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Czesław Miłosz in Postwar America
Author/Editor: Ewa Kołodziejczyk
Czech Broadside Ballads as Text, Art, Song in Popular Culture, c.1600–1900
Author/Editor: Patricia Fumerton,Pavel Kosek,Marie Hanzelková
Cyprian Norwid and the History of Greece
Author/Editor: Maciej Junkiert
Cycling Pathways: The Politics and Governance of Dutch Cycling Infrastructure, 1920-2020
Author/Editor: Henk-Jan Dekker
Cycling Futures
Author/Editor: Bonham ,Jennifer,Johnson ,Marilyn
Cyborg werden: Möglichkeitshorizonte in feministischen Theorien und Science Fictions
Author/Editor: Dagmar Fink
Cyborgs in Latin America
Author/Editor: Brown ,J. Andrew
Cyborg Mind: What Brain–Computer and Mind–Cyberspace Interfaces Mean for Cyberneuroethics
Author/Editor: Calum MacKellar
The Cyborg: A Treatise on the Artificial Man
Author/Editor: Antonio Caronia
Cyberspace and Instability
Author/Editor: James Shires,Robert Chesney,Max Smeets
Cybersicherheit in Innen- und Außenpolitik: Deutsche und britische Policies im Vergleich
Author/Editor: Stefan Steiger
Cybersicherheit in Innen- und Außenpolitik: Deutsche und britische Policies im Vergleich
Author/Editor: Stefan Steiger
Cybersecurity: Public Sector Threats and Responses
Author/Editor: Kim J. Andreasson
Cyber Security Politics: Socio-Technological Transformations and Political Fragmentation
Author/Editor: Myriam Dunn Cavelty,Andreas Wenger
Cybersecurity of Digital Service Chains: Challenges, Methodologies, and Tools
Author/Editor: Joanna Kołodziej,Matteo Repetto,Armend Duzha
Cybersecurity in Poland: Legal Aspects
Author/Editor: Katarzyna Chałubińska-Jentkiewicz,Filip Radoniewicz,Tadeusz Zieliński
Cybersecurity als Unternehmensleitungsaufgabe (Volume 2)
Author/Editor: Marc-Philipp Bittner,Anabel Guntermann,Christoph Benedikt Müller,Darius Rostam
Cyber Security: 19th China Annual Conference, CNCERT 2022, Beijing, China, August 16–17, 2022, Revised Selected Papers
Author/Editor: Wei Lu,Yuqing Zhang,Weiping Wen,Hanbing Yan,Chao Li
Cyber Security: 18th China Annual Conference, CNCERT 2021, Beijing, China, July 20–21, 2021, Revised Selected Papers
Author/Editor: Wei Lu,Yuqing Zhang,Weiping Wen,Hanbing Yan,Chao Li
Cyber Security: 17th China Annual Conference, CNCERT 2020, Beijing, China, August 12, 2020, Revised Selected Papers
Author/Editor: Wei Lu,Yu Zhou,Qiaoyan Wen,Yuqing Zhang,Bo Lang,Weiping Wen,Hanbing Yan,Chao Li,Li Ding,Ruiguang Li
Cyber Security: 15th International Annual Conference, CNCERT 2018, Beijing, China, August 14–16, 2018, Revised Selected Papers
Author/Editor: Xiaochun Yun,Weiping Wen,Bo Lang,Hanbing Yan,Li Ding,Jia Li,Yu Zhou
CyberResearch on the Ancient Near East and Eastern Mediterranean: Case Studies on texts, objects, and archaeological data
Author/Editor: Vanessa Bigot Juloux,Amy Rebecca Gansell,Alessandro di Ludovico
Cyber Public Sphere and Social Movements: Calling to Cyber Spaces
Author/Editor: Sami Çöteli
Author/Editor: Yus ,Francisco
Cyber-Physical Threat Intelligence for Critical Infrastructures Security: Securing Critical Infrastructures in Air Transport, Water, Gas, Healthcare, Finance and Industry
Author/Editor: John Soldatos,Isabel Praça,Aleksandar Jovanović
Cyber-Physical Threat Intelligence for Critical Infrastructures Security: A Guide to Integrated Cyber-Physical Protection of Modern Critical Infrastructures
Author/Editor: John Soldatos,James Philpot,Gabriele Giunta
Cyber-Physical Systems of Systems: Foundations – A Conceptual Model and Some Derivations: The AMADEOS Legacy
Author/Editor: Andrea Bondavalli,Sara Bouchenak,Hermann Kopetz
Cyber-Physical Systems: A Model-Based Approach
Author/Editor: Walid M. Taha,Abd-Elhamid M. Taha,Johan Thunberg
CyberParks – The Interface Between People, Places and Technology: New Approaches and Perspectives
Author/Editor: Carlos Smaniotto Costa,Ina Šuklje Erjavec,Therese Kenna,Michiel de Lange,Konstantinos Ioannidis,Gabriela Maksymiuk,Martijn de Waal
Cyber-Nationalism in China. Challenging Western media portrayals of internet censorship in China
Author/Editor: Jiang ,Ying
Cyberidentities : Canadian and European Presence in Cyberspace
Author/Editor: D'Haenens ,Leen
The Customary of the Shrine of St. Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral: Latin Text and Translation
Author/Editor: John Jenkins
Customary Land Tenure and Registration in Australia
Author/Editor: Glaskin ,Katie,Weiner ,James
The Custodians of the Gift: Fairy Beliefs, Holy Doubts and Heritage Paradoxes on a Fijian Island
Author/Editor: Guido Pigliasco
The Curving Mirror of Time
Author/Editor: Harro-Loit ,Halliki,Kello ,Katrin
The Curving Mirror of Time
Curso de semântica formal
Author/Editor: Marcelo Ferreira
Curriculum Reform in the European Schools: Towards a 21st Century Vision
Author/Editor: Sandra Leaton Gray,David Scott,Peeter Mehisto
Curriculum and Learning for Climate Action: Toward an SDG 4.7 Roadmap for Systems Change
Author/Editor: Radhika Iyengar,Christina T. Kwauk
Curricoli digitali: Nuove intelligenze, nuovi diritti
Author/Editor: Pier Cesare RIVOLTELLA,Adelaide Villa,Filippo BRUNI
Current Trends in Slavery Studies in Brazil
Author/Editor: Stephan Conermann,Mariana Dias Paes,Roberto Hofmeister Pich,Paulo Cruz Terra
Current Topics in SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19: Two Years After
Author/Editor: Alfonso J. Rodriguez-Morales
Current and Future Perspectives of Ethnomathematics as a Program
Author/Editor: Milton Rosa,Ubiratan D’Ambrosio,Daniel Clark Orey,Lawrence Shirley,Wilfredo V. Alangui,Pedro Palhares,Maria Elena Gavarrete
The Currency of Truth: Newsmaking and the Late-Socialist Imaginaries of China's Digital Era
Author/Editor: Emily H. C. Chua
The Currency of Empire: Money and Power in Seventeenth-Century English America
Author/Editor: Jonathan Barth
Curious Encounters: Voyaging, Collecting, and Making Knowledge in the Long Eighteenth Century
Author/Editor: Adriana Craciun,Mary Terrall
The Curious Country
Author/Editor: Dayton ,Leigh
The Curious Country
Curing Medicare: A Doctor's View on How Our Health Care System Is Failing Older Americans and How We Can Fix It
Author/Editor: Andy Lazris
Curating (Post-)Socialist Environments
Author/Editor: Philipp Schorch,Daniel Habit
Curating Contemporary Music Festivals: A New Perspective on Music's Mediation
Author/Editor: Brandon Farnsworth
Cura, relazione, professione: questioni di genere nel servizio sociale: Il contributo italiano al dibattito internazionale
Author/Editor: Roberta T. Di Rosa,Gui Luigi
Curaçao in the Age of Revolutions, 1795-1800
Author/Editor: Klooster ,Wim,Oostindie ,Gert
Curaçao in the Age of Revolutions, 1795-1800
Curaçao and Guzmán Blanco
Author/Editor: Goslinga ,C.
Curaçao and Guzmán Blanco
Cumani: Migrazioni, strutture di potere e società nell’Eurasia dei nomadi (secoli X-XIII)
Author/Editor: Lorenzo Pubblici
Cultuur zonder grenzen
Author/Editor: WRR
Cultuur en nieuwe media; tweerichtingsverkeer
Author/Editor: Mets ,Y.C.
Cultuur als antwoord
Author/Editor: Onvlee ,L.
Cultuur als antwoord
Culture Wars and Enduring American Dilemmas
Author/Editor: Thomson ,Irene Taviss
Culture Wars and Enduring American Dilemmas
Culture – Theory – Disability : Encounters between Disability Studies and Cultural Studies
Author/Editor: Waldschmidt (Ed.) ,Anne,Berressem (Ed.) ,Hanjo,Ingwersen (Ed.) ,Moritz
Culture – Theory – Disability
Culture, Technology and the Image: Techniques of Engaging with Visual Culture
Author/Editor: Jeremy Pilcher
Cultures of Solitude: Loneliness – Limitation – Liberation
Author/Editor: Ina Bergmann,Stefan Hippler
Cultures of Eschatology Volume 1: Empires and Scriptural Authorities in Medieval Christian, Islamic and Buddhist Communities: Volume 2: Time, Death and Afterlife in Medieval Christian, Islamic and Buddhist Communities
Author/Editor: Veronika Wieser,Vincent Eltschinger,Johann Heiss
Cultures of Computer Game Concerns: The Child Across Families, Law, Science and Industry (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Estrid Sörensen
Cultures of Anti-Racism in Latin America and the Caribbean
Author/Editor: Peter Wade,James Scorer,Ignacio Aguil
Cultures in Mountain Areas / Culture in aree di montagna / Kulturen in Gebirgsregionen: Comparative Perspectives / Prospettive comparative / Vergleichende Perspektiven
Author/Editor: Dionigi Albera,Tobias Boos,Denise J. Arnold,Daniela Salvucci,Tobias Boos,Domenico Branca,Andreas Haller,giovanni kezich,Konrad Kuhn,John Mathieu,Daniela Salvucci
Cultures in Conflict: Religion, History and Gender in Northern Europe c. 1800–2000
Author/Editor: Alexander Maurits,Erik Sidenvall,Johannes Ljungberg
Cultures in Collision and Conversation : Essays in the Intellectual History of the Jews
Author/Editor: Berger ,David
Cultures in Collision and Conversation
Cultures, Citizenship and Human Rights
Author/Editor: Rosemarie Buikema,Antoine Buyse,Antonius C.G.M. Robben
Cultures and Traditions of Wordplay and Wordplay Research
Author/Editor: Esme Winter-Froemel,Verena Thaler
Culture, Philosophies and Reforms in Public Administration for the Globalising World: A Reflection on Local, Regional and International Perspectives
Author/Editor: Edwin O.C. Ijeoma,Ogochukwu Nzewi
The culture of toleration in diverse societies
The culture of tolerance in diverse societies: Reasonable toleration
Author/Editor: Mckinnon ,Catriona,Castiglione ,Dario
The Culture of Japanese Fascism
Author/Editor: Alan Tansman
A culture of curiosity: Science in the eighteenth-century home
Author/Editor: Leonie Hannan
Culture of Class : Radio and Cinema in the Making of a Divided Argentina, 1920–1946
Author/Editor: Karush ,Matthew B.
Culture of Class
The Culture of Capital Punishment in Japan
Author/Editor: David T. Johnson
Culture Management: Strategy and marketing aspects
Author/Editor: Lukasz Wroblewski
Culture, Democracy and the Right to Make Art: The British Community Arts Movement
Author/Editor: Alison Jeffers,Gerri Moriarty
Culture-bearing Women: The Black Women Renaissance and Cultural Nationalism
Author/Editor: Izabella Penier
Culture as Soft Power: Bridging Cultural Relations, Intellectual Cooperation, and Cultural Diplomacy
Author/Editor: Diana Roig Sanz,Elisabet Carbó-Catalan
Culture and Translation: recovering he legacy of R.H Mathews
Author/Editor: Thomas ,Martin
Culture and Sustainable Development in the Pacific
Author/Editor: Hooper ,Antony
Culture and Sustainability: Exploring Stability and Transformation with the Cultures Framework
Author/Editor: Janet Stephenson
Culture and Money in the Nineteenth Century: Abstracting Economics
Author/Editor: Daniel Bivona,Marlene Tromp
Culture and History in the Pacific
Author/Editor: Jukka Siikala
Culture and Development in a Globalizing World
Author/Editor: Sarah Radcliffe
Culture and Content in French: Frameworks for Innovative Curricula
Author/Editor: Aurélie Chevant-Aksoy,Kathryne Adair Corbin
Culture and Cognition: The Boundaries of Literary and Scientific Inquiry
Author/Editor: Ronald Schleifer,Robert Con Davis,Nancy Mergler
Culture^2: Theorizing Theory for the Twenty-First Century, Vol. 1
Author/Editor: Frank Kelleter,Alexander Starre
Cultural Worlds of the Jesuits in Colonial Latin America
Author/Editor: Linda Newson
Cultural Values and Human Ecology in Southeast Asia
Author/Editor: Karl L. Hutterer,A. Terry Rambo,George Lovelace
Cultural Techniques: Assembling Spaces, Texts & Collectives
Author/Editor: Jörg Dünne,Kathrin Fehringer,Kristina Kuhn,Wolfgang Struck
Cultural Sovereignty beyond the Modern State: Space, Objects, and Media
Author/Editor: Gregor Feindt,Bernhard Gissibl,Johannes Paulmann
The Cultural Set-up of Comedy: Affective Politics in the United States Post 9/11
Author/Editor: Julie Webber
Cultural Science: A Natural History of Stories, Demes, Knowledge and Innovation
Author/Editor: John Hartley,Jason Potts
Cultural Revolutions : Reason Versus Culture in Philosophy, Politics, and Jihad
Author/Editor: Cahoone ,Lawrence
Cultural Revolutions
The Cultural Revolution: 1967 in Review
Author/Editor: Michel Oksenberg,Carl Riskin,Robt Scalapino,Ezra F. Vogel,Ezra Vogel
Cultural Representations of Gender Vulnerability and Resistance: A Mediterranean Approach to the Anglosphere
Author/Editor: Maria Isabel Romero-Ruiz,Pilar Cuder-Domínguez
The Cultural Production of Intellectual Property Rights
Author/Editor: Sean Johnson Andrews
Cultural Production and Social Movements After the Arab Spring: Nationalism, Politics, and Transnational Identity
Author/Editor: Eid Mohamed,Ayman El-Desouky
The Cultural Practice of Immigrant Filmmaking: Minor Immigrant Cinemas in Sweden 1950–1990
Author/Editor: Lars Gustaf Andersson,John Sundholm
The Cultural Politics of the New American Studies
The Cultural Politics of Anti-Elitism
Author/Editor: Moritz Ege,Johannes Springer
The Cultural Politics of Affect and Emotion: A Case Study of Chinese Reality TV
Author/Editor: Wei Dong
Cultural Policy is Local: Understanding Cultural Policy as Situated Practice
Author/Editor: Victoria Durrer,Abigail Gilmore,Leila Jancovich,David Stevenson
Cultural Policy for Arts Education: African-European Practises and Perspectives
Author/Editor: Wolfgang Schneider,Yvette Hardie,Emily Akuno,Daniel Gad
Cultural Perspectives on Aging
Author/Editor: Andrea Hülsen-Esch
Cultural Organizations, Networks and Mediators in Contemporary Ibero-America
Author/Editor: Diana Roig-Sanz,Jaume Subirana
The Cultural Net: Early Modern Drama as a Paradigm
Author/Editor: Joachim Küpper
Cultural Models of Nature: Primary Food Producers and Climate Change
Author/Editor: Giovanni Bennardo
Cultural Mobilities Between Africa and the Caribbean
Author/Editor: Birgit Englert,Barbara Gföllner,Sigrid Thomsen
Culturally Speaking: The Rhetoric of Voice and Identity in a Mediated Culture
Author/Editor: Amanda Nell Edgar
The Cultural Life of Money (Volume 6)
Author/Editor: Isabel Capeloa Gil,Helena Gonçalves da Silva
The Cultural Life of James Bond: Specters of 007
Author/Editor: Jaap Verheul
The Cultural Legacy of the Pre-Ashkenazic Jews in Eastern Europe
Author/Editor: Moshe Taube
Cultura literaria y políticas de mercado: Editoriales, ferias y festivales
Author/Editor: Ana Gallego Cuiñas
Cultural Integration of Immigrants in Europe
Author/Editor: Algan ,Yann,Bisin ,Alberto,Manning ,Alan,Verdier ,Thierry
The Cultural Identity and Education of University Students in Selected East-Central Countries: A Polish-Czech Comparative Study (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Ewa Ogrodzka-Mazur,Anna Szafrańska,Josef Malach,Milan Chmura
A Cultural History of Youth in the Modern Age
Author/Editor: Simon Sleight,Kristine Alexander
A Cultural History of Twin Beds
Author/Editor: Hilary Hinds
A Cultural History of the Disneyland Theme Parks: Middle Class Kingdoms
Author/Editor: Sabrina Mittermeier
A Cultural History of Chemistry in Antiquity
Author/Editor: Marco Beretta
Cultural History in Europe : Institutions – Themes – Perspectives
Author/Editor: Rogge (Ed.) ,Jörg
Cultural History in Europe
Cultural Heritage on line: Empowering users: an active role for user communities Florence, 15th - 16th December 2009
Author/Editor: Chiara Cirinnà,Maurizio Lunghi
Cultural heritage in the realm of the commons: Conversations on the Case of Greece
Author/Editor: Stelios Lekakis
Cultural Heritage in International Economic Law
Author/Editor: Valentina Vadi
Cultural Heritage in a Changing World
Author/Editor: Karol Jan Borowiecki,Neil Forbes,Antonella Fresa
Cultural Heritage Ethics
Cultural Governance: Legitimation und Steuerung in den darstellenden Künsten
Author/Editor: Birgit Mandel,Annette Zimmer
Cultural Governance in Österreich: Eine interpretative Policy-Analyse zu kulturpolitischen Entscheidungsprozessen in Linz und Graz
Author/Editor: Anke Simone Schad
Cultural Genocide: Law, Politics, and Global Manifestations (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Jeffrey S. Bachman
Cultural Expertise, Law, and Rights: A Comprehensive Guide
Author/Editor: Livia Holden
Cultural Encounters on China’s Ethnic Frontiers
Author/Editor: Stevan Harrell
Cultural Dynamics of Climate Change and the Environment in Northern America
Author/Editor: Bernd Sommer
Cultural Dynamics in a Globalized World : Proceedings of the Asia- Pacific research in Social Sciences and Humanities, Depok, Indonesia, November 7–9, 2016, Topics in arts and humanities
Cultural Dynamics in a Globalized World
Cultural Diplomacy in Cold War Finland: Identity, Geopolitics and the Welfare State
Author/Editor: Louis Clerc
Cultural Crowdfunding: Platform Capitalism, Labour and Globalization
Author/Editor: Vincent Rouzé
Cultural Crossroads in the Middle East: The Historical, Cultural and Political Legacy of Intercultural Dialogue and Conflict from the Ancient Near East to the Present Day
Author/Editor: Vladimir Sazonov,Holger Mölder,Peeter Espak
Cultural Crossroads in the Middle East: The Historical, Cultural and Political Legacy of Intercultural Dialogue and Conflict from the Ancient Near East to the Present Day. Second revised and expanded edition
Author/Editor: Vladimir Sazonov,Holger Mölder,Peeter Espak,Andres Saumets
Cultural Convergence: The Dublin Gate Theatre, 1928–1960
Author/Editor: Ondřej Pilný,Ruud van den Beuken,Ian R. Walsh
The cultural context of biodiversity conservation - seen and unseen dimensions of indigenous knowledge among Qʹeqchiʹ communities in Guatemala
Author/Editor: Maass, Petra
The cultural context of biodiversity conservation - seen and unseen dimensions of indigenous knowledge among Qʹeqchiʹ communities in Guatemala
The Cultural Construction of Safety and Security: Imaginaries, Discourses and Philosophies that Shaped Modern Europe
Author/Editor: Gemma Blok,Jan Oosterholt
Cultural Competence and the Higher Education Sector: Australian Perspectives, Policies and Practice
Author/Editor: Jack Frawley,Gabrielle Russell,Juanita Sherwood
Cultural Circulation: Dialogues between Canada and the American South (Volume 843)
Author/Editor: Waldemar Zacharasiewics,Christoph Irmscher
Cultural China 2021: The Contemporary China Centre Review
Author/Editor: Séagh Kehoe,Gerda Wielander
Cultural China 2020: The Contemporary China Centre Review
Author/Editor: Seagh Kehoe,Gerda Wielander
Cultural Change in Post-Migrant Societies: Re-imagining communities through arts and cultural activities
Author/Editor: Wiebke Sievers
A Cultural Approach to Populism
Author/Editor: Juha Herkman
Cultural Approaches to Disgust and the Visceral
Author/Editor: Max Ryynänen,Heidi S. Kosonen,Susanne C. Ylönen
Cultural and Political Imaginaries in Putin’s Russia
Author/Editor: Niklas Bernsand,Barbara Törnquist-Plewa
Cultura e professionalità educative nella società complessa: L'esperienza scientifico-didattica della Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione di Firenze Atti del Convegno, 15-17 maggio 2008
Author/Editor: Paolo Orefice,SIMONETTA ULIVIERI,Franco Cambi
Cultura come cibo
Author/Editor: Beatrice Barbiellini Amidei,Martino Marazzi
Cult Places and Cultural Change in Republican Italy
Author/Editor: Stek ,Tesse
The Cult of the Market
Author/Editor: Boldeman ,Lee
Cultivating Teacher Resilience: International Approaches, Applications and Impact
Author/Editor: Caroline F. Mansfield
Cultivating Knowledge: Biotechnology, Sustainability, and the Human Cost of Cotton Capitalism in India
Author/Editor: Andrew Flachs
Cultivating Femininity: Women and Tea Culture in Edo and Meiji Japan
Author/Editor: Rebecca Corbett
Cultivating Compassion: Going beyond crises
Author/Editor: Juewei Shi,Stephen Hill,Suzanne Franzway
Culinary Turn : Aesthetic Practice of Cookery
Author/Editor: van der Meulen (Ed.) ,Nicolaj,Wiesel, Hg. (Ed.) ,Jörg
Culinary Turn
Culinary Linguistics
Cukurici Höyük 3: Ein frühbronzezeitliches Metallhandwerkerzentrum in Westanatolien
Author/Editor: Mathias Mehofer
Cuestionamientos al modelo extractivista neoliberal desde el Sur: Capitalismo, territorios y resistencias
Author/Editor: Cristian Alister,Ximena Cuadra,Dasten Julián-Vejar,Blaise Pantel,Camila Ponce
Cuba: realidades e imaginarios lingueísticos
Author/Editor: Roxana Sobrino Triana
Cuba in the World, the World in Cuba
Author/Editor: Lorini, Alessandra,Basosi, Duccio
Cuba in the World, the World in Cuba
Crystal Growth and Stoichiometry of Strongly Correlated Intermetallic Cerium Compounds
Author/Editor: Prokofiev ,Andrey,Paschen ,Silke
Author/Editor: Will Stockton,D. Gilson
The Crucifixion of Jesus: Torture, Sexual Abuse, and the Scandal of the Cross
Author/Editor: David Tombs
Críticas y perspectivas de la ley 1010 de 2006: Una aproximación desde la definición jurídica y psicológica del acoso laboral
Author/Editor: Tary Garzón
Crown and Sword
Author/Editor: Moore ,Cameron
Crowds: Ethnographic Encounters (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Megan Steffen
Crowd Scenes
Author/Editor: Tratner ,Michael
Crossroads of Cuisine: The Eurasian Heartland, the Silk Roads and Food (Volume 2)
Author/Editor: Paul David Buell,Moldir Oskenbay,Montserrat de Pablo Moya,Eugene N. Anderson
Crossroads of Colonial Cultures: Caribbean Literatures in the Age of Revolution
Author/Editor: Gesine Müller
Crossroads between contrastive linguistics, translation studies and machine translation : TC3 II
Crossroads between contrastive linguistics, translation studies and machine translation
Cross-Linguistic Studies
Author/Editor: Masatoshi Koizumi
Crossing the Line
Author/Editor: Bronner ,Simon J.
Crossing Gender Boundaries: Fashion to Create, Disrupt and Transcend
Author/Editor: Andrew Reilly,Ben Barry
Crossing Empire’s Edge: Foreign Ministry Police and Japanese Expansionism in Northeast Asia
Author/Editor: Erik Esselstrom
Crossing Central Europe : Continuities and Transformations, 1900 and 2000
Author/Editor: Mitterbauer ,Helga,Smith-Prei ,Carrie
Crossing Central Europe
Crossing and Controlling Borders: Immigration Policies and their Impact on Migrants' Journeys
Author/Editor: Mechthild Baumann,Astrid Lorenz,Kerstin Rosenow-Williams
Crossing and Controlling Borders: Immigration Policies and their Impact on Migrants' Journeys
Author/Editor: Kerstin Rosenow,Mechthild Baumann,Astrid Lorenz
Cross-Cultural and Religious Critiques of Informed Consent
Author/Editor: Joseph Tham,Alberto García Gómez,Mirko Daniel Garasic
Cross-Channel-Medienmarken: Strategische Optionen, Ausgestaltungsmoeglichkeiten und nachfragerseitige Bewertung
Author/Editor: Mirko Caspar
Cross-Border Integration of Renewable Energy Systems: Experiences, Impacts, and Drivers
Author/Editor: Venkatachalam Anbumozhi,Kumar Singh Bhupendra
Cross-Border Collaboration in Disaster Management
Author/Editor: Miriam Isabelle Klein
Crop production potential of rural areas within the European Communities. 3. Soils, Climate and Administrative Regions
Author/Editor: Reinds ,G.J.,Koning de ,G.H.J.
Crop production potential of rural areas within the European Communities. V: Qualitative suitability assessment for forestry and fruit crops
Author/Editor: Lanen van ,H.A.J.,Hendriks ,C.A.M.,Bulens ,J.D.
Crop production potential of rural areas within the European Communities. 2: A physical land evaluation procedure for annual crops and grass
Author/Editor: Reinds ,G.J.,Lanen van ,H.A.J.
Crop production potential of rural areas within the European Communities. 1: GIS and data model
Author/Editor: Bulens ,J.D.,Bregt ,A.K.
Crop production potential of rural areas within the European Communities. IV: Potential, water-limited and actual crop production
Author/Editor: Koning de ,G.H.J.,Diepen van ,C.A.
Cronotopi slavi. Studi in onore di Marija Mitrović
Author/Editor: Sanja Roic,Persida LAZAREVIC
Croire ensemble. Analyse institutionnelle du paysage religieux en Suisse
Author/Editor: Monnot ,Christophe
A Critique of Western Buddhism: Ruins of the Buddhist Real
Author/Editor: Glenn Wallis
Critique of Sovereignty, Book 1: Contemporary Theories of Sovereignty
Author/Editor: Marc Lombardo
Critique of Fantasy, Vol. 3: The Block of Fame
Author/Editor: Laurence A. Rickels
Critique of Fantasy, Vol. 2: The Contest between B-Genres
Author/Editor: Laurence A. Rickels
Critique of Fantasy, Vol. 1: Between a Crypt and a Datemark
Author/Editor: laurence rickels
The Critique of Digital Capitalism: An Analysis of the Political Economy of Digital Culture and Technology
Author/Editor: Michael Betancourt
Critica sociale e individuazione
Author/Editor: Nicola Spinosi
A Critical Woman: Barbara Wootton, Social Science and Public Policy in the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: Ann Oakley
Critical toponomy: Place names in political, historical and commercial landscape
Author/Editor: Herman Beyer,Peter Raper,Matthias Brenzinger,Theodorus du Plessis
Critical Thinking in Higher Education and Labour Market
Author/Editor: Valdonė Indrašienė,Violeta Jegelevičienė,Odeta Merfeldaitė,Daiva Penkauskienė,Jolanta Pivorienė,Asta Railienė,Justinas Sadauskas,Natalija Valavičienė
Critical Theory of Communication: New Readings of Lukács, Adorno, Marcuse, Honneth and Habermas in the Age of the Internet
Author/Editor: Fuchs ,Christian
Critical Theory of Communication: New Readings of Lukács, Adorno, Marcuse, Honneth and Habermas in the Age of the Internet
Critical Theory, Democracy, and the Challenge of Neo-Liberalism
Author/Editor: Phillip Hansen,Brian Caterino
Critical Theory and Authoritarian Populism
Author/Editor: Jeremiah Morelock
Critical Theories of Crises in Europe: From Weimar to the Euro
Critical Terrains: French and British Orientalisms
Author/Editor: Lisa Lowe
Critical Studies in Indian Grammarians I: The Theory of Homogeneity (Savar?ya)
Author/Editor: Madhav M. Deshpande
Critical Rhythm: The Poetics of a Literary Life Form
Author/Editor: Ben Glaser,Jonathan Culler
Critical Reflections on Australian Public Policy
Author/Editor: Wanna ,John
Critical Practice: Philosophy and Creativity
Author/Editor: Martin McQuillan
Critical Points for the Organisation of Test Performance Studies in Microbiology: Plant Pathogens as a Case Study
Author/Editor: Ana Vučurović,Nataša Mehle,Géraldine Anthoine,Tanja Dreo,Maja Ravnikar
Critical Perspectives on the Scholarship of Assessment and Learning in Law: Volume 1: England
Author/Editor: Alison Bone,Paul Maharg
Critical Perspectives on Interreligious Education: Experiments in Empathy
Author/Editor: Najeeba Syeed,Heidi Hadsell
Critical Perspectives On Educational Leadership
Author/Editor: John Smyth
Critical Perspectives on Cultural Memory and Heritage: Construction, Transformation and Destruction
Author/Editor: Veysel Apaydin
Critical Medical Anthropology-Perspectives in and from Latin America
Author/Editor: Jennie Gamlin,Sahra Gibbon,Paola Sesia,Lina Berrio
Critical Management Studies in the South African context
Author/Editor: Goldman A. ,Geoff
Critical management studies in South Africa: Directions and contexts
Author/Editor: Geoff Goldman,Geoff Goldman,Chris Callaghan,Tjaart van der Linde,Ruan Taljaard,Chimene Nkouamou Tankou epse Nukunah,Neil: Eccles
Critical Landscape Planning during the Belt and Road Initiative
Author/Editor: Ashley Scott Kelly,Xiaoxuan Lu
Critical Issues in South African Education: Illumination from international comparative perspectives from the BRICS countries
Author/Editor: Charl Wolhuter,Charl Wolhuter,Zacharias Louw de Beer,Zacharias Louw de Beer,Ewelina Niemczyk,Ewelina Niemczyk,Johan Botha,Oliver Gore,Artwell Marimo
Critical Issues in Head and Neck Oncology: Key Concepts from the Eighth THNO Meeting
Author/Editor: Jan B. Vermorken,Volker Budach,C. René Leemans,Jean-Pascal Machiels,Piero Nicolai,Brian O'Sullivan
Critical Issues in Head and Neck Oncology: Key Concepts from the Seventh THNO Meeting
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A Critical History of Health Films in Central and Eastern Europe and Beyond
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Critical Heritage Studies and the Futures of Europe
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A Critical Evaluation of Individualism, Collectivism and Collective Action
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Critical engagement: Irish republicanism, memory politics and policing
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Critical Dictionary on Borders, Cross-Border Cooperation and European Integration
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Critical Dialogues of Urban Governance, Development and Activism: London and Toronto
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Critical Dementia Studies: An Introduction
Author/Editor: Richard Ward,Linn Sandberg
A Critical Companion to the 'Mirrors for Princes' Literature
Author/Editor: Noëlle-Laetitia Perret,Stéphane Péquignot
Critical by Design?: Genealogies, Practices, Positions
Author/Editor: Claudia Mareis,Moritz Greiner-Petter,Michael Renner
Critical Approaches to the History of Western Herbal Medicine: From Classical Antiquity to the Early Modern Period
Author/Editor: Susan Francia,Anne Stobart
Critical Ancient World Studies: The Case for Forgetting Classics
Author/Editor: Mathura Umachandran,Marchella Ward
A critical analysis of the Physical Education curriculum in the Czech Republic
Author/Editor: Petr Vlcek
Critical Alliances: Economics and Feminism in English Women’s Writing, 1880–1914
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Crisis States: Governance, Resistance & Precarious Capitalism
Author/Editor: Jeff Shantz
Crisis Response in Higher Education: How the Pandemic Challenged University Operations and Organisation
Author/Editor: Mats Benner,Jonathan Grant,Mary O’Kane
Crisis Reporters, Emotions, and Technology: An Ethnography
Author/Editor: Johana Kotišová
Crisis política en la Argentina: Memoria discursiva y componente emocional en el debate sobre la Reforma Previsional (diciembre de 2017)
Author/Editor: Elvira Narvaja de Arnoux
Crisis Policymaking: Australia and the East Timor Crisis of 1999
Author/Editor: Connery ,David
A ›Crisis of Whiteness‹ in the ›Heart of Darkness‹: Racism and the Congo Reform Movement
Author/Editor: Felix Lösing
The Crisis of the 14th Century
Author/Editor: Martin Bauch,Gerrit Jasper Schenk
The Crisis of Causality: Voetius and Descartes on God, Nature and Change
Author/Editor: Han van Ruler
Crisis Narratives in International Law
Author/Editor: Makane Moïse Mbengue,Jean D'Aspremont
Crisis Management Beyond the Humanitarian-Development Nexus
Author/Editor: Atsushi Hanatani,Oscar A. Gómez,Chigumi Kawaguchi
The Crisis Imperative
Author/Editor: Kuipers ,Sanneke
The Crisis for Young People: Generational Inequalities in Education, Work, Housing and Welfare
Author/Editor: Andy Green
Crisis for Whom?: Critical global perspectives on childhood, care, and migration
Author/Editor: Rachel Rosen,Elaine Chase,Sarah Crafter,Valentina Glockner,Sayani Mitra
Crisis en catastrofe: De Nederlandse omgang met rampen in de lange negentiende eeuw
Author/Editor: Lotte Jensen
Crisis del multiculturalismo en América Latina: Conflictividad social y respuestas críticas desde el pensamiento político indígena
Author/Editor: Claudia Zapata Silva
Crisis civilizatoria: Experiencias de los gobiernos progresistas y debates en la izquierda latinoamericana
Author/Editor: Edgardo Lander,Santiago Arconada Rodríguez
Crisis at the WTO: Is the Blocking of Appointments to the WTO Appellate Body by the United States Legally Justified?
Author/Editor: Jens Lehne
Crisis and Legitimacy in Atlantic American Narratives of Piracy: 1678-1865
Author/Editor: Alexandra Ganser
Crisis and Communitas: Performative Concepts of Commonality in Arts and Politics
Author/Editor: Dorota Sajewska,Małgorzata Sugiera
Crisis and Coloniality at Europe's Margins: Creating Exotic Iceland
Author/Editor: Kristín Loftsdóttir
Author/Editor: Jane Golley,Linda Jaivin,Sharon Strange
Crisi e Rigenerazione nella valle dell'Alto Khabur (Siria): La produzione ceramica nel passaggio dal Bronzo Antico al Bronzo Medio
Crisi economica e comportamenti illegali
Author/Editor: Giovanni Bertin
Crises (Staseis) and Changes (Metabolai): Athenian Democracy in the Making
Author/Editor: Breno Battistin Sebastiani,Delfim Ferreira Leão
Crises and the Roman Empire: Proceedings of the Seventh Workshop of the International Network Impact of Empire (Nijmegen, June 20-24, 2006)
Author/Editor: Olivier Hekster,Gerda de Kleijn,Daniëlle Slootjes
Écrire un seul livre, sans cesse renouvelé
Author/Editor: Neuhofer ,Monika
Écrire les sciences
Author/Editor: Francesco Panese,Isabelle Laboulais,Dorothy Johnson,Pierre- Lacour,Yasmine Marcil,Martial Guédron,Gilles Montègre,Florence Catherine,Dorothée Rusque,Valérie Chansigaud,emmanuelle sempère,Martial Guédron,Barbara Stentz
Écrire au-delà de la fin des temps ? / Writing Beyond the End Times?: "Les littératures au Canada et au Québec / The Literatures of Canada and Quebec "
Author/Editor: Ursula Mathis-Moser,Marie Carrière
Crip Genealogies
Author/Editor: Mel Y. Chen,Alison Kafer,Eunjung Kim,Julie Avril Minich
Criminele gedragingen, overheid en samenleving; een drieluik
Author/Editor: Ruimschotel ,D.
Criminal procedures and cross-border cooperation in the EU area of criminal justice: together but apart?
Author/Editor: Élodie Sellier,Élodier Sellier,Daniel Niţu,Diana Ionescu,Anne Weyembergh,Anne Weyembergh,Perrine Simon,Thomas Wahl,Alexander Oppers,Petra Bárd,Aart de Vries,Joske Graat,Tony Marguery
Criminally Queer
Author/Editor: Rydström ,Jens,Mustola ,Kati
Criminal Futures: Predictive Policing and Everyday Police Work
Author/Editor: Simon Egbert,Matthias Leese
Criminal Careers: Life and Crime Trajectories of Former Juvenile Offenders in Adulthood
Author/Editor: Witold Klaus,Irena Rzeplinska,Dagmara Woźniakowska-Fajst
Crime, Gender and Social Control in Early Modern Frankfurt am Main
Author/Editor: Jeannette Kamp
Crime and Safety in the Rural: Lessons from research
Author/Editor: Vania Ceccato,Jonatan Abraham
Crime and Fear in Public Places: Towards Safe, Inclusive and Sustainable Cities
Author/Editor: Vania Ceccato,Mahesh K. Nalla
Crime and Criminal Justice in Modern Germany
Author/Editor: Richard F. Wetzell
Crescita economica e coesione sociale nelle democrazie avanzate: Un divorzio inevitabile?
Author/Editor: Carlo Trigilia
Créer la ville: Rituels territorialisés d'inclusion des différences
Author/Editor: Fiorenza GAMBA,Sandro Cattacin,Bob W. White
Creolizing Europe : Legacies and Transformations
Author/Editor: Gutiérrez Rodríguez ,Encarnación,Tate ,Shirley Anne
Creolizing Europe
The Creolisation of London Kinship
Author/Editor: Bauer ,Elaine
The Creighton Century, 1907-2007
Author/Editor: David Bates,Jennifer Wallis,Jane Winters
Creep: A Life, A Theory, An Apology
Author/Editor: Jonathan Alexander
A Credible Utopia: Essays on Selected Films of Werner Schroeter
Author/Editor: Peter Valente
Creativity: Process and Personality
Author/Editor: Larry Gross
Creativity in Education: International Perspectives
Author/Editor: Nicole Brown,Amanda Ince,Karen Ramlackhan
Creativity in Art, Design and Technology
Author/Editor: Susan Liggett,Rae Earnshaw,Jill Townsley
Author/Editor: Smadar Lavie,Kirin Narayan,Renato Rosaldo
Creativity and Science in Contemporary Argentine Literature: Between Romanticism and Formalism
Author/Editor: Joanna Page
Creativity and its Discontents: China’s Creative Industries and Intellectual Property Rights Offenses
Author/Editor: Laikwan Pang
The Creative Underclass: Youth, Race, and the Gentrifying City
Author/Editor: Tyler Denmead
Creative Tourism in Smaller Communities: Place, Culture, and Local Representation
Author/Editor: Kathleen Scherf
Creative Spaces: Urban Culture and Marginality in Latin America
Author/Editor: Niall Geraghty,Adriana Laura Massidda
Creative Networks and the City: Towards a Cultural Political Economy of Aesthetic Production
Author/Editor: Bas van Heur
Creative Multilingualism: A Manifesto
Author/Editor: Katrin Kohl,Rajinder Dudrah,Andrew Gosler,Suzanne Graham,Martin Maiden,Wen-chin Ouyang,Matthew Reynolds
Creative Frictions: Arts Leadership, Policy and Practice in Multicultural Australia
Author/Editor: Cecelia Cmielewski
Creative Encounter: Festschrift for Herman Salinger
Author/Editor: Leland R. Phelps,A. Tilo Alt
Creative Crowds: Perspektiven der Fanforschung im deutschsprachigen Raum
Author/Editor: Vera Cuntz-Leng
Creative Constraints: Translation and Authorship
Author/Editor: Rita Wilson,Leah Gerber
Creative Business in Australia: Learnings from the Creative Industries Innovation Centre, 2009 to 2015
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Creation in Crisis: Science, Ethics, Theology
Author/Editor: Joshtrom Isaac Kureethadam
Creating Through Mind and Emotions
Author/Editor: Mário S. Ming Kong,Maria do Rosário Monteiro,Maria João Pereira Neto
Creating the Qur’an: A Historical-Critical Study (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Stephen J. Shoemaker
Creating the Modern Army: Citizen-Soldiers and the American Way of War, 1919–1939
Author/Editor: William J. Woolley
Creating the Intellectual: Chinese Communism and the Rise of a Classification
Author/Editor: Eddy U
Creating the Future of Health: The History of the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary, 1967-2012
Author/Editor: Robert Lampard,David B. Hogan,Frank W. Stahnisch,James R Wright Jr.
Creating the Empress : Politics and Poetry in the Age of Catherine II
Author/Editor: Proskurina ,Vera
Creating the Desire for Change in Higher Education: The Amsterdam Path to the Research-Teaching Nexus
Author/Editor: Didi Griffioen
Creating the Cape Colony: The Political Economy of Settler Colonization
Author/Editor: Erik Green
Creating Sustainable Communities: Lessons from the Hudson River Region
Author/Editor: Rik Scarce
Creating Standards: Interactions with Arabic script in 12 manuscript cultures
Author/Editor: Dmitry Bondarev,Alessandro Gori,Lameen Souag
Creating Resilient Landscapes in an Era of Climate Change: Global Case Studies and Real-World Solutions
Author/Editor: Meghann Jarchow,Amin Rastandeh
Creating Resilient Futures: Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction, Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change Adaptation Agendas
Author/Editor: Stephen Flood,Yairen Jerez Columbié,Martin Le Tissier,Barry O'Dwyer
Creating Learning Spaces: Experiences from Educational Fields (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Joachim Broecher
Creating Kabuki Plays: Context for Kezairoku, "Valuable Notes on Playwriting"
Author/Editor: Katherine Saltzman-Li
Creating Healthy and Sustainable Buildings: An Assessment of Health Risk Factors
Author/Editor: Mateja Dovjak,Andreja Kukec
Creating Future People: The Ethics of Genetic Enhancement
Author/Editor: Jonathan Anomaly
Creating Ethnicities & Identities in the Roman World
Author/Editor: Andrew Gardner,Edward Herring,Kathryn Lomas
Creating Diversities: Folklore, Religion and the Politics of Heritage
Author/Editor: Anna-Leena Siikala,Barbro Klein,Stein R. Mathisen
Creating Chinese Urbanism: Urban revolution and governance changes
Author/Editor: Fulong Wu
Creating Chaos Online: Disinformation and Subverted Post-Publics
Author/Editor: Asta Zelenkauskaite
Creating a Sustainable Competitive Position: Ethical Challenges for International Firms
Author/Editor: Pervez N. Ghauri,Ulf Elg,Sara Melén Hånell
Creating and Governing Cultural Heritage in the European Union: The European Heritage Label
Author/Editor: Tuuli Lähdesmäki,Viktorija L.A. Čeginskas,Sigrid Kaasik-Krogerus,Katja Mäkinen,Johanna Turunen
Crash: Cinema and the Politics of Speed and Stasis
Author/Editor: Karen Beckman
Craftworkers in Nineteenth Century Scotland: Making and Adapting in an Industrial Age
Author/Editor: Stana Nenadic
Craftspeople and Designer Makers in the Contemporary Creative Economy
Author/Editor: Susan Luckman,Jane Andrew
Craft Sciences
Author/Editor: Tina Westerlund,camilla groth,Gunnar Almevik
The Craft of Poetry: Dialogues on Minimal Interpretation
Author/Editor: Derek Attridge,Henry Staten
Crafting the Movement: Identity Entrepreneurs in the Swedish Trade Union Movement, 1920–1940
Author/Editor: Jenny Jansson
Crafting the 613 Commandments: Maimonides on the Enumeration, Classification, and Formulation of the Scriptural Commandments
Author/Editor: Albert D. Friedberg
Cracking Facebook: The Importance of Understanding Technology-Based Communication
Author/Editor: Maria Leena Korpijaakko
CP Violation
Author/Editor: Gustavo Branco,Luís Lavoura,João Silva
CPC Futures: The New Era of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
Author/Editor: Frank N. Pieke,Bert Hofman
Coworking: Senso ed esperienze di una forma di lavoro
Author/Editor: Vincenzo Marasco
Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics
Author/Editor: Kenneth R. Valpey
The Cowboy Legend: Owen Wister's Virginian and the Canadian-American Ranching Frontier
Author/Editor: John Jennings
Covid, Crisis, Care, and Change?: International Gender Perspectives on Re/Production, State and Feminist Transitions
Author/Editor: Antonia Kupfer,Constanze Stutz
Covid Conspiracy Theories in Global Perspective
Author/Editor: Michael Butter,Peter Knight
Covid-19 y deporte en Latinoamérica
Author/Editor: Juliana A. O. de Camilo,Rodrigo Soto-Lagos
COVID-19, the Global South and the Pandemic’s Development Impact
Author/Editor: Gerard McCann,Nita Mishra,Pádraig Carmody
COVID-19 Pandemic, Geospatial Information, and Community Resilience: Global Applications and Lessons
Author/Editor: Abbas Rajabifard,Daniel Paez,Greg Foliente
The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Future of Working Spaces
Author/Editor: ILARIA MARIOTTI,Mina Di Marino,Pavel Bednář
Covid-19, Older Adults and the Ageing Society
Author/Editor: Suhita Chopra Chatterjee,Debolina Chatterjee
COVID-19 in the Global South: Impacts and Responses
Author/Editor: Pádraig Carmody,Gerard McCann,Clodagh Colleran,Ciara O’Halloran
COVID-19 in Southeast Asia: Insights for a post-pandemic world
Author/Editor: Murray Mckenzie,Hyun Bang Shin,DO YOUNG OH
COVID-19 in Indonesia: Impacts on the Economy and Ways to Recovery
Author/Editor: Lili Yan Ing,M. Chatib Basri
COVID-19, Inequality and Older People: Everyday Life during the Pandemic
Author/Editor: Camilla Lewis,Chris Phillipson,Sophie Yarker,Luciana Lang
Covid-19: Gesundheitliche Folgen einer Pandemie
Author/Editor: Victoria Caler,Jennifer Dülger,Nadine Fehr
COVID19: Consecuencias y desafíos en la economía colombiana. Una mirada desde las universidades
Author/Editor: Darwin Cortés Cortés,Christian Posso,Mauricio Villamizar-Villegas
COVID-19 Collaborations: Researching Poverty and Low-Income Family Life during the Pandemic
Author/Editor: Kayleigh Garthwaite,Ruth Patrick,Maddy Power,Anna Tarrant,Rosalie Warnock
COVID-19 and Shame: Political Emotions and Public Health in the UK
Author/Editor: Fred Cooper,Luna Dolezal,Arthur Rose
COVID-19 and Psychological Distress in Africa: Communitarian Perspectives
Author/Editor: Yamikani Ndasauka
COVID-19 and Co-production in Health and Social Care Research, Policy and Practice: Volume 1 : The Challenges and Necessity of Co-production
Author/Editor: Peter Beresford,Michelle Farr,Gary Hickey,Meerat Kaur,Josephine Ocloo,Doreen Tembo
COVID-19 and Co-production in Health and Social Care Research, Policy and Practice: Volume 2: Co-production Methods and Working Together at a Distance
Author/Editor: Oli Williams,Doreen Tembo,Josephine Ocloo,Meerat Kaur,Gary Hickey,Michelle Farr
Covid-19 and Capitalism: Success and Failure of the Legal Methods for Dealing with a Pandemic
Author/Editor: Koen Byttebier
Author/Editor: Fiorenza Gamba,Fiorenza Gamba,Marco Nardone,Marco Nardone,Toni Ricciardi,Toni Ricciardi,Sandro Cattacin,Sandro Cattacin
Covert Plants: Vegetal Consciousness and Agency in an Anthropocentric World
Author/Editor: Prudence Gibson,Brits Baylee
The Covert Life of Hospital Architecture
Author/Editor: Julie Zook,Kerstin Sailer
Cover and Uncover: Eric Cameron
Covenant, compassion and marketisation in healthcare
Author/Editor: Hordern ,Joshua
Courts in Federal Countries : Federalists or Unitarists?
Author/Editor: Aroney ,Nicholas,Kincaid ,John
Courts in Federal Countries
Court Reform
Author/Editor: Bedner ,Adriaan
The Court of Justice of the European Union: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
Author/Editor: Mattias Derlén,Johan Lindholm
The Court of Justice of the Economic Community of West African States as a Constitutional Court: Member States obligations resulting from the Court´s rulings
Author/Editor: Kangnikoé Bado
Courting Failure: How Competition for Big Cases Is Corrupting the Bankruptcy Courts
Author/Editor: Lynn LoPucki
Court Assistance in the Taking of Evidence in International Arbitration: Dissertation
Author/Editor: Lorenz Raess,Daniel Hürlimann,Marc Thommen
The Court as Archive
Author/Editor: Ann Genovese,Trish Luker,Kim Rubenstein
Course notes on finite games and rational choice
Author/Editor: Riccardo Bruni
A Course in Field Theory
Author/Editor: Pierre van Baal
Coup: Reflections on the Political Crisis in Fiji
Author/Editor: Pretes ,Michael,Brij Lal ,V.
The Coupling of Safety and Security: Exploring Interrelations in Theory and Practice
Author/Editor: Corinne Bieder,Kenneth Pettersen Gould
Coupled Enzyme Activity and Thermal Shift Screening of the Maybridge Rule of 3 Fragment Library Against Trypanosoma brucei Choline Kinase; A Genetically Validated Drug Target
Author/Editor: Major ,Louise L.,Denton ,Helen,Smith ,Terry K.
Country, Native Title and Ecology
Author/Editor: Weir K. ,Jessica
Counter-Terrorism, Ethics and Technology: Emerging Challenges at the Frontiers of Counter-Terrorism
Author/Editor: Adam Henschke,Alastair Reed,Scott Robbins,Seumas Miller
Counterpreservation: Architectural Decay in Berlin since 1989
Author/Editor: Daniela Sandler
Counteracting Urban Heat Island Effects in a Global Climate Change Scenario
Author/Editor: Francesco Musco
Cotton Nero A.x: The Works of the "Pearl" Poet
Author/Editor: David Hadbawnik,Daniel C. Remein,Chris Piuma,Lisa Ampleman
Costruire per temi i paesaggi?
Author/Editor: Dall'Ara, Enrica
Costruire per temi i paesaggi?
The Cost of Insanity in Nineteenth-Century Ireland: Public, Voluntary and Private Asylum Care
Author/Editor: Alice Mauger
The Cost of Free Shipping: Amazon in the Global Economy
Author/Editor: Jake Alimahomed-Wilson,Ellen Reese
The COST Manual of Laboratory Animal Care and Use: Refinement, Reduction, and Research
Author/Editor: Bryan Howard,Gagandeep Singh,Timo Nevalainen,Gemma Perretta
Costituzione e CEDU nell’evoluzione giurisprudenziale della sfera familiare
Costituzionalizzare la Costituzione: Una prospettiva pleromatica
Author/Editor: Teresa FRANZA
Costing Improved Water Supply Systems for Low-income Communities: A Practical Manual
Author/Editor: Cristian Gonzalez,Fabrizio Carlevaro
Cost Efficiency of Municipalities in Service Delivery: Does Ethnic Fragmentation Matter?
Author/Editor: Nikolov ,Marjan
Cost and Revenue Overruns of the Olympic Games 2000–2018
Author/Editor: Holger Preuß,Wladimir Andreff,Maike Weitzmann
Cosmos and Republic: Arendtian Explorations of the Loss and Recovery of Politics
Author/Editor: Wolfgang R. Heuer
Cosmopolitan Responsibility
Author/Editor: Jan-Christoph Heilinger
Cosmopolitan Norms and European Values: Ethical Perspectives on Europe's Refugee Policy
Author/Editor: Marie Göbel,Andreas Niederberger
Cosmopolitan Love: Utopian Vision in D. H. Lawrence and Eileen Chang
Author/Editor: Sijia Yao
Cosmopolitanisms and the Jews
Author/Editor: Cathy Gelbin,Sander Gilman
Cosmopolitan Archeologies
Cosmopolitan Archeologies
Cosmology in Gauge Field Theory and String Theory
Author/Editor: D. Bailin,Alexander Love
Cosmological Readings of Contemporary Australian Literature: Unsettling the Anthropocene
Author/Editor: Kathrin Bartha-Mitchell
The Cosmic Web: Scientific Field Models and Literary Strategies in the Twentieth Century
Author/Editor: N. Katherine Hayles
Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensing: Estimation of Agricultural Crop Biomass Water Equivalent
Author/Editor: Ammar Wahbi,Lee Heng,Gerd Dercon
Cosmic Order and Divine Power: Pseudo-Aristotle, On the Cosmos
Author/Editor: Johan C. Thom
Cosmic Christology in Paul and the Pauline School: Colossians and Ephesians in the Context of Graeco-Roman Cosmology, with a New Synopsis of the Greek Texts
Author/Editor: George H. van Kooten
Cosa sono questi «appunti alla buona dall’aria innocente»?: La costruzione delle note etnografiche
Author/Editor: Katia Cigliuti
Corte costituzionale e “materia penale”: I confini mobili delle garanzie penalistiche, tra Costituzione e Carte internazionali
Corruzione pubblica: Repressione penale e prevenzione amministrativa
Corruption in South Africa's liberal democratic context
Author/Editor: Kruger ,F.P.,Klerk de ,B.J.
Corruption: Expanding the Focus
Author/Editor: Barcham ,Manuhuia,Hindess ,Barry,Larmour ,Peter
Corruption as an Empty Signifier: Politics and Political Order in Africa
Author/Editor: Lucy Koechlin
Corruption as a Last Resort
Author/Editor: McMann ,Kelly M.
Corruption and Anti-Corruption
Author/Editor: Larmour ,Peter,Wolanin ,Nick
Corrélations: les objets du décor au siècle des Lumières
Author/Editor: Sandra Bazin-Henry,Anne Perrin Khelissa,Anne Perrin Khelissa,Bérangère Poulain,Mary D. Sheriff,Isabelle Tillerot,Pascal-François Bertrand,Michaël Decrossas,Alexia Lebeurre,Carl Magnusson,Sarah Medlam,Christian Michel,Fabrice Moulin,Claire Ollagnier
The Correspondence of Wolfgang Capito
Author/Editor: Capito ,Wolfgang,Rummel ,Erika
The Correspondence of Wolfgang Capito
Author/Editor: Wolfgang Capito,Erika Rummel
The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Volume 5
The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Volume 4
The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Volume 3
The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Volume 2
The Correspondence of Jeremy Bentham, Volume 1
The Correspondence of Arthur Schnitzler and Raoul Auernheimer with Raoul Auernheimer's Aphorisms
Author/Editor: Donald G. Daviau,Jorun B. Johns
Correctional Facilities and Correctional Treatment: International Perspectives
Author/Editor: Rui Abrunhosa Gonçalves
A Corpus of Roman Pottery from Lincoln (Volume 6)
Author/Editor: Barbara Precious
A Corpus of Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Pottery from Lincoln
Author/Editor: Victoria Naylor,Alan G. Vince,Jane Young
Corpus Linguistics and 17th-Century Prostitution : Computational Linguistics and History
Author/Editor: McEnery ,Anthony,Baker ,Helen
Corpus Linguistics and 17th-Century Prostitution
Corpus linguistics: A guide to the methodology
Author/Editor: Anatol Stefanowitsch
A Corpus-Based Analysis of the Terminology of the European Union’s Development Cooperation Policy: with the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States
Author/Editor: Judith Kast-Aigner
Corps et capital dans le roman français du XIXe siècle = Körper und Kapital im französischen Roman des 19. Jahrhunderts
Author/Editor: Julia Borst,Gisela Febel
Corpo Vivente Mondo: Aristotele e Merleau-Ponty a confronto
Author/Editor: elena pagni
The Corporation That Changed the World : How the East India Company Shaped the Modern Multinational
Author/Editor: Robins ,Nick
The Corporation That Changed the World
The Corporation as a Protagonist in Global History, c. 1550-1750
Author/Editor: William A. Pettigrew,David Veevers
Corporate Social Responsibility – Impulse aus der und für die Profit- und Sozialwirtschaft: Verantwortung und Nachhaltigkeit
Author/Editor: Bettina Stoll,Heike Herrmann
Corporate Social Responsibility: Achtes deutsch-österreichisch-schweizerisches Symposium, Hamburg 1.-2. Juni 2017
Author/Editor: Holger Fleischer,Hideki Kanda
Corporate Policing, Yellow Unionism, and Strikebreaking, 1890-1930: In Defence of Freedom
Author/Editor: Matteo Millan,Alessandro Saluppo
Corporate Memory : Records and Information Management in the Knowledge Age
Author/Editor: Megill ,Kenneth A.
Corporate Memory
Corporate Liability for Transboundary Environmental Harm: An International and Transnational Perspective
Author/Editor: Peter Gailhofer,David Krebs,Alexander Proelss,Kirsten Schmalenbach,Roda Verheyen
Corporate Governance, Controlling und Unternehmenserfolg: Konzeptionelle Gestaltung und empirische Analyse
Author/Editor: Timo Schmidt
Corporate Finance for Long-Term Value
Author/Editor: Dirk Schoenmaker,Willem Schramade
Corporate Ethics for Turbulent Markets: Executive Response to Market Challenges
Author/Editor: Oswald Mascarenhas
Corporate Diplomacy: How Multinational Corporations Gain Organizational Legitimacy: A Neo-Institutional Public Relations Perspective
Author/Editor: Sarah Marschlich
Corporate Data Quality: Voraussetzung erfolgreicher Geschäftsmodelle
Author/Editor: Boris Otto,Hubert Österle
Corporate Capture of Development: Public-Private Partnerships, Women’s Human Rights, and Global Resistance
Author/Editor: Corina Rodríguez Enríquez,Masaya Llavaneras Blanco
The corporate blog as an emerging genre of computer-mediated communication: features, constraints, discourse situation
Author/Editor: Puschmann, Cornelius
Corpi, strumenti, narrazioni: Officine didattiche per una geografia inclusiva
Author/Editor: Diego Gallinelli,Stefano Malatesta
Corpi globali: La prostituzione in Italia
Author/Editor: Eleonora Garosi,STEFANO BECUCCI
Coronavirus Politics: The Comparative Politics and Policy of COVID-19
Author/Editor: Scott L Greer,Elizabeth King,Elize Massard da Fonseca,André Peralta-Santos
Corona und Nachbarschaft: Qualitative Untersuchung zu Corona und Nachbarschaft in zwei Berliner Bezirken
Author/Editor: Lara Felicia Danyel
Corona und die Stadt: Kommunale Beteiligungskultur in der Krise?
Author/Editor: Anton Brokow-Loga
Corona bewegt – auch die Bildungswissenschaft: Bildungswissenschaftliche Reflexionen aus Anlass einer Pandemie
Author/Editor: Sabine Krause,Ines Maria Breinbauer,Michelle Proyer
Cornici pedagogiche per la formazione docente: Il ruolo dell'insegnante di sostegno nella co-costruzione di contesti inclusivi
Author/Editor: Gianluca Amatori
Cornell University Press, Est. 1869: Our First 150 Years
Author/Editor: Karen M. Laun
Cornelius Nepos, Life of Hannibal
Author/Editor: Mulligan ,Bret
Core Concepts and Methods in Load Forecasting: With Applications in Distribution Networks
Author/Editor: Stephen Haben,Marcus Voss,William Holderbaum
Corded Ware Coastal Communities: Using ceramic analysis to reconstruct third millennium BC societies in the Netherlands
Author/Editor: Sandra Mariët Beckerman
Corazón de Dixie: Mexicanos in the U.S. South since 1910
Author/Editor: Julie M. Weise
Coraline: A Closer Look at Studio LAIKA’s Stop-Motion Witchcraft
Author/Editor: Mihaela Mihailova
The Copyright Pentalogy : How the Supreme Court of Canada Shook the Foundations of Canadian Copyright Law
Author/Editor: Geist ,Michael
The Copyright Pentalogy
Copyright and Cartography: History, Law, and the Circulation of Geographical Knowledge
Author/Editor: Isabella Alexander
Coptica Palatina: Koptische Texte aus der Heidelberger Papyrussammlung (P.Heid.Kopt.). Bearbeitet auf der Vierten Internationalen Sommerschule für Koptische Papyrologie Heidelberg, 26. August – 9. September 2012
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Co-Production and Co-Creation: Engaging Citizens in Public Services
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Coping with Urban Climates: Comparative Perspectives on Architecture and Thermal Governance
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Coping With the Gods
Author/Editor: Versnel ,H.S.
Coping With the Gods
Coping with Terrorism: Origins, Escalation, Counterstrategies, and Responses
Author/Editor: Rafael Reuveny,William R. Thompson
Coping: A Philosophical Guide
Author/Editor: Luc Bovens
Co-Parenting und die Zukunft der Liebe: Über post-romantische Elternschaft
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Coopérations, territoires et entreprises agroalimentaires
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Cooperatives, Grassroots Development, and Social Change: Experiences from Rural Latin America
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Cooperative Radio Communications for Green Smart Environments
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Cooperative Evolution: Reclaiming Darwin's Vision
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Cooperative Enterprises in Australia and Italy: Comparative analysis and theoretical insights
Author/Editor: Anthony Jensen,Greg Patmore,Ermanno Tortia
The Coombs
Author/Editor: Lal V. ,Brij,Ley ,Allison
Cooling Down: Local Responses to Global Climate Change
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Coolies of Capitalism: Assam Tea and the Making of Coolie Labour
Author/Editor: Nitin Varma
Coole Forschung Lernen und Forschen im Internationalen Polarjahr 2007/2008
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Cooking with plants in ancient Europe and beyond: Interdisciplinary approaches to the archaeology of plant foods
Author/Editor: Soultana Maria Valamoti,Anastasia Dimoula,Maria Ntinou
Cooking Data : Culture and Politics in an African Research World
Author/Editor: Biruk ,Crystal
Cooking Data
Cookies, Coleslaw, and Stoops
Author/Editor: Sijs van der ,Nicoline
Conviviality at the Crossroads: The Poetics and Politics of Everyday Encounters
Author/Editor: Oscar Hemer,Maja Povrzanović Frykman,Per-Markku Ristilammi