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Saamentutkimus tänään
Saamentutkimus tänään
The Saburo Hasegawa Reader
Sachunterricht in der Informationsgesellschaft
Author/Editor: Andrea Becher,Eva Blumberg,Thomas Goll,Kerstin Michalik,Claudia Tenberge
The Sacramentality of the World and the Mystery of Freedom: Hans Urs von Balthasar, Reader of Origen
Author/Editor: Elisa Zocchi
Sacred Civics: Building Seven Generation Cities
Author/Editor: Jayne Engle,Julian Agyeman,Tanya Chung-Tiam-Fook
The Sacred Heart of Jesus
Sacred Landscapes of Hittites and Luwians: Proceedings of the International Conference Florence, February 6th-8th 2014 in Honour of Franca Pecchioli Daddi
Author/Editor: Anacleto D'AGOSTINO,Valentina Orsi,GIULIA TORRI
Sacred Men: Law, Torture, and Retribution in Guam
Author/Editor: Keith L. Camacho
Sacred Mound, Holy Rings: Silbury Hill and the West Kennet Palisade
Author/Editor: Alasdair Whittle
Sacred Rivals: Catholic Missions and the Making of Islam in Nineteenth-Century France and Algeria
Author/Editor: Joseph W. Peterson
Sacred Scripture / Sacred Space: The Interlacing of Real Places and Conceptual Spaces in Medieval Art and Architecture
Author/Editor: Tobias Frese
Sacred Views of Saint Francis: The Sacro Monte di Orta
Author/Editor: Cynthia O. Ho,J. Ross Peters,Kathleen W. Peters,John McClain
Sacrifice in Modernity: Community, Ritual, Identity : From Nationalism and Nonviolence to Health Care and Harry Potter
Author/Editor: Joachim Duyndam,Anne-Marie Korte
The Sa'dan Toradja Chant for the Deceased
The Sa'dan Toradja Chant for the Deceased
Author/Editor: Veen van der ,H.
The Sa'dan-Toraja
Author/Editor: Nooy-Palm ,H.
The Sa'dan-Toraja
S’adapter au changement climatique. Analyse critique des nouvelles politiques de gestion de l’environnement. Cas spécifiques de l’agriculture en Inde et du tourisme hivernal en Suisse
S’adapter au changement climatique. Analyse critique des nouvelles politiques de gestion de l’environnement. Cas spécifiques de l’agriculture en Inde et du tourisme hivernal en Suisse
Author/Editor: Dupuis ,Johann
Safeguarding Young People Beyond the Family Home: Responding to Extra- Familial Risks and Harms
Author/Editor: Carlene Firmin,Michelle Lefevre,Nathalie Huegler,Delphine Peace
Safe Migration and the Politics of Brokered Safety in Southeast Asia
Author/Editor: Sverre Molland
Safer Healthcare: Strategies for the Real World
Author/Editor: Charles Vincent,René Amalberti
Safe to be open - study on the protection of research data and recommendations for access and usage
Author/Editor: Guibault, Lucie,Wiebe, Andreas
Safety and Reliability - Safe Societies in a Changing World: Proceedings of ESREL 2018, June 17-21, 2018, Trondheim, Norway
Author/Editor: Anne Barros,Coen van Gulijk,Stein Haugen,Jan Erik Vinnem,Trond Kongsvik
Safety Cultures, Safety Models: Taking Stock and Moving Forward
Author/Editor: Claude Gilbert,Benoît Journé,Hervé Laroche,Corinne Bieder
Safety for Particle Accelerators
Author/Editor: Thomas Otto
The Saga of Þórður kakali: The Icelandic Text, with and English Translation by D.M. White
Author/Editor: D.M. White
Saggi di anglistica e americanistica
Author/Editor: De Zordo, Ornella
Saggi di Teoria della letteratura: Percorsi tematici
Author/Editor: Vincenzina Sabelli
Saggi su Plutarco e la sua fortuna
Author/Editor: Paolo DESIDERI,Angelo Alfredo Casanova
Sago Palm: Multiple Contributions to Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods
Author/Editor: Hiroshi Ehara,Yukio Toyoda,Dennis V. Johnson
Sailing from Polis to Empire: Ships in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Hellenistic Period
Author/Editor: Emmanuel Nantet
Sailors and Traders: A Maritime History of the Pacific Peoples
Author/Editor: Alastair Couper
Sairaanhoitajia Filippiineiltä
Sakrale Geographie
Sakrale Geographie : Essay über den modernen Dschihad und seine Räume
Author/Editor: Heidenreich ,Elisabeth
Sakralität im Wandel: Religiöse Bauten im Stadtraum des 21. Jahrhunderts in Deutschland
Author/Editor: Beate Löffler,Dunja Sharbat Dar
Sakralmöbel aus Österreich: Von Tischlern und ihren Arbeiten im Zeitalter des Absolutismus. I: Östliche Landesteile
Author/Editor: Bohr ,Michael
Sakralmöbel aus Österreich. Von Tischlern und ihren Arbeiten im Zeitalter des Absolutismus: II: Kunstlandschaften im Norden, Süden und Westen (Volume 11, Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Michael Bohr
Salt and State: An Annotated Translation of the Songshi Salt Monopoly Treatise
Author/Editor: Cecilia Lee-fang Chien
Salute e disuguaglianze in Europa: Processi sociali e meccanismi individuali in azione
Author/Editor: Giulia Mascagni
Samarbeid om selvhjelp: En antologi om den nye selvhjelpsbevegelsen i Norge
Author/Editor: Nora Gotaas,Ånund Brottveit,Hilde Hatleskog Zeiner,Marte Feiring
A Samaritan State Revisited: Historical Perspectives on Canadian Foreign Aid
Author/Editor: Greg Donaghy,David Webster
Samenhangend mediabeleid
Author/Editor: WRR
Samenhang in doen en laten. De ontwikkeling van wetenschaps- en technologiebeleid
Author/Editor: Jonkers ,H.L.,Roschar ,F.M.
Same-Sex Families and Legal Recognition in Europe
Author/Editor: Marie Digoix
Sametingsvalg: Tilhørighet, deltakelse, partipolitikk
Author/Editor: Jo Saglie,Mikkel Berg-Nordlie,Torunn Pettersen
samGlobal Environmental Resources: The Ozone Problem
Samisk kunst og norsk kunsthistorie: Delvise forbindelser
Author/Editor: Monica Grini
samOeffentliche Planungsziele und staatliche Budgets: Zur Erfuellung oeffentlicher Aufgaben durch nicht-staatliche Entscheidungseinheiten
Author/Editor: Ulrich Ring
Sampling in der Musikproduktion: Das Spannungsfeld zwischen Urheberrecht und Kreativität
Author/Editor: Georg Fischer
Samsang gjennom livsløpet
Author/Editor: Regine Vesterlid Strøm,Øyvind Johan Eiksund,Anne Haugland Balsnes
Samtaler mellom profesjonelle og barn som har psykisk syke eller rusavhengige foreldre: Et etisk og narrativt perspektiv
Author/Editor: Cathrine Grimsgaard
Samuel Beckett and the primacy of love
Author/Editor: Keller ,John
Samuel Beckett dans les marges du surréalisme: Ou l’écriture du rocking chair
Author/Editor: Bernard-Olivier Posse
Samvete i Sverige: Om frihet och lydnad från medeltiden till idag
Author/Editor: Linde Lindkvist,Johannes Ljungberg
A Sanctuary of Sounds
Author/Editor: Andreas Burckhardt
Sandwich - The 'Completest Medieval Town in England': A Study of the Town and Port from its Origins to 1600
Author/Editor: Helen Clarke,Mavis E. Mate,Sarah Pearson,Keith Parfitt
Sanitation and Hygiene in Africa: Where do we Stand?
Author/Editor: Cross ,Piers,Coombes ,Yolande
The Sanitation Triangle: Socio-Culture, Health and Materials
Author/Editor: Taro Yamauchi,Seiji Nakao,Hidenori Harada
Sanktionierung und Rückfälligkeit von Heranwachsenden
Author/Editor: Nina Palmowski
Sanojen luonto: Kirjoituksia omaehtoisen ilmaisun poetiikasta ja ympäristöistä
Author/Editor: Venla Sykäri,Heidi H Mäkelä,Kati Kallio
Sans Papiers: The Social and Economic Lives of Young Undocumented Migrants
Author/Editor: Alice Block,Nando Sigona,Roger Zetter
Santa Maria degli Angeli: un monastero camaldolese “dimenticato” nel centro di Firenze: Analisi del percorso storico-architettonico in età moderna e contemporanea
Author/Editor: CHIARA RICCI
Santità e agiografia al femminile: Forme letterarie, tipologie e modelli nel mondo slavo orientale (X-XVII sec.)
Sapientia Salomonis (Weisheit Salomos)
Author/Editor: Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr,Walter Ameling,Folker Blischke,Mareike V. Blischke,Alfons Fürst,Rainer Hirsch-Luipold,Heinz-Günther Nesselrath
Sappho: Fragments
Author/Editor: Jonathan Goldberg,L.O. Aranye Fradenburg Joy
Sarah Kofman
Author/Editor: Deborah Davis,Helen F. Siu
Sata vuotta vesihuoltoa Suomessa 1917-2017
Author/Editor: Juuti S. ,Petri,Katko S. ,Tapio,Rajala P. ,Riikka
Satellite Earth Observations and Their Impact on Society and Policy
Author/Editor: Masami Onoda,Oran R Young
Å satse på dosenter: Et utviklingsarbeid
Author/Editor: Carl Christian Bachke,Mads Hermansen
Sava Mrkalj als Reformator der serbischen Kyrilliza: Mit e. Nachdruck des Salo debeloga jera libo Azbukoprotres. Aus d. Serbokroatischen von Eva Nitsch
Author/Editor: Miloš Okuka
Save the Womanhood!: Vice, urban immorality and social control in Liverpool, c. 1900-1976
Author/Editor: Samantha Caslin
Saving and Investment in the Twenty-First Century: The Great Divergence
Author/Editor: Carl Christian von Weizsäcker,Hagen M. Krämer
Saving a World Treasure: Protecting Florence from Flooding
Author/Editor: Gerald Edward Galloway Jr,Günter Blöschl,Marcelo Horacio Garcia,GIOVANNI SEMINARA,Alberto Montanari,Luca Solari
Saving for Development: How Latin America and the Caribbean Can Save More and Better
Author/Editor: undefined Inter-American Development Bank,Eduardo Cavallo,Tomás Serebrisky
Saving Globalization from its Cheerleaders
Author/Editor: Birdsall ,N.,Chang ,H.J.,Donk van de ,W.B.J.,Wijffels ,H.
Saving New Sounds: Podcast Preservation and Historiography
Author/Editor: Jeremy Wade,Eric Hoyt
Sbornik spravočnych i teoretičeskich materialov. Zabytyj avangard. Rossija - pervaja tret' XX stoletija. Band I
Author/Editor: K. Kuz'minskij,G. Janecek,A. Oceretjanskij
S-BPM Illustrated: A Storybook about Business Process Modeling and Execution
Author/Editor: Albert Fleischmann,Stefan Raß,Robert Singer
S-BPM in the Production Industry: A Stakeholder Approach
Author/Editor: Matthias Neubauer,Christian Stary
S-BPM in the Wild: Practical Value Creation
Author/Editor: Albert Fleischmann,Werner Schmidt,Christian Stary
Scalar Verb Classes: Scalarity, Thematic Roles, and Arguments in the Estonian Aspectual Lexicon
Author/Editor: Anne Tamm
Scale: Discourse and Dimensions of Social Life
Scale: Discourse and Dimensions of Social Life
Scale Matters: The Quality of Quantity in Human Culture and Sociality
Author/Editor: Thomas Widlok,M. Dores Cruz
Scales of Captivity
Author/Editor: Mary Pat Brady
Scaling a Software Business: The Digitalization Journey
Author/Editor: Brian Fitzgerald,Klaas-Jan Stol,Sten Minör,Henrik Cosmo
Scaling Migrant Worker Rights: How Advocates Collaborate and Contest State Power
Author/Editor: Xóchitl Bada,Shannon Gleeson
Scaling of Differential Equations
Author/Editor: Hans Petter Langtangen,Geir K. Pedersen
Scaling Propensity of Water
Scandal and Democracy: Media Politics in Indonesia
Author/Editor: McCoy Mary
Scarcity in the Modern World: History, Politics, Society and Sustainability, 1800–2075
Author/Editor: Fredrik Albritton Jonsson,John Brewer,Neil Fromer,Frank Trentmann
The Scarcity Slot: Excavating Histories of Food Security in Ghana
Author/Editor: Amanda L. Logan
Scarlet and Black
Scarlet and Black : Slavery and Dispossession in Rutgers History
Scarti, tracce e frammenti: controarchivio e memoria dell’umano
Scattered Finds: Archaeology, Egyptology and Museums
Author/Editor: Alice Stevenson
Scattering Chaff: Canadian Air Power and Censorship During the Kosovo War
Scegliere di partecipare: L'impegno dei giovani della provincia di Firenze nelle arene deliberative e nei partiti
Author/Editor: Lorenzo Grifone Baglioni
Sceptical Paths Enquiry and Doubt from Antiquity to the Present
Author/Editor: Racheli Haliva,Stephan Schmid,Emidio Spinelli,Giuseppe Veltri
Scepticism and belief in English witchcraft drama, 1538–1681
Author/Editor: Eric Pudney
Scham und Würde
Author/Editor: Florian Häubi
Schattenwirtschaft: eine Moeglichkeit zur Einschraenkung der oeffentlichen Verwaltung?: Eine oekonomische Analyse
Author/Editor: Hannelore Weck-Hannemann
Schauplatz Archiv Objekt – Narrativ – Performanz
Author/Editor: Klaus Kastberger,Stefan Maurer,Christian Neuhuber
Schauplätze des Reparierens und Selbermachens: Über neue urbane Infrastrukturen der Sorge und der Suffizienz in Wien
Author/Editor: Michael Jonas,Astrid Segert,Simeon Hassemer
Schauplätze und Themen der Umweltgeschichte - Umwelthistorische Miszellen aus dem Graduiertenkolleg ; Werkstattbericht
Author/Editor: Herrmann, Bernd,Stobbe, Urte
Schauspiel und Roman im Zeichen des modernen politischen Zionismus: Wolfgang von Weisl: Erlöser, Der Anfang der Wandlung Israels
Author/Editor: Dietmar Goltschnigg
Author/Editor: Christian Reuter,Wayne Wonderley
Schets van een beschavingsoffensief
Schiller and Music
Author/Editor: R.M. Longyear
Schiller und die Slaven
Author/Editor: Peter Drews
Schizophrenie des Kindes- und Jugendalters
Author/Editor: Christian Eggers
Schlaganfallrehabilitation: Vom Wissen zum Handeln
Author/Editor: Jacob Tiebel
Schlaglichter historischer Forschung. Studien zur deutschen Geschichte im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert
Author/Editor: Peter Borowsky,Rainer Hering,Rainer Nicolaysen
Schülerauslese, schulische Beurteilung und Schülertests 1880–1980
Author/Editor: Sabine Reh,Patrick Bühler,Michèle Hofmann,Vera Moser
Schüler*innen – Studierende – Inklusion: Orientierungen auf dem Weg zu differenzsensibler Lehrer*innenbildung?
Author/Editor: Maren Oldenburg
Schülerperspektiven auf die zeitliche Entwicklung der Naturwissenschaften
Author/Editor: Janne Krüger
Schlüsselqualifikationen für Studium, Beruf und Gesellschaft
Schlüsselwerke der sozialwissenschaftlichen Klimaforschung
Author/Editor: Youssef Ibrahim,Simone Rödder
Schluesselzuweisungen und fiskalische Ungleichheit: Eine theoretische Analyse der Verteilung von Schluesselzuweisungen an Kommunen
Author/Editor: Thomas Kuhn
Schluesselzuweisungen und Kreisumlage: Die Problematik der Finanzierung der Landkreise am Beispiel des kommunalen Finanzausgleichs von Rheinland-Pfalz
Author/Editor: Wolfgang Scherf
Author/Editor: Jonas Held
Schmerzengeld für Schock- und Trauerschäden
Schönes alltäglich erleben: Über die Ästhetisierung der Kultur
Author/Editor: Kaspar Maase
"Schönheit gibt es nur noch im Kampf" - Zum Verhältnis von Gewalt und Ästhetik im italienischen Futurismus
Author/Editor: Hans, Henrike
Schönheit gibt es nur noch im Kampf - Zum Verhältnis von Gewalt und Ästhetik im italienischen Futurismus
Schönheitsdiskurse in der Literatur des Mittelalters: Die Propädeutik des Fleisches zwischen ‚aisthesis‘ und Ästhetik
Author/Editor: Fabian David Scheidel
Schnittstelle Kunst - Vermittlung
Author/Editor: Carmen Mörsch
SCHNITZLER:REIGEN (2BD.E) E-BOOK OA Historisch-kritische Ausgabe
Author/Editor: Marina Rauchenbacher,Konstanze Fliedl
Scholarly Communication and Academic Presses
Author/Editor: Tammaro, Anna Maria
A scholarly contribution to educational praxis
A scholarly inquiry into disciplinary practices in educational institutions
Author/Editor: Corene de Wet,Izak J. Oosthuizen,Marius H. Smit,Amos T. Thebenyane,Andre van der Bijl,Johann van der Walt,Rika Joubert,Charl C. Wolhuter,Ansie E. Kitching,Connie B. Zulu,Michael L. Marumo,Zahraa McDonald,Nicholus T. Mollo,Louis J. Oosthuizen,Ferdinand J.
Scholars at War
Scholars in Action (2 vols): The Practice of Knowledge and the Figure of the Savant in the 18th Century
Author/Editor: André Holenstein,Philippe Rogger,Hubert Steinke,Martin Stuber
Scholars in Exile: The Ukranian Intellectual World in Interwar Czechoslovakia
Author/Editor: Nadia Zavorotna
Scholars, Travellers and Trade
Author/Editor: R. B. Halbertsma
The School of Salamanca: A Case of Global Knowledge Production
Author/Editor: Thomas Duve,José Luis Egío,Christiane Birr
Schoolteachers and the Nordic Model: Comparative and Historical Perspectives
Author/Editor: Jesper Eckhardt Larsen,Barbara Schulte,Fredrik W. Thue
Schopenhauer educatore?: Storia e crisi di un'idea tra filosofia morale, estetica e antropologia
Schreibend werden: Subjektivierungsprozesse in der Migrationsgesellschaft
Author/Editor: Magdalena Knappik
Schreiben im Zwiegespräch / Writing as Dialogue: Praktiken des Mentorats und Lektorats in der zeitgenössischen Literatur / Practices of editors and mentors in contemporary literature
Author/Editor: Johanne Mohs,Katrin Zimmermann,Marie Caffari
Schreiben mit der Hand: Begriffe – Diskurs – Praktiken
Author/Editor: Andi Gredig
Schreiben, Reflektieren, Kommunizieren: Studie zur subjektiven Wahrnehmung von Schreibprozessen bei Studierenden
Author/Editor: Nadja Sennewald
Schreiben und Lesen im Altisländischen: Die Lexeme, syntagmatischen Relationen und Konzepte in der "Jóns saga helga", "Sturlunga saga" und "Laurentius saga biskups"
Author/Editor: Kevin Müller
Schriftentausch zwischen Bibliotheken der DDR und der BRD mit einer Nutzenanalyse am Beispiel der SLB Dresden
Author/Editor: Ines Pampel
Schriften zur Universitätsidee
Author/Editor: Oliver Immel
Schriftlichkeit: Aktivität, Agentialität und Aktanten der Schrift
Author/Editor: Martin Bartelmus,Alexander Nebrig
Schriftordnungen im Wandel: Produktions-, Gebrauchs- und Aufbewahrungspraktiken von klösterlichem Schriftgut in Königsfelden (1300–1600)
Author/Editor: Tobias Hodel
Schrijverschap in de Belgische belle époque. Een sociaal-culturele geschiedenis
Author/Editor: Verbruggen ,Christophe
The Schüssel Era in Austria
The Schüssel Era in Austria
Author/Editor: Bischof ,Günter,Plasser ,Fritz
Schützende Bewältigung: Eine Grounded Theory zu Diskriminierungserfahrungen von Fachkräften in der Sozialen Arbeit
Author/Editor: Araththy Logeswaran
Schulbücher als Vermittler der Europäischen Integration?: Eine produkt- und wirkungsorientierte Studie zum politischen Fachunterricht (Volume 10, Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Marret Bischewski,Monika Oberle,Christian Tatje
Schulbezogene Motivierungspraktiken von Eltern: Verbale Wert- und Kontrollzuschreibungen gegenüber Kindern beim Übertritt in die Sekundarstufe I
Author/Editor: Erich Steiner
Schulbuch und religiöse Vielfalt: Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven
Author/Editor: Zrinka Štimac,Riem Spielhaus
Schule der Gesellschaft: Wissensordnungen von Zürcher Unterrichtspraktiken zwischen 1771 und 1834
Author/Editor: De Vincenti ,Andrea
Schule entwickeln: Jahrgangsmischung in der Grundschule: Eine empirische Studie zur pragmatisch bedingten Initiierung und Implementierung aus Sicht von Schulleitungen und Lehrkräften
Author/Editor: Magdalena Sonnleitner
Schulentwicklung: Bildungspolitische Wunschvorstellung oder paedagogische Realitaet?
Author/Editor: Silke Fischer
Schulentwicklung Inklusion: Empirische Einzelfallstudie eines Schulentwicklungsprozesses
Author/Editor: Angelika Bengel
Schule und Zivilreligion: Die Diskussion über den schulischen Religionsunterricht im Kanton Zürich 1872 und 2004.
Author/Editor: Rahel Katzenstein
Schulisch-berufliche Übergänge im Kontext von Inkl usion: Studie zu Unterstützungsstrategien für förderbedür ftige junge Menschen (Volume 66)
Author/Editor: Yuliya Nepomyashcha
Schulische Inklusion als widersprüchliche Herausforderung: Empirische Rekonstruktionen zur Bearbeitung durch Lehrkräfte
Author/Editor: Bettina Reiss-Semmler
Schulsysteme beschreiben und gestalten: Bildungsmonitoring in der Schweiz
Author/Editor: Flavian Imlig
Schutz und Andacht im Islam: Dokumente in Rollenform aus dem 14.–19. Jh.
Author/Editor: Tobias Nünlist
Schwanksammlungen im frühneuzeitlichen Medienumbruch: Transformationen eines sequentiellen Erzählparadigmas
Author/Editor: Seraina Plotke,Stefan Seeber
Schwarze deutsche Kolonialsoldaten: Mehrdeutige Repräsentationsräume und früher Kosmopolitismus in Afrika
Author/Editor: Stefanie Michels
Schweizerdeutsch und Sprachbewusstsein: Zur Konsolidierung der Deutschschweizer Diglossie im 19. Jahrhundert
Author/Editor: Emanuel Ruoss
Schweizer Jahrbuch fuer Musikwissenschaft- Annales Suisses de Musicologie- Annuario Svizzero di Musicologia: Schweizer Jahrbuch fuer Musikwissenschaft- Annales Suisses de Musicologie- Annuario Svizzero di Musicologia Neue Folge / Nouvelle Série / Nuova Se
Author/Editor: Luca Zoppelli
Schweizer Jahrbuch fuer Musikwissenschaft- Annales Suisses de Musicologie-Annuario Svizzero di Musicologia: Schweizer Jahrbuch fuer Musikwissenschaft- Annales Suisses de Musicologie- Annuario Svizzero di Musicologia Neue Folge / Nouvelle Série / Nuova Ser
Author/Editor: Luca Zoppelli
Author/Editor: David Atwood
Schwertträger und Gotteskrieger: Untersuchungen zur frühmittelalterlichen Kriegergesellschaft Alemanniens
Author/Editor: Rafael Wagner
Schwerwiegende Fehlentscheidungen im Lebensrückblick
Author/Editor: Lengert ,Andrea,Tegge ,Jill
Schwierigkeiten mit der kritischen Geographie: Studien zu einer reflexiven Theorie der Gesellschaft
Author/Editor: Benedikt Korf
Author/Editor: Vanessa Kind,Keith Taber
Science and Culture for Members Only
Science and Innovations for Food Systems Transformation
Author/Editor: Joachim von Braun,Kaosar Afsana,Louise O. Fresco,Mohamed Hag Ali Hassan
Science and Technology Governance and Ethics: A Global Perspective from Europe, India and China
Author/Editor: Miltos Ladikas,Sachin Chaturvedi,Yandong Zhao,Dirk Stemerding
The Science and Technology of Particle Accelerators
Author/Editor: Rob Appleby,Graeme Burt,James Clarke,Hywel Owen
Science and the politics of openness : Here be monsters
Science as Social Existence
Science at the end of empire: Experts and the development of the British Caribbean, 1940-62
Author/Editor: Sabine Clarke
The Science Communication Challenge: Truth and Disagreement in Democratic Knowledge Societies
Author/Editor: Gitte Meyer
Science Communication in South Africa: Reflections on Current Issues
Author/Editor: Peter Weingart,Marina Joubert,Bankole Falade
Science Communication Online: Engaging Experts and Publics on the Internet
Author/Editor: Ashley Mehlenbacher
Science Education
Author/Editor: Markus Bohlmann
Science et émotion: Le rôle de l'émotion dans la pratique de la recherche
Author/Editor: Emmanuel Petit
Science Fiction Cinema and 1950s Britain: Recontextualising the Golden Age
Author/Editor: Matthew Jones
Science Fiction in Argentina: Technologies of the Text in a Material Multiverse
Author/Editor: Joanna Page
Science Fiction Literature in East Germany
Author/Editor: Sonja Fritzsche
Science, Information, and Policy Interface for Effective Coastal and Ocean Management
Author/Editor: Julia Jansson,Bertrum H. MacDonald,Suzette S. Soomai,Elizabeth M. De Santo,Peter G. Wells
Science in Movements: Knowledge Control and Social Contestation in China’s Hydropower, GMO and Nuclear Controversies
Author/Editor: Hepeng Jia
Science in the Forest, Science in the Past
Author/Editor: Geoffrey E. R. Lloyd,Aparecida Vilaça
The Science of Citizen Science
Author/Editor: Katrin Vohland,Anne Land-zandstra,Luigi Ceccaroni,Rob Lemmens,Josep Perelló,Marisa Ponti,Roeland Samson,Katherin Wagenknecht
The science of population and birth control in post-war Japan
Author/Editor: Homei ,Aya
Science of Societal Safety: Living at Times of Risks and Disasters
Author/Editor: Seiji Abe,Mamoru Ozawa,Yoshiaki Kawata
Science Policy under Thatcher
Author/Editor: Jon Agar
Science's First Mistake: Delusions in Pursuit of Theory
Author/Editor: Ian O. Angell,Dionysios Demetis
Science Studies: Probing the Dynamics of Scientific Knowledge
Author/Editor: Sabine Maasen,Matthias Winterhager
Science, Technology, and Medicine in the Modern Japanese Empire
Science & Technology Studies Elsewhere: A Postcolonial Programme
Author/Editor: Alexandra Hofmänner
Scientific Communication: Practices, Theories, and Pedagogies
Author/Editor: Han Yu,Kathryn M. Northcut
Scientific Competition
Author/Editor: Max Albert,Stefan Voigt,Dieter Schmidtchen
Scientific Freedom
Author/Editor: Simona Giordano,John Coggon,Marco Cappato
The Scientific Imaginary in Visual Culture
Author/Editor: Anneke Smelik
Scientific Integrity: The Rules of Academic Research
Author/Editor: Kees Schuyt,Kristen Gehrman
Scientific Programming and Computer Architecture
Author/Editor: Divakar Viswanath
The Scientific Revolution Revisited
Author/Editor: Teich ,Mikuláš
Scientific writing and publishing in medicine and health sciences: A quick guide in English and German
Author/Editor: Jochen Cals,Daniel Kotz
Scientology: Kulturbeobachtungen jenseits der Devianz
Author/Editor: Gerald Willms
Scienza e arte: chimica, arti figurative e letteratura
Author/Editor: Vincenzo Schettino
Scienza e opinione pubblica: Una relazione da ridefinire
Author/Editor: Fulvio Guatelli
S/confinare: I rapporti culturali italo-svizzeri tra associazionismo, editoria e propaganda (1935-1965)
Author/Editor: Alessandro Bosco,Stefano Bragato,Felicity Brunner,Tatiana Crivelli,Raffaella Castagnola Rossini
Score Reporting Research and Applications
Author/Editor: Diego Zapata-Rivera
Scorsese and Religion
Author/Editor: Christopher B. Barnett,Clark J. Elliston
Scraps of Hope in Banda Aceh: Gendered Urban Politics in the Aceh Peace Process
Author/Editor: Marjaana Jauhola
Screen Genealogies: From Optical Device to Environmental Medium
Author/Editor: Craig Buckley,Rüdiger Campe,Francesco Casetti
Screen Industries in East-Central Europe
Author/Editor: Petr Szczepanik
Screening Auschwitz: Wanda Jakubowska's The Last Stage and the Politics of Commemoration
Author/Editor: Marek Haltof
Screening Europe in Australasia: Transnational silent film before and after the rise of Hollywood
Author/Editor: Julie K. Allen
Screening Nature: Cinema Beyond the Human
Author/Editor: Anat Pick,Guinevere Narraway
Screening Race in American Nontheatrical Film
Author/Editor: Marsha Gordon,Allyson Nadia Field
Screen Space Reconfigured
Author/Editor: Susanne Saether,Synne Tollerud Bull
Screenwriting: Creative Labor and Professional Practice
Author/Editor: Bridget Conor
Script and Society: The Social Context of Writing Practices in Late Bronze Age Ugarit
Author/Editor: Philip J. Boyes
Script Effects as the Hidden Drive of the Mind, Cognition, and Culture
Author/Editor: Hye K. Pae
Scripts and Texts
Author/Editor: Alexandra Mullen,Alan Bowman
Scriptures, Shrines, Scapegoats, and World Politics: Religious Sources of Conflict and Cooperation in the Modern Era
Author/Editor: Zeev Maoz,Errol A. Henderson
Scritti giovanili: Volume I
Author/Editor: Piero Antonio Carnemolla
Scrittori alla radio: Interventi, riviste e radiodrammi per un'arte invisibile
Author/Editor: Rodolfo Sacchettini
Scriver dei figli: Lettere ‘eccellenti’ tra Medioevo ed età moderna (XIV-XVIII secolo)
Author/Editor: Monica Ferrari,Matteo  Morandi,Federico  Piseri,Patricia  Rochwert-Zuili,Hélène  Thieulin-Pardo
Scuole in movimento: Progettare insieme tra pedagogia, architettura e design
Author/Editor: Beate Weyland,Ulrike Stadler-Altmann,Alessandra Galletti,Kuno Prey
Süddeutsche Hofkapellen im 18. Jahrhundert: Eine Bestandsaufnahme
Author/Editor: Silke Leopold,Pelker Bärbel
SDGs, Transformation, and Quality Growth: Insights from International Cooperation
Author/Editor: Akio Hosono
Sea-changes - Melville - Forster - Britten
Seafood from Catch and Aquaculture for a Sustainable Supply
Author/Editor: Bianca Maria Poli,Giuliana Parisi
Señales mutuas: Estudios transatlánticos de literatura española y mexicana hoy
Author/Editor: Erika Martínez
Seamless Learning: Grenz- und kontextübergreifendes Lehren und Lernen in der Bodenseeregion
Author/Editor: Bernadette Dilger,Jennifer Erlemann,Claude Müller,Christian Rapp
Sea Monsters: Things from the Sea, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Thea Tomaini,Asa Simon Mittman
The Search for the First Americans: Science, Power, Politics
Author/Editor: Robert Davis
Searching for Order in Body Clocks: Circadian Rhythms and Redox Balance
Author/Editor: Marta del Olmo
Searching for Sharing
Searching for the 17th Century on Nevis: The Survey and Excavation of Two Early Plantation Sites
Author/Editor: Robert Philpott,Roger Leech,Elaine L. Morris
Sea Spots: Perzeption und Repräsentation maritimer Räume im Kontext englischer und niederländischer Explorationen um 1600
Author/Editor: Franziska Hilfiker
Sebastiano Ricci impresario d’opera a Venezia nel primo Settecento
Author/Editor: Gianluca Stefani
Secession and Referendum: A new Dimension of International Law on Territorial Changes?
Author/Editor: Giulia Landi
Secession and Security
Secession and Security : Explaining State Strategy against Separatists
Author/Editor: Butt ,Ahsan I.
Secession and Separatist Conflicts in Postcolonial Africa
Author/Editor: Toyin Falola,Charles G. Thomas
Secondary Analysis of Electronic Health Records
Author/Editor: MIT Critical Data
Second Assessment of Climate Change for the Baltic Sea Basin
Author/Editor: The BACC II Author Team
Second Chance: My Life in Things
Author/Editor: Ruth Rosengarten
A Second Life
Secondo Convegno Nazionale della Società Italiana di Scienze Sensoriali
Author/Editor: Monteleone, Erminio,Bertuccioli, Mario
Secondo Convegno Nazionale della Società Italiana di Scienze Sensoriali
Second Report on the Excavations of the Roman Fort at Richborough, Kent
Author/Editor: J. P. Bushe-Fox
Second report on the excavations on the site of the Roman town at Wroxeter, Shropshire, 1913
Author/Editor: Joscelyn Plunkett Bushe-Fox
The Second World War in the Twenty-First-Century Museum
Author/Editor: Stephan Jaeger
The Second World War, Vol. 3
Author/Editor: Philip D. Grove,Mark J. Grove,Alastair Finlan
Sectarianism and Renewal in 1920s Romania: The Limits of Orthodoxy and Nation-Building
Author/Editor: Roland Clark
« Sectes » et « hérésies », de l'Antiquité à nos jours
Author/Editor: Anne Morelli,Olivier Damme,Guy Janssen,Régis Dericquebourg,Jean Baubérot,Fr Lauwaert,Anne Morelli,Pierre Frédéric Daled,Baudouin Decharneux,Yannis Thanassekos,Nicolas Bogaerts,Benoît Beyer de Ryke,Jeannine Vereecken,Jan Roegiers
Sectorstructuurbeleid: mogelijkheden en beperkingen : Preadviezen bij het rapport Plaats en toekomst van de Nederlandse industrie
Author/Editor: Duijn van ,J.J.
Sectorstructuur en economische groei: een eenvoedig groeimodel met zes sectoren van de Nederlandse economie in de periode na de Tweede Wereldoorlog
Author/Editor: Kuipers ,S.K.,Muysken ,J.,Berg van den ,D.J.,Zon van ,A.H.
Sectorstudie toezicht hoger onderwijs - 64
Author/Editor: Huisman ,P.,Vijlder de ,F.
Secular Bodies, Affects and Emotions: European Configurations
Author/Editor: Monique Scheer,Nadia Fadil,Birgitte Schepelern Johansen
Secularism, Assimilation and the Crisis of Multiculturalism
Author/Editor: Jansen ,Yolande
Secularism or Democracy?
Securing Peace: State-building and Economic Development in Post-conflict Countries
Author/Editor: Richard Kozul-Wright,Piergiuseppe Fortunato
Securing Village Life: Development in Late Colonial Papua New Guinea
Author/Editor: MacWilliam ,Scott
Securitization and Democracy in Eurasia: Transformation and Development in the OSCE Region
Author/Editor: Anja Mihr,Paolo Sorbello,Brigitte Weiffen
Securitization of Islam: A Vicious Circle
Securitization of Islam: A Vicious Circle : Counter-Terrorism and Freedom of Religion in Central Asia
Author/Editor: Lenz-Raymann ,Kathrin
Securitization Outside the West: West African Security Reconceptualised
Author/Editor: Christian Kaunert,Edwin Ezeokafor
Security and Privacy
Security and Sustainable Development in Myanmar
Author/Editor: Helen James
The Security Council's Contribution to a Global Concept of the Rule of Law
Author/Editor: Nuscha Wieczorek
Security in an Interconnected World: A Strategic Vision for Defence Policy
Author/Editor: Ernst Hirsch Ballin,Huub Dijstelbloem,Peter de Goede
Security in a Small Nation
Security in Computer and Information Sciences: First International ISCIS Security Workshop 2018, Euro-CYBERSEC 2018, London, UK, February 26-27, 2018, Revised Selected Papers
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Author/Editor: Erol Gelenbe,Marija Jankovic,Dionysios Kehagias,Anna Marton,Andras Vilmos
Security in Distributed, Grid, Mobile, and Pervasive Computing
Author/Editor: Yang Xiao
Security Infrastructure Technology for Integrated Utilization of Big Data: Applied to the Living Safety and Medical Fields
Author/Editor: Atsuko Miyaji,Tomoaki Mimoto
Security/Mobility : Politics of Movement
Security of Networks and Services in an All-Connected World: 11th IFIP WG 6.6 International Conference on Autonomous Infrastructure, Management, and Security, AIMS 2017, Zurich, Switzerland, July 10-13, 2017, Proceedings
Author/Editor: Daphne Tuncer,Robert Koch,Rémi Badonnel,Burkhard Stiller
Security of Ubiquitous Computing Systems: Selected Topics
Author/Editor: Gildas Avoine,Julio Hernandez-Castro
Security Risk Management for the Internet of Things: Technologies and Techniques for IoT Security, Privacy and Data Protection
Author/Editor: John Soldatos
The Security Sector Governance–Migration Nexus: Rethinking how Security Sector Governance matters for migrants’ rights
Author/Editor: Sarah Wolff
Security Sector Reform and Citizen Security: Experiences from Urban Latin America in Global Perspective
Author/Editor: Robert Muggah,John de Boer
Security Sector Reform: Narrowing the Gap between Theory and Practice
Author/Editor: Albrecht Schnabel,Hans Born
Security Technologies and Methods for Advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence, Detection and Mitigation
Author/Editor: Gohar Sargsyan,Dimitrios Kavallieros,Nicholas Kolokotronis
Securization in The Netherlands shaped by and shaping regulation - 55
Author/Editor: Aalbers ,M.
Sedad Hakki Eldem. An aristocratic architect and more
Author/Editor: Serena ACCIAI
Seductions of Place
Author/Editor: Alan A Lew
Seeds for Diversity and Inclusion: Agroecology and Endogenous Development
Author/Editor: Yoshiaki Nishikawa,Michel Pimbert
Seeing Ourselves Through Technology: How We Use Selfies, Blogs and Wearable Devices to See and Shape Ourselves
Author/Editor: Jill Walker Rettberg
Seeing Renaissance Glass: Art Optics and Glass of Early Modern Italy 1250–1425
Author/Editor: Sarah Dillon
Seeing the City Digitally: Processing Urban Space and Time
Author/Editor: Gillian Rose
Seeing the Past with Computers: Experiments with Augmented Reality and Computer Vision for History
Author/Editor: Kevin Kee,Timothy Compeau
Seeking Convergence?: A Comparative Analysis of the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union on Seeking Asylum
Author/Editor: Maja Łysienia
Seeking Justice at the Court of the Khans of Khiva: (19th - early 20th Centuries)
Author/Editor: Paolo Sartori,Ulfat Abdurasulov
Seeking Peace in the Wake of War. Europe, 1943-1947
Seeking the Best Master: State Ownership in the Varieties of Capitalism
Author/Editor: Miklós Szanyi
„Seelenbeschreibungen“: Eine frühneuzeitliche Quellengattung und ihr konfessions- und bildungsgeschichtlicher Kontext
Author/Editor: Heinrich Richard Schmidt,Veronika Albrecht-Birkner,Michael Egger,Stefan Ehrenpreis,Janine Scheurer
Sefer ha-Pardes by Jedaiah ha-Penini: A Critical Edition with English Translation
Author/Editor: David Torollo
Segedunum: Excavations By Charles Daniels In The Roman Fort At Wallsend (1975-1984)
Author/Editor: Alexandra Croom,Alan Rushworth
Segmentierte Ausbildungsmärkte: Berufliche Chancen von Hauptschülerinnen und Hauptschülern im Wandel
Author/Editor: Paula Protsch
Segmentierung von Kundendienstleistungen auf investiven Maerkten: Dargestellt am Beispiel von Personal Computern
Author/Editor: Kai Bauche
Segregation, Inequality, and Urban Development: Forced Evictions and Criminalisation Practices in Present-Day South Africa (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Sara Dehkordi
Sehenlernen im Museum: Ein Konzept zur Wahrnehmung und Präsentation von Exponaten
Author/Editor: Uwe Christian Dech
Se hennes öde: Undersökning av en ordlös roman från 1920-talets Tyskland
Author/Editor: Elisa Rossholm
Seigniorage in der EWU: Eine Analyse der Notenbankgewinnentstehung und -verwendung des Eurosystems
Author/Editor: Gerhard Rösl
The Seine River Basin
Author/Editor: Nicolas Flipo,Pierre Labadie,Laurence Lestel
Seismic Wave Propagation in Stratified Media
Author/Editor: Kennett ,Brian
Seismic Waves - Research and Analysis
Sekundaere Praedikation und Informationsstruktur: Fokus und Informationsstatus bei spanischen Depiktiven
Author/Editor: Steffen Heidinger
Sekundäre Märkte?
Sekundärnutzung klinischer Daten – Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen: mit einem Beitrag von Alexander Roßnagel und Gerrit Hornung
Author/Editor: Uwe K. Schneider
Sekundärnutzung von Sozial- und Gesundheitsdaten – Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen
Author/Editor: Christian Dierks,Alexander Roßnagel
Sekundärnutzung von Sozial- und Gesundheitsdaten: Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen
Author/Editor: Christian Dierks,Alexander Roßnagel
Selbstbestimmung, Privatheit und Datenschutz: Gestaltungsoptionen für einen europäischen Weg
Author/Editor: Michael Friedewald,Michael Kreutzer,Marit Hansen
Selbstbeteiligung bei Arzneimitteln aus ordnungspolitischer Sicht: Das Beispiel der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Selbstdarstellung in der Wissenschaft: Eine linguistische Untersuchung zum Diskussionsverhalten von Wissenschaftlern in interdisziplinaeren Kontexten
Author/Editor: Lisa Rhein
Selbsterkenntnis und Lebensform: Kritische Subjektivität nach Wittgenstein und Foucault
Author/Editor: Jörg Volbers
Selbstermächtigung am Lebensende: Eine religionswissenschaftliche Untersuchung alternativer Sterbebegleitung in der Schweiz (Volume 82, Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Barbara Zeugin,Michael Stausberg,Oliver Freiberger,Bettina Schmidt
Selbstoptimierung: Eine kritische Diskursgeschichte des Tagebuchs
Author/Editor: Ralph Köhnen
Selbstorganisation im Sozialismus: Das Rote Kreuz in Polen und der Tschechoslowakei 1945–1989 (Volume 14)
Author/Editor: Maren Hachmeister,Martin Schulze Wessel,Ulf Brunnbauer
Selbst organisiertes Lernen am Gymnasium: Eine Untersuchung interindividueller Unterschiede bei Schülerinnen und Schülern im Umgang mit der Lernerautonomie
Author/Editor: Robert Hilbe
Selbstorganisiertes Lernen an Hochschulen: Strategien, Formate und Methoden
Author/Editor: Tobias Schmohl,Dennis Schäffer,Kieu-Anh To,Bettina Eller-Studzinsky
Selbstreparaturen in der schriftlichen Interaktion: Eine kontrastive Analyse deutscher und russischer Kurznachrichtenkommunikation
Author/Editor: Irina Mostovaia
Selbstsorge im Leben mit Demenz: Potenziale einer relationalen Praxis
Author/Editor: Valerie Keller
Selbststudium im digitalen Wandel: Digitales, begleitetes Selbststudium in der Mathematik – MINT meistern mit optes
Author/Editor: Roland Küstermann,Matthias Kunkel,André Mersch,Anne Schreiber
Selbstverständlich – und doch umstritten: Wie sich Organisationen bezüglich Gleichstellung legitimieren
Author/Editor: Melanie Nussbaumer
Selected Poems of Gregory of Nazianzus
Selected Poems of Gregory of Nazianzus : I.2.17; II.1.10, 19, 32: A Critical Edition with Introduction and Commentary
Author/Editor: Simelidis ,Christos
Self and Other in Dialogue: Romance Studies on Discourse and Interaction
Author/Editor: Johan Gille,Coco Norén
Self as Method: Thinking Through China and the World
Author/Editor: Biao Xiang,Qi Wu
Self-Assembled Molecules – New Kind of Protein Ligands: Supramolecular Ligands
Author/Editor: Irena Roterman,Leszek Konieczny
Self-Build Homes
Self-Directed Learner: The Three Pillar Model for developing self- directedness
Author/Editor: Jennifer Gavriel
Self-Directed Learner - the Three Pillar Model of Self-Directedness: The Three Pillar Model for Developing Self-Directedness
Author/Editor: Jennifer Gavriel
Self-Directed Learning: An imperative for education in a complex society
Author/Editor: Charlene du Toit-Brits,Elsa Mentz,Henry Blignaut,Dorothy Laubscher,Maureen K. Mzuza,Jako Olivier,Jako Olivier,Amit Dhakulkar,Divan Jagals
Self-Directed Learning for the 21st Century: Implications for Higher Education
Author/Editor: Per B. Bergamin,Roxanne Bailey,Anitia Lubbe,Jako Olivier,Christo van der Westhuizen,Sukie van Zyl,Chantelle Bosch,Josef de Beer,Adri du Toit,Elsa Mentz,Roelien Goede,Aubrey Golightly,David W. Johnson,Roger T. Johnson,Corné Kruger,Dorothy Laubscher
Self-Directed Learning in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic: Research on the affordances of online virtual excursions
Author/Editor: Yolani Geldenhuys,Josef De Beer,Elize Küng,Neal Petersen,Lloyd Conley,Elsa Mentz,Lounell White,Robert J Balfour,Jako Olivier,Nothile Abrijard Tivelele Kunene,Ma Havenga
Self-directed learning research and its impact on educational practice
Author/Editor: Elsa Mentz,Elsa Mentz,Roxanne Bailey,Roxanne Bailey,Chantelle Bosch,Betty Breed,Byron J. Bunt,Wallace Chigona
Self-directed learning research: An imperative for transforming the educational landscape
Author/Editor: Mentz ,Elsa,Oosthuizen ,Izak
Self-directed multimodal learning in higher education
Author/Editor: Elsa Mentz,Elsa Mentz,Jako Olivier,Jako Olivier,Roxanne Bailey,Chantelle Bosch,Cornè Kruger,Donnavan Kruger
Self-Governance and Sami Communities: Transitions in Early Modern Natural Resource Management
Author/Editor: Jesper Larsson,Eva-Lotta Päiviö Sjaunja
Self-Organised Schools: Educational Leadership and Innovative Learning Environments
Author/Editor: Alberto F. De Toni,Stefano De Marchi
Self-Publishing and Collection Development
Self-Publishing and Collection Development : Opportunities and Challenges for Libraries
Author/Editor: Holley ,Robert P.
Self-Reported Population Health: An International Perspective based on EQ-5D
Author/Editor: Agota Szende,Bas Janssen,Juan Cabases
Self-Representation in an Expanded Field: From Self-Portraiture to Selfie, Contemporary Art in the Social Media Age
Author/Editor: Ace Lehner
Selling & Collecting: Printed Book Sale Catalogues and Private Libraries in Early Modern Europe
Author/Editor: Giovanna Granata,Angela Nuovo
Selling Sex in the City: A Global History of Prostitution, 1600s-2000s (Volume 31)
Author/Editor: Lex Heerma van Voss,Elise van Nederveen Meerkerk,Magaly Rodríguez García
Selling the Economic Miracle: Economic Reconstruction and Politics in West Germany, 1949-1957
Author/Editor: Mark E. Spicka
Selling the Sea: A study of conflict over marine tenure in Kei Islands, Eastern Indonesia
Author/Editor: Adhuri Supriadi ,Dedi
Selling Transracial Adoption
Selling Transracial Adoption : Families, Markets, and the Color Line
Author/Editor: Raleigh ,Elizabeth
Selling Weimar: German Public Diplomacy and the United States, 1918–1933 (Volume 60)
Author/Editor: Elisabeth Piller
A Semantic Analysis of the Russian Verbal Prefixes za-, pere-, do-, and ot-
Author/Editor: Laura A. Janda
Semantic differences in translation: Exploring the field of inchoativity
Author/Editor: Lore Vandevoorde
The Semantic Organization of the Serbo-Croatian Verb
Author/Editor: Radmila J. Gorup
Semantics and Morphosyntactic Variation: Qualities and the Grammar of Property Concepts
Author/Editor: Francez ,Itamar,Koontz-Garboden ,Andrew
Semantics and Pragmatics of the "Reflexive" Verbs
Author/Editor: Alina Israeli
The Semantics of Chaos in Tjutčev: Teilausgabe von Pratt, Sarah: Alternatives in Russian Romanticism
Author/Editor: Sarah Pratt
The Semantics of Word Division in Northwest Semitic Writing Systems: Ugaritic, Phoenician, Hebrew, Moabite and Greek (Volume 4)
Author/Editor: Robert S.D. Crellin
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Author/Editor: Eva Blomqvist,Harshvardhan J. Pandit,Paul Groth,Victor de Boer,Tassilo Pellegrini,Mehwish Alam,Tobias Käfer,Peter Kieseberg,Sabrina Kirrane,Albert Meroño-Peñuela
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The semantic transparency of English compound nouns
Author/Editor: Martin Schäfer
Semantika ili sintaksis?: K analizu častnych voprosov v russkom jazyke = Semantics or syntax?
Author/Editor: Ekaterina V. Rachilina
Semantika i sintaksis russkogo impersonala: verba meteorologica i ich diatezy: (= Specimina Philologica Slavicae, 102)
Author/Editor: Leonid A. Birjulin
Semantische Spezialisierung vs. Polysemie: Interpretationsbesonderheiten bei Komplementreduktionen lexikalischer Einheiten
Author/Editor: Tanja von der Becke
Semantische Untersuchungen zum Verbalaspekt im Russischen
Author/Editor: Walter Breu
Semantische Variabilitaet der russischen politischen Lexik im zwanzigsten Jahrhundert
Author/Editor: Joern-Martin Becker
Semiconductor Packaging: Materials Interaction and Reliability
Author/Editor: Andrea Chen,Randy Hsiao-Yu Lo
Semiotics in Mathematics Education
Author/Editor: Norma Presmeg,Luis Radford,Wolff-Michael Roth,Gert Kadunz
Semiotik der Verewigung: Versuch einer Typologie anhand literarischer Texte um 1800
Author/Editor: Markus Gut,Gerald Raab,Michael Enterlein,Thorsten Tynior
Semiotik: Teoretiska tillämpningar i konstvetenskap 3
Author/Editor: Sonya Petersson,Malin Hedlin Hayden
Semiotische Effizienz interfachlicher Sprache-Bild-Textsorten: Schreibprozesse bei Pflichtenheften technischer Ausschreibungen
Author/Editor: Alexander Holste
Semitic Dialects and Dialectology: Fieldwork—Community—Change
Author/Editor: Mina Afkir,Maciej Klimiuk,Aziza Al-Essa,Assaf Bar Moshe,Peter Behnstedt,volkan bozkurt,Giuliano Castagna
Seneca, la diatriba e la ricerca di una morale austera: Caratteristiche, influenze, mediazioni di un rapporto complesso
Seneca the Elder and his rediscovered ›Historiae abinitio bellorum civilium‹: New Perspectives on Early-Imperial Roman Historiography
Author/Editor: Maria Chiara Scappaticcio
Sensational Internationalism: The Paris Commune and the Remapping of American Memory in the Long Nineteenth Century
Author/Editor: J. Michelle Coghlan
Sensational Subjects: The Dramatization of Experience in the Modern World
Author/Editor: John Jervis
A Sense of Brutality: Philosophy after Narco-Culture
Author/Editor: Carlos Alberto Sánchez
The senses in early modern England, 1558–1660
Author/Editor: Jackie Watson,Simon Smith
Sensing Mountains: Innsbruck Summer School of Alpine Research 2022 – Close Range Sensing Techniques in Alpine Terrain
Author/Editor: Martin Rutzinger,Katharina Anders,Magnus Bremer,Anette Eltner,Bernhard Höfle,Roderik Lindenbergh,Andreas Mayr
Sensing the Everyday: Dialogues from Austerity Greece
Author/Editor: C. Nadia Seremetakis
Sensitive Objects: Affect and Material Culture
Sensitive Objects: Affect and Material Culture
Sensitive Reading: The Pleasures of South Asian Literature in Translation (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Yigal Bronner,Charles Hallisey
Sensitivity Analysis: Matrix Methods in Demography and Ecology
Author/Editor: Hal Caswell
Sensor Technologies: Healthcare, Wellness, and Environmental Applications
Author/Editor: Michael J. McGrath,Cliodhna Ní Scanaill
A Sensory Education
Author/Editor: Anna Harris
Sentencing in Time
Author/Editor: Linda Ross Meyer
Sentient Ecologies: Xenophobic Imaginaries of Landscape
Author/Editor: Alexandra Coțofană,Hikmet Kuran
Senza lavoro?: Cambiamento tecnologico e nuove sfide per la società
Author/Editor: Franca Alacevich
Separatism and Regionalism in Modern Europe
Author/Editor: Chris Kostov
Sepsis Management in Resource-limited Settings
Author/Editor: Arjen M. Dondorp,Martin W. Dünser,Marcus J. Schultz
Sequence Analysis and Related Approaches: Innovative Methods and Applications
Author/Editor: Gilbert Ritschard,Matthias Studer
Serbische Heldenlieder
Author/Editor: Hans-Bernd Harder,Hans Lemberg
Serbische Prosa nach 1945: Entwicklungstendenzen und Romanstrukturen
Author/Editor: Angela Richter
Serbische Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung
Serbische Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung : Normwandel und Deutungskämpfe im Umgang mit Kriegsverbrechen, 1991-2012
Author/Editor: Mehler ,Daniela
Sergei M. Eisenstein: Notes for a General History of Cinema
Sergej Esenin - Bilder- und Symbolwelt
Author/Editor: Christiane Auras
Serious Games in Co-creative Facilitation: Experiences from Cross-Sectoral work with Deaf Communities
Author/Editor: Ulrike Zeshan
Serviceability and post-failure behaviour of laminated glass structural elements
Service Design Capabilities
Author/Editor: Nicola Morelli,Amalia de Götzen,Luca Simeone
Serviceorientierung im betrieblichen Berichtswesen: Entwicklung eines Architektur- und Vorgehensmodells zur konzeptionellen Gestaltung von Berichtsprozessen auf Basis einer SOA und XBRL
Author/Editor: Alexander Pastwa
Services écosystémiques et protection des sols
Author/Editor: Carole Hermon
Services écosystémiques fournis par les espaces agricoles
Author/Editor: Anaïs Tibi,Olivier Therond
The Service User as a Partner in Social Work Projects and Education: Concepts and Evaluations of Courses with a Gap-Mending Approach in Europe
Author/Editor: Emanuela Chiapparini
Sestra moja - žizn von Boris Pasternak: Analyse und Interpretation
Author/Editor: Angelika Meyer
Sette scritti politici liberi
Author/Editor: Immanuel Kant,Maria Chiara Pievatolo
Settlement and History in Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine Galilee: An Archaeological Survey of the Eastern Galilee
Author/Editor: Uzi Leibner
Settler Colonial Governance in Nineteenth-Century Victoria
Author/Editor: Boucher ,Leigh,Russell ,Lynette
Settlers of Unassigned Lands
Author/Editor: Charles McLeod
Settling for Less: The Planned Resettlement of Israel's Negev Bedouin
Author/Editor: Steven C. Dinero
Settling Waterscapes in Europe: The Archaeology of Neolithic & Bronze Age Pile-Dwellings
Author/Editor: Albert Hafner,Ekaterina Dolbunova,Andrey Mazurkevich,Elena Pranckenaite,Martin Hinz
Seven Democratic Virtues of Liberal Education: A Student-Inspired Agenda for Teaching Civic Virtue in European Universities
Author/Editor: Teun J. Dekker
The Seven Dwarfs and the Age of the Mandarins: Australian Government Administration in the Post-War Reconstruction Era
Author/Editor: Furphy ,Samuel
Seventh International Symposium "Monitoring of Mediterranean Coastal Areas. Problems and Measurement Techniques": Livorno (Italy) 19-20-21 June 2018
Author/Editor: Fabrizio Benincasa
Seventy Years of the International Law Commission: Drawing a Balance for the Future
Seven Years of Design Research at Politecnico di Milano: Analysus of the funded research project
Author/Editor: Francesca Rizzo
Sewage Treatment Plants: Economic Evaluation of Innovative Technologies for Energy Efficiency
Author/Editor: Katerina Stamatelatou,Konstantinos P. Tsagarakis
Sex After Life
Sex After Life : Essays on Extinction, Vol. 2
Author/Editor: Colebrook ,Claire
Sex and Drugs before Rock 'n' Roll
Sex and gender in biomedicine - theories, methodologies, results
Author/Editor: Klinge, Ineke,Wiesemann, Claudia
Sex and the Body: Ethnologische Perspektiven zu Sexualität, Körper und Geschlecht
Author/Editor: Gabriele Alex,Sabine Klocke-Daffa
Sex and the Second-Best City
Author/Editor: Kenneth Royce Moore
Sex Discrimination in Uncertain Times
Author/Editor: Thornton ,Margaret
Sex, Identity, Aesthetics: The Work of Tobin Siebers and Disability Studies
Author/Editor: Jina B. Kim,Joshua Kupetz,Crystal Yin Lie,Wu Cynthia
Sex, Love, and Migration
Sex, Love, and Migration : Postsocialism, Modernity, and Intimacy from Istanbul to the Arctic
Author/Editor: Bloch ,Alexia
Sex, Power, and Slavery
Author/Editor: Gwyn Campbell,Elizabeth Elbourne
Sex Rewarded, Sex Punished: A Study of the Status "Female Slave" in Early Jewish Law
Author/Editor: Diane Kriger
Sex, Slavery and the Trafficked Woman: Myths and Misconceptions about Trafficking and its Victims (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Ramona Vijeyarasa
Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in India: Self-care for Universal Health Coverage
Author/Editor: Saroj Pachauri,Ash Pachauri,Komal Mittal
Sexual Assault in Canada
Sexual Assault in Canada : Law, Legal Practice and Women's Activism
Author/Editor: Sheehy A. ,Elizabeth
Sexualisierte Gewalt und digitale Medien: Reflexive Handlungsempfehlungen für die Fachpraxis
Author/Editor: Frederic Vobbe,Katharina Kärgel
Sexualität - Geschlecht - Affekt: Sexuelle Scripts als Palimpsest in literarischen Erzähltexten und zeitgenössischen theoretischen Debatten
Author/Editor: Christa Binswanger
Sexualität, Körperlichkeit und Intimität: Pädagogische Herausforderungen und professionelle Handlungsspielräume in der Schule
Author/Editor: Marion Thuswald,Elisabeth Sattler
Sexuality, Society & Pedagogy
Author/Editor: Dennis A. Francis
Sexualizing Power in Naturalism
Author/Editor: Irene Gammel
Sexualkriminalität: Erscheinungsformen, Sanktionierung, Legalbewährung und kriminelle Karrieren
Author/Editor: Timo Gundlach
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination
Author/Editor: Holning Lau
Sexual Reproduction in Animals and Plants
Author/Editor: Hitoshi Sawada,Naokazu Inoue,Megumi Iwano
Sexual States
Author/Editor: Jyoti Puri
Sexual States
Author/Editor: Puri ,Jyoti
Sexuelle Bildung ermöglichen: Sprachlosigkeit, Lust, Verletzbarkeit und Emanzipation als Herausforderungen pädagogischer Professionalisierung
Author/Editor: Marion Thuswald
Sexuelle Identität und gesellschaftliche Norm
Author/Editor: Duttge, Gunnar,Engel, Wolfgang,Zoll, Barbara
Sexuer le corps: Adolphe Sax' Blechblasinstrumente im Kontext ihrer Zeit: Romantic Brass Symposium 3
Author/Editor: Marta Roca i Escoda,Hélène Martin
Sex Work, Health, and Human Rights: Global Inequities, Challenges, and Opportunities for Action
Author/Editor: Shira M. Goldenberg,Ruth Morgan Thomas,Anna Forbes,Stefan Baral
Sex Work on Campus
Author/Editor: Terah J. Stewart
Sfingolipidi bioattivi e loro ruolo nell'azione biologica di fattori di crescita e citochine
Author/Editor: Caterina Bernacchioni
Sguardi linguistici sulla marca: Analisi morfosintattica dei nomi commerciali in italiano
Author/Editor: Maria Chiara Janner
The Shade of the Saguaro / La sombra del saguaro: Essays on the Literary Cultures of the American Southwest / Ensayos sobre las culturas literarias del suroeste norteamericano
Author/Editor: Gaetano Prampolini,Annamaria Pinazzi
Shadowing the Anthropocene: Eco-Realism for Turbulent Times
Author/Editor: Adrian Ivakhiv
Shadow Libraries: Access to Knowledge in Global Higher Education
Author/Editor: Joe Karaganis
Shakespeare and Canada: Remembrance of Ourselves
Shakespeare and Hate
Author/Editor: Saval ,Peter
Shakespeare and Hospitality: Ethics, Politics, and Exchange
Author/Editor: Julia Reinhard Lupton,David Goldstein
Shakespeare and the Fall of the Roman Republic: Selfhood, Stoicism and Civil War
Author/Editor: Patrick Gray
Shakespeare and the Legacy of Loss
Author/Editor: Emily Hodgson Anderson
Shakespeare im Spiegelkabinett - Zur produktiven Vielfalt seiner Rezeption
Author/Editor: Alam, Sarah,Schaff, Barbara
Shakespeare in the Theatre: Sir William Davenant and the Duke’s Company
Author/Editor: Amanda Eubanks Winkler,Richard Schoch
Shakespeare's History Plays
Shakespeare's History Plays : Rethinking Historicism
Author/Editor: Parvini ,Neema
Shakespeare's Legal Ecologies: Law and Distributed Selfhood
Author/Editor: Kevin Curran
Shakespeare’s Moral Compass
Author/Editor: Neema Parvini
Shakespeare’s Representation of Weather, Climate and Environment: The Early Modern ‘Fated Sky’
Author/Editor: Sophie Chiari
Shaking Heritage: Museum Collections between Seismic Vulnerability and Museum Design
Author/Editor: GIADA CERRI
Shame’s Unwelcome Interruption and Responsive Movements: Body, Religion, Morality – an Interdisciplinary Study
Author/Editor: Jan-Olav Henriksen,Terje Mesel
The Shape of Agency: Control, Action, Skill, Knowledge
Author/Editor: Joshua Shepherd
Shapes of Apocalypse
Shapes of Apocalypse : Arts and Philosophy in Slavic Thought
Shaping and re-shaping the boundaries of working life
Author/Editor: Nicol Foulkes Savinetti,Aart-Jan Riekhoff
Shaping an Inclusive Energy Transition
Author/Editor: Margot P. C. Weijnen,Zofia Lukszo,Samira Farahani
Shaping factors for the business environment in The Netherlands after 1992
Author/Editor: Bletz ,J.C.F.
Shaping Gender Policy in Turkey: Grassroots Women Activists, the European Union, and the Turkish State
Author/Editor: Gül Aldıkaçtı Marshall
Shaping Higher Education with Students – ways to connect Research and Teaching
Shaping Medieval Markets
Shaping Medieval Markets
Author/Editor: Dijkman ,Jessica
Shaping Natural History and Settler Society: Mary Elizabeth Barber and the Nineteenth-Century Cape
Author/Editor: Tanja Hammel
The Shaping of the English Landscape: An atlas of archaeology from the Bronze Age to Domesday Book
Author/Editor: Chris Green,Miranda Creswell
Shaping the Digital Dissertation: Knowledge Production in the Arts and Humanities
Author/Editor: Virginia Kuhn,Anke Finger
Shaping Urban Futures in Mongolia: Shaping Urban Futures in Mongolia
Author/Editor: Rebekah Plueckhahn