
Last Barriers
Author/Editor: Donald Muir Bradburn
La Salle and His Legacy
Author/Editor: Galloway, Patricia K
Larry Brown and the Blue-Collar South
Author/Editor: Cash, Jean W.; Perry, Keith
Larry Brown
Author/Editor: Cash, Jean W
Language in Louisiana
Author/Editor: Dajko, Nathalie; Walton, Shana
Lalo Alcaraz
Author/Editor: Fernández L’Hoeste, Héctor D
The Lakes of Pontchartrain
Author/Editor: Hastings, Robert W
Ladies of Soul
Author/Editor: Freeland, David
Labor Pains
Author/Editor: Taylor, Christin Marie