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E4 Thematic Network: Enhanging Engineering Education in Europe
Author/Editor: Francesco Maffioli,Claudio Borri
eAccess to Justice
eAccess to Justice
The Earliest Europeans: A Year in the Life: Survival Strategies in the Lower Palaeolithic
Author/Editor: Robert Hosfield
The Earliest History of the Christian Gathering
The Earliest History of the Christian Gathering : Origin, Development and Content of the Christian Gathering in the First to Third Centuries
Author/Editor: A. Alikin ,Valeriy
Early Algebra: Research into its Nature, its Learning, its Teaching
Author/Editor: Carolyn Kieran,JeongSuk Pang,Deborah Schifter,Swee Fong Ng
Early Anglo-Saxon cemeteries: Kinship, community and identity
Author/Editor: Duncan Sayer
Early Buddhist Transmission and Trade Networks
Early Buddhist Transmission and Trade Networks : Mobility and Exchange Within and Beyond the Northwestern Borderlands of South Asia
Author/Editor: Neelis ,Jason
Early Childhood Education Leadership in Times of Crisis: International Studies During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Author/Editor: Elina Fonsén,Raisa Ahtiainen,Kirsi-Marja Heikkinen,Lauri Heikonen,Petra Strehmel,Emanuel Tamir
Early Childhood Policies and Systems in Eight Countries: Findings from IEA's Early Childhood Education Study
Author/Editor: Tony Bertram,Chris Pascal
Early Childhood Teachers‘ Professional Competence in Mathematics
Author/Editor: Simone Dunekacke,Aljoscha Jegodtka,Thomas Koinzer,Katja Eilerts,Lars Jenßen
Early Christianity and Ancient Astrology
Author/Editor: Timothy Hegedus
Early Christians Adapting to the Roman Empire: Mutual Recognition
Author/Editor: Niko Huttunen
Early Communist China: Two Studies
Author/Editor: Ronald Suleski,Daniel H. Bays
Early Computer Science Education – Goals and Success Criteria for Pre-Primary and Primary Education
Author/Editor: Nadine Bergner,Hilde Köster,Johannes Magenheim,Kathrin Müller,Ralf Romeike,Ulrik Schroeder,Carsten Schulte
Early cross-modal interactions and adult human visual cortical plasticity revealed by binocular rivalry
Author/Editor: Claudia Lunghi
Early Detection and Intervention in Audiology: An African perspective
Author/Editor: Rachael Beswick,Katijah Khoza-Shangase,Juan Bornman,Amisha Kanji,Aisha Casoojee,Rudo Chiwutsi,Carlie Driscoll,Jane Fitzgibbons
Early Film Culture in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Republican China: Kaleidoscopic Histories
Author/Editor: Emilie Yueh-yu Yeh
Early Film Cultures in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Republican China : Kaleidoscopic Histories
Author/Editor: Yeh ,Emilie Yueh-yu
Early Film Theories in Italy, 1896-1922
Author/Editor: Casetti ,Francesco
Early Geometrical Thinking in the Environment of Patterns, Mosaics and Isometries
Author/Editor: Ewa Swoboda,Paola Vighi
Early Greek Alphabetic Writing: A Linguistic Approach
Author/Editor: Natalia Elvira Astoreca
Early Greek Poets’ Lives: The Shaping of the Tradition
Author/Editor: Maarit Kivilo
Early Incised Slabs and Brasses from the London Marblers
Author/Editor: Sally Badham,Malcolm Norris
Early Makuria Research Project. El-Zuma Cemetery (3-vol. set)
Author/Editor: Mahmoud El-Tayeb,Aneta Cedro,Joanna Then-Obłuska,Łukasz Zieliński,Ewa Czyżewska-Zalewska,Urszula Iwaszczuk,Jolanta Juchniewicz,Zofia Kowarska,Iwona Kozieradzka-Ogunmakin,Szymon Lenarczyk,Robert Mahler,Ewa Skowrońska-Zych
The Early Medieval Settlement Remains from Flixborough, Lincolnshire: The Occupation Sequence, c. AD 600-1000
Author/Editor: David Atkinson
The Early Modern Dutch Press in an Age of Religious Persecution: The Making of Humanitarianism
Author/Editor: David de Boer
Early Modern German Shakespeare: Titus Andronicus and The Taming of the Shrew: Tito Andronico and Kunst über alle Künste, ein bös Weib gut zu machen in Translation
Author/Editor: William Shakespeare
Early Modern Litterae Indipetae for the East Indies
Author/Editor: Elisa Frei
Early Modern Privacy: Sources and Approaches
Author/Editor: Michaël Green,Lars Cyril Nørgaard,Mette Birkedal Bruun
Early Modern Russian Letters : Texts and Contexts
Author/Editor: Levitt ,Marcus C.
The Early Neolithic of the Eastern Fertile Crescent: Excavations at Bestansur and Shimshara, Iraqi Kurdistan
Author/Editor: Kamal Rasheed Raheem,Wendy Matthews,Amy Richardson,Roger Matthews
Early Printed Music and Material Culture in Central and Western Europe
Author/Editor: Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl,Grantley McDonald
Early Printed Narrative Literature in Western Europe
Author/Editor: Bart Besamusca,Frank Willaert,Elisabeth de Bruijn
Early Public Libraries and Colonial Citizenship in the British Southern Hemisphere
Author/Editor: Lara Atkin,Sarah Comyn,Porscha Fermanis,Nathan Garvey
Early Readers, Scholars and Editors of the New Testament: Papers from the Eighth Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament
Author/Editor: H. A. G. Houghton
The Early Reception and Appropriation of the Apostle Peter (60-800 CE): The Anchors of the Fisherman
Author/Editor: Roald Dijkstra
Early Science Education: Goals and Process-Related Quality Criteria for Science Teaching
Author/Editor: "Haus der kleinen Forscher" Foundation
Early Settlers of the Insular Caribbean: Dearchaizing the Archaic
Author/Editor: Corinne L. Hofman,Andrzej T. Antczak
Early Start
Author/Editor: Karch ,Andrew
Early Start: Preschool Politics in the United States
Author/Editor: Andrew Karch
Early Thirteenth-Century English Franciscan Thought
Author/Editor: Lydia Schumacher
Early West Tibetan Buddhist Monuments: Architecture, Art, History and Texts
The Early Years: Child Well-Being and the Role of Public Policy
Author/Editor: Samuel Berlinski,Norbert Schady
Earth 2020: An Insider’s Guide to a Rapidly Changing Planet
Author/Editor: Philippe Tortell
Earth and Beyond in Tumultuous Times: A Critical Atlas of the Anthropocene
Author/Editor: Réka Patrícia Gál,Petra Löffler
Earth Observation Open Science and Innovation
Author/Editor: Pierre-Philippe Mathieu,Christoph Aubrecht
Earth Observation Science and Applications for Risk Reduction and Enhanced Resilience in Hindu Kush Himalaya Region: A Decade of Experience from SERVIR
Author/Editor: Birendra Bajracharya,Rajesh Bahadur Thapa,Mir A. Matin
Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Nuclear Risks
Author/Editor: Katsuhiro Kamae
Earth’s climate response to a changing Sun: A review of the current understanding by the European research group TOSCA
Author/Editor: Thierry Dudok de Wit
EAS Elements for Solid Mechanics: Mesh Distortion Insensitive and Hourglassing-Free Formulations with Increased Robustness
Author/Editor: Robin Pfefferkorn
East African Community Law: Institutional, Substantive and Comparative EU Aspects
Author/Editor: Emmanuel Ugirashebuja,John Ruhangisa,Tom Ottervanger,Armin Cuyvers
East and West in the Roman Empire of the Fourth Century
Author/Editor: Dijkstra . ,R.,van Poppel ,S.,Slootjes ,D.
East and West in the Roman Empire of the Fourth Century
East Asia and the First World War
Author/Editor: Frank Jacob
East Asian Integration: Goods, Services and Investment
Author/Editor: Lili Yan Ing,Martin Richardson,Shujiro Urata
East Benue-Congo: Nouns, pronouns, and verbs
Author/Editor: John R. Watters
East Central Europe and Communism: Politics, Culture, and Society, 1943–1991
Author/Editor: Sabrina P. Ramet
East Central Europe Between the Colonial and the Postcolonial in the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Siegfried Huigen,Dorota Kołodziejczyk
Eastern and Western Ideas for African Growth: Diversity and Complementarity in Development Aid
Author/Editor: Kenichi Ohno,Izumi Ohno
The eastern horizon: A regional perspective
Author/Editor: Grzegorz Gorzelak
The Eastern Question or Balkan Nationalism(s): Balkan History Reconsidered
Author/Editor: Dimitris Stamatopoulos
The East India Company at Home 1757-1857
East-West Dialogue
Author/Editor: Lujun Chen,Karl-Heinz Pohl
Easy Language – Plain Language – Easy Language Plus: Balancing Comprehensibility and Acceptability
Author/Editor: Christiane Maaß
Easy Language Research: Text and User Perspectives
Author/Editor: Silvia Hansen-Schirra,Christiane Maaß
Eating beside Ourselves: Thresholds of Foods and Bodies
Author/Editor: Heather Paxson
Eating, Drinking: Surviving
Author/Editor: Peter Jackson,Walter E.L. Spiess,Farhana Sultana
Eating Identities: Reading Food in Asian American Literature
Author/Editor: Wenying Xu
Eating in the city: Socio-anthropological perspectives from Africa, Latin America and Asia
Author/Editor: audrey soula,Jean-Pierre Hassoun,Chelsie Yount-André,David Manley,Olivier LEPILLER,Nicolas Bricas
E-attachment and Online Communication: The Changing Context of the Clinical Diagnosis and Psychological Treatment
Author/Editor: Katarzyna Sitnik-Warchulska,Bernadetta Izydorczyk,Zbigniew Wajda
The EBMT/EHA CAR-T Cell Handbook
Author/Editor: Nicolaus Kröger,John Gribben,Christian Chabannon,Ibrahim Yakoub-Agha,Hermann Einsele
The EBMT Handbook: Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapies
Author/Editor: Enric Carreras,Carlo Dufour,Mohamad Mohty,Nicolaus Kröger
Ebooks in education
Ebooks in education : Realising the vision
Author/Editor: Woodward ,Hazel
Ebrei nella Terraferma veneta del Quattrocento
Author/Editor: Mueller, Reinhold C.,Varanini, Gian Maria
ECall Blackbox - 48
Author/Editor: Potters ,P.,Vreeze de ,M.
Ecbasis Cuiusdam Captivi Per Tropologiam—Escape of a Certain Captive Told in a Figurative Manner: An Eleventh-Century Latin Beast Epic
Author/Editor: Edwin H. Zeydel
Čechořečnost seu grammatica linguae Bohemicae: Hrsg. von Jiří Marvan. Nachdruck der Ausgabe Micro-Pragae 1672
Author/Editor: Václav J. Rosa
Echoes of Desire: English Petrarchism and Its Counterdiscourses
Author/Editor: Heather Dubrow
Echoes of No Thing: Thinking between Heidegger and Dōgen
Author/Editor: Nico Jenkins
Echoes of Reaganism in Hollywood Blockbuster Movies from the 1980s to the 2010s
Author/Editor: Ilias Ben Mna
Echoes of the Tambaran
Author/Editor: Roscoe ,Paul,Lipset ,David
Echoing Events: The Perpetuation of National Narratives in English and Dutch History Textbooks, 1920–2010
Author/Editor: Tina van der Vlies
The Echo of Die Blechtrommel in Europe: Studies on the Reception of Günter Grass's <i>The Tin Drum</i>
Author/Editor: Jos Joosten,Christoph Parry
E-Cigarettes and the Comparative Politics of Harm Reduction: History, Evidence, and Policy
Author/Editor: Virginia Berridge,Ronald Bayer,Amy L. Fairchild,Wayne Hall
ECLAP 2012 Conference on Information Technologies for Performing Arts, Media Access and Entertainment
Author/Editor: Raffaella Santucci,Paolo Nesi
The Eclipse of Urbanism and the Greening of Public Space: Image Making and the Search for a Commons in the United States, 1682–1865
Author/Editor: Mark Luccarelli
Ecocene Politics
Author/Editor: Mihnea Tănăsescu
Ecocinema Theory and Practice 2
Author/Editor: Stephen Rust,Salma Monani,Sean Cubitt
Ecocriticism and Italy: Ecology, Resistance, and Liberation
Author/Editor: Serenella Iovino
Ecodomy - Life in its fullness
Author/Editor: Dube ,Zorodzai (Zoro),van Wyk ,Tanya,Venter M. ,Pieter,van der Merwe M. ,Johan,de Villiers ,Gerda,Human J. ,Dirk,Meiring ,P.G.J. (Piet),Pillay ,Jerry,Smith G. ,Wayne,Thesnaar ,Christo,van Niekerk Robert ,John,van Eck ,Ernest
Ecogames: Playful Perspectives on the Climate Crisis
Author/Editor: Laura op de Beke,Joost Raessens,Stefan Werning,Gerald Farca
Ecological Causal Assessment
Author/Editor: Susan B. Norton,Susan M. Cormier,Glenn W. Suter II
Ecological Democracy: Caring for the Earth in the Anthropocene
Author/Editor: Odin Lysaker
Ecological Form: System and Aesthetics in the Age of Empire
Author/Editor: Nathan Hensley,Philip Steer
Ecological Impacts of Toxic Chemicals
Author/Editor: Francisco Sánchez-Bayo,Paul J. van den Brink,Reinier M. Mann
Ecological Justice and the Extinction Crisis: Giving Living Beings their Due
Author/Editor: Anna Wienhues
Ecological Limits of Development: Living with the Sustainable Development Goals
Author/Editor: Stephen Quilley,Kaitlin Kish
An Ecological Perspective on Health Promotion Systems, Settings and Social Processes
Author/Editor: Bente Wold,Oddrun Samdal
Ecological Risk Assessment for Chlorpyrifos in Terrestrial and Aquatic Systems in North America
Author/Editor: John P. Giesy,Keith R. Solomon
The Ecological Scarcity Method for the European Union: A Volkswagen Research Initiative: Environmental Assessments
Author/Editor: Stephan Ahbe,Simon Weihofen,Steffen Wellge
Ecological States: Politics of Science and Nature in Urbanizing China
Author/Editor: Jesse Rodenbiker
An Ecological Theology of Liberation: Salvation and Political Ecology
Author/Editor: Daniel Patrick Castillo
Author/Editor: Cymene Howe
Ecology and Applied Environmental Science
Author/Editor: Kimon Hadjibiros
Ecology at the Heart of Faith
Author/Editor: Denis Edwards
Ecology of Affect: Intensive Milieus and Contingent Encounters
Author/Editor: Marie-Luise Angerer
Ecology of Angola: Terrestrial Biomes and Ecoregions
Author/Editor: Brian John Huntley
Ecology of Marine Bivalves: An Ecosystem Approach
Author/Editor: Richard F. Dame,Alice Oven,Michael J. Kenneth
Ecomuseums and Climate Change
Author/Editor: Nunzia Borrelli,Peter Davis,Raul Dal Santo
Econometric Analysis in Poverty Research: With Case Studies from Developing Countries
Author/Editor: Johannes Gräb
Economia e Diritto in Italia durante il Fascismo: Approfondimenti, biografie, nuovi percorsi di ricerca
Author/Editor: Piero Barucci,Piero Bini,Lucilla Conigliello
Economic Analysis of International Law: Contributions to the XIIIth Travemünde Symposium on the Economic Analysis of Law (March 29–31, 2012)
Author/Editor: Thomas Eger,Stefan Voigt,Stefan Oeter
The Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Dual Sourcing
Author/Editor: Heidrun Rosic
Economic and Social Transformation in China
Author/Editor: Angang Hu
Economic Competence and Financial Literacy of Young Adults: Status and Challenges
Author/Editor: Eveline Wuttke,Jürgen Seifried,Stephan Schumann
Economic Complexity and Human Development
Economic Complexity and Human Development : How economic diversification and social networks affect human agency and welfare
Author/Editor: Hartmann ,Dominik
The Economic Consequences of the Gulf War
Author/Editor: Kamran Mofid
Economic Development and Environmental History in the Anthropocene: Perspectives on Asia and Africa
Author/Editor: Gareth Austin
Economic Diversification in Nigeria: The Politics of Building a Post-Oil Economy
Author/Editor: Zainab Usman
Economic Diversity in Contemporary Timor-Leste
Author/Editor: Kelly Silva,Lisa Palmer,Teresa Cunha
The Economic Ethics of World Religions and their Laws: An Introduction to Max Weber's Comparative Sociology
Author/Editor: Andreas Buss
Economic Evaluation of Sustainable Development
Author/Editor: Vinod Thomas,Namrata Chindarkar
Economic Exchange and Social Interaction in Southeast Asia: Perspectives from Prehistory, History, and Ethnography
Author/Editor: Karl L. Hutterer
Economic Fables
Author/Editor: Rubinstein ,Ariel
Economic Geography
Author/Editor: Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen,Helen Lawton-Smith
Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in Colombia
Author/Editor: Adriana Rocío Cardozo Silva
Economic Growth, Biodiversity Conservation, and the Formation of Human Capital in a Developing Country: The Case of Guatemala
Author/Editor: Ludger Löning
An Economic History of Cambodia in the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Margaret Slocomb
Economic Imperatives for Women's Writing in Early Modern Europe (Volume 2)
Author/Editor: Carme Font Paz,Nina Geerdink
Economic Inequality in Latin America: Migration, Education and Structural Change
Author/Editor: Carlos Villalobos Barría
Economic multisectoral modelling between past and future: A tribute to Maurizio Grassini and a selection of his writings
Author/Editor: Rossella Bardazzi
An Economic Philosophy of Production, Work and Consumption: A Transhistorical Framework
Author/Editor: Rodney Edvinsson
Economic Sanctions in International Law and Practice
Author/Editor: Masahiko Asada
Economic Science Fictions
Author/Editor: William Davies,William Davies,Ha-Joon Chang,Laura Horn,Sherryl Vint,Brian Willems,Carina Brand,Toby Heys,Khairani Barokka,Nora O Murchú
Economics in Sweden
Author/Editor: Lars Engwall
The Economics of Big Science: Essays by Leading Scientists and Policymakers
Author/Editor: Hans Peter Beck,Panagiotis Charitos
The Economics of Corporate Trade Credit in Europe
Author/Editor: Julia Koralun-Bereźnicka,Dawid Szramowski
The Economics of Gender in China: Women, Work and the Glass Ceiling
Author/Editor: Sisi Sung
Economics of Institutions and Law
Economics of Land Degradation and Improvement – A Global Assessment for Sustainable Development
Author/Editor: Ephraim Nkonya,Alisher Mirzabaev,Joachim von Braun
The Economics of Quarantine and the SPS Agreement
Author/Editor: McRae ,Cheryl,Wilson ,David,Anderson ,Kym
The Economics of the Audiovisual Industry: Financing TV, Film and Web
Author/Editor: Mario La Torre
The Economics of the Manuscript and Rare Book Trade, ca. 1890–1939
Author/Editor: Federico Botana,Laura Cleaver
The Economics of Two-way Interconnection
Author/Editor: Ulrich Berger
The Economics of Water: Rules and Institutions
Author/Editor: Georg Meran,Markus Siehlow,Christian von Hirschhausen
Economic Transformation in Poland and Ukraine: National and Regional Perspectives
Author/Editor: Rafał Wisła,Andrzej Nowosad
Economische theorie van overlappende-generatiemodellen
Author/Editor: Verbon ,H.A.A.,Groezen van ,B.J.A.M.,Leers ,Th.
The Economy as a Complex Spatial System: Macro, Meso and Micro Perspectives
Author/Editor: Pasquale Commendatore,Ingrid Kubin,Spiros Bougheas,Alan Kirman,Michael Kopel,Gian Italo Bischi
The Economy of Communist China, 1949–1969
Author/Editor: Chu-yuan Cheng
The Economy of Western Xia: A Study of 11th to 13th Century Tangut Records
Author/Editor: Jinbo Shi
Economy Studies: A Guide to Rethinking Economics Education
Author/Editor: Sam de Muijnck,Joris Tieleman
Ecopoetic Place-Making: Nature and Mobility in Contemporary American Poetry
Author/Editor: Judith Rauscher
ECOS 2012: The 25th International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization and Simulation of Energy Conversion Systems and Processes (Perugia, June 26th-June 29th, 2012)
Author/Editor: Umberto Desideri,Enrico Sciubba,Giampaolo Manfrida
Ecosistemi formativi inclusivi
Author/Editor: Catia GIACONI,Ilaria D’Angelo,Alessandra Marfoglia,Chiara Gentilozzi
Ecosistemi letterari: Luoghi e paesaggi nella finzione novecentesca
Author/Editor: Nicola Turi
The Ecosystem Approach in Ocean Planning and Governance: Perspectives from Europe and Beyond
Author/Editor: David Langlet,Rosemary Rayfuse
Ecosystem-Based Management, Ecosystem Services and Aquatic Biodiversity: Theory, Tools and Applications
Author/Editor: Timothy G. O’Higgins,Manuel Lago,Theodore H. DeWitt
Ecosystem Restoration through Managing Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes (SEPLS)
Author/Editor: Maiko Nishi,Suneetha M. Subramanian
Ecosystem Services and Poverty Alleviation: Trade-offs and Governance
Author/Editor: Kate Schreckenberg,Mahesh Poudyal,Georgina Mace
Ecosystem Services for Well-Being in Deltas: Integrated Assessment for Policy Analysis
Author/Editor: Robert J. Nicholls,Craig W. Hutton,W. Neil Adger,Susan E. Hanson,Md. Munsur Rahman,Mashfiqus Salehin
Author/Editor: Alberto Magnaghi,Ottavio Marzocca
Author/Editor: Celia Deane-Drummond
Ecrits sur le langage
Author/Editor: Hendrik Pos,Patrick Flack
Ecritures digitales: Digital Writing, Digital Scriptures
Author/Editor: Claire Clivaz
Ecstatic Encounters
Author/Editor: Port van de ,Mattijs
Edhina Ekogidho – Names as Links: The Encounter between African and European Anthroponymic Systems among the Ambo People in Namibia
Author/Editor: Minna Saarelma-Maunumaa
Edición académica y difusión: Libro abierto en Iberoamérica
Author/Editor: Elea Giménez Toledo,Juan Felipe Córdoba Restrepo
An Edition of Miles Hogarde's "A Mirroure of Myserie"
Author/Editor: Sebastian Sobecki
Edmund Siemers. Unternehmer und Stifter
Author/Editor: Johannes Gerhardt,Ekkehard W. Nümann,Hamburgische Wissenschaftliche Stiftung
Eduard Hanslick
Author/Editor: Strauß ,Dietmar
Eduard Hanslick - Sämtliche Schriften. Historisch-kritische Ausgabe
Author/Editor: Hanslik ,Eduard
Eduard Lorenz Lorenz-Meyer. Ein Hamburger Kaufmann und Künstler
Author/Editor: Johannes Gerhardt,Ekkehard W. Nümann,Hamburgische Wissenschaftliche Stiftung
Eduard Steuermann. "Musiker und Virtuose": Symposiumsbericht
Author/Editor: Lars-Edvard Laubhold
Educación legal clínica y litigio estratégico en Iberoamérica
Author/Editor: Beatriz Londoño
Educare oltre confine. Storie narrazioni intercultura
Author/Editor: Nanni ,Silvia
Educated Youth and the Cultural Revolution in China
Author/Editor: Martin Singer
Educatie en welzijn
Author/Editor: Bosch van den ,L.I.
Educating for an open society
Author/Editor: Jones ,R.J.
Educating for Professional Life: Twenty-five Years of the University of Westminster
Author/Editor: Elaine Penn
Educating Mind, Body and Spirit: The legacy of Quintin Hogg and The Polytechnic, 1864-1992
Author/Editor: Helen Glew,Anthony Gorst,Michael Heller,Neil Matthews
Educating Students to Improve the World
Author/Editor: Fernando M. Reimers
Educating Students with Refugee and Asylum Seeker Experiences: A Commitment to Humanity
Author/Editor: Maura Sellars
Educating Students with Refugee and Asylum Seeker Experiences: A Commitment to Humanity
Author/Editor: Maura Sellars
Educational Change Amongst English Language College Teachers in China: Transitioning from Teaching for General to Academic Purposes
Author/Editor: Yulong Li
Educational Choices, Transitions and Aspirations in Europe: Systemic, Institutional and Subjective Challenges
Author/Editor: Aina Tarabini,Nicola Ingram
Educational Data Analytics for Teachers and School Leaders
Author/Editor: Sofia Mougiakou,Dimitra Vinatsella,Demetrios Sampson,Zacharoula Papamitsiou,Michail Giannakos,Dirk Ifenthaler
Educational Jobs: Youth and Employability in the Social Economy: Investigations in Italy, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom
Author/Editor: Vanna Boffo,Paolo Federighi,Francesca Torlone
Educational mobility of Second-Generation Turks
Author/Editor: Schnell ,Philipp
Educational Perspectives on Mediality and Subjectivation: Discourse, Power and Analysis
Author/Editor: Patrick Bettinger
Educational Reception in Rotterdam and Barcelona: Policies, Practices and Gaps
Author/Editor: Bruquetas-Callejo ,María
Educational Resource Management: An international perspective
Author/Editor: Derek Glover,Rosalind Levačić
Educational Theory in the 21st Century: Science, Technology, Society and Education
Author/Editor: Yusuf Alpaydın,Cihad Demirli
The Educational Turn: Rethinking the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Author/Editor: Kathryn Coleman,Dina Uzhegova,Bella Blaher,Sophie Arkoudis
Educational visions: The lessons from 40 years of innovation
Author/Editor: Rebecca Ferguson,Ann Jones,Eileen Scanlon
Education and Climate Change: The Role of Universities
Author/Editor: Fernando M. Reimers,Fernando M. Reimers
Education and Development in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa: Policies, Paradigms, and Entanglements, 1890s–1980s
Author/Editor: Damiano Matasci,Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo,Hugo Gonçalves Dores
Education and Ethics in the Life Sciences: Strengthening the Prohibition of Biological Weapons
Author/Editor: Rappert ,Brian
Education and Skills for Inclusive Growth, Green Jobs and the Greening of Economies in Asia: Case Study Summaries of India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Viet Nam
Author/Editor: Rupert Maclean,Shanti Jagannathan,Brajesh Panth
Education, Competence Development and Career Trajectories: Analysing Data of the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS)
Author/Editor: Sabine Weinert,Gwendolin Josephine Blossfeld,Hans-Peter Blossfeld
Education, Equity and Inclusion: Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable North
Author/Editor: Diane B. Hirshberg,Mhairi C. Beaton,Gregor Maxwell,Tuija Turunen,Janette Peltokorpi
Education for Children with disabilities in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Author/Editor: Schiemer ,Margarita
Education for Democratic Intercultural Citizenship
Author/Editor: Wiel Veugelers
Education for sustainable development in BRICS: Zoom on higher education
Author/Editor: Ewelina K. Niemczyk,Ewelina K. Niemczyk,Zacharias L. de Beer,Zacharias L. de Beer,Charl C. Wolhuter,Hennie J. Steyn,Nicholus T. Mollo,Lynn D. Preston,Susanna C.M. Greyling,Benita Taylor,Marinda Neethling
Education for Sustainable Development in Foreign Language Learning: Content-Based Instruction in College-Level Curricula
Author/Editor: María J. de la Fuente
Education for Sustaining Peace through Historical Memory
Author/Editor: Markus Schultze-Kraft
EDucation & GEnder: Gender-specific education in different countries. Historical aspects - current trends
Author/Editor: Oliver Holz,Fiona Shelton
Education in Scotland
Author/Editor: Margaret Clark,Pamela Munn
An Education in Sport: Competition, communities and identities at the University of Westminster since 1864
Author/Editor: Mark Clapson
Education leadership: Scoping, perspectives and future trajectory
Author/Editor: Charl C. Wolhuter,Leentjie van Jaarsveld,Velaphi A. Nhlapo,Tshepo T. Tapala,Z.L. de Beer,Leentjie van Jaarsveld,Charl C. Wolhuter,C.P. van der Vyver,C.P. van der Vyver,Branwen H. Challens,Lloyd Conley,Johannes Kayumbu,Jan B. Khumalo,Madimetsa J. Mosoge,Sa
Education, Learning, Training
Education, Learning, Training
Author/Editor: Carbonnier ,G.,Carton ,M.,King ,K.
Education Materialised: Reconstructing Teaching and Learning Contexts through Manuscripts
Author/Editor: Stefanie Brinkmann,Giovanni Ciotti,Stefano Valente,Eva Maria Wilden
Education, Migration and Development: Critical Perspectives in a Moving World
Author/Editor: Amy North,Elaine Chase
Education, Migration and Development: Critical Perspectives in a Moving World
Author/Editor: Amy North,Elaine Chase
The Education of the Eye: History of the Royal Polytechnic Institution 1838-1881
Author/Editor: Brenda Weeden
Education Policies in the 21st Century: Comparative Perspectives
Author/Editor: Birol Akgün,Yusuf Alpaydın
Education Studies in South Africa: The Quest for Relevance, Rigour and Restructuring
Author/Editor: Charl C. Wolhuter,Charl C. Wolhuter,Aruna Ankiah-Gangadeen,Carolina Botha,Fumane P. Khanare,Corné Kruger,Siphokazi Kwatubana
The Education System in Mexico
Author/Editor: Scott ,David,Posner M. ,C.,Martin ,Chris,Guzman ,Elsa
Education Systems and Inequalities: International comparisons
Author/Editor: Andreas Hadjar,Christiane Gross
Education to Build Back Better: What Can We Learn from Education Reform for a Post-pandemic World
Author/Editor: Fernando M. Reimers,Uche Amaechi,Alysha Banerji,Margaret Wang
Educators of Healthcare Professionals: Agreeing a Shared Purpose
Author/Editor: Julie Browne,Alison Bullock,Samuel Parker,Chiara Poletti,John Jenkins,Derek Gallen
Educazione, cittadinanza, volontariato: Frontiere pedagogiche
Author/Editor: Giulia Pieri
Educazione degli Adulti: politiche, percorsi, prospettive: Studi in onore di Paolo Federighi
Author/Editor: Vanna Boffo,Giovanna Del Gobbo,Francesca Torlone
Educazione ed innovazione sociale: L’apprendimento trasformativo nella formazione continua
Author/Editor: Glenda Galeotti
Educazione e mondo del lavoro. Figure di accompagnamento e potenzialità delle nuove tecnologie nei servizi di bilancio delle competenze e nell'orientamento professionale
Educazione e mondo del lavoro. Figure di accompagnamento e potenzialità delle nuove tecnologie nei servizi di bilancio delle competenze e nell'orientamento professionale
Educazione e natura: Fondamenti,prospettive,possibilità
Author/Editor: Maja Antonietti,Fabrizio Bertolino,Monica Guerra,Michela Schenetti
Educazione in età adulta: Ricerche, politiche, luoghi e professioni
Author/Editor: Paolo Federighi
Educazione in gioco
Author/Editor: Ferretti ,Enrico
Edward L. Bernays’ Propagandatheorie: Vom Kampf um Wirklichkeiten und Emotionen in der liberalen Demokratie
Author/Editor: Stefan Matern
Edward M. Curr and the Tide of History
Author/Editor: Furphy ,Samuel
Een 16de eeuwse Maleise vertaling van de Burda van al-Būṣīrī
Een 16de eeuwse Maleise vertaling van de Burda van al-Būṣīrī
Een andere financiële organisatie
Author/Editor: Verdult ,L.M.J.
Een beeld in technicolor (2nd Edition): Vijftig jaar oorlogen in Vietnam 1940-1990
Author/Editor: Pieter Meulendijks
Een beeld in technicolor: Vijftig jaar oorlogen in Vietnam 1940-1990
Author/Editor: Pieter Meulendijks
E-engagement: A guide for Public Sector Managers
Author/Editor: Chen ,Peter
Een gedifferentieerd Europa
Author/Editor: Posthumus Meyjes ,H.C.
Een kolonie van Duitsers
Author/Editor: Schrover ,Marlou
Een kwaad geweten: De worsteling met de Indonesische onafhankelijkheidsoorlog vanaf 1950
Author/Editor: Meindert van der Kaaij
Een ladder tegen de windroos. Nederlands tussen Noord- en Zuid-Europa. Contacten, confrontaties en bemiddelaars
Een monument voor het land. Overheidsstatistiek in België, 1795-1870
Author/Editor: Bracke ,Nele
‘Een mooie mengelmoes’: Meertaligheid in de Gouden Eeuw
Author/Editor: Marc van Oostendorp,Nicoline van der Sijs
Een multisectormodel voor de Nederlandse economie in 23 bedrijfstakken. Veranderingen in de sectorstructuur van de Nederlandse economie 1950-1990. Modelstudie bij het rapport Plaats en toekomst van de Nederlandse industrie
Author/Editor: Muller ,F.,Lesuis ,P.J.J.,Boxhoorn ,N.M.
Een nieuwe toekomst voor het cultuurbeleid
Author/Editor: Hoefnagel ,F.J.P.M.
Een nieuw stelsel van sociale zekerheid?
Author/Editor: Weeren van ,J.
Een onderzoek naar de achtergronden van moeilijk vervulbare vacatures
Author/Editor: Banning ,C.H.,Kamps ,J.A.
Een raming van de finale bestedingen en enkele andere grootheden in Nederland in 1985 : Technische nota's bij het rapport Plaats en toekomst van de Nederlandse industrie
Author/Editor: Brouwer ,M.Th.
Een schets van het Europese mediabeleid - 5
Author/Editor: Larouche ,P.,Haar van der ,I.
Een tweede paspoort
Author/Editor: Hart de ,Betty
Een versplinterd landschap. Bijdragen over geschiedenis en actualiteit van Nederlandse politieke partijen
Een werkend perspectief. Arbeidsparticipatie in de jaren '90
Author/Editor: WRR
The Effable and the Ineffable: The Linguistic Boundaries of Metaphysical Realism
Author/Editor: Christos Yannaras,Andreas Andreopoulos,Jonathan Cole
Effectieve loopbaanoriëntatie en loopbaanbegeleiding (LOB) in het vmbo: een overzichtsstudie van nationale en internationale literatuur
Author/Editor: Hanke Korpershoek,Merlijn Karssen,Alma Spijkerboer,Régina Petit,Annet Hermans
Effective Directors: The Right Questions to Ask (QTA)
Author/Editor: Charlotte Valeur,Claire Fargeot
Effective Houses: Property Rights and Settlement in Iron Age Eastern Norway
Author/Editor: Lars Erik Gjerpe
The Effectiveness of Social Rights in the EU: Social Inclusion and European Governance : A Constitutional and Methodological Perspective
Author/Editor: Nadia Maccabiani
Effective Teaching Around the World: Theoretical, Empirical, Methodological and Practical Insights
Author/Editor: Ridwan Maulana,Michelle Helms-Lorenz,Robert M. Klassen
Effective Theories in Physics: From Planetary Orbits to Elementary Particle Masses
Author/Editor: James D. Wells
Effective two dimensional theories for multi-layered plates
Author/Editor: Miguel de Benito Delgado
Effects of EU Enlargement to the Central European Countries on Agricultural Markets
Author/Editor: Wolfgang Münch
Effects of Including Agricultural Products in the Customs Union between Turkey and the EU: A Partial Equilibrium Analysis for Turkey
Author/Editor: Harald Grethe
Effectuation entwickeln: Ein auf Reinforcement Learning aufbauender agentenbasierter Modellierungsbeitrag zur Formalisierung unternehmerischen Verhaltens
Author/Editor: Martin Sterzel
Effeminism: The Economy of Colonial Desire
Author/Editor: Revathi Krishnaswamy
Effets des sons anthropiques sur la faune marine: Cas des projets éoliens offshore
Author/Editor: Julien Bonnel,Sylvain Chauvaud,Laurent Chauvaud,Jérôme Mars
Efficacia ed efficienza della pubblica amministrazione: Effektivität und Effizienz der öffentlichen Verwaltung
Author/Editor: Stefania Baroncelli,Stefania BARONCELLI,Kurt Promberger,Tommaso Reggiani,Matteo Rizzolli,Marco Cappello,Massimo Carli,Lorenzo De Gregoriis,Marcello M. Fracanzani,Cristina Fraenkel-Haeberle,Lucia Marchegiani,Riccardo Mussari,Alessandro Natalini
Efficient fast Fourier transform-based solvers for computing the thermomechanical behavior of applied materials
Author/Editor: Daniel Wicht
Efficient Learning Machines: Theories, Concepts, and Applications for Engineers and System Designers
Author/Editor: Mariette Awad,Rahul Khanna
Efficient Screening Techniques to Identify Mutants with TR4 Resistance in Banana: Protocols
Author/Editor: Joanna Jankowicz-Cieslak,Ivan L. Ingelbrecht
Effizienz- und Verteilungswirkungen des Steuersystems
Effizienzwirkungen von Finanzausgleichsregelungen: Eine Empirische Allgemeine Gleichgewichtsanalyse fuer die Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Author/Editor: Georg Hirte
Effort environnemental et équité: Les politiques publiques de l’eau et de la biodiversité en France
Author/Editor: Valérie Deldrève,Jacqueline Candau,Camille Noûs
Efter Tegnér: Experiment med traditionen
Author/Editor: Alfred Sjödin,Jimmie Svensson
EG-ICE 2021 Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Engineering
Author/Editor: Jimmy Abualdenien,André Borrmann,Lucian-Constantin Ungureanu,Timo Hartmann
eGirls, eCitizens
eGirls, eCitizens : Putting Technology, Theory and Policy into Dialogue with Girls’ and Young Women’s Voices
Author/Editor: Bailey ,Jane,Steeves ,Valerie
Egmont da capo – eine mythogenetische Studie (Volume 44)
Author/Editor: Rengenier C. Rittersma
Ego-Alter Ego: Double and/as Other in the Age of German Poetic Realism
Author/Editor: John Pizer
The e-Government Development Discourse: Analysing Contemporary and Future Growth Prospects in Developing and Emerging Economies
Author/Editor: Kelvin J. Bwalya
E-government in Europe
Author/Editor: Paul G. Nixon,Vassiliki N. Koutrakou
Ehre: Interdisziplinäre Zugänge zu einem prekären Phänomen
Author/Editor: Matthias D. Wüthrich,Markus Höfner
Ehrliche Unehrlichkeit: Eine qualitative Untersuchung der Tugend Ehrlichkeit bei Jugendlichen an der Zürcher Volksschule
Author/Editor: Emanuela Chiapparini
Ehrverletzungen in der elektronischen Presse: Eine kollisionsrechtliche Untersuchung de lege lata und de lege ferenda – unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung der Rechtsprechung von EuGH und BGH zur Internationalen Zustaendigkeit bei Internetdelikten
Author/Editor: Gianandrea Schmidt
The EIB circular economy guide
The EIB Circular Economy Guide: Supporting the circular transition
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
The EIB Climate Survey 2019-2020
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
The EIB Climate Survey 2020-2021 - The climate crisis in a COVID-19 world: calls for a green recovery
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
The EIB Climate Survey: Africa and the Middle East
EIB Complaints Mechanism Report 2019
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Complaints Mechanism Report 2020
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Complaints Mechanism Report 2021
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
The EIB COVID-19 Economic Vulnerability Index - An analysis of countries outside the European Union
Author/Editor: Emmanouil Davradakis,European Investment Bank,Sanne Zwart,Barbara Marchitto,Ricardo Santos
EIB Financial Report 2019
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Financial Report 2020
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Financial Report 2021
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB financing and borrowing activities 2020
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB financing and borrowing activities 2021
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Fraud Investigations Activity Report 2020
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Global Report 2022/2023 - The impact
EIB Global Report 2022/2023 - The story
EIB Global Report: The Impact
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Group activities in EU cohesion regions 2022
EIB Group activities in EU cohesion regions in 2021: A bigger, bolder and more focused approach to cohesion
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Group Activity Report 2019
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Group Carbon Footprint Report 2019
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
The EIB Group Climate Bank Roadmap 2021-2025: November 2020
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Group Sustainability Report 2019
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Group Sustainability Report 2020
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Group Sustainability Report 2021
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Impact Report 2020: Climate action, environmental sustainability and innovation for decarbonisation
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
The EIB in the city: Investment on the agenda (Volume 9)
Author/Editor: Greg Clark,European Investment Bank,Tim Moonen,Jake Nunley
EIB Investment Report 2019/2020: accelerating Europe's transformation
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Investment Report 2019/2020 - Key Findings: accelerating Europe's transformation
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Investment Report 2020/2021: Building a smart and green Europe in the Covid-19 era
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Investment Report 2022/2023: Resilience and renewal in Europe
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Investment Survey 2021 - EU overview
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank,Julie Delanote
EIB Investment Survey 2022 - EU overview
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIBIS 2020 - EU overview
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Operations Inside the European Union 2019
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Statistical Report 2019
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2020/05 - Financing constraints and employers’ investment in training (Volume 2020/5)
Author/Editor: Christoph Weiss,European Investment Bank,Giorgio Brunello,Áron Gereben,Patricia Wruuck
EIB Working Paper 2020/06 - Digital technologies and firm performance: Evidence from Europe (Volume 2020/6)
Author/Editor: Désirée Rückert,European Investment Bank,Gaurav Nayyar,Alison Cathles
EIB Working Paper 2020/07 - The growing digital divide in Europe and the United States (Volume 2020/7)
Author/Editor: Désirée Rückert,European Investment Bank,Christoph Weiss,Reinhilde Veugelers
EIB Working Paper 2020/08 - EIB Group Survey on Investment and Investment Finance: A technical note on data quality (Volume 2020/8)
Author/Editor: Peter Harasztosi,European Investment Bank,Julie Delanote,Philipp-Bastian Brutscher,Andrea Coali
EIB Working Paper 2020/09 - Investment vs debt trade-offs in the post-COVID-19 European economy
Author/Editor: Rozália Pál,European Investment Bank,Laurent Maurin
EIB Working Paper 2021/01 - Towards a new growth model in CESEE: Convergence and competitiveness through smart, green and inclusive investment (Volume 2021/01)
Author/Editor: Áron Gereben,European Investment Bank,Patricia Wruuck
EIB Working Paper 2021/02 - The birth of new high growth enterprises: internationalisation through new digital technologies
Author/Editor: Rozália Pál,European Investment Bank,Florian Flachenecker,Clemens Domnick,Péter Harasztosi,Mercedes Teruel,Mario Lorenzo,Alex Coad
EIB Working Paper 2021/03 - Assessing climate change risks at the country level: the EIB scoring model
Author/Editor: Matteo Ferrazzi,European Investment Bank,Sanne Zwart,Fotios Kalantzis
EIB Working Paper 2021/04 - Aggregate productivity slowdown in Europe: New evidence from corporate balance sheets
Author/Editor: Marcin Wolski,European Investment Bank,Laurent Maurin
EIB Working Paper 2021/05 - The impact of bank loan terms on intangible investment in Europe
Author/Editor: Atanas Kolevy,European Investment Bank,Matthieu Segol,Laurent Maurin
EIB Working Paper 2021/06 - Efficiency and effectiveness of the COVID-19 government support: Evidence from firm-level data
Author/Editor: Rozália Pál,European Investment Bank,Tibor Lalinsky
EIB Working Paper 2021/07 - Can European businesses achieve productivity gains from investments in energy efficiency?
Author/Editor: Hanna Niczyporuk,European Investment Bank,Fotios Kalantzis
EIB Working Paper 2021/09 - Market finance as a spare tyre? Corporate investment and access to bank credit in Europe
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2021/10 - The simpler, the better: Measuring financial conditions for monetary policy and financial stability
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2021/12: Complementarities in capital formation and production
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank,Anna Thum-Thysen,Peter Voigt,Christoph Weiss
EIB Working Paper 2022/01: Firm-level policy support during the crisis
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank,Péter Harasztosi,Laurent Maurin,Rozália Pál,Debora Revoltella,Wouter van der Wiel
EIB Working Paper 2022/02 - How to foster climate innovation in the European Union: Insights from the EIB Online Survey on Climate Innovation
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank,Julie Delanote,Désirée Rücker
EIB Working Paper 2022/03: Estimating conditional treatment effects of EIB lending to SMEs in Europe
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank,Alessandro Barbera,Aron Gereben,Marcin Wolski
EIB Working Paper 2022/04 - Investment expectations by vulnerable European firms
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/05 - How much is too much?
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/06 - Hot off the press: News-implied sovereign default risk
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/07 - Corporate training and skill gaps
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/08 - Are EU firms climate-ready?
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/09 - Productivity and responses to the pandemic
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/11 - A structural analysis of foreign exchange markets in sub-Saharan Africa
Author/Editor: Annina Kaltenbrunner,European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/12 - Determinants of the exchange rate, its volatility and currency crash risk in Africa’s low and lower middle-income countries
Author/Editor: Anjelo Okot,European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/13 - COVID-19 and the resilience of European firms: The influence of pre-crisis productivity, digitalisation and growth performance
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/14 - The scarring effects of major economic downturns: The role of fiscal policy and government investment
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2022/15 - Estimating financial integration in Europe: How to separate structural trends from cyclical fluctuations
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2023/01 - Advanced digital technologies and investment in employee training: Complements or substitutes?
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
EIB Working Paper 2023/02 - Trade disruptions in Europe: Evidence from the EIB Investment Survey 2022
EIB Working Paper 2023/03 -: The effect of EIB operations on private sector lending outside the European Union
EIB Working Papers 2019/01 - Blockchain, FinTechs and their relevance for international financial institutions (Volume 2019/1)
Author/Editor: Emmanouil Davradakis,European Investment Bank,Ricardo Santos
EIB Working Papers 2019/02 - How energy audits promote SMEs’ energy efficiency investment (Volume 2019/2)
Author/Editor: Debora Revoltella,European Investment Bank,Fotios Kalantzis
EIB Working Papers 2019/03 - Financing and obstacles for high growth enterprises: The European case (Volume 2019/3)
Author/Editor: Rozalia Pal,European Investment Bank,Elena Durante,Annalisa Ferrando
EIB Working Papers 2019/04 - Can survey-based information help to assess investment gaps in the EU? (Volume 2019/4)
Author/Editor: Daniel Dejuan,European Investment Bank,Pana Alves,Laurent Maurin
EIB Working Papers 2019/05 - Skill shortages and skill mismatch in Europe: A review of the literature (Volume 2019/5)
Author/Editor: Giorgio Brunello,European Investment Bank,Patricia Wruuck
EIB Working Papers 2019/06 - Promoting energy audits: Results from an experiment (Volume 2019/6)
Author/Editor: Pauline Ravillard,European Investment Bank,Philipp-Bastian Brutscher
EIB Working Papers 2019/07 - What firms don’t like about bank loans: New evidence from survey data (Volume 2019/7)
Author/Editor: Matthieu Ségol,European Investment Bank,Atanas Kolev,Laurent Maurin
EIB Working Papers 2019/08 - Investment: What holds Romanian firms back? (Volume 2019/8)
Author/Editor: Rozalia Pal,European Investment Bank,Constantin Catalin Dumitrescu,Amalia Stamate,Patricia Wruuck
EIB Working Papers 2019/09 - The impact of international financial institutions on small and medium enterprises: The case of EIB lending in Central and Eastern Europe (Volume 2019/9)
Author/Editor: Matic Petriček,European Investment Bank,Anton Rop,Áron Gereben,Adalbert Winkler
EIB Working Papers 2019/10 - Structural and cyclical determinants of access to finance: Evidence from Egypt
Author/Editor: Frank Betz,European Investment Bank,Christoph T. Weiss,Farshad R. Ravasan
EIB Working Papers 2019/11 - Macro-based asset allocation: An empirical analysis (Volume 2019/11)
Author/Editor: Christian Schmieder,European Investment Bank,Miroslav Kollár
EIB Working Papers 2020/01 - How can favourable financing improve energy efficiency investments?: Evidence from new experimental data (Volume 2020/1)
Author/Editor: Pauline Ravillard,European Investment Bank,Philipp-Bastian Brutscher
EIB Working Papers 2020/02 - Impact of FDI on economic growth: The role of country income levels and institutional strength (Volume 2020/2)
Author/Editor: Tamar Baiashvili,European Investment Bank,Luca Gattini
EIB Working Papers 2020/03 - Employer provided training in Europe: Determinants and obstacles (Volume 2020/3)
Author/Editor: Giorgio Brunello,European Investment Bank,Patricia Wruuck
EIB Working Papers 2020/04 - Making a difference: Assessing the impact of the EIB's funding to SMEs (Volume 2020/4)
Author/Editor: Áron Gereben,European Investment Bank,Marcin Wolski,Raschid Amamou
Eigene und gemeinsame Lernarbeit: Erziehung und Bildung in Verantwortung für eine lebenswerte Zukunft
Author/Editor: Jörg Schlömerkemper
Eigennuetzige Regierungen im fiskalischen Wettbewerb um Kapital
Author/Editor: Claudia Hensberg
Eigensinnige Musterschüler: Ländliche Entwicklung und internationales Expertenwissen in der Türkei (1947–1980)
Author/Editor: Heinrich Hartmann
Eigentijds burgerschap
Author/Editor: WRR
Eigentuemerstruktur und Unternehmenserfolg: Eine theoretische und empirische Analyse deutscher boersennotierter Unternehmen
Author/Editor: Franca Ruhwedel
Eigentum in der digitalen Gesellschaft
Author/Editor: Franz Hofmann,Benjamin Raue
Eigentum und Geschlecht
Author/Editor: Niederacher ,Sonja
Eighth International Symposium “Monitoring of Mediterranean Coastal Areas. Problems and Measurement Techniques”: Livorno (Italy) June 2020
Author/Editor: Laura Bonora,Donatella CARBONI,MATTEO DE VINCENZI
Eignung von domänenspezifischen Studieneingangsvariablen als Prädiktoren für Studienerfolg im Fach und Lehramt Physik (Volume 307)
Author/Editor: Nikola Schild
Ein anderes Gericht in Oberschlesien: Sondergericht Kattowitz 1939-1945
Author/Editor: Konrad Graczyk
Ein Beitrag zum simulationsbasierten Test von Lichtfunktionen
Author/Editor: Steffen Strebel
Ein Beitrag zur asymptotischen Analyse der hydraulischen Ventilsteuerungen
Author/Editor: Simon Schröders
Ein Beitrag zur Auslegung tragender Klebverbindungen im Fassadenbau
Author/Editor: Martin Dirk Bues
Ein Bestseller der islamischen Vormoderne: Zur Verbreitung von Ḫvāndamīrs Ḥabīb as-siyar von Anatolien bis auf den indischen Subkontinent
Author/Editor: Philip Bockholt
Ein Brandhorizont aus der Zeit der Markomannenkriege im südostnorischen Munizipium Flavia Solva
Author/Editor: Hinker ,Christoph
Ein Bürger unter Bauern?
Author/Editor: Span ,Michael
Einbruchsdelikte: Strafzumessung, Rückfälligkeit und kriminelle Karrieren
Author/Editor: Ramona Griegel
Ein Compendium sumerisch-akkadischer Beschwörungen
Author/Editor: Schramm, Wolfgang
Ein Diener seiner Herren
Author/Editor: Frank ,Tibor
Eindrapport innovatiecentra voor- en vroegschoolse educatie: Samenvatting van vijf deelonderzoeken
Author/Editor: Annemiek Veen,Jeanet Bus,Loes Van Druten
Eine agentenbasierte Architektur für Programmierung mit gesprochener Sprache
Author/Editor: Sebastian Weigelt
Eine andere Geschichte der spanischen Literatur: Von Cervantes bis zur Gegenwart
Author/Editor: Dieter Ingenschay
Eine andere Welt ist möglich - ohne Antisemitismus?
Eine andere Welt ist möglich - ohne Antisemitismus? : Antisemitismus und Globalisierungskritik bei Attac
Author/Editor: Knothe ,Holger
Eine diskursanalytische Betrachtung des rok-samizdat in der Sowjetunion und ihren Nachfolgestaaten in der Periode zwischen 1967 und 1994
Author/Editor: Martin Bergmann
Eine empirische Analyse der Anreize zur informellen Pflege: Impulse fuer Deutschland aus einem europaeischen Vergleich
Author/Editor: Christian Maier
Eine frühkaiserzeitliche Grubenverfüllung aus dem Hanghaus 2 in Ephesos
Author/Editor: Sabine Ladstätter
Eine gerechte Weltwirtschaftsordnung?: Die »New International Economic Order« und die Zukunft der Süd-Nord-Beziehungen
Author/Editor: Alex Veit,Daniel Fuchs
Eine Geschichte der Neugier
Author/Editor: Stagl ,Justin
Eine Geschichte mit Geschmack: Die Natur synthetischer Aromastoffe im 20. Jahrhundert am Beispiel Vanillin
Author/Editor: Paulina S. Gennermann
„Eine Gesellschaft, die ihre Jugend verliert, ist verloren.“: Das hochschulpolitische Konzept der SED am Beispiel der Technischen Hochschule/ Universität Karl-Marx-Stadt und die daraus resultierende Verantwortung der FDJ zwischen 1953 und 1989/90
„Eine Gesellschaft, die ihre Jugend verliert, ist verloren.“: Das hochschulpolitische Konzept der SED am Beispiel der Technischen Hochschule/ Universität Karl-Marx-Stadt und die daraus resultierende Verantwortung der FDJ zwischen 1953 und 1989/90
Author/Editor: Kausch ,Jana
Eine kritische Theorie der Tugendethik
Author/Editor: Richard Friedrich Runge
"Eine Medicinische Facultät in Flor bringen" - zur Geschichte der Medizinischen Fakultät der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Author/Editor: Zimmermann, Volker
Eine relationale Perspektive auf Lernen: Ontologische Hintergrundsannahmen in lerntheoretischen Konzeptualisierungen des Menschen und von Sozialität
Author/Editor: Franz Schaller
Eine Schweiz - viele Religionen: Risiken und Chancen des Zusammenlebens
Author/Editor: Martin Baumann,Jörg Stolz
Eine semantische Analyse der Perfektivierungspraefigierung im Russischen. Fallstudie pere-
Author/Editor: Assinja Demjjanow
Eine theoretische Orientierung für die Soziale Arbeit in Zeiten des Klimawandels: Von der ökosozialen zur sozial-ökologischen Transformation
Author/Editor: Marcel Schmidt
Eine Wellenlänge zu Gott: Der »Verband der Islamischen Kulturzentren in Europa«
Author/Editor: Gerdien Jonker
Eine Welt der Ordnungen: Weltpolitische Ordnungsformen des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts
Author/Editor: Martin Senn,Andreas M. Kraxberger
Eine Welt von Folgen
Author/Editor: Thomas Gil
Eine zersplitterte Landschaft
Einführungen in die Psychoanalyse I: Einfühlen, Unbewußtes, Symptom, Hysterie, Sexualität, Übertragung, Perversion
Author/Editor: Karl-Josef Pazzini,Susanne Gottlob
Einführungen in die Psychoanalyse II: Setting, Traumdeutung, Sublimierung, Angst, Lehren, Norm, Wirksamkeit
Author/Editor: Karl-Josef Pazzini,Susanne Gottlob
Einführung in die Differential- und in die Differenzengleichungen
Author/Editor: Alexander Lewintan,Peter Lewintan
Einführung in die Ethik
Author/Editor: Micha H. Werner
Einführung in die grammatische Beschreibung des Deutschen
Author/Editor: Schäfer ,Roland
Einführung in die grammatische Beschreibung des Deutschen. Zweite, überarbeitete Auflage
Author/Editor: Schäfer ,Roland
Einführung in die grammatische Beschreibung des Deutschen. Zweite, überarbeitete Auflage
Einführung in die grammatische Beschreibung des Deutschen: Dritte, überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage
Author/Editor: Roland Schäfer
Einführung in die Wissenschaften: Wissenschaftstypen - Deutungskämpfe - Interdisziplinäre Kooperation
Author/Editor: Werner Kogge
Einführung von medizintechnischen Innovationen im Krankenhaus: Eine systematische Analyse von 27 neuen Untersuchungs- und Behandlungsmethoden zwischen 2005 und 2017: Diffusion, Evidenz und Forschungsaktivitäten
Author/Editor: Dimitra Panteli,Cornelia Henschke,Helene Eckhardt,Reinhard Busse
Einfluss atmosphärischer Umgebungsbedingungen auf den Lebenszyklus konvektiver Zellen in der Echtzeit-Vorhersage
Author/Editor: Jannik Wilhelm
Einfluss der Kompaktierung auf die Elektrodenmikrostruktur und elektrochemische Performance bei Lithium-Ionen-Zellen
Author/Editor: Denny Schmidt
Einfluss des Dralls auf den Überschallnachlauf eines längsangeströmten zylindrischen Körpers
Author/Editor: Stephan Weidner
Einflussfaktor subjektives Alter: Effekte auf die Teilnahme an und die Bewertung von Weiterbildungen (Volume 2)
Author/Editor: Alexandra Maßmann
Einfluss nicht-marktlicher Taetigkeiten auf den materiellen Wohlstand und die Einkommensverteilung in Deutschland
Author/Editor: Sandra Hofmann
Einfluss von Kommunikationsmaßnahmen mit CSR-Bezug auf die Einstellung zur Marke: Entwicklung und Ueberpruefung eines konzeptionellen Modells
Author/Editor: Marion Secka
Einflusswirkungen auf das Geschäftsmodell Carsharing – unter Berücksichtigung des Stakeholder-Ansatzes
Author/Editor: Andreas Czech
Einfuehrung in die morphologische Konzeption der slavischen Akzentologie
Author/Editor: Werner Lehfeldt
Einfuehrung von Wettbewerb auf der Letzten Meile: Eine oekonomische Analyse von Netzinfrastruktur und Wettbewerbspotential im Teilnehmeranschlußbereich
Author/Editor: Sarah Eliza Schniewindt
Eingebettete Systeme: Grundlagen Eingebetteter Systeme in Cyber-Physikalischen Systemen
Author/Editor: Peter Marwedel
Ein gemeinsamer Markt fuer Elektrizitaet in Europa: Optionen einer Wettbewerbsordnung zwischen Anspruch und Wirklichkeit
Author/Editor: Rüdiger Hermann
Eingeschlossene Räume: Das Motiv der Box im Film
Author/Editor: Nepomuk Zettl
Eingeschlossene Räume: Das Motiv der Box im Film
Author/Editor: Nepomuk Zettl
Eingliederung als Rechtfertigungsarbeit: Konventionen betrieblicher Arbeitsintegration am Beispiel psychisch erkrankter Beschäftigter
Author/Editor: Anna Gonon
»Ein guter Mann ist harte Arbeit«: Eine ethnographische Studie zu philippinischen Heiratsmigrantinnen
Author/Editor: Andrea Lauser
Ein Haus für Herkules: Das fürstliche Modellhaus der Residenzstadt Kassel – Architektur und Modellpraktiken im 18. und 19. Jahrhundert
Author/Editor: Sebastian Fitzner
Ein Imperium wird vermessen: Kartographie, Kulturtransfer und Raumerschließung im Zarenreich (1797–1919)
Author/Editor: Martin Jeske
Ein Königreich für Kohle? - Inwertsetzungs- und Propertisierungsprozesse an der Weltkulturerbelandschaft Mapungubwe (Südafrika)
Author/Editor: Caren Bergs
Einkommensorientierte Foerderung des sozialen Mietwohnungsbaues: Bestandsaufnahme und Kritik
Author/Editor: Burkhard Pahnke
Einkommensteuerliche Behandlung von Transferzahlungen: Zur Neuordnung der Familienbesteuerung sowie der Besteuerung von Versicherungsleistungen und Sozialtransfers
Author/Editor: Harald Schlee
Einkommensteuerliche Behandlung von Waehrungsgewinnen und -verlusten: Eine finanzwissenschaftliche Analyse des Steuerrechts in den USA und in Deutschland
Author/Editor: Hendrik Suermann
Einkommensteuerreform oder Einkommensteuerersatz?: Alternative Ansaetze einer Reform der direkten Besteuerung unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung steuerpraktischer Gesichtspunkte
Author/Editor: Philip Jensch
Einkommenstransfers als Instrumente der Beschaeftigungspolitik: Negative Einkommensteuer und Lohnsubventionen im Lichte moderner Arbeitsmarkttheorien und der Neuen Institutionenoekonomik
Author/Editor: Werner Sesselmeier
Ein Leben zwischen Laibach und Tuebingen - Primus Truber und seine Zeit: Intentionen, Verlauf und Folgen der Reformation in Wuerttemberg und Innenoesterreich. Hrsg. von R.-D. Kluge
Author/Editor: Rolf-Dieter Kluge
Ein Liber cantus aus dem Veneto (um 1440) – A Veneto Liber cantus (c. 1440): Fragmente in der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek München und der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek Wien – Fragments in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek Munich and the Österreichisc
Author/Editor: Margaret Bent,Robert Klugseder
Ein Medium namens McLuhan: 37 Befragungen eines Klassikers
Author/Editor: Peter Bexte,Martina Leeker
Ein Meister an der Peripherie des Kapitalismus: Machado de Assis
Author/Editor: Roberto Schwarz,Laura Rivas Gagliardi
Ein Meisterwerk im Zwielicht: Ivan Bunins narrative Kurzprosaverknuepfung "Temnye allei" zwischen Akzeptanz und Ablehnung – eine Genrestudie
Author/Editor: Hella Reese
Ein "More Realistic Approach"?: Zu den Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der verhaltensökonomischen Analyse des Wettbewerbsrechts
Author/Editor: Martin Meier,Markus Höfner
Ein neuer Algorithmus zur Untersuchung der Kohomologie der Steenrod-Algebra
Author/Editor: Christian Nassau
Ein neuer Gesellschaftsvertrag für eine nachhaltige Landwirtschaft: Wege zu einer integrativen Politik für den Agrarsektor
Author/Editor: Peter H. Feindt,Christine Krämer,Andrea Früh-Müller,Alois Heißenhuber,Claudia Pahl-Wostl,Kai P. Purnhagen,Fabian Thomas,Caroline van Bers,Volkmar Wolters
Ein oekonomischer Ansatz der Theorie der intermediaeren Finanzgewalten - Die Kirchen als Parafisci
Author/Editor: Peter Saile
Ein Physiologiemodell für Tactical Combat Casualty Care Training in mobilen Serious Games
Author/Editor: Julia Hofmann
Ein provinzialrömischer Kultplatz auf der Gradišče bei Sankt Egyden in Unterkärnten
Author/Editor: Christoph Hinker
Einsames Sterben und unentdeckte Tode in der Stadt: Über ein verborgenes gesellschaftliches Problem
Author/Editor: Susanne Loke
Einseitig erklärter Eigentumsvorbehalt und Käuferinsolvenz: Vorleistungspflicht, Synallagmaschutz und Gläubigerprivilegierung in der Insolvenz
Author/Editor: Olaf Riss
Einstein vs. Bergson: An Enduring Quarrel on Time
Author/Editor: Alessandra Campo,Simone Gozzano
Einstellungen und Involvement als Bestimmungsfaktoren des sozialen Verhaltens: Eine empirische Analyse am Beispiel der Organspendebereitschaft in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Author/Editor: Gerd Schnetkamp
Ein stilles Credo J.S. Bachs
Author/Editor: Christian Overstolz
Ein Tag vom Standpunkt eines Lebens: Ideelle Konsequenz als Gestaltungsfaktor im erzaehlerischen Werk von Aleksandr Isaevič Solženicyn
Author/Editor: John F. Dunn
Ein- und Ausströmungen: Zur Medialität der Atmung
Author/Editor: Natalie Lettenewitsch,Linda Waack
Ein Verfahren zur lexikographischen modellprädiktiven Regelung mit der Anwendung auf eine permanenterregte Synchronmaschine
Author/Editor: Christoph Xaver Schnurr
Einwilligungserklärung und Forschungsinformation zur Gewinnung tierischer Proben: erarbeitet im Auftrag der Nationalen Forschungsplattform für Zoonosen
Author/Editor: Jürgen W. Goebel,Jürgen Scheller
eIoT: The Development of the Energy Internet of Things in Energy Infrastructure
Author/Editor: Steffi O. Muhanji,Alison E. Flint,Amro M. Farid
Eirene e Atena: Studi di politica internazionale in onore di Umberto Gori
Author/Editor: Fulvio Attinà,Luciano Bozzo,Marco Cesa,Sonia Lucarelli
Eisenbahn Spielen! - Populäre Aneignungen und Inszenierungen des Schienentransports in großen und kleinen Maßstäben
Author/Editor: Hörz, Peter F. N.
Eisenbahn Spielen! - Populäre Aneignungen und Inszenierungen des Schienentransports in großen und kleinen Maßstäben
Ekagi-Dutch-English-Indonesian Dictionary
Ekagi-Dutch-English-Indonesian Dictionary
Author/Editor: Steltenpool ,J.
El Acuerdo de Escazú sobre democracia ambiental y su relación con la Agenda 2030 para el Desarrollo Sostenible
Author/Editor: Alicia Bárcena,Valeria Torres,Lina Muñoz Ávila
El Caribe holandés
Author/Editor: Oostindie ,Gert
El cerro de Alarcos (Ciudad Real): Formación y desarrollo de un oppidum ibérico : 20 años de excavaciones arqueológicas en el Sector III
Author/Editor: María del Rosario García Huerta,Francisco Javier Morales Hervás,David Rodríguez González
EL DEBATE PERMANENTE: Modos de producción y revolución en América Latina
Author/Editor: Juan Marchena,Manuel Chust,Mariano Schlez
e-Learning cookbook. TPACK in professional development in higher education
Author/Editor: Brouwer ,Natasa,Dekker ,Peter J.,Pol van der ,Jakko
Election 2007: The Shift to Limited Preferential Voting in Papua New Guinea
Author/Editor: May ,R.J.,Anere ,Ray,Haley ,Nicole,Wheen ,Katherine
Election Management Bodies in East Africa
Author/Editor: Alexander B. Makulilo,Eugéne Ntaganda,Margaret Sekaggya,Patrick Osodo
Election Management Bodies in West Africa
Author/Editor: Ismaila Madior Fall,Mathias Hounkpe,Adele L Jinadu,Pascal Kambale
Electoral Campaigns, Media, and the New World of Digital Politics
Author/Editor: David Taras,Richard Davis
The Electoral Consequences of Third Way Welfare State Reforms
Author/Editor: Arndt ,Christoph
Electoral Politics in Crisis After the Great Recession: Change, Fluctuations and Stability in Iceland
Author/Editor: Eva H. Önnudóttir,Agnar Freyr Helgason,Ólafur Th. Harðarson,Hulda Thórisdóttir
Electoral Shocks: The Volatile Voter in a Turbulent World
Author/Editor: Edward Fieldhouse,Jane Green,Geoffrey Evans,Jonathan Mellon,Christopher Prosser,Hermann Schmitt,Ce van der Eijk
Electoral Systems in Divided Societies
Author/Editor: Lal V. ,Brij,Larmour ,Peter
Electricity Access, Decarbonization, and Integration of Renewables: Insights and Lessons from the Energy Transformation in Bangladesh, South Asia, and Sub-Sahara Africa
Author/Editor: Sebastian Groh,Lukas Barner,Georg Heinemann,Christian von Hirschhausen
Electricity in Africa: The Politics of Transformation in Uganda
Author/Editor: Christopher Gore
Electric-Shock Weapons, Tasers and Policing: Myths and Realities
Author/Editor: Abi Dymond
Electric Worlds / Mondes électriques: Creations, Circulations, Tensions, Transitions (19th–21st C.)
Author/Editor: Alain Beltran,Léonard Laborie,Pierre Lanthier,Stéphanie Le Gallic
The Electrification of Russia, 1880–1926
Author/Editor: Jonathan Coopersmith
Electrochemical and Corrosion Behavior of Metallic Glasses
Author/Editor: VAHID HASANNAEIMI,Maryam Sadeghilaridjani,Sundeep Mukherjee
Electrochemical Supercapacitors for Energy Storage and Delivery: Fundamentals and applications
Author/Editor: Aiping Yu,Victor Chabot,Jiujun Zhang
Electromagnetic Fields in Biological Systems
Author/Editor: James C. Lin,Marc Gutierrez
Electromagnetic Wave Scattering by Aerial and Ground Radar Objects
Author/Editor: Oleg I. Sukharevsky
Electromagnetic Wave Scattering by Aerial and Ground Radar Objects
Author/Editor: Oleg I. Sukharevsky
Electromechanobiology of Cartilage and Osteoarthritis: A Tribute to Alan Grodzinsky on his 75th Birthday
Author/Editor: Brianne K. Connizzo,Lin Han,Robert L. Sah
Electronic Democracy
Author/Editor: Norbert Kersting
Electronic Evidence
Author/Editor: Stephen Mason,Daniel Seng
Electronic Evidence and Electronic Signatures
Author/Editor: Stephen Mason,Daniel Seng