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E4 Thematic Network: Enhanging Engineering Education in Europe
Author/Editor: Francesco Maffioli,Claudio Borri
eAccess to Justice
eAccess to Justice
The Earliest Europeans: A Year in the Life: Survival Strategies in the Lower Palaeolithic
Author/Editor: Robert Hosfield
The Earliest History of the Christian Gathering
The Earliest History of the Christian Gathering : Origin, Development and Content of the Christian Gathering in the First to Third Centuries
Author/Editor: A. Alikin ,Valeriy
Early Algebra: Research into its Nature, its Learning, its Teaching
Author/Editor: Carolyn Kieran,JeongSuk Pang,Deborah Schifter,Swee Fong Ng
Early Anglo-Saxon cemeteries: Kinship, community and identity
Author/Editor: Duncan Sayer
Early Buddhist Transmission and Trade Networks
Early Buddhist Transmission and Trade Networks : Mobility and Exchange Within and Beyond the Northwestern Borderlands of South Asia
Author/Editor: Neelis ,Jason
Early Childhood Policies and Systems in Eight Countries: Findings from IEA's Early Childhood Education Study
Author/Editor: Tony Bertram,Chris Pascal
Early Christianity and Ancient Astrology
Author/Editor: Timothy Hegedus
Early Christians Adapting to the Roman Empire: Mutual Recognition
Author/Editor: Niko Huttunen
Early Communist China: Two Studies
Author/Editor: Ronald Suleski,Daniel H. Bays
Early cross-modal interactions and adult human visual cortical plasticity revealed by binocular rivalry
Author/Editor: Claudia Lunghi
Early Detection and Intervention in Audiology: An African perspective
Author/Editor: Rachael Beswick,Katijah Khoza-Shangase,Juan Bornman,Amisha Kanji,Aisha Casoojee,Rudo Chiwutsi,Carlie Driscoll,Jane Fitzgibbons
Early Film Culture in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Republican China: Kaleidoscopic Histories
Author/Editor: Emilie Yueh-yu Yeh
Early Film Cultures in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Republican China : Kaleidoscopic Histories
Author/Editor: Yeh ,Emilie Yueh-yu
Early Film Theories in Italy, 1896-1922
Author/Editor: Casetti ,Francesco
Early Geometrical Thinking in the Environment of Patterns, Mosaics and Isometries
Author/Editor: Ewa Swoboda,Paola Vighi
Early Greek Alphabetic Writing: A Linguistic Approach
Author/Editor: Natalia Elvira Astoreca
Early Greek Poets’ Lives: The Shaping of the Tradition
Author/Editor: Maarit Kivilo
Early Incised Slabs and Brasses from the London Marblers
Author/Editor: Sally Badham,Malcolm Norris
Early Makuria Research Project. El-Zuma Cemetery (3-vol. set)
Author/Editor: Mahmoud El-Tayeb,Aneta Cedro,Joanna Then-Obłuska,Łukasz Zieliński,Ewa Czyżewska-Zalewska,Urszula Iwaszczuk,Jolanta Juchniewicz,Zofia Kowarska,Iwona Kozieradzka-Ogunmakin,Szymon Lenarczyk,Robert Mahler,Ewa Skowrońska-Zych
The Early Medieval Settlement Remains from Flixborough, Lincolnshire: The Occupation Sequence, c. AD 600-1000
Author/Editor: David Atkinson
Early Modern German Shakespeare: Titus Andronicus and The Taming of the Shrew: Tito Andronico and Kunst über alle Künste, ein bös Weib gut zu machen in Translation
Author/Editor: William Shakespeare
Early Modern Privacy: Sources and Approaches
Author/Editor: Michaël Green,Lars Cyril Nørgaard,Mette Birkedal Bruun
Early Modern Russian Letters : Texts and Contexts
Author/Editor: Levitt ,Marcus C.
The Early Neolithic of the Eastern Fertile Crescent: Excavations at Bestansur and Shimshara, Iraqi Kurdistan
Author/Editor: Kamal Rasheed Raheem,Wendy Matthews,Amy Richardson,Roger Matthews
Early Printed Music and Material Culture in Central and Western Europe
Author/Editor: Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl,Grantley McDonald
Early Printed Narrative Literature in Western Europe
Author/Editor: Bart Besamusca,Frank Willaert,Elisabeth de Bruijn
Early Public Libraries and Colonial Citizenship in the British Southern Hemisphere
Author/Editor: Lara Atkin,Sarah Comyn,Porscha Fermanis,Nathan Garvey
Early Readers, Scholars and Editors of the New Testament: Papers from the Eighth Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament
Author/Editor: H. A. G. Houghton
The Early Reception and Appropriation of the Apostle Peter (60-800 CE): The Anchors of the Fisherman
Author/Editor: Roald Dijkstra
Early Science Education: Goals and Process-Related Quality Criteria for Science Teaching
Author/Editor: "Haus der kleinen Forscher" Foundation
Early Start
Early Start: Preschool Politics in the United States
Author/Editor: Andrew Karch
Early Thirteenth-Century English Franciscan Thought
Author/Editor: Lydia Schumacher
Early West Tibetan Buddhist Monuments: Architecture, Art, History and Texts
The Early Years: Child Well-Being and the Role of Public Policy
Author/Editor: Samuel Berlinski,Norbert Schady
Earth 2020: An Insider’s Guide to a Rapidly Changing Planet
Author/Editor: Philippe Tortell
Earth and Beyond in Tumultuous Times: A Critical Atlas of the Anthropocene
Author/Editor: Réka Patrícia Gál,Petra Löffler
Earth Observation Open Science and Innovation
Author/Editor: Pierre-Philippe Mathieu,Christoph Aubrecht
Earth Observation Science and Applications for Risk Reduction and Enhanced Resilience in Hindu Kush Himalaya Region: A Decade of Experience from SERVIR
Author/Editor: Birendra Bajracharya,Rajesh Bahadur Thapa,Mir A. Matin
Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Nuclear Risks
Author/Editor: Katsuhiro Kamae
Earth’s climate response to a changing Sun: A review of the current understanding by the European research group TOSCA
Author/Editor: Thierry Dudok de Wit
East African Community Law: Institutional, Substantive and Comparative EU Aspects
Author/Editor: Emmanuel Ugirashebuja,John Ruhangisa,Tom Ottervanger,Armin Cuyvers
East and West in the Roman Empire of the Fourth Century
Author/Editor: Dijkstra . ,R.,van Poppel ,S.,Slootjes ,D.
East and West in the Roman Empire of the Fourth Century
East Asia and the First World War
Author/Editor: Frank Jacob
East Asian Integration: Goods, Services and Investment
Author/Editor: Lili Yan Ing,Martin Richardson,Shujiro Urata
East Benue-Congo: Nouns, pronouns, and verbs
Author/Editor: John R. Watters
Eastern and Western Ideas for African Growth: Diversity and Complementarity in Development Aid
Author/Editor: Kenichi Ohno,Izumi Ohno
The eastern horizon: A regional perspective
Author/Editor: Grzegorz Gorzelak
The Eastern Question or Balkan Nationalism(s): Balkan History Reconsidered
Author/Editor: Dimitris Stamatopoulos
The East India Company at Home 1757-1857
Easy Language – Plain Language – Easy Language Plus: Balancing Comprehensibility and Acceptability
Author/Editor: Christiane Maaß
Easy Language Research: Text and User Perspectives
Author/Editor: Silvia Hansen-Schirra,Christiane Maaß
Eating, Drinking: Surviving
Author/Editor: Peter Jackson,Walter E.L. Spiess,Farhana Sultana
Eating Identities: Reading Food in Asian American Literature
Author/Editor: Wenying Xu
Eating in the city: Socio-anthropological perspectives from Africa, Latin America and Asia
Author/Editor: audrey soula,Jean-Pierre Hassoun,Chelsie Yount-André,David Manley,Olivier LEPILLER,Nicolas Bricas
E-attachment and Online Communication: The Changing Context of the Clinical Diagnosis and Psychological Treatment
Author/Editor: Katarzyna Sitnik-Warchulska,Bernadetta Izydorczyk,Zbigniew Wajda
The EBMT/EHA CAR-T Cell Handbook
Author/Editor: Nicolaus Kröger,John Gribben,Christian Chabannon,Ibrahim Yakoub-Agha,Hermann Einsele
The EBMT Handbook: Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapies
Author/Editor: Enric Carreras,Carlo Dufour,Mohamad Mohty,Nicolaus Kröger
Ebooks in education
Ebooks in education : Realising the vision
Author/Editor: Woodward ,Hazel
Ebrei nella Terraferma veneta del Quattrocento
Author/Editor: Mueller, Reinhold C.,Varanini, Gian Maria
ECall Blackbox - 48
Author/Editor: Potters ,P.,Vreeze de ,M.
Ecbasis Cuiusdam Captivi Per Tropologiam—Escape of a Certain Captive Told in a Figurative Manner: An Eleventh-Century Latin Beast Epic
Author/Editor: Edwin H. Zeydel
Čechořečnost seu grammatica linguae Bohemicae: Hrsg. von Jiří Marvan. Nachdruck der Ausgabe Micro-Pragae 1672
Author/Editor: Václav J. Rosa
Echoes of No Thing: Thinking between Heidegger and Dōgen
Author/Editor: Nico Jenkins
Echoes of Reaganism in Hollywood Blockbuster Movies from the 1980s to the 2010s
Author/Editor: Ilias Ben Mna
Echoes of the Tambaran
The Echo of Die Blechtrommel in Europe: Studies on the Reception of Günter Grass's <i>The Tin Drum</i>
Author/Editor: Jos Joosten,Christoph Parry
ECLAP 2012 Conference on Information Technologies for Performing Arts, Media Access and Entertainment
Author/Editor: Raffaella Santucci,Paolo Nesi
Ecocene Politics
Author/Editor: Mihnea Tănăsescu
Ecocinema Theory and Practice 2
Author/Editor: Stephen Rust,Salma Monani,Sean Cubitt
Ecocriticism and Italy: Ecology, Resistance, and Liberation
Author/Editor: Serenella Iovino
Ecodomy - Life in its fullness
Author/Editor: Dube ,Zorodzai (Zoro),van Wyk ,Tanya,Venter M. ,Pieter,van der Merwe M. ,Johan,de Villiers ,Gerda,Human J. ,Dirk,Meiring ,P.G.J. (Piet),Pillay ,Jerry,Smith G. ,Wayne,Thesnaar ,Christo,van Niekerk Robert ,John,van Eck ,Ernest
Ecological Causal Assessment
Author/Editor: Susan B. Norton,Susan M. Cormier,Glenn W. Suter II
Ecological Form: System and Aesthetics in the Age of Empire
Author/Editor: Nathan Hensley,Philip Steer
Ecological Justice and the Extinction Crisis: Giving Living Beings their Due
Author/Editor: Anna Wienhues
Ecological Risk Assessment for Chlorpyrifos in Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems in North America
Author/Editor: John P. Giesy,Keith R. Solomon
The Ecological Scarcity Method for the European Union: A Volkswagen Research Initiative: Environmental Assessments
Author/Editor: Stephan Ahbe,Simon Weihofen,Steffen Wellge
An Ecological Theology of Liberation: Salvation and Political Ecology
Author/Editor: Daniel Patrick Castillo
Author/Editor: Cymene Howe
Ecology and Applied Environmental Science
Author/Editor: Kimon Hadjibiros
Ecology at the Heart of Faith
Author/Editor: Denis Edwards
Ecology of Affect: Intensive Milieus and Contingent Encounters
Author/Editor: Marie-Luise Angerer
Ecology of Marine Bivalves: An Ecosystem Approach
Author/Editor: Richard F. Dame,Alice Oven,Michael J. Kenneth
Econometric Analysis in Poverty Research: With Case Studies from Developing Countries
Author/Editor: Johannes Gräb
Economia e Diritto in Italia durante il Fascismo: Approfondimenti, biografie, nuovi percorsi di ricerca
Author/Editor: Piero Barucci,Piero Bini,Lucilla Conigliello
Economic Analysis of International Law: Contributions to the XIIIth Travemünde Symposium on the Economic Analysis of Law (March 29–31, 2012)
Author/Editor: Thomas Eger,Stefan Voigt,Stefan Oeter
The Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Dual Sourcing
Author/Editor: Heidrun Rosic
Economic and Social Transformation in China
Author/Editor: Angang Hu
Economic Competence and Financial Literacy of Young Adults: Status and Challenges
Author/Editor: Eveline Wuttke,Jürgen Seifried,Stephan Schumann
Economic Complexity and Human Development
Economic Complexity and Human Development : How economic diversification and social networks affect human agency and welfare
Author/Editor: Hartmann ,Dominik
The Economic Consequences of the Gulf War
Author/Editor: Kamran Mofid
Economic Diversification in Nigeria: The Politics of Building a Post-Oil Economy
Author/Editor: Zainab Usman
The Economic Ethics of World Religions and their Laws: An Introduction to Max Weber's Comparative Sociology
Author/Editor: Andreas Buss
Economic Evaluation of Sustainable Development
Author/Editor: Vinod Thomas,Namrata Chindarkar
Economic Exchange and Social Interaction in Southeast Asia: Perspectives from Prehistory, History, and Ethnography
Author/Editor: Karl L. Hutterer
Economic Fables
Author/Editor: Rubinstein ,Ariel
Economic Geography
Author/Editor: Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen,Helen Lawton-Smith
Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in Colombia
Author/Editor: Adriana Rocío Cardozo Silva
Economic Growth, Biodiversity Conservation, and the Formation of Human Capital in a Developing Country: The Case of Guatemala
Author/Editor: Ludger Löning
An Economic History of Cambodia in the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Margaret Slocomb
Economic Imperatives for Women's Writing in Early Modern Europe (Volume 2)
Author/Editor: Carme Font Paz,Nina Geerdink
Economic Inequality in Latin America: Migration, Education and Structural Change
Author/Editor: Carlos Villalobos Barría
Economic multisectoral modelling between past and future: A tribute to Maurizio Grassini and a selection of his writings
Author/Editor: Rossella Bardazzi
An Economic Philosophy of Production, Work and Consumption: A Transhistorical Framework
Author/Editor: Rodney Edvinsson
Economic Sanctions in International Law and Practice
Author/Editor: Masahiko Asada
Economics in Sweden
Author/Editor: Lars Engwall
The Economics of Big Science: Essays by Leading Scientists and Policymakers
Author/Editor: Hans Peter Beck,Panagiotis Charitos
The Economics of Gender in China: Women, Work and the Glass Ceiling
Author/Editor: Sisi Sung
Economics of Institutions and Law
Economics of Land Degradation and Improvement – A Global Assessment for Sustainable Development
Author/Editor: Ephraim Nkonya,Alisher Mirzabaev,Joachim von Braun
The Economics of Quarantine and the SPS Agreement
Author/Editor: McRae ,Cheryl,Wilson ,David,Anderson ,Kym
The Economics of the Audiovisual Industry: Financing TV, Film and Web
Author/Editor: Mario La Torre
The Economics of Two-way Interconnection
Author/Editor: Ulrich Berger
The Economics of Water: Rules and Institutions
Author/Editor: Georg Meran,Markus Siehlow,Christian von Hirschhausen
Economic Transformation in Poland and Ukraine: National and Regional Perspectives
Author/Editor: Rafał Wisła,Andrzej Nowosad
Economische theorie van overlappende-generatiemodellen
Author/Editor: Verbon ,H.A.A.,Groezen van ,B.J.A.M.,Leers ,Th.
The Economy as a Complex Spatial System: Macro, Meso and Micro Perspectives
Author/Editor: Pasquale Commendatore,Ingrid Kubin,Spiros Bougheas,Alan Kirman,Michael Kopel,Gian Italo Bischi
The Economy of Communist China, 1949–1969
Author/Editor: Chu-yuan Cheng
The Economy of Western Xia: A Study of 11th to 13th Century Tangut Records
Author/Editor: Jinbo Shi
Economy Studies: A Guide to Rethinking Economics Education
Author/Editor: Sam de Muijnck,Joris Tieleman
ECOS 2012: The 25th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization and Simulation of Energy Conversion Systems and Processes (Perugia, June 26th-June 29th, 2012)
Author/Editor: Umberto Desideri,Enrico Sciubba,Giampaolo Manfrida
Ecosistemi letterari: Luoghi e paesaggi nella finzione novecentesca
Author/Editor: Nicola Turi
The Ecosystem Approach in Ocean Planning and Governance: Perspectives from Europe and Beyond
Author/Editor: David Langlet,Rosemary Rayfuse
Ecosystem-Based Management, Ecosystem Services and Aquatic Biodiversity: Theory, Tools and Applications
Author/Editor: Timothy G. O’Higgins,Manuel Lago,Theodore H. DeWitt
Ecosystem Services and Poverty Alleviation: Trade-offs and Governance
Author/Editor: Kate Schreckenberg,Mahesh Poudyal,Georgina Mace
Ecosystem Services for Well-Being in Deltas: Integrated Assessment for Policy Analysis
Author/Editor: Robert J. Nicholls,Craig W. Hutton,W. Neil Adger,Susan E. Hanson,Md. Munsur Rahman,Mashfiqus Salehin
Author/Editor: Celia Deane-Drummond
Ecrits sur le langage
Author/Editor: Hendrik Pos,Patrick Flack
Ecritures digitales: Digital Writing, Digital Scriptures
Author/Editor: Claire Clivaz
Ecstatic Encounters
Edhina Ekogidho – Names as Links: The Encounter between African and European Anthroponymic Systems among the Ambo People in Namibia
Author/Editor: Minna Saarelma-Maunumaa
Edición académica y difusión: Libro abierto en Iberoamérica
Author/Editor: Elea Giménez Toledo,Juan Felipe Córdoba Restrepo
An Edition of Miles Hogarde's "A Mirroure of Myserie"
Author/Editor: Sebastian Sobecki
Edmund Siemers. Unternehmer und Stifter
Author/Editor: Johannes Gerhardt,Ekkehard W. Nümann,Hamburgische Wissenschaftliche Stiftung
Eduard Hanslick
Eduard Hanslick - Sämtliche Schriften. Historisch-kritische Ausgabe
Eduard Lorenz Lorenz-Meyer. Ein Hamburger Kaufmann und Künstler
Author/Editor: Johannes Gerhardt,Ekkehard W. Nümann,Hamburgische Wissenschaftliche Stiftung
Eduard Steuermann. "Musiker und Virtuose": Symposiumsbericht
Author/Editor: Lars-Edvard Laubhold
Educación legal clínica y litigio estratégico en Iberoamérica
Author/Editor: Beatriz Londoño
Educare oltre confine. Storie narrazioni intercultura
Author/Editor: Nanni ,Silvia
Educated Youth and the Cultural Revolution in China
Author/Editor: Martin Singer
Educatie en welzijn
Author/Editor: Bosch van den ,L.I.
Educating for an open society
Author/Editor: Jones ,R.J.
Educating for Professional Life: Twenty-five Years of the University of Westminster
Author/Editor: Elaine Penn
Educating Mind, Body and Spirit: The legacy of Quintin Hogg and The Polytechnic, 1864-1992
Author/Editor: Helen Glew,Anthony Gorst,Michael Heller,Neil Matthews
Educating Students to Improve the World
Author/Editor: Fernando M. Reimers
Educating Students with Refugee and Asylum Seeker Experiences: A Commitment to Humanity
Author/Editor: Maura Sellars
Educational Change Amongst English Language College Teachers in China: Transitioning from Teaching for General to Academic Purposes
Author/Editor: Yulong Li
Educational Data Analytics for Teachers and School Leaders
Author/Editor: Sofia Mougiakou,Dimitra Vinatsella,Demetrios Sampson,Zacharoula Papamitsiou,Michail Giannakos,Dirk Ifenthaler
Educational Jobs: Youth and Employability in the Social Economy: Investigations in Italy, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom
Author/Editor: Vanna Boffo,Paolo Federighi,Francesca Torlone
Educational mobility of Second-Generation Turks
Educational Perspectives on Mediality and Subjectivation: Discourse, Power and Analysis
Author/Editor: Patrick Bettinger
Educational Reception in Rotterdam and Barcelona: Policies, Practices and Gaps
Author/Editor: Bruquetas-Callejo ,María
Educational Resource Management: An international perspective
Author/Editor: Derek Glover,Rosalind Levačić
Educational Theory in the 21st Century: Science, Technology, Society and Education
Author/Editor: Yusuf Alpaydın,Cihad Demirli
Educational visions: The lessons from 40 years of innovation
Author/Editor: Rebecca Ferguson,Ann Jones,Eileen Scanlon
Education and Climate Change: The Role of Universities
Author/Editor: Fernando M. Reimers,Fernando M. Reimers
Education and Development in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa: Policies, Paradigms, and Entanglements, 1890s–1980s
Author/Editor: Damiano Matasci,Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo,Hugo Gonçalves Dores
Education and Ethics in the Life Sciences: Strengthening the Prohibition of Biological Weapons
Author/Editor: Rappert ,Brian
Education and Skills for Inclusive Growth, Green Jobs and the Greening of Economies in Asia: Case Study Summaries of India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Viet Nam
Author/Editor: Rupert Maclean,Shanti Jagannathan,Brajesh Panth
Education, Equity and Inclusion: Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable North
Author/Editor: Diane B. Hirshberg,Mhairi C. Beaton,Gregor Maxwell,Tuija Turunen,Janette Peltokorpi
Education for Children with disabilities in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Education for Democratic Intercultural Citizenship
Author/Editor: Wiel Veugelers
Education for Sustainable Development in Foreign Language Learning: Content-Based Instruction in College-Level Curricula
Author/Editor: María J. de la Fuente
Education for Sustaining Peace through Historical Memory
Author/Editor: Markus Schultze-Kraft
EDucation & GEnder: Gender-specific education in different countries. Historical aspects - current trends
Author/Editor: Oliver Holz,Fiona Shelton
Education in Scotland
Author/Editor: Margaret Clark,Pamela Munn
An Education in Sport: Competition, communities and identities at the University of Westminster since 1864
Author/Editor: Mark Clapson
Education, Learning, Training
Education, Learning, Training
Author/Editor: Carbonnier ,G.,Carton ,M.,King ,K.
Education Materialised: Reconstructing Teaching and Learning Contexts through Manuscripts
Author/Editor: Stefanie Brinkmann,Giovanni Ciotti,Stefano Valente,Eva Maria Wilden
Education, Migration and Development: Critical Perspectives in a Moving World
Author/Editor: Amy North,Elaine Chase
Education, Migration and Development: Critical Perspectives in a Moving World
Author/Editor: Amy North,Elaine Chase
The Education of the Eye: History of the Royal Polytechnic Institution 1838-1881
Author/Editor: Brenda Weeden
Education Policies in the 21st Century: Comparative Perspectives
Author/Editor: Birol Akgün,Yusuf Alpaydın
Education Studies in South Africa: The Quest for Relevance, Rigour and Restructuring
Author/Editor: Charl C. Wolhuter,Charl C. Wolhuter,Aruna Ankiah-Gangadeen,Carolina Botha,Fumane P. Khanare,Corné Kruger,Siphokazi Kwatubana
The Education System in Mexico
Author/Editor: Scott ,David,Posner M. ,C.,Martin ,Chris,Guzman ,Elsa
Education Systems and Inequalities: International comparisons
Author/Editor: Andreas Hadjar,Christiane Gross
Education to Build Back Better: What Can We Learn from Education Reform for a Post-pandemic World
Author/Editor: Fernando M. Reimers,Uche Amaechi,Alysha Banerji,Margaret Wang
Educators of Healthcare Professionals: Agreeing a Shared Purpose
Author/Editor: Julie Browne,Alison Bullock,Samuel Parker,Chiara Poletti,John Jenkins,Derek Gallen
Educazione, cittadinanza, volontariato: Frontiere pedagogiche
Author/Editor: Giulia Pieri
Educazione ed innovazione sociale: L’apprendimento trasformativo nella formazione continua
Author/Editor: Glenda Galeotti
Educazione e mondo del lavoro. Figure di accompagnamento e potenzialità delle nuove tecnologie nei servizi di bilancio delle competenze e nell'orientamento professionale
Educazione e mondo del lavoro. Figure di accompagnamento e potenzialità delle nuove tecnologie nei servizi di bilancio delle competenze e nell'orientamento professionale
Educazione e natura: Fondamenti,prospettive,possibilità
Author/Editor: Maja Antonietti,Fabrizio Bertolino,Monica Guerra,Michela Schenetti
Educazione in età adulta: Ricerche, politiche, luoghi e professioni
Author/Editor: Paolo Federighi
Educazione in gioco
Author/Editor: Ferretti ,Enrico
Edward M. Curr and the Tide of History
Author/Editor: Furphy ,Samuel
Een 16de eeuwse Maleise vertaling van de Burda van al-Būṣīrī
Een 16de eeuwse Maleise vertaling van de Burda van al-Būṣīrī
Een andere financiële organisatie
Author/Editor: Verdult ,L.M.J.
Een beeld in technicolor: Vijftig jaar oorlogen in Vietnam 1940-1990
Author/Editor: Pieter Meulendijks
E-engagement: A guide for Public Sector Managers
Author/Editor: Chen ,Peter
Een gedifferentieerd Europa
Author/Editor: Posthumus Meyjes ,H.C.
Een kolonie van Duitsers
Een kwaad geweten: De worsteling met de Indonesische onafhankelijkheidsoorlog vanaf 1950
Author/Editor: Meindert van der Kaaij
Een ladder tegen de windroos. Nederlands tussen Noord- en Zuid-Europa. Contacten, confrontaties en bemiddelaars
Een monument voor het land. Overheidsstatistiek in België, 1795-1870
Author/Editor: Bracke ,Nele
‘Een mooie mengelmoes’: Meertaligheid in de Gouden Eeuw
Author/Editor: Marc van Oostendorp,Nicoline van der Sijs
Een multisectormodel voor de Nederlandse economie in 23 bedrijfstakken. Veranderingen in de sectorstructuur van de Nederlandse economie 1950-1990. Modelstudie bij het rapport Plaats en toekomst van de Nederlandse industrie
Author/Editor: Muller ,F.,Lesuis ,P.J.J.,Boxhoorn ,N.M.
Een nieuwe toekomst voor het cultuurbeleid
Author/Editor: Hoefnagel ,F.J.P.M.
Een nieuw stelsel van sociale zekerheid?
Author/Editor: Weeren van ,J.
Een onderzoek naar de achtergronden van moeilijk vervulbare vacatures
Author/Editor: Banning ,C.H.,Kamps ,J.A.
Een raming van de finale bestedingen en enkele andere grootheden in Nederland in 1985 : Technische nota's bij het rapport Plaats en toekomst van de Nederlandse industrie
Author/Editor: Brouwer ,M.Th.
Een schets van het Europese mediabeleid - 5
Author/Editor: Larouche ,P.,Haar van der ,I.
Een tweede paspoort
Een versplinterd landschap. Bijdragen over geschiedenis en actualiteit van Nederlandse politieke partijen
Een werkend perspectief. Arbeidsparticipatie in de jaren '90
Author/Editor: WRR
The Effable and the Ineffable: The Linguistic Boundaries of Metaphysical Realism
Author/Editor: Christos Yannaras,Andreas Andreopoulos,Jonathan Cole
Effectieve loopbaanoriëntatie en loopbaanbegeleiding (LOB) in het vmbo: een overzichtsstudie van nationale en internationale literatuur
Author/Editor: Hanke Korpershoek,Merlijn Karssen,Alma Spijkerboer,Régina Petit,Annet Hermans
Effective Directors: The Right Questions to Ask (QTA)
Author/Editor: Charlotte Valeur,Claire Fargeot
The Effectiveness of Social Rights in the EU: Social Inclusion and European Governance : A Constitutional and Methodological Perspective
Author/Editor: Nadia Maccabiani
Effective Theories in Physics: From Planetary Orbits to Elementary Particle Masses
Author/Editor: James D. Wells
Effective two dimensional theories for multi-layered plates
Author/Editor: Miguel de Benito Delgado
Effects of EU Enlargement to the Central European Countries on Agricultural Markets
Author/Editor: Wolfgang Münch
Effects of Including Agricultural Products in the Customs Union between Turkey and the EU: A Partial Equilibrium Analysis for Turkey
Author/Editor: Harald Grethe
Effectuation entwickeln: Ein auf Reinforcement Learning aufbauender agentenbasierter Modellierungsbeitrag zur Formalisierung unternehmerischen Verhaltens
Author/Editor: Martin Sterzel
Effets des sons anthropiques sur la faune marine: Cas des projets éoliens offshore
Author/Editor: Julien Bonnel,Sylvain Chauvaud,Laurent Chauvaud,Jérôme Mars
Efficacia ed efficienza della pubblica amministrazione: Effektivität und Effizienz der öffentlichen Verwaltung
Author/Editor: Stefania Baroncelli,Stefania BARONCELLI,Kurt Promberger,Tommaso Reggiani,Matteo Rizzolli,Marco Cappello,Massimo Carli,Lorenzo De Gregoriis,Marcello M. Fracanzani,Cristina Fraenkel-Haeberle,Lucia Marchegiani,Riccardo Mussari,Alessandro Natalini
Efficient fast Fourier transform-based solvers for computing the thermomechanical behavior of applied materials
Author/Editor: Daniel Wicht
Efficient Learning Machines: Theories, Concepts, and Applications for Engineers and System Designers
Author/Editor: Mariette Awad,Rahul Khanna
Efficient Screening Techniques to Identify Mutants with TR4 Resistance in Banana: Protocols
Author/Editor: Joanna Jankowicz-Cieslak,Ivan L. Ingelbrecht
Effizienz- und Verteilungswirkungen des Steuersystems
Effizienzwirkungen von Finanzausgleichsregelungen: Eine Empirische Allgemeine Gleichgewichtsanalyse fuer die Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Author/Editor: Georg Hirte
Effort environnemental et équité: Les politiques publiques de l’eau et de la biodiversité en France
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Efter Tegnér: Experiment med traditionen
Author/Editor: Alfred Sjödin,Jimmie Svensson
EG-ICE 2021 Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Engineering
Author/Editor: Jimmy Abualdenien,André Borrmann,Lucian-Constantin Ungureanu,Timo Hartmann
eGirls, eCitizens
eGirls, eCitizens : Putting Technology, Theory and Policy into Dialogue with Girls’ and Young Women’s Voices
Author/Editor: Bailey ,Jane,Steeves ,Valerie
Egmont da capo – eine mythogenetische Studie (Volume 44)
Author/Editor: Rengenier C. Rittersma
Ego-Alter Ego: Double and/as Other in the Age of German Poetic Realism
Author/Editor: John Pizer
The e-Government Development Discourse: Analysing Contemporary and Future Growth Prospects in Developing and Emerging Economies
Author/Editor: Kelvin J. Bwalya
E-government in Europe
Author/Editor: Paul G. Nixon,Vassiliki N. Koutrakou
Ehrliche Unehrlichkeit: Eine qualitative Untersuchung der Tugend Ehrlichkeit bei Jugendlichen an der Zürcher Volksschule
Author/Editor: Emanuela Chiapparini
Ehrverletzungen in der elektronischen Presse: Eine kollisionsrechtliche Untersuchung de lege lata und de lege ferenda – unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung der Rechtsprechung von EuGH und BGH zur Internationalen Zustaendigkeit bei Internetdelikten
Author/Editor: Gianandrea Schmidt
The EIB Circular Economy Guide: Supporting the circular transition
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
The EIB Climate Survey 2019-2020
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
The EIB Climate Survey 2020-2021 - The climate crisis in a COVID-19 world: calls for a green recovery
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Complaints Mechanism Report 2019
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Complaints Mechanism Report 2020
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Complaints Mechanism Report 2021
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The EIB COVID-19 Economic Vulnerability Index - An analysis of countries outside the European Union
Author/Editor: Emmanouil Davradakis,European Investment Bank,Sanne Zwart,Barbara Marchitto,Ricardo Santos
EIB Financial Report 2019
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Financial Report 2020
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Financial Report 2021
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB financing and borrowing activities 2020
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB financing and borrowing activities 2021
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Fraud Investigations Activity Report 2020
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Global Report: The Impact
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Group activities in EU cohesion regions in 2021: A bigger, bolder and more focused approach to cohesion
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Group Activity Report 2019
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Group Carbon Footprint Report 2019
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
The EIB Group Climate Bank Roadmap 2021-2025: November 2020
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Group Sustainability Report 2019
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Group Sustainability Report 2020
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Group Sustainability Report 2021
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Impact Report 2020: Climate action, environmental sustainability and innovation for decarbonisation
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
The EIB in the city: Investment on the agenda (Volume 9)
Author/Editor: Greg Clark,European Investment Bank,Tim Moonen,Jake Nunley
EIB Investment Report 2019/2020: accelerating Europe's transformation
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Investment Report 2019/2020 - Key Findings: accelerating Europe's transformation
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Investment Report 2020/2021: Building a smart and green Europe in the Covid-19 era
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Investment Survey 2021 - EU overview
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank,Julie Delanote
EIBIS 2020 - EU overview
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Operations Inside the European Union 2019
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Statistical Report 2019
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2020/05 - Financing constraints and employers’ investment in training (Volume 2020/5)
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Author/Editor: Áron Gereben,European Investment Bank,Patricia Wruuck
EIB Working Paper 2021/02 - The birth of new high growth enterprises: internationalisation through new digital technologies
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EIB Working Paper 2021/03 - Assessing climate change risks at the country level: the EIB scoring model
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EIB Working Paper 2021/04 - Aggregate productivity slowdown in Europe: New evidence from corporate balance sheets
Author/Editor: Marcin Wolski,European Investment Bank,Laurent Maurin
EIB Working Paper 2021/05 - The impact of bank loan terms on intangible investment in Europe
Author/Editor: Atanas Kolevy,European Investment Bank,Matthieu Segol,Laurent Maurin
EIB Working Paper 2021/06 - Efficiency and effectiveness of the COVID-19 government support: Evidence from firm-level data
Author/Editor: Rozália Pál,European Investment Bank,Tibor Lalinsky
EIB Working Paper 2021/07 - Can European businesses achieve productivity gains from investments in energy efficiency?
Author/Editor: Hanna Niczyporuk,European Investment Bank,Fotios Kalantzis
EIB Working Paper 2021/09 - Market finance as a spare tyre? Corporate investment and access to bank credit in Europe
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2021/10 - The simpler, the better: Measuring financial conditions for monetary policy and financial stability
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2021/12: Complementarities in capital formation and production
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank,Anna Thum-Thysen,Peter Voigt,Christoph Weiss
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Author/Editor: European Investment Bank,Péter Harasztosi,Laurent Maurin,Rozália Pál,Debora Revoltella,Wouter van der Wiel
EIB Working Paper 2022/02 - How to foster climate innovation in the European Union: Insights from the EIB Online Survey on Climate Innovation
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank,Julie Delanote,Désirée Rücker
EIB Working Paper 2022/03: Estimating conditional treatment effects of EIB lending to SMEs in Europe
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank,Alessandro Barbera,Aron Gereben,Marcin Wolski
EIB Working Paper 2022/04 - Investment expectations by vulnerable European firms
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/05 - How much is too much?
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/06 - Hot off the press: News-implied sovereign default risk
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/07 - Corporate training and skill gaps
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/08 - Are EU firms climate-ready?
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/09 - Productivity and responses to the pandemic
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/11 - A structural analysis of foreign exchange markets in sub-Saharan Africa
Author/Editor: Annina Kaltenbrunner,European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/12 - Determinants of the exchange rate, its volatility and currency crash risk in Africa’s low and lower middle-income countries
Author/Editor: Anjelo Okot,European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/13 - COVID-19 and the resilience of European firms: The influence of pre-crisis productivity, digitalisation and growth performance
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/14 - The scarring effects of major economic downturns: The role of fiscal policy and government investment
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/15 - Estimating financial integration in Europe: How to separate structural trends from cyclical fluctuations
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Papers 2019/01 - Blockchain, FinTechs and their relevance for international financial institutions (Volume 2019/1)
Author/Editor: Emmanouil Davradakis,European Investment Bank,Ricardo Santos
EIB Working Papers 2019/02 - How energy audits promote SMEs’ energy efficiency investment (Volume 2019/2)
Author/Editor: Debora Revoltella,European Investment Bank,Fotios Kalantzis
EIB Working Papers 2019/03 - Financing and obstacles for high growth enterprises: The European case (Volume 2019/3)
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EIB Working Papers 2019/04 - Can survey-based information help to assess investment gaps in the EU? (Volume 2019/4)
Author/Editor: Daniel Dejuan,European Investment Bank,Pana Alves,Laurent Maurin
EIB Working Papers 2019/05 - Skill shortages and skill mismatch in Europe: A review of the literature (Volume 2019/5)
Author/Editor: Giorgio Brunello,European Investment Bank,Patricia Wruuck
EIB Working Papers 2019/06 - Promoting energy audits: Results from an experiment (Volume 2019/6)
Author/Editor: Pauline Ravillard,European Investment Bank,Philipp-Bastian Brutscher
EIB Working Papers 2019/07 - What firms don’t like about bank loans: New evidence from survey data (Volume 2019/7)
Author/Editor: Matthieu Ségol,European Investment Bank,Atanas Kolev,Laurent Maurin
EIB Working Papers 2019/08 - Investment: What holds Romanian firms back? (Volume 2019/8)
Author/Editor: Rozalia Pal,European Investment Bank,Constantin Catalin Dumitrescu,Amalia Stamate,Patricia Wruuck
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Author/Editor: Matic Petriček,European Investment Bank,Anton Rop,Áron Gereben,Adalbert Winkler
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Author/Editor: Frank Betz,European Investment Bank,Christoph T. Weiss,Farshad R. Ravasan
EIB Working Papers 2019/11 - Macro-based asset allocation: An empirical analysis (Volume 2019/11)
Author/Editor: Christian Schmieder,European Investment Bank,Miroslav Kollár
EIB Working Papers 2020/01 - How can favourable financing improve energy efficiency investments?: Evidence from new experimental data (Volume 2020/1)
Author/Editor: Pauline Ravillard,European Investment Bank,Philipp-Bastian Brutscher
EIB Working Papers 2020/02 - Impact of FDI on economic growth: The role of country income levels and institutional strength (Volume 2020/2)
Author/Editor: Tamar Baiashvili,European Investment Bank,Luca Gattini
EIB Working Papers 2020/03 - Employer provided training in Europe: Determinants and obstacles (Volume 2020/3)
Author/Editor: Giorgio Brunello,European Investment Bank,Patricia Wruuck
EIB Working Papers 2020/04 - Making a difference: Assessing the impact of the EIB's funding to SMEs (Volume 2020/4)
Author/Editor: Áron Gereben,European Investment Bank,Marcin Wolski,Raschid Amamou
Eigennuetzige Regierungen im fiskalischen Wettbewerb um Kapital
Author/Editor: Claudia Hensberg
Eigensinnige Musterschüler: Ländliche Entwicklung und internationales Expertenwissen in der Türkei (1947–1980)
Author/Editor: Heinrich Hartmann
Eigentijds burgerschap
Author/Editor: WRR
Eigentuemerstruktur und Unternehmenserfolg: Eine theoretische und empirische Analyse deutscher boersennotierter Unternehmen
Author/Editor: Franca Ruhwedel
Eigentum und Geschlecht
Eighth International Symposium “Monitoring of Mediterranean Coastal Areas. Problems and Measurement Techniques”: Livorno (Italy) June 2020
Author/Editor: Laura Bonora,Donatella CARBONI,MATTEO DE VINCENZI
Eignung von domänenspezifischen Studieneingangsvariablen als Prädiktoren für Studienerfolg im Fach und Lehramt Physik (Volume 307)
Author/Editor: Nikola Schild
Ein Beitrag zum simulationsbasierten Test von Lichtfunktionen
Author/Editor: Steffen Strebel
Ein Beitrag zur asymptotischen Analyse der hydraulischen Ventilsteuerungen
Author/Editor: Simon Schröders
Ein Beitrag zur Auslegung tragender Klebverbindungen im Fassadenbau
Author/Editor: Martin Dirk Bues
Ein Bestseller der islamischen Vormoderne: Zur Verbreitung von Ḫvāndamīrs Ḥabīb as-siyar von Anatolien bis auf den indischen Subkontinent
Author/Editor: Philip Bockholt
Ein Brandhorizont aus der Zeit der Markomannenkriege im südostnorischen Munizipium Flavia Solva
Author/Editor: Hinker ,Christoph
Ein Bürger unter Bauern?
Einbruchsdelikte: Strafzumessung, Rückfälligkeit und kriminelle Karrieren
Author/Editor: Ramona Griegel
Ein Compendium sumerisch-akkadischer Beschwörungen
Author/Editor: Schramm, Wolfgang
Ein Diener seiner Herren
Eindrapport innovatiecentra voor- en vroegschoolse educatie: Samenvatting van vijf deelonderzoeken
Author/Editor: Annemiek Veen,Jeanet Bus,Loes Van Druten
Eine agentenbasierte Architektur für Programmierung mit gesprochener Sprache
Author/Editor: Sebastian Weigelt
Eine andere Geschichte der spanischen Literatur: Von Cervantes bis zur Gegenwart
Author/Editor: Dieter Ingenschay
Eine andere Welt ist möglich - ohne Antisemitismus?
Eine andere Welt ist möglich - ohne Antisemitismus? : Antisemitismus und Globalisierungskritik bei Attac
Author/Editor: Knothe ,Holger
Eine diskursanalytische Betrachtung des rok-samizdat in der Sowjetunion und ihren Nachfolgestaaten in der Periode zwischen 1967 und 1994
Author/Editor: Martin Bergmann
Eine empirische Analyse der Anreize zur informellen Pflege: Impulse fuer Deutschland aus einem europaeischen Vergleich
Author/Editor: Christian Maier
Eine frühkaiserzeitliche Grubenverfüllung aus dem Hanghaus 2 in Ephesos
Author/Editor: Sabine Ladstätter
Eine Geschichte der Neugier
„Eine Gesellschaft, die ihre Jugend verliert, ist verloren.“: Das hochschulpolitische Konzept der SED am Beispiel der Technischen Hochschule/ Universität Karl-Marx-Stadt und die daraus resultierende Verantwortung der FDJ zwischen 1953 und 1989/90
„Eine Gesellschaft, die ihre Jugend verliert, ist verloren.“: Das hochschulpolitische Konzept der SED am Beispiel der Technischen Hochschule/ Universität Karl-Marx-Stadt und die daraus resultierende Verantwortung der FDJ zwischen 1953 und 1989/90
Author/Editor: Kausch ,Jana
"Eine Medicinische Facultät in Flor bringen" - zur Geschichte der Medizinischen Fakultät der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Author/Editor: Zimmermann, Volker
Eine relationale Perspektive auf Lernen: Ontologische Hintergrundsannahmen in lerntheoretischen Konzeptualisierungen des Menschen und von Sozialität
Author/Editor: Franz Schaller
Eine Schweiz - viele Religionen: Risiken und Chancen des Zusammenlebens
Author/Editor: Martin Baumann,Jörg Stolz
Eine semantische Analyse der Perfektivierungspraefigierung im Russischen. Fallstudie pere-
Author/Editor: Assinja Demjjanow
Eine theoretische Orientierung für die Soziale Arbeit in Zeiten des Klimawandels: Von der ökosozialen zur sozial-ökologischen Transformation
Author/Editor: Marcel Schmidt
Eine Wellenlänge zu Gott: Der »Verband der Islamischen Kulturzentren in Europa«
Author/Editor: Gerdien Jonker
Eine Welt der Ordnungen: Weltpolitische Ordnungsformen des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts
Author/Editor: Martin Senn,Andreas M. Kraxberger
Eine Welt von Folgen
Author/Editor: Thomas Gil
Eine zersplitterte Landschaft
Einführungen in die Psychoanalyse I: Einfühlen, Unbewußtes, Symptom, Hysterie, Sexualität, Übertragung, Perversion
Author/Editor: Karl-Josef Pazzini,Susanne Gottlob
Einführungen in die Psychoanalyse II: Setting, Traumdeutung, Sublimierung, Angst, Lehren, Norm, Wirksamkeit
Author/Editor: Karl-Josef Pazzini,Susanne Gottlob
Einführung in die Differential- und in die Differenzengleichungen
Author/Editor: Alexander Lewintan,Peter Lewintan
Einführung in die Ethik
Author/Editor: Micha H. Werner
Einführung in die grammatische Beschreibung des Deutschen
Author/Editor: Schäfer ,Roland
Einführung in die grammatische Beschreibung des Deutschen. Zweite, überarbeitete Auflage
Author/Editor: Schäfer ,Roland
Einführung in die grammatische Beschreibung des Deutschen: Dritte, überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage
Author/Editor: Roland Schäfer
Einführung in die grammatische Beschreibung des Deutschen. Zweite, überarbeitete Auflage
Einführung in die Wissenschaften: Wissenschaftstypen - Deutungskämpfe - Interdisziplinäre Kooperation
Author/Editor: Werner Kogge
Einfluss atmosphärischer Umgebungsbedingungen auf den Lebenszyklus konvektiver Zellen in der Echtzeit-Vorhersage
Author/Editor: Jannik Wilhelm
Einfluss der Kompaktierung auf die Elektrodenmikrostruktur und elektrochemische Performance bei Lithium-Ionen-Zellen
Author/Editor: Denny Schmidt
Einfluss des Dralls auf den Überschallnachlauf eines längsangeströmten zylindrischen Körpers
Author/Editor: Stephan Weidner
Einflussfaktor subjektives Alter: Effekte auf die Teilnahme an und die Bewertung von Weiterbildungen (Volume 2)
Author/Editor: Alexandra Maßmann
Einfluss nicht-marktlicher Taetigkeiten auf den materiellen Wohlstand und die Einkommensverteilung in Deutschland
Author/Editor: Sandra Hofmann
Einfluss von Kommunikationsmaßnahmen mit CSR-Bezug auf die Einstellung zur Marke: Entwicklung und Ueberpruefung eines konzeptionellen Modells
Author/Editor: Marion Secka
Einfuehrung in die morphologische Konzeption der slavischen Akzentologie
Author/Editor: Werner Lehfeldt
Einfuehrung von Wettbewerb auf der Letzten Meile: Eine oekonomische Analyse von Netzinfrastruktur und Wettbewerbspotential im Teilnehmeranschlußbereich
Author/Editor: Sarah Eliza Schniewindt
Eingebettete Systeme: Grundlagen Eingebetteter Systeme in Cyber-Physikalischen Systemen
Author/Editor: Peter Marwedel
Ein gemeinsamer Markt fuer Elektrizitaet in Europa: Optionen einer Wettbewerbsordnung zwischen Anspruch und Wirklichkeit
Author/Editor: Rüdiger Hermann
Eingeschlossene Räume: Das Motiv der Box im Film
Author/Editor: Nepomuk Zettl
Eingeschlossene Räume: Das Motiv der Box im Film
Author/Editor: Nepomuk Zettl
»Ein guter Mann ist harte Arbeit«: Eine ethnographische Studie zu philippinischen Heiratsmigrantinnen
Author/Editor: Andrea Lauser
Ein Haus für Herkules: Das fürstliche Modellhaus der Residenzstadt Kassel – Architektur und Modellpraktiken im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert
Author/Editor: Sebastian Fitzner
Ein Königreich für Kohle? - Inwertsetzungs- und Propertisierungsprozesse an der Weltkulturerbelandschaft Mapungubwe (Südafrika)
Author/Editor: Caren Bergs
Einkommensorientierte Foerderung des sozialen Mietwohnungsbaues: Bestandsaufnahme und Kritik
Author/Editor: Burkhard Pahnke
Einkommensteuerliche Behandlung von Transferzahlungen: Zur Neuordnung der Familienbesteuerung sowie der Besteuerung von Versicherungsleistungen und Sozialtransfers
Author/Editor: Harald Schlee
Einkommensteuerliche Behandlung von Waehrungsgewinnen und -verlusten: Eine finanzwissenschaftliche Analyse des Steuerrechts in den USA und in Deutschland
Author/Editor: Hendrik Suermann
Einkommensteuerreform oder Einkommensteuerersatz?: Alternative Ansaetze einer Reform der direkten Besteuerung unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung steuerpraktischer Gesichtspunkte
Author/Editor: Philip Jensch
Einkommenstransfers als Instrumente der Beschaeftigungspolitik: Negative Einkommensteuer und Lohnsubventionen im Lichte moderner Arbeitsmarkttheorien und der Neuen Institutionenoekonomik
Author/Editor: Werner Sesselmeier
Ein Leben zwischen Laibach und Tuebingen - Primus Truber und seine Zeit: Intentionen, Verlauf und Folgen der Reformation in Wuerttemberg und Innenoesterreich. Hrsg. von R.-D. Kluge
Author/Editor: Rolf-Dieter Kluge
Ein Liber cantus aus dem Veneto (um 1440) – A Veneto Liber cantus (c. 1440): Fragmente in der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek München und der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek Wien – Fragments in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Munich and the Österreichisc
Author/Editor: Margaret Bent,Robert Klugseder
Ein Medium namens McLuhan: 37 Befragungen eines Klassikers
Author/Editor: Peter Bexte,Martina Leeker
Ein Meisterwerk im Zwielicht: Ivan Bunins narrative Kurzprosaverknuepfung "Temnye allei" zwischen Akzeptanz und Ablehnung – eine Genrestudie
Author/Editor: Hella Reese
Ein neuer Algorithmus zur Untersuchung der Kohomologie der Steenrod-Algebra
Author/Editor: Christian Nassau
Ein neuer Gesellschaftsvertrag für eine nachhaltige Landwirtschaft: Wege zu einer integrativen Politik für den Agrarsektor
Author/Editor: Peter H. Feindt,Christine Krämer,Andrea Früh-Müller,Alois Heißenhuber,Claudia Pahl-Wostl,Kai P. Purnhagen,Fabian Thomas,Caroline van Bers,Volkmar Wolters
Ein oekonomischer Ansatz der Theorie der intermediaeren Finanzgewalten - Die Kirchen als Parafisci
Author/Editor: Peter Saile
Ein Physiologiemodell für Tactical Combat Casualty Care Training in mobilen Serious Games
Author/Editor: Julia Hofmann
Ein provinzialrömischer Kultplatz auf der Gradišče bei Sankt Egyden in Unterkärnten
Author/Editor: Christoph Hinker
Einstein vs. Bergson: An Enduring Quarrel on Time
Author/Editor: Alessandra Campo,Simone Gozzano
Einstellungen und Involvement als Bestimmungsfaktoren des sozialen Verhaltens: Eine empirische Analyse am Beispiel der Organspendebereitschaft in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Author/Editor: Gerd Schnetkamp
Ein stilles Credo J.S. Bachs
Author/Editor: Christian Overstolz
Ein Tag vom Standpunkt eines Lebens: Ideelle Konsequenz als Gestaltungsfaktor im erzaehlerischen Werk von Aleksandr Isaevič Solženicyn
Author/Editor: John F. Dunn
Ein- und Ausströmungen: Zur Medialität der Atmung
Author/Editor: Natalie Lettenewitsch,Linda Waack
Ein Verfahren zur lexikographischen modellprädiktiven Regelung mit der Anwendung auf eine permanenterregte Synchronmaschine
Author/Editor: Christoph Xaver Schnurr
Einwilligungserklärung und Forschungsinformation zur Gewinnung tierischer Proben: erarbeitet im Auftrag der Nationalen Forschungsplattform für Zoonosen
Author/Editor: Jürgen W. Goebel,Jürgen Scheller
eIoT: The Development of the Energy Internet of Things in Energy Infrastructure
Author/Editor: Steffi O. Muhanji,Alison E. Flint,Amro M. Farid
Eirene e Atena: Studi di politica internazionale in onore di Umberto Gori
Author/Editor: Fulvio Attinà,Luciano Bozzo,Marco Cesa,Sonia Lucarelli
Eisenbahn Spielen! - Populäre Aneignungen und Inszenierungen des Schienentransports in großen und kleinen Maßstäben
Eisenbahn Spielen! - Populäre Aneignungen und Inszenierungen des Schienentransports in großen und kleinen Maßstäben
Author/Editor: Hörz, Peter F. N.
Ekagi-Dutch-English-Indonesian Dictionary
Author/Editor: Steltenpool ,J.
Ekagi-Dutch-English-Indonesian Dictionary
El Caribe holandés
El cerro de Alarcos (Ciudad Real): Formación y desarrollo de un oppidum ibérico : 20 años de excavaciones arqueológicas en el Sector III
Author/Editor: María del Rosario García Huerta,Francisco Javier Morales Hervás,David Rodríguez González
EL DEBATE PERMANENTE: Modos de producción y revolución en América Latina
Author/Editor: Juan Marchena,Manuel Chust,Mariano Schlez
e-Learning cookbook. TPACK in professional development in higher education
Author/Editor: Brouwer ,Natasa,Dekker ,Peter J.,Pol van der ,Jakko
Election 2007: The Shift to Limited Preferential Voting in Papua New Guinea
Author/Editor: May ,R.J.,Anere ,Ray,Haley ,Nicole,Wheen ,Katherine
Electoral Campaigns, Media, and the New World of Digital Politics
Author/Editor: David Taras,Richard Davis
The Electoral Consequences of Third Way Welfare State Reforms
Electoral Politics in Crisis After the Great Recession: Change, Fluctuations and Stability in Iceland
Author/Editor: Eva H. Önnudóttir,Agnar Freyr Helgason,Ólafur Th. Harðarson,Hulda Thórisdóttir
Electoral Shocks: The Volatile Voter in a Turbulent World
Author/Editor: Edward Fieldhouse,Jane Green,Geoffrey Evans,Jonathan Mellon,Christopher Prosser,Hermann Schmitt,Ce van der Eijk
Electoral Systems in Divided Societies
Author/Editor: Lal V. ,Brij,Larmour ,Peter
Electricity Access, Decarbonization, and Integration of Renewables: Insights and Lessons from the Energy Transformation in Bangladesh, South Asia, and Sub-Sahara Africa
Author/Editor: Sebastian Groh,Lukas Barner,Georg Heinemann,Christian von Hirschhausen
Electric Worlds / Mondes électriques: Creations, Circulations, Tensions, Transitions (19th–21st C.)
Author/Editor: Alain Beltran,Léonard Laborie,Pierre Lanthier,Stéphanie Le Gallic
Electrochemical and Corrosion Behavior of Metallic Glasses
Author/Editor: VAHID HASANNAEIMI,Maryam Sadeghilaridjani,Sundeep Mukherjee
Electrochemical Supercapacitors for Energy Storage and Delivery: Fundamentals and applications
Author/Editor: Aiping Yu,Victor Chabot,Jiujun Zhang
Electromagnetic Fields in Biological Systems
Author/Editor: James C. Lin,Marc Gutierrez
Electromagnetic Wave Scattering by Aerial and Ground Radar Objects
Author/Editor: Oleg I. Sukharevsky
Electromagnetic Wave Scattering by Aerial and Ground Radar Objects
Author/Editor: Oleg I. Sukharevsky
Electronic Democracy
Author/Editor: Norbert Kersting
Electronic Evidence
Author/Editor: Stephen Mason,Daniel Seng
Electronic Evidence and Electronic Signatures
Author/Editor: Stephen Mason,Daniel Seng
Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts. EVA 2012 Florence
Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts. EVA 2013 Florence
Author/Editor: Vito Cappellini
Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts. EVA 2014 Florence
Author/Editor: Vito Cappellini
Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts. EVA 2015 Florence: 13-14 May 2015
Author/Editor: Vito Cappellini
Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts. EVA 2016 Florence: (11-12 May 2016)
Author/Editor: Vito Cappellini,ENRICO DEL RE
Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts. EVA 2017 Florence: Florence (10-11 May 2017)
Author/Editor: Vito Cappellini
Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts. EVA 2018 Florence: Florence (9-10 May 2018)
Author/Editor: Vito Cappellini
Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts. EVA 2019 Florence: Florence (8-9 May 2019)
Author/Editor: Vito Cappellini
Electronic Iran - The Cultural Politics of an Online Evolution
Electronic Iran: The Cultural Politics of an Online Evolution
Author/Editor: Niki Akhavan
Electronic Iran - The Cultural Politics of an Online Evolution
Author/Editor: Akhavan ,Niki
Electronic Literature as Digital Humanities: Contexts, Forms, and Practices
Author/Editor: Dene Grigar,James O’Sullivan
Electronic Signatures in Law
Author/Editor: Stephen Mason
Electronic Voting: 7th International Joint Conference, E-Vote-ID 2022, Bregenz, Austria, October 4–7, 2022, Proceedings
Author/Editor: Robert Krimmer,Melanie Volkamer,David Duenas-Cid,Peter Rønne,Micha Germann
Electron Scattering for Nuclear and Nucleon Structure
Author/Editor: John Dirk Walecka
Electroweak Physics at LEP and LHC
Author/Editor: Arno Straessner
Elegiarum Libri Quattuor: Edizione critica commentata
Author/Editor: Jan Kochanowski,Francesco Cabras
Elektrische Klangmaschinen
Elektromobile Flotten im lokalen Energiesystem mit Photovoltaikeinspeisung unter Berücksichtigung von Unsicherheiten
Author/Editor: Katrin Seddig
Elektronenbahnen in Feldern
Author/Editor: Stefan Richtberg
Elektronische Wertpapiere
Author/Editor: Stefan Grundmann,Florian Möslein,Sebastian Omlor
The Elemental Analysis of Glass Beads: Technology, Chronology and Exchange
Author/Editor: Laure Dussubieux,Heather Walder
Elemental Disappearances
Author/Editor: Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh,Dejan Lukić
Elementar – Männer in der pädagogischen Arbeit
Author/Editor: Aigner ,Josef Christian,Rohrmann ,Tim
Elementar – Männer in der pädagogischen Arbeit mit Kindern
Author/Editor: Josef Christian Aigner,Tim Rohrmann
Elementary Scattering Theory: for X-ray and Neutron users
Author/Editor: Deviderjit Singh Sivia
Elemente der antiken Erzähltheorie
Author/Editor: Stefan Feddern
Elemente des Čechovschen Dialogs im zeitgenoessischen russischen Drama
Author/Editor: Birgit Scheffler
The Elements of Big Data Value: Foundations of the Research and Innovation Ecosystem
Author/Editor: Edward Curry,Andreas Metzger,Sonja Zillner,Jean-Christophe Pazzaglia,Ana García Robles
Elements of Causal Inference: Foundations and Learning Algorithms
Author/Editor: Jonas Peters,Dominik Janzing,Bernhard Schölkopf
Elements of dynamic and 2-SAT programming: paths, trees, and cuts
Author/Editor: Matthias Bentert
Elements of Robotics
Author/Editor: Mordechai Ben-Ari,Francesco Mondada
Elements of Structural Syntax
Author/Editor: Tesnière ,Lucien
El español, ¿desde las variedades a la lengua pluricéntrica?
Author/Editor: Franz Lebsanft,Wiltrud Mihatsch,Claudia Polzin-Haumann
Elevage au pâturage et développement durable des territoires méditerranéens et tropicaux: Connaissances récentes sur leurs atouts et faiblesses
Author/Editor: Alexandre Ickowicz,Charles-Henri Moulin
Eleventh International Conference on the Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields: Volume 2
Author/Editor: Inge Hoff,Helge Mork,Rabbira Saba
Eleventh International Conference on the Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields: Volume 1
Author/Editor: Inge Hoff,Helge Mork,Rabbira Saba
Eleventh International Conference on the Bearing Capacity of Roads, Railways and Airfields: Volume 3
Author/Editor: Inge Hoff,Rabbira Saba,Helge Mork
Elfriede Jelinek
Author/Editor: Svandrlik, Rita
El giro dependentista latinoamericano: Los orígenes de la teoría marxista de la Dependencia
Author/Editor: Juan Cristóbal Cárdenas Castro,Raphael Lana Seabra
El Hierro Island Global Geopark: Diversity of Volcanic Heritage for Geotourism
Author/Editor: Javier Dóniz-Páez,Nemesio M. Pérez
Elicitive Curricular Development: A Manual for Scholar-Practitioners Developing Courses in International Peace and Conflict Studies
Author/Editor: Josefina Echavarría Alvarez,Adham Hamed,Noah B. Taylor
Elimination of Infectious Diseases from the South-East Asia Region: Keeping the Promise
Author/Editor: Poonam Khetrapal Singh
Elisabeth Mann Borgese and the Law of the Sea
Author/Editor: Tirza Meyer
Eliten in Suedosteuropa. Rolle, Kontinuitaeten, Brueche in Geschichte und Gegenwart
Author/Editor: Wolfgang Höpken,Holm Sundhaussen
Elizabeth Bishop and the Literary Archive
Author/Editor: Bethany Hicok
El Jurista en el Nuevo Mundo: Pensamiento. Doctrina. Mentalidad
Author/Editor: Víctor Tau Anzoátegui,Thomas Duve,Stefan Vogenauer
El lago espanol
Author/Editor: Spate ,O.H.K.
Elliptische Strukturen in SMS: Eine korpusbasierte Untersuchung des Schweizerdeutschen
Author/Editor: Karina Frick
El mar no es ancho ni ajeno: Complicidades transatlánticas entre el Perú y España
Author/Editor: Ángel Esteban,Agustín Prado Alvarado
El marxismo y la liberación de las mujeres trabajadoras: de la Internacional de Mujeres Socialistas a la Revolución Rusa
Author/Editor: Gaido ,Daniel,Frencia ,Cintia
El modo de ser aristocrático. El caso de la oligarquía chilena hacia 1900
Author/Editor: Vergara ,Ximena,Barros ,Luis
Elämää sinnittelevässä pikkukaupungissa: varkautelaisten arki ja hyvinvointi
Author/Editor: Vilma Hänninen,Antti Kouvo,Pekka Kuusela
EL OJO DEL CÍCLOPE. Comentarios críticos a propósito del proceso de globalización
Author/Editor: Massardo ,Jaime
EL OJO DEL CÍCLOPE. Comentarios críticos a propósito del proceso de globalización
the Eloquence of Mary Astell
Author/Editor: Christine M. Sutherland
El "otro" de la antropología: Tensiones y conflictos generados en la práctica de la antropología de negocios
Author/Editor: Catherine Aragón Garzón
El oxímoron de las clases medias negras: Movilidad social e interseccionalidad en Colombia
Author/Editor: Mara Viveros Vigoya
El Partido Comunista de Chile, 1922-1947
Author/Editor: Andrew Barnard
El Partido Comunista de Chile y la vía al socialismo
Author/Editor: Furci ,Carmelo
El Partido Socialista argentino, 1896-1912: Una historia social y política
Author/Editor: Lucas Poy
El partido socialista de Chile en dictadura: Clandestinidad, exilio, ruptura y unificación
Author/Editor: Víctor Muñoz Tamayo
El Pensamiento y la Lucha: Los pueblos indígenas en América Latina: organización y discusiones con trascendencia
Author/Editor: Pedro Canales Tapia
El queísmo en la historia: Variación y cambio lingüístico en el régimen preposicional del español (siglos XVI–XXI)
Author/Editor: José Luis Blas Arroyo,Mónica Velando Casanova
El ruido y la furia: Conversaciones con Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, desde el planeta de los simios
Author/Editor: José Colmeiro
Else Feldmann: Schreiben vom Rand : Journalistin und Schriftstellerin im Wien der Zwischenkriegszeit (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Elisabeth H. Debazi
El Smartphone Global: Más allá de una tecnología para jóvenes: A Spanish Translation of The Global Smartphone
Author/Editor: Daniel Miller,Shireen Walton,Xinyuan Wang,Laila Abed Rabho,Patrick Awondo,Maya de Vries,Marília Duque,Pauline Garvey,Laura Haapio-Kirk,Charlotte Hawkins,Alfonso Otaegui
Elternschaft und Familie jenseits von Heteronormativität und Zweigeschlechtlichkeit
Author/Editor: Almut Peukert,Julia Teschlade,Christine Wimbauer,Mona Motakef,Elisabeth Holzleithner
The Elusiveness of Tolerance: The “Jewish Question” From Lessing to the Napoleonic Wars
Author/Editor: Peter R. Erspamer
Eläytymismenetelmä 2017
Emancipation's Daughters: Reimagining Black Femininity and the National Body
Author/Editor: Riché Richardson
Emanzipatorisches Wohnen: Myra Warhaftigs Beitrag zur Internationalen Bauausstellung 1984/87
Author/Editor: Anna Krüger
Embedded Firmware Solutions: Development Best Practices for the Internet of Things
Author/Editor: Jiming Sun,Marc Jones,Stefan Reinauer,Vincent Zimmer
Embedded System Design: Embedded Systems Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems, and the Internet of Things
Author/Editor: Peter Marwedel
Embodied Archive: Disability in Post-Revolutionary Mexican Cultural Production
Author/Editor: Susan Antebi
The Embodied Child: Readings in Children’s Literature and Culture
Author/Editor: Roxanne Harde,Lydia Kokkola