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Qur’ans of the Umayyads: A First Overview
Author/Editor: François Déroche
The Qur'an Seminar Commentary : A Collaborative Study of 50 Qur'anic Passages
Author/Editor: Azaiez ,Mehdi,Reynolds ,Gabriel Said,Tesei ,Tommaso,Zafer ,Hamza M.
The Qur'an Seminar Commentary
Qur'anic Hermeneutics: Between Science, History, and the Bible
Author/Editor: Abdulla Galadari
Quranic Arabic: From its Hijazi Origins to its Classical Reading Traditions
Author/Editor: Marijn van Putten
Quo vadis, politischer Islam? : AKP, al-Qaida und Muslimbruderschaft in systemtheoretischer Perspektive
Author/Editor: Hasche ,Thorsten
Quo vadis, politischer Islam?
Quod bonum felix faustumque sit. Ehrenpromotion von Walter Jens zum Dr. theol. h. c. am 3. Juni 2005 in der Universität Hamburg
Author/Editor: Jörg Dierken,Stefan Timm
Quintus Smyrnaeus: Transforming Homer in Second Sophistic Epic
Author/Editor: Manuel Baumbach,Silvio Bär
¿Qué hacer con los pobres? Elites y sectores populares en Santiago de Chile 1840-1895
Author/Editor: Romero A. ,Luis
Quest to Learn: Developing the School for Digital Kids
Author/Editor: Katie Salen Tekinbaş,Robert Torres,Loretta Wolozin,Rebecca Rufo-Tepper,Arana Shapiro
¿Qué está pasando?: Cómo la música le da forma a lo social.
Author/Editor: Wilfried Raussert,Wilfried Raussert,Olaf Kaltmeier
The Question of 'Cultural Language' and Interdialectal Norm in 16th Century Slovakia: A Phonological Analysis of 16th Century Slovak Administrative-Legal Texts
Author/Editor: Mark Richard Lauersdorf
Question jurassienne et idéologies langagières. Langue et construction identitaire dans les revendications autonomistes des minorités francophones (1959-1978)
Author/Editor: Cotelli Kureth ,Sara
Questioning the Entrepreneurial State: Status-quo, Pitfalls, and the Need for Credible Innovation Policy
Author/Editor: Karl Wennberg,Christian Sandström
Questioning Bodies in Shakespeare's Rome: Interfacing Science, Literature, and the Humanities / ACUME 2: Volume 4
Author/Editor: Maria Del Sapio Garbero,Nancy Isenberg
Question d'honneur: Les notions d'honos, honestum et honestas dans la République romaine antique
Author/Editor: Mathieu Jacotot
Questing Excellence in Academia: A Tale of Two Universities
Author/Editor: Knut H. Sørensen,Sharon Traweek
A Quest for True Islam: A Study of the Islamic Resurgence Movement among the Youth in Bandung, Indonesia
Author/Editor: Rosyad ,Rifki
The Quest for the Good Life in Precarious Times: Ethnographic Perspectives on the Domestic Moral Economy
Author/Editor: Chris Gregory,Jon Altman
Quest for Good Money: Past, Present and Future
Author/Editor: Yukinobu Kitamura
The Quest for an Appropriate Past in Literature, Art and Architecture
Author/Editor: Karl A.E. Enenkel,Konrad Adriaan Ottenheym
Qu'est-ce qu'une archive du Web?
Author/Editor: Francesca Musiani,Camille Paloque-Berges,Valérie Schafer,Benjamin Thierry
Quelles agricultures irriguées demain?: Répondre aux enjeux de la sécurité alimentaire et du développement durable
Author/Editor: Sami Bouarfa,François Brelle,Caroline Coulon
Quellen zur jüdischen Familiengeschichtsforschung im Staatsarchiv Hamburg. Ein Wegweiser für die Spurensuche
Author/Editor: Jürgen Sielemann,Staatsarchiv der Freien und Hansestadt Hambur
Queertheoretische Perspektiven auf Bildung: Pädagogische Kritik der Heteronormativität
Author/Editor: Jutta Hartmann,Astrid Messerschmidt,Christine Thon
Queer Spiritual Spaces: Sexuality and Sacred Places
Author/Editor: Andrew Kam-Tuck Yip,Kath Browne,Sally R. Munt
Queer Roots for the Diaspora: Ghosts in the Family Tree
Author/Editor: Jarrod Landin Hayes
Queer Roma
Author/Editor: Lucie Fremlova
Queer Reflections on AI: Uncertain Intelligences
Author/Editor: Michael Klipphahn-Karge,Ann-Kathrin Koster,Sara Morais dos Santos Bruss
Queer Rebels: Rewriting Literary Traditions in Contemporary Spanish Novels
Author/Editor: Łukasz Smuga,Łukasz Smuga,Patrycja Poniatowska
Queer Migration and Asylum in Europe
Author/Editor: Richard C. M. Mole
Queer Methods and Methodologies
Author/Editor: Kath Browne,Catherine J. Nash
Queer Livability: German Sexual Sciences and Life Writing
Author/Editor: Ina Linge
Queer Korea
Author/Editor: Todd A. Henry
Queer Kinship on the Edge? Families of Choice in Poland
Author/Editor: Joanna Mizielińska
Queer Insists (for José Esteban Muñoz)
Author/Editor: Michael O'Rourke
Queering Translation, Translating the Queer: Theory, Practice, Activism
Author/Editor: Brian James Baer,Klaus Kaindl
Queering Translation History: Shakespeare’s Sonnets in Czech and Slovak Transformations
Author/Editor: Eva Spišiaková
Queering the Shakespeare Film: Gender Trouble, Gay Spectatorship and Male Homoeroticism
Author/Editor: Anthony Guy Patricia
Queering the Migrant in Contemporary European Cinema
Author/Editor: James S. Williams
Queering Knowledge: Analytics, Devices, and Investments after Marilyn Strathern
Author/Editor: Paul Boyce,E.J. Gonzalez-Polledo,Silvia Posocco
Queering Asylum in Europe: Legal and Social Experiences of Seeking International Protection on grounds of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Author/Editor: Carmelo Danisi,Moira Dustin,Nuno Ferreira,Nina Held
Queer in Africa: LGBTQI Identities, Citizenship, and Activism
Author/Editor: Zethu Matebeni,Surya Monro,Vasu Reddy
A Queer History of Adolescence: Developmental Pasts, Relational Futures
Author/Editor: Gabrielle Owen
Queer Festivals
Author/Editor: Konstantinos Eleftheriadis
Queer-Feminist Punk
Author/Editor: Wiedlack ,Maria Katharina
The Queer Fantasies of the American Family Sitcom
Author/Editor: Pugh ,Tison
Queere Zeitlichkeiten in dokumentarischen Filmen: Untersuchungen an der Schnittstelle von Filmwissenschaft und Queer Studies
Author/Editor: Natascha Frankenberg
Queere Vielfalt im Fußball: Perspektiven aus Forschung und Praxis
Author/Editor: Magnus Hirschfeld
Queere KI: Zum Coming-out smarter Maschinen
Author/Editor: Michael Klipphahn-Karge,Ann-Kathrin Koster,Sara Morais dos Santos Bruss
Queere Fanfictions - Queere Utopien?: Hetero- und Homonormativität in Fanfictions zu US-Vampir-Serien
Author/Editor: Denise Labahn
Queer Communal Kinship Now!
Queer Between the Covers: Histories of Queer Publishing and Publishing Queer Voices
Author/Editor: Leila Kassir,Richard Espley
Queer and Trans People of Colour in the UK: Possibilities for Intersectional Richness
Author/Editor: Stephanie Davis
Queer and Bookish: Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick as Book Artist
Author/Editor: Jason Edwards
Queer Ancient Ways: A Decolonial Exploration
Author/Editor: Zairong Xiang
The Queen of American Agriculture: A Biography of Virginia Claypool Meredith
Author/Editor: Frederick Whitford,Andrew G. Martin,Phyllis Mattheis
The QUEECA Experience: Developing and Implementing a Central Asia Accreditation of Engineering Education Consistent with European Standards
Author/Editor: Sergey Gerasimov,Elisa Guberti,Jose Carlos Quadrado,Onola Umankulova,Ulf Winkelmann,Claudio Borri
«Que dorénavant chacun fuie paillardise, oisiveté, gourmandise…» Réforme et contrôle des moeurs : la justice consistoriale dans le Pays de Neuchâtel (1547-1848)
Author/Editor: Robert ,Michèle
«Que dorénavant chacun fuie paillardise, oisiveté, gourmandise…» Réforme et contrôle des moeurs
Quattro matrimoni e una biblioteca: Storia di una raccolta libraria e delle vite nascoste tra le sue pieghe
Author/Editor: giovanna grifoni
Quaternion Algebras
Author/Editor: John Voight
Quaternary Vegetation Dynamics: The African Pollen Database
Author/Editor: Jürgen Runge,William D. Gosling,Anne-Marie Lézine,Louis Scott
Quartier und Demokratie: Theorie und Praxis lokaler Partizipation zwischen Fremdbestimmung und Grassroots
Author/Editor: Olaf Schnur,Matthias Drilling,Oliver Niermann
Quartier^4: Impulse für eine bedürfnisgerechte Quartiersgestaltung
Author/Editor: Agnes Förster,Nina Berding,Angelina Bolten,Paula Erckmann
A Quarter-Century of Normalization and Social Role Valorization
A Quarter-Century of Normalization and Social Role Valorization : Evolution and Impact
Author/Editor: Flynn J. ,Robert,Lemay ,Raymond
Quarks, Gluons and Lattices
Author/Editor: Michael Creutz
Quantum Tunneling of Josephson Vortices in High-Impedance Long Junctions
Author/Editor: Matthias Micha Wildermuth
Quantum Theory Of Angular Momentum
Author/Editor: V K Khersonskii,A N Moskalev,D A Varshalovich
Quantum Sensing Experiments with Superconducting Qubits
Author/Editor: Andre Schneider
Quantum Computing for the Quantum Curious
Author/Editor: Ciaran Hughes,Joshua Isaacson,Anastasia Perry,Ranbel F. Sun,Jessica Turner
Quantum Chromodynamics at High Energy
Author/Editor: Yuri V. Kovchegov,Eugene Levin
Quantum Chromodynamics and the Pomeron
Author/Editor: J.R. Forshaw,D.A. Ross
Quantized Detector Networks: The Theory of Observation
Author/Editor: George Jaroszkiewicz
Quantization on Nilpotent Lie Groups
Author/Editor: Veronique Fischer,Michael Ruzhansky
Quantitative Techniques in Participatory Forest Management
Author/Editor: Eugenio Martínez-Falero,Susana Martín-Fernández,Antonio García-Abril
Quantitative Models in Life Science Business: From Value Creation to Business Processes
Author/Editor: Jung Kyu Canci,Philipp Mekler,Gang Mu
Quantitative Daten in bildungswissenschaftlichen Disziplinen
Author/Editor: Jessica Gröber,Marc André Kellert,Dirk Hofäcker
Quantitative Ansätze in den Literatur- und Geisteswissenschaften: Systematische und historische Perspektiven
Author/Editor: Toni Bernhart,Marcus Willand,Sandra Richter
Quantitative Analyse der oekonomischen Bedeutung eines Unternehmens: Vor dem Hintergrund neuer Herausforderungen in der Industriepolitik
Author/Editor: Dirk Heeger
Quantifying the Unknown: Marine Mineral Resource Potential on the Norwegian Extended Continental Shelf
Author/Editor: Steinar Løve Ellefmo,Fredrik Søreide
Quantifying Quality of Life: Incorporating Daily Life into Medicine
Author/Editor: Katarzyna Wac,Sharon Wulfovich
Quantifizierungen im medizinischen Fachwortschatz
Author/Editor: Gerd Freidhof
Quantification and scales in change
Author/Editor: Remus Gergel,Jonathan Watkins
Quantification and Modelling of Fugitive Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Urban Water Systems
Author/Editor: Liu Ye,Jose Porro,Ingmar Nopens
Quantenoptik an Schulen: Studie im Mixed-Methods Design zur Evaluation des Erlanger Unterrichtskonzepts zur Quantenoptik (Volume 303)
Author/Editor: Philipp Bitzenbauer
Quando la giustizia incontra il minore: L’esperienza dell’aula di audizione protetta in Italia (Pesaro, 11 maggio 2013)
Author/Editor: Flavia Pozzolini
Quando avere un lavoro non basta a proteggere dalla povertà
Author/Editor: chiara saraceno
Quand le syntagme nominal prend ses marques: Du prédicat à l'argument
Author/Editor: Peter Lauwers,Katia Paykin,Mihaela ILIOAIA,Machteld Meulleman,Pascale Hadermann
Quality Management and Accreditation in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation and Cellular Therapy: The JACIE Guide
Author/Editor: Mahmoud Aljurf,John A. Snowden,Patrick Hayden,Kim H. Orchard,Eoin McGrath
Quality Management and Accounting in Service Industries: A New Model of Quality Cost Calculation
Author/Editor: Wojciech Sadkowski,Piotr Jedynak
Quality education: The nexus of human capital development, economic growth and social justice in a South African context
Author/Editor: Muchativugwa L. Hove,Muchativugwa L. Hove,Martha Matashu,Martha Matashu,Shepherd Mlambo,Patient Rambe,Kgomotsego B. Samuel,Washington T. Dudu
Quality aspects in institutional translation
Quality aspects in institutional translation
Quality and Quantity of work in the Nineties in the Netherlands
Author/Editor: Adriaansens ,H.P.M.
Qualität und Güte im gemeinsamen Forschen mit Menschen mit Lernschwierigkeiten: Entwurf und Diskussion von Qualitätskriterien Partizipativer und Inklusiver Forschung
Author/Editor: Mandy Hauser
Qualitätssicherung: Die Praxis der Übersetzungsrevision im Zusammenhang mit EN 15038 und ISO 17100 Verlag für
Author/Editor: Madeleine Schnierer
Qualitätssicherung: Die Praxis der Übersetzungsrevision im Zusammenhang mit EN 15038 und ISO 17100
Author/Editor: Madeleine Schnierer
Qualitätsmonitor 2020
Author/Editor: Franz Dormann,Jürgen Klauber,Ralf Kuhlen
Qualitätsmonitor 2019
Author/Editor: Franz Dormann,Jürgen Klauber,Ralf Kuhlen
Qualitätsmanagement jenseits von Checklisten: Wie Qualitätsmanagement in der Praxis wirklich Nutzen bringt
Author/Editor: Julia Bellabarba,Christine Kuch
Qualitätsleitfaden Offshore-Kampfmittelbeseitigung
Author/Editor: Torsten Frey,Jens-Uwe Fischer,Robert Holländer
Qualitätsbausteine schulischer Inklusion: Organisations-, Personal- und Unterrichtsentwicklung an inklusiven Schulen aus der Sicht unterschiedlicher Beteiligter
Author/Editor: Katharina Wirtz
Qualität packt Lehre: Miszellen von der Technischen Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe
Author/Editor: Dennis Schäffer,André Mersch
Qualität in der Inhaltserschließung
Author/Editor: Michael Franke-Maier,Anna Kasprzik,Andreas Ledl,Hans Schürmann
Qualität 2030: Die umfassende Strategie für das Gesundheitswesen
Author/Editor: Matthias Schrappe
Qualität 2030: Die umfassende Strategie für das Gesundheitswesen. Mit einem Geleitwort von Ulf Fink und Franz Dormann
Author/Editor: Matthias Schrappe
Qualities of food
Author/Editor: Harvey ,Mark,McMeekin ,Andrew,Warde ,Alan
Qualité des aliments d'origine animale
Author/Editor: Sophie Prache,Véronique Santé-Lhoutellier,Catherine Donnars
Qualitative Research in Gambling : Exploring the production and consumption of risk
Author/Editor: Cassidy ,Rebecca,Pisac ,Andrea,Loussouarn ,Claire
Qualitative Research in Gambling
Qualitative Research in European Migration Studies
Author/Editor: Ricard Zapata-Barrero,Evren Yalaz
Qualitative Freedom - Autonomy in Cosmopolitan Responsibility
Author/Editor: Claus Dierksmeier
Qualitative Forschung auf dem Prüfstand: Beiträge zur Professionalisierung qualitativ-empirischer Forschung in den Sozial- und Bildungswissenschaften
Author/Editor: Maria Kondratjuk,Olaf Dörner,Sandra Tiefel,Heike Ohlbrecht
Qualitative Analysis and Documentary Method: In International Educational Research
Author/Editor: Ralf Bohnsack,Nicolle Pfaff,Wivian Weller
Qualitaet und Nutzen medizinischer Leistungen: 10. Bad Orber Gespraeche, 10.-12. November 2005
Author/Editor: Klaus Knabner,Eberhard Wille
Qualitaetsungewißheit bei Guetern mit Vertrauenseigenschaften: Entwicklung und Anwendung eines entscheidungstheoretisch fundierten Analyserahmens
Author/Editor: Dietrich Benner
Qualitaetssicherung und Patientennutzen: 13. Bad Orber Gespraeche ueber kontroverse Themen im Gesundheitswesen 20.-21. November 2008
Author/Editor: Eberhard Wille,Klaus Knabner
Qualitaetsorientierte Verguetungssysteme in der ambulanten und stationaeren Behandlung
Author/Editor: Manfred Albring,Eberhard Wille
Qualitaetsmanagement in Dienstleistungscentern: Konzeption und typenspezifische Ausgestaltung unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung von Verkehrsflughaefen
Author/Editor: Ralf Birkelbach
Qualitaetsbeurteilung investiver Dienstleistungen: Operationalisierungsansaetze an einem empirischen Beispiel zentraler EDV-Dienste
Author/Editor: Bernd Büker
Qualifizierung für den Secondhandsektor in Europa (Volume 34)
Author/Editor: Heike Arold,Lars Windelband
Quale federalismo per l’Italia di oggi?: Atti della Giornata di Studi promossa dalla Facoltà di Scienze Politiche “Cesare Alfieri” Per i 150 anni dell’Unità d’Italia
Author/Editor: Sandro Rogari
A Quaint & Curious Volume
Author/Editor: Dylan K. Rogers,Claire J. Weiss
QoS-Based Optimization of Runtime Management of Sensing Cloud Applications
Author/Editor: Manuel Gotin
Qing Imperial Illustrations of Tributary Peoples (Huang Qing zhigong tu): A Cultural Cartography of Empire
Author/Editor: Laura Hostetler,Xuemei Wu
Qhapaq Ñan Inkastraßen im Wandel der Zeit
Qhapaq Ñan Inkastraßen im Wandel der Zeit
Author/Editor: Pointecker ,Marco
QCD as a Theory of Hadrons: From Partons to Confinement
Author/Editor: Stephan Narison
Qatar’s Nation Branding and Soft Power: Exploring the Effects on National Identity and International Stance
Author/Editor: Nawaf Al-Tamimi,Azzam Amin,Nourollah Zarrinabadi
Qatar: : Evidence of the Palaeolithic Earliest People Revealed
Author/Editor: Julie Scott-Jackson
Qarakhanid Roads to China: A History of Sino-Turkic Relations
Author/Editor: Dilnoza Duturaeva