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WTO Law and Trade Policy Reform for Low-Carbon Technology Diffusion: Common Concern of Humankind, Carbon Pricing, and Export Credit Support
Author/Editor: Zaker Ahmad
Wütende Texte: Die Sprache heißen Zorns in der deutschen Literatur des 20. Jahrhunderts
Author/Editor: Alfred Stumm
Written Culture in a Colonial Context : Africa and the Americas 1500-1900
Author/Editor: Delmas ,Adrien,Penn ,Nigel
Written Culture in a Colonial Context
Writing Together: Kollaboratives Schreiben mit Personen aus dem Feld
Author/Editor: Martina Blank,Sarah Nimführ
Writing the Yugoslav Wars : Literature, Postmodernism, and the Ethics of Representation
Author/Editor: Obradović ,Dragana
Writing the Yugoslav Wars
Writing the Reader: Configurations of a Cultural Practice in the English Novel (Volume 59)
Author/Editor: Dorothee Birke
Writing the Past in Twenty-first-century American Fiction
Author/Editor: Alexandra Lawrie
Writing the Digital History of Nazi Germany: Potentialities and Challenges of Digitally Researching and Presenting the History of the Third Reich, World War II, and the Holocaust
Author/Editor: Julia Timpe,Frederike Buda
Writing Systems and Their Use: An Overview of Grapholinguistics
Author/Editor: Dimitrios Meletis,Christa Dürscheid
Writing Self, Writing Empire: Chandar Bhan Brahman and the Cultural World of the Indo-Persian State Secretary
Author/Editor: Kinra ,Rajeev
Writing Self, Writing Empire: Chandar Bhan Brahman and the Cultural World of the Indo-Persian State Secretary
Author/Editor: Rajeev Kinra
Writing(s) at the Crossroads: The process–product interface
Author/Editor: Georgeta Cislaru
Writing Revolution in Latin America: From Martí to García Márquez to Bolaño
Author/Editor: Juan E. De Castro
Writing Resistance: Revolutionary memoirs of Shlissel´burg Prison, 1884-1906
Author/Editor: Sarah J. Young
The Writing Public: Participatory Knowledge Production in Enlightenment and Revolutionary France
Author/Editor: Elizabeth Andrews Bond
Writing Pirates: Vernacular Fiction and Oceans in Late Ming China
Author/Editor: Yuanfei Wang
Writing Palestine: 1933-1950
Author/Editor: Dorothy Kahn Bar-Adon,Esther Carmel-Hakim,Nancy Rosenfeld
The Writing on the Wall: The Work of Joane Cardinal-Schubert
Author/Editor: Lindsey Sharman
Writing, Medium, Machine: Modern Technographies
Writing, Medium, Machine: Modern Technographies
Writing Manuals for the Masses: The Rise of the Literary Advice Industry from Quill to Keyboard
Author/Editor: Anneleen Masschelein,Dirk de Geest
Writing in Time: Emily Dickinson's Master Hours
Author/Editor: Marta L. Werner
Writing in Limbo: Modernism and Caribbean Literature
Author/Editor: Simon Gikandi
Writing History in the Digital Age
Author/Editor: Jack Dougherty,Kristen Nawrotzki
Writing Gender in Early Modern Chinese Women's Tanci Fiction
Author/Editor: Li Guo
Writing for the Medium
Author/Editor: Elsaesser ,Thomas,Simons ,Jan,Bronk ,Lucette
Writing Facts: Interdisciplinary Discussions of a Key Concept in Modernity
Author/Editor: Susanne Knaller
Writing Equipment
Author/Editor: Anna Willi
Writing Emotions : Theoretical Concepts and Selected Case Studies in Literature
Writing Emotions
Writing Development in Struggling Learners: Understanding the Needs of Writers across the Lifecourse
Author/Editor: Brett Miller,Peggy McCardle,Vince Connelly
Writing Death
Author/Editor: Jeremy Fernando,Avital Ronell
The Writing Culture of Ancient Dadān: A Description and Quantitative Analysis of Linguistic Variation
Author/Editor: Fokelien Kootstra
Writing Black Scotland: Race, Nation and the Devolution of Black Britain
Author/Editor: Joseph H. Jackson
Writing Beyond Pen and Parchment Inscribed Objects in Medieval European Literature
Author/Editor: Ricarda Wagner,Christine Neufeld,Ludger Lieb
Writing Beloveds : Humanist Petrarchism and the Politics of Gender
Author/Editor: Feng ,Aileen A.
Writing Beloveds
Writing as Material Practice : Substance, surface and medium
Author/Editor: Piquette E. ,Kathryn,Whitehouse D. ,Ruth
Writing as Material Practice
Writing Art
Author/Editor: Jeremy Fernando,Alessandro De Francesco
Writing Around the Ancient Mediterranean: Practices and Adaptations (Volume 6)
Author/Editor: Philippa M. Steele
Writing and the West German Protest Movements: The Textual Revolution
Author/Editor: Mererid Puw Davies,Puw Davies Meredid
Writing and Renunciation in Medieval Japan: The Works of the Poet-Priest Kamo no Chomei
Author/Editor: Rajyashree Pandey
Writing and Publishing Scientific Papers: A Primer for the Non-English Speaker
Author/Editor: Gabor Lövei
Writing Alberta: Building on a Literary Identity
Author/Editor: Donna Coates,George Melnyk
Writers, Literature and Censorship in Poland. 1948–1958
Author/Editor: Kamila Budrowska
Würde und Selbstbestimmung über den Tod hinaus
Author/Editor: Duttge, Gunnar,Viebahn, Christoph
Wounds and Words : Childhood and Family Trauma in Romantic and Postmodern Fiction
Author/Editor: Schönfelder ,Christa
Wounds and Words
Wounded Heroes
Author/Editor: McCoy Berzins ,Marina
Wound Building: Dispatches from the Latest Disasters in UK Poetry
Author/Editor: Danny Hayward
Wortschatz: Theorie, Empirie, Dokumentation
Author/Editor: Stefan Engelberg,Heidrun Kämper,Petra Storjohann
Wort – Satz – Korpus: Multimethodische digitale Forschung in der Linguistik
Author/Editor: Claudia Posch,Karoline Irschara,Gerhard Rampl
›Wort für Wort‹ – Lektüren zum Werk von Oswald Egger
Author/Editor: Martin Endres,Ralf Simon
Worte am Werk
Author/Editor: Carrujo Covas ,Luis Miguel
Wortbildung und Kategorisierung am Beispiel der desubstantivischen Wortbildung des Russischen
Author/Editor: Yannis Kakridis
Wortbildung und Akzent im Russischen
Author/Editor: Tilman Berger
Wortbildung diamedial: Korpusstudien zum geschriebenen und gesprochenen Deutsch
Author/Editor: Sören Stumpf
Worrorra: a language of the north-west Kimberley coast
Author/Editor: Clendon ,Mark
A World You Do Not Know: Settler Societies, Indigenous Peoples and the Attack on Cultural Diversity
Author/Editor: Colin Samson
The World Wide Web of Work: A history in the making
Author/Editor: Marcel van der Linden
World Wide Warriors: How Jihadis Operate Online
Author/Editor: Rüdiger Lohlker
The World We Want to Live In: Compendium of Digitalisation, Digital Networks, and Artificial Intelligence
Author/Editor: Frank Schmiedchen,Klaus Peter Kratzer,Jasmin S. A. Link,Heinz Stapf-Finé
World under Revision: The Poetry of Wisława Szymborska
Author/Editor: Wojciech Ligeza
World Trade Evolution: Growth, Productivity and Employment
Author/Editor: Lili Yan Ing,Miaojie Yu
The World's Oldest Church
Author/Editor: Peppard ,Michael
The Worlds of Langston Hughes : Modernism and Translation in the Americas
Author/Editor: Kutzinski ,Vera M.
The Worlds of Langston Hughes
Worlds of Labour Turned Upside Down: Revolutions and Labour Relations in Global Historical Perspective
Author/Editor: Pepijn Brandon,Peyman Jafari,Stefan Müller
Worlds in Miniature: Contemplating Miniaturisation in Global Material Culture
Author/Editor: Jack Davy,Charlotte Dixon
The World's First Full Press Freedom: The Radical Experiment of Denmark-Norway 1770–1773
Author/Editor: Ulrik Langen,Frederik Stjernfelt
World's End
Author/Editor: Charlie Gere
Worlds Apart : Bosnian Lessons for Global Security
Author/Editor: Hunt ,Swanee
Worlds Apart
The World Refugees Made: Decolonization and the Foundation of Postwar Italy
Author/Editor: Pamela Ballinger
World Protests: A Study of Key Protest Issues in the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Isabel Ortiz,Sara Burke,Mohamed Berrada,Hernán Saenz Cortés
World Politics at the Edge of Chaos: Reflections on Complexity and Global Life
Author/Editor: Emilian Kavalski
A world of water: Rain, rivers and seas in Southeast Asian histories
Author/Editor: Boomgaard ,Peter
A world of water: Rain, rivers and seas in Southeast Asian histories
World of Walls
Author/Editor: Saddiki ,Said
World of UCL
Author/Editor: Georgina Brewis,John North,Negley Harte
The World of the Seafarer: Qualitative Accounts of Working in the Global Shipping Industry
Author/Editor: Victor Oyaro Gekara,Victor Oyaro Gekara,Helen Sampson,Helen Sampson
The World of Rules: A Somewhat Different Measurement of the World
Author/Editor: Gunnar Folke Schuppert,Thomas Duve,Stefan Vogenauer
World of Patterns: A Global History of Knowledge
Author/Editor: Rens Bod,Leston Buell
A world of nourishment: Reflections on food in indian culture
Author/Editor: Cinzia Pieruccini,Paola M. Rossi
A World of Fiction: Digital Collections and the Future of Literary History
Author/Editor: Katherine Bode
A World of Disorderly Notions: Quixote and the Logic of Exceptionalism
Author/Editor: Aaron R. Hanlon
World of Difference: A Moral Perspective on Social Inequality
Author/Editor: Naomi Ellemers
World Literatures: Exploring the Cosmopolitan-Vernacular Exchange
Author/Editor: Stefan Helgesson,Annika Mörte Alling,Yvonne Lindqvist,Helena Wulff
World Literature, Cosmopolitanism, Globality Beyond, Against, Post, Otherwise
Author/Editor: Gesine Müller,Mariano Siskind
World Literature and Dissent
Author/Editor: Lorna Burns,Katie Muth
The World Jewish Congress During The Holocaust: Between Activism and Restraint
Author/Editor: Zohar Segev
The World Jewish Congress During The Holocaust - Between Activism and Restraint
Author/Editor: Segev ,Zohar
The World Jewish Congress During The Holocaust - Between Activism and Restraint
Worlding the south: Nineteenth-century literary culture and the southern settler colonies
Author/Editor: Sarah Comyn,Porscha Fermanis
Worlding Postcolonial Sexualities: Publics, Counterpublics, Human Rights
Author/Editor: Kanika Batra
The World in Eleven Dimensions: Supergravity, supermembranes and M-theory
Author/Editor: M.J Duff
World History for International Studies
Author/Editor: Isabelle Duyvesteyn,Anne Marieke van der Wal
World History – a Genealogy: Private Conversations with World Historians, 1996-2016
Author/Editor: Carolien Stolte,Alicia Schrikker
World Heritage Angkor and Beyond - Circumstances and Implications of UNESCO Listings in Cambodia
Author/Editor: Hauser-Schäublin, Brigitta
World Food Trends and the Future of Food (Volume 6)
Author/Editor: Marianna Nobile
World Editors: Dynamics of Global Publishing and the Latin American Case between the Archive and the Digital Age
Author/Editor: Gustavo Guerrero,Benjamin Loy,Gesine Müller
World Compendium of Healthcare Facilities and Nonprofit Organizations
Author/Editor: Ebby Elahi
World Class Universities: A Contested Concept
Author/Editor: Sharon Rider,Michael A. Peters,Mats Hyvönen,Tina Besley
World Christianity: Methodological Considerations
Author/Editor: Martha Frederiks,Dorottya Nagy
World Building: Transmedia, Fans, Industries
Author/Editor: Marta Boni
World Beats
Author/Editor: Fazzino ,Jimmy
The World as Abyss: The Caribbean and Critical Thought in the Anthropocene
Author/Editor: Jonathan Pugh,David Chandler
The Works of Stefan George
Author/Editor: Olga Marx,Ernst Morwitz
The Works of Peter Schott, 1460-1490, Vol. I: Introduction and Text
Author/Editor: Murray A. Cowie,Marian L. Cowie
The Works of Peter Schott, 1460-1490, Vol. II: Commentary
Author/Editor: Marian L. Cowie,Murray A. Cowie
The Works of Li Qingzhao
Author/Editor: Sarah M. Allen,Paul Kroll,Christopher M. B. Nugent,Stephen Owen,Anna M. Shields,Xiaofei Tian,Ding Xiang Warner
Workshops in International Conference on Social Robotics
The Workshop Morality: The Islamic Creativity of Pesantren Daarut Tauhid in Bandung, Java
Author/Editor: Solahudin ,Dindin
Worksharing as a policy to increase employment: an evaluation
Author/Editor: Kapteyn ,A.,Zaidi ,A.,Kalwij ,A.
Works for Works, Book 1: Useless Beauty
Author/Editor: Gavin Keeney
Work, Sex and Power: The Forces that Shaped Our History
Author/Editor: Willie Thompson
Work Requirements: Race, Disability, and the Print Culture of Social Welfare
Author/Editor: Todd Carmody
Workplace Spirituality: Making a Difference
Author/Editor: Yochanan Altman,Judi Neal,Wolfgang Mayrhofer
Workplaces as learning spaces - conceptual and empirical insights
Author/Editor: Annette Ostendorf,Chompoonuh K. Permpoonwiwat
The Workplace of the Future: The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Precariat and the Death of Hierarchies
Author/Editor: Jon-Arild Johannessen
The Work of Professional Football
Author/Editor: Martin Roderick
The Work of Communication: Relational Perspectives on Working and Organizing in Contemporary Capitalism
Author/Editor: Timothy Kuhn,Karen Lee Ashcraft,François Cooren
The Work of Authorship
Working Women in the Sandwich Generation: Theories, Tools and Recommendations for Supporting Women’s Working Lives
Author/Editor: Mervi Rajahonka,Dorota Kwiatkowska-Ciotucha,Miet Timmers,Urszula Załuska,Kaija Villman,Veerle Lengeler,Tim Gielens
Working with LGBTQIA+ youth in the child welfare system: Perspectives from youth and professionals
Author/Editor: Mónica López López,Rodrigo González Álvarez,Mijntje ten Brummelaar,Kevin van Mierlo,Leo Wieldraaijer-Vincent
Working with indigenous knowledge: Strategies for health professionals
Author/Editor: Seepaneng S. Moloko-Phiri,Fhumulani Mavis Mulaudzi,Ntsieni S. Mashau,Lufuno Makhado,Maurine R. Musie,Rafiat A. Anokwuru,Roinah N. Ngunyulu,Sanele Lukhele,Khathutshelo G. Simane-Netshisaulu,Patience M. Tulelo,Melitah M. Rasweswe,Miriam Moagi,Nombulelo V. S
Working Together in Vanuatu
Author/Editor: Thieberger ,Nick,Taylor ,J.
Working Through Colonial Collections: An Ethnography of the Ethnological Museum in Berlin
Author/Editor: Margareta von Oswald
Working the Spaces of Power: Activism, Neoliberalism and Gendered Labour
Author/Editor: Janet Newman
Working the Phones: Control and Resistance in Call Centres
Author/Editor: Jamie Woodcock
Working on the Railroad, Walking in Beauty : Navajos, Hozho, and Track Work
Author/Editor: Youngdahl ,Jay
Working on the Railroad, Walking in Beauty
Working Misunderstandings: An Ethnography of Project Collaboration in a Multinational Corporation in India
Author/Editor: Frauke Mörike
Working in the Service Sector
Author/Editor: Gerhard Bosch,Steffen Lehndorff
Working in the Context of Austerity
Author/Editor: Donna Baines,Ian Cunningham
Working in China
Author/Editor: Ching Kwan Lee
Working, Housing: Urbanizing: The International Year of Global Understanding - IYGU
Author/Editor: Jennifer Robinson,Allen J. Scott,Peter J. Taylor
Working for Policy
Working for Canada: A Pilgrimage in Foreign Affairs from the New World Order to the Rise of Populism
Author/Editor: Geoff White
Working-Class Literature(s) Volume II: Historical and International Perspectives
Author/Editor: John Lennon,Magnus Nilsson
Working-Class Literature(s) : Historical and International Perspectives
Working-Class Literature(s)
Working At Night: The Temporal Organisation of Labour Across Political and Economic Regimes
Author/Editor: Lucie Dušková,Ger Duijzings
Working and Learning in Times of Uncertainty: Challenges to Adult, Professional and Vocational Education
Workfare in den USA : Das Elend der US-amerikanischen Sozialhilfepolitik
Author/Editor: Grell ,Britta
Workfare in den USA
Workfare als Mindestsicherung : Von der Sozialhilfe zu Hartz IV. Deutsche Sozialpolitik 1962 bis 2005
Author/Editor: Brütt ,Christian
Workfare als Mindestsicherung
Worker Voice
Author/Editor: Patmore ,Greg
Workers Unite!: The International 150 Years Later
Author/Editor: Marcello Musto
Workers, Managers, Productivity: Kaizen in Developing Countries
Author/Editor: Akio Hosono,John Page,Go Shimada
Workers Leaving the Studio: Looking Away from Socialist Realism
Author/Editor: Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei,Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei,Genti Gjikola
Worked to the Bone: A Study of Gilded-Age Transatlantic Scientific Networks in Paleontology
Author/Editor: Philipp Wendler
Work and Occupation in French and English Mental Hospitals, c.1918-1939
Author/Editor: Jane Freebody
Work and Livelihoods: History, Ethnography and Models in Times of Crisis
Author/Editor: Susana Narotzky,Victoria Goddard
Words, Objects and Events in Economics: The Making of Economic Theory
Author/Editor: Peter Róna,László Zsolnai,Agnieszka Wincewicz-Price
Words in Space and Time: A Historical Atlas of Language Politics in Modern Central Europe
Author/Editor: Tomasz Kamusella
Words as Events: Cretan Mandinádes in Performance and Composition
Words as Events: Cretan Mandinádes in Performance and Composition
Author/Editor: Sykäri ,Venla
Words are Physicians for an Ailing mind: For Andrzej Boguslawski on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday
Author/Editor: Maciej Grochowski,Daniel Weiss
Words and visions around/about Chinese transnational mobilities 流动
Author/Editor: Valentina Pedone,Miriam Castorina
Word Knowledge and Word Usage
Author/Editor: Wolfgang U. Dressler,Vito Pirrelli,Ingo Plag
Word and Image in Russian History : Essays in Honor of Gary Marker
Word and Image in Russian History
Word Accent and Vowel Duration in Standard Slovene: An Acoustic and Linguistic Investigation
Author/Editor: Tatjana Srebot-Rejec
Worauf ich mich verlassen kann: Kognition und Affekt in Schülereinstellungen zu Schöpfung und Evolution
Author/Editor: Sabine Hermisson
Woran arbeiten wir?: E-Commerce-Plattformen ethnografisch verstehen
Author/Editor: Dennis Eckhardt
WOOD-UP: Valorizzazione della filiera di gassificazione di biomasse legnose per l’energia, la fertilità del suolo e la mitigazione dei cambiamenti climatici
Author/Editor: Agnese Aguzzoni,Giustino Tonon,Eleonora Cordioli,Stefano Cesco,Irene Criscuoli,Stefano Dal Savio,Giovanna Ferrentino,Carlo Andreotti,Marco Baratieri,Daniele Basso,Elisa Bonadio,Luigimaria Borruso,Christian Ceccon,Silvia Celletti,Piers Cooper
Woodstock Scholarship
Author/Editor: Gatten N. ,Jeffrey
Wood Science for Conservation of Cultural Heritage – Florence 2007
Author/Editor: Uzielli, Luca
Wood Science for Conservation of Cultural Heritage – Braga 2008: Proceedings of the International Conference held by COST Action IE0601 (Braga - Portugal, 5-7 November 2008
Author/Editor: Joseph Gril
Wood. Rethinking Material
Author/Editor: Architekturfakultät der Technischen Universität Graz
Wood Modification in Europe: A state-of-the-art about processes, products and applications
Author/Editor: Dennis Jones,Dick Sandberg,Giacomo Goli,Luigi Todaro
Woodcuts as Reading Guides: How Images Shaped Knowledge Transmission in Medical-Astrological Books in Dutch (1500-1550)
Author/Editor: Andrea van Leerdam
Woningcorporaties: een beleidsanalyse
Author/Editor: Gerrichhauzen ,L.G.
Wonen, zorg en pensioenen
Author/Editor: Asbeek Brusse ,W.,Montfort van ,C.J.
Wonder, Horror, Mystery: Letters on Cinema and Religion in Malick, Von Trier, and Kieślowski
Author/Editor: Morgan Meis,J.M. Tyree
Wonder, Education, and Human Flourishing: Theoretical, Empirical, and Practical Perspectives
Author/Editor: Anders Schinkel,Vasco d’Agnese,A Gilbert,Jan B.W. Pedersen,Joseph Moore,Genevieve Lloyd,Sophia Vasalou,David Erlich,Marina Bazhydai,Gert Westermann,Yannis Hadzigeorgiou
Women Writing War: From German Colonialism through World War I (Volume 24)
Author/Editor: Katharina von Hammerstein,Barbara Kosta,Julie Shoults
Women Writing Portuguese Colonialism in Africa (Volume 22)
Author/Editor: Ana Paula Ferreira
Women Workers And Technological Change In Europe In The Nineteenth And twentieth century
Author/Editor: Gertjan De Groot,Marlou Schrover
Women Who Stay Behind: Pedagogies of Survival in Rural Transmigrant Mexico
Author/Editor: Ruth Trinidad Galván
Women Warriors and National Heroes: A Global History
Author/Editor: Boyd Cothran,Joan Judge,Adrian Shubert
Women's writing in contemporary France: New writers, new literatures in the 1990s
Women's writing in contemporary France: New writers, new literatures in the 1990s
Author/Editor: Rye ,Gill,Worton ,Michael
Women's Work and Chicano Families: Cannery Workers of the Santa Clara Valley
Author/Editor: Patricia Zavella
Women’s Tanci Fiction in Late Imperial and Early Twentieth-Century China
Author/Editor: Li Guo
Women's Rights?
Author/Editor: Kato ,Masae
Women’s Political Representation in Iran and Turkey: Demanding a Seat at the Table
Author/Editor: Mona Tajali
Women's Political and Social Thought: An Anthology
Author/Editor: Hilda Smith,Berenice Carroll
Women's Perspectives on (Post)Migration: Between Literature, Arts and Activism – Between Africa and Europe.
Author/Editor: Julia Borst,Stephanie Neu-Wendel,Juliane Tauchnitz
Women's medicine: Sex, family planning and British female doctors in transnational perspective, 1920–70
Author/Editor: Caroline Rusterholz
Women’s Lived Landscapes of War and Liberation in Mozambique: Bodily Memory and the Gendered Aesthetics of Belonging
Author/Editor: Jonna Katto
Women's Literary Networks and Romanticism: A Tribe of Authoresses
Author/Editor: Andrew O. Winckles,Angela Rehbein
Women's Leadership in Music: Modes, Legacies, Alliances
Author/Editor: Iva Nenic,Linda Cimardi
Women’s Friendship in Medieval Literature
Author/Editor: Karma Lochrie,Usha Vishnuvajjala
Women's Experimental Cinema: Critical Frameworks
Author/Editor: Robin Blatez
Women's Emancipation and Civil Society Organisations: Challenging or maintaining the status quo?
Author/Editor: Christina Schwabenland,Chris Lange,Jenny Onyx,Sachiko Nakagawa
Women’s Choices in Europe: Influence of Gender on Education, Occupational Career and Family Development
Author/Editor: Claudia Quaiser-Pohl,Martina Endepohls-Ulpe
Women’s Activism and "Second Wave" Feminism: Transnational Histories
Author/Editor: Barbara Molony
Women Religious Crossing between Cloister and the World: Nunneries in Europe and the Americas, ca. 1200–1700
Author/Editor: Mercedes Pérez Vidal
Women Political Leaders in Rwanda and South Africa: Narratives of Triumph and Loss
Author/Editor: Naleli Mpho Soledad Morojele
Women Political Leaders in Rwanda and South Africa: Narratives of Triumph and Loss
Author/Editor: Naleli Mpho Soledad Morojele
Women Poets and the American Sublime
Author/Editor: Joanne Diehl
Women, Philanthropy, and Civil Society
Author/Editor: Kathleen McCarthy
Women of Trachis: Sophokles
Author/Editor: Rachel Kitzinger,Eamon Grennan
Women of the Washington Press: Politics, Prejudice, and Persistence
Author/Editor: Maurine H. Beasley
Women, Migration and Gendered Experiences: The Case of Post-1991 Albanian Migration
Author/Editor: Ermira Danaj
Women, Love and Learning: The Double Bind
Author/Editor: Alison Mackinnon
Women, Life, Freedom: Our Fight for Human Rights and Equality in Iran
Author/Editor: Nasrin Sotoudeh
Women Judges in the Muslim World: A Comparative Study of Discourse and Practice
Author/Editor: Monika Lindbekk,Nadia Sonneveld
Women in Wartime: Dress Studies from Picture Post 1938-1945
Author/Editor: Geraldine Howell
Women in the Silent Cinema: Histories of Fame and Fate
Author/Editor: Annette Förster
Women in the Silent Cinema: Histories of Fame and Fate
Author/Editor: Annette Förster
Women in the History of Science: A sourcebook
Author/Editor: Hannah Wills,Sadie Harrison,Erika Jones,Farrah Lawrence-Mackey,Rebecca Martin
Women in the Bible, Qumran and Early Rabbinic Literature: Their Status and Roles
Author/Editor: Paul Heger
Women in the Bible, Qumran and Early Rabbinic Literature
Women in the Bible, Qumran and Early Rabbinic Literature
Author/Editor: Heger ,P.
Women in the Balkans/ Southeastern Europe
Author/Editor: Gabriella Schubert,Johanna Deimel
Women in the Ancient Near East
Author/Editor: Marten Stol
Women in the Ancient Near East
Author/Editor: Stol ,Marten
Women in Supramolecular Chemistry: Collectively Crafting the Rhythms of Our Work and Lives in STEM
Author/Editor: Jennifer Leigh,Jennifer Hiscock,Anna McConnell,Cally Haynes,CLAUDIA CALTAGIRONE,Marion Kieffer
Women in STEM in Higher Education: Good Practices of Attraction, Access and Retainment in Higher Education
Author/Editor: Francisco José García-Peñalvo,Alicia García-Holgado,Angeles Dominguez,Jimena Pascual
Women in Southeast Asian Nationalist Movements
Author/Editor: Susan Blackburn,Helen Ting
Women in Nineteenth-Century Russia
Women in Mongol Iran : The Kahtuns, 1206-1335
Author/Editor: de Nicola ,Bruno
Women in Mongol Iran
Women in Kararau - Gendered Lives, Works, and Knowledge in a Middle Sepik Village, Papua New Guinea
Author/Editor: Brigitta Hauser-Schäublin
Women in German Expressionism: Gender, Sexuality, Activism
Author/Editor: Anke Finger,Julie Shoults
Women in Cleveland: An Illustrated History
Author/Editor: Marion Morton
Women from Traditional Islamic Educational Institutions in Indonesia
Author/Editor: Srimulyani ,Eka
Women Count: A Guide to Changing the World
Author/Editor: Susan Bulkeley Butler,Bob Keefe
Women, Consumption, and the Circulation of Ideas in South-Eastern Europe, 17th - 19th Centuries
Author/Editor: Constanţa Vintilă-Ghiţulescu
Women Build the Welfare State: Performing Charity and Creating Rights in Argentina, 1880–1955
Author/Editor: Donna J. Guy
Women as Candidates in American Politics
Author/Editor: Susan Carroll
Women and Work in Preindustrial Europe
Author/Editor: Barbara Hanawalt
Women and the UN: A New History of Women's International Human Rights
Author/Editor: Rebecca Adami,Dan Plesch
Women and the Press: The Struggle for Equality
Author/Editor: Patricia Bradley
Women and the Law
Author/Editor: Susan Atkins,Baroness Brenda Hale
Women and the Colonial State
Author/Editor: Locher-Scholten ,Elsbeth
Women and Romance: The Consolations of Gender in the English Novel
Author/Editor: Laurie Langbauer
Women and Reproductive Technologies: The Socio-Economic Development of Technologies Changing the World
Author/Editor: Annette Burfoot,Derya Güngör
Women and Public Life in Early Meiji Japan: The Development of the Feminist Movement
Author/Editor: Mara Patessio
Women and Power at the French Court, 1483-1563
Author/Editor: Susan Broomhall
Women and Politeness in Eighteenth-Century England: Bodies, Identities, and Power
Author/Editor: Soile Ylivuori
Women and Muslim Family Laws in Arab States
Author/Editor: Welchman ,Lynn
Women and Migration(s) II
Author/Editor: Kalia Brooks,Cheryl Finley,Ellyn Toscano,Deborah Willis
Women and Migration: Responses in Art and History
Author/Editor: Deborah Willis,Ellyn Toscano,Kalia Brooks Nelson
Women and Knowledge in Early Christianity
Author/Editor: Ulla Tervahauta,Ivan Miroshnikov,Outi Lehtipuu,Ismo Dunderberg
Women and Inequality in a Changing World: Exploring New Paradigms for Peace
Author/Editor: Hoda Mahmoudi,Jane L. Parpart,Kate Seaman
Women and Gender in the Early Modern Low Countries, 1500-1750
Author/Editor: Sarah Moran,Amanda Pipkin
Women and Crime in Post-Transitional South African Crime Fiction: A Study of Female Victims, Perpetrators and Detectives
Author/Editor: Sabine Binder
Women, Agency, and the State in Guinea: Silent Politics
Author/Editor: Carole Ammann
Womanpriest: Tradition and Transgression in the Contemporary Roman Catholic Church
Womanism, Literature, and the Transformation of the Black Community, 1965-1980
Author/Editor: Kalenda C. Eaton
Woman between Two Kingdoms: Dara Rasami and the Making of Modern Thailand
Author/Editor: Leslie Castro-Woodhouse
Wollstonecraft, Mill, and Women's Human Rights
Author/Editor: Botting Hunt ,Eileen
The Wolio Language: Outline of Grammatical Description and Texts. 2nd Edition
Author/Editor: J.C. Anceaux
The Wolio Language
Author/Editor: Anceaux ,J.
The Wolio Language
Wolfram Paulus
Author/Editor: Andrey Arnold,Andreas Ehrenreich,Klaus Händl,Friederike Rückert,Sven Sonne,Christian Strasser,Wolfgang Straub,Martin Thomson,Florian Widegger,Andreas Ehrenreich,Iris Laner,Wolfram Paulus,Lukas Foerster,Florian Widegger,Manuela Strihavka,Iris Fraueneder,Mi
Wolfgang von Weisl: Der Weg eines österreichischen Zionisten vom Untergang der Habsburgermonarchie zur Gründung des Staates Israel
Author/Editor: Dietmar Goltschnigg
Wolfgang Kraus und der österreichische Literaturbetrieb nach 1945
Author/Editor: Stefan Maurer,Werner Michler,Norbert Christian Wolf
Wohnungsnot, Geschlecht und Gesundheit: Eine Analyse von Teilhabe und Stigmatisierung
Author/Editor: Jan A. Finzi
Wohnungsbau- und Wohneigentumspolitik im Rahmen der Einkommensteuer: Eine Analyse unter steuersystematischen, verteilungspolitischen und fiskalischen Aspekten
Author/Editor: Christian Rüsch
Wohnen und Gesundheit im Alter
Author/Editor: Andrea Teti,Enno Nowossadeck,Judith Fuchs,Harald Künemund
Wohnen in Hamburg: Akteure, Instrumente und Konfliktfelder
Author/Editor: Monika Grubbauer,Joscha Metzger
Wohlbefinden und Gesundheit im Jugendalter: Theoretische Perspektiven, empirische Befunde und Praxisansätze
Author/Editor: Andreas Heinen,Robin Samuel,Claus Vögele,Helmut Willems
Woekering en weigering: Metamorfosen en identiteit in het werk van Jacq Vogelaar
Author/Editor: Hans Demeyer,Sven Vitse
«Woche für Woche neue Preisaufschläge»: Nahrungsmittel-, Energie- und Ressourcenkonflikte in der Schweiz des Ersten Weltkrieges
Author/Editor: Daniel Krämer,Christian Pfister,Daniel Marc Segesser
Wives, Mothers, and the Red Menace : Conservative Women and the Crusade against Communism
Author/Editor: Brennan ,Mary
Wives, Mothers, and the Red Menace
Wives and Wanderers in a New Guinea Highlands Society: Women's lives in the Wahgi Valley
Author/Editor: Marie Olive Reay
Wives and Wanderers in a New Guinea Highlands Society
Author/Editor: Reay Olive ,Marie
Wittgenstein's Novels
Author/Editor: Martin Klebes
Wittgensteins «Bemerkungen ueber die Farben»
Author/Editor: Frederik Gierlinger
Wittenwiler's "Ring" and the Anonymous Scots Poem "Colkelbie Sow": Two Comic-Didactic Works from the Fifteenth Century
Author/Editor: George Fenwick Jones
‘Wit’s Wild Dancing Light’: Reading the Poems of Alexander Pope
Author/Editor: William Hutchings
Wits and Interpretation: Keyboard Thoughts
Author/Editor: Bengt Edlund
Witness to Marvels
Author/Editor: Tony K. Stewart
The Witness as Object: Video Testimonies in Holocaust Museums
Author/Editor: Steffi de Jong
With the benefit of hindsight: Valedictory reflections from departmental secretaries, 2004-11
Author/Editor: Vincent ,Sam,Wanna ,John,Podger ,Andrew
Withstanding Vulnerability throughout Adult Life: Dynamics of Stressors, Resources, and Reserves
Author/Editor: Dario Spini,Eric Widmer
Without Foundations: Justification in Political Theory
Author/Editor: Donald J. Herzog
With God on their Side
Author/Editor: Timothy Chandler,Tara Magdalinski
With God on Our Side: The Struggle for Workers' Rights in a Catholic Hospital
Author/Editor: Adam D. Reich
With and Without Galton: Vasilii Florinskii and the Fate of Eugenics in Russia
Author/Editor: Nikolai Krementsov
The Witching Hour and Other Plays
Author/Editor: Sadur ,Nina
The Witching Hour and Other Plays
Witchcraft narratives in Germany: Rothenburg, 1561-1652
Author/Editor: Rowlands ,Alison
Witchcraft, Gender and Society in Early Modern Germany
Witchcraft, Gender and Society in Early Modern Germany
Author/Editor: Durrant ,Jonathan B.
Witchcraft continued: Popular magic in modern Europe
Author/Editor: de Blécourt ,Willem,Davies ,Owen
The Witch and the Hysteric: The Monstrous Medieval in Benjamin Christensen's Häxan
Author/Editor: Alexander Doty,Patricia Clare Ingham
Wissen und Ueberzeugungen von Deutschlehrkraeften: Aktuelle Befunde in der deutschdidaktischen Professionsforschung
Author/Editor: Frederike Schmidt,Kirsten Schindler
Wissen und literarisches Lernen: Grundlegende theoretische und didaktische Aspekte
Author/Editor: Thomas Möbius,Michael Steinmetz
Wissenstransfer - Komplexitätsreduktion - Design
Author/Editor: Gerald Moll,Julia Schütz
Wissensproduktion, Wissensmobilisierung und Wissenstransfer: Chancen und Grenzen der Entwicklung von Wissenschaft und Praxis
Author/Editor: Johannes Schuster,Julia Hugo,Nina Bremm,Nina Kolleck,Enikö Zala-Mezö
Wissenskultur Tanz: Historische und zeitgenössische Vermittlungsakte zwischen Praktiken und Diskursen
Author/Editor: Sabine Huschka
Wissenskulturen muslimischer Gesellschaften: Philosophische und islamwissenschaftliche ZugängeFestschrift für Anke von Kügelgen
Author/Editor: Kata Moser,Serena Tolino
Wissenskrisen - Krisenwissen: Zum Umgang mit Krisenzuständen in und durch Wissenschaft und Technik
Author/Editor: Julia Engelschalt,Jason Lemberg,Arne Maibaum,Andie Rothenhäusler,Meike Wiegand
Wissenschaft weltoffen 2023: Facts and Figures on the International Nature of Studies and Research in Germany and Worldwide
Wissenschaft Weltoffen 2017
Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft: Ein vertrauensvoller Dialog: Positionen und Perspektiven der Wissenschaftskommunikation heute
Author/Editor: Johannes Schnurr,Alexander Mäder
Wissenschaftsdidaktik III: Perspektiven
Author/Editor: Gabi Reinmann,Rüdiger Rhein
Wissenschaftsdidaktik II: Einzelne Disziplinen
Author/Editor: Gabi Reinmann,Rüdiger Rhein
Wissenschaftsdidaktik I: Einführung
Author/Editor: Gabi Reinmann,Rüdiger Rhein
Wissenschaftliches Schreiben interkulturell: Kontrastive Perspektiven
Author/Editor: Lesław Cirko,Karin Pittner
Wissenschaftliche Kontroversen im Physikunterricht: Explorationsstudie zum Umgang von Physiklehrkräften und Physiklehramtsstudierenden mit einer wissenschaftlichen Kontroverse am Beispiel der Masse in der Speziellen Relativitätstheorie (Volume 333)
Author/Editor: Erik Heine
Wissenschaftliche Fairness: Wissenschaft zwischen Integrität und Fehlverhalten
Author/Editor: Katrin Frisch,Felix Hagenström,Nele Reeg
Wissenschaftliche berufliche Weiterbildung für Kunst und Kultur: Bildungssphäre für das künstlerisch-kulturelle Selbst: Entfalten. Platzieren. Gestalten.
Author/Editor: Steffi Robak,Wiltrud Gieseke
Wissenschaft kommuniziert: Eine wissenssoziologische Gattungsanalyse des akademischen Group-Talks am Beispiel der Computational Neuroscience
Author/Editor: René Wilke
Wissenschafterinnen in und aus Österreich : Leben - Werk - Wirken
Author/Editor: Keintzel ,Brigitta,Korotin ,Ilse
Wissenschafterinnen in und aus Österreich
Wissenschaft, die Grenzen schafft: Geschlechterkonstellationen im disziplinären Vergleich
Author/Editor: Bettina Heintz,Martina Merz,Christina Schumacher
Wissenschaft: Ausbildung - Politik - Die Göttinger Theologische Fakultät in der Weimarer Republik, dem Nationalsozialismus und der Nachkriegszeit
Author/Editor: Hansjörg Buss
Wissen, Medium und Geschlecht: Frauenzimmer-Studien zu Lexikographie, Lehrdichtung und Zeitschrift
Author/Editor: Nikola Roßbach
Wissen Macht Tracht: im Ötztal
Author/Editor: Nadja Neuner-Schatz
Wissen in Zahlen?: Zur Herstellung quantitativen Wissens in der Sozialwissenschaft
Author/Editor: Andreas Schadauer
Wissen in institutioneller Interaktion
Author/Editor: Alexandra Groß,Inga Harren
Wissen in Bewegung: Institution – Iteration – Transfer
Author/Editor: Eva Cancik-Kirschbaum,Anita Traninger
Wissen. Erzählen.: Narrative der Humanwissenschaften
Author/Editor: Arne Höcker,Jeannie Moser,Philippe Weber
The Wise Merchant
Author/Editor: Caspar Barlaeus,Anna-Luna Post,Corinna Vermeulen
Wirtschafts- und Rechnungsbücher des Mittelalters und der Frühen Neuzeit - Formen und Methoden der Rechnungslegung: Städte, Klöster und Kaufleute
Author/Editor: Gleba, Gudrun,Petersen, Niels
Wirtschaftsnationalismus lokal: Interaktion und Abgrenzung zwischen rumänischen und sächsischen Gewerbeorganisationen in den siebenbürgischen Zentren Hermannstadt und Kronstadt, 1868–1914
Author/Editor: Stéphanie Danneberg,Ulf Brunnbauer,Martin Schulze Wessel
Wirtschaftserfolg zwischen Zufall und Innovativität: Oberdeutsche Städte und ihre Exportwirtschaft im Vergleich (1350–1550)
Author/Editor: Beat Fumasoli
Wirtschaft neu lehren: Erfahrungen aus der pluralen, sozioökonomischen Hochschulbildung
Author/Editor: Janina Urban,Janina Urban,Lisa-Marie Schröder,Lisa-Marie Schröder,Harald Hantke,Harald Hantke,Lukas Bäuerle,Lukas Bäuerle
Wirtschaftliche Integration und Kooperation im asiatisch-pazifischen Raum. Die APEC
Author/Editor: Antje Gerhold
Wirtschaft, Krieg und Seelenheil: Papst Martin V., Kaiser Sigismund und das Handelsverbot gegen die Hussiten in Böhmen
Author/Editor: Alexandra Kaar
Wirtschaft hacken: Von einem ganz normalen Unternehmer, der fast alles anders macht
Author/Editor: Uwe Lübbermann
Wirtlich handeln in Sozialer Arbeit: Die ökosoziale Theorie in Revision
Author/Editor: Wolf Rainer Wendt
Wir sind nicht auf der Welt, um zu schweigen: Eine Einleitung in die Rhetorik
Author/Editor: Josef Kopperschmidt
Wir sind die Medien : Internet und politischer Wandel in Iran
Author/Editor: Michaelsen ,Marcus
Wir sind die Medien
"Wir schützen unseren Park" - Aushandlungsprozesse von Räumen, Identitäten und Institutionen im Pendjari-Nationalpark (Benin)
Author/Editor: Kesseler, Sascha
»Wir machen Stoff«: Die Gewerkschaft Textil-Bekleidung 1949-1998
Author/Editor: Peter Donath,Annette Szegfü
»Wir machen Kunst für Künstler«: Lohnarbeit in Kunstmanufakturen. Eine ethnografische Studie
Author/Editor: Franz Schultheis
Wirkungsorientiertes Controlling staatlichen Handelns: Systematische Identifikation und Bewertung der gesamtgesellschaftlichen Wirkungen staatlichen Handelns
Author/Editor: Thorsten Pieper
Wirkungsorientiertes Controlling im politisch-administrativen System: Unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung der Gestaltungsmoeglichkeiten von oeffentlichen Verwaltungen
Author/Editor: Andreas Röhrig
Wirkungsevaluation mobiler Jugendarbeit: Methodische Zugänge und empirische Ergebnisse
Author/Editor: Hemma Mayrhofer
Wirkung im Coaching
Author/Editor: Robert Wegener,Silvia Deplazes
Wirkungen einer Auslandsverschuldung des Staates bei flexiblen Wechselkursen
Author/Editor: Manfred Scheuer
Wirksamkeit der Taktplanung aus Perspektive des Bauherrn am Beispiel von Produktionsimmobilien in der Automobilindustrie
Author/Editor: Janosch Dlouhy
Wirklichkeit oder Konstruktion?: Sprachtheoretische und interdisziplinäre Aspekte einer brisanten Alternative
Author/Editor: Ekkehard Felder,Andreas Gardt
Wir Kinder. La questione del potere nelle relazioni adulti/bambini
Author/Editor: Nicola Spinosi
„Wir haben ja jetzt auch ein paar Damen bei uns“ – Symbolische Grenzziehungen und Heteronormativität in den Ingenieurwissenschaften
Author/Editor: Inka Greusing
Wir haben ja alle Deutschland nicht gekannt: Das Deutschlandbild der Deutschen in der Zeit der Weimarer Republik
Wir haben ja alle Deutschland nicht gekannt: Das Deutschlandbild der Deutschen in der Zeit der Weimarer Republik
Author/Editor: Kemp ,Wolfgang
"Wir haben getan, was wir zu tun schuldig waren" (Lukas 17, 10). Festschrift zur Ehrenpromotion von Helmut Greve
Author/Editor: Hans-Martin Gutmann
Wireless Terahertz Communications: Optoelectronic Devices and Signal Processing
Author/Editor: Tobias Harter
The Winter of Russia’s Discontent: Russia’s Futures from Within and Without. The Conference on Russia Papers 2023
Author/Editor: Sandis Šrāders,George Spencer Terry
Win in Chinese Courts: Practice Guide to Civil Litigation in China
Author/Editor: Chenyang Zhang
Wind power deployment in urbanised regions: An institutional analysis of planning and implementation
Author/Editor: Pia Nabielek
Window Functions and Their Applications in Signal Processing
Author/Editor: K. M. M. Prabhu
Window Functions and Their Applications in Signal Processing
Author/Editor: K.M.M. Prabhu
WINDERFUL Wind and INfrastructures: Dominating Eolian Risk For Utilities and Lifelines
Author/Editor: Francesco Ricciardelli,Vincenzo Sepe,Gianni Bartoli
The Wind ~ An Unruly Living
Author/Editor: Jeremy Bendik-Keymer
Winchester: Swithun's 'City of Happiness and Good Fortune'
Author/Editor: Patrick Ottaway
Will Schooling Ever Change?: School Culture, Distance Learning and the COVID-19 Pandemic
Author/Editor: Piotr Mikiewicz,MARTA JURCZAK-Morris
William Sharp and “Fiona Macleod”: A Life
Author/Editor: William F. Halloran
William Rimmer: Champion of Imagination in American Art
Author/Editor: Dorinda Evans
William Moorcroft, Potter: Individuality by Design
Author/Editor: Jonathan Mallinson
William Blake e William Butler Yeats
Author/Editor: Antonielli, Arianna
Author/Editor: Geert Keil
Wilhelm Windelband und die Psychologie: Das Fach Philosophie und die Wissenschaft Psychologie im Deutschen Kaiserreich
Author/Editor: Horst Gundlach
Wilhelm Waiblinger in Italy
Author/Editor: Lawrence S. Thompson
Wilhelm Müller's Lyrical Song-Cycles: Interpretations and Texts
Author/Editor: Alan P. Cottrell
Wilhelm Flitner (1889 - 1990) - ein Klassiker der Erziehungswissenschaft? Zur 125. Wiederkehr seines Geburtstags/
Author/Editor: Rainer Nicolaysen
Wildlife Trafficking: the illicit trade in wildlife, animal parts, and derivatives
Author/Editor: Gian Ege,Andreas Schloenhardt,Christian Schwarzenegger
Wildland Fire Smoke in the United States: A Scientific Assessment
Author/Editor: David L. Peterson,Sarah M. McCaffrey,Toral Patel-Weynand
The Wild Goose
Author/Editor: Ogai Mori,Burton Watson
Wilde und verweigerte Bilder - Untersuchungen zur literarischen Medialität der Figur um 1200
Author/Editor: Koch, Susanne
Wildes Übersetzen: Zu Theorie und Geschichte eines literarischen Verfahrens bei Johann Fischart und Arno Schmidt
Author/Editor: Jodok Trösch
Wilderness and Waterpower: How Banff National Park Became a Hydroelectric Storage Reservoir
Author/Editor: H. V. Nelles,Christopher Armstrong
The Wild East: Criminal Political Economics in South Asia
Author/Editor: Barbara Harris-White,Lucia Michelutti
Wiki Writing: Collaborative Learning in the College Classroom
Author/Editor: Robert E. Cummings,Matt Barton
Wikis und die Wikipedia verstehen: Eine Einführung
Author/Editor: Ziko van Dijk
Wikipedia and the Representation of Reality
Author/Editor: Zachary J. McDowell,Matthew A. Vetter
Wikipedia @ 20: Stories of an Incomplete Revolution
Author/Editor: Joseph Reagle,Jackie Koerner
Wijdvertakte wortels. Over etnolectisch Nederland
Author/Editor: Hinskens ,Hans
Wiidhaa: An Introduction to Gamilaraay
Author/Editor: John Giacon
Wi-Fi Enabled Healthcare
Author/Editor: Ali Youssef,Douglas McDonald II,Jon Linton,Bob Zemke,Aaron Earle
Wie wir uns an der Universität aufführen: Zur performativen Wechselwirkung von Hochschule und Gesellschaft
Author/Editor: Anna Suchard
Wie wir leben wollen: Kompendium zu Technikfolgen von Digitalisierung, Vernetzung und Künstlicher Intelligenz
Author/Editor: Frank Schmiedchen,Klaus Peter Kratzer,Jasmin S.A. Link,Heinz Stapf-Finé
Wie wird Weltliteratur gemacht?: Globale Zirkulationen lateinamerikanischer Literaturen
Author/Editor: Gesine Müller
Wie werden Wissenschaftler gemacht?: Beobachtungen zur wechselseitigen Konstitution von Geschlecht und Wissenschaft
Author/Editor: Sandra Beaufaÿs
Wie ticken Jugendliche 2016?: Lebenswelten von Jugendlichen im Alter von 14 bis 17 Jahren in Deutschland
Author/Editor: Marc Calmbach,Silke Borgstedt,Inga Borchard,Peter Martin Thomas,Berthold Bodo Flaig
Wie Sprache dem Verstehen hilft: Ergebnisse einer Interventionsstudie zu sprachsensiblem Geographieunterricht
Author/Editor: Santina Wey
Wie postdigital schreiben?: Neue Verfahren der Gegenwartsliteratur
Author/Editor: Hanna Hamel,Eva Stubenrauch
Wien und die jüdische Erfahrung 1900-1938
Author/Editor: Stern ,Frank,Eichinger ,Barabara
Wie normal ist die Norm? Sprachliche Normen im Spannungsfeld von Sprachwissenschaft, Sprachöffentlichkeit und Sprachdidaktik.
Author/Editor: Hennig ,Mathilde,Müller ,Christoph
Wien im Jahre 1703: Die Vogelschau des Dessauer Gesandten Bernhard Georg Andermüller und die Transformation des Wiener Stadtbildes
Author/Editor: Martin Scheutz,Ferdinand Oppl
Wien - Geschichte einer Stadt
Author/Editor: Csendes ,Peter,Opll ,Ferdinand
Wien - Geschichte einer Stadt
Author/Editor: Opll ,Ferdinand,Csendes ,Peter
Wiener Jahrbuch für Kunstgeschichte
Author/Editor: Aurenhammer ,Hans H.,Schwarz ,Michael Viktor
Wien als Festungsstadt im 16. Jahrhundert
Author/Editor: Opll ,Ferdinand,Krause ,Heike,Sonnlechner ,Christoph
Wie mächtig sind Archive?/Perspektiven der Archivwissenschaft
Author/Editor: Rainer Hering,Dietmar Schenk
Wie Kunst für Zukunft unterrichten?: Feministische Sorgeethik als Perspektive der Vermittlung in Zeiten planetarischer Katastrophe und digitaler Toxizität
Author/Editor: Elke Krasny,Sophie Lingg,Joonas Lahtinen,Johannes Köck
Wie können wir den Schaden maximieren?: Gestaltung trotz Komplexität. Beiträge zu einem Public Interest Design
Author/Editor: Christoph Rodatz,Pierre Smolarski
Wie Katie Tingle sich weigerte, ordentlich zu posieren und Walker Evans darüber nicht grollte: Eine kritische Bildbetrachtung sozialdokumentarischer Fotografie
Author/Editor: Michael Leicht
Wie ist Dein Leben in und um Marburg?: Teilhabe von Frauen und Mädchen – ein Forschungs-Bericht
Author/Editor: Susanne Gerner,Mandy Lauer,Johanna Zühlke
Wie geht Kultur unter die Haut?: Emergente Praxen an der Schnittstelle von Medizin, Lebens- und Sozialwissenschaft
Author/Editor: Jörg Niewöhner,Christoph Kehl,Stefan Beck
Wieder mächtig werden: Gewerkschaftliche Erneuerung durch bedingungsgebundene Tarifarbeit?
Author/Editor: Marcel Thiel
Wie der Krieg ins Museum kam: Akteure der Erinnerung in Moskau, Minsk und Tscheljabinsk, 1941-1956
Author/Editor: Anne E. Hasselmann
Wiederholung und Variation im Gespräch des Mittelalters und der Frühen Neuzeit
Author/Editor: Nikola Roßbach,Angela Schrott
Wie Bilder «entstehen»: Prozess und Produkt (Band 4)
Author/Editor: Dieter Maurer,Nicole Schwarz,Claudia Riboni,Xenia Guhl
Wie Bilder «entstehen».: Produkt und Kode [Band 5]
Author/Editor: Birute Gujer,Dieter Maurer,Claudia Riboni
Wie Bilder «entstehen».: Eigenschaften und Entwicklung [Band 1]
Author/Editor: Dieter Maurer,Claudia Riboni
Wie Bilder «entstehen».: Bildarchiv Europa und Materialien [Band 2]
Author/Editor: Dieter Maurer,Claudia Riboni
Wie Bilder «entstehen».: Beschreibende Methode [Band 3]
Author/Editor: Dieter Maurer,Claudia Riboni
Widescreen Dreams: Growing Up Gay at the Movies
Author/Editor: Patrick E. Horrigan
Widerständige Ressource: Typologie und Gebrauch historischer Bauernhäuser
Author/Editor: Ines Lüder
Widerstand im Arbeitsprozess: Eine arbeitssoziologische Einführung
Author/Editor: Heiner Heiland,Simon Schaupp
Widerstand als Selbstbehauptung: »Gefährdete« Jugendliche im Übergangs- und Berufsbildungssystem
Author/Editor: Luca Preite
Widersprechen in vereinnahmenden Verhältnissen
Author/Editor: Katharina Danner
Author/Editor: Hans Heinz Holz
Widerspenstige Hände: Literarische Handdarstellungen und anthropologische Formationen im frühen 20. Jahrhundert
Author/Editor: Anatol Heller
Wider die Verunsicherung: Arbeitslosenkomitees in der Schweiz, 1975–2002
Author/Editor: Anina Zahn
Wider die Geschichtsvergessenheit: Inszenierte Geschichte - historische Differenz - kritisches Bewusstsein
Author/Editor: Gisela Febel,Sonja Kerth,Elisabeth Lienert
Widening Scripts: Cultivating Feminist Care in Academic Labor
Author/Editor: Mariana Prandini Assis,Angela Henderson,Lindsey MacCallum,Ian Reilly,Ellen Shaffner,Scott Stoneman
Wicked Problems in Public Policy: Understanding and Responding to Complex Challenges
Author/Editor: Brian W. Head
Why We Play: An Anthropological Study
Author/Editor: Roberte Hamayon
Why Vienna gets high marks (Volume 2)
Author/Editor: Jana Löw,European Investment Bank,Eugen Antalovsky
Why Universities Should Seek Happiness and Contentment
Author/Editor: Paul Gibbs
Why the Center Can't Hold: A Diagnosis of Puritanized America
Author/Editor: Tom O’Neill
Why Noncompliance: The Politics of Law in the European Union
Author/Editor: Tanja A. Börzel
Why Knowing What To Do Is Not Enough: A Realistic Perspective on Self-Reliance
Author/Editor: Anne-Greet Keizer,Will Tiemeijer,Mark Bovens
Why Is There I Rather Than It?: Ontology of the Subject in the Upaniṣads
Author/Editor: Marta Kudelska
Why International Organizations Hate Politics: Depoliticizing the World
Author/Editor: Marieke Louis,Lucile Maertens
Why Icebergs Float: Exploring Science in Everyday Life
Author/Editor: Morris ,Andrew
Why Do We Quote?
Author/Editor: Finnegan ,Ruth
Why Current Affairs Needs Social Theory
Author/Editor: Rob Stones
Why Be Moral?
Author/Editor: Beatrix Himmelmann,Robert B. Louden
Why are women entrepreneurs missing out on funding?: Reflections and considerations - Executive summary
Author/Editor: Surya Fackelmann,European Investment Bank,Alessandro De Concini
Why Are Artists Poor?
Author/Editor: Abbing ,Hans
Why Agriculture Productivity Falls: The Political Economy of Agrarian Transition
Author/Editor: Rashed Titumir
Währungsidentitäten und kulturen im Kontext europäischer und globale: Hildesheimer Europagespräche VI
Author/Editor: Sanne Ziethen,Michael Gehler
Währung - Krise - Emotion: Kollektive Wahrnehmungsweisen von Wirtschaftskrisen
Author/Editor: Sanne Ziethen,Sanne Ziethen,Nina Peter,Nina Peter
Who Will Be the Next President?: A Guide to the U.S. Presidential Election System
Author/Editor: Alexander S. Belenky
Whose Responsibility?: Community anti-racism strategies after September 11, 2001
Author/Editor: Tanja Dreher
Whose Man in Havana? Adventures from the Far Side of Diplomacy
Author/Editor: John W. Graham
Whose History? Engaging History Students through Historical Fiction
Author/Editor: Rodwell ,Grant
Whose Heritage?: Challenging Race and Identity in Stuart Hall’s Post-nation Britain
Author/Editor: Susan L.T. Ashley,Degna Stone
Whose Book Is it Anyway?: A View from Elsewhere on Publishing, Copyright and Creativity
Author/Editor: Janis Jefferies,Sarah Kember
Who Saved the Parthenon?: A New History of the Acropolis Before, During and After the Greek Revolution
Author/Editor: william st. clair
Whom to blame for Judah’s doom?: A narratological and intertextual Analysis of 2 Kgs 23:30–25:30
Author/Editor: Benedikt J. Collinet
Whole-Body Regeneration: Methods and Protocols
Author/Editor: Gemma Bale,Simon Blanchoud,Nathan Taylor,Brigitte Galliot,Subhabrata Mitra,Aleh Sudakou,Isabel de Roever,Judith Meek,Nicola Robertson,Ilias Tachtsidis
Who Killed the Berkeley School?: Struggles Over Radical Criminology
Author/Editor: Herman Schwendinger,Jeff Shantz,Julia Schwendinger
Who is prepared for the new digital age?: Evidence from the EIB Investment Survey
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
Who Counts?: Ghanaian Academic Publishing and Global Science
Author/Editor: David Mills,Patricia Kingori,Abigail Branford,Samuel T. Chatio,Natasha Robinson,Paulina Tindana
Whitman and Nietzsche: A Comparative Study of Their Thought
Author/Editor: C.N. Stavrou
White Working-Class Voices: Multiculturalism, Community-Building and Change
Author/Editor: Harris Beider
White Paper on Joint Replacement: Status of Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Care in Germany
Author/Editor: Hans-Holger Bleß,Miriam Kip
The ‘White’ Mask and the ‘Gypsy’ Mask in Film
Author/Editor: Radmila Mladenova
The White Indians of Mexican Cinema: Racial Masquerade throughout the Golden Age
Author/Editor: Mónica Garcia Blizzard
White Gold: The Commercialisation of Rice Farming in the Lower Mekong Basin
Author/Editor: Rob Cramb
White Field, black seeds: Nordic literacy practices in the long nineteenth century
White Field, black seeds: Nordic literacy practices in the long nineteenth century
Whiteface: Improv Comedy and Anti-Blackness
Author/Editor: Michel Büch
White-Collar Crime in the Shadow Economy: Lack of Detection, Investigation and Conviction Compared to Social Security Fraud
Author/Editor: Petter Gottschalk,Lars Gunnesdal
Whistling While They Work
Whistling While They Work
Author/Editor: Tamura ,Keiko
Whistleblowing in the Australian Public Sector: Enhancing the theory and practice of internal witness management in public sector organisations
Author/Editor: Brown ,A.J.
Whistleblowing for Change: Exposing Systems of Power and Injustice (Volume 38, Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Tatiana Bazzichelli
Whistleblowing, Communication and Consequences: Lessons from The Norwegian National Lottery
Author/Editor: Peer Jacob Svenkerud,Jan-Oddvar Sørnes,Larry Browning
While Waiting for Rain: Community, Economy, and Law in a Time of Change
Author/Editor: John Henry Schlegel
Which Winegrape Varieties are Grown Where? A Global Empirical Picture
Author/Editor: Anderson ,Kym,Aryal R. ,Nanda
Where Truth Lies: Digital Culture and Documentary Media after 9/11
Author/Editor: Kris Fallon
Where the Tiny Things Are: Feathered Essays
Author/Editor: Nicole Walker
Where Shrimp Eat Better than People: Globalized Fisheries, Nutritional Unequal Exchange and Asian Hunger
Author/Editor: Wilma Dunaway,Maria Cecilia Macabuac
Where is the Field?: The Experience of Migration Viewed through the Prism of Ethnographic Fieldwork
Author/Editor: Laura Hirvi,Hanna Snellman
Where Community Happens: The Kibbutz and the Philosophy of Communalism
Author/Editor: Henry Near
When Tibetan Meditation Goes Global: A Study of the Adaptation of Bon Religious Practices in the West
Author/Editor: Mara Lisa Arizaga
When the Nerds Go Marching In: How Digital Technology Moved from the Margins to the Mainstream of Political Campaigns
Author/Editor: Rachel K. Gibson
When Right Makes Might: Rising Powers and World Order
Author/Editor: Goddard Stacie
When Protest Makes Policy: How Social Movements Represent Disadvantaged Groups
Author/Editor: Sirje Laurel Weldon
When Protest Becomes Crime: Politics and Law in Liberal Democracies
Author/Editor: Carolijn Terwindt
When populism meets nationalism: Reflections on Parties in Power
Author/Editor: Alberto Martinelli
When poetry comes to its senses: * inscribed Roman verse and the human sensorium : Chapter 7 of Dynamic Epigraphy: New Approaches to Inscriptions
Author/Editor: Eleri H. Cousins
When Music Takes Over in Film
Author/Editor: Anna K. Windisch,Claus Tieber,Phil Powrie
When Juvenile Delinquency Became an International Post-War Concern: The United Nations, the Council of Europe and the Place of Greece
Author/Editor: Efi Avdela
When Gods Speak to Men: Divine Speech according to Textual Sources in the Ancient Mediterranean Basin
Author/Editor: Stéphanie Anthonioz,Alice Mouton,Daniel Petit
When Europa meets Bismarck. How Europe is used in the Australian Healthfare System
Author/Editor: Thomas Kostera
When Children Draw Gods: A Multicultural and Interdisciplinary Approach to Children's Representations of Supernatural Agents
Author/Editor: Pierre-Yves Brandt,Zhargalma Dandarova-Robert,Christelle Cocco,Dominique Vinck,Frédéric Darbellay
Whence They Came : Deportation from Canada 1900 - 1935
Author/Editor: Roberts ,Barbara
Whence They Came
When Can Oil Economies Be Deemed Sustainable?
Author/Editor: Giacomo Luciani,Tom Moerenhout
When a Human Gives Birth to a Raven: Rabbis and the Reproduction of Species
Author/Editor: Rafael Rachel Neis
Wheat Improvement: Food Security in a Changing Climate
Author/Editor: Matthew P. Reynolds,Hans-Joachim Braun
Wheat Evolution and Domestication
Author/Editor: Moshe Feldman,Avraham A. Levy
What Would Hercules Do?: Lessons for Autistic Children Using Classical Myth
Author/Editor: Professor Susan Deacy
What Works in Improving Gender Equality: International Best Practice in Childcare and Long-term Care Policy
Author/Editor: Kirstein Rummery,Craig McAngus,Alcuin Edwards
What Works in Conservation 2021
Author/Editor: William J. Sutherland,Lynn V. Dicks,Silviu O. Petrovan,Rebecca K. Smith
What Works in Conservation 2020
Author/Editor: William J. Sutherland,Lynn V. Dicks,Silviu O. Petrovan,Rebecca K. Smith
What Works in Conservation: 2018
Author/Editor: William J. Sutherland,Lynn V. Dicks,Nancy Ockendon,Silviu O. Petrovan,Rebecca Smith
What Works in Conservation: 2017
What Will Be Already Exists: Temporalities of Cold War Archives in East-Central Europe and Beyond
Author/Editor: Emese Kürti,Zsuzsa László