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Ma'afu, prince of Tonga, chief of Fiji: The life and times of Fiji’s first Tui Lau
Author/Editor: Spurway ,John
Ma'afu, prince of Tonga, chief of Fiji: The life and times of Fiji’s first Tui Lau
Maasiana e Callimachea
Author/Editor: Luigi Lehnus
Maatschappelijke dienstverlening: een onderzoek naar vijf sectoren - 6
Author/Editor: Dijstelbloem ,H.,Meurs ,P.L.
Maatschappelijk werk en de stad. Vijf preadviezen
Author/Editor: Hoed den ,P.
Macassan History and Heritage: Journeys, Encounters and Influences
Author/Editor: Clark ,Marshall,May K. ,Sally
Macchiabate I. Ausgrabungen in der Nekropole von Francavilla Marittima, Kalabrien, 2009-2016: Die Areale Strada und De Leo
Author/Editor: Martin A. Guggisberg,Camilla Colombi
Machiavelli and the Politics of Democratic Innovation
Author/Editor: Christopher Holman
Author/Editor: Thomas Patrick Pringle,Gertrud Koch,Bernard Stiegler
Machine Learning and Its Application to Reacting Flows: ML and Combustion
Author/Editor: Nedunchezhian Swaminathan,Alessandro Parente
Machine Learning for Brain Disorders
Author/Editor: Olivier Colliot
Machine Learning for Cyber Physical Systems: Selected papers from the International Conference ML4CPS 2020
Author/Editor: Jürgen Beyerer,Alexander Maier,Oliver Niggemann
Machine Learning for Cyber Physical Systems: Selected papers from the International Conference ML4CPS 2018
Author/Editor: Jürgen Beyerer,Christian Kühnert,Oliver Niggemann
Machine Learning im Logistikmanagement – Entwicklung eines Gestaltungsansatzes zum Einsatz von ML-Anwendungen in logistischen Entscheidungsprozessen
Author/Editor: Manuel Weinke
Machineries of Oil : An Infrastructural History of BP in Iran
Author/Editor: Shafiee ,Katayoun
Machine Sensation: Anthropomorphism and ‘Natural’ Interaction with Nonhumans
Author/Editor: Tessa G. Leach
Machine translation for everyone: Empowering users in the age of artificial intelligence
Author/Editor: Dorothy Kenny
Machseh Lajesoumim: A Jewish Orphanage in the City of Leiden, 1890-1943
Author/Editor: Jaap Focke
Macht Arbeit Frei?: German Economic Policy and Forced Labor of Jews in the General Government, 1939-1943
Author/Editor: Witold Mędykowski
Macht en verantwoordelijkheid
Macht in de metropool: Politieke elitevorming tijdens de demografische en economische bloeifase van Antwerpen (ca. 1400-1550)
Author/Editor: Janna Everaert
Macht in der Schule: Wissen – Sichtweisen – Erfahrungen. Texte in Leichter Sprache, Einfacher Sprache und Fachsprache
Author/Editor: Nico Leonhardt,Anne Goldbach,Lucia Staib,Saskia Schuppener
Machtsverschil en rechtsgelijkheid in de Europese Unie
Author/Editor: Scheffer ,P.
Macht und Gewalt im Widerstreit
Author/Editor: Katrin Meyer
Macht und Gewalt im Widerstreit
Author/Editor: Meyer ,Katrin
Macrocriminology and Freedom
Author/Editor: John Braithwaite
A Macroeconometric Model for Saudi Arabia: A Case Study on the World’s Largest Oil Exporter
Author/Editor: Fakhri J. Hasanov,Frederick L. Joutz,Jeyhun I. Mikayilov,Muhammad Javid
Macroeconomic modelling for policy analysis
Author/Editor: Leonardo Ghezzi,Rossella Bardazzi
Macroeconomic Modelling of R&D and Innovation Policies
Author/Editor: Ufuk Akcigit,Cristiana Benedetti Fasil,Giammario Impullitti,Omar Licandro,Miguel Sanchez-Martinez
Macroeconomic Policies and Poverty
Author/Editor: Ashoka Mody,Catherine Pattillo
Macro-economic policy coordination and monetary integration: a European perspective
Author/Editor: Ploeg van der ,F.
Madame Bovary on Trial
Author/Editor: Dominick LaCapra
Made in Africa: Industrial Policy in Ethiopia
Author/Editor: Arkebe Oqubay
Made in Africa: Learning to Compete in Industry
Author/Editor: Carol Newman,John Page,John Rand,Abebe Shemeles,Måns Söderbom,Finn Tarp
Made to Matter : White Fathers, Stolen Generations
Author/Editor: Probyn-Rapsey ,Fiona
Made-to-Measure Future(s) for Democracy?: Views from the Basque Atalaia
Author/Editor: Julen Zabalo,Igor Filibi,Leire Escajedo San-Epifanio
The Made-Up State: Technology, Trans Femininity, and Citizenship in Indonesia
Author/Editor: Benjamin Hegarty
Mad Men, Mad World: Sex, Politics, Style, and the 1960s
Author/Editor: Lauren M. E. Goodlad,Lilya Kaganovsky,Robert A. Rushing
The Madrasa in Asia
Madre and I: A Memoir of Our Immigrant Lives
Author/Editor: Guillermo Reyes
Mafiacraft: An Ethnography of Deadly Silence
Author/Editor: Deborah Puccio-Den
Magazines, Tourism, and Nation-Building in Mexico
Author/Editor: Claire Lindsay
The Maghrib in the Mashriq: Knowledge, Travel and Identity
Author/Editor: Maribel Fierro,Mayte Penelas
Magic in Popular Narratives
Author/Editor: Jan Kajfosz
The Magic Mountain: A Study of Thomas Mann's Novel Der Zauberberg
Author/Editor: Hermann J. Weigand
The Magic Screen: A History of Regent Street Cinema
Author/Editor: Joost Hunningher,Rikki Morgan-Tamosunas,Guy Osborn,Ro Spankie
Magister ludens: Der Erzähler in Heinrich Wittenweilers "Ring"
Author/Editor: Christa Wolf Cross
Magna Carta: history, context and influence: Papers delivered at Peking University on the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta
Author/Editor: Lawrence Goldman
Magnesium in the Central Nervous System
Author/Editor: Nechifor ,Mihai,Vink ,Robert
Magnetic Hybrid-Materials: Multi-scale Modelling, Synthesis, and Applications
Magnetic Nanostructures
Magnetism and Accelerator-Based Light Sources: Proceedings of the 7th International School ‘‘Synchrotron Radiation and Magnetism’’, Mittelwihr (France), 2018
Author/Editor: Hervé Bulou,Loïc Joly,Jean-Michel Mariot,Fabrice Scheurer
Magnetismus hoch 4
Author/Editor: Daniel Laumann
Magnifying perspectives: contributions to history : a festschrift for Robert Ross
Author/Editor: Iva Peša,Jan-Bart Gewald
The Mahanubhavs
Author/Editor: Antonio Rigopoulos
Mahnen und Regieren: Die Metapher des Hirten im früheren Mittelalter
Author/Editor: Monika Suchan
Maidanets'ke. Development and decline of a Trypillia mega-site in Central Ukraine
Author/Editor: René Ohlrau
Maiden Castle, Dorset
Author/Editor: R. E. M. Wheeler
The Maiden of Orleans: A Romantic Tragedy
Author/Editor: Friedrich Schiller,John T. Krumpelmann
Maimonides Review of Philosophy and Religion Volume 1, 2022
Author/Editor: Ze'ev Strauss
Mainland and insular lacertid lizards: A mediterrean perspective
Author/Editor: Pietro Lo Cascio,Claudia Corti,Marta Biaggini
Mainstream Culture Refocused: Television Drama, Society, and the Production of Meaning in Reform-Era China
Author/Editor: Xueping Zhong
Mainstreaming gender, democratizing the state
Mainstreaming gender, democratizing the State?: National machineries
Author/Editor: Rai ,Shirin M
Mainstreaming Gender in Global Climate Governance: Women and Gender Constituency in the UNFCCC
Author/Editor: Joanna Flavell
Mainstreaming Politics: Gendering Practices and Feminist Theory
Author/Editor: Bacchi ,Carol,Eveline ,Joan
Maintaining Peace and Interstate Stability in Archaic and Classical Greece
Author/Editor: Julia Wilker
Major Infrastructure Planning and Delivery: Exploring Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) in England and Wales
Author/Editor: Ben Clifford,Janice Morphet
Majority World Perspectives on Christian Mission
Author/Editor: Nico A. Botha,Eugene Baron
The Makassar annals
The Makassar annals
Author/Editor: Cummings ,William
Make and Let Die: Untimely Sovereignties
Author/Editor: Kathleen Biddick,Eileen A. Joy
Make Capitalism History: A Practical Framework for Utopia and the Transformation of Society
Author/Editor: Simon Sutterlütti,Stefan Meretz
Make It New: Reshaping Jazz in the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Bill Beuttler
Make It Rain: State Control of the Atmosphere in Twentieth-Century America
Author/Editor: Kristine C. Harper
Make Life Visible
Author/Editor: Yoshiaki Toyama,Atsushi Miyawaki,Masaya Nakamura,Masahiro Jinzaki
Maken wij er werk van? Verkenningen omtrent de verhouding tussen actieven en niet-actieven
Author/Editor: WRR
Makers at School, Educational Robotics and Innovative Learning Environments: Research and Experiences from FabLearn Italy 2019, in the Italian Schools and Beyond
Author/Editor: David Scaradozzi,Lorenzo Guasti,Margherita Di Stasio,Beatrice Miotti,Andrea Monteriù,Paulo Blikstein
Makers at school: L’apprendimento nell’era post-digitale
Author/Editor: Francesca Gratani
Make We Merry More and Less: An Anthology of Medieval English Popular Literature
Author/Editor: Douglas Gray,Jane Bliss
Making a Homeland: Roots and Routes of Transnational Armenian Engagement
Author/Editor: Tsypylma Darieva
Making AI Intelligible: Philosophical Foundations
Author/Editor: Herman Cappelen,Josh Dever
Making a Laboratory: Dynamic Configurations with Transversal Video
Author/Editor: Ben Spatz
Making a Living between Crises and Ceremonies in Tana Toraja: The Practice of Everyday Life of a South Sulawesi Highland Community in Indonesia
Author/Editor: Edwin B.P. de Jong
Making Ammonia: Fritz Haber, Walther Nernst, and the Nature of Scientific Discovery
Author/Editor: Benjamin Johnson
The Making and Circulation of Nordic Models, Ideas and Images
Author/Editor: Haldor Byrkjeflot,Lars Mjøset,Mads Mordhorst,Klaus Petersen
Making and Unmaking in Early Modern English Drama - Spectators, Aesthetics and Incompletion
Author/Editor: Chloe Porter
Making and Unmaking in Early Modern English Drama - Spectators, Aesthetics and Incompletion
Author/Editor: Porter ,Chloe
Making Another World Possible: Anarchism, Anti-capitalism and Ecology in Late 19th and Early 20th Century Britain
Author/Editor: Peter Ryley
Making Black History: Diasporic Fiction in the Moment of Afropolitanism
Author/Editor: Dominique Haensell
Making Change Happen: Black and White Activists talk to Kevin Cook about Aboriginal, Union and Liberation Politics
Author/Editor: Cook ,Kevin,Goodall ,Heather
Making Copyright Work for the Asian Pacific: Juxtaposing Harmonisation with Flexibility
Author/Editor: Jessica Lai,Susan Corbett
Making Democracy: Aushandlungen von Freiheit, Gleichheit und Solidarität im Alltag (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Oliver Marchart,Elke Rajal,Nora Landkammer,Carina Maier
Making Endless War: The Vietnam and Arab-Israeli Conflicts in the History of International Law
Author/Editor: Brian Cuddy,Victor Kattan
Making Futures: Marginal Notes on Innovation, Design, and Democracy
Author/Editor: Pelle Ehn,Elisabet M. Nilsson,Richard Topgaard
Making Healthcare Safe: The Story of the Patient Safety Movement
Author/Editor: Lucian L. Leape
Making Home(s) in Displacement: Critical Reflections on a Spatial Practice
Author/Editor: Luce Beeckmans,Alessandra Gola,Ashika Singh,Hilde Heynen
Making Humanitarian Crises: Emotions and Images in History
Author/Editor: Brenda Lynn Edgar,Valérie Gorin,Dolores Martín-Moruno
Making Institutional Repositories Work
Making Institutional Repositories Work
Author/Editor: Callicott ,Burton B.,Scherer ,David,Wesolek ,Andrew
Making in the making: Performing new forms and spatialities of production
Author/Editor: Samantha Cenere
Making Light
Making Light : Haydn, Musical Camp, and the Long Shadow of German Idealism
Author/Editor: Knapp ,Raymond
Making Mala: Malaita in Solomon Islands, 1870s–1930s
Author/Editor: Moore ,Clive
Making Martyrs: The Language of Sacrifice in Russian Culture from Stalin to Putin
Author/Editor: Yuliya Minkova
Making Media Matter: Critical Literacy, Popular Culture, and Creative Production
Author/Editor: Benjamin Thevenin
Making Medicines in Africa: The Political Economy of Industrializing for Local Health
Author/Editor: Maureen Mackintosh,Geoffrey Banda,Paula Tibandebage,Watu Wamae
Making Migration Work
Author/Editor: Holtslag ,Jan Willem,Kremer ,Monique,Schrijvers ,Erik
Making Moral Judgments: Psychological Perspectives on Morality, Ethics, and Decision-Making
Author/Editor: Donelson Forsyth
Making Muslim Women European: Voluntary Associations, Gender, and Islam in Post-Ottoman Bosnia and Yugoslavia (1878–1941)
Author/Editor: Fabio Giomi
Making News at The New York Times
Author/Editor: Nikki Usher
The Making of a Mosque with Female Imams: Serendipities in the Production of Danish Islams
Author/Editor: Jesper Petersen
The Making of an African Working Class: Politics, Law, and Cultural Protest in the Manual Workers' Union of Botswana
Author/Editor: Pnina Werbner
The making of British bioethics
Author/Editor: Duncan Wilson
The Making of Constitutional Democracy: From Creation to Application of Law
Author/Editor: Paolo Sandro
The Making of Englishmen: Debates on National Identity 1550-1650
Author/Editor: Hilary Larkin
The Making of Islamic Heritage: Muslim Pasts and Heritage Presents
Author/Editor: Trinidad Rico
The Making of Middle Indonesia
The Making of Middle Indonesia
Author/Editor: Klinken van ,G.
The Making of Middle Indonesia: Middle Classes in Kupang town, 1930s-1980s
Author/Editor: Gerry van Klinken
The Making of Modern Psychiatry
Author/Editor: Ronald Chase
The Making of Teachers in the Age of Migration: Critical Perspectives on the Politics of Education for Refugees, Immigrants and Minorities
Author/Editor: Michelle Proyer,Sabine Krause,Gertraud Kremsner
The Making of the Humanities
Author/Editor: Bod ,Rens,Maat ,Jaap,Weststeijn ,Thijs
The Making of the Humanities
Author/Editor: Bod ,Rens,Maat ,Jaap,Weststeijn ,Thijs
The Making of the Humanities, Volume III. The Modern Humanities
The Making of The Wandering Earth: A Film Production Handbook
Author/Editor: Jiaren Wang,Kanyu Wang
The Making of World Society: Perspectives from Transnational Research
Author/Editor: Remus Gabriel Anghel,Eva Gerharz,Gilberto Rescher,Monika Salzbrunn
Making Presentation Math Computable: A Context-Sensitive Approach for Translating LaTeX to Computer Algebra Systems
Author/Editor: André Greiner-Petter
Making Publics, Making Places
Making Refuge
Author/Editor: Besteman ,Catherine
Making Religion and Human Rights at the United Nations
Author/Editor: Helge Årsheim
Making Research Matter: Steps to Impact for Health and Care Researchers
Author/Editor: Tara Lamont
Making Room for People
Author/Editor: Qu ,Lei,Hasselaar ,Evert
Making Sense as a Cultural Practice. Historical Perspectives
Making Sense as a Cultural Practice. Historical Perspectives
Making Sense of Bad English
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Peterson
Making Sense of Immigrant Work Integration: An Organizing Framework
Author/Editor: Luciara Nardon,Amrita Hari
Making sense of Jesus: Experiences, interpretations and identities
Author/Editor: Francois Tolmie,Rian Venter
Making Sense of Suburbia through Popular Culture
Author/Editor: Rupa Huq
Making Sense of the Census
Author/Editor: Taylor ,John,Morhpy ,Frances,Martin ,David,Sanders ,Will
Making Sense of the Future
Author/Editor: Rick Szostak
Making Sense of Work Through Collaborative Storytelling: Building Narratives in Organisational Change
Author/Editor: Tricia Cleland Silva,Paulo de Tarso Fonseca Silva
Making Sense of World History
Author/Editor: Rick Szostak
Making Sex Revisited
Making Sex Revisited : Dekonstruktion des Geschlechts aus biologisch-medizinischer Perspektive
Author/Editor: Voß ,Heinz-Jürgen
Making Technology Masculine
Author/Editor: Oldenziel ,Ruth
Making the Geologic Now: Responses to Material Conditions of Contemporary Life
Author/Editor: Elisabeth Ellsworth,Jamie Kruse
Making the invisible visible: Reclaiming women’s agency in Swedish film history and beyond
Author/Editor: Ingrid Stigsdotter
Making the Medieval Relevant
Author/Editor: Conor Kostick,Chris Jones,Klaus Oschema
Making the Most of Mess
Making the Most of Mess : Reliability and Policy in Today's Management Challenges
Author/Editor: Roe ,Emery
Making the Palace Machine Work: Mobilizing People, Objects, and Nature in the Qing Empire
Author/Editor: Martina Siebert,Kai Jun Chen,Dorothy Ko
Making the Void Fruitful: Yeats as Spiritual Seeker and Petrarchan Lover
Author/Editor: Patrick J. Keane
Making the White Man's West
Author/Editor: Pierce E. ,Jason
Making Things Happen: Community Participation and Disaster Reconstruction in Pakistan (Volume 5)
Author/Editor: Jane Murphy Thomas
Making Things Stick: Surveillance Technologies and Mexico’s War on Crime
Author/Editor: Keith Guzik
Making Things Stick: Surveillance Technologies and Mexico’s War on Crime
Author/Editor: Guzik ,Keith
Making Transparency Possible: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue
Author/Editor: Roy Krøvel,Mona Thowsen
Making up Numbers: A History of Invention in Mathematics
Author/Editor: Ekkehard Kopp
Making work more equal
Making work more equal : A new labour market segmentation approach
Makrokonstruktionen: Komplexe Adverbialstrukturen zwischen lokaler Emergenz und Sedimentierung im gesprochenen Französisch
Author/Editor: Oliver Ehmer
Makrooekonomische Effekte der Direktinvestitionen
Author/Editor: Alkis Henri Otto
Makrooekonomische Effizienz des Finanzsektors: Herleitung eines theoretischen Modells und Schaetzung der Wachstumsimplikationen fuer die Marktwirtschaften und Transformationsoekonomien Europas
Author/Editor: Hans Christian Mantler
Makrooekonomische Implikationen von Arbeitsmigration und Migrantentransfers
Author/Editor: Lars Bennöhr
Maksimilian Vološin als Kuenstler und Kritiker
Author/Editor: Claudia Wallrafen
Makt, motmakt og praksis: Bidrag til kritisk refleksjon innen diakoni og velferd
Author/Editor: Inger Marie Lid,Trygve Wyller
Malarial Subjects: Empire, Medicine and Nonhumans in British India, 1820–1909
Author/Editor: Rohan Deb Roy
Malaysian Cinema, Asian Film
Author/Editor: Heide van der ,William
Malaysia und Indonesien: Wirtschaftliche Entwicklungsstrategien in zwei Vielvoelkerstaaten
Author/Editor: Peter Dung
Male and Female and the Afro-Cura
Author/Editor: Marks ,A.
Male and Female and the Afro-Cura
Male and Female and the Afro-Curaçaoan Household
Author/Editor: A.F. Marks,Maria J.L. van Yperen
‘Maledetta Signora’: Storia dell’antijuventinismo (1897-2023)
Author/Editor: Onofrio Bellifemine
Male Survivors of Wartime Sexual Violence: Perspectives from Northern Uganda
Author/Editor: Philipp Schulz
Male witches in early modern Europe
Author/Editor: Apps ,Lara,Gow ,Andrew
Malinowski and the Alps – Anthropological and Historical Perspectives
Author/Editor: Patrick Burke,Elisabeth Tauber,Margareth Lanzinger,Dorothy Louise Zinn,Daniela Salvucci,Peter Schöttler,Elisabeth Tauber,Lucy Ulrich,Lucie Varga,Pierpaolo Viazzo,Dorothy Louise Zinn
Mallarmé devant ses contemporains
Author/Editor: Hambly S. ,Peter
The Malleus Maleficarum and the construction of witchcraft: Theology and popular belief
The Malleus Maleficarum and the construction of witchcraft: Theology and popular belief
Author/Editor: Broedel ,Hans Peter
Malstil und Schreibsprache
Author/Editor: Roland ,Martin,Wiesinger ,Peter
Malyj dialektologičeskij atlas balkanskich jazykov
Author/Editor: Andrej N. Sobolev,Helmut Schaller
Malyj dialektologičeskij atlas balkanskich jazykov. Serija grammatičeskaja: Tom I. Kategorii imeni suščestvitel'nogo.
Author/Editor: Helmut Schaller,Andrej N. Sobolev
Malyj dialektologičeskij atlas balkanskich jazykov. Serija leksičeskaja. Tom I: Leksika duchovnoj kul'tury
Author/Editor: Andrej N. Sobolev
Mammographies: The Cultural Discourses of Breast Cancer Narratives
Author/Editor: Mary K. DeShazer
Mammoths and Neanderthals in the Thames Valley
Author/Editor: Katharine Scott,Christine Buckingham
Mamsell Bohmans fall: Nattlöperskor i 1700-talets Stockholm
Author/Editor: Rebecka Lennartsson
Managed Software Evolution
Author/Editor: Ralf Reussner,Michael Goedicke,Wilhelm Hasselbring,Birgit Vogel-Heuser,Jan Keim,Lukas Märtin
Management Accountants’ Business Orientation and Involvement in Incentive Compensation: Empirical Results from a Cross-Sectional Survey
Author/Editor: Sebastian Wolf
Management and Visualisation: Seeing Beyond the Strategic
Author/Editor: Gordon Fletcher
Management by Missions: Connecting People to Strategy through Purpose
Author/Editor: Pablo Cardona,Carlos Rey
Management der sozialen Verantwortung im Krankenhaus: Corporate Social Responsibility als nachhaltiger Erfolgsfaktor
Author/Editor: Heinz Naegler
Management der sozialen Verantwortung im Krankenhaus: Corporate Social Responsibility als nachhaltiger Erfolgsfaktor. Mit Beiträgen von Silke Bustamante
Author/Editor: Heinz Naegler
Management Development Through Cultural Diversity
Author/Editor: Ronnie Lessem
Management model for social and environmental impact in logistics through blockchain technologies
Author/Editor: Peter Verhoeven
Management of CNS Tumors
The Management of Opera (1861-1918): Theatres of the Eastern Adriatic
Author/Editor: Cristina Scuderi
Management of Research Infrastructures: A South African Funding Perspective
Author/Editor: Rakeshnie Ramoutar-Prieschl,Sepo Hachigonta
Management of Stochastic Demand in Make-to-Stock Manufacturing
Author/Editor: Rainer Quante
Management von Messebeteiligungen: Identifikation und Erklaerung messespezifischer Grundhaltungen auf der Basis einer empirischen Untersuchung
Author/Editor: Ralf Ueding
Managerial Capitalism: Ownership, Management and the Coming New Mode of Production
Author/Editor: Dominique Lévy,Gérard Duménil
Managing Archaeological Landscapes in Northumberland: Till Tweed Studies Volume 1
Author/Editor: D. G. Passmore
Managing Change at Universities: Volume III
Author/Editor: Bassey Edem Antia,Peter Mayer,Marc Wilde
Managing Change: Wie Führungskräfte versuchen, Beschäftigte und Organisationen zu verändern
Author/Editor: Michael Maile
Managing Chronicity in Unequal States: Ethnographic perspectives on caring
Author/Editor: Laura Montesi,Melania Calestani
Managing Climate Risk in Water Supply Systems
Author/Editor: Casey Brown,Neil Ward
Managing Consultants
Author/Editor: Dobes ,Leo
Managing Consultants. A practical guide for busy public sector managers
Author/Editor: Dobes ,Leo
Managing Development
Author/Editor: Junji Nakagawa
Managing Distributed Cloud Applications and Infrastructure: A Self-Optimising Approach
Author/Editor: Theo Lynn,John G. Mooney,Jörg Domaschka,Keith A. Ellis
Managing Diversity
Managing Diversity : Practices of Citizenship
Managing Elevated Risk: Global Liquidity, Capital Flows, and Macroprudential Policy - An Asian Perspective
Author/Editor: Iwan J. Azis,Hyun Song Shin
Managing Emotion in Design Innovation
Author/Editor: Amitoj Singh
Managing Expatriates: Success Factors in Private and Public Domains
Author/Editor: Brenton M Wiernik,Brenton M Wiernik,Heiko Rüger,Heiko Rüger,Deniz S. Ones,Deniz S. Ones
Managing Future Challenges for Safety: Demographic Change, Digitalisation and Complexity in the 2030s
Author/Editor: Hervé Laroche,Corinne Bieder,Jesús Villena-López
Managing Generation Z: Motivation, Engagement and Loyalty
Author/Editor: Joanna Nieżurawska-Zając,Radosław Antoni Kycia,Agnieszka Niemczynowicz
Managing Great Power Politics: ASEAN, Institutional Strategy, and the South China Sea
Author/Editor: Kei Koga
Managing Infodemics in the 21st Century: Addressing New Public Health Challenges in the Information Ecosystem
Author/Editor: Tina D. Purnat,Tim Nguyen,Sylvie Briand
Managing Innovation and Standards: A Case in the European Heating Industry
Author/Editor: Paul Moritz Wiegmann
Managing Labour in Small Firms
Author/Editor: Susan Marlow,Dean Patton,Monder Ram
Managing Modern Healthcare
Author/Editor: Bresnen ,Michael,Hodgson ,Damian,Bailey ,Simon,Hyde ,Paula,Hassard ,John
Managing our past into the future: Archaeological heritage management in the Dutch Caribbean
Author/Editor: C. Hofman,J.B. Haviser
Managing Protected Areas in Central and Eastern Europe Under Climate Change
Author/Editor: Sven Rannow,Marco Neubert
Managing Risk and Information Security: Protect to Enable (First Edition)
Author/Editor: Malcolm W. Harkins
Managing Risk and Information Security: Protect to Enable (Second Edition)
Author/Editor: Malcolm W. Harkins
Managing Social Research
Author/Editor: Roger Tarling
Managing Socio-ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes for Sustainable Communities in Asia: Mapping and Navigating Stakeholders, Policy and Action
Author/Editor: Osamu Saito,Suneetha M Subramanian,Shizuka Hashimoto,Kazuhiko Takeuchi
Managing the Complexity of Critical Infrastructures: A Modelling and Simulation Approach
Author/Editor: Roberto Setola,Vittorio Rosato,Elias Kyriakides,Erich Rome
Managing the Digital University: Paradigms, Leadership, and Organization
Author/Editor: Łukasz Sułkowski
Managing Transnational UNESCO World Heritage sites in Africa
Author/Editor: Dodé Houehounha,Edmond Moukala
Managing Under Austerity, Delivering Under Pressure
Author/Editor: Wanna ,John,Lee ,Hsu-Ann,Yates ,Sophie
Maßnahmen zur Unterstützung kognitiver und metakognitiver Prozesse in der Studieneingangsphase
Author/Editor: Inka Haak
Mana Māori. De kracht van Nieuw-Zeelands eerste bewoners
Mana Māori. De kracht van Nieuw-Zeelands eerste bewoners
Author/Editor: Veys Wonu ,Fanny
Mana Māori. The Power of New Zealand’s First Inhabitants
Author/Editor: Veys Wonu ,Fanny
Mana Māori. The Power of New Zealand’s First Inhabitants
Man Bac: The Excavation of a Neolithic Site in Northern Vietnam
Author/Editor: Oxenham F. ,Marc,Matsumura ,Hirofumi,Kim Dung ,Nguyen
"Man bleibt eben immer der Flüchtling.": Eine Quellenedition zur Flucht und Vertreibung aus dem Kreis Arnswalde 1945-1947 (Volume 75)
Author/Editor: Veronica Kölling,Klaus Neitmann
Manchester Ship Canal: Back to the Future for Disused European Waterways
Author/Editor: Sara Biscaya Hisham Elkadi
Manchus and Han: Ethnic Relations and Political Power in Late Qing and Early Republican China, 1861-1928
Author/Editor: Edward J. M. Rhoads
Mandarin Chinese Words and Parts of Speech: A Corpus-based Study
Author/Editor: Chu-Ren Huang,Shu-Kai Hsieh,Keh-Jiann Chen
The Mandate of Heaven and The Great Ming Code
Author/Editor: Jiang Yonglin
Mandat: P'esa v trech dejstvijach. Redakcija i vstupitel'naja stat'ja V. Kazaka
Author/Editor: Nikolaj R. Erdman
Manejo do Lodos Fecales
A Manga Perfeita
Author/Editor: Erin Manning,Ernesto Filho,Christine Greiner
Manga Vision : Cultural and Communicative Perspectives
Manger en ville: Regards socio-anthropologiques d’Afrique, d’Amérique latine et d’Asie
Author/Editor: Audrey Soula,Chelsie Yount-André,Olivier Lepiller,Nicolas Bricas
Manhua Modernity: Chinese Culture and the Pictorial Turn
Author/Editor: John A. Crespi
The Manichaean Church at Kellis: Social Networks and Religious Identity in Late Antique Egypt
Author/Editor: Håkon Fiane Teigen
Manifeste : Geschichte und Gegenwart des politischen Appells
Manifest Madness: Mental Incapacity in the Criminal Law
Author/Editor: Loughnan ,Arlie
Manifesto for a Post-Critical Pedagogy
Author/Editor: Naomi Hodgson,Joris Vlieghe,Piotr Zamojski
Manifesto for Living in the Anthropocene
Author/Editor: Katherine Gibson,Deborah Bird Rose,Ruth Fincher
Manifesto for the Humanities: Transforming Doctoral Education in Good Enough Times
Author/Editor: Sidonie Ann Smith
A Manifesto for the Public University
Author/Editor: John Holmwood
Manifesto of the New Economy: Institutions and Business Models of the Digital Society
Author/Editor: Alexander Dolgin
Manifiesto del Nuevo Realismo
Author/Editor: Ferraris ,Maurizio
Manipulating practices
Man, Meaning and History
Man, Meaning and History
Author/Editor: Tennekes ,J.,Schoorl ,J.,Schefold ,R.
Mannen in het draagnet
Mannen in het draagnet
Author/Editor: Hylkema ,S.
Mannen in het draagnet: Mens- en wereldbeeld van de Nalum (Sterrengebergte)
Author/Editor: S. Hylkema
Man or Monster?
Man or Monster? : The Trial of a Khmer Rouge Torturer
Author/Editor: Hinton ,Alexander Laban
The MANTIS Book: Cyber Physical System Based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance
Author/Editor: Michele Albano,Urko Zurutuza
Manual de estrategias pedagógicas diversificadas: para el abordaje de la comunicación oral en niños con síndrome down en nivel de educación parvularia
Author/Editor: Ximena Oyarzo Velásquez,Martina Angulo Ramírez,H. Nicole Ríos Vargas,Constanza Troncoso Morales,Melissa Vidal Vásquez
Manual der Koloproktologie, Band 1
Author/Editor: Alexander Herold,Thomas Schiedeck
Manual der Koloproktologie, Band 2
Author/Editor: Alexander Herold,Thomas Schiedeck
Manuale di batteriologia clinica: Dalla teoria alla pratica in laboratorio
Author/Editor: Roberto Rossetti
Manual for Developing Intercultural Competencies: Story Circles
Author/Editor: Darla K. Deardorff
Manual of Digital Earth
Author/Editor: Huadong Guo,Michael F. Goodchild,Alessandro Annoni
Manual on the Human Rights to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation for Practitioners
Manual on the Human Rights to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation for Practitioners
Author/Editor: Bos ,Robert,Alves ,David,Latorre ,Carolina,McCleod ,Neil,Payen ,Gérard,Roaf ,Virginia,Rousse J. ,Michael
Manual Sobre los Derechos Humanos al Agua Potable y Saneamiento para Profesionales
Author/Editor: Robert Bos
Manual Sobre os Direitos Humanos à Água Potável e Saneamento para Profissionais
Author/Editor: Robert Bos
Manuel des Droits de l'Homme à l'Eau Potable et à l'Assainissement à l’intention des Praticiens
Author/Editor: Robert Bos
Manufacturing Competitiveness in Asia
Author/Editor: K. S. Jomo
Manufacturing-constrained multi-objective optimization of local patch reinforcements for discontinuous fiber reinforced composite parts
Author/Editor: Benedikt Fengler
Manufacturing Driving Circular Economy: Proceedings of the 18th Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing, October 5-7, 2022, Berlin
Author/Editor: Holger Kohl,Günther Seliger,Franz Dietrich
Manufacturing Transformation: Comparative Studies of Industrial Development in Africa and Emerging Asia
Manuscript and Print in the Islamic Tradition
Author/Editor: Scott Reese
Manuscripts and Archives: Comparative Views on Record-Keeping
Author/Editor: Alessandro Bausi,Christian Brockmann,Michael Friedrich
Manuscripts of the Latin Classics 800-1200
Author/Editor: Erik Kwakkel
The Many and the One: A Philosophical Study of Plural Logic
Author/Editor: Salvatore Florio,Øystein Linnebo
The Many Faces of Appalachia
Author/Editor: Sam Gray
The Many Faces of Slavery: New Perspectives on Slave Ownership and Experiences in the Americas
Author/Editor: Lawrence Aje,Catherine Armstrong
The Many Faces of Socioeconomic Change
Author/Editor: John Toye
Many Faces of Strategic Voting: Tactical Behavior in Electoral Systems Around the World
Author/Editor: John Aldrich,André Blais,Laura B. Stevenson
The Many Paths of Change in International Law
Author/Editor: Nico Krisch,Ezgi Yildiz
Many Splendored Things: Thinking Sex and Play
Author/Editor: Susanna Paasonen
Maori and Aboriginal Women in the Public Eye
Author/Editor: Fox ,Karen
Mao Zedong’s “Talks at the Yan’an Conference on Literature and Art”: A Translation of the 1943 Text with Commentary
Author/Editor: Bonnie S. McDougall,Zedong Mao
The Map and the Territory
Author/Editor: Michael Munro
Mappae Mundi
Mapping and the Citizen Sensor
Mapping and the Citizen Sensor
Mapping Black Europe: Monuments, Markers, Memories
Author/Editor: Natasha A. Kelly,Olive Vassell
Mapping China: Peasants, Migrant Workers and Informal Labor (Volume 1)
Author/Editor: Chongqing Wu
Mapping Crisis: Participation, Datafication and Humanitarianism in the Age of Digital Mapping
Author/Editor: Doug Specht
Mapping European security after Kosovo
Author/Editor: van Ham ,Peter,Medvedev ,Sergei
Mapping Evolving Internal Roles of the Armed Forces
Author/Editor: Albrecht Schnabel,Marc Krupanski
Mapping Good Work: The Quality of Working Life Across the Occupational Structure
Author/Editor: Mark Williams,Ying Zhou,Min Zou
Mapping Intermediality in Performance
Mapping Narrations – Narrating Maps: Concepts of the World in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period
Author/Editor: Ingrid Baumgärtner,Daniel Gneckow,Anna Hollenbach,Phillip Landgrebe
Mapping of Nordic Creative and Cultural Industries
Author/Editor: Masalin ,Heikki
Mapping selfies and memes as Touch
Author/Editor: Fiona Andreallo
Mapping Shangrila: Contested Landscapes in the Sino-Tibetan Borderlands
Author/Editor: Emily T. Yeh,Christopher R. Coggins
Mapping Society: The Spatial Dimensions of Social Cartography
Author/Editor: Laura Vaughan
Mapping the Pāśupata Landscape: Narrative, Place, and the Śaiva Imaginary in Early Medieval North India
Author/Editor: Elizabeth A. Cecil
Mapping the Sensible: Distribution, Inscription, Cinematic Thinking
Author/Editor: Erica Carter,Eileen Rositzka,Bettina Malcomess
Mapping the Unmappable?: Cartographic Explorations with Indigenous Peoples in Africa
Author/Editor: Ute Dieckmann
Mapping Ultima Thule: Representations of North Greenland in the Expedition Accounts of Knud Rasmussen
Author/Editor: Agata Lubowicka
Mapping Urban Spaces: Designing the European City
Author/Editor: Lamberto Amistadi,Valter Balducci,Tomasz Bradecki,Enrico Prandi,Uwe Schröder
Mapping Water in Dominica: Enslavement and Environment under Colonialism
Author/Editor: Mark Hauser,K. Sivaramakrishnan
Marathon – 2,500 Years: Proceedings of The Marathon Conference 2010
Author/Editor: Christopher Carey,Michael Edwards
The Marble Statue as Idea: Collected Essays on Adalbert Stifter's "Der Nachsommer"
Author/Editor: Christine Oertel Sjögren
Marcado diferencial de objeto y semántica verbal en español
Author/Editor: Diego Romero Heredero
Mare, fiume, ruscello: Acqua e musica nella cultura romantica
Author/Editor: Susanne Magdalena Stöckle
Marek Thee: My Story: A Journey through the 20th Century
Author/Editor: Marek Thee,Nils Petter Gleditsch,Stein Tønnesson,Marta Bivand Erdal
MARE-WINT: New Materials and Reliability in Offshore Wind Turbine Technology
Author/Editor: Wiesław Ostachowicz,Malcolm McGugan,Jens-Uwe Schröder-Hinrichs,Marcin Luczak
Margarete Susman e i saggi sul femminile
Author/Editor: Giuliano Lozzi
Margaret Kilpinen: Pianisti, pedagogi, puoliso
Author/Editor: Margit Rahkonen
Margaret Laurence
Margaret Laurence : Critical Reflections
Author/Editor: Staines ,David
Margery Spring Rice: Pioneer of Women’s Health in the Early Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Lucy Pollard
Marges van volkshuisvestingsbeleid. Naar een flexibler juridische vormgeving van een marktgevoelige beleidssector
Author/Editor: Adriaansens ,C.A.
Marginalisierung, Stadt und Soziale Arbeit: Soziale Arbeit im Spannungsfeld von Politik, Quartierbevölkerung und professionellem Selbstverständnis
Author/Editor: Patrick Oehler,Sandra Janett,Jutta Guhl,Carlo Fabian,Bruno Michon
Marginality: Addressing the Nexus of Poverty, Exclusion and Ecology
Author/Editor: Joachim von Braun,Joachim von Braun,Franz W. Gatzweiler,Franz W. Gatzweiler
Marginal People in Deviant Places: Ethnography, Difference, and the Challenge to Scientific Racism
Author/Editor: Janice M. Irvine
Margini di fragilità: I territori interni tra perdita e adattamento
Margins for Manoeuvre in Cold War Europe: The Influence of Smaller Powers
Author/Editor: Laurien Crump,Susanna Erlandsson
The Margins of Late Medieval London, 1430-1540
Author/Editor: Charlotte Berry
Marianne Werefkin and the Women Artists in Her Circle
Author/Editor: Tanja Malycheva,Isabel Wünsche
Marianne Werefkin und der russische Symbolismus
Author/Editor: Jelena Hahl-Koch
Maria Petyt
Author/Editor: Chalmers ,J.,Hense ,E.,Meeuwsen ,V.,Vate van de ,E.
Maria Petyt
Maria Sklodowska Curie: L'ostinata abnegazione di un genio
Author/Editor: Luigi Dei
Maria Skłodowska Curie: l’obstination dans l’effort d’un génie
Author/Editor: Luigi Dei
Maria Skłodowska-Curie. Piękno niezłomnego poświęcenia / Maria Skłodowska-Curie. The Obstinate Self‑sacrifice of a Genius
Author/Editor: Luigi Dei
Maria Skłodowska Curie: the obstinate self-sacrifice of a genius
Author/Editor: Luigi Dei
Maria Stuart
Author/Editor: Friedrich Schiller,Flora Kimmich,Roger Paulin
Marie-Adélaïde de Savoie (1685-1712): duchesse de Bourgogne, enfant terrible de Versailles
Author/Editor: Fabrice Preyat,Fabrice Preyat,Pauline Ferrier,Don Fader,Jean-Philippe Goujon,Jean-Philippe Huys,Olivier Chaline,Andrea Merlotti,David Aguilar San Feliz,Raymonde Robert,Manuel Couvreur,Catherine Cessac,Joan Pieragnoli
Marie Luise Gotheins "Geschichte der Gartenkunst": Das Bild des Gartens als Tekst
Author/Editor: Karin Seeber
Marie NDiaye
Marie NDiaye : Blankness and Recognition
Author/Editor: Asibong ,Andrew
Marina Cvetaeva
Author/Editor: Lev A. Mnuchin
Marina Cvetaeva: Studien und Materialien
Author/Editor: Horst Lampl,Aage A. Hansen-Löve
Marine Anthropogenic Litter
Author/Editor: Melanie Bergmann,Lars Gutow,Michael Klages
Marine Biodiversity of Areas beyond National Jurisdiction
Author/Editor: Myron H. Nordquist,Ronán Long
Marine Carbon Biogeochemistry: A Primer for Earth System Scientists
Author/Editor: Jack J. Middelburg
Marine Hydrodynamics
Author/Editor: J. N. Newman
Marine Mammals: A Deep Dive into the World of Science
Author/Editor: Dennis Brennecke,Katrin Knickmeier,Iwona Pawliczka,Ursula Siebert,Magnus Wahlberg
Marine Plastics Abatement: Challenges, Implications, Assessments and Circularity (Volume 1)
Author/Editor: Thammarat Koottatep,Ekbordin Winijkul,Wenchao Xue,Atitaya Panuvatvanich,Chettiyappan Visvanathan,Tatchai Pussayanavin,Nantamol Limphitakphong,chongchin polprasert
Marine Plastics Abatement: Technology, Management, Business and Future Trends (Volume 2)
Author/Editor: Thammarat Koottatep,Ekbordin Winijkul,Wenchao Xue,Atitaya Panuvatvanich,Chettiyappan Visvanathan,Tatchai Pussayanavin,Nantamol Limphitakphong,Chongrak Polprasert
Marine Plastics: Innovative Solutions to Tackling Waste
Author/Editor: Siv Marina Flø Grimstad,Lisbeth Mølgaard Ottosen,Neil A. James
Marine Pollution – Monitoring, Management and Mitigation
Author/Editor: Amanda Reichelt-Brushett
Marine renewable energies: Prospective foresight study for 2030
Author/Editor: Denis Lacroix,Véronique Lamblin,Michel Paillard
Marine Resources, Climate Change and International Management Regimes
Author/Editor: Olav Schram Stokke,Andreas Østhagen,Andreas Raspotnik
Mario Lavista: Mirrors of Sounds
Author/Editor: Ana R. Alonso- Minutti,Norman Hirschy
The Marion Milner Method: Psychoanalysis, Autobiography, Creativity
Author/Editor: Emilia Halton-Hernandez
Marion Nicoll: Silence and Alchemy
Author/Editor: Ann Davis,Elizabeth Herbert
The Maritime Economy of Ancient Cyprus in Terms of the New Institutional Economics
Author/Editor: Andreas P. Parpas
Maritime Mobilities in Anglophone Literature and Culture
Author/Editor: Alexandra Ganser,Charne Lavery
Maritime Poetics: From Coast to Hinterland
Author/Editor: Gabriel N. Gee,Caroline Wiedmer
The Maritime Silk Road: Global Connectivities, Regional Nodes, Localities
Author/Editor: Franck Billé,Sanjyot Mehendale,James Lankton
Maritime Spatial Planning: past, present, future
Author/Editor: Jacek Zaucha,Kira Gee
Markeninszenierung in Japan: Zur narrativen Konstruktion der Lifestyle-Marken »Muji« und »Uniqlo«
Author/Editor: Christiane Rühle
Markernas kronologi och ideologi i norra Sverige: Natur och språkligt platsskapande med fokus på nybyggarkolonisationen under 1700- och 1800-talet
Author/Editor: Daniel Andersson
Market Engineering: Insights from Two Decades of Research on Markets and Information
Author/Editor: Henner Gimpel,Jan Krämer,Dirk Neumann,Jella Pfeiffer,Stefan Seifert,Timm Teubner,Daniel J. Veit,Anke Weidlich
Marketing im liberalisierten Strommarkt: Kommunikation und Produktplanung im Privatkundenmarkt
Author/Editor: Thomas Haller
Marketing innovativer Dienstleistungen am Beispiel elektronischer Wirtschaftsinformationsdienste
Author/Editor: M. Krups
Marketing Management and Communications in the Public Sector
Author/Editor: Martial Pasquier,Jean-Patrick Villeneuve
Marketingstrategien in High-Tech-Maerkten: Typologisierung, Ausgestaltungsformen und Einflußfaktoren auf der Grundlage strategischer Gruppen
Author/Editor: Nikolaus Müller
The Marketisation of Welfare-To-Work in Ireland: Governing Activation at the Street-Level
Author/Editor: Michael McGann
Market Relations and the Competitive Process
Author/Editor: Metcalfe ,Stan,Warde ,Alan
Author/Editor: Armin Beverungen,Philip Mirowski,Edward Nik-Khah
Markets and public values in health care - 57
Author/Editor: Zuiderent-Jerak ,T.,Grit ,K.,Grinten van der ,T.
Market Segmentation Analysis: Understanding It, Doing It, and Making It Useful
Author/Editor: Sara Dolnicar,Bettina Grün,Friedrich Leisch
Marking Time : Romanticism and Evolution
Author/Editor: Faflak ,Joel
Marktgeschehen: Fragmente einer Geschichte frühneuzeitlichen Wirtschaftens
Marktorientierte Kreditrisikobewertung: Eine empirische Untersuchung mittels Kuenstlicher Neuronaler Netze
Author/Editor: Andreas Siemes
Marktstrategien der Kurienbanken: Die Geschäfte der Alberti, Medici und Spinelli in Deutschland (1400–1475)
Author/Editor: Kurt Weissen
Markt und Macht im Rundfunk: Zur Stellung der oeffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten im dualen Rundfunksystem der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Author/Editor: Ralph Wiechers
Marktwirtschaftliche Innovationspolitik
Author/Editor: Friedhelm Herb
Marmaduke Pickthall: Islam and the Modern World :
Author/Editor: Geoffrey P. Nash
Marmaduke Pickthall: Islam and the Modern World
Author/Editor: Nash ,Geoffrey P.
Marmaduke Pickthall: Islam and the Modern World
Marriage by Force?: Contestation over Consent and Coercion in Africa
Author/Editor: Annie Bunting,Benjamin N. Lawrance
Marriage Discourses: Historical and Literary Perspectives on Gender Inequality and Patriarchic Exploitation
Author/Editor: Frank Jacob,Jowan A. Mohammed
Marriage in Past, Present and Future Tense
Author/Editor: Janet Carsten,Hsiao-Chiao Chiu,Siobhan Magee,Eirini Papadaki,Koreen M. Reece
Married Women in Legal Practice: Agency and Norms in the Swedish Realm, 1350-1450
Author/Editor: Charlotte Cederbom
Marseille, Montpellier und das Mittelmeer.: Die Entstehung des südfranzösischen Fernhandels im 12. und 13. Jahrhundert
Author/Editor: Stephan Nicolussi-Koehler
The Marsh of Gold
The Marsh of Gold : Pasternak's Writings on Inspiration and Creation
Author/Editor: Pasternak ,Boris
Martial Aesthetics: How War Became an Art Form
Author/Editor: Anders Engberg-Pedersen
Martial Arts and Well-Being: Connecting Communities and Promoting Health
Author/Editor: Carol Fuller,Viki Lloyd
Martial Culture and Historical Martial Arts in Europe and Asia: A Multi-perspective View on Sword Culture
Author/Editor: Hing Chao,Daniel Jaquet,Loretta Kim
Martin Luther in Rom: Die Ewige Stadt als kosmopolitisches Zentrum und ihre Wahrnehmung
Author/Editor: Michael Matheus,Arnold Nesselrath,Martin Wallraff
Martin Luther: ’n Inleiding tot sy lewe, denke en geskrifte
Author/Editor: Ignatius W.C. (Natie) van Wyk
Martin Scorsese's Divine Comedy: Movies and Religion
Author/Editor: Catherine O'Brien
Martin Versfeld: A South African Philosopher in Dark Times
Author/Editor: Ernst Wolff
Martin Waldseemüller’s 'Carta marina' of 1516: Study and Transcription of the Long Legends
Author/Editor: Chet Van Duzer
Martyrdom in the Modern Middle East
Author/Editor: Sasha Dehghani,Silvia Horsch
The Marvels Found in the Great Cities and in the Seas and on the Islands: A Representative of ‘Aǧā’ib Literature in Syriac
Author/Editor: Sergey Minov
Marx and Digital Machines: Alienation, Technology, Capitalism
Author/Editor: Mike Healy
Marxisms in the 21st Century: Crisis, critique and struggle
Author/Editor: Patrick Bond,Michelle Williams,John Saul,Ahmed Veriava,Michael Burawoy,Vishwas Satgar,Jacklyn Cock,Ashwin Desai,Daryl Glaser,Jara Mazibuko,Meg Luxton,Trevor Ngwane,Devan Pillay
Marx’s Theory of Land, Rent and Cities
Author/Editor: Don Munro
Mary and Early Christian Women: Hidden Leadership
Author/Editor: Ally Kateusz
Mary Warnock: Ethics, Education and Public Policy in Post-War Britain
Author/Editor: Philip Graham
Masculine Ideals and Alexander the Great: An Exemplary Man in the Roman and Medieval World
Author/Editor: Jaakkojuhani Peltonen
Masculinities and Third Gender: The Origins and Nature of an Institutionalized Gender Otherness in the Ancient Near East (Volume 9)
Author/Editor: Ilan Peled
Masculinities in Forests: Representations of Diversity
Author/Editor: Carol J. Pierce Colfer
Author/Editor: Bruno Benvindo,Nicolas Penin,Yannick Le Henaff,Stéphane Héas,Marie-Joseph Bertini,Je Hearn,Éliane Gubin,Josephine Hoegaerts,Anne-Claire Rebreyend,Laurent Gaissad,Fanny Forgeau Zerbib,Mélanie Boissonneau,Antoon Vrints,André Rauch
Masculinity and Danger on the Eighteenth-Century Grand Tour
Author/Editor: Sarah Goldsmith
Maskierte Helden: Zur Doppelidentität in Pulp-Novels und Superheldencomics
Author/Editor: Aleta-Amirée von Holzen
Masora und Exegese Untersuchungen zur Masora und Bibeltextüberlieferung im Kommentar des R. Schlomo ben Yitzchaq (Raschi)
Author/Editor: Kay Joe Petzold
Masquerade: Queer Poetry in America to the End of World War II
Author/Editor: Jim Elledge
Massamedia en basisvorming
Author/Editor: Voort van der ,T.H.A.,Beishuizen ,M.
Massa por Argamassa: A "Libraria de Babel" e o Sonho de Totalidade
Author/Editor: Jonathan Basile,Yuri N. Martinez Laskowski
Massenmedien und die Integration ethnischer Minderheiten in Deutschland: Band 2: Forschungsbefunde
Author/Editor: Rainer Geißler,Horst Pöttker
Massenmedien und die Integration ethnischer Minderheiten in Deutschland: Problemaufriss - Forschungsstand - Bibliographie
Author/Editor: Rainer Geißler,Horst Pöttker
Massenwahntheorie und Friedenspoetik: Hermann Broch und die bedrohte Demokratie des 20. Jahrhunderts
Author/Editor: Sarah McGaughey,Daniel Weidner,Elisa Risi,Doren Wohlleben
Massimo il Greco e gli ordini religiosi dell’Occidente: Esperienza ed evidenza documentaria nella testimonianza alla Moscovia cinquecentesca
Author/Editor: Francesca Romoli
Massive Codesign: A Proposal for a Collaborative Design Framework
Author/Editor: Anna Meroni,Daniela Selloni,Martina Rossi
Massive Open Online Course: ‘‘Un audace esperimento di apprendimento distribuito’’ nelle università
Author/Editor: Fabio Silari
Mass Mobilization in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, 1945–1960
Author/Editor: Alec Holcombe
Massstaebe zur Beurteilung von konjunkturellen Wirkungen des oeffentlichen Haushalts
Mastering Endo-Laparoscopic and Thoracoscopic Surgery: ELSA Manual
Author/Editor: Davide Lomanto,William Tzu-Liang Chen,Marilou B. Fuentes
Mastering Uncertainty in Mechanical Engineering
Author/Editor: Peter F. Pelz,Peter Groche,Marc E. Pfetsch,Maximilian Schaeffner
Masterpieces of Swiss Entrepreneurship: Swiss SMEs Competing in Global Markets
Author/Editor: Jean-Pierre Jeannet,Thierry Volery,Heiko Bergmann,Cornelia Amstutz
Masterpieces on Japan by Foreign Authors: From Goncharov to Pinguet
Author/Editor: Shōichi Saeki,Tōru Haga
Master poets, ritual masters: The art of oral composition among the Rotenese of Eastern Indonesia
Author/Editor: Fox J. ,James
Matatu: A History of Popular Transportation in Nairobi
Author/Editor: Kenda Mutongi
Matches: A Light Book
Author/Editor: S.D. Chrostowska,Alexander Kluge
Matching minors in bipartite graphs
Author/Editor: Sebastian Wiederrecht
Matematikundervisningens sociopolitiska utmaningar
Author/Editor: Paola Valero,Lisa Björklund Boistrup,Iben Christiansen,Eva Norén
Matens meglere: Kontroll, kvalitet og kunnskap i den industrielle matens tid
Author/Editor: Terje Finstad,Stig Kvaal,Håkon B. Stokland,Per Østby
Materia frágil: poéticas para el siglo XXI en América Latina y España
Author/Editor: Erika Martínez
Material Acts in Everyday Hindu Worlds
Author/Editor: Joyce Burkhalter Flueckiger
Material and Digital Reconstruction of Fragmentary Dead Sea Scrolls: The Case of 4Q418a
Author/Editor: Jonathan Ben-Dov,Asaf Gayer,Eshbal Ratzon
Material Aspects of Building and Craft Traditions: A Himalayan Case Study
Author/Editor: Hubert Feiglstorfer
The Material Bases of Meaning
Author/Editor: Giorgio Prodi
Material Culture and (Forced) Migration: Materializing the transient
Author/Editor: Friedemann Yi-Neumann,Andrea Lauser,Antonie Fuhse,Peter J. Bräunlein
Material Cultures of Childhood in Second World War Britain
Author/Editor: Gabriel Moshenska
Material Cultures of Psychiatry
Author/Editor: Monika Ankele,Benoît Majerus
Material Encounters and Indigenous Transformations in the Early Colonial Americas: Archaeological Case Studies
Author/Editor: Corinne L. Hofman,Floris W.M. Keehnen
Material Fantasies
Author/Editor: Veenis ,Milena
Materialien zur Landeskunde der Sowjetunion: Teil 1: Landeskunde im Russischunterricht
Author/Editor: Rupprecht Baur
Materiali e tecniche innovative per l’edilizia sostenibile
Author/Editor: Simona Colajanni,Antonino Valenza
Materiali per lo studio del diritto antidiscriminatorio
Materialisierung, Flexibilisierung, Richterfreiheit: Generalklauseln im Spiegel der Antinomien des Privatrechtsdenkens
Author/Editor: Marietta Auer,Ruben A. Bühner
Materialising the Future: A Learning Path to Understand, Develop and Apply Emerging Materials and Technologies
Author/Editor: Venere Ferraro,Pirjo Kääriäinen,Paz Morer-Camo,Anke Pasold
Materialitet: Teoretiska tillämpningar i konstvetenskap 4
Author/Editor: Elin Manker,Mårten Snickare
Materialität denken: Studien zur technologischen Verkörperung - Hybride Artefakte, posthumane Körper
Author/Editor: Corinna Bath,Yvonne Bauer,Bettina Bock von Wülfingen,Angelika Saupe,Jutta Weber
Materialität – Digitalisierung – Bildung
Author/Editor: Christian Leineweber,Maximilian Waldmann,Maik Wunder
Materialität, Inschriftlichkeit und schrifttragende Artefakte im mittelalterlichen Rom
Author/Editor: Wolf Zöller
Materialität und Präsenz spätantiker Inschriften
Author/Editor: Katharina Bolle
Materialität und Sozialität des selbstbewussten Subjekts: Die Subjektivität des denkenden Lebewesens und sein Widerspruch
Author/Editor: Michael Frey
Materiality in Modernist Short Fiction: Lived Things
Author/Editor: Laura Oulanne
Materiality in Roman Art and Architecture
Author/Editor: Annette Haug,Adrian Hielscher,Michael Taylor Lauritsen
The Materiality of the Archive: Creative Practice in Context
Author/Editor: Sue Breakell,Wendy Russell
Materialized Identities in Early Modern Culture, 1450-1750: Objects, Affects, Effects
Author/Editor: Susanna Burghartz,Lucas Burkart,Christine Göttler,Ulinka Rublack
Material Perspectives on Religion, Conflict, and Violence: Things of Conflict
Author/Editor: Lucien van Liere,Erik Meinema
Materials of Culture: Approaches to Materials in Cultural Studies
Author/Editor: Liedeke Plate,László Munteán,Airin Farahmand
The Material Theory of Induction
Author/Editor: John D. Norton
Materialy dlja istorii slavjanskago jazykoznanija: Nachdruck der Ausgabe Kiev 1876 besorgt von Peter Kosta
Author/Editor: Ivan I. Balickij
Materielle Kulturen des Bergbaus = Material Cultures of Mining: Zugänge, Aspekte und Beispiele | Approaches, Aspects and Examples
Author/Editor: Michael Farrenkopf,Stefan Siemer
Maternal Bodies: Redefining Motherhood in Early America
Author/Editor: Nora Doyle
Maternal-child health - interdisciplinary aspects within the perspective of global health
Author/Editor: Groß, Uwe,Wydra, Kerstin
Mathematical Aspects of Logic Programming Semantics
Author/Editor: Pascal Hitzler,Anthony Seda
Mathematical Modeling of the Human Brain: From Magnetic Resonance Images to Finite Element Simulation
Author/Editor: Kent-André Mardal,Marie E. Rognes,Travis B. Thompson,Lars Magnus Valnes
Mathematical Surprises
Author/Editor: Mordechai Ben-Ari
Mathematics Curriculum Reforms Around the World: The 24th ICMI Study
Author/Editor: Yoshinori Shimizu,Renuka Vithal
Mathematics Education and Language Diversity: The 21st ICMI Study
Author/Editor: Richard Barwell,Philip Clarkson,Anjum Halai,Mercy Kazima,Judit Moschkovich,Núria Planas,Mamokgethi Setati-Phakeng,Paola Valero,Martha Villavicencio Ubillús
Mathematics Education in East Africa: Towards Harmonization and Enhancement of Education Quality
Author/Editor: Anjum Halai,Geoff Tennant
The Mathematics Education of Prospective Secondary Teachers Around the World
Author/Editor: Marilyn E. Strutchens,Rongjin Huang,Leticia Losano,Despina Potari,Márcia Cristina de Costa Trindade Cyrino,João Pedro da Ponte,Rose Mary Zbiek
Mathematics of Economics and Business
Author/Editor: Frank Werner,Yuri N. Sotskov
Mathematics of Quantization and Quantum Fields
Author/Editor: Jan Dereziński,Christian Gérard
Mathematics Teacher Education in the Andean Region and Paraguay: A Comparative Analysis of Issues and Challenges
Author/Editor: Yuriko Yamamoto Baldin,Uldarico Malaspina
Mathematics Teacher Preparation in Central America and the Caribbean: The Cases of Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela
Author/Editor: Angel Ruiz
Mathematiker als Rektoren der Technischen Hochschule Dresden: Höhere Lehrerbildung und Mathematische Gesellschaft im Wandel
Author/Editor: Waltraud Voss
Mathematische Förderung von Kindern mit einer intellektuellen Beeinträchtigung: Eine Längsschnittstudie in inklusiven Klassen
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Mathematisches Problemlösen in der Studieneingangsphase: Untersuchung von Bearbeitungsprozessen typischer Übungsaufgaben und zyklische Entwicklung einer Fördermaßnahme im Rahmen vorlesungsbegleitender Übungen
Author/Editor: Thomas Stenzel
Matkailunkestävä Suomi?: Vastuullinen suunnittelu kulttuuri- ja luontoympäristöissä
Author/Editor: Soile Veijola
Matkaopas lapsuuden historian tutkimukseen: Monitieteisiä näkökulmia ja menetelmiä
Author/Editor: Kaisa Vehkalahti,Essi Jouhki,Sanna Lipkin,Johanna Sitomaniemi-San,Tiina Kuokkanen
Maître Eckhart et Jan van Ruusbroec: études sur la mystique « rhéno-flamande » (XIIIe-XIVe siècle)
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Matriarchy in Bronze Age Crete: A Perspective from Archaeomythology and Modern Matriarchal Studies
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Matrici romano-milanesi nella poetica architettonica di Luigi Moretti. 1948-1960
Author/Editor: Valentina Ricciuti
The Matrix of Lyric Transformation: Poetic Modes and Self-Presentation in Early Chinese Pentasyllabic Poetry
Author/Editor: Zong-qi Cai,Zong-qu Cai
The Matter of Mimesis: Studies of Mimesis and Materials in Nature, Art and Science
Author/Editor: Marjolijn Bol,E. C. Spary
The Matter of Piety: Zoutleeuw's Church of Saint Leonard and Religious Material Culture in the Low Countries (c. 1450-1620)
Author/Editor: Ruben Suykerbuyk
A Matter of Trust: Building Integrity into Data, Statistics and Records to Support the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals
Author/Editor: Anne Thurston
Matthew, Paul, and Others: Asian Perspectives on New Testament Themes
Author/Editor: William Loader,Boris Repschinski,Eric Wong
Matthias Flacius Illyricus - Leben und Werk
Author/Editor: Josip Matešic
Maudu', A Union with God
Author/Editor: Sila Adlin ,Muhammad
Maurice Merleau-Ponty: Between phenomenology and structuralism
Author/Editor: James Schmidt
Mauthausen und die nationalsozialistische Expansions- und Verfolgungspolitik (Volume 1, Edition 1)
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