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The Valiant Woman
Author/Editor: Alvarez, Elizabeth Hayes
The Vegetarian Crusade
Author/Editor: Shprintzen, Adam D
Veil and Vow: Marriage Matters in Contemporary African American Culture
Author/Editor: Aneeka Ayanna Henderson
A Very Mutinous People
Author/Editor: McIlvenna, Noeleen
The Vibrant Silence in Jorge Guillén's Aire nuestro
Author/Editor: FLORENCE L. YUDIN
The Vice-Admiralty Courts and the American Revolution
Author/Editor: Ubbelohde, Carl
Victor Hugo
Author/Editor: ELLIOTT M. GRANT
Vida u obra de Petrarca
Author/Editor: Rico, Francisco
The Vie de Saint Alexis in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
Author/Editor: Elliott, Alison Goodard
The Vietnam Lobby
Author/Editor: Morgan, Joseph G
A Vietnam War Reader
Author/Editor: Hunt, Michael H
A Vigorous Spirit of Enterprise
Author/Editor: Doerflinger, Thomas M
Virginia 1619
Author/Editor: Musselwhite, Paul; Mancall, Peter C.; Horn, James
Virginia 1619: Slavery and Freedom in the Making of English America
The Virgin Vote
Author/Editor: Grinspan, Jon
The Virtues of Exit
Author/Editor: Kirkpatrick, Jennet
Virtus Romana
Author/Editor: Balmaceda, Catalina
Visiones de Estereoscopio
Author/Editor: Fernández Utrera, María Soledad
Visions of Freedom
Author/Editor: Gleijeses, Piero
Visions of Power in Cuba
Author/Editor: Guerra, Lillian
Visual Variety and Spatial Grandeur
Author/Editor: JOHN F. WINTER
Vital d'Audiguier and the Early Seventeenth-Century French Novel
A Voice from the South
Author/Editor: Cooper, Anna J
Voices of the Enslaved in Nineteenth-Century Cuba
Author/Editor: García Rodríguez, Gloria
Voices of the Enslaved: Love, Labor, and Longing in French Louisiana
Author/Editor: Sophie White
Void and Voice
Author/Editor: O'Keefe, Charles
Voltaire and the French Academy
The Voyage of the Slave Ship Hare
Author/Editor: Kelley, Sean M