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Author/Editor: Dungan, Nicholas
Gamer Trouble: Feminist Confrontations in Digital Culture
Author/Editor: Amanda Phillips
Gaming Sexism: Gender and Identity in the Era of Casual Video Games
Author/Editor: Amanda C. Cote
The Gang's All Queer
Author/Editor: Panfil, Vanessa R
Author/Editor: Yablonsky, Lewis
The Garden Politic: Global Plants and Botanical Nationalism in Nineteenth-Century America
Author/Editor: Mary Kuhn
Garland of the Buddha’s Past Lives (Volume 1)
Author/Editor: Aryashura
Garland of the Buddha’s Past Lives (Volume 1)
Author/Editor: Aryashura
Garland of the Buddha's Past Lives (Volume 2)
Author/Editor: Aryashura
Gay Dads
Author/Editor: Goldberg, Abbie E
Gay Warriors
Author/Editor: Burg, B. R
Geek Girls: Inequality and Opportunity in Silicon Valley
Author/Editor: France Winddance Twine
Geisha of a Different Kind
Author/Editor: Han, C. Winter
Gendered Community
Author/Editor: Weiss, Penny A
Gender in Judaism and Islam
Author/Editor: Kashani-Sabet, Firoozeh; Wenger, Beth S
The Gender Line
Author/Editor: Levit, Nancy
Gender Myths v. Working Realities
Author/Editor: Beiner, Theresa M
Gender, Psychology, and Justice: The Mental Health of Women and Girls in the Legal System
Author/Editor: Corinne C. Datchi,Julie R. Ancis
Gender Reckonings
Author/Editor: Messerschmidt, James W.; Messner, Michael A.; Connell, Raewyn
Genders 22
Author/Editor: Berry, Ellen E
The Gender Trap
Author/Editor: Kane, Emily W
Gender Violence, 3rd Edition: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Author/Editor: Laura L. O’Toole ,Jessica R. Schiffman ,Rosemary Sullivan
Gender, Violence, and Human Security
Author/Editor: Tripp, Aili Mari; Ferree, Myra Marx; Ewig, Christina
General Richard Montgomery and the American Revolution
Author/Editor: Shelton, Hal T
The Gentlemen and the Roughs
Author/Editor: Foote, Lorien
Gershom Scholem and the Mystical Dimension of Jewish History
Author/Editor: Dan, Joseph
Get a Job
Author/Editor: Crutchfield, Robert D
Getting Ahead
Author/Editor: Dominguez, Silvia
Getting in the Game
Author/Editor: Brake, Deborah L
Getting Over Equality: A Critical Diagnosis of Religious Freedom in America, Vol. 5
Author/Editor: STEVEN D. SMITH
Getting to the Rule of Law
Author/Editor: Fleming, James E
Getting Wasted
Author/Editor: Vander Ven, Thomas
Ghosts of Jim Crow
Author/Editor: Higginbotham, F. Michael
Gilded Age Cocktails: History, Lore, and Recipes from America's Golden Age
Author/Editor: Cecelia Tichi
Gilded Suffragists
Author/Editor: Neuman, Johanna
Author/Editor: Brown, Lyn Mikel
Girlhood in the Borderlands: Mexican Teens Caught in the Crossroads of Migration
Author/Editor: Lilia Soto
Girl Zines
Author/Editor: Piepmeier, Alison
Giving Up Baby
Author/Editor: Oaks, Laury
Author/Editor: Hendrick, Joshua D
Series Title: Default Book Series
Author/Editor: Hendrick, Joshua D
Global Asian American Popular Cultures
Author/Editor: Dave, Shilpa; Nishime, LeiLani; Oren, Tasha
Global Bollywood
Author/Editor: Kavoori, Anandam; Punathambekar, Aswin
Global Families
Author/Editor: Choy, Catherine Ceniza
The Global Flow of Information
Author/Editor: Subramanian, Ramesh; Katz, Eddan
Global Imperialism and the Great Crisis
Author/Editor: Screpanti, Ernesto
Global Justice Reform
Author/Editor: Chodosh, Hiram E
Global Mixed Race
Author/Editor: King-O'Riain, Rebecca C.; Small, Stephen; Mahtani, Minelle
Global NATO and the Catastrophic Failure in Libya
Author/Editor: Campbell, Horace
Global Obscenities
Author/Editor: Eisenstein, Zillah
Global Sustainable Cities: City Governments and Our Environmental Future
Author/Editor: Danielle Spiegel-Feld ,Katrina Miriam Wyman ,John J. Coughlin
Global TV
Author/Editor: Bielby, Denise D.; Harrington, C. Lee
God and Blackness
Author/Editor: Abrams, Andrea C
Godel's Proof
Author/Editor: Nagel, Ernest; Newman, James R
God Hates Fags
Author/Editor: Cobb, Michael
God is a Conservative
Author/Editor: Heineman, Kenneth J
The God Market
Author/Editor: Nanda, Meera
God Mocks
Author/Editor: Lindvall, Terry
God on the Big Screen: A History of Hollywood Prayer from the Silent Era to Today
Author/Editor: Terry Lindvall
God's Gangs
Author/Editor: Flores, Edward Orozco
Author/Editor: Barzilai, Maya
The Good Fight Continues
Author/Editor: Carroll, Peter N.; Nash, Michael; Small, Melvin
Gotham Unbound
Author/Editor: Jacobs, James B.; Friel, Coleen; Raddick, Robert
Governed through Choice
Author/Editor: Denbow, Jennifer M
Government by Dissent
Author/Editor: Martin, Robert W.T
The Government of Things: Foucault and the New Materialisms
Author/Editor: Thomas Lemke
Author/Editor: Alexiou, Joseph
Graffiti from the Basilica in the Agora of Smyrna
Author/Editor: Bagnall, Roger S.; Casagrande-Kim, Roberta; Ersoy, Akin
Graffiti Grrlz: Performing Feminism in the Hip Hop Diaspora
Author/Editor: Jessica Nydia Pabón-Colón
A Grand Illusion?
Author/Editor: Judt, Tony
Grandmothers at Work
Author/Editor: Harrington Meyer, Madonna
Greasers and Gringos
Author/Editor: Bender, Steven W
A Great Conspiracy against Our Race
Author/Editor: Vellon, Peter G
The Great Financial Crisis
Author/Editor: Foster, John Bellamy; Magdoff, Fred
Grief Taboo in American Literature
Author/Editor: Boker, Pamela A
The Ground Has Shifted
Author/Editor: Fluker, Walter Earl
Growing a Life
Author/Editor: Pevec, Illéne
Growing God’s Family
Author/Editor: Perry, Samuel L
Growing God’s Family: The Global Orphan Care Movement and the Limits of Evangelical Activism
Author/Editor: Samuel L. Perry
Growing Up Bank Street: A Greenwich Village Memoir, Vol. 10
Author/Editor: Donna Florio
Growing Up Latinx: Coming of Age in a Time of Contested Citizenship
Author/Editor: Jesica Siham Fernández
Growing Up Queer: Kids and the Remaking of LGBTQ Identity
Author/Editor: Mary Robertson
The Guantánamo Lawyers
Author/Editor: Hafetz, Jonathan; Denbeaux, Mark P
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Now?
Author/Editor: Dillard, Angela D
A Guide to Civil Procedure: Integrating Critical Legal Perspectives
Author/Editor: Brooke Coleman ,Suzette Malveaux ,Portia Pedro ,Elizabeth Porter
Gun Crusaders
Author/Editor: Melzer, Scott
Gun Women: Firearms and Feminism in Contemporary America