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Hysteresis of Composites
Author/Editor: Li Longbiao
Hyposubjects: on becoming human
Author/Editor: Timothy Morton,Dominic Boyer
The Hyperlinked Society: Questioning Connections in the Digital Age
Author/Editor: Lokman Tsui
Hyperion or the Hermit in Greece
Author/Editor: Howard Gaskill
Hyperinflation, Currency Board, and Bust: The Case of Argentina
Author/Editor: Jutta Maute
The Hyksos Ruler Khyan and the Early Second Intermediate Period in Egypt: Problems and Priorities of Current Research: Proceedings of the Workshop of the Austrian Archaeological Institute and the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago, Vienna, Ju
Author/Editor: Irene Forstner-Müller
Hydroxyapatite Coatings for Biomedical Applications
Author/Editor: Sam Zhang
Hydrological Design of Multipurpose Micro-catchment Rainwater Management
Author/Editor: DucCanh Nguyen,Mooyoung Han
Hydrohumanities: Water Discourse and Environmental Futures
Author/Editor: Kim De Wolff,Rina C. Faletti,Ignacio López-Calvo
Hydrogen production using Purple Non-Sulfur Bacteria (PNSB) cultivated under natural or artificial light conditions with synthetic or fermentation derived substrates
Author/Editor: Alessandra Adessi
Hydraulic City : Water and the Infrastructures of Citizenship in Mumbai
Author/Editor: Anand ,Nikhil
Hydraulic City
Hybrid Political Order and the Politics of Uncertainty: Refugee Governance in Lebanon
Author/Editor: Nora Stel
Hybrid Museum Experiences: Theory and Design
Author/Editor: Annika Waern,Anders Sundnes Løvlie
Hybrid Justice: The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia
Author/Editor: John D. Ciorciari,Anne Heindel
The Hybridization of Vocational Training and Higher Education in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland
Author/Editor: Lukas Graf
Hybridity, or the Cultural Logic of Globalization
Author/Editor: Kraidy ,Marwan
Hybridity on the Ground in Peacebuilding and Development: Critical Conversations
Author/Editor: Joanne Wallis,Lia Kent,Miranda Forsyth,Sinclair Dinnen,Srinjoy Bose
Hybride und energieeffiziente Antriebe für mobile Arbeitsmaschinen: 8. Fachtagung, 23. Februar 2021, Karlsruhe
Hybrides Management in sino-oesterreichischen Joint Ventures in China aus oesterreichischer Perspektive
Author/Editor: Elisabeth Salomon
Hybride Identitäten: Bastelbiografien im Spannungsverhältnis zwischen Lateinamerika und Europa
Author/Editor: Kerstin Hein
Hybride Finanzierungsinstrumente in der nationalen und internationalen Besteuerung der USA
Author/Editor: Nadine Wiedermann-Ondrej
Hvorfor vokser steder?
Author/Editor: Vareide ,Knut
Hvem styrte byene?: Nordisk byhistorie 1500–1800
Author/Editor: knut Dørum
Hva kan vi lære av TALIS 2018?: Gode relasjoner som grunnlag for læring
Author/Editor: Julius K. Björnsson
Hus und Hussitismus in der tschechischen Literatur des XIX. und XX. Jahrhunderts
Author/Editor: Hermann Schmidt
Häuser machen Schule: Eine architektursoziologische Analyse gebauter Bildung
Author/Editor: Jan Egger
Hunter-gatherers in a Changing World
Hungerkrisen - Genese und Bewältigung von Hunger in ausgewählten Territorien Nordwestdeutschlands 1690-1750
Author/Editor: Lassen, Thore
Hunger and Public Action
Author/Editor: Jean Drèze,Amartya Sen
Hunger and Modern Writing: Melville, Kafka, Hamsun, and Wright
Hunger and Modern Writing: Melville, Kafka, Hamsun, and Wright
Author/Editor: Rees Daniel
Humour and Laughter in History: Transcultural Perspectives
Author/Editor: Elisabeth Cheauré,Regine Nohejl
Humour and Irony in Dutch Post-war Fiction Film
Author/Editor: Peter Verstraten
Humour and Irony in Dutch Post-war Fiction Film
Author/Editor: Verstraten , Peter
The Humid Condition: (More) Overheated Observations
Author/Editor: Dominic Pettman
Humid, All Too Humid: Overheated Observations
Author/Editor: Dominic Pettman
Humboldt and the modern German university
Human Trafficking in Medieval Europe: Slavery, Sexual Exploitation, and Prostitution
Author/Editor: Christopher Paolella
The Human Side of Innovation Systems
Human Security and Sustainable Development in East Africa
Author/Editor: Jeremiah O. Asaka,Alice A. Oluoko-Odingo
Human Rights Standards: Hegemony, Law, and Politics
Author/Editor: Makau Mutua
Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in The Commonwealth
Author/Editor: Corinne Lennox,Matthew Waites
Human Rights in the Age of Platforms
Author/Editor: Rikke Frank Jørgensen
Human rights in diverse education contexts
Author/Editor: Johan Beckmann,J.P. Rossouw,J.P. Rossouw,Erika Serfontein,Marius Smit,Charl C. Wolhuter,Johan Botha,Elda de Waal,Franciska Bothma,Elda de Waal,André du Plessis,Elize Küng,Nicholus Mollo,Ewelina Niemczyk,Louise Postma
Human Rights in Child Protection: Implications for Professional Practice and Policy
Author/Editor: Asgeir Falch-Eriksen,Elisabeth Backe-Hansen
Human Rights in Business : Removal of Barriers to Access to Justice in the European Union
Human Rights in Business
Human Rights and the Environment : Philosophical, Theoretical and Legal Perspectives
Author/Editor: Hajjar Leib ,Linda
Human Rights and the Environment
Human Rights and the Borders of Suffering: The Promotion of Human Rights in International Politics
Author/Editor: Brown ,Anne
Human Rights and Natural Law: An Intercultural Philosophical Perspective
Author/Editor: Walter Schweidler
Human Rights and Democracy - The Precarious Triumph of Ideals
Author/Editor: Landman ,Todd
Human Rights and Democracy: The Precarious Triumph of Ideals
Author/Editor: Todd Landman
Human Rights and Democracy - The Precarious Triumph of Ideals
Human Remains in Society : Curation and Exhibition in the Aftermath of Genocide and Mass-violence
Human Remains in Society
Human Remains and Mass Violence : Methodological Approaches
Human Remains and Mass Violence
Human Remains and Identification : Mass Violence, Genocide and the ‘Forensic Turn’
Human Remains and Identification
Human-Nature Interactions: Exploring Nature’s Values Across Landscapes
Author/Editor: Ieva Misiune,Daniel Depellegrin,Lukas Egarter Vigl
Human Nature in Gregory of Nyssa: Philosophical Background and Theological Significance
Author/Editor: Johannes Zachhuber
Human Minds and Animal Stories: How Narratives Make Us Care About Other Species
Author/Editor: Wojciech Małecki,Piotr Sorokowski,Bogusław Pawłowski,Marcin Cieński
Humanity from African Naissance to Coming Millennia
Author/Editor: Tobias, Phillip V.,Raath, Michael A.,Moggi-Cecchi, Jacopo,Doyle, Gerald A.
Humanity: A History of European Concepts in Practice From the Sixteenth Century to the Present
Author/Editor: Fabian Klose,Mirjam Thulin
Humanities World Report 2015
Author/Editor: Poul Holm,Arne Jarrick,Dominic Scott
Humanities Research Centre
Humanitarianism: Keywords
Author/Editor: Antonio De Lauri
Humanitarian Intervention in the Long Nineteenth Century
Humanitarian Intervention in the Long Nineteenth Century : Setting the Precedent
Author/Editor: Heraclides ,Alexis,Dialla ,Ada
The Humanist Ulrich von Hutten: A Reappraisal of his Humor
Author/Editor: Thomas W. Best
Humanister i offentligheten: Kunskapens aktörer och arenor under efterkrigstiden
Author/Editor: Johan Östling,Anton Jansson,Ragni Svensson Stringberg
Human Extinction and the Pandemic Imaginary
Author/Editor: Christos Lynteris
The human dilemma of displacement: Towards a practical theology and ecclesiology of home
Author/Editor: Alfred Brunsdon,Alfred Brunsdon,Daniel Louw,Sinenhlanhla Sithulisiwe Chisale,Rudy Denton,Amanda Linda du Plessis,Fazel Ebri Freeks
Human Development from Middle Childhood to Middle Adulthood: Growing Up to be Middle-Aged
Author/Editor: Lea Pulkkinen
Human Cultures through the Scientific Lens: Essays in Evolutionary Cognitive Anthropology
Author/Editor: Pascal Boyer
Human Computer Interaction and Emerging Technologies: Workshop Proceedings from the INTERACT 2019 Workshops
Author/Editor: Fernando Loizides,Marco Winckler,Usashi Chatterjee,Jose Abdelnour-Nocera,Antigoni Parmaxi
Human Challenge Studies in Endemic Settings: Ethical and Regulatory Issues
Author/Editor: Euzebiusz Jamrozik,Michael J. Selgelid
Human Capital versus Basic Income: Ideology and Models for Anti-Poverty Programs in Latin America
Author/Editor: Fabian Borges
Human Capital versus Basic Income: Ideology and Models for Anti-Poverty Programs in Latin America
Author/Editor: Fabián A. Borges
Human Bondage in the Cultural Contact Zone: Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Slavery and Its Discourses (Volume 2)
Author/Editor: Raphael Hörmann,Gesa Mackenthun
Human and Organisational Factors: Practices and Strategies for a Changing World
Author/Editor: Benoît Journé,Hervé Laroche,Corinne Bieder,Claude Gilbert
Human and Machine Consciousness
Author/Editor: David Gamez
Human and International Security in India
Author/Editor: Crispin Bates,Akio Tanabe,Minoru Mio
Huizhou: Local Identity and Mercantile Lineage Culture in Ming China
Author/Editor: Qitao Guo
Huisbeelden in de moderne Nederlandstalige poëzie
Author/Editor: Kalla ,Irena Barbara
Huh? What? – A first survey in 21 languages
Author/Editor: Enfield ,N.J.,Gísladóttir S. ,Rósa,Hoymann ,Gertie,Kendrick H. ,Kobin,Levinson C. ,Stephen,Magyari ,Lilla,Manrique ,Elizabeth,Rossi ,Giovanni,San Roque ,Lila,Torreira ,Francisco,Dingemanse ,Mark,Baranova ,Julija,Blythe ,Joe,Brown ,Penelope,Dirksmeyer ,Tyk
Hugo Grotius, the Portuguese, and Free Trade in the East Indies
Author/Editor: Peter Borschberg
Huddersfield's Roll of Honour
The Huawei and Snowden Questions: Can Electronic Equipment from Untrusted Vendors be Verified? Can an Untrusted Vendor Build Trust into Electronic Equipment?
Author/Editor: Olav Lysne
Hétéroptères phytophages et prédateurs d'Afrique de l'Ouest
Author/Editor: Wiyao Poutouli,Pierre Silvie,Henri-Pierre Aberlenc
Hsin-lun (New Treatise) and Other Writings by Huan T'an (43 B.C.–28 A.D.)
Author/Editor: Timoteus Pokora
Hérésies: une construction d'identités religieuses
Author/Editor: Sylvie Peperstraete,Christian Brouwer,Michel Tardieu,Herman Teule,Jean-Louis Biget,Guillaume Dye,Gilles Courtieu,Anja Van Rompaey,Isabelle Dépret,Daniel De Smet,Mark Edwards,Frédéric Gabriel,Alain Le Boulluec,Gabriel Martinez-Gros
HR Policies and Maternal Labor Supply: The Example of Employer-Supported Childcare
Author/Editor: Susanne Schneider
Héritages coloniaux: Les Suisses d'Algérie
Author/Editor: Marisa Fois
Hrammatiki slavenskija pravilnoe syntagma. Kirchenslavische Grammatik: Hrsg. u. eingel. von Olexa Horbatsch. Nachdruck der Erstausgabe Jevje 1619
Author/Editor: Meletij Smotryckyj
Hrammatiki ili pismennica jazyka sloven'skaho (Kremjaneć 1638): Eine gekuerzte Fassung der kirchenslavischen Grammatik von Meletij Smotryćkyj. Hrsg. und eingel. von Olexa Horbatsch
Author/Editor: Maksym H. Smotryckyj
Hramatika slovenska
Author/Editor: Lavrentij Zyzanij
How We Write: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blank Page
Author/Editor: Suzanne Conklin Akbari
How We Use Stories and Why That Matters: Cultural Science in Action
Author/Editor: John Hartley
How We Read: Tales, Fury, Nothing, Sound
Author/Editor: Kaitlin Heller,Alexandra Atiya,Chris Piuma,Jonathan Hsy,Kirsty Schut,Anna Wilson,Suzanne Conklin Akbari,Stephanie Bahr,Lochin Brouillard,Brantley Bryant,Suzanne Conklin Akbari,Irina Dumitrescu,Jessica Hammer,Kaitlin Heller,Jennifer Jordan
How Welfare States Care
How to Study Art Worlds
How to solve the riddle of belated Euro Contestation in The Netherlands? - 26
Author/Editor: Engelen ,E.R.
How to Relate: Wissen, Künste, Praktiken / Knowledge, Arts, Practices
Author/Editor: Annika Haas,Annika Haas,Maximilian Haas,Maximilian Haas,Hanna Magauer,Hanna Magauer,Dennis Pohl,Dennis Pohl
How to Read a Folktale
How to Practice Academic Medicine and Publish from Developing Countries?: A Practical Guide
Author/Editor: Samiran Nundy,Atul Kakar,Zulfiqar A. Bhutta
How to face the scientific communication today. International challenge and digital technology impact on research outputs dissemination
Author/Editor: Marco Medici,Valentina Modugno,Alessandro Pracucci
How to Build a Modern Tontine: Algorithms, Scripts and Tips
Author/Editor: Moshe Arye Milevsky
How to be FAIR with your data: A teaching and training handbook for higher education institutions
Author/Editor: Claudia Engelhardt
How to Achieve Inclusive Growth
Author/Editor: Valerie Cerra,Barry Eichengreen,Asmaa El-Ganainy,Martin Schindle
How Things Make History: The Roman Empire and its terra sigillata Pottery
Author/Editor: Astrid van Oyen
How the World Changed Social Media
Author/Editor: Miller ,Daniel,Costa ,Elisabetta,Haynes ,Nell,McDonald ,Tom,Nicolescu ,Razvan,Sinanan ,Jolynna,Spyer ,Juliano,Venkatraman ,Shriram,Wang ,Xinyuan
How the West Came to Rule : The Geopolitical Origins of Capitalism
Author/Editor: Anievas ,Alexander,Nişancıoğlu ,Kerem
How the West Came to Rule
How the Computer went to School: Australian Government Policies for Computers in Schools, 1983–2013
Author/Editor: Denise Beale
How's Life? Living Conditions in the 2nd and 1st Millennia BCE
Author/Editor: Marta Dal Corso,Wiebke Kirleis,Jutta Kneisel,Nicole Taylor,Magdalena Wieckowska-Lüth,Marco Zanon
How safe is eating chicken?
Author/Editor: Romano, Donato,Stefani, Gianluca
How Nations Learn: Technological Learning, Industrial Policy, and Catch-up
Author/Editor: Arkebe Oqubay,Kenichi Ohno
How Modern Science Came into the World
How mobile robots can self-organise a vocabulary
Author/Editor: Vogt ,Paul
How mobile robots can self-organise a vocabulary
How Megaprojects Are Damaging Nigeria and How to Fix It: A Practical Guide to Mastering Very Large Government Projects
Author/Editor: Jimoh Ibrahim,Christoph Loch,Kishore Sengupta
How Local Art Made Australia’s National Capital
Author/Editor: Anni Doyle Wawrzyńczak
How Is World Literature Made?: The Global Circulations of Latin American Literatures
Author/Editor: Gesine Müller
How “Indians” Think: Colonial Indigenous Intellectuals and the Question of Critical Race Theory
Author/Editor: Gonzalo Lamana
How India Clothed the World: The World of South Asian Textiles, 1500-1850 (Volume 4)
Author/Editor: Giorgio Riello,Tirthankar Roy
How Human Rights Can Build Haiti: Activists, Lawyers, and the Grassroots Campaign
Author/Editor: Fran Quigley
How Generations Remember
How Data Quality Affects our Understanding of the Earnings Distribution
Author/Editor: Reza Che Daniels
How Comics Travel: Publication, Translation, Radical Literacies
Author/Editor: Katherine Kelp-Stebbins
How Climate Change Comes to Matter: The Communal Life of Facts
Author/Editor: Candis Callison
How Change Happens
Author/Editor: Green ,Duncan
Howard's Long March
How and Why to Regulate False Political Advertising in Australia
Author/Editor: Lisa Hill,Max Douglass,Ravi Baltutis
How and Why to Read and Create Children's Digital Books: A Guide for Primary Practitioners
Author/Editor: Natalia Kucirkova
How America Became Capitalist: Imperial Expansion and the Conquest of the West
Author/Editor: James Parisot
How AI Impacts Urban Living and Public Health: 17th International Conference, ICOST 2019, New York City, NY, USA, October 14-16, 2019, Proceedings
Author/Editor: José Pagán,Mounir Mokhtari,Hamdi Aloulou,Bessam Abdulrazak,María Fernanda Cabrera
Housing Market Dynamics in Africa
Author/Editor: El-hadj M. Bah,Issa Faye,Zekebweliwai F. Geh
Housing Frontline: Inclusione sociale e processi di autocostruzione e autorecupero
Author/Editor: Corrado Marcetti,Anna Lisa Pecoriello,Nicola Solimano,Giancarlo Paba
Housing Estates in the Baltic Countries: The Legacy of Central Planning in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
Author/Editor: Daniel Baldwin Hess,Tiit Tammaru
Housing Estates in Europe: Poverty, Ethnic Segregation and Policy Challenges
Author/Editor: Daniel Baldwin Hess,Tiit Tammaru,Maarten van Ham
Housing and Social Transition in Japan
Author/Editor: Yosuke Hirayama,Richard Ronald
Housing and Social Policy
Author/Editor: Peter Somerville,Nigel Sprigings
Housing and Human Settlements in a World of Change
Author/Editor: Astrid Ley,Astrid Ley,Md Ashiq Ur Rahman,Md Ashiq Ur Rahman,Josefine Fokdal,Josefine Fokdal
Houses, Secrets, and the Closet : Locating Masculinities from the Gothic Novel to Henry James
Author/Editor: Bauer ,Gero
Houses, Secrets, and the Closet
Houses built on sand: Sovereignty, violence and revolution in the Middle East
Author/Editor: Simon Mabon
Hot Topics in Pneumologia Interventistica - Volume 3
Author/Editor: Lorenzo Corbetta
Hot Topics in Pneumologia Interventistica – Volume 2
Author/Editor: Lorenzo Corbetta
Hot Topics in Pneumologia Interventistica
Author/Editor: Lorenzo Corbetta
Hot Property: The Housing Market in Major Cities
Author/Editor: Rob Nijskens,Melanie Lohuis,Paul Hilbers,Willem Heeringa
The Hostages of the Northmen: From the Viking Age to the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Stefan Olsson
Horseracing and the British 1919-39
Author/Editor: Huggins ,Mike
Horseracing and the British 1919-39
Horos: Ancient Boundaries and the Ecology of Stone
Author/Editor: Thea Potter
Hormones, Metabolism and the Benefits of Exercise
Author/Editor: Bruce Spiegelman
Horizontal Learning in the High Middle Ages: Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Transfer in Religious Communities
Author/Editor: Micol Long,Tjamke Snijders,Steven Vanderputten
Horizontale oder vertikale Transfers zur Durchsetzung eines horizontalen Finanzausgleichs
Author/Editor: Regina Müller
Horizons of Shamanism: A Triangular Approach to the History and Anthropology of Ecstatic Techniques
Horizons of Shamanism: A Triangular Approach to the History and Anthropology of Ecstatic Techniques
A Horizon of (Im)possibilities: A Chronicle of Brazil’s Conservative Turn
Author/Editor: Katerina Hatzikidi,Eduardo Dullo
Horace in the Kyiv Mohylanian Poetics (17th-First Half of the 18th Century): Poetic Theory, Metrics, Lyric Poetry
Author/Editor: Giovanna Siedina
Hope Lies in the Proles : George Orwell and the Left
Author/Editor: Newsinger ,John
»Hope dies – Action begins«: Stimmen einer neuen Bewegung
Author/Editor: Extinction Rebellion Hannover
Hope and Uncertainty in Contemporary African Migration
Author/Editor: Nauja Kleist,Dorte Thorsen
Hope and strength in the Western Balkans
Author/Editor: Matteo Rivellini
Hooligans, fans en fanatisme
Honouring and Admiring the Immoral: An Ethical Guide
Author/Editor: Alfred Archer,Benjamin Matheson
Honouring a Nation: A History of Australia's Honours System
Author/Editor: Karen Fox
Honos alit artes. Studi per il settantesimo compleanno di Mario Ascheri. II. Gli universi particolari: Città e territori dal medioevo all’età moderna
Author/Editor: Paola Maffei,Gian Maria Varanini
Honos alit artes. Studi per il settantesimo compleanno di Mario Ascheri. IV. L’età moderna e contemporanea: Giuristi e istituzioni tra Europa e America
Author/Editor: PAOLA MAFFEI,Gian Maria Varanini
Honos alit artes. Studi per il settantesimo compleanno di Mario Ascheri. III. Il cammino delle idee dal medioevo all’antico regime: Diritto e cultura nell’esperienza europea
Author/Editor: Paola Maffei,Gian Maria Varanini
Honos alit artes. Studi per il settantesimo compleanno di Mario Ascheri. I. La formazione del diritto comune: Giuristi e diritti in Europa (secoli XII-XVIII)
Author/Editor: Paola Maffei,Gian Maria Varanini
Honor in German Literature
Author/Editor: George Fenwick Jones
Honey Bee Colony Health: Challenges and Sustainable Solutions
Author/Editor: Diana Sammataro,Jay A. Yoder
Hondered Jaar Kerk en Teologiese Opleiding: ‘n Kroniek van die Hervormde Kerk
Author/Editor: Oberholzer ,J.P.
Hondered Jaar Kerk en Teologiese Opleiding: ‘n Kroniek van die Hervormde Kerk
Honderdvijftig jaar levenslopen
Homotopia?: Gay Identity, Sameness & the Politics of Desire
Author/Editor: Jonathan Kemp
Homo oeconomicus. Paradigma, critiche, revisioni
Author/Editor: SERGIO CARUSO
Homonyme und ihre formale Aufloesbarkeit im System Sprache: Dargestellt an altrussischen Berufsbezeichnungen
Author/Editor: Eckehard A. Hilf
Homo Novus: Vollendlichkeit im Zeitalter des Transhumanismus
Author/Editor: Oliver Dürr
Homo militaris : Perspektiven einer kritischen Militärsoziologie
Author/Editor: vom Hagen ,Ulrich
Homo militaris
Homo loquens en homo scribens
Homo Educandus: Why Our School System is Broken and What We Can Do About It
Author/Editor: Jan Bransen
Homo apostata. Die Entfremdung des Menschen: Philosophische Analysen zur Geistmetaphysik F. M. Dostojevskijs
Author/Editor: Ina Fuchs
Homo absconditus
Author/Editor: Hans-Peter Krüger
Homme et animal, la question des frontières
Author/Editor: Valérie Camos,Frank Cézilly,Pierre Guenancia,Jean-Pierre Sylvestre
Home-Work : Postcolonialism, Pedagogy, and Canadian Literature
Author/Editor: Sugars ,Cynthia
Home Truths?: Video Production and Domestic Life
Author/Editor: David Buckingham,Maria Pini,Rebekah Willett
Home Treatment for Acute Mental Disorders
Author/Editor: David S. Heath
Homer, Troy and the Turks: Heritage and Identity in the Late Ottoman Empire, 1870-1915
Author/Editor: Günay Uslu
Home not Shelter! – Ein modularer Gemeinschaftsraum: Ein prototypisches Realisierungsprojekt zur räumlichen Erweiterung von Gemeinschaftsunterkünften für Geflüchtete
Author/Editor: Ralf Pasel,Max Hacke
Homelessness & Health in Canada
Author/Editor: Guirguis-Younger ,Manal,Hwang ,Stephen W.,McNeil ,Ryan
Homelessness & Health in Canada
Homecare : Die Rolle der Hausärzte im Entlassmanagement
Author/Editor: Richter ,Udo,Reichert ,Anika,Urbanski ,Dominika,Scholz ,Stefanie
Home-Based Work and Home-Based Workers (1800-2021)
Author/Editor: Malin Nilsson,Indrani Mazumdar,Silke Neunsinger
Holy Russia, Sacred Israel : Jewish-Christian Encounters in Russian Religious Thought
Author/Editor: Rubin ,Dominic
Holy Russia, Sacred Israel
Holy Hip Hop in the City of Angels
Author/Editor: Christina Zanfagna
Holy Hip Hop in the City of Angels
Author/Editor: Zanfagna ,Christina
Holy Ground: Where Art and Text Meet: Studies in the Cultural History of India
Author/Editor: Hans Teye Bakker
The holy drama. Persian passion play in modern Iran
Author/Editor: Nematollahi Mahani ,Mahnia A.
The Holocaust in Three Generations: Families of Victims and Perpetrators of the Nazi Regime
Author/Editor: Gabriele Rosenthal
Holocaust Education: Contemporary challenges and controversies
Author/Editor: Stuart Foster,Andy Pearce,Alice Pettigrew
Holocaust Denial : The Politics of Perfidy
Author/Editor: Wistrich ,Robert S.
Holocaust Denial
Holisms of communication: The early history of audio-visual sequence analysis (Volume 4)
Author/Editor: James McElvenny,Andrea Ploder
Holiness and Power: Constantinopolitan Holy Men and Authority in the 5th Century
Author/Editor: Rafal Kosinski
Hokum! The Early Sound Slapstick Short and Depression-Era Mass Culture
Author/Editor: King ,Rob
Hokum! The Early Sound Slapstick Short and Depression-Era Mass Culture
Hoja de Ruta Hacia una Empresa de Agua y Saneamiento Urbano con Bajas Emisiones de Carbono
Author/Editor: ballard,Jose Porro,Corinne Trommsdorff
Hoitoonpääsyn hierarkiat : Terveyskansalaisuus ja terveyspalvelut Suomessa 1900-luvulla
Author/Editor: Harjula ,Minna
Hoitoonpääsyn hierarkiat
Hoger onderwijs in fasen
Author/Editor: WRR
Hoffnung auf eine bessere Vergangenheit: Kollektivierungsdiskurse und ihre Codes der Verräumlichung
Author/Editor: Jochen Kibel
Hoe mensen keuzes maken
Hochwasserminderung im ländlichen Raum: Ein Handbuch zur quantitativen Planung
Author/Editor: Simon P. Seibert,Karl Auerswald
Hochschulweiterbildung als Forschungsfeld: Kritische Bestandsaufnahmen und Perspektiven
Author/Editor: Wolfgang Jütte,Maria Kondratjuk
Hochschulreformen, Leistungsbewertungen und berufliche Identität von Professor*innen: Eine fächervergleichende qualitative Studie
Author/Editor: Melike Janßen,Uwe Schimank,Ariadne Sondermann
Hochschullernwerkstätten – Elemente von Hochschulentwicklung?: Ein Rückblick auf 15 Jahre Hochschullernwerkstatt in Halle und andernorts
Author/Editor: Kathrin Kramer,Dietlinde Rumpf,Miriam Schöps,Stephanie Winter
Hochschullehre als reflektierte Praxis: Fachdidaktische Fallbeispiele mit Transferpotenzial
Author/Editor: Tobias Schmohl,Kieu-Anh To
Hochschulen in der Pandemie: Impulse für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung von Studium und Lehre
Author/Editor: Holger Angenent,Jörg Petri,Tatiana Zimenkova
Hochschule auf Abstand: Ein multiperspektivischer Zugang zur digitalen Lehre
Author/Editor: Iris Neiske,Judith Osthushenrich,Niclas Schaper,Ulrike Trier,Nerea Vöing
Hochschule auf Abstand: Ein multiperspektivischer Zugang zur digitalen Lehre
Author/Editor: Iris Neiske,Judith Osthushenrich,Niclas Schaper,Ulrike Trier,Nerea Vöing
Hochschuldidaktik als professionelle Verbindung von Forschung, Politik und Praxis
Author/Editor: Marianne Merkt,Annette Spiekermann,Tobina Brinker,Astrid Werner,Birgit Stelzer
The Hmong of Australia
Hizmet in Transitions: European Developments of a Turkish Muslim-Inspired Movement
Author/Editor: Paul Weller
HIV/AIDS and the Prison Service of England & Wales, 1980s-1990s
Author/Editor: Janet Weston,Virginia Berridge
Hitler – Beneš – Tito: Konflikt, Krieg und Völkermord in Ostmittel- und Südosteuropa, Band 1/1
Author/Editor: Arnold Suppan,Michael Gehler,Wolfgang Mueller
Hitler � Bene� � Tito
Author/Editor: Suppan ,Arnold
Hitler – Beneš – Tito
Hitchcock's Motifs
Author/Editor: Walker ,Michael
Hitchcock's Appetites
Author/Editor: McKittrick ,Casey
History without Chronology
Author/Editor: Stefan Tanaka
History Wars: The Peter Ryan – Manning Clark Controversy
Author/Editor: Doug Munro
History's Queer Stories: Retrieving and Navigating Homosexuality in British Fiction about the Second World War (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Natalie Marena Nobitz
The History Problem : The Politics of War Commemoration in East Asia
Author/Editor: Saito ,Hiro
The History Problem
History, Power, Text: Cultural Studies and Indigenous Studies
Author/Editor: Timothy Neale,Crystal McKinnon,Eve Vincent
History of Yugoslavia
Author/Editor: Marie-Janin Calic,Dona Geyer
History of Wills, Testators and Their Families in Late Medieval Krakow: Tools of Power
Author/Editor: Jakub Wysmułek
History of Water Supply and Governance in Kenya (1895-2005) Lessons and Futures
History of Water Supply and Governance in Kenya (1895-2005) Lessons and Futures
Author/Editor: Nyanchaga , Ezekiel Nyangeri
History of Universities: Volume XXXIV/1: A Global History of Research Education: Disciplines, Institutions, and Nations, 1840-1950
Author/Editor: Ming Chang Ku,Alan Rocke
A history of the University of Manchester, 1973-90
Author/Editor: Pullan ,Brian,Abendstern ,Michele
A history of the University of Manchester, 1973-90
A History of the Psychology Schools at Adelaide’s Universities
A History of the Psychology Schools at Adelaide’s Universities
History of the Opium Problem: The Assault on the East, ca. 1600 - 1950
Author/Editor: Hans Derks
A history of the French in London: Liberty, equality, opportunity
Author/Editor: Debra Kelly,Martyn Cornick
A History of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Adelaide 1876-2012
Author/Editor: Crossin ,Carl,Macintyre ,Clem,McCarthy ,Greg,Fornasiero ,Jean,Harvey ,Nick
The History of the European Monetary Union: Comparing Strategies amidst Prospects for Integration and National Resistance (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Daniela Preda
A History of the Case Study : Sexology, Psychoanalysis, Literature
Author/Editor: Lang ,Birgit,Damousi ,Joy,Lewis ,Lewis
A History of the Case Study
History of the Australian Vegetation: Cretaceous to Recent
A History of Self-Harm in Britain: A Genealogy of Cutting and Overdosing
Author/Editor: Chris Millard
A History of Scottish Economic Thought
Author/Editor: Alexander Dow Dow,Sheila Dow
A History of Radionuclide Studies in the UK: 50th Anniversary of the British Nuclear Medicine Society
Author/Editor: Ralph McCready,Gopinath Gnanasegaran,Jamshed B. Bomanji
A History of Population Health: Rise and Fall of Disease in Europe
Author/Editor: Johan P. Mackenbach
History of Philosophy and the Reflective Society
Author/Editor: Riccardo Pozzo
A History of Participation in Museums and Archives: Traversing Citizen Science and Citizen Humanities
Author/Editor: Per Hetland,Palmyre Pierroux,Line Esborg
A History of Modern Lebanon - Second Edition (Edition 2)
Author/Editor: Fawwaz Traboulsi
A History of Modern Lebanon - Second Edition
A History of Modern Lebanon - Second Edition
Author/Editor: Traboulsi ,Fawwaz
History of Mathematics Teaching and Learning
Author/Editor: Alexander Karp,Fulvia Furinghetti
A History of Male Psychological Disorders in Britain, 1945–1980
Author/Editor: Ali Haggett
A History of Japan’s Government-Business Relationship: The Passenger Car Industry
Author/Editor: Phyllis A. Genther
The History of Japanese Economic Development: Origins of Private Dynamism and Policy Competence
Author/Editor: Kenichi Ohno
History of International Relations: A Non-European Perspective
Author/Editor: Erik Ringmar
A History of Intelligence and 'Intellectual Disability': The Shaping of Psychology in Early Modern Europe
Author/Editor: C.F. Goodey
A History of Force Feeding: Hunger Strikes, Prisons and Medical Ethics, 1909-1974
Author/Editor: Ian Miller
History of Construction Cultures Volume 2: Proceedings of the 7th International Congress on Construction History (7ICCH 2021), July 12-16, 2021, Lisbon, Portugal
Author/Editor: João Mascarenhas-Mateus,Ana Paula Pires
History of Construction Cultures Volume 1: Proceedings of the 7th International Congress on Construction History (7ICCH 2021), July 12-16, 2021, Lisbon, Portugal
Author/Editor: João Mascarenhas-Mateus,Ana Paula Pires
History of Concepts
A History of Christianity in Indonesia
Author/Editor: Karel Steenbrink,Jan Aritonang
A History of Anthropology
A History of Anthropology
Author/Editor: Eriksen ,Thomas Hylland,Nielsen ,Finn Sivert
History, historians and development policy: A necessary dialogue
Author/Editor: Vijayendra Rao,C. A. Bayly
History/Histoire e Digital Humanities: La nascita della storiografia letteraria italiana fuori d'Italia
Author/Editor: Simone Rebora
History Education and (Post-)Colonialism: International Case Studies
Author/Editor: Susanne Popp,Katja Gorbahn,Susanne Grindel
History Education and Conflict Transformation: Social Psychological Theories, History Teaching and Reconciliation
Author/Editor: Charis Psaltis,Mario Carretero,Sabina Čehajić-Clancy
History as Wonder: Beginning with Historiography
Author/Editor: Marnie Hughes-Warrington
History As Policy: Framing the debate on the future of Australia's defence policy
Author/Editor: Huisken ,Ron,Thatcher ,Meredith
History and the Unconscious: The Theoretical Assumptions and Research Practices of Psychohistory
Author/Editor: Tomasz Pawelec
History and Religion: Narrating a Religious Past
Author/Editor: Bernd-Christian Otto,Susanne Rau,Jörg Rüpke
History and Political Economy
Author/Editor: Tony Aspromourgos,John Lodewijks
History and Drama: The Pan-European Tradition
Author/Editor: Joachim Küpper,Jan Mosch,Elena Penskaya
History and Cultural Memory in Neo-Victorian Fiction
Author/Editor: Mitchell ,Kate
History According to Cattle
Author/Editor: Laura Gustafsson,Terike Haapoja
Historisches Vergleichen: Vergleichsaufgaben in Lehrwerken des Gesellschaftslehre- und Geschichtsunterrichts der Sekundarstufe II (Volume 7)
Author/Editor: Katrin Günther
Historische Soziologie
Author/Editor: Rainer Schützeichel
Historisches Ortslexikon für die Altmark: 2 Bände (Volume 68)
Author/Editor: Peter P. Rohrlach
Historisches Lernen und Materielle Kultur: Von Dingen und Objekten in der Geschichtsdidaktik
Author/Editor: Sebastian Barsch,Jörg van Norden
Historische Quellen im DaF-Unterricht
Author/Editor: Hieronimus, Marc
Historische Pragmatik und historische Varietätenlinguistik in den romanischen Sprachen - [... Beiträge gehen aus der Sektion "Historische Pragmatik und Varietätenlinguistik. Wissenschaftspraxis und Methodologie - Divergenzen und Konvergenzen" hervor, die
Author/Editor: Schrott, Angela,Völker, Harald
Historische Lexikographie des Deutschen: Perspektiven eines Forschungsfeldes im digitalen Zeitalter
Author/Editor: Gerhard Diehl,Volker Harm
Historische Kulturwissenschaften. Positionen, Praktiken und Perspektiven
Historische Kulturwissenschaften. Positionen, Praktiken und Perspektiven
Historische Gärten und Klimawandel
Author/Editor: Reinhard F. Hüttl,Karen David,Bernd Uwe Schneider
Historische Gärten Österreichs / Bd. 3 : Garten und Parkanlagen von der Renaissance bis um 1930
Author/Editor: Berger ,Eva
Historische Gärten Österreichs / Bd. 3
Historische Gärten Österreichs / Bd. 2 : Garten und Parkanlagen von der Renaissance bis um 1930
Author/Editor: Berger ,Eva
Historische Gärten Österreichs / Bd. 2
Historische Gärten Österreichs / Bd. 1 : Garten und Parkanlagen von der Renaissance bis um 1930
Author/Editor: Berger ,Eva
Historische Gärten Österreichs / Bd. 1
Historische Grammatik der polnischen Sprache: Materialien zum Curriculum der West- und Suedslawischen Linguistik 6
Author/Editor: Wladyslaw Kuraszkiewicz
Historische Generationen: Über einen sozialen Mechanismus kulturellen Wandels und kollektiver Kreativität
Author/Editor: Beate Fietze
Historische Anthropologie im südöstlichen Europa
Historiography and ldentity IV: The Writing of History Across Medieval Eurasia
Author/Editor: Walter Pohl,Daniel Mahoney
Historiography and identity III: Carolingian approaches
Histories of technology, the Environment and Modern Britain
Author/Editor: Jon Agar,Jacob Ward
The Histories of Raphael Samuel: A portrait of a people's historian
Author/Editor: Scott-Brown ,Sophie
Histories of Experience in the World of Lived Religion
Author/Editor: Sari Katajala-Peltomaa,Raisa Maria Toivo
Historic Landscapes and Mental Well-being
Author/Editor: Kerry Barrass,Timothy Darvill
Historicizing the Uses of the Past: Scandinavian Perspectives on History Culture, Historical Consciousness and Didactics of History Related to World War II
Author/Editor: Helle Bjerg,Claudia Lenz,Erik Thorstensen
Historicizing Sunni Islam in the Ottoman Empire, c. 1450-c. 1750
Author/Editor: Tijana Krstić,Derin Terzioğlu
Historicizing Fear: Ignorance, Vilification, and Othering
Author/Editor: Travis D. Boyce,Winsome M. Chunnu
Historical Memory versus Communist Identity
Historical Memory versus Communist Identity
Author/Editor: Saueauk ,Meelis
Historical journey in a linguistic archipelago: Descriptive concepts and case studies
Author/Editor: Émilie Aussant,Jean-Michel Fortis
The Historical Jesus and the Literary Imagination 1860-1920
Author/Editor: Stevens ,Jennifer
Historical GIS Research in Canada
Author/Editor: Marcel Fortin,Jennifer Bonnell
The Historical Distinctiveness of Central Europe: A Study in the Philosophy of History
Author/Editor: Krzysztof Brzechczyn
Historical Background of Wang Yang-ming’s Philosophy of Mind: From the Perspective of his Life Story
Author/Editor: Ping Dong
Historical and Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Hope
Author/Editor: Steven C. van den Heuvel
A Historical and Legal Study of Sovereignty in the Canadian North: Terrestrial Sovereignty, 1870-1939
Author/Editor: P. Whitney Lackenbauer,Gordon W. Smith
Historical Agriculture and Soil Erosion in the Upper Mississippi Valley Hill Country
Author/Editor: Stanley W. Trimble
An Historical Account of the Black Empire of Hayti
Author/Editor: Rainsford ,Marcus
An Historical Account of the Black Empire of Hayti
Historias de familia: Etnografía delirante sobre el amor, la violencia y las drogas
Author/Editor: César Augusto Tapias Hernández
Historia política de los discursos educativos: Pueblos originarios y Estado en Bolivia, 1931-2010
Author/Editor: Cristina Oyarzo Varela
Historia Norwegie
Author/Editor: Inger Ekrem,Lars Boje Mortensen
Historia Norwegie
Historian hajuista tuoksujen tulevaisuuteen
Historia del Socialismo Internacional: Ensayos marxistas
Author/Editor: Daniel Gaido,Manuel Quiroga,Velia Luparello
Histoire partagée, mémoires divisées: Ukraine, Russie, Pologne
Author/Editor: Eric Aunoble,Andrii Portnov,Amacher Korine
Histoire des formations à l’enseignement en Suisse romande
Author/Editor: Valérie Lussi Borer
Histoire de la régulation des banques en Suisse (1914-1971)
Author/Editor: Thibaud Giddey
Histoire de la haine: Une passion funeste 1830-1930
Author/Editor: Frédéric Chauvaud
Histaminergic neurotransmission as a gateway for the effects of the fat sensing molecule Oleoylethanolamide: Focus on cognition and stress-reactivity
Author/Editor: Alessia Costa
Hispanos en el mundo: Emociones y desplazamientos históricos, viajes y migraciones
Author/Editor: Danae Gallo González,Mirjam Leuzinger,Verena Dolle
Hiskijas Geschick und Jesajas Beistand: Heilstheologische Verarbeitungen der Jesajaüberlieferung in den Hiskija-Jesaja-Erzählungen
Author/Editor: Lida Panov
The Hirschfeld Archives : Violence, Death, and Modern Queer Culture
Author/Editor: Bauer ,Heike
The Hirschfeld Archives
Hip Sublime : Beat Writers and the Classical Tradition
Author/Editor: Euripides,Sean Gurd
Hippocrates Now: The ‘Father of Medicine’ in the Internet Age
Author/Editor: Helen King
HipHop meets Academia: Globale Spuren eines lokalen Kulturphänomens
Author/Editor: Karin Bock,Stefan Meier,Gunter Süß
HipHop: Globale Kultur - lokale Praktiken
Author/Editor: Jannis Androutsopoulos
HipHop aus Österreich: Lokale Aspekte einer globalen Kultur
Author/Editor: Frederik Dörfler-Trummer
Hin zum Film - Zurück zu den Bildern: Tableaux Vivants: »Lebende Bilder« in Filmen von Antamoro, Korda, Visconti und Pasolini
Author/Editor: Joanna Barck
Hindu Pluralism: Religion and the Public Sphere in Early Modern South India
Author/Editor: Fisher ,Elaine
Hindu Pluralism: Religion and the Public Sphere in Early Modern South India
The Hindu Kush Himalaya Assessment: Mountains, Climate Change, Sustainability and People
Author/Editor: Philippus Wester,Arabinda Mishra,Aditi Mukherji,Arun Bhakta Shrestha
Himmelwärts / Das unbekannte Leben / Mit dem Kopf durch die Wand
Author/Editor: Nicole Streitler-Kastberger
Himalayan Dreaming
Hill-forts of Northern France
Author/Editor: Sir Wheeler,Katherine M. Richardson
Hiljainen vastarinta
Author/Editor: Outi Autti,Veli-Pekka Lehtola
Hilfeleistungssysteme der Zukunft: Analysen des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes zur Aufrechterhaltung von Alltagssystemen für die Krisenbewältigung
Author/Editor: Matthias Max,Matthias Schulze
High-Tech Trash: Glitch, Noise, and Aesthetic Failure
Author/Editor: Carolyn L. Kane
High-speed surface profilometry based on an adaptive microscope with axial chromatic encoding
Author/Editor: Ding Luo
High Resolution Imaging in Microscopy and Ophthalmology: New Frontiers in Biomedical Optics
Author/Editor: Josef F. Bille
High Performance Propagation of Large Object Populations in Earth Orbits
Author/Editor: Marek Möckel
High-Performance Modelling and Simulation for Big Data Applications: Selected Results of the COST Action IC1406 cHiPSet
Author/Editor: Joanna Kołodziej,Horacio González-Vélez
High Mountain Conservation in a Changing World
Author/Editor: Jordi Catalan,Josep M Ninot,M. Mercè Aniz
Highly-Skilled Migration: Between Settlement and Mobility: IMISCOE Short Reader
Author/Editor: Agnieszka Weinar,Amanda Klekowski von Koppenfels
Highly complex syllable structure: A typological and diachronic study
Author/Editor: Shelece Easterday
Highlights on Anopheles nili and Anopheles moucheti, Malaria Vectors in Africa
Author/Editor: Antonio-Nkondjio ,Christophe
Higher Education Revolutions in the Gulf: Globalization and Institutional Viability
Author/Editor: Fatima Badry,John Willoughby
Higher Education Reforms in Romania: Between the Bologna Process and National Challenges
Author/Editor: Adrian Curaj,Ligia Deca,Eva Egron-Polak,Jamil Salmi
Higher Education Pathways: South African Undegraduate Education and the Public Good
Author/Editor: Paul Ashwin,Jennifer M Case
Higher Education Landscape 2030: A Trend Analysis Based on the AHEAD International Horizon Scanning
Author/Editor: Dominic Orr,Maren Luebcke,J. Philipp Schmidt,Markus Ebner,Klaus Wannemacher,Martin Ebner,Dieter Dohmen
Higher Education in the melting pot: Emerging discourses of the 4IR and decolonisation
Author/Editor: Felix Maringe,Felix Maringe,Amasa P. Ndofirepi,Simon M. Dlamini,Anass Bayaga,George Moyo,Ansie E. Kitching
Higher Education in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Author/Editor: Nancy W. Gleason
Higher Education in Romania: Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Opportunities
Author/Editor: Adrian Curaj,Jamil Salmi,Cezar Mihai Hâj
Higher education in a globalized world: governance, competition and performance
Author/Editor: Luc Wilkin,Mathias Dewatripont,Caroline Hoxby,Doh-Shin Jeon,Stijn Kelchtermans,Patrick Legros,Andreu Mas-Colell,Domenico Menicucci,Mathias Dewatripont,Françoise Thys-Clément,Philippe Aghion,Luc Wilkin,Périne Brotcorne,Tom Coupé,Ilaria Faccin,Thomas Gall,A
Higher Education in 2040. A Global Approach
Author/Editor: Zwaan, ,Bert
Higher Education as Context for Music Pedagogy Research
Author/Editor: Elin Angelo,Jens Knigge,Morten Sæther,Wenche Waagen
Higher Education and Local Economic Development
Author/Editor: Ernesto Tavoletti
Higher Education and Innovation: Design of an Innovative Teaching Module for an Intensive Programme on Aeolian Architecture
Author/Editor: Vincenzo Sapienza,Luca Finocchiaro,Marius Voica
High Density Lipoproteins: From Biological Understanding to Clinical Exploitation
Author/Editor: Arnold von Eckardstein,Dimitris Kardassis
High Definition: Medienphilosophisches Image Processing
Author/Editor: Elisa Linseisen
Hier und Anderswo: Palästina-Israel im essayistischen Film (1960-2010)
Author/Editor: Peter Grabher
Hier sind wir!: Junge feministische Sozialpädagoginnen und ihre Aufforderung zu einem Dialog der Generationen
Author/Editor: Linda Kagerbauer
Hiding Making - Showing Creation
Hidden Transfers of Assets and Hidden Payouts of Profit
Author/Editor: Kobal ,Aleš
Hidden rituals and public performances: Traditions and belonging among the post-Soviet Khanty, Komi and Udmurts
Hidden rituals and public performances: Traditions and belonging among the post-Soviet Khanty, Komi and Udmurts
Author/Editor: Siikala ,Anna-Leena,Ulyashev ,Oleg
The Hidden Patients
Hidden Hunger : Gender and the Politics of Smarter Foods
Author/Editor: Kimura ,Aya Hirata
Hidden Hunger
The Hidden Histories of War Crimes Trials
Author/Editor: Heller ,Kevin Jon,Simpson ,Gerry
Hidden Criticism?: The Methodology and Plausibility of the Search for a Counter-Imperial Subtext in Paul
Author/Editor: Christoph Heilig
Hidden Cities: Urban Space, Geolocated Apps and Public History in Early Modern Europe
Author/Editor: Fabrizio Nevola,David Rosenthal,Nicholas Terpstra
Hidden Attractions of Administration: The Peculiar Appeal of Meetings and Documents
Author/Editor: Malin Åkerström,Katarina Jacobsson,Erika Andersson Cederholm,David Wästerfors
Höhere beruflich-betriebliche Bildung: Entwicklung, Durchführung und Attraktivität am Beispiel der Abiturientenprogramme (Volume 63)
Author/Editor: Ariane Neu,Marianne Friese,Klaus Jenewein
Högskolans ansvar : Principer för utveckling av den högre
Author/Editor: Casson ,Andrew
Högskolans ansvar
H. G. Adler (1910-1988)
Het wonder van Sint-Maarten: Utrecht een gelukkige stad
Author/Editor: Els Rose
Het virus der betrokkenheid: Het Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis 1935-1989
Author/Editor: Huub Sanders
Het Sultanaat Palembang 1811-1825
Author/Editor: Woelders ,M.
Het Sultanaat Palembang 1811-1825
Het passieve werkwoord in de Indonesische talen
Het passieve werkwoord in de Indonesische talen
Author/Editor: Wils ,J.
Het onderwijs in cijfers 1983-1993
Author/Editor: Hoekerd ,K.
Het Nederlandse veiligheidsbeleid in een veranderende wereld - 42
Author/Editor: Klem ,M.H.
Het Nederlandse toneelbestel van 1945 tot 1995
Author/Editor: Maanen van ,Hans
Het minderhedenbeleid voorbij
Het landelijk EPD als blackbox: besluitvorming en opinies in kaart - 45
Author/Editor: Pluut ,B.
Het hervormingsmoeras van de verzorgingsstaat
Het heilige huis
Het handgevormde aardewerk uit de ijzertijd en de Romeinse tijd van Oss-Ussen: Studies naar typochronologie, technologie en herkomst
Author/Editor: Peter van den Broeke
Het gezicht van de publieke zaak
Het geluid van geweld: Bersiap en de dynamiek van geweld tijdens de eerste fase van de Indonesische revolutie, 1945-1946
Author/Editor: Esther Captain,Onno Sinke
Het fenomeen Hazes: Een venster op Nederland
Author/Editor: Stengs ,Irene
Heterologe Insemination - Aktuelle Lage und Reformbedarf aus interdisziplinärer Perspektive
Author/Editor: Duttge, Gunnar,Engel, Wolfgang,Lipp, Volker,Zoll, Barbara
Heterogenität in der beruflichen Bildung: Im Spannungsfeld von Erziehung, Förderung und Fachausbildung
Author/Editor: Karin Heinrichs,Hannes Reinke
The Heterogeneity of Cancer Metabolism
Author/Editor: Anne Le
Heterogeneity, High Performance Computing, Self-Organization and the Cloud
Author/Editor: Theo Lynn,John P. Morrison,David Kenny
Heterobimetallic [2.2]Paracyclophane Complexes and Their Application in Photoredox Catalysis
Author/Editor: Daniel Knoll
Het Duitse cultuurbeleid in Europa
Author/Editor: Hoefnagel ,F.J.P.M.
Het Bureau: Ein Abend mit J. J. Voskuil (Volume 4)
Author/Editor: Lut Missinne,Gerd Busse
Het buitenlandse beleid van middelgrote mogendheden - 58
Author/Editor: Klem ,M.,Kester ,J.
Het borgen van publiek belang
Author/Editor: WRR
Het biometrisch paspoort in Nederland: crash of zachte landing - 51
Author/Editor: Snijder ,M.
Het anti-theater van Antonin Artaud. Een onderzoek naar de veralgemeende artistieke transgressie, toegepast op het werk van Romeo Castellucci en de Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio
Author/Editor: Crombez ,Thomas
Hesychasm, Word-Weaving and Slavic Hagiography. The Literary School of Patriarch Euthymius
Author/Editor: Maurice L. Hébert
Hesychasm and Art
Herwaardering van welzijnsbeleid
Author/Editor: WRR
Herstory: Exploring the Material Life of Gundrada de Warenne
Author/Editor: Karen Dempsey,Emma O. Bérat,Rebecca Hardie,Irina Dumitrescu
Herstellung dünner Folien aus Lithium-Lanthan-Titanat zur Anwendung als Festkörperelektrolyt
Author/Editor: Felix Schröckert
Herrschaftskontrolle durch Öffentlichkeit: Die publizistische Darstellung politischer Konflikte im Heiligen Römischen Reich 1648–1750 (Volume 224, Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Johannes Arndt
Herr Lubitsch Goes to Hollywood
Her Own Worth: Negotiations of Subjectivity in the Life Narrative of a Female Labourer
Author/Editor: Koskinen-Koivisto ,Eerika
Her Own Worth: Negotiations of Subjectivity in the Life Narrative of a Female Labourer
Heroic Chancellor: Winston Churchill and the University of Bristol, 1929 to 1965
Author/Editor: David Cannadine
Herod and Mariamne: A Tragedy in Five Acts by Friedrich Hebbel
Author/Editor: Friedrich Hebbel,Paul H. Curts
The Hermit in German Literature: From Lessing to Eichendorff
Author/Editor: Henry John Fitzell
Hermetischer Symbolismus: Andrej Belyjs «Istorija stanovlenija samosoznajuščej duši»
Author/Editor: Angelika Schmitt
Hermeneutiek in veelvoud
Author/Editor: Bernaerts ,Lars,Pieters ,Jürgen
Hermeneutics and the Humanities. Dialogues with Hans-Georg Gadamer
Author/Editor: Kasten ,Madeleine,Paul ,Herman,Sneller ,Rico
Hermann Hesse and His Critics: The Criticism and Bibliography of Half a Century
Author/Editor: Joseph Mileck
Hermann Franz Matthias Mutzenbecher. Ein Hamburger Versicherungsunternehmer
Author/Editor: Hans Joachim Schröder,Ekkehard W. Nümann,Hamburgische Wissenschaftliche Stiftung
Hermann Blohm. Gründer der Werft Blohm & Voss
Author/Editor: Hans Joachim Schröder,Ekkehard W. Nümann,Hamburgische Wissenschaftliche Stiftung
Hermann Bahr Arthur Schnitzler – Briefwechsel, Aufzeichnungen, Dokumente 1891-1931
Author/Editor: Ifkovits ,Kurt,Müller ,Martin Anton
Herman Gorter: Poems of 1890, A Selection
Author/Editor: Gorter ,Herman,Vincent ,Paul (translated by)
Herman Gorter: Poems of 1890, A Selection
Heritopia: World Heritage and modernity
Author/Editor: Jes Wienberg,Ian MacArthur
Heritage, Tourism, and Race: The Other Side of Leisure
Author/Editor: Antoinette T Jackson
Heritage Regimes and the State
Author/Editor: Bendix, Regina F.,Eggert, Aditya,Peselmann, Arnika
Heritage Politics in Adelaide
Author/Editor: Mosler ,Sharon
The Heritage of Arung Palakka
Author/Editor: Andaya ,L.Y.
The Heritage of Arung Palakka
Heritage Futures: Comparative Approaches to Natural and Cultural Heritage Practices
Author/Editor: Rodney Harrison,Jennie Morgan,Sefryn Penrose,Caitlin DeSilvey,Cornelius Holtorf,Sharon Macdonald,Nadia Bartolini,Esther Breithoff,Harald Fredheim,Antony Lyons,Sarah May
Heritage Conservation and Social Engagement
Author/Editor: Renata F. Peters,Iris L. F. den Boer,Jessica S. Johnson,Susanna Pancaldo
Heritage and Romantic Consumption in China
Author/Editor: Yujie Zhu
Herder und die Slaven: Materialien zur Wirkungsgeschichte bis zur Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts
Author/Editor: Peter Drews
Heraldische Funeralpanegyrik des ukrainischen Barock: Am Beispiel des Stolp Cnot Syl'vestra Kossova
Author/Editor: Martin Erdmann
Herakleios, der schwitzende Kaiser: Die oströmische Monarchie in der ausgehenden Spätantike
Author/Editor: Nadine Viermann
Hephaestus Reloaded: Composed for Ten Hands / Efesto Reloaded: Composizioni per 10 mani
Author/Editor: Brunella Antomarini,Andreas Burckhardt,Adam Berg,Patrick Camiller,Vladimir D’Amora,Pietro Traversa,Alessandro De Francesco,Miltos Maneta
Henry Prinsep's Empire
Author/Editor: Allbrook ,Malcolm
Henry P. Newman. Hamburger Großkaufmann und Mäzen
Author/Editor: Stefanie Busold,Ekkehard W. Nümann,Hamburgische Wissenschaftliche Stiftung
Henry James's Europe
Hemispheric Imaginations : North American Fictions of Latin America
Author/Editor: Breinig ,Helmbrecht
Hemispheric Imaginations
Helsinki in Early Twentieth-Century Literature: Urban Experiences in Finnish Prose Fiction 1890-1940
Helsinki in Early Twentieth-Century Literature: Urban Experiences in Finnish Prose Fiction 1890-1940
Author/Editor: Ameel ,Lieven
Helmut Hasse und Emmy Noether - Die Korrespondenz 1925 - 1935
Helmut Hasse und Emmy Noether - Die Korrespondenz 1925 - 1935
Author/Editor: Hasse, Helmut,Noether, Emmy,Lemmermeyer, Franz,Roquette, Peter
Hellenostephanos. Humanist Greek in Early Modern Europe: Learned Communities between Antiquity and Contemporary Culture
Author/Editor: Janika Päll,Ivo Volt
Hellenistische Häuser in Lousoi. Keramik und Kleinfunde aus den Grabungen 1983-1994
Author/Editor: Mitsopoulos-Leon ,Veronika
Hellenistic Architecture and Human Action. A Case of Reciprocal Influence
Author/Editor: Annette Haug,Asja Müller
Author/Editor: Craig Dworkin
The Heliand: Translated from the Old Saxon
Author/Editor: Mariana Scott
Helfen: Situative und organisationale Ausprägungen einer unterbestimmten Praxis
Author/Editor: Daniela Böhringer,Sarah Hitzler,Martina Richter
"Helden und Denker" der Pädagogik im Spiegel ihrer Fachlexika von 1774 bis 1945
Author/Editor: Anne Hild
Heizen mit dem Split-Klimagerät?: Experiment zum Heizen und Kühlen aus einer räumlich konzentrierten Quelle im Passivhaus Darmstadt Kranichstein
Author/Editor: Wolfgang Feist
Heirs to world culture; Being Indonesian 1950-1965
Heirs to world culture; Being Indonesian 1950-1965
Author/Editor: Lindsay ,Jennifer,Liem ,Maya H.T.
The Heirs of Vijayanagara: Court Politics in Early Modern South India
Author/Editor: Lennart Bes
The Heirs of the Roman West
Author/Editor: Joachim Henning
Heinrich Zoepfl (1807–1877): Heidelberger Universitätsprofessor und Rechtsgutachter
Author/Editor: Dorothee Mußgnug,Michael Stolleis
Heinrich von Kleist: Studies in the Character and Meaning of his Writings
Author/Editor: John M. Ellis
Heinrich Heine. Ein Intellektueller erobert Europa: Biographie
Author/Editor: Norbert Honsza
Heinrich Heine - Dichter und Jurist in Göttingen
Author/Editor: Lipp, Volker,Möllers, Christoph,Pfordten, Dietmar von der
Heinrich Freiherr von Ohlendorff. Ein Hamburger Kaufmann im Spiegel der Tagebücher seiner Ehefrau Elisabeth
Author/Editor: Hans Joachim Schröder,Ekkehard W. Nümann,Hamburgische Wissenschaftliche Stiftung
Heinrich Bullinger: Kommentare zu den neutestamentlichen Briefen
Author/Editor: Heinrich Bullinger,Luca Baschera
Heiner Müllers KüstenLANDSCHAFTEN: Grenzen - Tod - Störung
Author/Editor: Till Nitschmann,Florian Vaßen
Heimat. Volkstum. Architektur: Sondierungen zum volkstumsorientierten Bauen der Heimatschutz-Bewegung im Kontext der Moderne und des Nationalsozialismus
Author/Editor: Rainer Schmitz
Heimatrecht und Staatsbürgerschaft österreichischer Juden
Heimatdiskurs : Wie die Auslandseinsätze der Bundeswehr Deutschland verändern