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My Two Oxfords
Author/Editor: Morris, Willie
Mysterious Travelers: Steve Ditko and the Search for a New Liberal Identity
Author/Editor: ZACK KRUSE
My Melancholy Baby: The First Ballads of the Great American Songbook, 1902-1913
Author/Editor: Michael G. Garber
My Life with Charlie Brown
Author/Editor: Schulz, Charles M.; Inge, M. Thomas
Author/Editor: Pruett, David B
Music in Disney's Animated Features
Author/Editor: Bohn, James
Music and History
Author/Editor: Jackson, Jeffrey H.; Pelkey, Stanley C
Musical Life in Guyana
Author/Editor: Cambridge, Vibert C
Mule Trader
Author/Editor: Ferris, William R
The Mulatta and the Politics of Race
Author/Editor: Zackodnik, Teresa C
Mulata Nation
Author/Editor: Fraunhar, Alison
Ms. Marvel's America: No Normal
Monstrous Women in Comics
Author/Editor: Samantha Langsdale,Elizabeth Rae Coody
Monstrous Imaginaries: The Legacy of Romanticism in Comics
Author/Editor: MAAHEEN AHMED
Monsters and Saints: LatIndigenous Landscapes and Spectral Storytelling
Mobilizing for the Common Good
Author/Editor: Slade, Peter; Marsh, Charles; Heltzel, Peter Goodwin
Mississippi Zion: The Struggle for Liberation in Attala County, 1865–1915
Author/Editor: Evan Howard Ashford
Mississippi Weather and Climate
Author/Editor: Sherman-Morris, Kathleen; Wax, Charles L.; Brown, Michael E
The Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission
Author/Editor: Katagiri, Yasuhiro
The Mississippi Secession Convention
Author/Editor: Smith, Timothy B
Mississippi's American Indians
Author/Editor: Barnett, James F
Mississippi Politics
Author/Editor: Nash, Jere; Taggart, Andy
Mississippi John Hurt
Author/Editor: Ratcliffe, Philip R
Mississippi in the Civil War
Author/Editor: Smith, Timothy B
Mississippi in Africa
Author/Editor: Huffman, Alan
Mississippi Harvest
Author/Editor: Hickman, Nollie W
Mississippi Entrepreneurs
Author/Editor: Dement, Polly
Mississippi Black History Makers
Author/Editor: Sewell, George A.; Dwight, Margaret L
Mississippi Archaeology Q & A
Author/Editor: Peacock, Evan
Author/Editor: Robert S. McElvaine
Author/Editor: Silver, James W
Mirrors of Clay
Author/Editor: Park, Yumi
A Mickey Mouse Reader
Author/Editor: Apgar, Garry
Michael Winterbottom
Author/Editor: Smith, Damon
Michael Haneke: Interviews
Author/Editor: Michael Haneke ,Roy Grundmann ,Fatima Naqvi ,Colin Root
Author/Editor: Raw, Laurence
Memphis Boys
Author/Editor: Jones, Roben
Memories of Africa: Home and Abroad in the United States
Author/Editor: Toyin Falola
The Melody Man
Author/Editor: Bastin, Bruce
The Measure of Our Days
Author/Editor: Mullins, Jr. Andrew P
Mayor Victor H. Schiro
Author/Editor: Haas, Edward F
Mayor Crump Don't Like It
Author/Editor: Dowdy, G. Wayne
Maverick Feminist: To Be Female and Black in a Country Founded upon Violence and Respectability
Author/Editor: Kemeshia Randle Swanson
Matria Redux: Caribbean Women Novelize the Past
Mass Media and the Shaping of American Feminism, 1963-1975
Author/Editor: Bradley, Patricia
Mary Wickes
Author/Editor: Taravella, Steve
Marxism for Our Times
Author/Editor: Glaberman, Martin
Martin Scorsese: Interviews, Revised and Updated
Author/Editor: Robert Ribera
Martin R. Delany's Civil War and Reconstruction: A Primary Source Reader
Author/Editor: TUNDE ADELEKE
Martin Luther King’s Biblical Epic
Author/Editor: Miller, Keith D
Martin Luther King’s Biblical Epic
Author/Editor: Miller, Keith D
Maroons and the Marooned: Runaways and Castaways in the Americas
Author/Editor: Richard Bodek,Joseph Kelly
Maroon and White
Author/Editor: Ballard, Michael B
Marilyn Monroe
Author/Editor: Rollyson, Carl
Maria W. Stewart and the Roots of Black Political Thought
Author/Editor: MARIA W. STEWART ,Kristin Waters
Marginalized: Southern Women Playwrights Confront Race, Region, and Gender
Author/Editor: CASEY KAYSER
Margarethe von Trotta: Interviews
Author/Editor: Margarethe von Trotta ,Monika Raesch
Mardi Gras, Gumbo, and Zydeco
Author/Editor: Gaudet, Marcia; McDonald, James C
Manners and Southern History
Author/Editor: Ownby, Ted
Mama Rose's Turn
Author/Editor: Quinn, Carolyn
Making Music: The Banjo in a Southern Appalachian County
Making a Way out of No Way
Author/Editor: Boehm, Lisa Krissoff
Making and Remaking Horror in the 1970s and 2000s
Author/Editor: Roche, David
The Magic Behind the Voices
Author/Editor: Lawson, Tim; Persons, Alisa
Made in Mexico
Author/Editor: Goertzen, Chris
Madame Vieux Carré
Author/Editor: Ellis, Scott S
Madame Vieux Carré
Author/Editor: Ellis, Scott S