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Tyrolis Latina : Geschichte der lateinischen Literatur in TirolBand I: Von den Anfängen bis zur Gründung der Universität InnsbruckBand II: Von der Gründung der Universität Innsbruck bis heute
Author/Editor: Korenjak ,Martin,Schaffenrath ,Florian,Subaric ,Lav,Töchterle ,Karlheinz
Tyrolis Latina
A typology of questions in Northeast Asia and beyond: An ecological perspective
Author/Editor: Andreas Hölzl
A typology of marked-S languages
Author/Editor: Handschuh ,Corinna
Typologie des Marketing-Management: Theoretisch-konzeptionelle Grundlagen und internationale empirische Befunde
Author/Editor: Andreas Seifert
Typical Girls: The Rhetoric of Womanhood in Comic Strips
Author/Editor: Susan E. Kirtley
Tyneside Neighbourhoods : Deprivation, Social Life and Social Behaviour in One British City
Author/Editor: Nettle ,Daniel
Tyneside Neighbourhoods
Tying the Threads of Eurasia: Trans-regional Routes and Material Flows in Transcaucasia, eastern Anatolia and western Central Asia, c.3000-1500BC
Author/Editor: Toby C. Wilkinson
Two Twelfth-Century Texts on Chinese Painting
Author/Editor: Robert J. Maeda
Two Studies on Ming History
Author/Editor: Charles O. Hucker
Two Sides of a Barricade: (Dis)order and Summit Protest in Europe
Author/Editor: Christian Scholl
The Two Rainbow Serpents travelling: Mura track narratives from the 'Corner Country'
Author/Editor: Beckett ,Jeremy,Hercus ,Luise
Two Lenins : A Brief Anthropology of Time
Author/Editor: Ssorin-Chaikov ,Nikolai
Two Lenins
Two Centuries of Solidarity : German, Belgian and Dutch social health insurance 1770-2008
Author/Editor: Companje ,K.P.,Hendriks ,R.H.M.,Veraghtert ,K.F.E.,Widdershoven ,B.E.M.
Two Centuries of Solidarity
Twitter als Basis wissenschaftlicher Studien: Eine Bewertung gängiger Erhebungs- und Analysemethoden der Twitter-Forschung
Author/Editor: Fabian Pfaffenberger
Twin Studies: Research in Genes, Teeth and Faces
Author/Editor: Townsend C ,Grant,Pinkerton K ,Sandra,Rogers R ,James,Bockmann R ,Michelle,Hughes E ,Toby
Twin-Control: A Digital Twin Approach to Improve Machine Tools Lifecycle
Author/Editor: Mikel Armendia,Mani Ghassempouri,Erdem Ozturk,Flavien Peysson
The Twilight of the British Empire: British Intelligence and Counter-Subversion in the Middle East, 1948–63
Author/Editor: Chikara Hashimoto
The Twilight of the Avant-Garde
Author/Editor: Mayhew ,Jonathan
Twilight of the Anthropocene Idols
Author/Editor: Cohen ,Tom,Colebrook ,Claire,Miller Hillis ,J.
Twilight of the Anthropocene Idols
Twenty K.R. Narayanan Orations: Essays by Eminent Persons on the Rapidly Transforming Indian Economy
Author/Editor: Raghbendra Jha
Twentieth-Century Russian Poetry : Reinventing the Canon
Twentieth-Century Russian Poetry
The Twentieth Century in European Memory: Transcultural Mediation and Reception
Author/Editor: Tea Sindbæk Andersen,Barbara Törnquist-Plewa
Tweets from the Campaign Trail: Researching Candidates’ Use of Twitter During the European Parliamentary Elections
Author/Editor: Alex Frame,Arnaud Mercier,Gilles Brachotte,Caja Thimm
Tweets and the Streets : Social Media and Contemporary Activism
Author/Editor: Gerbaudo ,Paolo
Tweets and the Streets
Tweedeling in perspectief
Author/Editor: WRR
Tvivl og tolerance (Vol. 15):Et skrift om Pierre Bayle, en milepæl og et paradoks i oplysningens historie
Author/Editor: John Pedersen
Tvivl og tolerance (Vol. 15):Et skrift om Pierre Bayle, en milepæl og et paradoks i oplysningens historie
Tussen twee stoelen, tussen twee vuren: Nederlandse literatuur op weg naar de buitenlandse lezer
Author/Editor: Lut Missinne,Jaap Grave
Tussen hoop en vrees
Turn-Taking in Human Communicative Interaction
Author/Editor: Holler ,Judith,Kendrick H. ,Kobin,Casillas ,Marisa,Levinson C. ,Stephen
Turn on the light on science : A research-based guide to break down popular stereotypes about science and scientists
Author/Editor: Tintori ,Antonio,Palomba ,Rossella
Turn on the light on science
Turn It and Turn It Again: Studies in the Teaching and Learning of Classical Jewish Texts
Author/Editor: Susan P. Fendrick,Jon A. Levisohn
Turning toward Edification: Foreigners in Chosŏn Korea
Author/Editor: Adam Bohnet
Turnings Fiji Factions
Author/Editor: Lal V. ,Brij
The Turning Point in China's Economic Development
Author/Editor: Garnaut ,Ross,Song ,Ligang
Turning over a New Leaf : Change and Development in the Medieval Book
Author/Editor: Kwakkel ,Erik,McKitterick ,Rosamond,Thomson ,Rodney
Turning over a New Leaf
Turkish German Muslims and Comedy Entertainment: Settling into Mainstream Culture in the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Benjamin Nickl
Turkey, Migration and the EU: Potentials, Challenges and Opportunities
Author/Editor: Seçil Paçaci Elitok,Thomas Straubhaar
Turkey facing a new millenium: Coping with intertwined conflicts
Author/Editor: Nachmani ,Amikam
Turkey facing a new millenium: Coping with intertwined conflicts
Turbulence: A Corporate Perspective on Collaborating for Resilience
Author/Editor: Kupers ,Roland
Tupo ja media: Talous- ja työmarkkinapoliittisen julkisuuden toimintahorisontit kolmella vuosikymmenellä
Author/Editor: Esa Reunanen,Jari Väliverronen
Tunnelling: Management by Design
Author/Editor: Alan Muir Wood
Tulagi: Pacific Outpost of British Empire
Author/Editor: Clive Moore
Tuberculosis in Adults and Children
Author/Editor: Maxine Caws,Ben Marais,Dorothee Heemskerk,Jeremy Farrar
The Tsar, The Empire, and The Nation: Dilemmas of Nationalization in Russia's Western Borderlands, 1905-1915
Author/Editor: Darius Staliūnas,Yoko Aoshima
“Tsar and God” : and Other Essays in Russian Cultural Semiotics
Author/Editor: Uspensky ,Boris,Zhivov ,Victor
“Tsar and God”
Tsangnyön Herukas sånger: En studie och översättning av en tibetansk buddhistisk yogis religiösa poesi
Author/Editor: Stefan Larsson
Truth and Fiction: Notes on (Exceptional) Faith in Art
Author/Editor: Milcho Manchevski,Adrian Martin
»Truth« and Fiction: Conspiracy Theories in Eastern European Culture and Literature
Author/Editor: Peter Deutschmann,Jens Herlth,Alois Woldan
Trusting the Police : Comparisons across Eastern and Western Europe
Author/Editor: Staubli ,Silvia
Trusting the Police
Trusting the Police
Trust in Contemporary Society
Author/Editor: Masamichi Sasaki
Trust and Terror: Social Capital and the Use of Terrorism as a Tool of Resistance
Author/Editor: Ammar Shamaileh
Trust and Mistrust in the Economies of the China-Russia Borderlands
Trust and Communication: Foundations of Interconnectivity
Author/Editor: Anil Jacob Kunnel
Tru på Vestlandet: Tradisjonar i endring
Author/Editor: Birger Løvlie,Per Halse,Kristin Hatlebrekke
Trump - ein amerikanischer Traum?: Warum Amerika sich verwählt hat (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Wolfgang Fach
True Cost Accounting for Food: Balancing the Scale
Author/Editor: Barbara Gemmill-Herren,Lauren E. Baker,Paula A. Daniels
True Biographies of Nations?: The Cultural Journeys of Dictionaries of National Biography
Author/Editor: Karen Fox
Author/Editor: Ken Reid
Útrásarvíkingar!: The Literature of the Icelandic Financial Crisis (2008–2014)
Author/Editor: Alaric Hall
Trouble Songs: A Musicological Poetics
Author/Editor: Jeff T. Johnson
The Troubles in Northern Ireland and Theories of Social Movements
Author/Editor: Lorenzo Bosi,Gianluca Fazio
Trouble: Grist anthology of protest - short stories
Author/Editor: Caitlin Bastow,Liam Crew,Jonathan Croft,Simon Crump,Lottie Edwards,Beth Greenhalgh,Charlotte Rhodes,Beth Ridley-Duff,Georgia Turner-Beach
Troubled Waters: Confronting the Water Crisis in Australia's Cities
Author/Editor: Troy ,Patrick
"Trotz allem glaube ich an das Gute im Menschen". Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank und seine Rezeption in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Author/Editor: Katja Heimsath,Rainer Hering
Tropical Forests Of Oceania. Anthropological Perspectives
Author/Editor: Bell A. ,Joshua,West ,Paige,Filer ,Colin
Tropical Forests Of Oceania. Anthropological Perspectives
Tropes of Transport : Hegel and Emotion
Author/Editor: Pahl ,Katrin
Tropes of Transport
The Troll Inside You: Paranormal Activity in the Medieval North
Author/Editor: Ármann Jakobsson
The Troika of Adult Learners, Lifelong Learning, and Mathematics
Author/Editor: Katherine Safford-Ramus,Pradeep Kumar Misra,Terry Maguire
Tránsitos materiales e inmateriales entre África, Latinoamérica y El Caribe
Author/Editor: Mbuyi Kabunda Badi,César Ross
Türkische Männer in Deutschland: Familie und Identität. Migranten der ersten Generation erzählen ihre Geschichte
Author/Editor: Margret Spohn
Triumphant Love : The contextual, creative and strategic missionary work of Amy Beatrice Carmichael in south India
Author/Editor: Kommers ,J.(Hans)
Triumphant Love
The triple bind of single-parent families : Resources, employment and policies to improve well-being
The triple bind of single-parent families
The triple bind of single-parent families
The Trillion Dollar Shift
Author/Editor: Marga Hoek
Trickbox of Memory: Essays on Power and Disorderly Pasts
Author/Editor: Felicitas Macgilchrist,Alexandra Binnenkade,Rosalie Metro,Lisa Farley,Heidi Grunebaum,Matthew Howard,Rosalie Metro,Felicitas Macgilchrist,Alexandra Oeser,Lorraine Ryan,Elizabeth Anderson Worden
Trick 17: Mediengeschichten zwischen Zauberkunst und Wissenschaft
Author/Editor: Sebastian Vehlken,Katja Müller-Helle,Jan Müggenburg,Florian Sprenger
Triangulation in der Fremdsprachenforschung
Author/Editor: Daniela Elsner,Britta Viebrock
A Trial Separation : Australia and the Decolonisation of Papua New Guinea
Author/Editor: Denoon ,Donald
A Trial Separation
Treuhänderische Übernahme und Verwahrung: International und interdisziplinär betrachtet
Author/Editor: Olivia Kaiser,Christina Köstner-Pemsel,Markus Stumpf
Treue zum Stil: Die aufgeführte Gesellschaft
Author/Editor: Uwe Flick,Robert Schmidt,Gunter Gebauer,Thomas Alkemeyer,Bernhard Boschert
Trente années d'observation des micro-algues et des toxines d'algues sur le littoral
Author/Editor: Catherine Belin,Dominique Soudant
Trends in Tourism and Recreation in the European Community
Author/Editor: NRIT
Trends in het medialandschap - 7
Author/Editor: Donk van de ,W.B.H.J.,Broeders ,D.W.J.
Trends in Cerebrovascular Surgery and Interventions
Author/Editor: Giuseppe Esposito,Luca Regli,Marco Cenzato,Yasuhiko Kaku,Michihiro Tanaka,Tetsuya Tsukahara
Trender for idrettspsykologisk forskning i Skandinavia
Author/Editor: Tommy Haugen,Rune Høigaard
Trediakovskij und die "Argenida": Ein Vorbild, das keines wurde
Author/Editor: Capucine Carrier
Treatment Wetlands
Author/Editor: Dotro ,Gabriela,Langergraber ,Günter,Molle ,Pascal,Nivala ,Jaime,Puigagut ,Jaume,Stein ,Otto,Von Sperling ,Marcos
Treatment Wetlands
Treatment of Micropollutants in Water and Wastewater
Author/Editor: Jurate Virkutyte,Rajender Varma
Treatment and Valorisation of Saline Wastewater: Principles and Practice
Author/Editor: Ángeles Val del Río,José Luis Campos Gómez,Anuska Mosquera Corral
Treatise on the Marvelous for Prestigious Museums
Author/Editor: Daniel C. Remein
Treasures in Trusted Hands: Negotiating the Future of Colonial Cultural Objects
Author/Editor: Jos van Beurden
Treasures from UCL
Author/Editor: Furlong ,Gillian
Treasures from UCL
The TRB West Group: Studies in the Chronology and Geography of the Makers of Hunebeds and Tiefstich Pottery
Author/Editor: Jan Albert Bakker
Trazos de sangre y fuego: Bio-Necropolítica y juvenicidio en América Latina
Author/Editor: José Manuel Valenzuela Arce
Travesía de la Esperanza: La inmigración portuguesa en Barquisimeto (1948-1958)
Author/Editor: Froilán Ramos Rodríguez
Traversing the Divide: Honouring Deborah Cass's Contributions to Public and International Law
Author/Editor: Kim Rubenstein
Travelling Chronicles: News and Newspapers from the Early Modern Period to the Eighteenth Century
Author/Editor: Siv Gøril Brandtzæg,Paul Goring,Christine Watson
Travailler dans une école: Sociologie du travail dans les établissements scolaires en Suisse romande
Author/Editor: Heloïse Durler,Philippe Losego
Travailler dans la grande distribution: La journée de travail va-t-elle redevenir une question sociale?
Author/Editor: Nicola Cianferoni
Traumdramaturgie und Selbstreflexion: Bildstrategien romantischer Traumdarstellungen im Spannungsfeld zeitgenössischer Traumtheorie und Ästhetik
Author/Editor: Dieckmann ,Lisa
Traumdramaturgie und Selbstreflexion: Bildstrategien romantischer Traumdarstellungen im Spannungsfeld zeitgenössischer Traumtheorie und Ästhetik
Trauma und Terror : Zum palästinensischen und tschetschenischen Nationalismus
Author/Editor: Szyszkowitz ,Tessa
Trauma und Terror
Traumatisierung durch politisierte Medizin: Geschlossene Venerologische Stationen in der DDR
Author/Editor: Florian Steger,Maximilian Schochow
Traumatic Stress in South Africa
Author/Editor: Kaminer ,Deborah,Eagle ,Gillian
Trauma – Generationen – Erzählen: Transgenerationale Narrative in der Gegenwartsliteratur zum ost-, ostmittel- und südosteuropäischen Raum
Author/Editor: Yvonne Drosihn,Ingeborg Jandl,Eva Kowollik
Trauma and Resilience Among Displaced Populations: A Sociocultural Exploration
Author/Editor: Gail Theisen-Womersley
Trauerspiele mit Gesang und Tanz : Zur Ästhetik und Dramaturgie jüdischer Theatertexte
Author/Editor: Dalinger ,Brigitte
Trauerspiele mit Gesang und Tanz
Tratamiento biológico de aguas residuales : principios, modelación y diseño
Tratamiento biológico de aguas residuales
Traslocare, riaggregare, rifondare
Author/Editor: Galeota, Gianni
Traslocare, riaggregare, rifondare
Tra sensi e spirito
Author/Editor: Di Manno, Marco
Transstaatliche Räume : Politik, Wirtschaft und Kultur in und zwischen Deutschland und der Türkei
Transstaatliche Räume
Transregional and Regional Elites – Connecting the Early Islamic Empire
Author/Editor: Hannah-Lena Hagemann,Stefan Heidemann
Transpositions: Aesthetico-Epistemic Operators in Artistic Research
Author/Editor: Annette Arlander,Michael Schwab,Hanns Holger Rutz,Birk Weiberg,Michael Schwab,Hans-Jörg Rheinberger,Cecile Malaspina,Paulo de Assis,Rosi Braidotti,Esa Kirkkopelto,Lucia D'Errico,Laura Gonzalez,Leif Dahlberg,Tor-Finn Malum Fitje,David Pirrò
Transportproblem Nahost. Gueterstroeme suchen ihren Weg
Author/Editor: Walter Althammer
Transport in Transition: The Evolution of Traditional Shipping in China
Author/Editor: Andrew Watson
Transparenz öffentlicher Einkaufsdaten in Deutschland: Anforderungen und Handlungsfelder im Kontext von Open Government
Author/Editor: Britta Reuter
Transparent Things: A Cabinet
Author/Editor: Maggie M. Williams,Karen Eileen Overbey
Transottomanica – Osteuropäisch-osmanisch-persische Mobilitätsdynamiken: Perspektiven und Forschungsstand
Author/Editor: Stefan Rohdewald,Stephan Conermann,Albrecht Fuess
Transnational Ties: Australian Lives in the World
Author/Editor: Russell ,Penny,Deacon ,Desley,Woollacott ,Angela
Transnational Solidarity in Times of Crises: Citizen Organisations and Collective Learning in Europe
Author/Editor: Christian Lahusen,Ulrike Zschache,Maria Kousis
Transnational Organized Crime : Analyses of a Global Challenge to Democracy
Author/Editor: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung ,N/A,Schönenberg ,Regine
Transnational Organized Crime
Transnational Migration and Work in Asia
Author/Editor: Kevin Hewison,Ken Young
Transnational Legal Activism in Global Value Chains: The Ali Enterprises Factory Fire and the Struggle for Justice
Author/Editor: Miriam Saage-Maaß,Miriam Saage-Maaß,Peer Zumbansen,Peer Zumbansen,Michael Bader,Michael Bader,Palvasha Shahab,Palvasha Shahab
Transnational Japan in the Global Environmental Movement
Author/Editor: Avenell ,Simon
Transnational Japan in the Global Environmental Movement
Transnationalizing Radio Research: New Approaches to an Old Medium
Author/Editor: Golo Föllmer,Alexander Badenoch
Transnationalität und Öffentlichkeit : Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven
Transnationalität und Öffentlichkeit
Transnational Flows and Permissive Polities
Transnationale Perspektiven: Eine Studie zur Migration zwischen Polen und Deutschland
Author/Editor: Birgit Glorius
Transnational Entrepreneurship in South East Asia: Japanese Self-Initiated Expatriate Entrepreneurs
Author/Editor: Kazuko Yokoyama,Sarah Louisa Birchley
Transnationale Migrationen: Post-jugoslawische Biografien in der Weltgesellschaft
Author/Editor: Pascal Goeke
Transnationale Bildungsräume: Wissenstransfers im Schnittfeld von Kultur, Politik und Religion (Volume 96, Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Jana Tschurenev,Johannes Wischmeyer,Johannes Wischmeyer,Esther Möller,Mustafa Gencer,Klaus Dittrich,Sylvia Kesper-Biermann,Esther Möller,Francesco Marin,Bettina Severin-Barboutie
Transnational Death
Author/Editor: Samira Saramo,Eerika Koskinen-Koivisto,Hanna Snellman
Transnational Black Dialogues : Re-Imagining Slavery in the Twenty-First Century
Author/Editor: Nehl ,Markus
Transnational Archipelago : Perspectives on Cape Verdean Migration and Diaspora
Transnational Archipelago
Transmission et sentiments : les relations familiales en Dordogne, 1780-1839
Author/Editor: Isabelle Leveque Lamotte
Transmedial Narration: Narratives and Stories in Different Media
Author/Editor: Lars Elleström
The Translator’s Doubts : Vladimir Nabokov and the Ambiguity of Translation
Author/Editor: Trubikhina ,Julia
The Translator’s Doubts
Translationspolitik für Regional- oder Minderheitensprachen: Unter besonderer Berücksichtigung einer Strategie der Offenheit
Author/Editor: Peter Sandrini
A Translation of Lao-tzu’s Tao Te Ching and Wang Pi’s Commentary
Author/Editor: Paul J. Lin
Translation, interpreting, cognition: The way out of the box (Volume 15)
Author/Editor: Tra&Co Group
Translation and Openness
Author/Editor: Peter Sandrini,Marta García González
Translating Wisdom: Hindu-Muslim Intellectual Interactions in Early Modern South Asia
Author/Editor: Shankar Nair
Translating Great Russian Literature: The Penguin Russian Classics
Author/Editor: Cathy McAteer
Transkulturelle Verflechtungen - Mediävistische Perspektiven
Author/Editor: Netzwerk Transkulturelle Verflechtungen
Transkulturelle Erkundungen: Wissenschaftlich-künstlerische Perspektiven
Author/Editor: Ursula Hemetek,Daliah Hindler,Harald Huber,Therese Kaufmann,Isolde Malmberg,Hande Saglam
Transkulturelle Begegnungen - Südpazifik und Sahara - Begleitband zur Ausstellung
Author/Editor: Racz, Julia,Krüger, Gundolf
Transkulturalität: Gender- und bildungshistorische Perspektiven
Author/Editor: Wolfgang Gippert,Petra Götte,Elke Kleinau
Transkulturalität als Praxis: Unternehmer türkischer Herkunft in Berlin
Author/Editor: Robert Pütz
Transkription wortloser Gesänge: Technik und Rückwirkungen der Verschriftlichung des Jodelns und verwandter Gesänge im deutschsprachigen Alpenraum
Author/Editor: Yannick Wey
Transit Migration in Europe
Author/Editor: Frank Duvell,Michael Collyer,Irina Molodikova
Transit Marseille: Filmgeschichte einer Mittelmeermetropole
Author/Editor: Daniel Winkler
Transitions in Segmented Labor Markets: The Case of Brazil
Author/Editor: Silke Woltermann
Transitions in Mathematics Education
Author/Editor: Ghislaine Gueudet,Marianna Bosch,Andrea A. diSessa,Oh Nam Kwon,Lieven Verschaffel
Transitions in Energy Efficiency and Demand: The Emergence, Diffusion and Impact of Low-Carbon Innovation
Author/Editor: Kirsten E.H. Jenkins,Debbie Hopkins
Transitioning to Strong Partnerships for the Sustainable Development Goals
Author/Editor: Georg von Schnurbein 
Transitioning to Responsible Consumption and Production
Author/Editor: Lisa McNeill
Transitionen in der Erwachsenenbildung: Gesellschaftliche, institutionelle und individuelle Übergänge
Author/Editor: Sabine Schmidt-Lauff,Heide von Felden,Henning Pätzold
Transitionen im Jugend- und jungen Erwachsenenalter: Ergebnisse der Schweizer Längsschnittstudie TREE
Author/Editor: Katja scharenberg,Sandra Hupka-Brunner,Thomas Meyer,Manfred Max Bergman
Transition and Transformation : Victor Sjöström in Hollywood 1923-1930
Author/Editor: Florin ,Bo
Transition and Transformation
Transitional Justice and Education: Engaging Young People in Peacebuilding and Reconciliation
Author/Editor: Clara Ramirez-Barat,Martina Schulze
Transgressive Truths and Flattering Lies: The Poetics and Ethics of Anglophone Arab Representations
Author/Editor: Markus Schmitz
Transgressions: critical Australian Indigenous histories
Author/Editor: Macfarlane ,Ingereth,Hannah ,Mark
Transgovernance: Advancing Sustainability Governance
Author/Editor: Louis Meuleman
Transgender Identities: Towards a Social Analysis of Gender Diversity
Author/Editor: Sally Hines,Tam Sanger
Transgender Identities : Towards a Social Analysis of Gender Diversity
Transgender Identities
Transgender and The Literary Imagination: Changing Gender in Twentieth-Century Writing
Author/Editor: Rachel Carroll
Transforming Trauma: Resilience and Healing Through Our Connections With Animals
Author/Editor: Philip Tedeschi,Molly Jenkins
Transforming the Future : Anticipation in the 21st Century
Transforming the Future
Transforming Research Methods in the Social Sciences: Case Studies from South Africa
Author/Editor: Sumaya Laher,fynn,Sherianne Kramer
Transforming Research Excellence: New Ideas from the Global South
Author/Editor: Erika Kraemer-Mbula,Robert Tijssen,Matthew L. Wallace,Robert McClean
Transforming Lives and Systems: Cultural Competence and the Higher Education Interface
Author/Editor: Jack Frawley,Tran Nguyen,Emma Sarian
Transforming Institutions: Undergraduate STEM Education for the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Gabriela Weaver,Wilella Burgess
Transforming Hawai'i: Balancing Coercion and Consent in Eighteenth-Century Kānaka Maoli Statecraft
Author/Editor: Paul D’Arcy
Transforming Gender and Emotion : The Butterfly Lovers Story in China and Korea
Author/Editor: Cho ,Sookja
Transforming Gender and Emotion
Transforming Food Systems for a Rising India
Author/Editor: Prabhu Pingali,Anaka Aiyar,Mathew Abraham,Andaleeb Rahman
Transforming Education Outcomes in Africa: Learning from Togo
Author/Editor: Johannes Hoogeveen,Mariacristina Rossi
Transforming Cities
Author/Editor: Nick Jewson,Susanne MacGregor
Transforming Agriculture in Southern Africa: Constraints, Technologies, Policies and Processes
Author/Editor: Richard Sikora,Eugene R. Terry,Paul Vlek,Joyce Chitja
Transforming Acquisitions and Collection Services: Perspectives on Collaboration Within and Across Libraries
Author/Editor: Michelle Flinchbaugh
The Transformative Power of the Copy: A Transcultural and Interdisciplinary Approach
Author/Editor: Corinna Forberg,Philipp W. Stockhammer
Transformative Communication Technologies: The Accountability Challenge (36th Böhm-Bawerk-Lectures)
Author/Editor: Robin Mansell
Transformation through destruction: A monumental and extraordinary Early Iron Age Hallstatt C barrow from the ritual landscape of Oss-Zevenbergen
Author/Editor: David Fontijn,Sasja van der Vaart-Verschoof,Richard Jansen
Transformations of Trade Unionism: Comparative and Transnational Perspectives on Workers Organizing in Europe and the United States, Eighteenth to Twenty-First Centuries
Author/Editor: Ad Knotter
Transformations of Social Bonds: The Outline of the Theory of Social Change
Author/Editor: Miroslawa Marody,Anna Giza-Poleszczuk
Transformations of Sensibility: The Phenomenology of Meiji Literature
Author/Editor: Hideo Kamei,Michael Bourdaghs
Transformations of Romanness: Early Medieval Regions and Identities
Author/Editor: Walter Pohl,Clemens Gantner,Cinzia Grifoni,Marianne Pollheimer-Mohaupt
Transformations in Twentieth Century Korea
Author/Editor: Yun-shik Chang,Steven Hugh Lee
Transformations agricoles et agroalimentaires
Author/Editor: Gilles Allaire,Benoit Daviron
The Transformation of Welfare States?
Author/Editor: Nick Ellison
The Transformation of Urban Space in Post-Soviet Russia
Author/Editor: Isolde Brade,Konstantin Axenov,Evgenij Bondarchuk
The Transformation of Solidarity : Changing Risks and the Future of the Welfare State
The Transformation of Solidarity
The Transformation of Economic Life under the Roman Empire: Proceedings of the Second Workshop of the International Network Impact of Empire (Roman Empire, c. 200 B.C. - A.D. 476), Nottingham, July 4-7, 2001
Author/Editor: L. de Blois,J. Rich
Transformationen städtischer Umwelt: Das Beispiel Linz, 1700 bis 1900 (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Georg Stöger
Transformation der Wirtschaftssysteme in Ostmitteleuropa
Author/Editor: Roland Schönfeld
Transformation and Development: Studies in the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Member States
Author/Editor: Anja Mihr
The Transformational Potential of Higher Education Inclusion - Biographical Trajectories of Students from Disadvantaged Environments in Venezuela
Author/Editor: Pineda Olivieri, Jesús Humberto
Transformatieprocessen in Midden- en Oost-Europa: de internationale dimensie
Author/Editor: Holman ,O.
Transfigurations : Violence, Death and Masculinity in American Cinema
Author/Editor: Gr�nstad ,Asbj�rn
Transfer von Expertenwissen in der Frühen Neuzeit: Gelehrte Diskurse in der volkssprachigen Praxis
Author/Editor: Udo Friedrich,Eva Schumann
Transfert : Exploration d'un champ conceptuel
Author/Editor: Gin ,Pascal,Goyer ,Nicolas,Moser ,Walter
Transfer Queen
Author/Editor: A.W. Strouse,Patty Barth
Transfer in der Lehre: Zivilgesellschaftliches Engagement als Zumutung oder Chance für die Hochschulen?
Author/Editor: Albert Kümmel-Schnur,Sibylle Mühleisen,Thomas S. Hoffmeister
Transdisziplinär und transformativ forschen: Eine Methodensammlung
Author/Editor: Antonietta Di Giulio,Rico Defila
Transdisziplinär und transformativ forschen, Band 2: Eine Methodensammlung
Author/Editor: Rico Defila,Antonietta Di Giulio
Transdisziplinäres Innovationsmanagement: Nachhaltigkeitsprojekte wirksam umsetzen
Author/Editor: Susanne Schön,Christian Eismann,Helke Wendt-Schwarzburg,David Kuhn
Transdifferenz und Transkulturalität: Migration und Alterität in den Literaturen und Kulturen Österreich-Ungarns
Author/Editor: Alexandra Millner,Alexandra Millner,Katalin Teller,Katalin Teller
Transcultural Modernisms
Author/Editor: Model House Research Group,Eva Egermann,Jakob Krameritsch,Christian Kravagna,Christina Linortner,Marion von Osten,Fahim Amir,Moira Hille,Peter Spillmann
Transcultural Encounters in the Himalayan Borderlands: Kalimpong as a “Contact Zone"
Author/Editor: Markus Viehbeck
The Transcultural Critic: Sabahattin Ali and Beyond
Author/Editor: Ozil, Seyda,Hofmann, Michael,Laut, Jens-Peter,Dayioglu-Yücel, Yasemin,Zierau, Cornelia,Uca, Didem
Transcultural Approaches to the Concept of Imperial Rule in the Middle Ages
Author/Editor: Christian Scholl,Torben R Gebhardt,Jan Clauß
Transcription of the Stichera Idiomela for the Month of April from Russian Manuscripts from the 12th Century
Author/Editor: Nina K. Ulff-Möller
Transcontinental Dialogues: Activist Alliances with Indigenous Peoples of Canada, Mexico, and Australia
Author/Editor: R. Aída Hernández Castillo,Suzi Hutchings,Brian Noble
TransCoding – From `Highbrow Art' to Participatory Culture: Social Media – Art – Research
Author/Editor: Barbara Lüneburg
Transcending the Culture–Nature Divide in Cultural Heritage
Transcending the Culture–Nature Divide in Cultural Heritage : Views from the Asia–Pacific region
Author/Editor: Brockwell ,Sally,O’Connor ,Sue,Byrne ,Denis
Transcending Modernity with Relational Thinking
Author/Editor: Pierpaolo Donati
The Transatlantic Sixties : Europe and the United States in the Counterculture Decade
Author/Editor: Kosc (Ed.) ,Grzegorz,Juncker (Ed.) ,Clara,Monteith (Ed.) ,Sharon,Waldschmidt-Nelson (Ed.) ,Britta
The Transatlantic Sixties
TransArea: A Literary History of Globalization
Author/Editor: Ottmar Ette
Transactions with the World: Ecocriticism and the Environmental Sensibility of New Hollywood
Author/Editor: Adam O’Brien
Transaction Cost Management: Strategies and Practices for a Global Open Economy
Author/Editor: Chihiro Suematsu
Transactie als bestuurlijke vernieuwing : Op zoek naar samenhang in beleid en uitvoering
Author/Editor: Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid;,Wolfson ,Dik
Transactie als bestuurlijke vernieuwing
Tranformations of Gender in Melanesia
Tranen van bloed : Het beleg van 's-Hertogenbosch en de oorlog in de Nederlanden, 1629
Author/Editor: Cauwer de ,Peter
Tranen van bloed
The Train That Had Wings: Selected Stories of M. Mukundan
Author/Editor: M. Mukundan,Donald Davis
The Train Journey : Transit, Captivity, and Witnessing in the Holocaust
Author/Editor: Gigliotti ,Simone
The Train Journey
Tra i libri di Isacco Argiro
Author/Editor: Anna Gioffreda
Trailblazing in Entrepreneurship: Creating New Paths for Understanding the Field
Author/Editor: Dean A. Shepherd,Holger Patzelt
Tragsessel in europäischen Herrschaftszentren: Vom Spätmittelalter bis Anfang des 18. Jahrhunderts
Author/Editor: Mario Döberl,Alejandro López Àlaverez
Tragfähigkeit mechanischer und geklebter Verbindungsmittel in Buchenfurnierschichtholz
Author/Editor: Nico Meyer
Tragedy and Triumph: Early Testimonies of Jewish Survivors of World War II
Author/Editor: Freda Hodge
Traffic Jams: Analysing Everyday Life through the Immanent Materialism of Deleuze & Guattari
Author/Editor: David R. Cole
Traduire Cicéron au XVe siècle Le ›Livre des offices‹ d'Anjourrant Bourré V: Édition critique
Author/Editor: Olivier Delsaux
Tradition und Zukunft - die Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen - eine Leistungsbilanz zum 65. Geburtstag von Elmar Mittler
Author/Editor: Bargheer, Margo,Ceynowa, Klaus
Tradition und Moderne in der Literatur der Schweiz im 20. Jahrhundert
Author/Editor: Pormeister ,Eve,Graubner ,Hans
Tradition und Moderne in Bewegung
Author/Editor: Seyda Ozil,Michael Hofmann,Jens-Peter Laut,Yasemin Dayioglu-Yücel,Cornelia Zierau,Didem Uca
Tradition und Innovation in der sowjetrussischen Dorfprosa der sechziger und siebziger Jahre: Zu Funktion, Darstellung und Gehalt des doerflichen Helden bei Vasilij Šukšin und Valentin Rasputin
Author/Editor: Heide Wüst
Tradition through Modernity: Postmodernism and the Nation-State in Folklore Scholarship
Tradition through Modernity: Postmodernism and the Nation-State in Folklore Scholarship
Author/Editor: Anttonen J. ,Pertti
Traditions in German-Speaking Mathematics Education Research
Author/Editor: Hans Niels Jahnke,Lisa Hefendehl-Hebeker
Tradition: Ein christlich-muslimisches Gespräch
Author/Editor: Katrin Visse
Traditional Authorities in Africa. Resurgence in an Era of Democratisation
Author/Editor: Ubink ,Janine
Trade Unions on YouTube: Online Revitalization in Sweden
Author/Editor: Jenny Jansson,Katrin Uba
Trade Union Cooperation in Europe: Patterns, Conditions, Issues
Author/Editor: Bengt Furåker,Bengt Larsson
Tractatus mythologicus Theorie und Methodik zur Erforschung von Mythen als Grundlegung einer allgemeinen, transmedialen und komparatistischen Stoffwissenschaft
Author/Editor: Christian Zgoll
Tracks from the Crypt
Author/Editor: John Mowitt,Rebecca Boguska,Vinzenz Hediger
Tracking Rural Change : Community, Policy and Technology in Australia, New Zealand and Europe
Author/Editor: Merlan ,Francesca,Raftery ,David
Tracking Rural Change
Tracing the Melanesian Person: Emotions and Relationships in Lihir
Author/Editor: Hemer R ,Susan
Tracing the Jerusalem Code: Volume 3: The Promised Land Christian Cultures in Modern Scandinavia (ca. 1750–ca. 1920)
Author/Editor: Ragnhild Johnsrud Zorgati,Anna Bohlin
Tracing the Jerusalem Code: Volume 2: The Chosen People Christian Cultures in Early Modern Scandinavia (1536–ca. 1750)
Author/Editor: Eivor Andersen Oftestad,Joar Haga
Tracing the consequences of child poverty
Author/Editor: Jo Boyden,Andrew Dawes,Paul Dornan,Colin Tredoux
Traces of War : Interpreting Ethics and Trauma in Twentieth-Century French Writing
Author/Editor: Davis ,Colin
Traces of War
Traces of the Old, Uses of the New: The Emergence of Digital Literary Studies
Author/Editor: Amy Earhart
Traces of the Foreign: The Reception of Translations of Spanish American Prose in Poland in 1945-2005 from the Perspective of Intercultural Communication
Author/Editor: Malgorzata Gaszynska-Magiera
Traces of Ink: Experiences of Philology and Replication
Author/Editor: Lucia Raggetti
Traces numériques. De la production à l'interprétation: De la production à l'interprétation
Author/Editor: Béatrice Galinon-Mélénec,Sami Zlitni
Traces numériques: De la production à l'interprétation
Author/Editor: Sami Zlitni,Béatrice Galinon-Mélénec
Trace element supplementation as a management tool for anaerobic digester operation : benefits and risks
Author/Editor: Roussel ,Jimmy,Fermoso G. ,Fernando,Collins ,Gavin,Van Hullebusch ,Eric,Esposito ,Giovanni,Mucha Paula ,Ana
Trace element supplementation as a management tool for anaerobic digester operation
Trace Elements in Anaerobic Biotechnologies
Author/Editor: Fernando G. Fermoso,Eric van Hullebusch,Gavin Collins,Jimmy Roussel,Ana Paula Mucha,Giovanni Esposito
Trace Elements in Abiotic and Biotic Environments
Author/Editor: Alina Kabata-Pendias,Barbara Szteke
Toxic truths: Environmental justice and citizen science in a post-truth age
Author/Editor: Thom Davies,Alice Mah
Toxic Cyanobacteria in Water: A Guide to Their Public Health Consequences, Monitoring and Management
Author/Editor: Ingrid Chorus,Martin Welker
Toxic Chemicals: Risk Prevention Through Use Reduction
Author/Editor: Thomas E. Higgins,Irma Britton,Jayanti A. Sachdev,Stephen A. Engleman
Towards Turkish American Literature: Narratives of Multiculturalism in Post-Imperial Turkey
Author/Editor: Elena Furlanetto,Barabar Buchenau
Towards the Ethics of a Green Future
Author/Editor: Marcus Duewell,Gerhard Bos,Naomi van Steenbergen
Towards Sustainable Innovation: A five step approach to sustainable change
Author/Editor: Sven Pastoors,Ulrich Scholz,Joachim H. Becker,Rob van Dun
Towards Sustainable Global Food Systems: Conceptual and Policy Analysis of Agriculture, Food and Environment Linkages
Author/Editor: Ruerd Ruben,Jan Verhagen
Towards Socially Integrative Cities: Perspectives on Urban Sustainability in Europe and China
Author/Editor: Bernhard Müller,Jian Liu,Jianming Cai,Paulina Schiappacasse,Hans-Martin Neumann,Baojun Yang
Towards Shared Research: Participatory and Integrative Approaches in Researching African Environments
Author/Editor: Tobias Haller,Claudia Zingerli
Towards Principled Oceans Governance
Author/Editor: Donald R. Rothwell,David L. VanderZwaag
Towards Marine Ecosystem-based Management in the Wider Caribbean
Towards Interoperable Research Infrastructures for Environmental and Earth Sciences: A Reference Model Guided Approach for Common Challenges
Author/Editor: Zhiming Zhao,Margareta Hellström
Towards Human Rights Compliance in Australian Prisons
Author/Editor: Anita Mackay
Towards Gender Equity in Development
Author/Editor:   Anderson,Lori Beaman,Jean-Philippe Platteau
Towards Consistency and Transparency in Academic Integrity
Author/Editor: Salim Razi,Irene Glendinning,Tomáš Foltýnek
Towards a Systemic Theory of Irregular Migration: Explaining Ecuadorian Irregular Migration in Amsterdam and Madrid
Author/Editor: Gabriel Echeverría
Towards a Social History of Early Modern Dutch
Author/Editor: Burke ,Peter
Towards a Philosophical Anthropology of Culture: Naturalism, Relativism, and Skepticism
Author/Editor: Kevin M. Cahill
Towards an International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers: A View from Inside a Multistakeholder Process
Author/Editor: Anne-Marie Buzatu
Towards an Integrated Agriculture
Author/Editor: Weijden van der ,W.J.,Wal van der ,H.,Graaf de ,H.J.,Brussel van ,N.A.,Keurs ter ,W.J.,Department Environmental Biology, University of Leiden, Th. Bakker, Agricultural Economics Institute
Towards a New Welfare State
Author/Editor: Sassen ,S.,Esping-Andersen ,G.
Towards a Natural Social Contract: Transformative Social-Ecological Innovation for a Sustainable, Healthy and Just Society
Author/Editor: Patrick Huntjens
Towards a Multiversity?: Universities between Global Trends and National Traditions
Author/Editor: Georg Krücken,Anna Kosmützky,Marc Torka
Towards a Metropolitan City Centre for Brussels
Author/Editor: Mathieu Berger,Sofie Vermeulen,Kobe Boussauw,Aniss M. Mezoued,Eric Corijn,Jean-Philippe De Visscher,Alexis Creten,Nicola da Schio,Jean-Michel Decroly,Jean-Philippe De Visscher
Towards a Feminist Cinematic Ethics: Claire Denis, Emmanuel Levinas and Jean-Luc Nancy
Author/Editor: Kristin Hole
Towards a Decent Labour Market for Low-Waged Migrant Workers
Author/Editor: Conny Rijken,Tesseltje de Lange
Towards a Comparative Analysis of Social Inequalities between Europe and Latin America
Author/Editor: Pedro López-Roldán,Pedro López-Roldán,Sandra Fachelli,Sandra Fachelli
Towards a Climate-Neutral Europe: Curbing the Trend
Author/Editor: Jos Delbeke,Peter Vis
Toward a Radical Metaphysics of Socialism: Marx and Laruelle
Author/Editor: Katerina Kolozova
Toward a Pragmatist Sociology: John Dewey and the Legacy of C. Wright Mills
Author/Editor: Robert G. Dunn
Toussaint Louverture : A Black Jacobin in the Age of Revolutions
Author/Editor: Forsdick ,Charles,Høgsbjerg ,Christian
Toussaint Louverture
Tourismus und Klimawandel
Author/Editor: Ulrike Pröbstl-Haider,Ulrike Pröbstl-Haider,Dagmar Lund-Durlacher,Dagmar Lund-Durlacher,Marc Olefs,Marc Olefs,Franz Prettenthaler,Franz Prettenthaler
Tourism Research and Landscape Interpretation - Tourismusforschung und Landschaftsinterpretationen
Author/Editor: Werner Kreisel,Tobias Reeh
Tourism Geopolitics: Assemblages of Infrastructure, Affect, and Imagination
Author/Editor: Mary Mostafanezhad,Matilde Córdoba Azcárate,Roger Norum
Tourisme, mobilités et développement régional dans les Alpes Suisses: mise en scène et valeur territoriale. Montreux, Finhaut et Zermatt du XIXe siècle à nos jours
Author/Editor: Guex ,Delphine
Tourisme, mobilités et développement régional dans les Alpes Suisses: mise en scène et valeur territoriale. Montreux, Finhaut et Zermatt du XIXe siècle à nos jours
Tourisme et société: Mutations, enjeux et défis
Author/Editor: Georges Cazes,Jean-Michel Decroly,Klaus Weiermair,Jeffrey West,Florence Deprest,Anne-Marie Duquesne,Jean-Michel Dewailly,Roland Delbaere,Marie-Françoise Godart,Anya Diekmann,Arthur Haulot,Eric Hellendorff,Louis Jolin,Robert Lanquar,Mario Ruffino
Tourism and Global Environmental Change
Author/Editor: Stefan Gössling,Michael C. Hall
Touring Pacific Cultures
Touchscreen Archaeology: Tracing Histories of Hands-On Media Practices
Author/Editor: Wanda Strauven
A Touch of Doubt: On Haptic Scepticism
Author/Editor: Rachel Aumiller
Touch of Civilization : Comparing American and Russian Internal Colonization
Author/Editor: Sabol ,Steve
The Touch of Civilization
Touch in the Helping Professions: Research, Practice and Ethics
Author/Editor: Martin Rovers,Judith Malette,Manal Guirguis-Younger
TouchDevelop: Programming on the Go
Author/Editor: Nigel Horspool,Nikolai Tillmann,Judith Bishop
Author/Editor: Caterina Nirta,Danilo Mandic,Andrea Pavoni,Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos
Totenklage und Erzaehlkultur in Stinatz im suedlichen Burgenland
Author/Editor: Gerhard Neweklowsky,Károly Gaál
Totalitarian Communication: Hierarchies, Codes and Messages
Author/Editor: Kirill Postoutenko
Toscana bilingue (1260 ca.–1430 ca.): Per una storia sociale del tradurre medievale
Author/Editor: Antonio Montefusco,Sara Bischetti,Michele Lodone,Cristiano Lorenzi
Torture: Moral Absolutes and Ambiguities (Volume 2)
Author/Editor: Bev Clucas,Gerry Johnstone,Tony Ward
Torlak Accentuation
Author/Editor: Ronelle Alexander
Topographies of the Early Modern City
Author/Editor: Arthur Groos,Hans-Jochen Schiewer,Markus Stock
Topographie du sacré. L’emprise religieuse sur l’espace
Author/Editor: Anne Morelli,Anne Morelli,Jean-Pierre Gutton,Bram Cleys,Bruno De Meulder,Stephen Ricks,Alain Dierkens,Catherine Maurer,Michèle Broze,Aviva Cywié,Baudouin Decharneux,Benoît Beyer de Ryke,Christophe Cailleaux,Christophe Duhamelle
Topographie des Reiches Gottes: Die „Sammlung auserlesener Materien zum Bau des Reiches Gottes“ und ihre Fortsetzungsserien (Volume 066)
Author/Editor: Gergely Csukás
Topografien des 20. Jahrhunderts: Die memoriale Poetik des Stolperns in Haroldo de Campos' «Galáxias»
Author/Editor: Jasmin Wrobel
Topie Impitoyable: The Corporeal Politics of the Cloth, the Wall, and the Street / Les politiques corporelles du vêtement, du mur et la rue
Author/Editor: Léopold Lambert,Ana Kłosowska
The Tools of Owatatsumi: Japan's Ocean Surveillance and Coastal Defence Capabilities
Author/Editor: Ball ,Desmond,Tanter ,Richard
Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems: 27th International Conference, TACAS 2021, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2021, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, March 27 – April 1, 2
Author/Editor: Jan Friso Groote,Kim Guldstrand Larsen
Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems: 25th International Conference, TACAS 2019, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2019, Prague, Czech Republic, April 6–11, 2019, Proceedi
Author/Editor: Tomáš Vojnar,Lijun Zhang
Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems: 26th International Conference, TACAS 2020, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2020, Dublin, Ireland, April 25–30, 2020, Proceedings, P
Author/Editor: Armin Biere,David Parker
Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems: 24th International Conference, TACAS 2018, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece, April 14-20, 2018, Proceedin
Author/Editor: Dirk Beyer,Marieke Huisman
Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems: 24th International Conference, TACAS 2018, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2018, Thessaloniki, Greece, April 14-20, 2018, Proceedin
Author/Editor: Dirk Beyer,Marieke Huisman
Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems: 26th International Conference, TACAS 2020, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2020, Dublin, Ireland, April 25–30, 2020, Proceedings, P
Author/Editor: Armin Biere,David Parker
Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems: 25th International Conference, TACAS 2019, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2019, Prague, Czech Republic, April 6–11, 2019, Proceedi
Author/Editor: Tomáš Vojnar,Lijun Zhang
Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems: 25 Years of TACAS: TOOLympics, Held as Part of ETAPS 2019, Prague, Czech Republic, April 6–11, 2019, Proceedings, Part III
Author/Editor: Dirk Beyer,Marieke Huisman,Fabrice Kordon,Bernhard Steffen
Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems: 27th International Conference, TACAS 2021, Held as Part of the European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software, ETAPS 2021, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, March 27 – April 1, 2
Author/Editor: Jan Friso Groote,Kim Guldstrand Larsen
Tony Conrad. Video - und darüber hinaus
Author/Editor: Lurk ,Tabea
Tone in Yongning Na: Lexical tones and morphotonology
Tone in Yongning Na: Lexical tones and morphotonology
Author/Editor: Michaud ,Alexis
Tonal placement in Tashlhiyt : How an intonation system accommodates to adverse phonological environments
Author/Editor: Roettger B. ,Timo
Tonal placement in Tashlhiyt
Tonality as Drama : Closure and Interruption in Four Twentieth-Century American Operas
Author/Editor: Latham ,Edward
Tonality as Drama
Tolerance : The Beacon of the Enlightenment
Togo Mizrahi and the Making of Egyptian Cinema
Author/Editor: Deborah A. Starr
Togetherness in South Africa : Religious perspectives on racism, xenophobia and economic inequality
Togetherness in South Africa
Togetherness: A new heritage deal for Europe
Author/Editor: Hermann Parzinger
Toezicht op ondernemingen in de chemische industrie - 66
Author/Editor: Ale ,B.J.M.,Mertens ,F.J.H.
TOepassing van computersystemen in het onderwijs
Author/Editor: Moonen ,J.
Toekomstige zorgbehoefte in Nederland; een kwantitatieve verkenning
Author/Editor: Mheen van de ,P.J.,Barendregt ,J.J.
Tocqueville and Democracy in the Internet Age
Author/Editor: Delogu Jon ,C.
To Build as Well as Destroy: American Nation Building in South Vietnam
Author/Editor: Gawthorpe Andrew
To Be Unfree : Republicanism and Unfreedom in History, Literature, and Philosophy
Author/Editor: Dahl ,Christian,Nexø ,Tue Andersen
To Be Unfree
To Be, or Not to Be: Paraphrased
Author/Editor: Bardsley Rosenbridge
Tobacco Control Policy in the Netherlands: Between Economy, Public Health, and Ideology
Author/Editor: Marc C. Willemsen
Tissue Engineering - Rechtliche Grenzen und Voraussetzungen
Author/Editor: Wernscheid, Verena
Tipy informacij dlja poverchnostno-semantičeskogo komponenta modeli smysl-tekst
Author/Editor: Jurij D. Apresjan
Timur Kibirovs dichterisches Werk in seiner Entwicklung (1979–2009): Ringen um Werte in einer Zeit der Umbrueche
Author/Editor: Marion Rutz
Timor-Leste's Bill of Rights: A Preliminary History
Author/Editor: Devereux ,Annemarie
Timing is Everything : The Politics and Processes of New Zealand Defence Acquisition Decision Making
Author/Editor: Greener ,Peter
Timing is Everything
Timing and Time Perception: Procedures, Measures, & Applications
Author/Editor: Argiro Vatakis,Fuat Balcı,Massimiliano Di Luca,Ángel Correa
A Time Travel Dialogue
Author/Editor: Carroll W. ,John
Time Predictions: Understanding and Avoiding Unrealism in Project Planning and Everyday Life
Author/Editor: Torleif Halkjelsvik,Magne Jørgensen
Time-Periodic Solutions to the Equations of Magnetohydrodynamics with Background Magnetic Field
Author/Editor: Jens-Henning Möller
Time in Music and Culture
Author/Editor: Ludwik Bielawski
A Time for Metabolism and Hormones
Author/Editor: Paolo Sassone-Corsi,Yves Christen
Time for mapping: Cartographic temporalities
Author/Editor: Sam Hind,Chris Perkins,Alex Gekker,Daniel Evans,Sybille Lammes,Clancy Wilmott
Time Distortions in Mind: Temporal Processing in Clinical Populations
Author/Editor: Argiro Vatakis,Melissa Allman
Time Distortions in Mind
Time Distortions in Mind
Author/Editor: Vatakis ,A.,Allman ,M.
A Time Bomb Lies Buried : Fiji's Road to Independence, 1960-1970
Author/Editor: Lal V. ,Brij
A Time Bomb Lies Buried
Time and the Shared World: Heidegger on Social Relations
Author/Editor: Irene McMullin
Tilting at Windmills: the literary magazine in Australia, 1968-2012
Author/Editor: Edmonds ,Phillip
Tijding en Tendens. Literatuurwetenschap in de Nederlanden
Author/Editor: Bru ,Sascha,Masschelein ,Anneleen
Tides of Innovation in Oceania: Value, materiality and place
Tid att städa: Om vardagsstädningens praktik och politik
Author/Editor: Fanny Ambjörnsson
TIC’s latinoamericanas Antecedentes, tendencias, usos y representaciones
Author/Editor: Machado da Silveira C. ,Ada,Carter Poggi ,Marina,Masi Duarte ,Sergio
TIC’s latinoamericanas Antecedentes, tendencias, usos y representaciones
Tibetan Printing: Comparison, Continuities, and Change
Author/Editor: Hildegard Diemberger,Franz-Karl Ehrhard,Peter Kornicki
The Tiberian Pronunciation Tradition of Biblical Hebrew: Volume 2
Author/Editor: Geoffrey Khan
The Tiberian Pronunciation Tradition of Biblical Hebrew: Volume 1
Author/Editor: Geoffrey Khan
The Thun-Hohenstein University Reforms 1849–1860 : Conception – Implementation – Aftermath
Author/Editor: Aichner ,Christof,Mazohl ,Brigitte
The Thun-Hohenstein University Reforms 1849–1860
Thunau am Kamp - Das frühmittelalterliche Gräberfeld auf der Oberen Holzwiese
Author/Editor: Elisabeth Nowotny,Barbara Horejs
Thumb Culture: The Meaning of Mobile Phones for Society
Author/Editor: Peter Glotz,Stefan Bertschi,Chris Locke
Thuis voelen in de buurt: een opgave voor stedelijke vernieuwing
Thuis voelen in de buurt: een opgave voor stedelijke vernieuwing : Een vergelijkend onderzoek naar de buurthechting van bewoners in Nederland en Engeland
Author/Editor: Van der Graaf ,Peter,Duyvendak ,Jan Willem
Through the Back Door: The Black Market in Poland 1944–1989
Author/Editor: Jerzy Kochanowski
Through a Glass Darkly: The Social Sciences Look at the Neoliberal University
Author/Editor: Thornton ,Margaret
Three-Way Street: Jews, Germans, and the Transnational
Author/Editor: Leslie Morris,Jay Howard Geller
Three Nations, One Place
Author/Editor: Martha McCollough
Three foundations: A competitive, sustainable, inclusive Europe
Author/Editor: Tim Bending,European Investment Bank,Rocco L. Bubbico
Three Chapters on Courtly Love in Arthurian France and Germany: Lancelot—Andreas Capellanus—Wolfram von Eschenbach's "Parzival"
Author/Editor: Hermann J. Weigand
Three Centuries of Conflict in East Timor
Author/Editor: Douglas Kammen
The Three Ages of Government: From the Person, to the Group, to the World
Author/Editor: Jos C.N. Raadschelders
Thou Shalt Forget: Indigenous sovereignty, resistance and the production of cultural oblivion in Canada
Author/Editor: Pierrot Ross-Tremblay
Thoughts on grammaticalization
Thoughts on grammaticalization
Author/Editor: Lehmann ,Christian
Thoughts and Ways of Thinking : Source Theory and Its Applications
Author/Editor: Brown ,Benjamin
Thoughts and Ways of Thinking
The Thought Remolding Campaign of the Chinese Communist Party-state
Author/Editor: Hu Ping
Thoughtrave: An Interdimensional Conversation with Lady Gaga
Author/Editor: Robert Craig Baum,Brianne Bolin,George Elerick
Thomistic Principles and Bioethics
Author/Editor: Jason T. Eberl
Thomas Frederick Tout (1855-1929): Refashioning history for the twentieth century
Author/Editor: Caroline M. Barron,Joel T. Rosenthal
Thomas Erastus and the Palatinate: A Renaissance Physician in the Second Reformation
Author/Editor: Charles D. Gunnoe
Thomas Annan of Glasgow : Pioneer of the Documentary Photograph
Author/Editor: Gossman ,Lionel
Thomas Annan of Glasgow
Théologies de la guerre
Author/Editor: Jean-Philippe Schreiber,Jean-Philippe Schreiber,Jean Levi,Monique Weis,Olivier Chaline,Frédérique Dufour,Annette Becker,Anne Morelli,Baudouin Decharneux,Jean-Charles Ducène,Régine Azria
thN Lng Folk 2go: Investigating Future Premoderns™
Author/Editor: The Confraternity of Neoflagellants
This Was Not Our War : Bosnian Women Reclaiming the Peace
Author/Editor: Hunt ,Swanee
This Was Not Our War
This Is Not an Atlas: A Global Collection of Counter-Cartographies
Author/Editor: kollektiv orangotango+
This Gaming Life: Travels in Three Cities
Author/Editor: Jim Rossignol
This Cannot Happen Here: Integration and Jewish Resistance in the Netherlands, 1940-1945
Author/Editor: Braber ,Ben
The Third Way and beyond: Criticisms, futures and alternatives
Author/Editor: Hale ,Sarah,Leggett ,Will,Martell ,Luke
The Third Sector as a Renewable Resource for Europe: Concepts, Impacts, Challenges and Opportunities
Author/Editor: Bernard Enjolras,Lester M. Salamon,Karl Henrik Sivesind,Annette Zimmer
Third report on the excavations on the site of the Roman town at Wroxeter, Shropshire, 1914
Author/Editor: Joscelyn Plunkett Bushe-Fox
Third Report on the Excavations of the Roman Fort at Richborough, Kent
Author/Editor: J. P. Bushe-Fox
Third language acquisition: Age, proficiency and multilingualism
Author/Editor: Camilla Bardel,Laura Sánchez
Third-Generation Holocaust Representation : Trauma, History, and Memory
Author/Editor: Aarons ,Victoria,Berger ,Alan
Third-Generation Holocaust Representation
Thinking the Problematic: Genealogies and Explorations between Philosophy and the Sciences
Author/Editor: Oliver Leistert,Isabell Schrickel
The Thinking State?
Author/Editor: Schuyt ,K.,Latour ,B.,Balkenende ,J.P.,Donk van de ,W.B.J.,Hemerijkck ,A.C.,Anderson ,L.,Dror ,Y.,Vignon ,J.,Weingart ,P.
Thinking of Space Relationally: Critical Realism Beyond Relativism - A Manifold Study of the Artworld in Beijing
Author/Editor: Xiaoxue Gao
Thinking Media Aesthetics: Media Studies, Film Studies and the Arts
Author/Editor: Liv Hausken
Thinking Literature across Continents
Thinking Literature across Continents
Author/Editor: Ghosh ,Ranjan,Miller ,J. Hillis
Thinking like a Climate: Governing a City in Times of Environmental Change
Author/Editor: Hannah Knox
Thinking Beyond Sectors for Sustainable Development
Author/Editor: Waage ,Jeff,Yap ,Christopher
Thinking Beyond Sectors for Sustainable Development
Thinking and Killing - Philosophical Discourse in the Shadow of the Third Reich
Thinking and Killing: Philosophical Discourse in the Shadow of the Third Reich
Author/Editor: Alon Segev
Thinking and Killing - Philosophical Discourse in the Shadow of the Third Reich
Author/Editor: Segev ,Alon
Thinking About Dementia : Culture, Loss, and the Anthropology of Senility
Author/Editor: Leibing ,Annette,Cohen ,Lawrence
Thinking About Dementia
Thinking About Criminology
Author/Editor: Simon Holdaway,Paul Rock
Thinking about Christian Life in the Turmoil Times of the Middle East - Insights and Reflections from East and West
Author/Editor: Martin Tamcke,Claudia Rammelt
Think Big, Start Small: StreetScooter die e-mobile erfolgsstory: Innovationsprozesse radikal effizienter
Author/Editor: Achim Kampker,Jürgen Gerdes,Günther Schuh
Things that travelled-Mediterranean Glass in the First Millennium CE
Things in Culture, Culture in Things
Author/Editor: Kannike ,Anu,Laviolette ,Patrick
Things in Culture, Culture in Things
Thin Culture, High Art: Gogol, Hawthorne, and Authorship in Nineteenth-Century Russia and America
Author/Editor: Anne Lounsbery
Thick Evaluation
Author/Editor: Kirchin ,Simon
They did not stop at Eboli
Author/Editor: Karin Priem,Giovanna Hendel,Carole Naggar
They Came to Murramarang
Author/Editor: Hamon ,Bruce,Greig ,Alastair,Feary ,Sue
They Aren’t, Until I Call Them: Performing the Subject in American Literature
Author/Editor: Enikö Bollobás
“The Turk” in the Czech Imagination (1870s-1923)
Author/Editor: Jitka Malečková
“The Truth about the Desert” : Exile, Memory, and the Making of Communities among Malian Tuareg Refugees in Niger
Author/Editor: Diallo ,Souleymane
“The Truth about the Desert”
'The truest form of patriotism': Pacifist feminism in Britain, 1870-1902
'The truest form of patriotism': Pacifist feminism in Britain, 1870-1902
Author/Editor: Brown ,Heloise
“The Sting of Death” and Other Stories
Author/Editor: Toshio Shimao
These Oppressions Won't Cease : An anthology of the political thought of the Cape Khoesan, 1777-1879 : A selection of source documentation in Dutch
These Oppressions Won't Cease
-: The Role of Technology in Subverting Digital Copyright
Author/Editor: Hector Postigo
Thermodynamik von Kobaltoxid Anodenmaterialien für Lithium-Ionen-Batterien und ihr elektrochemisches Verhalten
Author/Editor: Nicolas A. Mayer
There's No Such Thing as "The Economy": Essays on Capitalist Value
Author/Editor: Samuel A. Chambers
There is no Software, there are just Services
Author/Editor: Irina Kaldrack,Martina Leeker
'The Philosophes' by Charles Palissot
Author/Editor: Jessica Goodman,Olivier Ferret
A Theory of Regret
Author/Editor: Price ,Brian