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Dancing with the Revolution: Power, Politics, and Privilege in Cuba
Dangerous Grounds
Author/Editor: DAVID L. PARSONS
Daniel Morgan
Author/Editor: Higginbotham, Don
A Dante Symposium in Commemoration of the 700th Anniversary of the Poet's Birth (1265-1965)
Author/Editor: Rizzo, Gino; De Sua, William
Darkness Falls on the Land of Light
Author/Editor: Winiarski, Douglas L
David Rosenmann-Taub: poemas y comentarios
Author/Editor: David Rosenmann-Taub,Kenneth Gorfkle
David Rosenmann-Taub: Poems and Commentaries: An Anthology of Poems with a New Translational Strategy
Author/Editor: David Rosenmann-Taub,Kenneth Gorfkle
David Ruggles
Author/Editor: Hodges, Graham Russell Gao
Daybreak of Freedom
Author/Editor: Burns, Stewart
DDT and the American Century
Author/Editor: Kinkela, David
Dear Papa, Dear Charley
Author/Editor: Hoffman, Ronald; Mason, Sally D.; Darcy, Eleanor S
The Death and Life of Main Street
Author/Editor: Orvell, Miles
Death Blow to Jim Crow
Author/Editor: Gellman, Erik S
Death in Life
Author/Editor: Lifton, Robert Jay
A Death Retold
Author/Editor: Wailoo, Keith; Livingston, Julie; Guarnaccia, Peter
Death Squads or Self-Defense Forces?
Author/Editor: Mazzei, Julie
Debating Yoga and Mindfulness in Public Schools
Author/Editor: Brown, Candy Gunther
Declarations of Dependence
Author/Editor: Downs, Gregory P
Decolonizing Museums
Author/Editor: Lonetree, Amy
The Deepest Wounds
Author/Editor: Rogers, Thomas D
Defending the Arctic Refuge: A Photographer, an Indigenous Nation, and a Fight for Environmental Justice
Author/Editor: Finis Dunaway
Defending White Democracy
Author/Editor: Ward, Jason Morgan
Deffensa de la poesia
Defiant Braceros
Author/Editor: Loza, Mireya
Defiant Indigeneity
Author/Editor: Teves, Stephanie Nohelani
Defining Duty in the Civil War
Author/Editor: Gallman, J. Matthew
Defining the Peace
Author/Editor: Brooks, Jennifer E
De la natural hystoria de las Indias
Author/Editor: Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo
Del escenario a la pantalla
Author/Editor: Gómez, María Asunción
A Delicious Country
Author/Editor: Huler, Scott
A Delicious Country: Rediscovering the Carolinas along the Route of John Lawson's 1700 Expedition
Author/Editor: SCOTT HULER
Del Internet a las calles
Author/Editor: Diego Rivera Hernández, Raúl
Democracy’s Capital
Author/Editor: Pearlman, Lauren
Democracy’s Capital: Black Political Power in Washington, D.C., 1960s–1970s
Author/Editor: Lauren Pearlman
The Democratic Republicans of New York
Author/Editor: Young, Alfred F
Demography and Degeneration
Author/Editor: Soloway, Richard A
Deng Xiaoping's Long War
Author/Editor: Zhang, Xiaoming
Department Stores and the Black Freedom Movement
Author/Editor: Parker, Traci
Department Stores and the Black Freedom Movement: Workers, Consumers, and Civil Rights from the 1930s to the 1980s
Author/Editor: TRACI PARKER
Depression Folk
Author/Editor: Cohen, Ronald D
Desafíos, diferencias y deformaciones de la ciudadanía: Mutantes y monstruos en la producción cultural latinoamericana reciente
Author/Editor: María del Carmen Caña Jiménez
The Development of American Citizenship, 1608-1870
Author/Editor: Kettner, James H
The Development of the Tragédie Nationale in France from 1552-1800
The Devil and Commodity Fetishism in South America
Author/Editor: Taussig, Michael T
The Devil and Doctor Dwight
Author/Editor: Wells, Colin
Devotions and Desires
Author/Editor: Frank, Gillian; Moreton, Bethany; White, Heather R
The Diary, and Life, of William Byrd II of Virginia, 1674-1744
Author/Editor: Lockridge, Kenneth A
A Different Shade of Justice
Diálogo de voces
Author/Editor: Marcela Crespo Buiturón
Diners, Dudes, and Diets: How Gender and Power Collide in Food Media and Culture
Author/Editor: Emily J. H. Contois
Discovering the Comic in Don Quixote
Author/Editor: Gorfkle, Laura J
Discovering the South
Author/Editor: Jennifer Ritterhouse
Dislocating Race and Nation
Author/Editor: Levine, Robert S
Dislocations of Desire
Author/Editor: Sinclair, Alison
Author/Editor: Daniel, Pete
Dissonances of Modernity: Music, Text, and Performance in Modern Spain
Distance and Control in Don Quixote
Author/Editor: RUTH EL SAFFAR
Author/Editor: Varon, Elizabeth R
Divided by Terror: American Patriotism after 9/11
Author/Editor: JOHN BODNAR
The Divided Family in Civil War America
Author/Editor: Taylor, Amy Murrell
The Dividing Line Histories of William Byrd II of Westover
Author/Editor: Berland, Kevin Joel
Divine Hierarchies
Author/Editor: McCloud, Sean
Dixie Dharma
Author/Editor: Wilson, Jeff
Dixie Highway
Author/Editor: Ingram, Tammy
Doctoring Freedom
Author/Editor: Long, Gretchen
Doctoring the South
Author/Editor: Stowe, Steven M
The Doctrines and Discipline of the African Methodist Episcopal Church
Documents of the Spanish Vanguard
Author/Editor: PAUL ILIE
Dollar Diplomacy by Force
Author/Editor: Tillman, Ellen D
Domestic Secrets
Author/Editor: Ã…gren, Maria
Domingos Álvares, African Healing, and the Intellectual History of the Atlantic World
Author/Editor: Sweet, James H
Domingos Álvares, African Healing, and the Intellectual History of the Atlantic World
Author/Editor: Sweet, James H
Don Manuel Cañete, cronista literario del romanticismo y del posromanticismo en España
Don Quijote (1894-1970)
Author/Editor: DANA B. DRAKE
Down and Out in the Great Depression
Author/Editor: McElvaine, Robert S
Down Home
Author/Editor: Rogoff, Leonard
Down the Wild Cape Fear
Author/Editor: Gerard, Philip
The Drama of Self in Guillaume Apollinaire's Alcools
The Dramatic Works of Álvaro Cubillo de Aragón
Author/Editor: Whitaker, Shirley B
The Dramatic Works of Álvaro Cubillo de Aragón
Dreaming of Dixie
Author/Editor: Cox, Karen L
Author/Editor: Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Dress Casual
Author/Editor: Clemente, Deirdre
Drugs and Democracy in Rio de Janeiro
Author/Editor: Arias, Enrique Desmond
Drug War Pathologies
Author/Editor: Bartilow, Horace A
Ducktown Smoke
Author/Editor: Maysilles, Duncan
Dueñas and Doncellas
Author/Editor: Marianella, Conchita Hardman
The Dying City
The Dynamic Decade
Author/Editor: Godschalk, David R.; Howes, Jonathan B