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Author/Editor: Balkin, Jack; Grimmelmann, James; Katz, Eddan
Cut It Out
Author/Editor: Morris, Theresa
Culture Works
Author/Editor: Dávila, Arlene
Cultures of Darkness: Night Travels in the Histories of Transgression
Author/Editor: BRYAN D. PALMER
The Culture of Punishment
Author/Editor: Brown, Michelle
Culture Jamming
Author/Editor: DeLaure, Marilyn; Fink, Moritz; Dery, Mark
Culture Clash
Author/Editor: Goldberg, Steven
Culture as Politics: Selected Writings of Christopher Caudwell
Author/Editor: Christopher Caudwell,David Margolies
The Cultural Politics of U.S. Immigration
Author/Editor: Perry, Leah
Cuba, the Media, and the Challenge of Impartiality
Author/Editor: Lamrani, Salim
Cuban Health Care: The Ongoing Revolution
Author/Editor: DON FITZ
Cuba and the U.S. Empire
Author/Editor: JANE FRANKLIN
Ctrl + Z
Author/Editor: Jones, Meg Leta
Cruising Utopia, 10th Anniversary Edition: The Then and There of Queer Futurity, Vol. 50, Ed. 2
Author/Editor: José Esteban Muñoz ,Joshua Chambers-Letson ,Tavia Nyong’o ,Ann Pellegrini
Cruising Utopia
Author/Editor: Muñoz, José Esteban
Crown of Thorns
Author/Editor: Naveh, Eyal J
Crossing the Water and Keeping the Faith
Author/Editor: Rey, Terry; Stepick, Alex
Crooked Deals and Broken Treaties
Author/Editor: Tully, John
Critical Trauma Studies
Author/Editor: Casper, Monica J.; Wertheimer, Eric
Critical Rhetorics of Race
Author/Editor: Ono, Kent A.; Lacy, Michael G
Critical Race Theory (Third Edition)
Author/Editor: Delgado, Richard; Stefancic, Jean
Critical Race Theory, Fourth Edition: An Introduction, Vol. 87
Critical Race Theory
Author/Editor: Delgado, Richard; Stefancic, Jean
Critical Race Theory
Author/Editor: Delgado, Richard; Stefancic, Jean
A Critical Introduction to Religion in the Americas
Author/Editor: Gonzalez, Michelle A
Critical Dialogues in Latinx Studies: A Reader
Author/Editor: Ana Y. Ramos-Zayas ,Mérida M. Rúa
Crisis Lawyering: Effective Legal Advocacy in Emergency Situations
Author/Editor: Ray Brescia ,Eric K. Stern
The Crisis in American Banking
Author/Editor: White, Lawrence H
Crisis and Predation: India, COVID-19, and Global Finance
Crip Times
Author/Editor: McRuer, Robert
Criminology Goes to the Movies
Author/Editor: Rafter, Nicole; Brown, Michelle
Criminal Trials and Mental Disorders
Author/Editor: Thomas L. Hafemeister
Criminal Trajectories: A Developmental Perspective
Author/Editor: David M. Day,Margit Wiesner
Criminal Justice
Author/Editor: Pennock, Ronald; Chapman, John W
The Criminal Brain, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Rafter, Nicole; Posick, Chad; Rocque, Michael
Crime TV: Streaming Criminology in Popular Culture
Author/Editor: Jonathan A. Grubb ,Chad Posick
Crimes of Dissent
Author/Editor: Lovell, Jarret S
The Crime of All Crimes
Author/Editor: Rafter, Nicole
Creole Religions of the Caribbean, Third Edition: An Introduction
Author/Editor: Margarite Fernández Olmos ,Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert ,Joseph M. Murphy
Creole Religions of the Caribbean
Author/Editor: Fernandez Olmos, Margarite
Creator Culture: An Introduction to Global Social Media Entertainment
Author/Editor: Stuart Cunningham ,David Craig ,Nancy K. Baym
Creativity without Law: Challenging the Assumptions of Intellectual Property
Author/Editor: Kate Darling,Aaron Perzanowski
The Creative Lives of Animals
Author/Editor: Carol Gigliotti
Creating the Creation Museum: How Fundamentalist Beliefs Come to Life
Author/Editor: Kathleen C. Oberlin
Creating an Ecological Society
Author/Editor: Magdoff, Fred; Williams, Chris
Crazy Water
Author/Editor: Baker, Lori
Cow Boys and Cattle Men
Author/Editor: Moore, Jacqueline M
Covered in Ink
Author/Editor: Thompson, Beverly Yuen
Courting Kids
Author/Editor: Barrett, Carla J
Courting Change
Author/Editor: Richman, Kimberly D
The Course of God’s Providence: Religion, Health, and the Body in Early America
Author/Editor: Philippa Koch
The Courage to Care
Author/Editor: Rittner, Carol; Myers, Sondra
The Counter-Revolution of 1776
Author/Editor: Horne, Gerald
Cotton Capitalists
Author/Editor: Cohen, Michael R
Author/Editor: Horta, Paulo Lemos; Appiah, Kwame Anthony; Robbins, Bruce
Corridor Cultures
Author/Editor: Dickar, Maryann
Corporate Power in Civil Society: An Application of Societal Constitutionalism
Author/Editor: David Sciulli
Cops, Cameras, and Crisis: The Potential and the Perils of Police Body-Worn Cameras
Author/Editor: Michael D. White ,Aili Malm
Cook and the Carpenter
Author/Editor: Arnold, June Davis
Convicted and Condemned
Author/Editor: Middlemass, Keesha M
Conversations with Diego Rivera: The Monster in His Labyrinth
Author/Editor: Alfredo Cardona Peña,Cardona-Hine Alvaro
Conversations about Psychology and Sexual Orientation
Author/Editor: Bohan, Janis S.; Russell, Glenda M
Convergence Culture
Author/Editor: Jenkins, Henry
Controlling the Message
Author/Editor: Farrar-Myers, Victoria A.; Vaughn, Justin S
Controlling Paris
Author/Editor: House, Jonathan M
The Contradictions of Real Socialism
Author/Editor: Lebowitz, Michael
Contraceptive Risk
Author/Editor: Green, William
Contesting Intersex
Author/Editor: Davis, Georgiann
Contested Americans: Mixed-Status Families in Anti-Immigrant Times, Vol. 9
Author/Editor: Cassaundra Rodriguez
The Content of Our Caricature: African American Comic Art and Political Belonging, Vol. 25
Author/Editor: REBECCA WANZO
Contemporary Latina/o Media
Author/Editor: Dávila, Arlene; Rivero, Yeidy M
Contemporary Israel
Author/Editor: Greenspahn, Frederick E
Contemporary Asian America (third edition): A Multidisciplinary Reader
Author/Editor: Min Zhou,Anthony C. Ocampo
Contemporary Arab-American Literature
Author/Editor: Fadda-Conrey, Carol
Contagious Representation
Author/Editor: Thames, Frank C.; Williams, Margaret S
The Constitution of Interests
Author/Editor: Brigham, John
The Constitution Goes to College
Author/Editor: Smolla, Rodney A
Constitutional Stupidities, Constitutional Tragedies
Author/Editor: Eskridge, William N.; Levinson, Sanford V
Consorts of the Caliphs
Author/Editor: Ibn al-Sa'i; Toorawa, Shawkat M
Consorts of the Caliphs
Author/Editor: Ibn al-Sāʿī ,Shawkat M. Toorawa ,the Editors of the Library of Arabic Literature,Julia Bray ,Marina Warner ,Julia Bray
Consciencism: Philosophy and Ideology for De-Colonization and Development with particular reference to the African Revolution
Author/Editor: KWAME NKRUMAH
Confronting Black Jacobins
Author/Editor: Horne, Gerald
Conformity: The Power of Social Influences
Author/Editor: Cass R. Sunstein
Conditional Belonging: The Racialization of Iranians in the Wake of Anti-Muslim Politics
Author/Editor: Sahar Sadeghi
Author/Editor: Christianson, Scott
Compromise: NOMOS LIX
Author/Editor: Jack Knight
Complex TV
Author/Editor: Mittell, Jason
The Complexities of Race: Identity, Power, and Justice in an Evolving America
Author/Editor: Charmaine L. Wijeyesinghe
The Complete Handbook for College Women
Author/Editor: Weinberg, Carol
Compensatory Justice
Author/Editor: Chapman, John W
Comparative Tax Jurisprudence
Author/Editor: Iizuka, Takeshi
Community Criminology
Author/Editor: Taylor, Ralph B
Commodity Activism
Author/Editor: Mukherjee, Roopali; Banet-Weiser, Sarah
The Coming Race War
Author/Editor: Delgado, Richard
Coming Out of Communism: The Emergence of LGBT Activism in Eastern Europe
Author/Editor: Conor O’Dwyer
The Coming of the American Behemoth: The Origins of Fascism in the United States, 1920 -1940
Coming of Age in Iran: Poverty and the Struggle for Dignity, Vol. 6
Author/Editor: Manata Hashemi
Comics and Stuff
Author/Editor: HENRY JENKINS
Comic Book Crime
Author/Editor: Phillips, Nickie D.; Strobl, Staci
Columbus: His Enterprise
Author/Editor: Koning, Hans
The Columbian Orator
Author/Editor: Blight, David W
The Colors of Love: Multiracial People in Interracial Relationships
Author/Editor: Melinda A. Mills
The Color of Sound
Author/Editor: Burdick, John
The Color of Kink
Author/Editor: Cruz, Ariane
The Color of Crime, Third Edition: Racial Hoaxes, White Crime, Media Messages, Police Violence, and Other Race-Based Harms
Author/Editor: Katheryn Russell-Brown
The Colorblind Screen
Author/Editor: Turner, Sarah E.; Nilsen, Sarah
Colonization and Its Discontents
Author/Editor: Tomek, Beverly C
Colonial Phantoms
Author/Editor: Ramírez, Dixa
Collateral Language
Author/Editor: Collins, John; Glover, Ross
Collapse of Development Planning
Author/Editor: Boettke, Peter J
The Coffin Ship: Life and Death at Sea during the Great Irish Famine, Vol. 4
Author/Editor: Cian T. McMahon
Cocaine, Death Squads, and the War on Terror
Author/Editor: Villar, Oliver; Cottle, Drew
Cloning Wild Life
Author/Editor: Friese, Carrie
Clipped Wings: The Rise and Fall of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs) of World War II
Author/Editor: Molly Merryman
Clipped Wings
Author/Editor: Merryman, Molly
Clio among the Muses
Author/Editor: Hoffer, Peter Charles
Climate Finance
Author/Editor: Stewart, Richard B.; Kingsbury, Benedict; Rudyk, Bryce
Clean Streets
Author/Editor: Carr, Patrick J
Clean and White
Author/Editor: Zimring, Carl A
Class Unknown
Author/Editor: Pittenger, Mark
Classical Black Nationalism
Author/Editor: Moses, Wilson J
Classical Arabic Literature
Author/Editor: Van Gelder, Geert Jan
Class Dismissed
Author/Editor: Marsh, John
The Class
Author/Editor: Livingstone, Sonia; Sefton-Green, Julian
Clarity, Cut, and Culture
Author/Editor: Falls, Susan
Clarence Thomas and the Tough Love Crowd
Author/Editor: Roberts, Ronald Suresh
Claiming Disability
Author/Editor: Linton, Simi
The Civil War Soldier
Author/Editor: Barton, Michael; Logue, Larry M
Civil War Dynasty
Author/Editor: Heineman, Kenneth J
Civil War Citizens
Author/Editor: Ural, Susannah J
Civil Society, Second Edition: The Critical History of an Idea
Author/Editor: John Ehrenberg
Civil Society
Author/Editor: Ehrenberg, John R
Civil Religion Today: Religion and the American Nation in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Rhys H. Williams ,Raymond Haberski Jr. ,Philip Goff
Civil Justice Reconsidered: Toward a Less Costly, More Accessible Litigation System
Author/Editor: Steven P. Croley
Civilians in a World at War, 1914-1918
Author/Editor: Proctor, Tammy M
City of Promises
Author/Editor: Rock, Howard B.; Moore, Deborah Dash; Gurock, Jeffrey S
City Folk
Author/Editor: Walkowitz, Daniel J
Citizen, Student, Soldier
Author/Editor: Pérez, Gina M
Citizen Spies
Author/Editor: Reeves, Joshua
Citizens of Asian America
Author/Editor: Cheng, Cindy I-Fen
Citizenship Rites
Author/Editor: Feinman, Ilene
Citizenship Excess
Author/Editor: Amaya, Hector
Citizenship and Its Exclusions
Author/Editor: Román, Ediberto
Citizens but Not Americans: Race and Belonging among Latino Millennials
Author/Editor: Nilda Flores-González
Circuits of Visibility
Author/Editor: Hegde, Radha S
The Church of the Dead: The Epidemic of 1576 and the Birth of Christianity in the Americas
Author/Editor: Jennifer Scheper Hughes
The Chrysanthemum and the Eagle
Author/Editor: Sato, Ryuzo
Chronic Youth
Author/Editor: Elman, Julie Passanante
Christopher Hitchens and His Critics
Author/Editor: Cushman, Thomas; Cottee, Simon; Hitchens, Christopher
Christian Theologies of the Sacraments
Author/Editor: Holcomb, Justin S.; Johnson, David A
Christian Theologies of Scripture
Author/Editor: Holcomb, Justin S
Christian Theologies of Salvation
Author/Editor: Holcomb, Justin S
Christians and Muslims in Ottoman Cyprus and the Mediterranean World, 1571-1640
Author/Editor: Jennings, Ronald
Christianity and the Holocaust of Hungarian Jewry
Author/Editor: Herczl, Moshe Y
Christian Anarchist: Ammon Hennacy, A Life on the Catholic Left
Author/Editor: William Marling
Choosing the Future for American Juvenile Justice
Author/Editor: Zimring, Franklin E.; Tanenhaus, David S
The Chinese Heroin Trade
Author/Editor: Chin, Ko-lin; Zhang, Sheldon X
China, The United States, and the Future of Southeast Asia
Author/Editor: Denoon, David B.H
China, The United States, and the Future of Latin America: U.S.-China Relations, Volume III
Author/Editor: David B. H. Denoon
China, The United States, and the Future of Central Asia
Author/Editor: Denoon, David B.H
China's Grand Strategy: A Roadmap to Global Power?
Author/Editor: David B. H. Denoon
Author/Editor: Denoon, David B.H
Children, Sexuality, and the Law
Author/Editor: Coupet, Sacha M.; Marrus, Ellen
The Children's Culture Reader
Author/Editor: Jenkins, Henry
The Children of Immigrants at School
Author/Editor: Alba, Richard; Holdaway, Jennifer
Children of a New World
Author/Editor: Fass, Paula S
Children of Alcoholism
Author/Editor: Wood, Barbara L
Children and Youth in a New Nation
Author/Editor: Marten, James
Children and Youth During the Gilded Age and Progressive Era
Author/Editor: Marten, James
Children and Youth during the Civil War Era
Author/Editor: Marten, James
Childhood in America
Author/Editor: Fass, Paula S.; Mason, Mary Ann
Childhood Deployed
Author/Editor: Shepler, Susan
Chicano Students and the Courts
Author/Editor: Valencia, Richard R
Chicano Nations
Author/Editor: Lopez, Marissa K
Chicana/o Remix
Author/Editor: Davalos, Karen Mary
The Chicana/o Cultural Studies Forum
Author/Editor: Chabram-Dernersesian, Angie
Cheating Welfare
Author/Editor: Gustafson, Kaaryn S
Charles Dickens and the Image of Women
Author/Editor: Holbrook, David K
Charitable Choices
Author/Editor: Bartkowski, John P.; Regis, Helen A
Changing Qatar: Culture, Citizenship, and Rapid Modernization
Author/Editor: Geoff Harkness
Changing Land: Diaspora Activism and the Irish Land War, Vol. 2
Author/Editor: Niall Whelehan
Changing Faith
Author/Editor: Sherkat, Darren E
Chained to the Desk (Third Edition)
Author/Editor: Robinson, Bryan E
Celluloid Soldiers
Author/Editor: Birdwell, Michael E
Celluloid Sermons
Author/Editor: Lindvall, Terry; Quicke, Andrew
Celebrity: A History of Fame, Vol. 13
Author/Editor: Susan J. Douglas ,Andrea McDonnell
Cecil Dreeme
Author/Editor: Winthrop, Theodore
Catholic Social Activism: Progressive Movements in the United States
Author/Editor: Sharon Erickson Nepstad
Catholic Activism Today: Individual Transformation and the Struggle for Social Justice
Author/Editor: Maureen K. Day
Catch and Release
Author/Editor: Moore, Lisa Jean
The Castration of Oedipus
Author/Editor: Smith, Joseph C.; Ferstman, Carla J
The Case for the Corporate Death Penalty
Author/Editor: Ramirez, Mary Kreiner; Ramirez, Steven A
The Case for Pragmatic Psychology
Author/Editor: Fishman, Daniel
The Case Against Punishment
Author/Editor: Golash, Deirdre
Caring Democracy
Author/Editor: Tronto, Joan C
Caring Across Generations
Author/Editor: Yoo, Grace J.; Kim, Barbara W
Caribbean Religious History
Author/Editor: Edmonds, Ennis B.; Gonzalez, Michelle A
Caribbean Crossing
Author/Editor: Fanning, Sara
The Captain’s Widow of Sandwich
Author/Editor: Shockley, Megan Taylor
The Captain’s Widow of Sandwich
Author/Editor: Shockley, Megan Taylor
Capital of the World
Author/Editor: Mires, Charlene
Capitalist Globalization
Author/Editor: Hart-Landsberg, Martin
Capital Defense: Inside the Lives of America's Death Penalty Lawyers
Author/Editor: Jon B. Gould,Maya Pagni Barak
Capital and Imperialism: Theory, History, and the Present
Author/Editor: Utsa Patnaik ,Prabhat Patnaik
Capital Accumulation and Women's Labor in Asian Economies
Author/Editor: Custers, Peter
Can Unions Survive?
Author/Editor: Craver, Charles B
Can the Working Class Change the World?
Author/Editor: MICHAEL D. YATES
Author/Editor: Svoboda, Terese
Can Bacteria Cause Cancer?
Author/Editor: Hess, David J
Campus Wars
Author/Editor: Heineman, Kenneth J
Camming: Money, Power, and Pleasure in the Sex Work Industry
Author/Editor: Angela Jones
Calling the Shots
Author/Editor: Reich, Jennifer A
Called to Serve
Author/Editor: McGuinness, Margaret M
Author/Editor: Schulte, Stephanie Ricker
Cable Visions
Author/Editor: Banet-Weiser, Sarah; Chris, Cynthia; Freitas, Anthony
Cable Guys
Author/Editor: Lotz, Amanda D