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Nuussuarmiut (Vol. 345):Hunting families on the big headland
Author/Editor: Keld Hansen
Nuussuarmiut (Vol. 345):Hunting families on the big headland
Nursing with a Message : Public Health Demonstration Projects in New York City
Author/Editor: D'Antonio ,Patricia
Nursing with a Message
Nurse Writers of the Great War
Author/Editor: Hallett ,Christine E.
The Nuremberg Trials: International Criminal Law Since 1945 : 60th Anniversary International Conference
Author/Editor: Reginbogin ,Herbert R.,Safferling ,Christoph
The Nuremberg Trials: International Criminal Law Since 1945
Nur eine »Geld-Emancipation«?: Loyalitäten und Lebenswelten des Prager jüdischen Großbürgertums 1800–1867
Author/Editor: Martina Niedhammer
Nuovi paesaggi e aree minerarie dismesse
Author/Editor: Ilaria Burzi
Nuove traiettorie del denaro: Per una sociologia delle pratiche monetarie
Author/Editor: Gian Paolo Lazzer
Numinous Subjects
Numerical prediction of curing and process-induced distortion of composite structures
Author/Editor: Alexander Bernath
Numerical Modelling of Industrial Induction
Author/Editor: Bermudez ,A.,Gomez ,D.,Muniz ,M.C.,Salgado ,P.,Vazquez ,R.
The numeral system of Proto-Niger-Congo: A step-by-step reconstruction
Author/Editor: Konstantin Pozdniakov
Nullsuffix und Nullsuffigierung im Russischen: Zur Theorie der Wortbildung
Author/Editor: Renate Menge-Verbeeck
Null-Subject Properties of Slavic Languages: With Special Reference to Russian, Czech and Sorbian
Author/Editor: Martina Lindseth
Nullius: The Anthropology of Ownership, Sovereignty, and the Law in India
Author/Editor: Kriti Kapila
Nulla su di noi senza di noi: Una ricerca empirica sull’abilismo in Italia
Author/Editor: Rosa Bellacicco,Silvia Dell’Anna,Ester Micalizzi,Tania Parisi
Nuel Belnap on Indeterminism and Free Action
Nuel Belnap on Indeterminism and Free Action
A Nuclear Refrain: Emotion, Empire, and the Democratic Potential of Protest
Author/Editor: kye askins,phil johnstone,Kelvin Mason
Nuclear Law: The Global Debate
Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation
Nuclear Back-end and Transmutation Technology for Waste Disposal: Beyond the Fukushima Accident
Author/Editor: Ken Nakajima
Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies in Animal Production Systems, Preparedness, Response and Recovery
Author/Editor: Ivancho Naletoski,Anthony G. Luckins,Gerrit Viljoen
Nubian Proverbs (Fadijja/Mahas)
Author/Editor: Maher Habbob
Nuaulu Settlement and Ecology
Nuaulu Settlement and Ecology
Author/Editor: Ellen ,R.F.
Nuaulu Religious Practices; The frequency and reproduction of rituals in a Moluccan society
Nuaulu Religious Practices; The frequency and reproduction of rituals in a Moluccan society
Author/Editor: Ellen ,Roy
Nuancing Young Masculinities: Helsinki Boys’ Intersectional Relationships in New Times
Author/Editor: Marja Peltola,Ann Phoenix
NS-Siedlungen in Wien
Author/Editor: Weinberger ,Ingeburg
Når musikken gir mening.
Author/Editor: Christensen Wagle ,Torild
Now Peru Is Mine : The Life and Times of a Campesino Activist
Author/Editor: Llamojha Mitma ,Manuel,Heilman ,Jaymie Patricia
Now Peru Is Mine
Now is the Psychological Moment': Earle Page and the Imagining of Australia
Author/Editor: Stephen Wilks
Now! Die Welt gemeinsam gestalten. Bildung neu denken: Das Morgenmachen-Lesebuch
Author/Editor: Angela Weber,Lilli Eberhard,Lena Roord
Novye materialy L. N. Tolstogo i o Tolstom
Author/Editor: A.A. Donskov
Novísimas: Las narrativas latinoamericanas y españolas del siglo xxi
Author/Editor: Ana Gallego Cuiñas
Novels, Histories, Novel Nations : Historical Fiction and Cultural Memory in Finland and Estonia
Novels, Histories, Novel Nations
Novel Plant Imaging and Analysis: Water, Elements and Gas, Utilizing Radiation and Radioisotopes
Author/Editor: Tomoko M. Nakanishi
The Novel Map : Space and Subjectivity in Nineteenth-Century French Fiction
Author/Editor: Bray ,Patrick
The Novel Map
The Novel in the Spanish Silver Age: A Digital Analysis of Genre Using Machine Learning
Author/Editor: José Calvo Tello
Novel Districts: Critical Readings of Monika Fagerholm
Novel Districts: Critical Readings of Monika Fagerholm
Novel Developments for Sustainable Hydropower
Author/Editor: Peter Rutschmann,Eleftheria Kampa,Christian Wolter,Ismail Albayrak,Laurent David,Ulli Stoltz,Martin Schletterer
Novalis: German Poet—European Thinker—Christian Mystic
Author/Editor: Frederick Hiebel
Novalis and Mathematics: A Study of Friedrich von Hardenberg's Fragments on Mathematics and its Relation to Magic, Music, Religion, Philosophy, Language, and Literature
Author/Editor: Martin Dyck
Nouvelles raisons d'agir des acteurs de la pêche et de l'agriculture
Author/Editor: Maryvonne Merri,Charilaos Képhaliacos
Nourish the People: The State Civilian Granary System in China, 1650–1850
Author/Editor: Pierre-Etienne Will,R. Wong,R. Bin Wong
Not Written in Stone : Jews, Constitutions, and Constitutionalism in Canada
Author/Editor: Elazar J. ,Daniel,Brown ,Michael,Robinson ,Ira
Not Written in Stone
Notturni e musica nella poesia moderna
Author/Editor: Anna Dolfi
No Truth Without Beauty: God, the Qur’an, and Women's Rights
Author/Editor: Leena El-Ali
No Truck with the Chilean Junta!
Not Now! Now!: Chronopolitics, Art & Research
Author/Editor: Renate Lorenz
Notities over een heroriëntatie van het kunstbeleid
Author/Editor: Kassies ,J.
The Notion of »holy« in Ancient Armenian Texts from the Fifth Century CE: A Comparative Approach Using Digital Tools and Methods
Author/Editor: Thomas Jurczyk
No Time for Losers: Charts, Listen und andere Kanonisierungen in der populären Musik
Author/Editor: Dietrich Helms,Thomas Phleps
Nothing in MoMA
Author/Editor: Abraham Adams
Nothing As We Need It: A Chimera
Author/Editor: Daniela Cascella
No Straight Lines: Local Leadership and the Path from Government to Governance in Small Cities
Author/Editor: Terry Kading
Nostalgia for the Present
Nostalgia and Hope: Intersections between Politics of Culture, Welfare, and Migration in Europe
Author/Editor: Ov Cristian Norocel,Anders Hellström,Martin Bak Jørgensen
Norwegian Shipping in the 20th Century: Norway's Successful Navigation of the World's Most Global Industry
Author/Editor: Stig Tenold
Norwegian–Russian political relations and Barents oil and gas developments
Author/Editor: Overland ,Indra,Krivorotov ,Andrey
North-South Knowledge Networks: Towards Equitable Collaboration Between Academics, Donors and Universities
Author/Editor: Tor Halvorsen,Jorun Nossum
North Sea Region Climate Change Assessment
Author/Editor: Markus Quante,Franciscus Colijn
The Northernmost Ruins of the Globe (Vol. 329):Eigil Knuth's Archaeological Investigations in Peary Land and Adjacent Areas of High Arctic Greenland
Author/Editor: Bjarne Grønnow,Jens Fog Jensen
The Northernmost Ruins of the Globe (Vol. 329):Eigil Knuth's Archaeological Investigations in Peary Land and Adjacent Areas of High Arctic Greenland
Northern Lights on Civic and Citizenship Education: A Cross-national Comparison of Nordic Data from ICCS
Author/Editor: Heidi Biseth,Bryony Hoskins,Lihong Huang
Northern Crossings: Translation, Circulation and the Literary Semi-periphery
Author/Editor: Chatarina Edfeldt,Erik Falk,Andreas Hedberg,Yvonne Lindqvist,Cecilia Schwartz,Paul Tenngart
Northern Archaeology and Cosmology: A Relational View
Author/Editor: Vesa-Pekka Herva,Antti Lahelma
Northeast Migrants in Delhi
North American Cornucopia: Top 100 indigenous food plants
Author/Editor: Ernest Small
The North American Arctic
Author/Editor: Dwayne Ryan Menezes,Heather N. Nicol
Norse Revival: Transformations of Germanic Neopaganism
Author/Editor: Stefanie von Schnurbein
A Norse Farmstead in the Outer Hebrides: Excavations at Mound 3, Bornais, South Uist
Author/Editor: Niall Sharples
Norm und Zeremoniell: Das Etiquette-Normale für den Wiener Hof von circa 1812. Edition und Kommentar (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Karin Schneider
Norm und Zeremoniell: Das Etiquette-Normale für den Wiener Hof von circa 1812
Author/Editor: Karin Schneider
Normstabilisierung und Schuldvorwurf
Author/Editor: Monika Simmler
Norms beyond Empire: Law-Making and Local Normativities in Iberian Asia, 1500-1800
Author/Editor: Manuel Bastias Saavedra
Normen und Standards für die digitale Transformation Werkzeuge, Praxisbeispiele und Entscheidungshilfen für innovative Unternehmen, Normungsorganisationen und politische Entscheidungsträger
Author/Editor: Axel Mangelsdorf,Petra Weiler
Normed Children: Effects of Gender and Sex Related Normativity on Childhood and Adolescence
Author/Editor: Erik Schneider,Christel Baltes-Löhr
Normativität und Wertneutralität: Grundlegung zu einer Wissenschaftssoziologie der Soziologie
Author/Editor: Natalie Mevissen
Normatividades e instituciones eclesiásticas en la Nueva España, siglos XVI–XIX
Author/Editor: Benedetta Albani,Otto Danwerth,Thomas Duve
Normatividades e instituciones eclesiásticas en el virreinato del Perú, siglos XVI–XIX
Author/Editor: Otto Danwerth,Benedetta Albani,Thomas Duve
Normatividades e instituciones eclesiásticas en el Nuevo Reino de Granada, siglos XVI–XIX
Author/Editor: Thomas Duve,Stefan Vogenauer
Normatividad, equivalencia y calidad en la traducción e interpretación de lenguas ibéricas
Author/Editor: Katarzyna Popek-Bernat
Normative Vorstellungen von Schulklassen
Author/Editor: Marco Hübner
Norman McLaren: Between the Frames
Author/Editor: Nichola Dobson
Normalization in World Politics
Author/Editor: Nicolas Lemay-Hebert,Gezim Visoka
Normalität und Subjektivierung: Eine biographische Untersuchung im Übergang aus der stationären Jugendhilfe
Author/Editor: Angela Rein
Normal - anders - krank?: Akzeptanz, Stigmatisierung und Pathologisierung im Kontext der Medizin
Author/Editor: Dominik Groß,Sabine Müller
Norge i Latin-Amerika
Norge etter 22. juli: Forhandlinger om verdier, identiteter og et motstandsdyktig samfunn
Author/Editor: Trond Bakkevig,Henrik Syse,Tore Witsø Rafoss,Francis Steen,Kjersti Thorbjørnsrud,Lars Weisæth,Marta Bivand Erdal,Rojan Tordhol Ezzati,Tine Ustad Figenschou,Glenn Hughes,Mareile Kaufmann,Åshild Kolås,Odin Lysaker,Abigail Magalong
Nordic Societal Security: Convergence and Divergence
Author/Editor: Sebastian Larsson,Mark Rhinard
Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2012
Nordic Mediation Research
Author/Editor: Anna Nylund,Kaijus Ervasti,Lin Adrian
Nordic Homicide in Deep Time: Lethal Violence in the Early Modern Era and Present Times
Author/Editor: Jeppe Bu¨chert Netterstrøm,Guðbjörg S. Bergsdóttir,Jónas O. Jónasson,Sven Granath,Mikkel M. Okholm,Janne Kivivuori,Mona Rautelin,Dag Lindström,Martti Lehti
The Nordic Economic, Social and Political Model: Challenges in the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Anu Koivunen,Jari Ojala,Janne Holmén
Nordic Economic Policy Review
Author/Editor: Andersen M. ,Torben,Johnsen V. ,Julian,Løken V. ,Katrine,Holmlund ,Helena,Gupta Datta ,Nabanita,Christensen Jesper ,Bent,Bergh ,Andreas,Mollerstrom ,Johanna,Moene ,Kalle,Roine ,Jesper,Bratsberg ,Bernt,Roed ,Knut,Svarer ,Michael,Rosholm ,Michael,Takalo ,Tu
Nordic digital identification (eID)
Author/Editor: Hansteen ,Kjell,Ølnes ,Jon,Alvik ,Tor
Nordic Childhoods in the Digital Age: Insights into Contemporary Research on Communication, Learning and Education
Author/Editor: Kristiina Kumpulainen,Anu Kajamaa,Ola Erstad,Åsa Mäkitalo,Kirsten Drotner,Sólveig Jakobsdóttir
Nordic checklist food contact materials: Declaration of compliance and supporting documentation
Author/Editor: Fabech ,Bente,Li ,Ågot,Mikkelsen ,Bjørg,Norström Lagerstedt ,Åsa,Rajakangas ,Liisa,Sem ,Signe,Tollin ,Agneta,Virtanen ,Merja,Christiansen ,Mette,Furuhagen ,Christin,Guðjónsdóttir ,Katrín,Holm ,Mette,Håland Tesdal ,Julie,Jónsdóttir ,Ingibjörg,Kostamo ,Pirk
Nordic best practices
Author/Editor: Hillgrén ,Anna,Bröckl ,Marika,Halonen ,Mikko
Nordic agriculture air and climate
Author/Editor: Antman ,Anne,Brubæk ,Stein,Andersen Hessellund ,Bente,Lindqvist ,Kajsa,Markus-Johansson ,Miriam,Sørensen ,Jacob,Teerikangas ,Jenny
“No One Will Do This For Us”: The Linguistic and Cultural Practices of Young Activists Representing European Linguistic Minorities
Author/Editor: Nicole Dolowy-Rybinska
The Non-Western World
Author/Editor: Pradyumna P. Karan
Non-Vitamin K Antagonist Oral Anticoagulants: A Concise Guide
Author/Editor: Eduard Shantsila,Gregory YH Lip
Non-thermal Plasma Technology for the Improvement of Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine - A Review
Author/Editor: Cools ,Pieter,Vrekhem van ,Stijn,Ghobeira ,Rouba,Geyterand van ,Nathalie,Morent ,Rino
Nonsuch Palace: The Material Culture of a Noble Restoration Household
Author/Editor: Martin Biddle
Non senza scandalo delli convicini': pratiche musicali nelle istituzioni religiose femminili a Napoli 1650-1750
Author/Editor: Angela Fiore
Non-scribal Communication Media in the Bronze Age Aegean and Surrounding Areas: The semantics of a-literate and proto-literate media (seals, potmarks, mason’s marks, seal-impressed pottery, ideograms and logograms, and related systems)
Author/Editor: Anna Margherita Jasink,Judith Weingarten,Silvia Ferrara
Nonparametric Bayesian Learning for Collaborative Robot Multimodal Introspection
Author/Editor: Xuefeng Zhou,Hongmin Wu,Juan Rojas,Zhihao Xu,Shuai Li
The Non-Library
Author/Editor: Trevor Owen Jones
«Non lasciar vivere la malefica»: Le streghe nei trattati e nei processi (secoli XIV- XVII)
Author/Editor: Dinora Corsi,Matteo Duni
Non-Knowledge and Digital Cultures
Author/Editor: Andreas Bernard,Matthias Koch,Martina Leeker
Non-Identity Theodicy: A Grace-Based Response to the Problem of Evil
Author/Editor: Vince R. Vitale
Nonhuman voices in Anglo-Saxon literature and material culture
Author/Editor: Paz ,James
Non finito. Opera interrotta e modernità
Author/Editor: Anna Dolfi
No news is bad news! The role of the media and news framing in embedding Europe - 20
Author/Editor: Vreese de ,C.H.
Non-Equilibrium Social Science and Policy: Introduction and Essays on New and Changing Paradigms in Socio-Economic Thinking
Author/Editor: Jeffrey Johnson,Andrzej Nowak,Paul Ormerod,Bridget Rosewell,Yi-Cheng Zhang
Non dimenticarsi di Proust: Declinazioni di un mito nella cultura moderna
Author/Editor: Anna Dolfi
Non-Conceptual Negativity: Damaged Reflections on Turkey
Author/Editor: Zafer Aracagök,Fraco "Bifo" Berardi
Non-Communicable Disease Prevention: Best Buys, Wasted Buys and Contestable Buys
Author/Editor: Wanrudee Isaranuwatchai,Rachel A. Archer,Yot Teerawattananon,Anthony Culyer
Noncitizenism: Recognising Noncitizen Capabilities in a World of Citizens
Author/Editor: Tendayi Bloom
Non-activiteit in de grootstedelijke gebieden in kaart gebracht
Author/Editor: Berg van den ,A.,Eijk van ,Th.,Misdorp ,P.
The Nominative Object in Slavic, Baltic, and West Finnic
Author/Editor: Alan Timberlake
Nominalgruppen als Textverweismittel: Eine Untersuchung zum Polnischen unter Beruecksichtigung des polnisch-deutschen Sprachvergleichs
Author/Editor: Bärbel Miemietz
Nominale Mehrworttermini der russischen Fachsprache
Author/Editor: Yong Fan
Nominale Adverbiale im Russischen: Syntax, Semantik und Informationsstruktur
Author/Editor: Luka Szucsich
Nominal anchoring: Specificity, definiteness and article systems across languages
Author/Editor: Kata Balogh,Robert D. Van Valin,Anja Latrouite
Nomina abstracta im Russischen des 16. Jahrhunderts: Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Abstraktasuffixe im Slavischen
Author/Editor: Inge Auerbach
Nomads, Empires, States : Modes of Foreign Relations and Political Economy, Volume I
Author/Editor: van der Pijl ,Kees
Nomads, Empires, States
„Nomadin-Sein“ im „Dorf der Solidarität“ - Eine kritische Ethnografie zu Camps für Rom_nja in Rom
Author/Editor: Simona Pagano
Nomaden: Interdisziplinäre 'Wanderungen' im Feld der Formulare und Mythen
Author/Editor: Andreas Leutzsch
Néologie canadienne de Jacques Viger : Manuscrits de 1810
Author/Editor: Viger ,Jacques,Blais ,Suzelle,Lapierre ,André
Néologie canadienne de Jacques Viger
No List of Political Assets: The Collaboration of Iurii Olesha and Abram Room on "Strogii Iunosha" [A Strict Youth (1936)].
Author/Editor: Jerry T. Heil
Noise Thinks the Anthropocene: An Experiment in Noise Poetics
Author/Editor: Aaron Zwintscher
Noise in and as music
noi-loro. Storia e attualità della relazione educativa fra adulti e bambini
Nog steeds een mirakel? De legitimiteit van het poldermodel in de eenentwintigste eeuw
Nodes of Contemporary Finnish Literature
Nodes of Contemporary Finnish Literature
Nocturnal Fabulations: Ecology, Vitality and Opacity in the Cinema of Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Nocturnal Fabulations: Ecology, Vitality and Opacity in the Cinema of Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Author/Editor: Bordeleau ,Érik,Pape ,Toni,Rose-Antoinette ,Ronald,Szymanski ,Adam
Noblewomen, aristocracy and power in the twelfth-century Anglo-Norman realm
Author/Editor: Johns ,Susan M
Noble Lies, Slant Truths, Necessary Angels: Aspects of Fictionality in the Novels of Christoph Martin Wieland
Author/Editor: Ellis Shookman
Noble conceptions of politics in eighteenth-century Sweden (ca 1740–1790)
Noble conceptions of politics in eighteenth-century Sweden (ca 1740–1790)
Author/Editor: Wolff ,Charlotta
No Bicycle, No Bus, No Job: The Making of Workers’ Mobility in the Netherlands, 1920-1990
Author/Editor: Patrick Bek
Nobelpreisträgerinnen 14 Schriftstellerinnen im Porträt
Author/Editor: Claudia Olk,Susanne Zepp
No Archive Will Restore You
Author/Editor: Julietta Singh
NMR micro-detectors tailored for multinuclear and electrochemistry lab-on-a-chip applications
Author/Editor: Hossein Davoodi
NL ARMS Netherlands Annual Review of Military Studies 2021: Compliance and Integrity in International Military Trade
Author/Editor: Robert Beeres,Robert Bertrand,Jeroen Klomp,Job Timmermans,Joop Voetelink
NL ARMS Netherlands Annual Review of Military Studies 2020: Deterrence in the 21st Century—Insights from Theory and Practice
Author/Editor: Frans Osinga,Tim Sweijs
NLA Høgskolen: Fagutvikling og sjølvforståing på kristen grunn
Author/Editor: Gunhild Hagesæther,Gunnar Innerdal,Bjarne Kvam
Näkökulmia tilintarkastukseen ja arviointiin
The Nivison Annals: Selected Works of David S. Nivison on Early Chinese Chronology, Astronomy, and Historiography
Author/Editor: David S. Nivison,Adam C. Schwartz
Nipisat - a Saqqaq culture site in Sisimiut, central West Greenland (Vol. 331)
Nipisat - a Saqqaq culture site in Sisimiut, central West Greenland (Vol. 331)
Author/Editor: Anne Birgitte Gotfredsen,Tinna Møbjerg
Nineteenth-Century Transcriptions of Works by Fryderyk Chopin
Author/Editor: Barbara Literska
Nineteenth-Century China: Five Imperialist Perspectives
Author/Editor: Dilip Basu,Rhoads Murphey
Nineteenth-Century Borneo
Author/Editor: Irwin ,G.
Nineteenth-Century Borneo
The Nimboran Language
Author/Editor: Anceaux ,J.
The Nimboran Language
Nils Petter Gleditsch: Pioneer in the Analysis of War and Peace
Author/Editor: Nils Petter Gleditsch
The Nile: Natural and Cultural Landscape in Egypt : Proceedings of the International Symposium held at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, 22 & 23 February 2013
Author/Editor: Willems (Ed.) ,Harco,Dahms ,Jan-Michael
The Nile
Nikolaus II. Esterházy und die Kunst
Nikolaj Fedorov. Studien zu Leben, Werk und Wirkung
Author/Editor: Michael Hagemeister
Nieuw in Nederland
Nieuwe spelers en andere zekerheden
Nieuwe kansen voor taalonderwijs aan anderstaligen
Author/Editor: Emmelot ,Y.,Schooten van ,E.,Timman ,Y.,Verhallen ,M.,Verhallen ,S.
Niedersächsischer Demokratie-Monitor 2021: Politische Einstellungen in Niedersachsen während der Corona-Pandemie
Author/Editor: Julian Schenke,Annemieke Munderloh,Simon T. Franzmann,Steffen Kühnel
Niederlande- und Belgienforschung in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland: Eine Bestandsaufnahme der Jahre 1995-2002 (Volume 3)
Author/Editor: Ilona Riek,Friso Wielenga
Niederdeutsch und regionale Umgangssprache in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Strukturelle, soziolinguistische und didaktische Aspekte
Author/Editor: Birte Arendt,Andreas Bieberstedt,Klaas-Hinrich Ehlers
Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor Signaling in Neuroprotection
Author/Editor: Akinori Akaike,Shun Shimohama,Yoshimi Misu
Nicopolis Ad Istrum. A Roman to Early Byzantine City. The Pottery and Glass
Author/Editor: Andrew G. Poulter
Nicole Oresme, Questiones in Meteorologica de ultima lectura, recensio parisiensis: Study of the Manuscript Tradition and Critical Edition of Books I-II.10
Author/Editor: Aurora Panzica
Nichtwissenskommunikation in den Wissenschaften: Interdisziplinaere Zugaenge
Author/Editor: Liselotte Schebek,Nina Janich,Alfred Nordmann
Nichtstun als politische Praxis: Literarische Reflexionen von Untätigkeit in der Moderne
Author/Editor: Agatha Frischmuth
Nicht(s) sagen: Strategien der Sprachabwendung im 20. Jahrhundert
Author/Editor: Emmanuel Alloa,Alice Lagaay
Nichtregierungsorganisationen, soziale Bewegungen und Global Governance : Eine kritische Bestandsaufnahme
Author/Editor: Stickler ,Armin
Nichtregierungsorganisationen, soziale Bewegungen und Global Governance
Nichtparametrische Analyse von Bildungsertragsraten: Neuere Entwicklungen und Anwendungen
Author/Editor: Steffen Wirth
Nicht nur Bauhaus – Netzwerke der Moderne in Mitteleuropa / Not Just Bauhaus – Networks of Modernity in Central Europe
Author/Editor: Rafał Makała,Beate Störtkuhl
Nicht-monetaere Inflationsursachen in Russland: Eine empirische Analyse
Author/Editor: Zulia Gubaydullina
Nichtlineare Pädagogik im Sport- und Mathematikunterricht
Author/Editor: Johannes Karsch
Nicht formal Qualifizierte arbeitsplatznah weiterbilden: Konzeption, Umsetzung und Implementierung innovativer Lernformate
Author/Editor: Dominique Dauser,Thomas Kretschmer
Nicht auf Sand bauen – Herausforderungen für das soziale Engagement der Kirche in Burkina Faso
Author/Editor: Ouedraogo ,Isidore
Nicholas of Cusa and the Kairos of Modernity: Cassirer, Gadamer, Blumenberg
Author/Editor: Michael Edward Moore
Nicholas of Cusa and Islam: Polemic and Dialogue in the Late Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Ian Christopher Levy,Rita George-Tvrtković,Donald F. Duclow
Nicholas Bhekinkosi Hepworth Bhengu’s Lasting Legacy: World’s Best Black Soul Crusader
Author/Editor: Dan S.B. Lephoko
Niche Wars: Australia in Afghanistan and Iraq, 2001–2014
Author/Editor: John Blaxland,Marcus Fielding,Thea Gellerfy
A Nicaraguan Exceptionalism?: Debating the Legacy of the Sandinista Revolution
Author/Editor: Hilary Francis
The Nibelungenlied Today: Its Substance, Essence, and Significance
Author/Editor: Werner A. Mueller
Nähte am Puppenkörper: Der mediale Blick und die Körperentwürfe des Theaters
Author/Editor: Meike Wagner
NGOs in India
NGOs and Post-Conflict Recovery
NGOs and Political Change. A History of the Australian Council for International Development
Author/Editor: Kilby ,Patrick
NGOs als besondere Akteure der Interessenvermittlung: Eine Analyse der politischen Rationalität von Nichtregierungsorganisationen
Author/Editor: Maximilian Schiffers
Ngapartji Ngapartji: In turn, in turn: Ego-histoire, Europe and Indigenous Australia
Author/Editor: Castejon ,Vanessa,Cole ,Anna,Haag ,Oliver,Hughes ,Karen
Nexus of Patriotism and Militarism in Russia: A Quest for Internal Cohesion
Author/Editor: Katri Pynnöniemi
The Nexus Between Security Sector Governance/Reform and Sustainable Development Goal-16: An Examination of Conceptual Linkages and Policy Recommendations
Author/Editor: Oya Dursun-Özkanca
The Next Society: Sociologia del mutamento e dei processi digitali
Author/Editor: Adele Bianco
Next Generation Supply Chains: A Roadmap for Research and Innovation
Author/Editor: Rosanna Fornasiero,Saskia Sardesai,Ana Cristina Barros,Aristides Matopoulos
Next Generation Sequencing - Advances, Applications and Challenges
New Worlds from Below: Informal life politics and grassroots action in twenty-first-century Northeast Asia
New World Objects of Knowledge: A Cabinet of Curiosities
Author/Editor: Mark Thurner,Juan Pimentel
New Vision 2050: A Platinum Society
Author/Editor: Hiroshi Komiyama,Koichi Yamada
New Trends in the Use of Artificial Intelligence for the Industry 4.0
Author/Editor: Roque A. Osornio Rios,Luis Romeral Martínez
Newton's Third Rule and the Experimental Argument for Universal Gravity
Author/Editor: Mary Domski
Newton and the Netherlands
New Thinking, New Scholarship and New Research in Catholic Education: Responses to the Work of Professor Gerald Grace
Author/Editor: Sean Whittle
New Teachers in Nordic Countries: Ecologies of Mentoring and Induction
Author/Editor: Knut-Rune Olsen,Eva Merete Bjerkholt,Hannu L.T. Heikinnen
New Sources of Development Finance
Author/Editor: A.B. Atkinson
New Sounds, New Stories
A New Social Question?
New Social Mobility: Second Generation Pioneers in Europe
Author/Editor: Jens Schneider,Maurice Crul,Andreas Pott
News Networks in Early Modern Europe
Author/Editor: Joad Raymond,Noah Moxham
News Literacy and Democracy
Author/Editor: Seth Ashley
News in Early Modern Europe: Currents and Connections
Author/Editor: Simon Davies,Puck Fletcher
News Framing Effects: Theory and Practice
Author/Editor: Sophie Lecheler,Claes H. De Vreese
The New Second Generation in Switzerland: Youth of Turkish and Former Yugoslav Descent in Zurich and Basel
Author/Editor: Fibbi ,Rosita,Topgül ,Ceren,Ugrina ,Dusan
A New Science for Future: Climate Impact Modeling and the Quest for Digital Openness
Author/Editor: Simon David Hirsbrunner
The News at the Ends of the Earth
Author/Editor: Hester Blum
News and Frontier Consciousness in the Late Roman Empire
Author/Editor: Mark W. Graham
The New Russian Nationalism
Author/Editor: Kolstø ,Pal,Blakkisrud ,Helge
The New Russian Nationalism
Author/Editor: Pal Kolstø,Helge Blakkisrud
A New Rival State?: Australia in Tsarist Diplomatic Communications
Author/Editor: Alexander Massov,Marina Pollard,Kevin Windle
New Readings in Arabic Historiography from Late Medieval Egypt and Syria: Proceedings of the themed day of the Fifth Conference of the School of Mamluk Studies
Author/Editor: Jo van Steenbergen,Maya Termonia
New quantum simulations with ultracold Ytterbium gases
New Publication Cultures in the Humanities: Exploring the Paradigm Shift
The New Presence of China in Africa
The new politics of Russia: Interpreting change
The New Politics of Numbers: Utopia, Evidence and Democracy
Author/Editor: Andrea Mennicken,Robert Salais
New Perspectives on the History of Gender and Empire: Comparative and Global Approaches
Author/Editor: Ulrike Lindner,Dörte Lerp
New Perspectives on Power and Political Representation from Ancient History to the Present Day: Repertoires of Representation
Author/Editor: Harm Kaal,Daniëlle Slootjes
New Perspectives on Investment in Infrastructures
Author/Editor: Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid
New Perspectives on Games and Interaction
New perspectives on cohesion and coherence
New perspectives on cohesion and coherence
New Perspectives in Theology of Judaism
Author/Editor: Shubert Spero
New Perspectives in Southeast Asian and Pacific Prehistory: Terra Australis 45
New Perspectives in Critical Data Studies: The Ambivalences of Data Power
Author/Editor: Andreas Hepp,Juliane Jarke,Leif Kramp
New Perspectives in Biblical and Rabbinic Hebrew
Author/Editor: Aaron D. Hornkohl,Geoffrey Khan
New Paths and Policies towards Conflict Prevention: Chinese and Swiss Perspectives
Author/Editor: Courtney J. Fung,Björn Gehrmann,Rachel F. Madenyika,Jason G. Tower
The New Pacific Diplomacy
Author/Editor: Fry ,Greg,Tarte ,Sandra
New Orleans and the Global South: Caribbean, Creolization, Carnival (Volume 17)
Author/Editor: Ottmar Ette,Gesine Müller
New Mythological Figures in Spanish Cinema
New Multicultural Identities in Europe: Religion and Ethnicity in Secular Societies
Author/Editor: Erkan Toguslu
New Models for Managing Longevity Risk: Public-Private Partnerships
Author/Editor: Olivia Mitchell
New Mexico and the Pimería Alta : The Colonial Period in the American Southwest
Author/Editor: Douglass ,John,Graves ,William M.
New Mexico and the Pimería Alta
New Metropolitan Perspectives: Knowledge Dynamics, Innovation-driven Policies Towards the Territories’ Attractiveness Volume 1
Author/Editor: Carmelina Bevilacqua,Francesco Calabrò,Lucia Della Spina
New Methods for Measuring and Analyzing Segregation
Author/Editor: Mark Fossett
The New Meatways and Sustainability: Discourses and Social Practices (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Minna Kanerva
New Materials: Towards a History of Consistency
Author/Editor: Amy Slaton
New Materialism: Interviews & Cartographies
New Mana: Transformations of a Classic Concept in Pacific Languages and Cultures
Author/Editor: Matt Tomlinson,Kāwika Tengan P. ,Ty
New Living Cases on Corporate Governance
Author/Editor: Martin Hilb,Martin Hilb
New Lives in Anand: Building a Muslim Hub in Western India
Author/Editor: Sanderien Verstappen
New Libraries in Old Buildings: Creative Reuse
Author/Editor: Petra Hauke,Robert Niess,Karen Latimer
New Islamic Urbanism
Author/Editor: Stefan Maneval
New insights into creatine transporter deficiency: Identification of neuropathological and metabolic targets for treatment
Author/Editor: angela molinaro
New Insights in the History of Interpreting
New information subjects in L2 acquisition: evidence from Italian and Finnish
Author/Editor: Lena Dal Pozzo
New Industrial Urbanism: Designing Places for Production
Author/Editor: Tali Hatuka,Eran Ben-Joseph
A New Idea Each Morning: How food and agriculture came together in one international organisation
Author/Editor: Way ,Wendy
New Horizons in Spanish Colonial Law: Contributions to Transnational Early Modern Legal History
Author/Editor: Thomas Duve,Heikki Pihlajamäki
New Horizons for Asian Museums and Museology
Author/Editor: Naoko Sonoda
New Horizons for a Data-Driven Economy: A Roadmap for Usage and Exploitation of Big Data in Europe
Author/Editor: José María Cavanillas,Edward Curry,Wolfgang Wahlster
New Global Perspectives on Archaeological Prospection: 13th International Conference on Archaeological Prospection, 28 August – 1 September 2019, Sligo – Ireland
Author/Editor: James Bonsall
New Global Cities in Latin America and Asia: Welcome to the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Pablo Baisotti
New Germans, New Dutch
New Genetics, New Social Formations
Author/Editor: Peter Glasner,Paul Atkinson
New Genetics, New Identities
Author/Editor: Paul Atkinson,Peter Glasner,Helen Greenslade
New Frontiers of Slavery
Author/Editor: Dale W. Tomich
New Frontiers: Law and Society in the Roman World
Author/Editor: Paul J. du Plessis
New Frontiers in Social Innovation Research
Author/Editor: Alex Nicholls,Julie Simon,Madeleine Gabriel
New forms of collaborative innovation and production on the internet - an interdisciplinary perspective
Author/Editor: Wittke, Volker,Hanekop, Heidemarie
The New Eurocrats
The Newest Sappho: P. Sapph. Obbink and P. GC inv. 105, Frs. 1-4: Studies in Archaic and Classical Greek Song, vol. 2
Author/Editor: Anton Bierl,André Lardinois
A New Era? Timor-Leste after the UN
Author/Editor: Ingram ,Sue,Kent ,Lia,McWilliam ,Andrew
The New Economy in Transatlantic Perspective
Author/Editor: Kurt Huebner
New Directions in Women, Peace and Security
Author/Editor: Soumita Basu,Paul C. Kirby,Laura C. Shepherd
New Directions in the History of the Jews in the Polish Lands
Author/Editor: Antony Polonsky,Hanna Węgrzynek,Andrzej Żbikowski
New Directions in the Ethics and Politics of Speech
Author/Editor: J.P. Messina
New Directions in Strategic Thinking 2.0: ANU Strategic & Defence Studies Centre's Golden Anniversary Conference Proceedings
Author/Editor: Russell W. Glenn
New Directions in Geometric and Applied Knot Theory
Author/Editor: Philipp Reiter,Simon Blatt,Armin Schikorra
New Directions in Development Economics
Author/Editor: Mats Lundahl,Benno Ndulu
New Directions in Dental Anthropology: Paradigms, methodologies and outcomes
Author/Editor: Kanazawa ,Eisaku,Townsend ,Grant,Takayama ,Hiroshi
New directions in corpus-based translation studies
Author/Editor: Fantinuoli ,Claudio,Pontrandolfo ,Gianluca,Sanz ,Zuriñe,Saridakis ,Ioannis E.,Serbina ,Tatiana,Uribarri ,Ibon,Zanettin ,Frederico,Zubillaga ,Naroa,Zanettin ,Federico,Doms ,Steven,Fantinuoli ,Claudio,Fotopoulou ,Angeliki,Lapshinova-Koltunski ,Ekaterina,Mou
New Directions in Archaeological Science (TA28)
Author/Editor: Marwick ,Ben,Fairbairn ,Andrew,O'Connor ,Sue
New Directions in African Education: Challenges and Possibilities
Author/Editor: S. Nombuso Dlamini
New Directions for Law in Australia : Essays in Contemporary Law Reform
New Directions for Law in Australia
New Dimensions of Connectivity in the Asia-Pacific
Author/Editor: Christopher Findlay,Somkiat Tangkitvanich
New Digital Media and Learning as an Emerging Area and "Worked Examples" as One Way Forward
Author/Editor: James Paul Gee
New Developments in Anarchist Studies
Author/Editor: PJ Lilley,Beehive Design Collective,Adam Gary Lewis,Michael Loadenthal,Brian Lovato,Eli Meyerhoff,Rachel Sarrasin,Jeff Shantz,Jakub Burkowicz,Katherine Dunster,James Gifford,Robert Hlatky,Christopher Howell,Sandra Jeppesen,Ann Kruzynski,Aaron Lakoff
A New Dawn for the Second Sex
Author/Editor: Vintges ,Karen
A New Dawn
Author/Editor: Deon Vos,JP Rossouw,JP Rossouw,Zacharias Louw de Beer,Zacharias Louw de Beer,Ewelina Niemczyk,Ewelina Niemczyk,Jan De Groof,Adriaan Stephanus Engelbrecht,Matthews Makunye
New Countries : Capitalism, Revolutions, and Nations in the Americas, 1750-1870
New Countries
The New Common: How the COVID-19 Pandemic is Transforming Society
Author/Editor: Emile Aarts,Hein Fleuren,Margriet Sitskoorn,Ton Wilthagen
Newcomers as Agents for Social Change: Learning from the Italian Experience: A Recourse Book for Social Work and Social Work Education in the Field of Migration
Author/Editor: Hannah Reich,Roberta T. Di Rosa
Newcastle upon Tyne, the Eye of the North: An Archaeological Assessment
Author/Editor: C.P. Graves,D. H. Heslop
New Business Models for the Reuse of Secondary Resources from WEEEs: The FENIX Project
Author/Editor: Paolo Rosa,Sergio Terzi
New Authoritarianism: Challenges to Democracy in the 21st century
Author/Editor: Jerzy J. Wiatr
A New Approach to Research Ethics: Using Guided Dialogue to Strengthen Research Communities
Author/Editor: Henriikka Mustajoki,Arto Mustajoki
New Approaches to the Study of Esotericism
Author/Editor: Egil Asprem,Julian Strube
New Approaches to the Dynamics, Measurement and Economic Implications of Ethnic Diversity
Author/Editor: Philipp Kolo
New Approaches to the Analysis of Jihadism
New and Old Routes of Portuguese Emigration: Uncertain Futures at the Periphery of Europe
Author/Editor: Cláudia Pereira,Joana Azevedo
The New Age of Russia. Occult and Esoteric Dimensions
Author/Editor: Michael Hagemeister,Bernice Glatzer Rosenthal,Birgit Menzel
New-Age-Diskurs in der polnischen Literaturwissenschaft, Literaturkritik und Lyrik der 70er und 80er Jahre: Rekonstruktion eines Weltbildes
Author/Editor: Brigitta Miszewski
The new aestheticism
Author/Editor: Joughin ,John J.,Malpas ,Simon
New Accountabilities, New Challenges
Author/Editor: Wanna ,John,Lindquist A. ,Evert,Marshall ,Penelope
Neutrino Physics
Author/Editor: Kai Zuber
Neurovascular Surgery: Surgical Approaches for Neurovascular Diseases
Author/Editor: Julius July,Eka J. Wahjoepramono
Author/Editor: Monika Kalmbach-Özdem
Neuroökonomie: Eine wissenschaftstheoretische Analyse
Author/Editor: Lena Dreher
Neumaerkische Staende (Rep. 23 B): Bearbeitet von Margot Beck und eingeleitet von Wolfgang Neugebauer
Author/Editor: Margot Beck,Wolfgang Neugebauer
Neue Wege der Hochschulgovernance. Symposium zum Hochschulmanagement an der Fakultät Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften der Universität Hamburg
Author/Editor: Rolf von Lüde
Neue Wege beruflicher Qualifizierung zur Stärkung der wirtschaftlichen Prosperität
Neuerungen im Krankenhaus- und Arzneimittelbereich zwischen Bedarf und Finanzierung: 21. Bad Orber Gespraeche ueber kontroverse Themen im Gesundheitswesen
Author/Editor: Eberhard Wille
Neuer Nationalismus im östlichen Europa : Kulturwissenschaftliche Perspektiven
Neuer Nationalismus im östlichen Europa
Neuer Mensch und "Goldene Mittelmaessigkeit": F. M. Dostoevskijs Kritik am rationalistisch-utopischen Menschenbild
Author/Editor: Barbara Wett
Neuere Tendenzen der Sowjetischen Science Fiction
Author/Editor: Hans Földeak
Neuere Entwicklungen linearer latenter Kovarianzstrukturmodelle mit quantitativen und qualitativen Indikatorvariablen: Theorie und Anwendung auf ein mikroempirisches Modell des Preis-, Produktions- und Lageranpassungsverhaltens von deutschen und franzoesi
Author/Editor: Wolfgang Krader
Neue Qualifizierungsansätze für die berufliche Bildung: Konzepte für niedrigschwellige Qualifizierung am Beispiel Hauswirtschaft (Volume 29)
Author/Editor: Alexandra Brutzer
Neue Perspektiven im Vormundschafts- und Pflegschaftsrecht - 9. Göttinger Workshop zum Familienrecht 2010
Author/Editor: Coester-Waltjen, Dagmar,Lipp, Volker,Schumann, Eva,Veit, Barbara
Neue Perspektiven für geochemische Untersuchungen von neolithischen Steingeräten. Ein Methodenvergleich zwischen portabler energiedispersiver Röntgenfluoreszenzanalyse (P-ED-RFA) und wellenlängendispersiver Röntgenfluoreszenzanalyse (WD-RFA) am Beispiel v
Author/Editor: Britta Ramminger,Markus Helfert
Neue Orte für die Götter: Zu Lokalisierungsdynamiken von tamilischer Hindu-Praxis in der Schweiz
Author/Editor: Rafaela Eulberg
Neue Medien: Impetus von Integration, Transnationalität und Diaspora
Author/Editor: Mustafa Ideli
Neue Medien: Impetus von Integration, Transnationalität und Diaspora
Author/Editor: Mustafa Ideli
Neue Inschriften von Olympia
Neue Impulse für die wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung in Ostbayern: Abschlussband Verbundprojekt OTH mind
Author/Editor: Marco Bradshaw,Anja Wurdack
Neue Herausforderungen für die Aus- und Weiterbildung in Migrantenunternehmen
Author/Editor: Lena Werner,Elvira Stegnos,René Leicht,Monika Münch
Neue Formen der Wissenschaftskommunikation - eine Fallstudienuntersuchung
Author/Editor: Hagenhoff, Svenja,Seidenfaden, Lutz,Ortelbach, Björn,Schumann, Matthias
Neue Ansaetze zur Skizzenforschung fuer die Musik des langen 19. Jahrhunderts
Author/Editor: Stefanie Acquavella-Rauch,Birger Petersen
Neue alte Rassismen? : Differenz und Exklusion in Europa nach 1989
Neue alte Rassismen?
Neubesetzungen des Kunst-Raumes: Feministische Kunstausstellungen und ihre Räume, 1972-1987
Author/Editor: Monika Kaiser
Networks of Power : Political Relations in the Late Postclassic Naco Valley
Author/Editor: Schortman ,Edward,Urban ,Patricia
Networks of Power
Networks of Modernity: Germany in the Age of the Telegraph, 1830-1880
Author/Editor: Jean-Michel Johnston
Networks, Labour and Migration among Indian Muslim Artisans
Author/Editor: Thomas Chambers
Networks in the Russian Market Economy
Author/Editor: Lonkila ,Markku
Networks and institutions in Europe's emerging markets
Author/Editor: Roger Schoenman
Networks and institutions in Europe's emerging markets
Networks and institutions in Europe's emerging markets
Author/Editor: Schoenman ,Roger
Networks and Geographies of Global Social Policy Diffusion: Culture, Economy, and Colonial Legacies
Author/Editor: Michael Windzio,Ivo Mossig,Fabian Besche-Truthe,Helen Seitzer
Network Propaganda: Manipulation, Disinformation, and Radicalization in American Politics
Author/Editor: Yochai Benkler,Robert Farris,Hal Roberts
Network-on-Chip: The Next Generation of System-on-Chip Integration
Author/Editor: Santanu Kundu,Santanu Chattopadhyay
Network neutrality: From policy to law to regulation
Networked Refugees: Palestinian Reciprocity and Remittances in the Digital Age (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Nadya Hajj
The Networked Recluse: The Connected World of Emily Dickinson
Author/Editor: Michael Kelly,Marta L. Werner,Carolyn Vega,Susan Howe,Richard Wilbur
Networked Governance of Freedom and Tyranny
Network and Migration in Early Renaissance Florence, 1378-1433: Friends of Friends in the Kingdom of Hungary
Author/Editor: Katalin Prajda
Net het echte leven: Belangen, macht en illusies in professionele teams
Author/Editor: Belia van den Berg
The Netherlands Indies and the Great War, 1914-1918
Author/Editor: Dijk van ,Kees
The Netherlands Indies and the Great War, 1914-1918
The Netherlands in a Nutshell: Highlights from Dutch History and Culture
Author/Editor: Frits van Oostrom
The Netherlands and the Oil Crisis
Nestramski govor: Doprinos južnoslovenskoj dijalektologiji
Author/Editor: Roland Šmiger
Nessuno poteva aprire il libro...: Miscellanea di studi e testimonianze per i settant’anni di fr. Silvano Danieli, OSM
Author/Editor: Mauro Guerrini
Nessuna isola è un'isola
Author/Editor: Costa, Giorgio
Nervenschwäche und Krieg
A Neo Tropical Companion
Author/Editor: Jamie Stewart
The Neoliberal State, Recognition and Indigenous Rights: New paternalism to new imaginings
Author/Editor: Deirdre Howard-Wagner,Maria Bargh,Isabel Altamirano-Jiménez
Neoliberalismo, Neodesarrollismo y Socialismo bolivariano.: Modelos de desarrollo y Políticas públicas en América Latina
Author/Editor: Paula Vidal Molina
The Neoliberal Age?: Britain since the 1970s
Author/Editor: Aled Davies,Ben Jackson,Florence Sutcliffe-Braithwaite
Neo-Aristotelian Perspectives on Contemporary Science
Author/Editor: William M.R. Simpson,Robert C. Koons,Nicholas J. Teh
The Neo-Aramaic Oral Heritage of the Jews of Zakho
Author/Editor: Oz Aloni
Neo-Aramaic and Kurdish Folklore from Northern Iraq: A Comparative Anthology with a Sample of Glossed Texts, Volume 2
Author/Editor: Geoffrey Khan,Eliya Al-Zebari,Masoud Mohammadirad,Aziz Emmanuel,Lourd Habeeb Hanna,Salim Abraham,Dorota Molin
Neo-Aramaic and Kurdish Folklore from Northern Iraq: A Comparative Anthology with a Sample of Glossed Texts, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Geoffrey Khan,Eliya Al-Zebari,Masoud Mohammadirad,Aziz Emmanuel,Paul M. Noorlander,Salim Abraham,Lourd Habeeb Hanna
Nem teúdas, nem manteúdas: História das Mulheres e Direito na capitania da Paraíba (Brasil, 1661–1822)
Author/Editor: Luisa Stella de Oliveira Coutinho Silva,Thomas Duve,Stefan Vogenauer
Nemeckaja literaturno-filosofskaja mysl' XVIII-XIX vekov v kontekste tvorčestva I. S. Turgeneva
Author/Editor: Galina A. Time
Nel segno di Magellano tra terra e cielo: Il viaggio nelle arti umanistiche e scientifiche di lingua portoghese e di altre culture europee in un’ottica interculturale
Author/Editor: Michela Graziani,Lapo Casetti,Salomé Vuelta García
Nel mondo degli Slavi. Incontri e dialoghi tra culture.: Studi in onore di Giovanna Brogi Bercoff
Author/Editor: Maria Giovanna Di Salvo,Giovanna MORACCI,Giovanna SIEDINA
Nel «melograno di lingue»: Plurilinguismo e traduzione in Andrea Zanzotto
Author/Editor: Giorgia Bongiorno,Laura Toppan
Nekropolen der Polis Halieis (Argolis)
Author/Editor: Jenny H. Schlehofer
Neizvestnyj poet P. D. Buturlin - analiz tvorčestva
Author/Editor: Olga Schmidt
Neizdannoe i nesobrannoe
Author/Editor: Fëdor Sologub
Neighbours and Networks: The Blood Tribe in the Southern Alberta Economy, 1884–1939
Author/Editor: W. Keith Regular
Neighbourhoods in Transition: Brownfield Regeneration in European Metropolitan Areas
Author/Editor: Emmanuel Rey,Martine Laprise,Sophie Lufkin
„Neider überall zwingen uns zu gerechter Verteidigung“: Legitimisation and De-Legitimisation of World War I in German Dramatic Literature (Volume 14)
Author/Editor: Andreas Dorrer
Negro Soy Yo
Author/Editor: Perry D. ,Marc
Negotiations of the 'New World' : The Omnipresence of 'Global' as a Political Phenomenon
Author/Editor: Selchow ,Sabine
Negotiations of the 'New World'
Negotiating Urban Conflicts: Interaction, Space and Control
Author/Editor: Helmuth Berking,Sybille Frank,Lars Frers,Martina Löw,Lars Meier,Silke Steets,Sergej Stoetzer
Negotiating Tradition - The pragmatics of international deliberations on Cultural Property
Author/Editor: Groth, Stefan
Negotiating the Sacred II
Negotiating the Sacred
Negotiating the Religious in Contemporary Everyday Life in the “Islamic World”
Author/Editor: Roman Loimeier
Negotiating the Pandemic: Cultural, National, and Individual Constructions of COVID-19
Author/Editor: Inayat Ali,Robbie Davis-Floyd
Negotiating the North: Meeting-Places in the Middle Ages in the North Sea Zone
Author/Editor: Sarah Semple,Alexandra Sanmark,Frode Iversen,Natascha Mehler
Negotiating the Borders of the Gender Regime: Developments and Debates on Trans(sexuality) in the Federal Republic of Germany (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Adrian de Silva
Negotiating nursing
Author/Editor: Jane Brooks
Negotiating Internet Governance
Author/Editor: Roxana Radu
Negotiating Gender Expertise in Environment and Development: Voices from Feminist Political Ecology
Author/Editor: Bernadette P. Resurrección,Rebecca Elmhirst
Negotiating Gender Expertise in Environment and Development: Voices from Feminist Political Ecology
Author/Editor: Bernadette P. Resurrección,Rebecca Elmhirst
Negotiating Gender Equity in the Global South: The Politics of Domestic Violence Policy
Author/Editor: Sohela Nazneen,Sam Hickey,Eleni Sifaki
Negotiating Diversity: Identity, Pluralism and Democracy
Author/Editor: José-Maria Sauca,Alain-G. Gagnon
Negotiating Climate Change in Crisis
Author/Editor: Steffen Böhm,Sian Sullivan
Negotiating bioethics: the governance of UNESCO's Bioethics Programme
Author/Editor: Adèle Langlois
Negotiating Asylum: The EU Acquis, Extraterritorial Protection and the Common Market of Deflection
Author/Editor: Gregor Noll
Negen muzen, tien geboden. Historische en methodologische gevalstudies over de interactie tussen literatuur en ethiek
Negative Einkommensteuer, Lohnsubventionen und Langzeitarbeitslosigkeit
Author/Editor: Alexander Spermann
Negationskongruenz in den deutschen Dialekten
Author/Editor: Ann-Marie Moser
The Neganthropocene
Author/Editor: Bernard Stiegler,Daniel Ross
The Need to Belong in Secondary School: A Social Work Science Study of Austrian and Australian Students
Author/Editor: Sharon du Plessis-Schneider
Needs Analysis and Programme Planning in Adult Education
Author/Editor: Simona Sava
Nederlands in het perspectief van uitspraakverwerving en contrastieve taalkunde
Author/Editor: Rasier ,Laurent,Heuven , Vincent van,Defrancq ,Bart,Hiligsmann ,Philippe
Nederlandse elites in de twintigste eeuw
Nederland multicultureel en pluriform?
Nederland in de Wereld, De Wereld in Nederland: werkprogramma 2008-2010
Author/Editor: WRR
Nederland handelsland: het perspectief van de transactiekosten
Author/Editor: WRR
Nederland en de Europese grondwet - 1
Author/Editor: Pelkmans ,Jacques,Sie Dhian Ho ,Monika
Nederland als immigratiesamenleving
Author/Editor: WRR
Necessity or Nuisance?: Recourse to Human Rights in Substantive International Criminal Law
Author/Editor: Julia Gebhard
Nebenbestimmungen bei der Zulassung von Abfallentsorgungsanlagen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Instruments der Sicherheitsleistung
Author/Editor: Welf-Tilo Rumann
The (Near) Future of Central Bank Digital Currencies: Risks and Opportunities for the Global Economy and Society
Author/Editor: Nicola Bilotta,Fabrizio Botti
Nüchterne Staatsbürger für junge Nationen
Author/Editor: Sönke Bauck
Nb3Sn Accelerator Magnets: Designs, Technologies and Performance
Author/Editor: Daniel Schoerling,Alexander V. Zlobin
Nazi Soundscapes
Nazism and Neo-Nazism in Film and Media
Author/Editor: Jason Lee
Nazism and Neo-Nazism in Film and Media
Author/Editor: Jason Lee
Nazioni come individui: Il carattere nazionale fra passato e presente
Author/Editor: michela nacci
Nazi Characters in German Propaganda and Literature
Author/Editor: Dagmar C. G. Lorenz
Navigating the Kingdom of Night
Author/Editor: Matthews T ,Amy
Navigating the Future: An Ethnography of Change in Papua New Guinea
Navigating Socialist Encounters: Moorings and (Dis)Entanglements between Africa and East Germany during the Cold War
Author/Editor: Eric Burton,Anne Dietrich,Immanuel Harisch,Marcia Schenck
Navigating Neutrality: Early American Governance in the Turbulent Atlantic
Author/Editor: Sandra A. Moats
Navigating Borders
Naval Leadership in the Atlantic World: The Age of Reform and Revolution, 1700–1850
Naval Leadership in the Atlantic World: The Age of Reform and Revolution, 1700–1850
Naval Leadership in the Atlantic World
Naum Reichesberg (1867–1928): Sozialwissenschaftler im Dienst der Arbeiterklasse
Author/Editor: Aline Masé
Naturwissenschaftliche Erkenntnisgewinnung an chemischen Inhalten vermitteln
Author/Editor: Christian G. Strippel
Author/Editor: Renate Wahsner
Naturvetarna, ingenjörerna och valfrihetens samhälle: Rekrytering till teknik och naturvetenskap under svensk efterkrigstid
Author/Editor: Lövheim ,Daniel
Naturvetarna, ingenjörerna och valfrihetens samhälle: Rekrytering till teknik och naturvetenskap under svensk efterkrigstid
Natur- und Kulturlandschaften Bulgariens: Landschaftsoekologische Bestendsaufnahme, Entwicklungs- und Schutzpotential
Author/Editor: Karsten Grunewald,Dimitar Stoilov
Natur und Gesellschaft - Perspektiven der interdisziplinären Umweltgeschichte
Author/Editor: Jakubowski-Tiessen, Manfred,Sprenger, Jana
Natur, Kunst und Liebe in der Philosophie Vladimir Solov'evs: Eine religionsphilosophische Untersuchung. Vorr. von Fedor Stepun
Author/Editor: Edith Klum
The Nature of the Spectacle: On Images, Money, and Conserving Capitalism
Author/Editor: Jim Igoe
The Nature of Northern Australia: its natural values, ecological processes and future prospects
Author/Editor: Nix ,Henry,Mackey ,Brendan,Traill ,Barry,Woinarski ,John
Nature, Nurture and Chance
Nature Inc.: Environmental Conservation in the Neoliberal Age
Author/Editor: Bram Büscher,Wolfram Dressler,Robert Fletcher
Nature for Sale: Commons versus Commodities
Author/Editor: Giovanna Ricoveri
Nature-Based Solutions to Climate Change Adaptation in Urban Areas: Linkages between Science, Policy and Practice
Author/Editor: Nadja Kabisch,Horst Korn,Jutta Stadler,Aletta Bonn
Nature-Based Flood Risk Management on Private Land: Disciplinary Perspectives on a Multidisciplinary Challenge
Author/Editor: Thomas Hartmann,Lenka Slavíková,Simon McCarthy
Nature and Antiquities: The Making of Archaeology in the Americas
Author/Editor: Philip L. Kohl,Irina Podgorny,Stefanie Gänger
Natural Water Treatment Systems for Safe and Sustainable Water Supply in the Indian Context : Saph Pani
Natural Water Treatment Systems for Safe and Sustainable Water Supply in the Indian Context
Natur als Grenzerfahrung - Europäische Perspektiven der Mensch-Natur-Beziehung in Mittelalter und Neuzeit: Ressourcennutzung, Entdeckungen, Naturkatastrophen
Author/Editor: Kreye, Lars,Stühring, Carsten,Zwingelberg, Tanja
Natural Resource Development and Human Rights in Latin America: State and non-state actors in the promotion of and opposition to extractivism
Author/Editor: Malayna Raftopoulos,Radosław Powęska
The Naturalist and his ‘Beautiful Islands’ Charles Morris Woodford in the Western Pacific
Author/Editor: Lawrence Russell ,David
The Naturalist and his ‘Beautiful Islands’ Charles Morris Woodford in the Western Pacific
Natural Computing and Beyond: Winter School Hakodate 2011, Hakodate, Japan, March 2011 and 6th International Workshop on Natural Computing, Tokyo, Japan, March 2012, Proceedings
Author/Editor: Yasuhiro Suzuki,Toshiyuki Nakagaki
Natural Communication: The Obstacle-Embracing Art of Abstract Gnomonics
Author/Editor: Elias Zafiris,Ludger Hovestadt,Vera Bühlmann
Natural causes of language: Frames, biases, and cultural transmission
Author/Editor: Enfield ,N. J.
Natürlich, nackt, gesund: Die Lebensreform in der Schweiz nach 1945
Author/Editor: Eva Locher
NATO, Neutrality and National Identity: the case of Austria and Hungary
Author/Editor: Kovác ,András
Native Americans and the Christian Right: The Gendered Politics of Unlikely Alliances
Author/Editor: Andrea Smith
The Nation Should Come First: Marxism and Historiography in East Central Europe
Author/Editor: Maciej Gorny
Nations en quête de reconnaissance: Regards croisés Québec-Catalogne
Author/Editor: Alain-G. Gagnon,Ferran Requejo
Nationsbildung als "kulturelle Luege": Eine vergleichende Untersuchung zur kroatischen und tschechischen nationalen "Wiedergeburtsbewegung" des 19. Jahrhunderts
Author/Editor: Andreja Zoric
A Nation on the Line : Call Centers as Postcolonial Predicaments in the Philippines
Author/Editor: Padios ,Jan M.
A Nation on the Line
Nation Europa!: Warum aus der Europäischen Union die Europäische Nation werden muss
Author/Editor: Marcus Koch
Nation, Ethnicity and Race on Russian Television: Mediating post-Soviet difference
Author/Editor: Stephen Hutching,Vera Tolz
Nation-Building as Necessary Effort in Fragile States
Author/Editor: Grotenhuis ,René
Nation and Migration: How Citizens in Europe Are Coping with Xenophobia
Author/Editor: György Csepeli,Antal Örkény
National Stereotyping, Identity Politics, European Crises (Volume 27)
Author/Editor: Joep Leerssen,Jürgen Barkhoff
Nationalsozialistische Schulverwaltung in Hamburg. Vier Führungspersonen
Author/Editor: Uwe Schmidt,Rainer Hering
Nationalsozialismus und Geschlecht: Zur Politisierung und Ästhetisierung von Körper, »Rasse« und Sexualität im »Dritten Reich« und nach 1945
Author/Editor: Elke Frietsch,Christina Herkommer
National Security Intelligence and Ethics
Author/Editor: Seumas Miller,Mitt Regan,Patrick F. Walsh
National Reflections on the Netherlands Didactics of Mathematics: Teaching and Learning in the Context of Realistic Mathematics Education
Author/Editor: Marja Van den Heuvel-Panhuizen
National Reconviction Statistics and Studies in Europe = Nationale Rückfallstatistiken und -untersuchungen in Europa
Author/Editor: Albrecht, Hans-Jörg,Jehle, Jörg-Martin
National Museums and Nation-building in Europe 1750-2010: Mobilization and legitimacy, continuity and change
Author/Editor: Peter Aronsson,Gabriella Elgenius
National Language Planning and Language Shifts in Malaysian Minority Communities
Nationalism in a Transnational Age: Irrational Fears and the Strategic Abuse of Nationalist Pride
Author/Editor: Frank Jacob,Carsten Schapkow
Nationalism, Identity and Statehood in Post-Yugoslav Montenegro
Author/Editor: Kenneth Morrison
Nationalism, Chauvinism and Racism as Reflected in European Musical Thought and in Compositions from the Interwar Period
Author/Editor: Andrzej Tuchowski
Nationalepen zwischen Fakten und Fiktionen
Author/Editor: Detering ,Heinrich,Hoffmann ,Torsten,Pasewalck ,Silke,Pormeister ,Eve
Nationale identiteit en meervoudig verleden
Author/Editor: Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid,Grever ,Maria,Ribbens ,Kees
Nationale Hoffnung und konservative Enttäuschung: Zum Wandel des konservativen Nationenverständnisses nach der deutschen Vereinigung (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Florian Finkbeiner
National Courts and Preliminary References to the Court of Justice
Author/Editor: Jasper Krommendijk
National Constitutions in European and Global Governance: Democracy, Rights, the Rule of Law: National Reports
Author/Editor: Anneli Albi,Samo Bardutzky