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Author/Editor: Barasch, Moshe; Serrano, Luci
The Identity Trade: Selling Privacy and Reputation Online
Author/Editor: Nora A. Draper
Idle Threats
Author/Editor: Knighton, Andrew Lyndon
I Know My Own Heart
Author/Editor: Whitbread, Helena
Illegal, Alien, or Immigrant
Author/Editor: Newton, Lina
Illegal Encounters: The Effect of Detention and Deportation on Young People
Author/Editor: Deborah A. Boehm,Susan J. Terrio
Illness and Power
Author/Editor: Wenegrat, Brant
Imagined Human Beings
Author/Editor: Paris, Bernard Jay
The Imagined Juror: How Hypothetical Juries Influence Federal Prosecutors
Author/Editor: Anna Offit ,Annelise Riles
Imagining Queer Methods
Author/Editor: Amin Ghaziani,Matt Brim
Immigrant Faith
Author/Editor: Connor, Phillip
Immigrant Rights in the Shadows of Citizenship
Author/Editor: Buff, Rachel Ida
Immigrants and the American City
Author/Editor: Muller, Thomas
Immigrants Under Threat: Risk and Resistance in Deportation Nation
Author/Editor: Greg Prieto
Immigrant Women
Author/Editor: Ewen, Elizabeth
Immigration and Women
Author/Editor: Pearce, Susan C.; Clifford, Elizabeth J.; Tandon, Reena
Immigration, Emigration, and Migration
Author/Editor: Knight, Jack
Imperialism: From the Colonial Age to the Present
Author/Editor: Harry Magdoff
Imperialism in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Smith, John
An Imperialist Love Story
Author/Editor: Jarmakani, Amira
The Implosion of Contemporary Capitalism
Author/Editor: Amin, Samir
The Impossible Jew
Author/Editor: Schreier, Benjamin
Impostures, Vol. 65
Author/Editor: AL-ḤARĪRĪ,Michael Cooperson ,Abdelfattah Kilito ,Devin J. Stewart ,Richard Sieburth
In Black and White
Author/Editor: Shropshire, Kenneth L
In Case of Emergency: How Technologies Mediate Crisis and Normalize Inequality
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Ellcessor
In Darfur: An Account of the Sultanate and Its People, Vol. 70
Author/Editor: Muḥammad ibn ʿUmar al-Tūnisī ,Humphrey Davies ,Kwame Anthony Appiah ,R. S. O’Fahey ,Devin Stewart
In Darfur: An Account of the Sultanate and Its People, Volume One
Author/Editor: Humphrey Davies,R. S. O’Fahey
In Darfur: An Account of the Sultanate and Its People, Volume Two
Author/Editor: Humphrey Davies,Devin Stewart
In Defense of Single-Parent Families
Author/Editor: Dowd, Nancy E
Indentations and Other Stories
Author/Editor: Schall, Joe
In Dependence: Women and the Patriarchal State in Revolutionary America, Vol. 19
Author/Editor: Jacqueline Beatty
India after Naxalbari: Unfinished History
Author/Editor: Bernard D’Mello
Inequalities of Aging: Paradoxes of Independence in American Home Care
Author/Editor: Elana D. Buch
Inequality, Class, and Economics
Author/Editor: Eric Schutz
Inequality, Democracy, and the Environment
Author/Editor: Downey, Liam
Author/Editor: Ninh, erin Khuê
Inn Civility: Urban Taverns and Early American Civil Society
Author/Editor: Vaughn Scribner
Inner City Kids: Adolescents Confront Life and Violence in an Urban Community, Vol. 4
Author/Editor: ALICE McINTYRE
Author/Editor: Christianson, Scott
In Our Hands
Author/Editor: Palley, Elizabeth; Shdaimah, Corey S
In Pursuit of Knowledge: Black Women and Educational Activism in Antebellum America
Author/Editor: Kabria Baumgartner
In Pursuit of Right and Justice
Author/Editor: Nelson, William E
Insatiable Appetites
Author/Editor: Watson, Kelly L
In Search of the Swan Maiden
Author/Editor: Leavy, Barbara Fass
Inside Insurgency
Author/Editor: Metelits, Claire
Intercultural Couples
Author/Editor: Bystydzienski, Jill M
International Adoption
Author/Editor: Briggs, Laura; Marre, Diana
Internationalizing the History of Psychology
Author/Editor: Brock, Adrian C
An Interpretation of the Qur'an: English Translation of the Meanings
Author/Editor: Majid Fakhry
Interracial Encounters
Author/Editor: Lee, Julia H
Intersexuality and the Law
Author/Editor: Greenberg, Julie A
In the Company of Rebels: A Generational Memoir of Bohemians, Deep Heads, and History Makers
Author/Editor: Chellis Glendinning
In the Presence of Power
Author/Editor: Pomerantz, Maurice A.; Vitz, Evelyn Birge
In the Shadow of Ebenezer: A Black Catholic Parish in the Age of Civil Rights and Vatican II
Author/Editor: Leah Mickens
In the Shadow of the Greatest Generation
Author/Editor: Pash, Melinda L
In the Shadow of Zion
Author/Editor: Rovner, Adam L
In the Spirit of a New People
Author/Editor: Ontiveros, Randy J
In the Struggle: Scholars and the Fight against Industrial Agribusiness in California
Author/Editor: Daniel J. O’Connell ,Scott J. Peters
In the Web of Class
Author/Editor: Schneider, Eric C
The Intimacies of Conflict: Cultural Memory and the Korean War
Author/Editor: Daniel Y. Kim
Intimate Migrations
Author/Editor: Boehm, Deborah A
Into the Open
Author/Editor: Taylor, Benjamin
An Introduction to the Three Volumes of Karl Marx's Capital
Author/Editor: Heinrich, Michael
Inventing Western Civilization
Author/Editor: Patterson, Thomas C
The Invisible Caring Hand
Author/Editor: Cnaan, Ram
The Invisible Handcuffs of Capitalism
Author/Editor: Perelman, Michael
In Walt We Trust
Author/Editor: Marsh, John
Iraqi Refugees in the United States: The Enduring Effects of the War on Terror
Author/Editor: Ken R. Crane
The Irish Revolution: A Global History, Vol. 3
Author/Editor: Patrick Mannion ,Fearghal McGarry
Is Breast Best?
Author/Editor: Wolf, Joan B
Is Diss a System?
Author/Editor: Kelman, Ari Y
Islamic Homosexualities
Author/Editor: Roscoe, Will; Murray, Stephen O
Islam Is a Foreign Country
Author/Editor: Grewal, Zareena
An Islam of Her Own
Author/Editor: Hafez, Sherine
Islamophobia and Racism in America
Author/Editor: Love, Erik
Israel’s Death Hierarchy
Author/Editor: Levy, Yagil
Israel’s Death Hierarchy
Author/Editor: Levy, Yagil
Is There Life After Football?
Author/Editor: Holstein, James A.; Jones, Richard S.; Koonce Jr., George E
Italian American
Author/Editor: Richards, David A.J
Italian Immigrant Radical Culture
Author/Editor: Bencivenni, Marcella
It Can Happen Here: White Power and the Rising Threat of Genocide in the US
Author/Editor: Alexander Laban Hinton