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Mythologies of State and Monopoly Power
Author/Editor: MICHAEL E. TIGAR
The Mystery of the Rosary
Author/Editor: Mitchell, Nathan D
My Soul Is in Haiti
Author/Editor: Louis Jr., Bertin M
My Future Is in America
Author/Editor: Cohen, Jocelyn; Soyer, Daniel
Must We Defend Nazis?: Why the First Amendment Should Not Protect Hate Speech and White Supremacy
Must We Defend Nazis?
Author/Editor: Delgado, Richard; Stefancic, Jean
Must We Defend Nazis?
Author/Editor: Delgado, Richard; Stefancic, Jean
Muslim Cool: Race, Religion, and Hip Hop in the United States
Author/Editor: Su’ad Abdul Khabeer
Muslim Cool
Author/Editor: Khabeer, Su'ad Abdul
Muslim American Youth
Author/Editor: Fine, Michelle; Sirin, Selcuk R
Muslim American Politics and the Future of US Democracy
Author/Editor: Edward E. Curtis IV
Musical ImagiNation
Author/Editor: Cepeda, Maria Elena
Muscular Nationalism
Author/Editor: Banerjee, Sikata
Multiracials and Civil Rights: Mixed-Race Stories of Discrimination
Author/Editor: Tanya Katerí Hernández
Multiracial Parents
Author/Editor: Song, Miri
Moving Working Families Forward
Author/Editor: Cherry, Robert
The Movement for Reproductive Justice: Empowering Women of Color through Social Activism, Vol. 5
Author/Editor: Patricia Zavella
Motherhood across Borders: Immigrants and Their Children in Mexico and New York
Author/Editor: Gabrielle Oliveira
A Mortuary of Books: The Rescue of Jewish Culture after the Holocaust
Author/Editor: Elisabeth Gallas,Alex Skinner
More Than Meets the Eye: Special Effects and the Fantastic Transmedia Franchise
Author/Editor: Bob Rehak
More Than Meets the Eye
Author/Editor: Rehak, Bob
More Than Medicine
Author/Editor: Nelson, Jennifer
More New York Stories
Author/Editor: Rosenblum, Constance
More Beautiful and More Terrible
Author/Editor: Perry, Imani
The Moral Project of Childhood: Motherhood, Material Life, and Early Children's Consumer Culture
Author/Editor: Daniel Thomas Cook
Moral Panics, Sex Panics
Author/Editor: Herdt, Gilbert
Monopoly Capital
Author/Editor: Baran, Paul A
Money at Work
Author/Editor: Delaney, Kevin J
Moments of Silence: Authenticity in the Cultural Expressions of the Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988
Author/Editor: Arta Khakpour,Mohammad Mehdi Khorrami,Shouleh Vatanabadi
Moments of Silence
Author/Editor: Khakpour, Arta; Vatanabadi, Shouleh; Khorrami, Mohammad Mehdi
Modern Theories of Art 2
Author/Editor: Barasch, Moshe
Modern Theories of Art 1
Author/Editor: Barasch, Moshe
The Modern Jewish Experience
Author/Editor: Wertheimer, Jack
Modernity's Ear
Author/Editor: Kheshti, Roshanak
Modern Imperialism, Monopoly Finance Capital, and Marx's Law of Value
Author/Editor: Amin, Samir
Modern Families
Author/Editor: Gamson, Joshua
Modern Albania
Author/Editor: Abrahams, Fred C
Mobile Selves
Author/Editor: Berg, Ulla D
Mixed Race Hollywood
Author/Editor: Beltran, Mary; Fojas, Camilla
Mississippi River Tragedies
Author/Editor: Klein, Christine A.; Zellmer, Sandra B
Mississippi Praying
Author/Editor: Dupont, Carolyn Renée
Mission to the Volga
Author/Editor: Ibn Fadlan, Ahmad
Missing Bodies
Author/Editor: Casper, Monica J.; Moore, Lisa Jean
Miseducating for the Global Economy: How Corporate Power Damages Education and Subverts Students’ Futures
Author/Editor: GERALD COLES
Author/Editor: Weddle, David L
The Military Art of People's War: Selected Writings of General Vo Nguyen Giap
Author/Editor: Vo Nguyen Giap,Russell Stetler
Migrations and Mobilities
Author/Editor: Benhabib, Seyla; Resnik, Judith
Migrant Imaginaries
Author/Editor: Camacho, Alicia Schmidt
Middle East Studies for the New Millennium: Infrastructures of Knowledge
Author/Editor: Seteney Shami,Cynthia Miller-Idriss
Middle East Studies for the New Millennium
Author/Editor: Shami, Seteney; Miller-Idriss, Cynthia
Mexico’s Revolution Then and Now
Author/Editor: Cockcroft, James D
Mexico’s Revolution Then and Now
Author/Editor: Cockcroft, James D
Mexican Americans Across Generations
Author/Editor: Vasquez, Jessica M
Meth Wars: Police, Media, Power
Author/Editor: Travis Linnemann
Meth Wars
Author/Editor: Linnemann, Travis
The Methodist Unification
Author/Editor: Davis, Morris L
Men's Bodies, Men's Gods
Author/Editor: Krondorfer, Bjorn
Men at Risk
Author/Editor: Dworkin, Shari L
Meeting the Enemy
Author/Editor: Saito, Natsu Taylor
Meeting Once More
Author/Editor: Prébin, Elise M
Medical Malpractice in Nineteenth-Century America
Author/Editor: De Ville, Kenneth
Media Franchising
Author/Editor: Johnson, Derek
Mechanics of Muscle
Author/Editor: Schneck, Daniel J
The Measure of Injury
Author/Editor: Chamallas, Martha; Wriggins, Jennifer B
The Measure of America, 2010-2011
Author/Editor: Lewis, Kristen; Burd-Sharps, Sarah
Mea Culpa
Author/Editor: Bender, Steven W
Max Yergan
Author/Editor: Anthony III, David Henry
Matters of Principle
Author/Editor: Markovits, Richard S
Author/Editor: Pitts-Taylor, Victoria
The Material Gene
Author/Editor: Happe, Kelly E
Mastering the Semi-Structured Interview and Beyond
Author/Editor: Galletta, Anne
Masculinity at Work
Author/Editor: McGinley, Ann C
Masculinities and the Law
Author/Editor: McGinley, Ann C.; Cooper, Frank Rudy
The Mary Daly Reader
Author/Editor: Daly, Mary; Rycenga, Jennifer; Barufaldi, Linda
Marx’s Ecology
Author/Editor: Foster, John Bellamy
Marx’s Ecology
Author/Editor: Foster, John Bellamy
Marxism and the French Left
Author/Editor: Judt, Tony
Martin Buber's Social and Religious Thought
Author/Editor: Silberstein, Laurence J
Marriage Proposals
Author/Editor: Bernstein, Anita
The Marriage Buyout
Author/Editor: Starnes, Cynthia Lee
Markets and Justice
Author/Editor: Chapman, John W
Market Cities, People Cities
Author/Editor: Emerson, Michael Oluf; Smiley, Kevin T
Marginal Workers
Author/Editor: Garcia, Ruben J
Maqāmāt Abī Zayd al-Sarūjī, Vol. 66
Author/Editor: Michael Cooperson ,Abdelfattah Kilito ,Devin J. Stewart
Mapping My Way Home: Activism, Nostalgia, and the Downfall of Apartheid South Africa
Mapping My Way Home
Author/Editor: Urdang, Stephanie
The Many Faces of Alexander Hamilton
Author/Editor: Ambrose, Douglas; Martin, Robert W. T
Man’s Worldly Goods
Author/Editor: Huberman, Leo
Man’s Worldly Goods
Author/Editor: LEO HUBERMAN
The Man Question
Author/Editor: Dowd, Nancy E
Manifesto of a Tenured Radical
Author/Editor: Nelson, Cary
Manifest Destinies, Second Edition: The Making of the Mexican American Race
Author/Editor: Laura E. Gómez
Manifest Destinies, Second Edition
Author/Editor: Gómez, Laura E
Managing Inequality
Author/Editor: Miller, Karen R
Managing Diabetes: The Cultural Politics of Disease
Author/Editor: Jeffrey A. Bennett
Malcolm and the Cross
Author/Editor: Decaro Jr., Louis A
Making Women’s Histories
Author/Editor: Nadell, Pamela S.; Haulman, Kate
Making Women’s Histories
Author/Editor: Nadell, Pamela S.; Haulman, Kate
Making the Empire Work
Author/Editor: Bender, Daniel E.; Lipman, Jana K
Making Race in the Courtroom
Author/Editor: Aslakson, Kenneth R
Making Men Moral
Author/Editor: Bristow, Nancy K
Making Media Work
Author/Editor: Johnson, Derek; Kompare, Derek; Santo, Avi
Making Legal History
Author/Editor: Hulsebosch, Daniel J.; Bernstein, R. B
Making Judaism Safe for America: World War I and the Origins of Religious Pluralism
Author/Editor: Jessica Cooperman
Making Habeas Work: A Legal History
Author/Editor: Eric M. Freedman
Making Capitalism Work
Author/Editor: Silk, Leonard; Silk, Mark
The Makeover
Author/Editor: Sender, Katherine
Make Art Not War: Political Protest Posters from the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: RALPH YOUNG
Make Art Not War
Author/Editor: Young, Ralph
Majorities and Minorities
Author/Editor: Chapman, John W.; Wertheimer, Alan
Mainline Christianity
Author/Editor: Lantzer, Jason S
The Maid's Daughter
Author/Editor: Romero, Mary
Mahabharata Book Twelve (Volume 3)
Mahabharata Books Ten and Eleven
Mahabharata Book Six (Volume 2)
Mahabharata Book Six (Volume 1): Bhishma
Author/Editor: Alex Cherniak,RANAJIT GUHA
Mahabharata Book Six (Volume 1)
Mahabharata Book Seven (Volume 2)
Mahabharata Book Seven (Volume 1): Drona
Mahabharata Book Seven (Volume 1)
Mahabharata Book Nine (Volume 2): Shalya
Mahabharata Book Nine (Volume 2)
Mahabharata Book Nine (Volume 1): Shalya
Mahabharata Book Nine (Volume 1)
Magnus Hirschfeld
Author/Editor: Dose, Ralf