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Caccia e territorio: Evoluzione della disciplina normativa in Toscana
Author/Editor: Gian Luigi Corinto,ROBERTO FRATINI
Caesarism in the Post-Revolutionary Age: Crisis, Populace and Leadership
Author/Editor: Markus J. Prutsch
Calculated Nationalism in Contemporary South Korea: Movements for Political and Economic Democratization in the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Gil-Soo Han
Calgary: City of Animals
Caliphate and Kingship in a Fifteenth-Century Literary History of Muslim Leadership and Pilgrimage: <i>al-Ḏahab al-masbūk fī ḏikr man ḥaǧǧa min al-ḫulafāʾ wa-l-mulūk</i>. Critical Edition, Annotated Translation, and Study
Author/Editor: Jo Van Steenbergen
Calvin for the Third Millennium
Author/Editor: Mol ,Hans
Calvin – Saint or Sinner?
Author/Editor: Herman J. Selderhuis
Calvin und Calvinismus: Europäische Perspektiven
Author/Editor: Herman J. Selderhuis,Irene Dingel
Camaldolesi e Vallombrosani nella Toscana medievale: Repertorio delle comunità monastiche sorte tra XI e XV secolo
Author/Editor: Antonella Fabbri
Cambiamento climatico e rischio: Proposta per una didattica geografica
Camera Obscura, Camera Lucida
Camere Azzurre: Costruzione di un’antologia mediterranea: da Palladio a Peter Märkli
Author/Editor: Vincenzo Moschetti
Camillo Sitte - Gesamtausgabe. Schriften und Projekte
Camillo Sitte - Gesamtausgabe. Schriften und Projekte
Campaign Finance and Political Polarization: When Purists Prevail
Author/Editor: Raymond La Raja,Brian Schaffner
Camphill and the Future: Spirituality and Disability in an Evolving Communal Movement (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Dan McKanan
Campus Medius: Digitales Kartografieren in den Kultur- und Medienwissenschaften
Author/Editor: Simon Ganahl
Campus Medius: Digitales Kartografieren in den Kultur- und Medienwissenschaften
Author/Editor: Simon Ganahl
Campus Medius: Digital Mapping in Cultural and Media Studies
Author/Editor: Simon Ganahl
Campus Medius: Digital Mapping in Cultural and Media Studies
Author/Editor: Simon Ganahl
Camulodunum: first report on the excavations at Colchester, 1930–1939
Author/Editor: C.F.C. Hawkes,M.R. Hull
Canada and the New American Empire: War and Anti-War
Author/Editor: George Melnyk
Canada in the Frame: Copyright, Collections and the Image of Canada, 1895-1924
Author/Editor: Philip J. Hatfield
Canada’s Legal Pasts: Looking Forward, Looking Back
Author/Editor: Mélanie Méthot,Lyndsay Campbell,Ted McCoy
CANADA@uibk: Eine Bilanz – Taking Stock – Un bilan (1997–2017)
Author/Editor: Ursula Mathis-Moser,Janine Köppen
Canadian Countercultures and the Environment
Author/Editor: Colin M. Coates
The Canadian Distinctiveness into the XXIst Century - La distinction canadienne au tournant du XXIe siècle
Author/Editor: Gaffield ,Chad,Gould ,Karen
The Canadian Distinctiveness into the XXIst Century - La distinction canadienne au tournant du XXIe siècle
Canadian Federalism and Treaty Powers: Organic Constitutionalism at Work
Author/Editor: Hugo Cyr
Canadian Television Today
Author/Editor: Rebecca Sullivan,Bart Beaty
Cancer in the Arab World
Author/Editor: Humaid O. Al-Shamsi,Ibrahim H. Abu-Gheida,Faryal Iqbal,Aydah Al-Awadhi
Cancer, Research, and Educational Film at Midcentury: The Making of the Movie Challenge: Science Against Cancer
Author/Editor: David Cantor
Candide, La fée carabine et les autres. Vers un modèle didactique de la lecture littéraire
Author/Editor: Daghé Aeby ,Sandrine
«Candide», «La fée carabine» et les autres: Vers un modèle didactique de la lecture littéraire
Author/Editor: Sandrine Aeby Daghé
Candi, Space and Landscape: A study on the distribution, orientation and spatial organization of Central Javanese temple remains
Author/Editor: Véronique Degroot
Candrakīrti’s Madhyamakāvatārabhāṣya, Chapters 1 to 5.
Author/Editor: Horst Lasic,Xueshue Li,Anne MacDonald
Can integrated titles improve the viewing experience?: Investigating the impact of subtitling on the reception and enjoyment of film using eye tracking and questionnaire data
Author/Editor: Wendy Fox
Can Music Make You Sick?: Measuring the Price of Musical Ambition
Author/Editor: Sally Anne Gross,George Musgrave
Canones: The Art of Harmony The Canon Tables of the Four Gospels
Author/Editor: Alessandro Bausi,Bruno Reudenbach,Hanna Wimmer
Can organic agriculture cope without copper for disease control?
Author/Editor: Didier Andrivon,Isabelle Savini
Can We Read Letters? Reflections on Fundamental Issues in Reading and Dyslexia Research
Author/Editor: Finn Egil Tønnessen,Per Henning Uppstad
CAO's en premie-afwenteling; een pilot-study naar de plaats van werknemersverzekeringen in een tiental CAO-onderhandelingen
Author/Editor: Huiskamp ,M.J.,Dullemond ,K.
Capability as a Yardstick for Flexicurity - Using the Senian Paradigm to Evaluate a European Policy Agenda
Author/Editor: Lehweß-Litzmann, René
Capability Brown, Royal Gardener: The Business of Place-Making in Northern Europe
Author/Editor: Jonathan Finch,Jan Woudstra
Capacity adequacy in the Nordic electricity market
Author/Editor: Nordic Council of Ministers
A Cape of Asia
Cape Town Harmonies: Memory, Humour & Resilience
Author/Editor: Armelle Gaulier,Denis-Constant Martin
Capital and Inequality in Rural Papua New Guinea
Author/Editor: Bettina Beer,Tobias Schwoerer
Capital at the Brink: Overcoming the Destructive Legacies of Neoliberalism
Author/Editor: Di Leo R. ,Jeffrey,Mehan ,Uppinder
Capitalism, Coronavirus and War: A Geopolitical Economy
Author/Editor: Radhika Desai
Capitalismo distrettuale, localismi d'impresa, globalizzazione
Author/Editor: Giuseppe GAROFALO
Capitalismo e teoria sociologica
Author/Editor: Massimo PENDENZA,Vincenzo Romania,Giuseppe RICOTTA,ROBERTA IANNONE,Emanuela Susca
Capitalisms and Democracies: Can Growth and Equality be Reconciled?
Author/Editor: Carlo Trigilia
Capitalism’s Crises: Class struggles in South Africa and the world
Author/Editor: Andreas Bieler,Vishwas Satgar,Hil Wainwright,William K. Carroll,Isham Christie,Sumsngala Damodaran,Mark Heywood,Leah Hunt-Hendrix,Jamie Jordan,Alfredo Saad-Filho,Niall Reddy
Capitalism's New Clothes: Enterprise, Ethics and Enjoyment in Times of Crisis
Author/Editor: Ciara Cremin
Capitalism without Conscience
Author/Editor: Michel Santi
Capitalizing a Cure: How Finance Controls the Price and Value of Medicines
Author/Editor: Victor Roy
Capital Punishment and the Criminal Corpse in Scotland, 1740–1834
Author/Editor: Rachel E. Bennett
Capital, State, Empire
Capitoli autobiografici: Poeti che traducono poeti dagli ermetici a Luciano Erba
Author/Editor: Leonardo Manigrasso
Captioning and Subtitling for d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Audiences
Author/Editor: Soledad Zárate
Capturing the Wealth From Tuna: case stude's from the Pacific
Author/Editor: Barclay ,Kate,Cartwright ,Ian
Capturing value increase in urban redevelopment: A study of how the economic value increase in urban redevelopment can be used to finance the necessary public infrastructure and other facilities
Author/Editor: Demetrio Muñoz Gielen
Carbon-Based Material for Environmental Protection and Remediation
Author/Editor: Mattia Bartoli,Marco Frediani
Carbon-Based Smart Materials
Author/Editor: Constantinos A. Charitidis, Elias P. Koumoulos, Dimitrios A. Dragatogiannis
The Carbon Chain in Carbon Dioxide Industrial Utilization Technologies: A Case Study
Author/Editor: Dariusz Wawrzyńczak,Izabela Majchrzak-Kucęba,Covadonga Pevida,Giuseppe Bonura,Rita Nogueira,Marcello De Falco
Carbon Footprint Report 2020: Greenhouse gas emissions resulting from EIB Group internal operations
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
Carbon Pricing in Japan
Author/Editor: Toshi H. Arimura,Shigeru Matsumoto
Care and the City: Encounters with Urban Studies
Author/Editor: Angelika Gabauer,Sabine Knierbein,Nir Cohen,Henrik Lebuhn,Kim Trogal,Tihomir Viderman,Tigran Haas
Care at a Distance
Career and Career Guidance in the Nordic Countries
Author/Editor: Erik Hagaseth Haug,Tristram Hooley,Jaana Kettunen,Rie Thomsen
Career Patterns in the Ch’ing Dynasty: The Office of the Governor General
Author/Editor: Raymond W. Chu,William G. Saywell
Care Home Stories : Aging, Disability, and Long-Term Residential Care
Care in Healthcare: Reflections on Theory and Practice
Author/Editor: Franziska Krause,Joachim Boldt
Care in konsensuell-nichtmonogamen Beziehungsnetzwerken: Sorgende Netze jenseits der Norm
Author/Editor: Michael Raab
The Careless State: Wealth and Welfare in Britain Today
Author/Editor: Paul Taylor
Care Poverty: When Older People’s Needs Remain Unmet
Author/Editor: Teppo Kröger
Caretaker conventions in Australasia: minding the shop for government
Author/Editor: Menzies ,Jennifer,Tiernan ,Anne
Care trans_formieren: Eine ethnographische Studie zu trans und nicht-binärer Sorgearbeit
Author/Editor: Francis Seeck
Care – Wer sorgt für wen?
Author/Editor: Vera Moser,Inga Pinhard
Care Work 4.0: Digitalisierung in der beruflichen & akademischen Bildung für personenbezogene Dienstleistungsberufe
Author/Editor: Marianne Friese
The Carib Language
Author/Editor: Hoff ,B.
The Carib Language
Carillons and Carillon Music in Old Gdańsk
Author/Editor: Danuta Popinigis
Caring and Curing
Caring and Curing : Historical Perspectives on Women and Healing in Canada
Author/Editor: Dodd ,Dianne,Gorham ,Deborah
Caring for Old Age: Perspectives from South Asia
Author/Editor: Christiane Brosius,Roberta Mandoki
Carl Junker, Zum Buchwesen in Österreich
Carl Junker, Zum Buchwesen in Österreich : Gesammelte Schriften (1896-1927)
Author/Editor: Hall ,Murray Gordon
Carlo Antici e l'ideologia della Restaurazione in Italia
Author/Editor: Corrado Pestelli
Carlo Battisti linguista e bibliotecario: Studi e testimonianze
Author/Editor: Tiziana Stagi,Mauro Guerrini,Alessandro Parenti
Carlo Cecchi: funambolo della scena italiana: L'apprendistato e il magistero
Carlo Marsuppini. Carmi latini: Edizione critica, traduzione e commento
Author/Editor: Ilaria PIERINI
Carlos Gardel. Su vida, su música, su época
Author/Editor: Collier ,Simon
Carl Strehlow’s 1909 Comparative Heritage Dictionary: An Aranda, German, Loritja and Dieri to English Dictionary with Introductory Essays
Author/Editor: Anna Kenny
Carnival in Tel Aviv: Purim and the Celebration of Urban Zionism
Author/Editor: Hizky Shoham
Carnival Texts: Three plays for ensemble performance
Author/Editor: James MacDonald
Caroline Schlegel-Schelling: «Ero seduta qui a scrivere». Lettere
Author/Editor: Vania Fattorini
Carrières d'halieutes
Author/Editor: Didier Gascuel
Cars, Conduits, and Kampongs
Author/Editor: Cot,Colombijn ,F.
Cars, Conduits, and Kampongs
Cartographic Memory
Author/Editor: Juan Herrera
Cartographies of Differences: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Author/Editor: Ulrike M. Vieten,Gill Valentine
Casa Pueblo: A Puerto Rican Model of Self-Governance
Author/Editor: Alexis Massol González
Cascades of Violence
Case-Based Decision Support for Disaster Management
Author/Editor: Stella Möhrle
ΠCase Files: Vol. 01
Author/Editor: Simone Ferracina
Case Kritis - Fallstudien zur IT-Sicherheit in Kritischen Infrastrukturen
Author/Editor: Ulrike Lechner,Sebastian Dännart,Andreas Rieb,Steffi Rudel
Cases • Pixels: Une histoire de la BD numérique en France
Author/Editor: Julien Baudry
Case Studies in Biocultural Diversity from Southeast Asia: Traditional Ecological Calendars, Folk Medicine and Folk Names
Author/Editor: F. Merlin Franco,Magne Knudsen,Noor Hasharina Hassan
Cash Flow: The businesses of menstruation
Author/Editor: Camilla Mørk Røstvik
Cassirers politische Philosophie
Caste and Equality in India: A Historical Anthropology of Diverse Society and Vernacular Democracy
Author/Editor: Akio Tanabe
Castells in Africa: Universities and Development
Author/Editor: Johan Muller,Manuel Castells,Nico Cloete,Francois van Schalkwyk
Cast Out: Vagrancy and Homelessness in Global and Historical Perspective
Author/Editor: A.L. Beier,Paul Ocobock
Casuistry and Early Modern Spanish Literature
Author/Editor: Marlen Bidwell-Steiner,Michael Scham
Catalogue: Flèches de pouvoir à l’aube de la métallurgie de la Bretagne au Danemark (2500-1700 av. n. è.)
Author/Editor: Clément Nicolas
Catalogue of books printed before 1601 in the legal historical section of the Biblioteca di Scienze Sociali dell'Università degli Studi di Firenze
Author/Editor: Osler, Douglas J.
Catalogue of books printed before 1601 in the legal historical section of the Biblioteca di Scienze Sociali dell'Università degli Studi di Firenze
Catalogue of books printed before 1801 in the legal historical section of the Biblioteca di Scienze Sociali dell’Università degli Studi di Firenze: I. From the beginning of printing to 1600
Author/Editor: Douglas J. Osler
Catalogue of books printed before 1801 in the legal historical section of the Biblioteca di Scienze Sociali dell’Università degli Studi di Firenze: II.1601-1700
Author/Editor: Douglas J. Osler
Catalogue of Turkish Manuscripts in the Library of Leiden University and Other Collections in the Netherlands. Minor Collections.
Author/Editor: Schmidt ,Jan
Catalogue of Turkish Manuscripts in the Library of Leiden University and Other Collections in the Netherlands. Minor Collections
Catalogue of Turkish Manuscripts in the Library of Leiden University and Other Collections in the Netherlands: Minor Collections
Author/Editor: Jan Schmidt
Catalogus ad collectionem Materiae Medicae in Academia Georgia Augusta: Katalog der Pharmakognostischen Sammlung der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen In quo medicamenta, officinalia, simplicia (mineralia, vegetabilia et animalia) eorumque partes in medi
Author/Editor: Volker Wissemann,Kärin Nickelsen
Categoriality and continuity in prosodic prominence (Volume 10)
Author/Editor: Simon Roessig
Catherine Colomb’s VISION OF TIME: in Dialogue with Marcel Proust and Virginia Woolf
Author/Editor: Tamar Barbakadze
Catholicism and Fascism in Europe 1918 - 1945 (Volume 26)
Author/Editor: Jan Nelis
Catholic Peacebuilding and Mining: Integral Peace, Development, and Ecology
Author/Editor: Caesar A. Montevecchio,Gerard F. Powers
Caulonia tra Crotone e Locri: Atti del Convegno Internazionale, Firenze 30 maggio-1 giugno 2007
Author/Editor: Lucia Lepore,Paola Turi
Causal Mechanisms in the Global Development of Social Policies
Author/Editor: Johanna Kuhlmann,Frank Nullmeier
Causation and Laws of Nature
Author/Editor: Max Kistler
A Cautious New Approach
Author/Editor: Denghua Zhang
CEE Candidate countries on the way to Eurozone
Author/Editor: Hobza ,A.
Celebrar lo imposible: El Código Civil en el régimen jurídico de la propiedad: Córdoba entre fines del siglo XIX y comienzos del XX
Author/Editor: Pamela Alejandra Cacciavillani,Marietta Auer,Thomas Duve,Stefan Vogenauer
Celebrating 50 years of ACAL: Selected papers from the 50th Annual Conference on African Linguistics (Volume 7)
Author/Editor: Akinbiyi Akinlabi,Lee Bickmore,Michael Cahill,Michael Diercks,Laura J. Downing,James Essegbey,Katie Franich,Laura McPherson,Sharon Rose
Celebrity Bromances: Constructing, Interpreting and Utilising Personas
Author/Editor: Celia Lam,Jackie Raphael
The Cellular Automaton Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
Author/Editor: Gerard 't Hooft
Censorship Moments: Reading Texts in the History of Censorship and Freedom of Expression
Author/Editor: Geoff Kemp
Censorship of Literature in Austria 1751–1848
Author/Editor: Norbert Bachleitner
Censura, istituzioni e politica letteraria in URSS (1964-1985)
Centaurs, Rioting in Thessaly: Memory and the Classical World
Author/Editor: Martyn Hudson
A cento anni dalla grande guerra. Effetti inattesi. Vol. 4: Le donne fra disciplina militare e nuove libertà
Author/Editor: Alessandra Pescarolo,Franca Alacevich
A cento anni dalla Grande Guerra. Vol. 1: Il suicidio dell’Europa
Author/Editor: Luigi Vittorio Ferraris,BRUNA BAGNATO,umberto gori,Massimiliano Guderzo
A cento anni dalla Grande Guerra. Vol. 2: L’Italia divisa
Author/Editor: Salvatore CINGARI,PAOLO NELLO,Sandro Rogari
A cento anni dalla Grande Guerra. Vol. 3: Fra Diplomazia e Stati Maggiori
Author/Editor: Carlo Corbinelli,Basilio Di Martino,Fabio Mini,Pier Paolo Ramoino,Ferdinando Sanfelice di Monteforte,Emidio Diodato
Central and Eastern Europe after the First World War
Author/Editor: Burkhard Olschowsky,Piotr Juszkiewicz,Jan Rydel
Central and Eastern European Literary Theory and the West
Author/Editor: Michał Mrugalski,Schamma Schahadat,Irina Wutsdorff
Central Asian Ismailis: An Annotated Bibliography of Russian, Tajik and Other Sources
Author/Editor: Dagikhudo Dagiev
Central Asian Sources and Central Asian Research - Selected Proceedings from the International Symposium “Central Asian Sources and Central Asian Research”, October 23rd–26th, 2014 at Göttingen State and University Library
Author/Editor: Reckel, Johannes
Central Asian Sources and Central Asian Research - Selected Proceedings from the International Symposium “Central Asian Sources and Central Asian Research”, October 23rd–26th, 2014 at Göttingen State and University Library
Central Banking at a Crossroads
Central Bank Policy Mix: Issues, Challenges, and Policy Responses: Handbook of Central Banking Studies
Author/Editor: Perry Warjiyo,Solikin M. Juhro
Central Documents and Politburo Politics in China
Author/Editor: Kenneth Lieberthal,James Tong,Sai-cheung Yeung
Centrales nucléaires et environnement - Prélèvements d'eau et rejets
Author/Editor: Pineau ,André,Quéré ,Yves
Central Europe and the Non-European World in the Long 19th Century
Author/Editor: Markéta Křížová,Jitka Malečková
Central Peripheries: Nationhood in Central Asia
Author/Editor: Marlene Laruelle
The Centrelink Experiment
The Century of Global Cities: How Urbanisation is Changing the World and Shaping Our Future
Author/Editor: Andrea Tobia Zevi
A Century of Parks Canada, 1911-2011
Author/Editor: Claire Campbell
A Century of Violence in a Red City: Popular Struggle, Counterinsurgency, and Human Rights in Colombia
Author/Editor: Lesley Gill
Ceramics and the Spanish Conquest
Author/Editor: Hernández Sánchez ,Gilda
Ceramics and the Spanish Conquest
Ceramics and the Spanish Conquest: Response and Continuity of Indigenous Pottery Technology in Central Mexico
Author/Editor: Gilda Hernández Sánchez
Cerebral Small Vessel Disease and Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy: Neuroimaging markers, cognitive features and rehabilitative issues
Author/Editor: Raffaella Valenti
Ceremonial Entries, Municipal Liberties and the Negotiation of Power in Valois France, 1328-1589
Author/Editor: Neil Murphy
Ceremonial Storytelling: Ritual and Narrative in Post-9/11 US Wars
Author/Editor: Frank Usbeck
Cerkovnoslavjanskie elementy v sovremennom literaturnom i narodnom russkom jazyke: Nachdruck. Nachwort von Peter Kosta. Nachdruck der Ausgabe SPb. 1893
Author/Editor: Sergej K. Bulic
A Certain Age
A Certain Age : Colonial Jakarta through the Memories of Its Intellectuals
Author/Editor: Mrazek ,Rudolf
Certifications of Critical Systems – The CECRIS Experience
Author/Editor: Andrea Bondavalli,Francesco Brancati
Cervantes global
Author/Editor: Francisco Ramírez Santacruz,Antonio Sánchez Jiménez
Cervantes y los mares: En los 400 años del «Persiles». In memoriam José María Casasayas
Author/Editor: María Fernanda de Abreu
Cesare Scurati: Sguardi sull’educazione
Author/Editor: Paolo Calidoni,Damiano Felini,Andrea Bobbio
CESEE Bank Lending Survey – Spring 2022
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank,Matteo Ferrazi,Rozalla Pal,Atanas Kolev,Jochen Schanz,Peter Harasztosi,Simon Savzek,Alfredo Baldini
» Cette reine qui fait une si piètre figure «: Maria von Medici in der europäischen Geschichtsschreibung des 19. Jahrhunderts
Author/Editor: Miriam Régerat-Kobitzsch
A chain of kings
A chain of kings : the Makassarese chronicles of Gowa and Talloq
Author/Editor: Cummings ,William
Chains of Gold: Portuguese Migration to Argentina in Transatlantic Perspective
Author/Editor: Marcelo J. Borges
Chairil Anwar: The Poet and His Language
Author/Editor: Oemarjati ,B.S.
Chairil Anwar: The Poet and His Language
The Challenge of Chance: A Multidisciplinary Approach from Science and the Humanities
Author/Editor: Klaas Landsman,Ellen van Wolde
Challenges And Goals For Accelerators In The XXI Century
Author/Editor: Stephen Myers,Oliver Bruning
Challenges and Solutions in Ethnographic Research: Ethnography with a Twist
Author/Editor: Tuuli Lähdesmäki,Eerika Koskinen-Koivisto,Viktorija L.A. Čeginskas,Aino-Kaisa Koistinen
Challenges in Cybersecurity and Privacy - the European Research Landscape
Author/Editor: Jorge Bernal Bernabe,Antonio Skarmeta
The Challenges of Religious Literacy: The Case of Finland
Author/Editor: Tuula Sakaranaho,Timo Aarrevaara,Johanna Konttori
The Challenges of Technology and Economic Catch-up in Emerging Economies
Author/Editor: Jeong-Dong Lee,Keun Lee,dirk meissner,Slavo Radosevic,Nicholas Vonortas
Challenges to the East
Author/Editor: Rupnik ,J.
Challenging Centralism: Decentramento e autonomie nel pensiero politico europeo
Author/Editor: Lea CAMPOS
Challenging climate change: Competition and cooperation among pastoralists and agriculturalists in northern Mesopotamia (c. 3000-1600 BC)
Author/Editor: Arne Wossink
Challenging Coasts
Challenging Communion
Challenging Communion : The Eucharist and Middle English Literature
Author/Editor: Garrison ,Jennifer
Challenging Mobilities in and to the EU during Times of Crises: The Case of Greece
Author/Editor: Maria Kousis,Aspasia Chatzidaki,Konstantinos Kafetsios
Challenging Multiculturalism
Challenging Multiculturalism : European Models of Diversity
Challenging the Dichotomy: The Licit and the Illicit in Archaeological and Heritage Discourses
Author/Editor: Joe Watkins,Cristobal Gnecco,Les Field
Chalo Jahaji: On a journey through indenture in Fiji
Author/Editor: Lal V. ,Brij
The Chamber Musician in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Mine Dogantan-Dack
Chance Encounters: A Bioethics for a Damaged Planet
Author/Editor: Kristien Hens,Christina Stadlbauer,Bart H.M. Vandeput
ChanceMINT.NRW – Studienbiografische Wendepunkte und Karriereperspektiven
Author/Editor: Nicole Auferkorte-Michaelis,Arne Gillert
Chang Ch’un-ch’iao and Shanghai’s January Revolution
Author/Editor: Andrew G. Walder
Change and the Persistence of Tradition in India: Five Lectures
Author/Editor: Richard L. Park
Change and the politics of certainty
Author/Editor: Jenny Edkins
Change! Combining Analytic Approaches with Street Wisdom
Author/Editor: Bammer ,Gabriele
Change In Classroom Practice
Author/Editor: Steve Farrow,Jerry Norton
The Change Laboratory for Teacher Training in Entrepreneurship Education: A New Skills Agenda for Europe
Author/Editor: Daniele Morselli
Changement climatique: Quels défis pour le Sud ?
Author/Editor: Serge Janicot,Magali Reinert
Changes in the Russian Terminology of Economic Law since Perestroika
Author/Editor: Alice Rajewsky
Changing anarchism: Anarchist theory and practice in a global age
Author/Editor: Purkis ,Jonathan,Bowen ,James
Changing Choices
Changing Deserts: Integrating People and their Environment
Author/Editor: Lisa Mol,Troy Sternberg
The Changing Economic Geography of Globalization
Author/Editor: Giovanna Vertova
Changing Gender Norms in Islam Between Reason and Revelation
Author/Editor: Marziyeh Bakhshizadeh
The Changing German Voter
Author/Editor: Rüdiger Schmitt-Beck,Sigrid Roßteutscher,Harald Schoen,Bernhard Weßels,Christof Wolf
The Changing Landscape of the Academic Profession
Author/Editor: Vicente M. Lechuga
The Changing Landscapes of Rome’s Northern Hinterland: The British School at Rome’s Tiber Valley Project
Author/Editor: Helen Patterson,Robert Witcher,Helga Di Giuseppe
The Changing Political Economies of Small West European Countries
Author/Editor: Becker ,Uwe
The Changing Presentation of the American Indian: Museums and Native Cultures
Author/Editor: W. Richard West,Richard Hill,Michael M. Ames,Janice Clements,Evan M. Maurer,James D. Nason,David W. Penney,Jocelyn Wedll
Changing Scenes: Encounters between European and Finnish Fin de Siècle
Changing Scenes: Encounters between European and Finnish Fin de Siècle
Changing South-Pacific
Changing Space, Changing City: Johannesburg after apartheid – Open Access Selection
Author/Editor: Philip Harrison,Graeme Gotz,Alison Todes,Chris Wray
Changing the Terms
Changing the Terms : Translating in the Postcolonial Era
Author/Editor: Simon ,Sherry,St-Pierre ,Paul
Changing the Victorian Subject
Author/Editor: Maggie Tonkin,Mandy Treagus,Madeleine Seys,Sharon Crozier-De Rosa
Changing Time - Shaping World: Changemakers in Arts & Education
Author/Editor: Anna Maria Loffredo,Rainer Wenrich,Charlotte Axelsson,Wanja Kröger
Changing Transatlantic Security Relations
Author/Editor: Jan Hallenberg,Håkan Karlsson
Chantai rumantsch! Zur musikalischen Selbst(er)findung Romanischbündens
Author/Editor: Laura Decurtins
Chaostheorie und Literaturwissenschaft
Author/Editor: Wozonig ,Karin S.
Chapaev and His Comrades
Chapaev and His Comrades : War and the Russian Literary Hero across the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Brintlinger ,Angela
Chaper 12 “I’ve Got People’s Spit All over Me!”: Reflections on the Future of Life-Saving Stem Cell Donor Recruitment
Author/Editor: Ros Williams
Chapter Рецепция ренессансной поэмы Песня о зубре Николая Гусовского в Беларуси и проблемы её перевода
Author/Editor: Larisa Poutsileva
Chapter Супралексический префикс по- в русском и болгарском языках
Author/Editor: Svetlana Slavkova
Chapter Конфесионално-литургичке полемике у теолошким списима Зелићевих савременика
Author/Editor: Vladimir Vukašinović
Chapter Авантуре и авантуристи у Зелићевом Житију
Author/Editor: Nikola Grdinić
Chapter Видовые приставки в языковом контакте (на материале молизско-славянского, резьянского и верхнелужицкого микроязыков)
Author/Editor: Malinka Pila,Lenka Scholze,Walter Breu
Chapter К списку двувидовых глаголов в русском языке: история пасть
Author/Editor: Vladimir Plungian
Chapter Ограничительные факторы синтаксических трансформаций русских идиом
Author/Editor: Marina Gasanova Mijat
Chapter Суффиксация как средство образования видовых пар в резьянском диалекте: славянская и иноязычная лексика
Author/Editor: Rosanna Benacchio
Chapter Префиксация глаголов неопределенного движения в русском языке
Author/Editor: Luisa Ruvoletto
Chapter Грамматикализация глагольного вида в резьянском диалекте: исконно славянская и романская лексика*
Author/Editor: Han Steenwijk,Rosanna Benacchio
Chapter 手塚治虫とグルメマンガをつなぐもの―「あしたのジョー」の減量 /  The one which connects a gourmet cartoon with Osamu Tezuka: Cutting of Joe of tomorrow
Author/Editor: Natsuki Yamada
Chapter Украинская культура Василя Стуса между Европой и Россией
Author/Editor: Alessandro Achilli
Chapter 作品 『壁』における の表象 - 安 公房はその文学に をどう描いたか / Representation of food in the collection of works Kabe: How Abe Kōbō wrote about food in the literature
Author/Editor: Yuki Sasaki
Chapter Верительная грамота Петра Первого в Светлейшую Республику в контексте российско-венецианских дипломатических отношений
Chapter 幻の春の声. 近現代日本文学における「亀鳴く」/ The illusory voice of the spring: the motif of ‘crying turtle’ in modern and contemporary Japanese literarure
Author/Editor: Diego Cucinelli
Chapter Выражение общефактического значения в прошедшем и в будущем времени в русском и болгарском языках
Author/Editor: Svetlana Slavkova
Chapter Покоренная природа. Коренное население и эксплуатация земли в советской и постсоветской России в романах Прощание с Матерой Валентина Распутина и Зона затопления Романа Сенчина
Author/Editor: Nadia CAPRIOGLIO
Chapter О роли приставок и суффиксов на ранних и поздних этапах истории славянского вида
Author/Editor: Björn Wiemer
Chapter 村上春樹作品における〈 〉と〈性〉– 初期作品と阪神淡 大 地 以後の作品との比 を して / “Food” and “Sex” in Murakami Haruki’s literature
Author/Editor: Makiko Yamasaki
Chapter Аспектуальные антиномии в русском языке (на славянском фоне)
Author/Editor: Elena V. Petruchina
Chapter Русский перевод книги Антуана де Плювинеля: L’Instruction du Roy / Reitkunst с немецкого языка
Author/Editor: Ingrid Maier
Chapter 転向を語ること ─ 小林杜人とその周辺 / Converters Tell Their Stories: Kobayashi Morito and His Networks
Author/Editor: Hideto Tsuboi
Chapter Преломление образа Фауста у Вячеслава Иванова
Author/Editor: Donata Di Leo
Chapter О культурных предпосылках ‘итальянского’ правового дискурса Сергея Ивановича Зарудного
Author/Editor: Liana Goletiani
Chapter Сообщение о мирном договоре со Швецией в царских грамотах петра I (1721) и елизаветы I (1743) и традиции дипломатической переписки с венецианским адресатом
Author/Editor: Nataliya Kardanova
Chapter 10
Chapter 100 Years of Volkshochschule – 50 Years of DVV International. Local and Global Perspectives on Adult Education and Lifelong Learning
Author/Editor: Heribert Hinzen
Author/Editor: Steffan Blayney
Chapter 10 ‘Aid the victims of German fascism!’: Transatlantic networks and the rise of anti-Nazism in the USA, 1933–1935
Author/Editor: Kasper Braskén
Chapter 10 Animal, Mechanical, and Me: Organ Transplantation and the Ambiguity of Embodiment
Author/Editor: Gill Haddow
Chapter 10 Avanços nas humanidades digitais
Author/Editor: Rita Marquilhas,Ana Maria Martins,Iris Hendrickx,Ernestina Carrilho
Chapter 10 Between appropriation and appropriateness: Instrumentalizing dark heritage in populism and memory?
Author/Editor: Susannah Eckersley
Chapter 10 Breathlessness: From Bodily Symptom to Existential Experience
Author/Editor: Tina Williams,Havi Carel
Chapter 10 Censuses and mapping
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 10 Challenger bank as a new digital form of providing financial services to retail customers in the EU Internal Market: The case of Revolut
Author/Editor: Michal Polasik,Paweł Widawski,Andrzej Lis
Chapter 10 Conclusion: Multilevel governance between centralisation and local agency
Author/Editor: Tiziana Caponio,irene ponzo
Chapter 10 Critical decisions for critically ill infants: Principles, processes, problems
Author/Editor: Anne-Maree Farrell,Sarah Devaney,Catherine Stanton,Alexandra Mullock
Chapter 10 Designing for Mental Health: Psychiatry, Psychology and the Architectural Study Project
Chapter 10 Digital skills and application use among Finnish home care workers in the eldercare sector
Author/Editor: Eero Rantala,Sakari Taipale,Tomi Oinas,Joonas Karhinen
Chapter 10 Early radio in late colonial India: Historiography, geography, audiences
Author/Editor: Vebhuti Duggal,Christin Hoene
Chapter 10 Enhancing Conservatism
Author/Editor: Rebecca Roache,Julian Savulescu
Chapter 10 Final thoughts: Heritage as a dimension of collectivity and belonging
Author/Editor: Christopher Whitehead,Gönül Bozoğlu,Mads Daugbjerg,Susannah Eckersley
Chapter 10 Goethe’s Exploratory Idealism
Author/Editor: Mattias Pirholt
Chapter 10 Goethe’s Exploratory Idealism
Author/Editor: Mattias Pirholt
Chapter 10 Healing the American Community: Race and Criminal Justice
Author/Editor: Samuel H. Pillsbury
Chapter 10 Healthcare Practice, Epistemic Injustice, and Naturalism
Author/Editor: Ian James Kidd,Havi Carel
Chapter 10 Imagining a Cosmopolitized Europe. From the Study of the ‘New’ to the Discovery of the ‘Unexpected
Author/Editor: Sabine Selchow
Chapter 10 Lifting the Veil: Voices, Visions, and Destiny in Malory’s Morte Darthur
Author/Editor: Corinne Saunders
Chapter 10 Modelling the process of translation using metalanguages
Author/Editor: Masaru Yamada,Kyo Kageura,Rei Miyata
Chapter 10 Moral Conflict in the Minimally Conscious State
Author/Editor: Joshua Shepherd
Chapter 10 Når dommeren i fotball dømmer feil …
Author/Editor: Bjørn Tore Johansen,Martin K. Erikstad
Chapter 10 One Medicine?: Advocating (Inter)disciplinarity at the Interfaces of Animal Health, Human Health, and the Environment
Author/Editor: Angela Cassidy
Chapter 10 One-seed, two-seed, three-seed?: Reassessing ancient theories of generation by Rebecca Flemming
Author/Editor: Rebecca Flemming
Chapter 10 ‘Our voices reached the sky’: sonic memories of the Armenian Genocide
Author/Editor: Gascia Ouzounian
Chapter 10. Partners Again? The European Union and the Post-Yugoslav Citizens
Chapter 10 Performing Scots- European heritage, ‘For A’ That!’
Author/Editor: Mairi McFadyen,Máiréad Nic Craith
Chapter 10 Policy transfer and its limits: Authorised cartels in twentieth-century Japan
Author/Editor: Takahiro Ohata,Takafumi Kurosawa
Chapter 10 Policy transfer and its limits: Authorised cartels in twentieth-century Japan
Author/Editor: Takahiro Ohata,Takafumi Kurosawa
Chapter 10 Rethinking urban resettlement and displacement from the perspective of ‘home’ in the interruption and uncertainty brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic
Author/Editor: Marie Huchzermeyer
Chapter 10 School food and the promotion of a more just and equitable food system
Author/Editor: Marc C.A. Wegerif,Thabang Ngoako Mphateng,Nokuthula Vilakazi
Chapter 10 School writing in Norway: Fifteen years with writing as key competence
Author/Editor: Gustaf Bernhard Skar,Arne Johannes Aasen
Chapter 10 Shakespeeding into Macbeth and The Tempest: Teaching with the Shakespeare Reloaded Website
Author/Editor: Liam E. Semler
Chapter 10 Speaking the same language? Comparing judicial restraint at the ECtHR and the ECJ
Author/Editor: Oddný Mjöll Arnardóttir,Dóra Guðmundsdóttir
Chapter 10 Telepractice in adult speech-language pathology during COVID-19
Author/Editor: Elizabeth C. Ward,Ashley E. Cameron
Chapter 10 The Infrastructural turn in Media and Internet Research
Author/Editor: David Hesmondhalgh
Chapter 10 The Multilingual Community Translation Classroom: Challenges and Strategies to Train Profession-Ready Graduates
Author/Editor: Miranda Lai,Gonzalez Erika
Chapter 10 The (re)invocation of race in forensic genetics through forensic DNA phenotyping technology
Author/Editor: Filipa Queirós
Chapter 10 Towards decolonising schooling: Realising the impossible dream?
Author/Editor: Pam Christie
Chapter 10 Weltbürger Perspectives and Samhandling
Author/Editor: Trygve J. Steiro,Glenn-Egil Torgersen
Chapter 10 'You don't Need Proof When You've Got Instinct!': Gut Feelings and Some Limits to Parental Authority
Author/Editor: ter Meulen,Richard Huxtable
Chapter 1, 1000, 100.000. Quanti e quali attori nei costrutti personali indeterminati?
Author/Editor: Francesca Fici,Natalia Žukova
Chapter 11 Antagonisms and solidarities in housing movements in Bucharest and Budapest
Author/Editor: Ioana Florea,Agnes Gagyi,Kerstin Jacobsson
Chapter 11 Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID): Ist der Amputationswunsch eine autonome Entscheidung oder Ausdruck einer neurologischen Störung?
Author/Editor: Sabine Müller
Chapter 11 Care in the Cage: Materializing Moral Economies of Animal Care in the Biomedical Sciences, c.1945-
Author/Editor: Robert G W Kirk
Chapter 11 Climate Change Adaptation and African Cities: Understanding the Impact of Government and Governance on Future Action
Author/Editor: Christopher Gore
Chapter 11 Contrasting approaches, comparable efficacy?: How macro-level trust influences teacher accountability in Finland and Singapore
Author/Editor: Yue-Yi Hwa
Chapter 11 Determinants of cross- border cooperation in the Polish– German borderland
Author/Editor: Elzbieta Opilowska
Chapter 11 Diagrams in Greek Medical Manuscripts
Author/Editor: Petros Bouras-Vallianatos
Chapter 11 Ethnic majority and minority youth in multicultural societies
Author/Editor: Sabahat Cigdem Bagci,Adam Rutland
Chapter 11 European Capitals of Culture y: Discourses of Europeanness in Valletta, Plovdiv and Galwa
Author/Editor: Cristina Clopot,Katerina Strani
Chapter 11 Funding the UN: Support or Constraint?
Author/Editor: Max-Otto Baumann,Silke Weinlich
Chapter 11 Governance of Dual Use Research in the EU: The Case of Neuroscience
Author/Editor: Inga Ulnicane
Chapter 11 Higher education students as consumers?: Evidence from England
Author/Editor: Rachel Brooks,Jessie Abrahams
Chapter 11 Introduction to Section 2: Food and nutrition security
Author/Editor: Robert Dyball,Yizhao Yang,Anne Taufen
Chapter 11 Liminal Precarity and Compromised Agency: Migrant experiences of gig work in Amsterdam, Berlin, and New York City
Author/Editor: Niels van Doorn
Chapter 1.1 Methodology of Synthesis
Author/Editor: xxxx xxxxx
Chapter 11 Mining, property, and the reordering of socionatural relations in Peru
Author/Editor: Matthew Himley
Chapter 11 Multilingual teacher identity in the Emirates: Implications for language policy and education
Author/Editor: Raees Calafato
Chapter 11 Prinsipper ved test–retest-reliabilitet
Author/Editor: Tommy Haugen,Kjetil Marius Ulland Salvesen,Rune Høigaard,Tommy Haugen,Kjetil Marius Ulland Salvesen,Rune Høigaard
Chapter 1.1 Pro Kind: Ein Modellversuch Früher Hilfen
Author/Editor: Tilman Brand,Tanja Jungmann
Chapter 11 Pulling the curtain on the national sovereignty myth: Sovereignty and referendums in Belgian constitutional doctrine
Author/Editor: Christophe Maes,Brecht Deseure,Ronald Van Crombrugge
Chapter 11 Randomization, blinding, and coding
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 11 Scapegoater-in-Chief: Racist Undertones of Donald Trump’s Rhetorical Repertoire
Author/Editor: Stephen J. Heidt
Chapter 11 Social Media and Social Justice Movements After the Diminution of Black-owned Media in the United States
Author/Editor: Jeffrey Blevins
Chapter 11 "That in the Reducciones Had Been Noise of Weapons . . .": The Introduction of Firearms in the Seventeenth-Century Jesuit Missions of Paraguay
Author/Editor: Omar Svriz-Wucherer
Chapter 11 The Triad of Uncertainty: The Interaction Between Scientists and Politicians
Author/Editor: Raino Malnes
Chapter 11 Three Markets and Three Types of Competitiveness: Pulp and Paper Industry
Author/Editor: Takafumi Kurosawa,Tomoko Hashino
Chapter 11 Understanding the Social Care Crisis in England Through Older People’s Lived Experiences
Author/Editor: Lizzie Ward,Mo Ray,Denise Tanner
Chapter 11 Watchful Waiting: Temporalities of crisis and care in the UK National Health Service
Author/Editor: Lisa Baraitser,William Brook
Chapter 11 We are similar, but different in writing curriculum and instruction
Author/Editor: Judy Parr,Jill Jeffery
Chapter 11 Yoga and Physical Culture: Transnational History and Blurred Discursive Contexts
Author/Editor: Mark Singleton
Chapter 12 Adapting to the Different Shades of Populism: Key Findings and Implications for Media, Citizens, and Politics
Author/Editor: Claes H. de Vreese,Carsten Reinemann,James Stanyer,Frank Esser,Toril Aalberg
Chapter 12 Archetypal aspects of transference at the end of life
Author/Editor: Isabelle DeArmond
Chapter 12 Bridging the Divide: Imagining Across Experiential Perspectives
Author/Editor: Amy Kind
Chapter 12 Careful with heritage
Author/Editor: Ilaria Porciani,Massimo Montanari
Chapter 12 Children's perspectives on green space management in Sweden and Denmark
Author/Editor: Märit Jansson,Inger Lerstrup
Chapter 12 Chinese media translation
Author/Editor: nancy xiuzhi liu
Chapter 12 Computer science
Author/Editor: Pieter Hartel,Marianne Junger
Chapter 12 Conclusion: Implementing innovative social investment: Strategic lessons from Europe
Author/Editor: Andrea Bassi,Susan Baines,Judit Csoba,Sipos Flórián
Chapter 12 Conclusions
Author/Editor: Maike Andresen,Chris Brewster,Vesa Suutari
Chapter 12 Content-as-Practice: Studying Digital Content with a Media Practice Approach
Author/Editor: Christoph Bareither
Chapter 12 Design Fictio: The Future of Robots Needs Imagination
Author/Editor: Ronda Ringfort-Felner,Robin Neuhaus,Judith Dörrenbächer,Marc Hassenzahl
Chapter 12 Economising Failure and Assembling a Failure Regime
Author/Editor: Liisa Kurunmäki,Andrea Mennicken,Peter Miller
Chapter 12 Effekt av feedback på kollektiv mestringstro og sosial loffing i et sykkeleksperiment
Author/Editor: Tommy Haugen,Kjetil Marius Ulland Salvesen,h,Tommy Haugen,Kjetil Marius Ulland Salvesen,Rune Høigaard
Chapter 12 Genesis of state space Frontier commodification in Malaysian Borneo
Author/Editor: Noboru Ishikawa
Chapter 12 Hölderlin’s Higher Enlightenment
Author/Editor: Camilla Flodin
Chapter 12 Hölderlin’s Higher Enlightenment
Author/Editor: Camilla Flodin
Chapter 12 Icelandic valency classes: oblique subjects, oblique ambitransitives and the actional passive
Author/Editor: Jóhanna Barðdal,Andrej Malchukov,Bernard Comrie
Chapter 12 Imagine What It Feels Like
Author/Editor: Ingrid Vendrell Ferran
Chapter 12 Individual Work Pricing by Non-fungible Personal Tokens (“NFT Gig Tokens”) – a New Opportunity for Gig Workers
Author/Editor: Kamilla Marchewka-Bartkowiak,Michał Litwiński,Karolina Nowak
Chapter 12 Intersectional politics on domestic workers’ rights: The cases of Ecuador and Colombia
Author/Editor: Daniela Cherubini,Giulia Garofalo Geymonat,Sabrina Marchetti
Chapter 12 Japanese school lunch and food education
Author/Editor: Yukako Waida,Miho Kawamura
Chapter 12 Knowledge- policy nexus: Policy research institutes and the urban development regime in Korea
Author/Editor: Se Hoon Park
Chapter 12 Nepal Central Highland: Resistance and the state
Author/Editor: Mukta S. Tamang
Chapter 12 NIGERIAN FILM AUDIENCES ON THE INTERNET: Influences, Preferences and Contentions
Author/Editor: Añulika Agina
Chapter 12 Outcome measures and case definition
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 12 Parasite Lost: Remembering Modern Times with Kenyan Government Medical Scientists: the anthropology and history of medical research in Africa
Author/Editor: Wenzel Geissler,Catherine Molyneux
Chapter 12 Partiality for Humanity and Enhancement
Author/Editor: Jonathan Pugh,Guy Kahane
Chapter 12 Preventing Male Mental Illness in Post-war Britain
Author/Editor: Ali Haggett
Chapter 12 Russian Renewable Energy: Regulations and outcomes
Author/Editor: Mariia Kozlova,Mikael Collan,Indra Overland
Chapter 12 Social distance, teachers’ beliefs and teaching practices in a context of social disadvantage: Evidence from India and Pakistan
Author/Editor: Anuradha De,Rabea Malik
Chapter 12 Social Innovation and Collaboration: Identifying and Engaging Stakeholders with Power, Purpose, Passion and Presence
Author/Editor: Irmelin Drake
Chapter 12 Social Media Incitement to Genocide: ECHR countries perspective
Author/Editor: Piotr Łubiński
Chapter 12 Taking drugs to help others
Author/Editor: Tom Douglas
Chapter 12 The Genesis of Behaviorally Modern Homo sapiens: A Cognitively Advanced Human That Can Reflect Upon Its Existence
Author/Editor: Steven J. Theroux
Chapter 12 The partial and the vague as a visual mode in Bronze Age rock art
Author/Editor: Fredrik Fahlander
Chapter 12 The power of place and perspective: Sensory media and situated simulations in urban design
Author/Editor: Gunnar Liestøl,Andrew Morrison
Chapter 12 The role of mobility and transnationality for local marketplaces
Author/Editor: Joanna Menet,Janine Dahinden
Chapter 12 The tense-mood-aspect systems of the languages of Suriname
Author/Editor: Robert Borges,Pieter Muysken,Sophie Villerius,Kofi Yakpo
Chapter 12 The usefulness of violent ends: apocalyptic imaginaries in the reconstruction of society
Author/Editor: Gerhard van den Heever
Chapter 12 This in-between : How families talk about death in relation to severe brain injury and disorders of consciousness: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Author/Editor: Celia Clare Kitzinger,Jenny Kitzinger
Chapter 12 Timeline of significant events 1946–2005 for British-based dancers who are Black
Author/Editor: Christy Adair,Ramsay Burt
Chapter 12 Yoga and Meditation as a Health Intervention
Author/Editor: Suzanne Newcombe
Chapter 13 Case studies of adults with COVID-19 infection
Author/Editor: Louise Cummings
Chapter 13 Cognitive Effects of Bilingualism in Infancy
Author/Editor: Ágnes Melinda Kovács,Elena Nicoladis,Simona Montanari
Chapter 13 Commemorating vanished ‘homelands’: Displaced Germans and their Heimat Europa
Author/Editor: Ullrich Kockel
Chapter 13 Differentiation and the European Central Bank: A bulwark against (differentiated) disintegration?
Author/Editor: Daniel F. Schulz,Amy Verdun
Chapter 13 Doing Versus Assessing Interactional Competence
Author/Editor: Erica Sandlund,Pia Sundqvist
Chapter 13 From Goods to Commodities in Spanish America: Structural Changes and Ecological Globalization From the Perspective of the European History of Consumption
Author/Editor: Bartolomé Yun Casalilla
Chapter 13 Gender and the Political Economy of Fish Agri-Food Systems in the Global South
Author/Editor: Surendran Rajaratnam,Molly Ahern,Cynthia McDougall
Chapter 13 Haptic Creatures: Tactile Affect and Human-Robot Intimacy in Japan
Author/Editor: Hirofumi Katsuno,Daniel White
Chapter 13 Household waste management and the role of gender in Nepal
Author/Editor: Mani Nepal,Marina Cauchy,Apsara Karki Nepal,Chanda Gurung Goodrich
Chapter 13 Interaction and Risk Management in Shared Leadership
Author/Editor: Carl Cato Wadel
Chapter 13 Making Sense of Cheshire West
Author/Editor: Lucy Series
Chapter 13 Outlook: Context and its consequences: A neglected factor in research on early childhood teachers’ professional skills?
Author/Editor: Esther Brunner
Chapter 13 Practising Academic Intervention: An Agonistic Reading of Praxis
Author/Editor: Antje Wiener
Chapter 13 Preliminary studies and pilot testing
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 13 Rebuilding Relationships between Data, Method, and Theories
Author/Editor: Jeffrey M. Cucina,Mary Anne Nester
Chapter 13 Safe European home: Where did you go? On immigration, the b/ ordered self, and the territorial home
Author/Editor: Jussi Laine,Inocent Moyo,Christopher Changwe Nshimbi
Chapter 13 Speaking the Power of Truth: Rhetoric and Action for Our Times
Author/Editor: Lee Artz
Chapter 13 The multi-scalar nature of policy im/mobilities: Regulating ‘local’ markets in the Netherlands
Author/Editor: Emil van Eck,Rianne van Melik,Joris Schapendonk
Chapter 13 The Porous Infrastructures of Somali Malls in Cape Town
Author/Editor: Huda Tayob
Chapter 13 The Role of Neuroscience in Precise, Precautionary, and Probabilistic Accounts of Sentience
Chapter 13 The Roles of ‘Old’ and ‘New’ Media Tools and Technologies in the Facilitation of Violent Extremism and Terrorism
Author/Editor: Ryan Scrivens,Maura Conway
Chapter 13 The Swedish way: How Ideology and Media Use Influenced the Formation, Maintenance and Change of Beliefs about the Coronavirus
Author/Editor: Adam Shehata,Isabella Glogger,Kim Andersen
Chapter 13 The value of the imagined biological in policy and society : Somaticizing and economizing British subject(ivitie)s
Author/Editor: Pickersgill ,Martyn
Chapter 13 The value of the imagined biological in policy and society
Chapter 13 Translation in literary magazines
Author/Editor: Diana Roig Sanz,Laura Fólica,Ventsislav Ikoff
Author/Editor: Katie Joice
Chapter 14 Eutropia: Integrated Valuation of Lake Eutrophication Abatement Decisions Using a Bayesian Belief Network
Author/Editor: David N. Barton,Tom Andersen,Olvar Bergland,Alexander Engebretsen,Jannicke Moe,Geir Inge Orderud
Chapter 14 Quantitative tests of implicational verb hierarchies
Author/Editor: Søren Wichmann,Taro Kageyama,Wesley M. Jacobsen
Chapter 14 Questionnaires
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 14 Responsibility for Fundamentalist Belief
Author/Editor: Rik Peels
Chapter 14 Samhandling Under Risk: Applying Concurrent Learning to Prepare for and Meet the Unforeseen
Author/Editor: Tryge. J. Steiro,Glenn-Egil Torgersen
Chapter 14 Taking maritime safety seriously Belief: The Polish perspective
Author/Editor: Justyna Nawrot,Zuzanna Pepłowska-Dąbrowska
Chapter 14 The faceless men: Partial bodies and body parts in Scandinavian Bronze Age rock art
Author/Editor: Fredrik Fahlander
Chapter 14 The Financialization of Everyday Life
Author/Editor: Léna Pellandini-Simányi
Chapter 14 The NFL, Activism, and #BlackLivesMatter
Author/Editor: Charles Modiano
Chapter 15 Cloudwork: Data Centre Labour and the Maintenance of Media Infrastructure
Author/Editor: A.R.E. Taylor
Chapter 15 Competence for the Unforeseen: The Importance of Human, Social and Organizational Factors
Author/Editor: Marius Herberg,Glenn-Egil Torgersen,Torbjørn Rundmo
Chapter 15 Conclusions
Author/Editor: Harriet Thomson,Saska Petrova,Stefan Bouzarovski,Neil Simcock
Chapter 15 Configuring the older adult: How age and ageing are re-configured in gerontechnology design
Author/Editor: Andreas Bischof,Juliane Jarke
Chapter 15 Empathizing with Robots: Animistic and Performative Methods to Anticipate a Robot’s Impact
Author/Editor: Judith Dörrenbächer,Marc Hassenzahl
Chapter 15 Epistemic Gains and Epistemic Games: Reliability and Higher Order Evidence in Medicine and Pharmacology
Author/Editor: Barbara Osimani
Chapter 15 Human Resource Management in Japan and South Korea
Author/Editor: Fabian Jintae Froese,Tomoki Sekiguchi,Mohan Pyari Maharjan
Chapter 15 Innovation (policy) and transformative change in the European Union
Author/Editor: Erkki Karo,Rainer Kattel
Chapter 15 Invisible Suffering: The Experience of Breathlessness
Author/Editor: Havi Carel
Chapter 15 Kashmir conflict resolution: Selected proposals and attempts
Author/Editor: Agnieszka Kuszewska
Chapter 15 La medicina predittiva e il dibattito etico sui test genetici
Author/Editor: Arianna Manzini,LIBERO VITIELLO
Chapter 15 People Versus Books
Author/Editor: Sarah Bowen Savant
Chapter 15 Persecution and apostasy: Christian identity during the crises of the seventh century
Author/Editor: Ryan Strickler
Chapter 15 Praxis, Humanism and the Quest for Wholeness
Author/Editor: Jens Steffek
Chapter 15 Social and behavioural research
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 15 Sociotechnical Innovation in Mental Health: Articulating Complexity
Author/Editor: ML Flear,TK Hervey,AM Farrell
Chapter 15 South Korea’s Green New Deal 2.0: Old wine in new bottles?
Author/Editor: Kyla Tienhaara,Sun-Jin Yun,Ryan Gunderson
Chapter 15 Sovereignty without sovereignty: The Belgian solution
Author/Editor: Raf Geenens
Chapter 15 The Politics of Tackling Inequalities: The Rise of Psychological Fundamentalism in Public Health and Welfare Reform
Author/Editor: Lynne Friedli
Chapter 15 Urban Mobilities in Francophone African Return Narratives
Author/Editor: Anna-Leena Toivanen
Chapter 16 Acting, Representing, Ruling: A Conversation with My Critics on Social Reproduction and the Logic of Social Inquiry
Author/Editor: Friedrich Kratochwil
Chapter 16 Afterword: A Pandemic of Precarity
Author/Editor: Joseph Choonara,Annalisa Murgia,Renato Miguel Carmo
Chapter 16 Bhutan: History, scholarship and emerging agency in the Bhutanese narrative
Author/Editor: Yedzin Wangmo Tobgay
Chapter 16 Cloud Backup and Restore: The Infrastructure of Digital Failure
Author/Editor: A.R.E. Taylor
Chapter 16 Field organization and ensuring data of high quality
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 16 Heirs of Roman persecution: Common threads in discursive strategies across Late Antiquity
Author/Editor: Wendy Mayer
Chapter 16 Media Stereotypes: Content, Effects, and Theory
Author/Editor: Travis L. Dixon
Chapter 16 Military Samhandling: Formal and Informal Behaviour in Norway’s Armed Forces
Author/Editor: Tormod Heier
Chapter 16 Same-gender friendships and enmity in the Life of Eupraxia
Author/Editor: Stavroula Constantinou
Chapter 16 Surgery and Emotion: The Era Before Anaesthesia
Author/Editor: Michael Brown
Chapter 16 The organic Internet as a resilient practice
Author/Editor: Panayotis Antoniadis
Chapter 16 The Role of Validation in Integrating Multiple Perspectives
Author/Editor: Tobias Richter,Hannes Münchow,Johanna Abendroth
Chapter 17 Field laboratory methods
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 17 Introduction to Section 3: Cities and biodiversity
Author/Editor: Jennifer Rae Pierce,Yizhao Yang,Anne Taufen
Chapter 17 Motivation by formally analyzable terms in a typological perspective: An assessment of the variation and steps towards explanation
Author/Editor: Matthias Urban,Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm,Päivi Juvonen
Chapter 17 Samhandling and Trust in Military Leadership Structures
Author/Editor: Johan Bergh,Ole Boe,Johan Bergh,Ole Boe
Chapter 17 Technology to Prevent Criminal Behavior
Author/Editor: Gabriel De Marco,Thomas Douglas
Chapter 17 The Racial Contours of Queer Reproduction
Author/Editor: France Winddance Twine,Marcin Smietana
Chapter 17 Timbre Networks: An approach to Composition and Performance in Computer Music
Author/Editor: Juan Parra Cancino,Tony Veale,Kurt Feyaerts,Charles Forceville
Chapter 17 Visualization and Functional Analysis of Spindle Actin and Chromosome Segregation in Mammalian Oocytes
Author/Editor: Binyam Mogessie
Chapter 18 Budgeting and accounting
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 18 Didactics and Innovation in Collaboration for the Unforeseen in Training Practice Preparation
Author/Editor: Leif Magnussen
Chapter 18 Japanese society at war: History and memory
Author/Editor: Philip Seaton
Chapter 18 Re-imagining Politics through the Lens of the Commons
Author/Editor: David Bollier
Chapter 18 Surgery, Imperial Rule and Colonial Societies (1800–1930): Technical, Institutional and Social Histories
Author/Editor: Kieran Fitzpatrick
Chapter 18 The winds of change: The Sioux, Silicon Valley, society, and simple heuristics
Author/Editor: Julian N. Marewski,Ulrich Hoffrage
Chapter 18 USA
Author/Editor: Rob Ruck
Chapter 18 Youth Activism and Political Parties
Author/Editor: Francesco Cavatorta,Lise Storm,Valeria Resta
Chapter 19 ‘A Tragedy as Old as History’: Medical Responses to Infertility and Artificial Insemination by Donor in 1950s Britain
Author/Editor: Gayle Davis
Chapter 19 Concentrated solar energy driven multi-generation systems based on the organic Rankine cycle technology
Author/Editor: Nishith Desai,Fredrik Haglind
Chapter 19 Conclusion: Assessing change and continuity in the character of war
Author/Editor: Tim Sweijs,Rob Johnson,Martijn Kitzen
Chapter 19 Daring to transform: cultures of knowledge and their performances
Author/Editor: Jörg Holkenbrink,Anna Seitz
Chapter 19 Engagement without Recognition
Author/Editor: Bruno Coppieters
Chapter 19 Intervention costing and economic analysis
Author/Editor: David A. Ross,Peter G. Smith,Richard H. Morrow
Chapter 19 Italian Sign Language
Author/Editor: Carlo Geraci,Julie Bakken Jepsen,Sam Lutalo-Kiingi,William B. McGregor,Goedele De Clerck
Chapter 19 Max Ritvo’s Precision Poetry
Author/Editor: Lara Choksey
Chapter 19 Samhandling During Crisis Work: A Three-Level Model
Author/Editor: Eric Carlström
Chapter 19 Social generations and societal changes
Author/Editor: Raili Nugin,Veronika Kalmus
Chapter 19 Subjects, topics and the interpretation of pro
Author/Editor: Luigi Rizzi,Roberto Petrosino,Pietro Cerrone,Harry van der Hulst
Chapter 19 Toxic speech, political self-Indigenization and the ethics and politics of critique: Notes from Finland
Author/Editor: Laura Junka-Aikio
Chapter 19 Uncertainty: Risk, technology and the future
Author/Editor: Jennifer Yarnold,Ray MAHER,Karen Hussey,Stephen Dovers
Chapter 19 Unsupervised Methods: Clustering Methods
Author/Editor: Johann Bacher,Andreas Pöge,Knut Wenzig
Chapter 1 A bank, not a fund
Author/Editor: Lucia Coppolaro,Helen Kavvadia
Chapter 1 Affect theory and performance intention
Author/Editor: Peta Tait
Chapter 1 A framework beyond EU uniqueness
Author/Editor: Giulia Tercovich
Chapter 1 A framework for comparing writing curricula cross-nationally
Author/Editor: Jill Jeffery,Judy Parr
Chapter 1 After the Rebellion: The Postwar Counterculture and Its Legacy
Author/Editor: Gary Hentzi
Chapter 1 Allvarliga idrottsskador hos svenska manliga akademifotbollsspelare
Author/Editor: Urban Johnson,Andreas Ivarsson
Chapter 1 An introduction to inclusive innovation
Author/Editor: Robyn Klingler-Vidra,Alex Glennie,Courtney Savie Lawrence
Chapter 1 Arabic vis-à-vis English in the Gulf: Bridging the ideological divide
Author/Editor: Sarah Hopkyns,Tariq Elyas
Chapter 1 Bilateralism within the European Union: Examining the explanatory power of horizontal Europeanisation and interdependence
Author/Editor: Joanna Dyduch
Chapter 1. Brothers United
Chapter 1 Civic and political engagement among youth: Concepts, forms and factors
Author/Editor: Martyn Barrett,Dimitra Pachi
Chapter 1 Civic Space—and Desire—Deranged: From Le Corbusier to Georges Perec
Author/Editor: Marcus A. Doel
Chapter 1 Classical heritage and European identities: Introducing the Danish case
Author/Editor: Lærke Maria Andersen Funder,Troels Myrup Kristensen,Vinnie Nørskov
Chapter 1 Concepts: Elements of a genealogy of needology
Author/Editor: Joël Glasman
Chapter 1 Constructing an encounter between Mikhail Bakhtin and the New Zealand band Herbs
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Turner
Chapter 1 Constructing knowledge for food sovereignty, agroecology and biocultural diversity: an overview
Author/Editor: Michel P. Pimbert
Chapter 1 Cowboys, Cod, Climate, and Conflict: Navigations in the Digital Environmental Humanities
Author/Editor: Charles Travis,Poul Holm,Francis Ludlow,Conor Kostick,Rhonda McGovern,John Nicholls
Chapter 1 Craft, Design and Nostalgia in Modern Japan: The Case of Sushi
Author/Editor: Robin Holt,Yutaka Yamauchi
Chapter 1 Cultures of Contagion and Containment?: The Geography of Smallpox in Britain in the Pre-vaccination Era
Author/Editor: Romola Davenport
Chapter 1 Demographic Transitions in Europe and the World
Author/Editor: Frans Willekens
Chapter 1 Digital technologies and women's empowerment: casting the bridges
Author/Editor: Ewa Lechman,Piotr Paradowski
Chapter 1 Dimensions of European heritage and memory: A framework introduction
Author/Editor: Christopher Whitehead,Mads Daugbjerg,Susannah Eckersley,Gönül Bozoğlu
Chapter 1 Doing, talking, and thinking (and why we’re not getting it right)
Author/Editor: Clare Williams
Chapter 1 Dynamics of Bordering in the Post-Soviet Space over the Last 30 years
Author/Editor: Sabine von Löwis,Beate Eschment,Ketevan Khutsishvili
Chapter 1 Early Twentieth-Century Self-Harm: Cut Throats, General and Mental Medicine: A Genealogy of Cutting and Overdosing
Author/Editor: Chris Millard
Chapter 1 EDITORS’ INTRODUCTION: What are environing media?
Author/Editor: Adam Wickberg,Johan Gärdebo
Chapter 1 Education and the reform of social inequalities in the Global South: An introduction
Author/Editor: Pauline Rose,Madeleine Arnot,Roger Jeffery,Nidhi Singal