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Sacred Interests
Author/Editor: Walther, Karine V
The Sacred Mirror
Author/Editor: Elder, Robert
A Saint of Our Own
Author/Editor: Cummings, Kathleen Sprows
A Saint of Our Own: How the Quest for a Holy Hero Helped Catholics Become American
Author/Editor: Kathleen Sprows Cummings
Saints and Sectaries
Author/Editor: Battis, Emery
Saints and Sectaries: Anne Hutchinson and the Antinomian Controversy in the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Author/Editor: EMERY BATTIS
Samuel Beckett
Author/Editor: Morot-Sir, Edouard; Harper, Howard; McMillan, Dougald
Samuel Pepys in Paris and Other Essays
Author/Editor: Urban Tigner Holmes Jr.
Author/Editor: Gamboa, Federico
Santiago F. Puglia, An Early Philadelphia Propagandist for Spanish American Independence
Author/Editor: MERLE E. SIMMONS
A Savage Conflict
Author/Editor: Sutherland, Daniel E
Savage Sight/Constructed Noise
Author/Editor: Sweet, David LeHardy
Saving Community Journalism
Author/Editor: Abernathy, Penelope Muse
Say We Are Nations
Author/Editor: Cobb, Daniel M
Scarlett's Sisters
Author/Editor: Jabour, Anya
The Scholar and the Struggle: Lawrence Reddick's Crusade for Black History and Black Power
Author/Editor: DAVID A. VAREL
Schooling the Freed People
Author/Editor: Butchart, Ronald E
School Resegregation
Author/Editor: Boger, John Charles; Orfield, Gary
Schools in Transition
Author/Editor: Williams, Robin M.; Ryan, Margaret W
The Science and Politics of Race in Mexico and the United States, 1910–1950
Author/Editor: Rosemblatt, Karin Alejandra
The Science of the Soul in Colonial New England
Author/Editor: Rivett, Sarah
The Scotch-Irish
Author/Editor: Leyburn, James G
Sea Change at Annapolis
Author/Editor: Gelfand, H. Michael
Searching for Black Confederates
Author/Editor: Levin, Kevin M
Searching for Scientific Womanpower
Author/Editor: Puaca, Laura Micheletti
Searching for Subversives
Author/Editor: Chopas, Mary Elizabeth Basile
Seasons of Change
Author/Editor: Norrgard, Chantal
The Second American Revolution: The Civil War-Era Struggle over Cuba and the Rebirth of the American Republic
Author/Editor: GREGORY P. DOWNS
The Second Line of Defense
Author/Editor: LYNN DUMENIL
Secret Selves
Author/Editor: Buckton, Oliver S
The Secret World of Red Wolves
Author/Editor: Beeland, T. DeLene
Securing Sex
Author/Editor: Cowan, Benjamin A
Seeds of Empire
Author/Editor: Torget, Andrew J
Seeds of Extinction
Author/Editor: Sheehan, Bernard W
Seeing Race in Modern America
Author/Editor: Guterl, Matthew Pratt
Self-Defense in Mexico: Indigenous Community Policing and the New Dirty Wars
Author/Editor: Williams, Heather Andrea
Selling Empire
Author/Editor: Eacott, Jonathan
Semi Queer
Author/Editor: Balay, Anne
The Senator and the Sharecropper
Author/Editor: Asch, Chris Myers
Sensibility and the American Revolution
Author/Editor: Knott, Sarah
Separate and Unequal
Author/Editor: Harlan, Louis R
A Separate Canaan
Author/Editor: Sensbach, Jon F
Sergio Ramírez, Rubén Darío y la literatura nicaragüense
Author/Editor: Moro, Diana
Sermon Joyeux and Polemic
Author/Editor: WILLIAM W. HEIST
Seventeenth-Century America
Author/Editor: Smith, James Morton
Sex among the Rabble
Author/Editor: Lyons, Clare A
Sex and the Civil War
Sex Expression and American Women Writers, 1860-1940
Author/Editor: Bauer, Dale M
Sexual Injustice
Author/Editor: Stein, Marc
Sexual Revolutions in Cuba
Author/Editor: Hamilton, Carrie
Shadow Cold War
Author/Editor: Friedman, Jeremy
The Shadow of El Centro: A History of Migrant Incarceration and Solidarity
Author/Editor: Jessica Ordaz
The Shape of the Roman Order
Author/Editor: Daniel J. Gargola
Shaping the Eighteenth Amendment
Author/Editor: Hamm, Richard F
Sharing This Walk
Author/Editor: Biondi, Karina
A Shattered Nation
Author/Editor: Rubin, Anne Sarah
Shelter in a Time of Storm
Author/Editor: Favors, Jelani M
Shelter in a Time of Storm: How Black Colleges Fostered Generations of Leadership and Activism
Author/Editor: JELANI M. FAVORS
Shenandoah 1862
Author/Editor: Cozzens, Peter
Sherman's March Through the Carolinas
Author/Editor: Barrett, John G
Shifting Loyalties
Author/Editor: Browning, Judkin
Shipwrecked: Coastal Disasters and the Making of the American Beach
Author/Editor: Jamin Wells
The Short Life of Free Georgia
Author/Editor: McIlvenna, Noeleen
Showbiz Politics
Author/Editor: Brownell, Kathryn Cramer
Sick and Tired: An Intimate History of Fatigue
Author/Editor: Emily K. Abel
Sidney Poitier
Author/Editor: Goudsouzian, Aram
The Significance of Diderot's Essai sur le mérite et la vertu
Author/Editor: GORDON B. WALTERS JR.
Silk Stockings and Socialism
Sin City North
Author/Editor: Karibo, Holly M
Sing Not War
Author/Editor: Marten, James
The Sino-Soviet Alliance
Author/Editor: Jersild, Austin
Sister Thorn and Catholic Mysticism in Modern America
Author/Editor: Kane, Paula M
Six Historical Poems of Geffroi de Paris
Author/Editor: de Paris, Geffroi
A Sketch of the Life of Okah Tubbee
Author/Editor: Laah Ceil Manatoi Elaah Tubbee
Slave Counterpoint
Author/Editor: Morgan, Philip D
Slave No More
Author/Editor: Helg, Aline
Slave No More: Self-Liberation before Abolitionism in the Americas
Author/Editor: Aline Helg,Lara Vergnaud
Slavery and African Ethnicities in the Americas
Author/Editor: Hall, Gwendolyn Midlo
Slavery and Politics in the Early American Republic
Author/Editor: Mason, Matthew
Slavery Days in Old Kentucky
Author/Editor: Johnson, Isaac
Slavery, Fatherhood, and Paternal Duty in African American Communities over the Long Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: Libra R. Hilde
Slavery on Trial
Author/Editor: DeLombard, Jeannine Marie
Slave Songs of the United States
Author/Editor: Allen, William Francis; Ware, Charles Pickard; Garrison, Lucy McKim
Author/Editor: Perales, Monica
The Smugglers' World
Author/Editor: Jesse Cromwell
Social Drama in Nineteenth-Century Spain
Author/Editor: Peak, J. Hunter
The Social Life of Maps in America, 1750-1860
Author/Editor: Brückner, Martin
Social Realism in the Argentine Narrative
Sociología de las emociones en Carlos Marx
Author/Editor: Scribano, Adrián
Sociology and Scientism
Author/Editor: Bannister, Robert C
Sold American
Author/Editor: McGovern, Charles F
Soldiering in the Army of Northern Virginia
Author/Editor: Glatthaar, Joseph T
The Songs of Bernart de Ventadorn
Soul Liberty: The Evolution of Black Religious Politics in Postemancipation Virginia
Author/Editor: Nicole Myers Turner
The Sound of Navajo Country
Author/Editor: Jacobsen, Kristina M
Southern Cultures
Author/Editor: Watson, Harry L.; Griffin, Larry J
Southern History across the Color Line, Second Edition, Ed. 2
Southern Pamphlets on Secession, November 1860-April 1861
Author/Editor: Wakelyn, Jon L
Southern Water, Southern Power
Author/Editor: Manganiello, Christopher J
The South in Color
Author/Editor: Ferris, William
Author/Editor: Davis, Thadious M
A South You Never Ate
Author/Editor: Herman, Bernard L
Sovereign Entrepreneurs
Author/Editor: Lewis, Courtney
Sovereign Entrepreneurs: Cherokee Small-Business Owners and the Making of Economic Sovereignty
Soviet Soft Power in Poland
Author/Editor: Babiracki, Patryk
The Spanish Civil War
Author/Editor: Bolloten, Burnett
The Spanish Civil War, 2
Author/Editor: Burnett Bolloten,GEORGE ESENWEIN
Spanish Life in the Late Middle Ages
A Speaking Aristocracy
Author/Editor: Grasso, Christopher
Speaking of Feminism
Author/Editor: Seidman, Rachel F
The Spotsylvania Campaign
Author/Editor: Gallagher, Gary W
Stages of Power
Author/Editor: Mallin, Eric S.; Sullivan, Paul V
Staging Indigeneity: Salvage Tourism and the Performance of Native American History
The Stamp Act Crisis
Author/Editor: Morgan, Edmund S.; Morgan, Helen M
Standard-Bearers of Equality: America’s First Abolition Movement
Author/Editor: PAUL J. POLGAR
Starstruck in the Promised Land
Author/Editor: Goldman, Shalom
Starstruck in the Promised Land: How the Arts Shaped American Passions about Israel
Author/Editor: Shalom Goldman
States of Emergency
Author/Editor: Castronovo, Russ; Gillman, Susan
The Status of the Reading Subject in the Libro de Buen Amor
Author/Editor: Brownlee, Marina Scordilis
Steel Closets
Author/Editor: Balay, Anne
Step It Up and Go: The Story of North Carolina Popular Music, from Blind Boy Fuller and Doc Watson to Nina Simone and Superchunk
Author/Editor: David Menconi
St. Francis of America
Author/Editor: Appelbaum, Patricia
The Stigma of Surrender
Author/Editor: Feltman, Brian K
Author/Editor: Povitz, Lana Dee
Stirrings: How Activist New Yorkers Ignited a Movement for Food Justice
Author/Editor: LANA DEE POVITZ
Stone Free
Author/Editor: JAS OBRECHT
A Stone of Hope
Author/Editor: Chappell, David L
Stonewall's Prussian Mapmaker
Author/Editor: Williams, Richard Brady
The Storied South
Author/Editor: Ferris, William
Stories of Civil War in El Salvador
Author/Editor: Ching, Erik
Stories of the South
Author/Editor: Prince, K. Stephen
The Stormy Present
Author/Editor: Smith, Adam I. P
Stormy Weather
Author/Editor: Curwood, Anastasia C
The Strange Career of Porgy and Bess
Author/Editor: Noonan, Ellen
The Strange Genius of Mr. O: The World of the United States' First Forgotten Celebrity
The Strange History of the American Quadroon
Author/Editor: Clark, Emily
Strangers and Friends at the Welcome Table
Author/Editor: Hudnut-Beumler, James
Strangers Below
Author/Editor: Guthman, Joshua
Strangers Within the Realm
Author/Editor: Bailyn, Bernard; Morgan, Philip D
Strategic Sisterhood
Author/Editor: Tuuri, Rebecca
Structure and Ideology in Boiardo's Orlando innamorato
The Structure of Cuban History
Author/Editor: Pérez, Louis A
The Structure of Realism
Author/Editor: Engler, Kay
The Struggle for Equal Adulthood
Author/Editor: Field, Corinne T
The Struggle to Save the Soviet Economy
Author/Editor: Miller, Chris
Studies in Honor of Alfred G. Engstrom
Studies in Honor of Mario A. Pei
Studies in Romance Lexicology, Based on a Collection of Late Latin Documents from Ravenna (A.D. 445-700)
Studies in Romance Philology and Literature
Author/Editor: MARIO A. PEI
Studies in the Romance Languages and Literatures
Author/Editor: Maxfield, M. Elizabeth; Iseley, Nancy; Hilton, H. H
Studies in Tirso
Studies on the Cancionero de Baena
Author/Editor: CHARLES F. FRAKER JR.
A Study of Nominal Inflection in Latin Inscriptions
Author/Editor: Gaeng, Paul A
Style and Structure in Gracián's El Criticón
Author/Editor: MARCIA L. WELLES
Subduing Satan
Author/Editor: Ownby, Ted
Subject to Change
Author/Editor: Bartow, Joanna R
Sufi Narratives of Intimacy
Author/Editor: Shaikh, Sa'diyya
Sufis and Saints' Bodies
Author/Editor: Kugle, Scott A
Sugar and Civilization
Author/Editor: Merleaux, April
Sugar and Slaves
Author/Editor: Dunn, Richard S
Sugar and Slaves: The Rise of the Planter Class in the English West Indies, 1624-1713
Author/Editor: RICHARD S. DUNN,Gary B. Nash
Surrogate Suburbs
Author/Editor: Todd M. Michney
Sustaining the Cherokee Family
Author/Editor: Stremlau, Rose
Sweatshops at Sea
Author/Editor: Fink, Leon
Sweet Tea
Author/Editor: Johnson, E. Patrick
The Synthesis Novel in Latin America
Author/Editor: Coutinho, Eduardo de Faria
The "Synthesis" Novel in Latin America: A Study on João Guimarães Rosa's Grande Sertão: Veredas
System Kids
Author/Editor: Silver, Lauren J