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Aan het buitenland gehecht
Aantekeningen bij Tjan Tjoe Siem's vertaling van de Lakon Kurupati Rabi
Author/Editor: Uhlenbeck ,E.
Aantekeningen bij Tjan Tjoe Siem's vertaling van de Lakon Kurupati Rabi
Aanvullende en vervangende zwarte arbeid
Author/Editor: Mot ,E.S.,Roozen ,I.T.M.
"A Banca do Serviço do Povo": Política e Economia durante o PREC (1974-75)
Author/Editor: Ricardo Noronha
Abbazie e paesaggi medievali in Toscana
Author/Editor: Gabriele Corsani,Leonardo Rombai,Maria Concetta ZOPPI
Abbott's Gambit: The 2013 Australian Federal Election
Author/Editor: Johnson ,Carol,Wanna ,John,Lee ,Hsu-Ann
Abbreviaturae vocabulorum usitatae in scripturis praecipue Latinis medii aevi, tum etiam Slavicis et Germanicis: Nachdruck der Ausgabe Pragae 1852
Author/Editor: Jan M. Hulákovský
The ABCs of Political Economy: A Modern Approach
Author/Editor: Robin Hahnel
Aber die Zeit fürchtet die Pyramiden: Die Wissenschaften vom Alten Orient und die zeitliche Dimension von Kulturgeschichte
Author/Editor: Thomas L. Gertzen
Ablasskampagnen des Spätmittelalters: Luthers Thesen von 1517 im Kontext
Author/Editor: Andreas Rehberg
Ablehnungs- und Umsetzungsraten von Organtransplantationen – mögliche Ursachen und denkbare Auswege: Eine empirische Datenanalyse aller im Jahr 2013 im Kantonsspital St. Gallen verstorbener Patienten
Author/Editor: Monika Pfyffer von Altishofen,Daniel Huerlimann,Marc Thommen
Ableism in Academia: Theorising experiences of disabilities and chronic illnesses in higher education
Author/Editor: Nicole Brown,Jennifer Leigh
Abū Manṣūr al-Tha᾽ālibī: Kitāb Khāṣṣ al-Khāṣṣ
Author/Editor: Bilal Orfali,Ramzi Baalbaki
Aboriginal Placenames
Aboriginal Population Profiles for Development Planning in the Northern East Kimberley
Author/Editor: Taylor ,John
About Russia, Its Revolutions, Its Development and Its Present
Author/Editor: Michal Reiman
Abraham Abulafia’s Esotericism Secrets and Doubts
Author/Editor: Moshe Idel
Abrahamic Reflections on Randomness and Providence
Author/Editor: Kelly James Clark,Jeffrey Koperski
Abraham in Jewish and Early Christian Literature
Author/Editor: Zanne Domoney-Lyttle,Sean A. Adams
Abruptly Dogen
Author/Editor: Kidder Smith
Abschlusspolitische Ergebnisspaltungen mit aufgegebenen Geschäftsbereichen nach IFRS 5: Existenz und Prävention
Author/Editor: Kai Czupalla
The Absent Presence of the State in Large-Scale Resource Extraction Projects
Author/Editor: Nicholas A. Bainton,Emilia E. Skrzypek
Absolute Komplexität in der Nominalflexion
Absolute Komplexität in der Nominalflexion : Althochdeutsch, Mittelhochdeutsch, Alemannisch und deutsche Standardsprache
Author/Editor: Baechler ,Raffaela
Absurde Literatur in Rußland: Entstehung und Entwicklung
Author/Editor: Bertram Müller
Abweichungen vom Deutschen Corporate Governance Kodex und von §161 AktG als Pflichtverletzung im Sinne der Untreue
Abweichungen vom Deutschen Corporate Governance Kodex und von §161 AktG als Pflichtverletzung im Sinne der Untreue
Author/Editor: Michaelsen, Amir
Abwesenheit von Rom: Aristokratische Interaktion in der späten römischen Republik und in der frühen Kaiserzeit
Abwesenheit von Rom: Aristokratische Interaktion in der späten römischen Republik und in der frühen Kaiserzeit
Author/Editor: Habenstein ,Astrid
Academia in Crisis: Dystopic Optimism and Postalgic Realism in University Life
Author/Editor: Ida Sabelis
Academia in Crisis: The Rise and Risk of Neoliberal Education in Europe
Author/Editor: Leonidas Donskis,Ida Sabelis,Frans Kamsteeg,Harry Wels
Academia in Transformation: Scholars Facing the Arab Uprisings
Author/Editor: Florian Kohstall,Carola Richter,Sarhan Dhouib,Fatima Kastner
Academic Ableism: Disability and Higher Education
Author/Editor: Jay T Dolmage
The Academic Book of the Future
Author/Editor: Rebecca E. Lyons,Samantha J. Rayner
Academic E-Books
Academic E-Books : Publishers, Librarians, and Users
Author/Editor: Ward ,Suzanne M.,Freeman ,Robert S.,Nixon ,Judith M.
Academic Flying and the Means of Communication
Author/Editor: Kristian Bjørkdahl,Adrian Santiago Franco Duharte
Academic Integrity in Canada: An Enduring and Essential Challenge
Author/Editor: Sarah Elaine Eaton,Julia Christensen Hughes
Academics in Exile: Networks, Knowledge Exchange and New Forms of Internationalization
Author/Editor: Vera Axyonova,Florian Kohstall,Carola Richter
Acadians and Cajuns. The Politics and Culture of French Minorities in North America / Acadiens et Cajuns. Politique et culture de minorités francophones en Amérique du Nord
Author/Editor: Ursula Mathis-Moser,Günter Bischof
Accelerating Digitalization: Chancen der Digitalisierung erkennen und nutzen
Author/Editor: Harald Proff,Claudia Ahrens,Wencke Neuroth,Heike Proff,Florian Knobbe,Gregor Szybisty,Stefan Sommer
Accelerator-Driven System at Kyoto University Critical Assembly
Author/Editor: Cheol Ho Pyeon
Accelerator Physics (Fourth Edition)
Author/Editor: Shyh-yuan Lee
Accelerators in Silicon Valley: Building Successful Startups
Author/Editor: Peter Ester
Access Controlled: The Shaping of Power, Rights, and Rule in Cyberspace
Author/Editor: Ronald Deibert,John Palfrey,Rafal Rohozinski,Jonathan Zittrain
Access Denied: The Practice and Policy of Global Internet Filtering
Author/Editor: Ronald Deibert,John Palfrey,Rafal Rohozinski,Jonathan Zittrain
Accessibility Denied: Understanding Inaccessibility and Everyday Resistance to Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities
Author/Editor: Hanna Egard,Kristofer Hansson,David Wästerfors
Accessible Communication: A Cross-country Journey
Author/Editor: Elisa Perego
The Accession of Turkey to the European Union: the political decision-making process - 29
Author/Editor: Hollander ,S.
Access to Justice and Legal Empowerment. Making the Poor Central in Legal Development Co-operation
Author/Editor: van de Meene ,Ineke,van Rooij ,Benjamin
Access to Justice for Disadvantaged Communities
Author/Editor: Marjorie Mayo,Gerald Koessl,Matthew Scott,Imogen Slater
Access to Knowledge in Africa: The role of copyright
Author/Editor: Chris Armstrong,Jeremy De Beer
Access to Knowledge in the Age of Intellectual Property
Author/Editor: Gaëlle Krikorian,Amy Kapczynski
Access to Medicines and Vaccines: Implementing Flexibilities Under Intellectual Property Law
Author/Editor: Carlos M. Correa,Reto M. Hilty
Access to Online Resources: A Guide for the Modern Librarian
Author/Editor: Kristina Botyriute
Accidental Holy Land: The Communist Revolution in Northwest China (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Joseph W. Esherick
Accommodating the Individual: Identity and Control after Alexander
Author/Editor: Henry Heitmann-Gordon
Accommodation in Crisis: Forgotten Women in Western Sydney
Author/Editor: Catherine Robinson,Rose Searby
Accountability and the Law: Rights, Authority and Transparency of Public Power
Author/Editor: Piotr Mikuli,Grzegorz Kuca
Accountability in Public Policy Partnerships
Author/Editor: Steets ,Julia
Accountable Government in Africa: Perspectives from public law and political studies
Author/Editor: Danwood Chirwa,Lia Nijzink
Accounting and Statistical Analyses for Sustainable Development: Multiple Perspectives and Information-Theoretic Complexity Reduction
Author/Editor: Claudia Lemke
Accounting for Culture
Accounting for Culture : Thinking Through Cultural Citizenship
Author/Editor: Andrew ,Caroline,Gattinger ,Monica,Jeannotte M. ,Sharon
Accounts and Accountability in Late Medieval Europe: Records, Procedures, and Socio-Political Impact
Author/Editor: Ionuț Epurescu-Pascovici
Achieving Access to Justice in a Business and Human Rights Context: An Assessment of Litigation and Regulatory Responses in European Civil-Law Countries
Author/Editor: Virginie Rouas
Achieving Inclusive Growth in the Asia Pacific
Author/Editor: Adam Triggs,Shujiro Urata
Achieving the Paris Climate Agreement Goals: Global and Regional 100% Renewable Energy Scenarios with Non-energy GHG Pathways for +1.5°C and +2°C
Author/Editor: Sven Teske
Achieving Viability for Public Service Media in Challenging Settings: A Holistic Approach
Author/Editor: James Deane,Pierre François Docquir,Winston Mano,Tarik Sabry,Naomi Sakr
Acht Geschichten über die Integrationsgeschichte
Achtsamkeit als kulturelle Praxis: Zu den Selbst-Welt-Modellen eines populären Phänomens
Author/Editor: Jacob Schmidt
Achtsamkeit und Meditation im Hochschulkontext: 10 Jahre Münchner Modell
Author/Editor: Andreas de Bruin
Achtzehntes Jahrhundert digital: zentraleuropäische Perspektiven : Digital Eighteenth Century: Central European Perspectives. Dix-huitième siècle numérique: perspectives de l'Europe centrale
Author/Editor: Thomas Wallnig,Marion Romberg,Joelle Weis
AC Losses in High-Temperature Superconductor Tapes and Cables for Power Applications
Author/Editor: Aurélien Godfrin
‘A Course of Severe and Arduous Trials’: Bacon, Beckett and Spurious Freemasonry in Early Twentieth-Century Ireland
Author/Editor: Lynn Brunet
Acoustemologies in Contact: Sounding Subjects and Modes of Listening in Early Modernity
Author/Editor: Emily Wilbourne,Suzanne G. Cusick
The Acoustic Self in English Modernism and Beyond: Writing Musically
Author/Editor: Zoltan Varga
Acoustics of the Vowel - Preliminaries
Author/Editor: Maurer ,Dieter
Acquired Alterity: Migration, Identity, and Literary Nationalism (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Edward Mack
Acquisition and Loss of Nationality|Volume 1: Comparative Analyses
Acquisition and Loss of Nationality|Volume 2: Country Analyses
The Acquisition of Africa (1870-1914): The Nature of International Law (Volume 20/8)
Author/Editor: Mieke van der Linden
The acrolect in Jamaica: The architecture of phonological variation
Author/Editor: G. Alison Irvine-Sobers
Across Anthropology: Troubling Colonial Legacies, Museums, and the Curatorial
Author/Editor: Margareta von Oswald,Jonas Tinius
AcrossBorders I: The New Kingdom Town of Sai Island, Sector SAV1 North
Author/Editor: Julia Budka
Across Space and Time. Papers from the 41st Conference on Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology, Perth, 25-28 March 2013
Across the margins: Cultural identity
Author/Editor: Norquay ,Glenda,Smyth ,Gerry
Across the Oceans: Development of the overseas business information transmission
Across the Oceans: Development of the overseas business information transmission
Author/Editor: Laakso ,Seija-Riitta
Across the Sahara: Tracks, Trade and Cross-Cultural Exchange in Libya
Author/Editor: Klaus Braun,Jacqueline Passon
Acting Emotions
Author/Editor: Konijn ,Elly
Action at a Distance
Author/Editor: John Durham Peters,Florian Sprenger,Christina Vagt
Action [poems]
Author/Editor: Anthony Opal
Actions et conduites mimo-gestuelles dans l’usage conversationnel des relatives en français
Author/Editor: Ioana-Maria Stoenică
Activated Sludge and Aerobic Biofilm Reactors
Author/Editor: Von Sperling ,Marcos
Activated Sludge and Aerobic Biofilm Reactors
Active ageing: Voluntary work by older people in Europe
Author/Editor: Andrea Principi,Per H. Jensen,Giovanni Lamura
Active Assisted Living: Anwendungsszenarien und Lösungsansätze für ein selbstbestimmtes Leben
Author/Editor: Marcel Sailer,Andreas Mahr
Active Materials
Author/Editor: Peter Fratzl,Michael Friedman,Karin Krauthausen,Wolfgang Schäffner
Activerend arbeidsmarktbeleid
Author/Editor: WRR
Active Vision for Scene Understanding
Author/Editor: Markus Grotz
Activist Biology: The National Museum, Politics, and Nation Building in Brazil
Author/Editor: Regina Horta Duarte
Activist Media and Biopolitics: Critical Media Interventions in the Age of Biopower
Author/Editor: Sützl ,Wolfgang,Hug ,Theo
Actors and Networks in the Megacity: A Literary Analysis of Urban Narratives (Edition 1)
Author/Editor: Prachi More
Actors and the Art of Performance
Actualizing Human Rights: Global Inequality, Future People, and Motivation
Author/Editor: Jos Philips
Actuele bestaansonzekerheid
Adaptation and Evaluation of a German Sign Language Test
Author/Editor: Tobias Haug
Adaptation in the Age of Media Convergence
Author/Editor: Johannes Fehrle,Werner Schäfke-Zell
Adaptation of Western Economics by Russian Universities
Author/Editor: Tatiana Suspitsyna
Adaptive Collaborative Management in Forest Landscapes: Villagers, Bureaucrats and Civil Society
Author/Editor: Carol J. Pierce Colfer,Ravi Prabhu,Anne M. Larson
Adaptive Fahrhinweise für ein längsdynamisches Fahrerassistenzsystem zur Steigerung der Energieeffizienz
Author/Editor: Dominik Dörr
Adaptive Mediation and Conflict Resolution: Peace-making in Colombia, Mozambique, the Philippines, and Syria
Author/Editor: Cedric de Coning,Ako Muto,Rui Saraiva
Adaptive Nutzenbewertung für Untersuchungs- und Behandlungsmethoden mit Medizinprodukten hoher Klassen: Die Abwägung von Patientennutzen, Evidenz und Zugang
Author/Editor: Axel Mühlbacher,Christin Juhnke
Adaptive Reuse
Adaptive Strategies for Water Heritage: Past, Present and Future
Author/Editor: Carola Hein
Adat and Indigeneity in Indonesia - Culture and Entitlements between Heteronomy and Self-Ascription
Author/Editor: Hauser-Schäublin, Brigitta
Adat Atjèh
Adat Atjèh
Author/Editor: Voorhoeve ,P.,Drewes ,G.
The ADB’s Story
Author/Editor: Nolan ,Melanie,Fernon ,Christine
The ADB’s Story
Addressing the Climate Crisis: Local action in theory and practice
Author/Editor: Candice Howarth,Matthew Lane,Amanda Slevin
Addressing Tipping Points for a Precarious Future
Address in Portuguese and Spanish: Studies in Diachrony and Diachronic Reconstruction
Author/Editor: Martin Hummel,Célia dos Santos Lopes
Adelaide: a literary city
Author/Editor: Butterss ,Philip
Adelphotes: die erste gedruckte griechisch-kirchenslavische Grammatik, L'viv-Lemberg 1591: L'viv-Lemberg 1591
Author/Editor: Olexa Horbatsch
Adelphotes: die erste gedruckte griechisch-kirchenslavische Grammatik, L'viv-Lemberg 1591: 2., um das Faksimile erweiterte Auflage
Author/Editor: Olexa Horbatsch
Adhesive Bonding of Aircraft Composite Structures: Non-destructive Testing and Quality Assurance Concepts
Author/Editor: Welchy Leite Cavalcanti,Kai Brune,Michael Noeske,Konstantinos Tserpes,Wiesław M. Ostachowicz,Mareike Schlag
Adieu ihr lieben Schwarzen
Adipositas Management: Versorgung, Betreuung und Behandlung in Anästhesie, Chirurgie, Intensivmedizin und Notfallmedizin
Author/Editor: Klaus Lewandowski,Thomas Bein
Adipositas-Management: Versorgung, Betreuung und Behandlung in Anästhesie, Chirurgie, Intensivmedizin und Notfallmedizin
Author/Editor: Thomas Bein,Klaus Lewandowski
Adjective attribution
Author/Editor: Rießler ,Michael
Adjective attribution
Administering the Empire, 1801-1968: A Guide to the Records of the Colonial Office in the National Archives of the UK
Author/Editor: Mandy Banton
Administración Reyes (1904-1909)
Author/Editor: Baldomero Sanín Cano
Administration, Prosopography and Appointment Policies in the Roman Empire: Proceedings of the First Workshop of the International Network Impact of Empire (Roman Empire, 27 B.C. - A.D. 406), Leiden, June 28-July 1, 2000
Author/Editor: L. de Blois
Administrative Capacity Development.
Author/Editor: Verheijen ,A.J.G.
Adolescent Psychiatry: A Contemporary Perspective for Health Professionals
Author/Editor: Leo Sher,Joav Merrick
Adolescents in Humanitarian Crisis: Displacement, Gender and Social Inequalities
Author/Editor: Nicola Jones,Kate Pincock,Bassam Abu Hamad
Adoleszenz und Alterität: Aktuelle Perspektiven der interkulturellen Literaturwissenschaft und Literaturdidaktik
Author/Editor: Stefanie Jakobi,Julian Osthues,Jennifer Pavlik
Adolph Lewisohn. Kupfermagnat im "Goldenen Zeitalter"
Author/Editor: Henning Albrecht,Ekkehard W. Nümann,Hamburgische Wissenschaftliche Stiftung
Adoption and Impact of OER in the Global South
Author/Editor: C. Hodgkinson-Williams,P. Arinto
Adoption from Care: International Perspectives on Children’s Rights, Family Preservation and State Intervention
Author/Editor: Tarja Pösö,Marit Skivenes,June Thoburn
Adorno versus Lyotard
Adrodd ar Dlodi: Naratif y Cyfryngau Newyddion a Chyfathrebiadau’r Trydydd Sector yng Nghymru
Author/Editor: Kerry Moore
Adult and Continuing Education in Belarus
Author/Editor: Veramejchyk ,Galina
Adult and Continuing Education in Cyprus
Author/Editor: Gravani ,Maria,Ioannidou ,Alexandra
Adult and Continuing Education in France
Author/Editor: Schreiber-Barsch ,Silke
Adult and Continuing Education in Norway
Author/Editor: Bjerkaker ,Sturla
Adult Education and Lifelong Learning in Europe and Beyond: Comparative Perspectives from the 2015 Wuerzburg Winter School
Author/Editor: Regina Egetenmeyer
Adult Education and Lifelong Learning in Europe and Beyond: Comparative Perspectives from the 2015 Wuerzburg Winter School
Author/Editor: Regina Egetenmeyer
Adult Education and Work Contexts: International Perspectives and Challenges: Comparative Perspectives from the 2017 Wuerzburg Winter School
Author/Editor: Regina Egetenmeyer,Monica Fedeli
Adult Education Policy and the European Union: Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives
Adulterous Nations
Adulterous Nations : Family Politics and National Anxiety in the European Novel
Author/Editor: Kuzmic ,Tatiana
Adult Language Education and Migration: Challenging agendas in policy and practice
Author/Editor: James Simpson,Anne Whiteside
Advanced Communication and Control Methods for Future Smartgrids
Author/Editor: Taha Selim Ustun
Advanced Ground-Based Real and Synthetic Aperture Radar
Author/Editor: Lapo Miccinesi
Advanced Location-Based Technologies and Services
Author/Editor: Hassan A. Karimi
Advanced Macroeconomics: An Easy Guide
Author/Editor: Filipe Campante,Federico Sturzenegger,Andres Velasco
Advanced Memristor Modeling: Memristor Circuits and Networks
Author/Editor: Valeri Mladenov
Advanced Oxidation Processes: Applications, Trends, and Prospects
Author/Editor: Ciro Bustillo-Lecompte
Advanced Problems in Mathematics
Advanced Problems in Mathematics: Preparing for University
Author/Editor: Stephen Siklos
Advanced Statistical Modeling, Forecasting, and Fault Detection in Renewable Energy Systems
Author/Editor: Fouzi Harrou,Ying Sun
Advanced Terrain Mapping of the Gioia Tauro Plain Calabria Region, Italy: ESA GMES Terrafirma
Author/Editor: Federico Raspini,Francesca Cigna,Moretti Sandro,Nicola Casagli
Advanced Testing and Characterization of Bituminous Materials, Two Volume Set
Author/Editor: Andreas Loizos,Manfred N. Partl,Tom Scarpas,Imad L. Al-Qadi
Advancements in Design Research: 11 PhD theses on Design as we do in POLIMI
Author/Editor: Lucia Rampino,Ilaria Mariani
Advances in Aquatic Invertebrate Stem Cell Research: From Basic Research to Innovative Applications
Author/Editor: Loriano Ballarin,Baruch Rinkevich,Bert Hobmayer
Advances in Assessment and Modeling of Earthquake Loss
Author/Editor: Sinan Akkar,Alper Ilki,Caglar Goksu,Mustafa Erdik
Advances in Bioengineering
Advances in Cancer Therapy
Advances in Crowdfunding: Research and Practice
Author/Editor: Rotem Shneor,Liang Zhao,Bjørn-Tore Flåten
Advances in Discrete Differential Geometry
Author/Editor: Alexander I. Bobenko
Advances in Energy System Optimization: Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium on Energy System Optimization
Author/Editor: Valentin Bertsch,Armin Ardone,Michael Suriyah,Wolf Fichtner,Thomas Leibfried,Vincent Heuveline
Advances in Fibre Production Science in South American Camelids and other Fibre Animals
Author/Editor: Martina Gerken,Carlo Renieri,Daniel Allain,Hugh Galbraith,Juan Pablo Gutiérrez,Lisa McKenna,Roman Niznikowski,Maria Wurzinger
Advances in formal Slavic linguistics 2016
Author/Editor: Denisa Lenertová,Roland Meyer,Radek Šimík,Luka Szucsich
Advances in formal Slavic linguistics 2017
Author/Editor: Franc Marušič,Rok Žaucer,Petra Mišmaš
Advances in formal Slavic linguistics 2018 (Volume 4)
Author/Editor: Ljudmila Geist,Hagen Pitsch,Jovana Gajić,Andreas Blümel,Uwe Junghanns
Advances in Induction and Microwave Heating of Mineral and Organic Materials
Advances in Intelligent Data Analysis XVIII: 18th International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis, IDA 2020, Konstanz, Germany, April 27–29, 2020, Proceedings
Author/Editor: Michael Berthold,Ad Feelders,Georg Krempl
Advances in Membrane Technologies
Author/Editor: Amira Abdelrasoul
Advances in Microfluidic Technologies for Energy and Environmental Applications
Author/Editor: Yong Ren
Advances in Modelling and Control of Wind and Hydrogenerators
Author/Editor: Amir Ebrahimi
Advances in Neural Signal Processing
Author/Editor: Ramana Vinjamuri
Advances in Pharma Business Management and Research: Volume 1
Author/Editor: Lars Schweizer,Theodor Dingermann,Otto Quintus Russe,Christian Jansen
Advances in Phytochemistry, Textile and Renewable Energy Research for Industrial Growth: Proceedings of the International Conference of Phytochemistry, Textile and Renewable Energy for Sustainable development (ICPTRE 2020), August 12-14, Eldoret, Kenya
Author/Editor: Charles Nzila,Nyamwala Oluoch,Ambrose Kiprop,Rose Ramkat,Isaac S. Kosgey
Advances in Production Technology
Author/Editor: Christian Brecher
Advances in Proof-Theoretic Semantics
Author/Editor: Thomas Piecha,Peter Schroeder-Heister
Advances in raw material industries for sustainable development goals: PROCEEDINGS OF THE XII RUSSIAN-GERMAN RAW MATERIALS CONFERENCE (SAINT-PETERSBURG, RUSSIA, 27-29 NOVEMBER 2019)
Author/Editor: Vladimir Litvinenko
Advances in Research Using the C-SPAN Archives
Advances in Research Using the C-SPAN Archives
Author/Editor: Browning ,Robert X.
Advances in Spacecraft Attitude Control
Author/Editor: Timothy Sands
Advances in the Analysis of Spanish Exclamatives
Advances in the Analysis of Spanish Exclamatives
Author/Editor: Bosque ,Ignacio
Advances in the Sociology of Trust and Cooperation: Theory, Experiments, and Field Studies
Author/Editor: Vincent Buskens,Rense Corten,Chris Snijders
Advances in the study of Siouan languages and linguistics
Advances in the study of Siouan languages and linguistics
Author/Editor: Rudin ,Catherine (ed.),Gordon James ,Bryan (ed.)
Advances in Wheat Genetics: From Genome to Field: Proceedings of the 12th International Wheat Genetics Symposium
Author/Editor: Yasunari Ogihara,Shigeo Takumi,Hirokazu Handa
Advances on Mechanics, Design Engineering and Manufacturing III: Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Mechanics, Design Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing, JCM 2020, June 2-4, 2020
Author/Editor: Lionel Roucoules,Manuel Paredes,Benoit Eynard,Paz Morer Camo,Caterina Rizzi
Advancing Culture of Living with Landslides: Volume 1 ISDR-ICL Sendai Partnerships 2015-2025
Author/Editor: Kyoji Sassa,Matjaž Mikoš,Yueping Yin
Advancing Energy Policy: Lessons on the integration of Social Sciences and Humanities
Author/Editor: Chris Foulds,Rosie Robison
Advancing Equality: How Constitutional Rights Can Make a Difference Worldwide
Author/Editor: Jody Heymann,Aleta Sprague,Amy Raub
Advancing Human Assessment: The Methodological, Psychological and Policy Contributions of ETS
Author/Editor: Randy E. Bennett,Matthias von Davier
Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Africa: Constraints and Opportunities
Author/Editor: Ebenezer Durojaye,Gladys Mirugi-Mukundi,Charles Ngwena
Advancing the Human Self: Do Technologies Make Us “Posthuman”?
Author/Editor: Ewa Nowak
Advancing the Learning Agenda in Jewish Education
Author/Editor: Jon A. Levisohn,Jeffrey S. Kress
Advancing the Science of Cancer in Latinos
Author/Editor: Amelie G. Ramirez,Edward J. Trapido
Adverb und Sprachstil: Untersuchungen zur stilistischen Differenziertheit in der russischen Literatursprache, insbesondere im lexikalischen Bereich
Author/Editor: Golubzowa
Advertising and the Transformation of Screen Cultures
Author/Editor: Bo Florin,Patrick Vonderau,Yvonne Zimmermann
Adviesorganen in de politieke besluitvorming. Symposiumverslag
Author/Editor: Delden van ,A.Th.,Kooiman ,J.
Adviseren aan de overheid. Met bijdragen van economische, juridische en politicologische bestuurskundigen
Author/Editor: Rijnen van ,A.Ch.M.
Advising in austerity: Reflections on challenging times for advice agencies
The Advisory Roles of Political Scientists in Europe: Comparing Engagements in Policy Advisory Systems
Author/Editor: Marleen Brans,Arco Timmermans
Aegypten und aegyptische Mythologie, Bilder der Transition im Werk Andrej Belyjs
Author/Editor: Evelies Schmidt
Aegyptiaca in der nördlichen Levante: Eine Studie zur Kontextualisierung und Rezeption ägyptischer und ägyptisierender Objekte in der Bronzezeit
Author/Editor: Alexander Ahrens
Aelita - als morgen gestern heute war: Die Zukunftsmodellierung in Jakov Protazanovs Film
Author/Editor: Katja Huber
Aeroelastic Phenomena and Pedestrian-Structure Dynamic Interaction on Non-Conventional Bridges and Footbridges
Author/Editor: Claudio Borri,Claudio Mannini
Aesthetic Experience of Metabolic Processes
Author/Editor: Desiree Förster
Aesthetic Politics in Fashion
Author/Editor: Elke Gaugele
Aesthetic Programming: A Handbook of Software Studies
Author/Editor: Winnie Soon,Geoff Cox
Aesthetics and subjectivity
Author/Editor: Bowie ,Andrew
Aesthetics of Displacement: Turkey and its Minorities on Screen
Author/Editor: Ozlem Koksal
Aesthetics of Gentrification: Seductive Spaces and Exclusive Communities in the Neoliberal City
Author/Editor: Christoph Lindner,Gerard Sandoval
The Aesthetics of Global Protest: Visual Culture and Communication
Author/Editor: Aidan McGarry,Itir Erhart,Hande Eslen-Ziya,Olu Jenzen,Umut Korkut
Affect and Mathematics Education: Fresh Perspectives on Motivation, Engagement, and Identity
Author/Editor: Markku S. Hannula,Gilah C. Leder,Francesca Morselli,Maike Vollstedt,Qiaoping Zhang
Affective Disorders: Emotion in Colonial and Postcolonial Literature
Author/Editor: Bede Scott
Affective Images: Post-apartheid Documentary Perspectives
Author/Editor: Marietta Kesting
Affective Intellectuals and the Space of Catastrophe in the Americas
Author/Editor: Judith Sierra-Rivera
Affective intimacies
Author/Editor: Marjo Kolehmainen,Annukka Lahti,Kinneret Lahad
Affective Justice: The International Criminal Court and the Pan-Africanist Pushback
Author/Editor: Kamari Maxine Clarke
Affective Trajectories: Religion and Emotion in African Cityscapes
Author/Editor: Hansjörg Dilger,Astrid Bochow,Marian Burchardt,Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon
Affective Transformations: Politics – Algorithms – Media
Author/Editor: Bernd Bösel,Serjoscha Wiemer
Affective Worldmaking: Narrative Counterpublics of Gender and Sexuality
Author/Editor: Silvia Schultermandl,Jana Aresin,Si Sophie Pages Whybrew,Dijana Simic
Affektdramaturgien im Fußballsport: Die Entzauberung kollektiver Emotionen aus wissenssoziologischer Perspektive
Author/Editor: Michael Wetzels
Affekte: Analysen ästhetisch-medialer Prozesse
Author/Editor: Mieke Bal,Antje Krause-Wahl,Heike Oehlschlägel,Serjoscha Wiemer
Affektökologie: Intensive Milieus und zufällige Begegnungen
Author/Editor: Marie-Luise Angerer
Affekt Macht Netz: Auf dem Weg zu einer Sozialtheorie der Digitalen Gesellschaft
Author/Editor: Rainer Mühlhoff,Anja Breljak,Jan Slaby
Affektpoetiken des New Hollywood: Suspense, Paranoia und Melancholie
Author/Editor: Hauke Lehmann
Affe und Affekt: Die Poetik und Politik der Emotionalität in der Primatologie
Author/Editor: Mira Shah
Affirmative Aesthetics and Wilful Women: Gender, Space and Mobility in Contemporary Cinema
Author/Editor: Maud Ceuterick
Afghanistan’s Islam: From Conversion to the Taliban
Afghanistan’s Islam: From Conversion to the Taliban
Africa and the North
Author/Editor: Ulf Engel,Gorm Rye Olsen
Africa-EU Renewable Energy Research and Innovation Symposium 2018 (RERIS 2018): 23–26 January 2018, National University of Lesotho On occasion of NULISTICE 2018
Author/Editor: Moeketsi Mpholo,Dirk Steuerwald,Tonny Kukeera
Africa-Europe Research and Innovation Cooperation: Global Challenges, Bi-regional Responses
Author/Editor: Andrew Cherry,James Haselip,Gerard Ralphs,Isabella E. Wagner
Africa in International Politics
Author/Editor: Ian Taylor,Paul Williams
African Archaeology Without Frontiers: Papers from the 2014 PanAfrican Archaeological Association Congress
Author/Editor: Kusimba M ,Chapurukha,Gabriel W ,Festo,Mjema ,Elinaza,de Barros ,Philip,Lucidi ,Gabriella,Tchandeu Narcisse ,Santores,Seidensticker ,Dirk,Daggett ,Adrianne,Wood ,Marilee,Dussubieux ,Laure,Forssman ,Tim,Ogundiran ,Akin,Smuts ,Kate,Wiltshire ,Nick,Davies ,M
African Archaeology Without Frontiers: Papers from the 2014 PanAfrican Archaeological Association Congress
African Asylum at a Crossroads: Activism, Expert Testimony, and Refugee Rights
Author/Editor: Iris Berger,Tricia Hepner,Benjamin Lawrence,Joanna Tague,Meredith Terretta
African Border Disorders: Addressing Transnational Extremist Organizations
Author/Editor: Olivier J. Walther,William F.S. Miles
African cities and collaborative futures: Urban platforms and metropolitan logistics
Author/Editor: Michael Keith,Andreza Aruska de Souza Santos
African Cities and the Development Conundrum
Author/Editor: Carole Ammann,Till Förster
The African Diaspora in Canada: Negotiating Identity and Belonging
Author/Editor: Wisdom J. Tettey,Korbla P. Puplampu
African Economic Development: Evidence, Theory, Policy
Author/Editor: Christopher Cramer,JOHN SENDER,Arkebe Oqubay
African Futures
Author/Editor: Clemens Greiner,Steven Van Wolputte,Michael Bollig
African Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation
Author/Editor: Nicholas Oguge,Desalegn Ayal,Lydia Adeleke,Izael da Silva
African Identities and International Politics
Author/Editor: Frank Aragbonfoh Abumere
African Initiated Christianity and the Decolonisation of Development: Sustainable Development in Pentecostal and Independent Churches
Author/Editor: Philipp Öhlmann,Wilhelm Gräb,Marie-Luise Frost
The African-Jamaican Aesthetic: Cultural Retention and Transformation Across Borders (Volume 196)
Author/Editor: Lisa Tomlinson
African Land Reform Under Economic Liberalisation: States, Chiefs, and Rural Communities
Author/Editor: Shinichi Takeuchi
African linguistics across the disciplines: Selected papers from the 48th Annual Conference on African Linguistics
Author/Editor: Samson Lotven,Silvina Bongiovanni,Phillip Weirich,Robert Botne,Samuel Gyasi Obeng
African linguistics on the prairie: Selected papers from the 45th Annual Conference on African Linguistics
Author/Editor: Jason Kandybowicz,Travis Major,Harold Torrence,Philip T. Duncan
African Luxury: Aesthetics and Politics
Author/Editor: Simidele Dosekun,Mehita Iqani
African Markets and the Utu-buntu Business Model: A Perspective on Economic Informality in Nairobi
Author/Editor: Mary Njeri Kinyanjui
The African National Congress and the Regeneration of Political Power
Author/Editor: Booysen ,Susan
African Perspectives on Religion and Climate Change
Author/Editor: Ezra Chitando,Ernst M. Conradie,Susan M. Kilonzo
Africa Research in Austria: Approaches and Perspectives
Author/Editor: Andreas Exenberger,Ulrich Pallua (Hg.)
Africa's digital future: From theory to action
Author/Editor: Susara J. Jansen van Rensburg,Wilma Viviers,Wilma Viviers,Ali Parry,Ali Parry,Susara J. Jansen van Rensburg,Petrus D.F. Strydom,Marie-Luce Kühn,Emmanuel Orkoh
Africa’s digital solutions to tackle COVID-19
Author/Editor: European Investment Bank
Africa's Lions
Africa's Lions : Growth Traps and Opportunities for Six African Economies
Africa's Soft Power: Philosophies, Political Values, Foreign Policies and Cultural Exports
Author/Editor: Oluwaseun Tella
Africa, the Cradle of Human Diversity: Cultural and Biological Approaches to Uncover African Diversity
Author/Editor: Cesar Fortes-Lima,Ezekia Mtetwa,Carina Schlebusch
Afrika im deutschsprachigen Kommunikationsraum: Neue Perspektiven interkultureller Sprach- und Literaturforschung
Author/Editor: Friederike Heinz,Simplice Agossavi,Akila Ahouli,Ursula Logossou,Gesine Lenore Schiewer
Afrika – Kontinent der Extreme
Author/Editor: Exenberger ,Andreas
Afro-Peruvian Spanish: Spanish slavery and the legacy of Spanish Creoles
Author/Editor: Sandro Sessarego
Afropolitan Horizons: Essays toward a Literary Anthropology of Nigeria
Author/Editor: Ulf Hannerz
After 9/11: Leading Political Thinkers about the World, the U.S. and Themselves
Author/Editor: Tobias Endler
After Appropriation: Explorations in Intercultural Philosophy and Religion
Author/Editor: Morny Joy
After Confucius
After Confucius : Studies in Early Chinese Philosophy
Author/Editor: Goldin ,Paul R.
After Conversion: Iberia and the Emergence of Modernity
Author/Editor: Mercedes García-Arenal
After Corporate Paternalism: Material Renovation and Social Change in the Time of Ruination (Volume 24)
Author/Editor: Christian Straube
After Ethnos
Author/Editor: Tobias Rees
The Afterlife of Apuleius
Author/Editor: F. Bistagne,C. Boidin,R. Mouren
The Afterlife of Genre: Remnants of the Trauerspiel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Author/Editor: Anthony Curtis Adler
The Afterlife of the Shoah in Central and Eastern European Cultures: Concepts, Problems, and the Aesthetics of Postcatastrophic Narration
Author/Editor: Anna Artwinska,Anja Tippner
Afterlives of Chinese Communism: Political Concepts from Mao to Xi
Author/Editor: Christian Sorace,Ivan Franceschini,Nicholas Loubere
Aftermath : Genocide, Memory and History
After Queer Theory
After Queer Theory : The Limits of Sexual Politics
Author/Editor: Penney ,James
After the Berlin Wall: A History of the EBRD, Volume 1
Author/Editor: Andrew Kilpatrick
After the Break
After the deluge: A palaeogeographical reconstruction of Bronze Age West-Frisia (2000-800 BC)
Author/Editor: Wilko van Zijverden
After the new social democracy: Social welfare for the 21st century
Author/Editor: Fitzpatrick ,Tony
After the "Socialist Spring": Collectivisation and Economic Transformation in the GDR
Author/Editor: George Last
After the "Speculative Turn": Realism, Philosophy, and Feminism
Author/Editor: Katerina Kolozova,Eileen A. Joy
After the Victorians
Author/Editor: Peter Mandler,Susan Pedersen
After Tomorrow the Days Disappear: Ghazals and Other Poems
Author/Editor: Hasan Sijzi,Rebecca Gould
Against Meritocracy: Culture, power and myths of mobility
Author/Editor: Jo Littler
Against Sex Education: Pedagogy, Sex Work, and State Violence
Author/Editor: Caitlin Howlett
Ageing and Covid-19: Making Sense of a Disrupted World
Author/Editor: Maria Łuszczyńska,Marvin Formosa
Ageing and Technology
Ageing and Technology : Perspectives from the Social Sciences
Ageing, Diversity and Equality: Social Justice Perspectives
Author/Editor: Sue Westwood
Ageing Masculinities, Alzheimer's and Dementia Narratives
Author/Editor: Heike Hartung,Rüdiger Kunow,Matthew Sweney
Ageing with Smartphones in Ireland: When life becomes craft
Author/Editor: Pauline Garvey,Daniel Miller
Ageing with Smartphones in Urban Italy: Care and community in Milan and beyond
Author/Editor: Shireen Walton
Agency and Causal Explanation in Economics
Author/Editor: Peter Róna,László Zsolnai
Agency, contingency and census process: Observations of the 2006 Indigenous Enumeration Strategy in remote Aboriginal Australia
Author/Editor: Morphy ,Frances
Agency: Moral Identity and Free Will
Author/Editor: David Weissman
The Agency of Things in Medieval and Early Modern Art: Materials, Power and Manipulation
Author/Editor: Grażyna Jurkowlaniec,Ika Matyjaszkiewicz,Zuzanna Sarnecka
Agency: The Entrepreneurial Self in Narratives of Transformation: Debuting in the Literary Field at the Dawn of the Twenty-First-Century
Author/Editor: Jessica Fischer
Agency Theory: Methodology, Analysis: A Structured Approach to Writing Contracts
Author/Editor: Alexander Stremitzer
Agenda 2030: Survey on Sustainable Development Goals through INVALSI data
Author/Editor: Patrizia Falzetti
Agenda-Setting zwischen Parlament und Medien: Normative Herleitung und empirische Untersuchung am Beispiel der Schweiz
Author/Editor: Marko Kovic
Agential Realism als Basis queer(end)er Experimentalpsychologie: Eine wissenschaftstheoretische Auseinandersetzung
Author/Editor: Julia Scholz
Agents' Abilities
Author/Editor: Romy Jaster
Agents of Transculturation: Border-Crossers, Mediators, Go-Betweens
Author/Editor: Sebastian Jobs,Gesa Mackenthun
The Age of Sustainability: Just Transitions in a Complex World
Author/Editor: Mark Swilling
Age-Period-Cohort Analysis: New Models, Methods, and Empirical Applications
Author/Editor: Yang Yang,Kenneth C. Land
Ages and Abilities: The Stages of Childhood and their Social Recognition in Prehistoric Europe and Beyond
Author/Editor: Katharina Rebay-Salisbury,Doris Pany-Kucera
Agglomeration and Regional Unemployment Disparities: A Theoretical Analysis with Reference to the European Union
Author/Editor: Jens Südekum
Aggression in Pornography: Myths and Realities
Author/Editor: Kimberly Seida,Eran Shor
Aggressive Medien: Zur Geschichte des Wissens über Mediengewalt
Author/Editor: Isabell Otto
Šagi i vzdochi
Author/Editor: Elizaveta A. Mnacakanova
Agile Processes in Software Engineering and Extreme Programming: 23rd International Conference on Agile Software Development, XP 2022, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 13–17, 2022, Proceedings
Author/Editor: Viktoria Stray,Klaas-Jan Stol,Maria Paasivaara,Philippe Kruchten
Agile Processes in Software Engineering and Extreme Programming – Workshops: XP 2021 Workshops, Virtual Event, June 14–18, 2021, Revised Selected Papers
Author/Editor: Peggy Gregory,Philippe Kruchten
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Author/Editor: Helen Sharp,Tracy Hall
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Author/Editor: Viktoria Stray,Rashina Hoda,Maria Paasivaara,Philippe Kruchten
Agiles Lernen im Unternehmen
Author/Editor: Jörg Longmuß,Gabriele Korge,Agnes Bauer,Benjamin Höhne
Aging and Health: A Systems Biology Perspective
Author/Editor: Anatoliy I. Yashin,S. Michal Jazwinski
Aging and Self-Realization: Cultural Narratives about Later Life
Author/Editor: Hanne Laceulle
Aging between Participation and Simulation
Author/Editor: Joschka Haltaufderheide,Johanna Hovemann,Jochen Vollmann
Aging Gracefully in the Renaissance - Stories of Later Life from Petrarch to Montaigne
Author/Editor: Skenazi ,Cynthia
Aging Gracefully in the Renaissance - Stories of Later Life from Petrarch to Montaigne
Aging Gracefully in the Renaissance: Stories of Later Life from Petrarch to Montaigne
Author/Editor: Cynthia Skenazi
Aging Well: Solutions to the Most Pressing Global Challenges of Aging
Author/Editor: Jean Galiana,William A. Haseltine
Agonale Invektivität: Konstellationen und Dynamiken der Herabsetzung im italienischen und deutschen Humanismus
Author/Editor: Uwe Israel,Marius Kraus,Ludovica Sasso
Agonal Perspectives on Nietzsche's Philosophy of Critical Transvaluation
Author/Editor: Herman W. Siemens
The Agrarian Life of the North 2000 BC AD 1000
Agreement, case and locality in the nominal and verbal domains
Author/Editor: Mihaela Marchis Moreno,Matthew Reeve
Agree to Agree: Agreement in the Minimalist Programme (Volume 6)
Author/Editor: Katharina Hartmann,Peter W. Smith,Johannes Mursell
Agricoltura e allevamento nell’Italia medievale. Contributo bibliografico, 1950-2010
Author/Editor: Alfio Cortonesi,Susanna Passigli
Agricoltura paesaggistica: Visioni, metodi, esperienze
Author/Editor: Daniela Poli
Agricultural and Forestry Reconstruction After the Great East Japan Earthquake
Author/Editor: Toshiyuki Monma,Itsuo Goto,Takahisa Hayashi,Hidekiyo Tachiya,Kanju Ohsawa
Agricultural Implications of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident (III): After 7 Years
Author/Editor: Tomoko M. Nakanishi,Martin O`Brien,Keitaro Tanoi
Agricultural Implications of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident: The First Three Years
Author/Editor: Tomoko M. Nakanishi,Keitaro Tanoi
Agricultural Implications of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
Author/Editor: Tomoko M. Nakanishi,Tomoko M. Nakanishi,Keitaro Tanoi,Keitaro Tanoi
Agricultural Input Subsidies: The Recent Malawi Experience
Author/Editor: Chirwa ,Ephraim,Dorward ,Andrew
Agricultural Meteorology and Climatology
Author/Editor: Bernhard Pacher,Branislava Lalic,Josef Eitzinger,Anna Dalla Marta,Simone Orlandini,Ana Firanj Sremac
Agricultural robotics: part of the new deal?: FIRA 2020 conclusions
Author/Editor: Roland Lenain,Julie Peyrache,Alain Savary,Gaëtan Séverac
Agricultural Value Chains in India: Ensuring Competitiveness, Inclusiveness, Sustainability, Scalability, and Improved Finance
Author/Editor: Ashok Gulati,Kavery Ganguly,Harsh Wardhan
Agriculture and Food Security in China
Agriculture, Diversification, and Gender in Rural Africa
Agriculture for Economic Development in Africa: Evidence from Ethiopia
Author/Editor: Emelie Rohne Till
Agriculture, peasantry and poverty in Turkey in the neo-liberal age
Author/Editor: Öztürk ,Murat
Agriculture, peasantry and poverty in Turkey in the neo-liberal age
Agroécologie: Des recherches pour la transition des filières et des territoires
Author/Editor: Thierry Caquet,Chantal Gascuel,Michèle Tixier-Boichard
Agroecología: Experiencias comunitarias para la agricultura familiar en Colombia
Author/Editor: Nathaly Jiménez Reinales,Álvaro Acevedo Osorio
The agroecological transition of agricultural systems in the Global South
Author/Editor: François-Xavier Côte,Emmanuelle Poirier-Magona,Sylvain Perret,Philippe Roudier,Bruno Rapidel,Marie-Cécile Thirion
Agroecological transitions, between determinist and open-ended visions
Author/Editor: Claire Lamine,Danièle Magda,Marta Rivera-Ferre,Terry Marsden
Agroecological Transitions: From Theory to Practice in Local Participatory Design
Author/Editor: Jacques-Eric Bergez,Elise Audouin,Olivier Therond
Agroecology Now!: Transformations Towards More Just and Sustainable Food Systems
Author/Editor: Colin Ray Anderson,Janneke Bruil,M. Jahi Chappell,Csilla Kiss,Michel Patrick Pimbert
Agroecology: research for the transition of agri-food systems and territories
Author/Editor: Thierry Caquet,Chantal Gascuel,Michèle Tixier-Boichard
Agroforesterie et services écosystémiques en zone tropicale
Author/Editor: Josiane Seghieri,Jean-Michel Harmand
Ahaus, Lingen en Kalkar; Duitse nucleaire installaties en de gevolgen voor Nederland
Author/Editor: Smit ,W.A.
AI and IoT Meet Mobile Machines: Towards a Smart Working Site
Author/Editor: Yusheng Xiang
AI Art: Machine Visions and Warped Dreams
Author/Editor: Joanna Zylinska
AI based Robot Safe Learning and Control
Author/Editor: Xuefeng Zhou,Zhihao Xu,Shuai Li,Hongmin Wu,Taobo Cheng,Xiaojing Lv
Ai confini d'Europa: Italia ed Irlanda tra le due guerre
Author/Editor: Chiara Chini
Aides d'État
Author/Editor: Marianne Dony,Nelly Le Berre-Dodet,Sabine Thibault-Liger,Bertold Bär-Bouyssière,Laure Levi,Anne Houtman,Catherine Smits,Massimo Merola,Catherine Smits,Denis F. Waelbroeck,Jean-François Bellis,Marianne Dony,Éric Morgan de Rivery
AIDS, Intimacy and Care in Rural KwaZulu-Natal
Aigeira 3. Forschungen im Bereich des Theaters 2011 bis 2018
Aikamme kasvatus: vain muutos on pysyvää?: 14 eläytymismenetelmätutkimusta
Author/Editor: Jari Eskola,Ilona Nikanto,Satu Virtanen
AI Knowledge Transfer from the University to Society: Applications in High-Impact Sectors
Author/Editor: José Guadix Martín,Milica Lilic,Marina Rosales Martínez
AIMETA 2005: Atti del XVII Congresso dell'Associazione italiana di meccanica teorica e applicata. Firenze, 11-15 settembre 2005. Volume II
Author/Editor: Claudio Borri,Luca Facchini,Giorgio Federici,Mario Primicerio
AIMETA 2005. Atti del XVII Congresso dell'Associazione italiana di meccanica teorica e applicata. Firenze, 11-15 settembre 2005
Author/Editor: Claudio Borri,Luca Facchini,Giorgio Federici,Mario Primicerio
Aino Kallas
Aino Kallas : Negotiations with Modernity
AiREAS: Sustainocracy for a Healthy City: Phase 3: Civilian Participation – Including the Global Health Deal Proposition
Author/Editor: Jean-Paul Close
AiREAS: Sustainocracy for a Healthy City: The Invisible made Visible Phase 1
Author/Editor: Jean-Paul Close
Airport Aura – A Spatial History of Airport Infrastructure
Author/Editor: Lilia Mironov
Air Quality Integrated Assessment: A European Perspective
Author/Editor: Giorgio Guariso,Marialuisa Volta
Air Supplied
Author/Editor: David Cross
A Śaiva Utopia: The Śivadharma’s Revision of Brahmanical Varṇāśramadharma
Author/Editor: Peter Bisschop,Nirajan Kafle,Timothy Lubin
Śaivism and the Tantric Traditions: Essays in Honour of Alexis G.J.S. Sanderson
Author/Editor: Dominic Goodall,Shaman Hatley,Harunaga Isaacson,Srilata Raman
Akademische Resilienz: Welche Erkenntnisse lassen sich aus der Analyse schulischer Selbstkonzeptprozesse für eine gerechtere Verteilung von Bildungschancen gewinnen?
Author/Editor: Sabrina Lisi
Akademische Strenge und künstlerische Freiheit - die Gemälde des 19. Jahrhunderts in der Kunstsammlung der Universität Göttingen ; Bestandskatalog
Author/Editor: Scholl, Christian,Sors, Anne-Katrin
Akcentuacija severolechitskich govorov s istoričeskoj točki zrenija
Author/Editor: Konstantin K. Bogatyrev
Akcional'nost' i statal'nost'. Ich sootnošenie v russkich konstrukcijach s pričastijami na -n, -t
Author/Editor: Jurij P. Knjazev
Akkadische Logogramme
Author/Editor: Schramm, Wolfgang
AKROTHINIA 2: Contributi di giovani ricercatori agli studi egei e ciprioti
Author/Editor: MARIA EMANUELA ALBERTI,Anna Margherita Jasink
AKROTHINIA: Contributi di giovani ricercatori italiani agli studi egei e ciprioti
Author/Editor: Anna Margherita Jasink,Luca Bombardieri
Aksjonsforskning i Norge: Teoretisk og empirisk mangfold
Aksjonsforskning i Norge: Teoretisk og empirisk mangfold
Author/Editor: Gjøtterud ,Sigrid,Eikeland ,Olav,Eklund Lyngås ,Marthe,Fossland ,Barbro,Furu Moksnes ,Eli,Hanssen ,Brit,Johannessen Lund ,Øystein,Krogh ,Erling,Levin ,Morten,Madsen ,Janne,Moen ,Vegard,Hiim ,Hilde,Møller ,Ellen,Postholm Britt ,May,Schwencke ,Eva,Skeie ,Ge
Aksjonsforskning i Norge, volum 2: Grunnlagstenkning, forskerroller og bidrag til endring i ulike kontekster
Author/Editor: Sigrid Gjøtterud,Hilde Hiim,Dag Husebø,Liv Helene Jensen
Aktienrueckkauf und Kapitalmarkt: Eine theoretische und empirische Analyse deutscher Aktienrueckkaufprogramme
Author/Editor: Ralf Schremper
Aktuelle Aspekte der Dysphagiediagnostik und Behandlung: Forschungsbeitraege zu Stoerungen des Schluckens und der Nahrungsaufnahme bei Erwachsenen und Kindern
Author/Editor: Kerstin Richter,Florian Heimann,Astrid Schmidkort,Martina Hielscher-Fastabend
Aktuelle Probleme des Wissenschaftsrechts - Arbeitstagung anlässlich der Eröffnung des Instituts für Öffentliches Recht an der Juristischen Fakultät der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, 10. und 11. Juli 2008
Author/Editor: Heinig, Hans Michael,Langenfeld, Christine,Mann, Thomas,Möllers, Christoph
Aktuelle Probleme des Wissenschaftsrechts - Arbeitstagung anlässlich der Eröffnung des Instituts für Öffentliches Recht an der Juristischen Fakultät der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, 10. und 11. Juli 2008
Aktuelle temaer i regnskap og revisjon
Author/Editor: Tonny Stenheim,Kjell Magne Baksaas,Ellen M. Kulset
Akustische Phonetik und ihre multidisziplinären Aspekte
Alalakh: an account of the excavations at Tell Atchana in the Hatay, 1937–1949
Author/Editor: Leonard Woolley
Albania on the Move
Albanien in Vergangenheit und Gegenwart
Author/Editor: Klaus-Detlev Grothusen
Albanskij gegskij govor sela Muchurr - kraina Dibyr
Author/Editor: Xhelal Ylly,Andrej N. Sobolev
Albanskij toskskij govor sela Lešnja (Leshnja) - kraina Skrapar. Sintaksis, Leksika, Etnolingvistika, Teksty
Author/Editor: Xhelal Ylly,Andrej N. Sobolev
Albert Ballin
Author/Editor: Johannes Gerhardt,Ekkehard W. Nümann,Hamburgische Wissenschaftliche Stiftung
Albert Ballin (English edition)
Author/Editor: Johannes Gerhardt,Ekkehard W. Nümann,Hamburgische Wissenschaftliche Stiftung
Albert Vigoleis Thelen: Mittler zwischen Sprachen und Kulturen (Volume 38)
Author/Editor: Heinz Eickmans,Lut Missinne
Albrecht der Bär und Konrad von Wettin: Fürstliche Herrschaft in den östsächsischen Marken im 12. Jahrhundert
Author/Editor: Christoph Mielzarek
Al confine tra paura e desiderio: Politiche della memoria e soggettività di richiedenti asilo in Italia
Author/Editor: Daniela Giudici
Aleksandr Bestužev-Marlinskij
Author/Editor: Horst Von Chmielewski
Aleksandr Bloks Drama Pesnja sud'by "Das Lied des Schicksals": Uebersetzt, kommentiert und interpretiert vom Verfasser
Author/Editor: Dietrich Wörn
Aleksandr Ivanovič Vvedenskij: Izbrannoe
Author/Editor: Wolfgang Kasack
Aleksandr Puškins "Mednyj vsadnik": Deutungsgeschichte und Gehalt
Author/Editor: Igor Panfilowitsch
Aleksej Kručenych: Sud'ba budetljanina. Redakcija i predislovie Vol'fganga Kazaka
Author/Editor: Sergej M. Suchoparov
Aleksej Kručenych v svidetel'stvach sovremennikov: Sostavlenie, vstupitel'naja stat'ja, podgotovka teksta i kommentarii Sergeja Suchoparova
Author/Editor: Sergej M. Suchoparov
Aleteja. Elegija Puškina "Vospominanie" i problemy ego poetiki
Author/Editor: Savelij J. Sendorovic
Alexander Camaro (1901-1992) - Leben und Werk
Author/Editor: Anna Krüger
Alexander Kluge
Alexander Lernet-Holenia und Maria Charlotte Sweceny
Alexander von Humboldt Berlin 1830-1835: Eine Publikationsbiographie
Author/Editor: Thomas Nehrlich
Alexander Williamson: A Victorian chemist and the making of modern Japan
Author/Editor: Takaaki Inuzuka
Alfavitar radi učenija malych detej. Un abbecedario nella Russia del Seicento
Alfred Beit. Hamburger und Diamantenkönig
Author/Editor: Henning Albrecht,Ekkehard W. Nümann,Hamburgische Wissenschaftliche Stiftung
Alfred Beit. The Hamburg Diamond King
Author/Editor: Henning Albrecht,Ekkehard W. Nümann,Hamburgische Wissenschaftliche Stiftung
Alfred Dreyfus: Man, Milieu, Mentality and Midrash
Author/Editor: Norman Simms
Algerian Jewish Sign language: its emergence and survival
Author/Editor: Lanesman ,Sara
Algorithmic aspects of resource allocation and multiwinner voting: theory and experiments
Author/Editor: Andrzej Kaczmarczyk
Algorithmuskulturen -- Ãœber die rechnerische Konstruktion der Wirklichkeit
Algorithmuskulturen: Über die rechnerische Konstruktion der Wirklichkeit
Author/Editor: Robert Seyfert,Jonathan Roberge
Algorithmuskulturen -- Über die rechnerische Konstruktion der Wirklichkeit
Author/Editor: Seyfert ,Robert,Roberge ,Jonathan
Al-Haq: A Global History of the First Palestinian Human Rights Organization
Author/Editor: Lynn Welchman
Alia: Antropologia di una comunità dell'entroterra siciliano
Author/Editor: Chiarelli, Brunetto,Bigazzi, Renzo,Sineo, Luca
Alia: Antropologia di una comunità dell'entroterra siciliano
Alienation Effects
Author/Editor: Jakovljevic ,Branislav
Alien Gender: Die Inszenierung von Geschlecht in Science-Fiction-Serien
Author/Editor: Nadja Sennewald
Alienität und Alterität: Raumkonzepte in den Filmen David Leans
Author/Editor: Sarah Brauckmann
All Culture is Local: Good Practice in Regional Cultural Mapping and Planning from Local Government
Author/Editor: Lisa Andersen,Margaret Malone
Allegorien des Politischen
Allegories of the Anthropocene
Author/Editor: Elizabeth M. DeLoughrey
Allegorische Andachtsbücher in Antwerpen - Jan Davids Texte und Theodoor Galles Illustrationen in den jesuitischen Buchprojekten der Plantiniana
Author/Editor: Sors, Anne-Katrin
Allemaal beestjes. Mortaliteit en morbiditeit in Vlaanderen, 18de-20ste eeuw
Author/Editor: Devos ,Isabelle
Alle radici della moderna ingegneria: Competenze e opportunità nella Firenze dell'Ottocento
Author/Editor: Franco Angotti,Simonetta Soldani,GIUSEPPE PELOSI
Aller Künste Wissenschaft: Die Sammlung des Johann Friedrich von Uffenbach (1687–1769)
Author/Editor: Arwed Arnulf,Christian Fieseler,Anne-Katrin Sors,Nadja Kehe,Ines Reiss
... allerlei für die Nationalbibliothek zu ergattern..
Alles Frankreich oder was? - Die saarländische Frankreichstrategie im europäischen Kontext / La France à toutes les sauces? - La 'Stratégie France' de la Sarre dans le contexte européen
Alles Frankreich oder was? - Die saarländische Frankreichstrategie im europäischen Kontext / "La France à toutes les sauces?" - La 'Stratégie France' de la Sarre dans le contexte européen : Interdisziplinäre Zugänge und kritische Perspektiven / Approches
Alles kann, nichts muss?!: Theorien der Modalität bei G. W. Leibniz, D. Lewis und A. Plantinga und ihre Vereinbarkeit mit Spielarten des Theismus
Author/Editor: Jan Levin Propach
Alles verandert altijd: Perspectieven op literair vertalen
Author/Editor: Lieven D'hulst,Chris Van de Poel
Alles zum Wohle des Kindes? - Aktuelle Probleme des Kindschaftsrechts 2. Familienrechtliches Forum Göttingen
Author/Editor: Coester-Waltjen, Dagmar,Lipp, Volker,Schumann, Eva,Veit, Barbara
Alleys of Your Mind: Augmented Intelligence and Its Traumas
Author/Editor: Matteo Pasquinelli
Allgemeine Technologie
Alliances, Nuclear Weapons and Escalation: Managing Deterrence in the 21st Century
Author/Editor: Stephan Frühling,Andrew O'Neil
Allianzen: Kritische Praxis an weißen Institutionen
Author/Editor: Elisa Liepsch,Julian Warner
All in the Family
All in the Family : On Community and Incommensurability
Author/Editor: Ferguson ,Kennan
All in the Game: The Wire: un campo di ricerca sociologica
All in the mix: Race, class and school choice
Author/Editor: Bridget Byrne,Carla De Tona
Author/Editor: WRR
Allochtonen van school naar werk
Author/Editor: Roelandt ,Th.,Veenman ,J.
Allokationsineffizienzen auf Sicherheitsmaerkten:- Ursachen und Loesungsmoeglichkeiten: Fallstudie: Informationssicherheit in Kommunikationssystemen
Author/Editor: Knut Blind
Alloy Steel - Properties and Use
Alltag in der Moschee: Eine Feldforschung jenseits von Integrationsfragen
Author/Editor: Veronika Rückamp
Alltagskulturen in den Slums von Nairobi -- Eine geographiedidaktische Studie zum kritisch-reflexiven Umgang mit Raumbildern
Author/Editor: Andreas Eberth
Alltagsleben nach 1945 - die Nachkriegszeit am Beispiel der Stadt Göttingen
Author/Editor: Büttner, Maren,Horn, Sabine
Alltagsontologie: Eine metaontologische Grundlegung
Author/Editor: Christian Kanzian
All the Same The Words Don't Go Away: Essays on Authors, Heroes, Aesthetics, and Stage Adaptations from the Russian Tradition
Author/Editor: Caryl Emerson
All Things Arabia: Arabian Identity and Material Culture
Author/Editor: Ileana Baird,Hülya Yağcıoğlu
Al-Maqrīzī’s <i>al-Ḫabar ʿan al-bašar</i>, Vol. V, Section 4: Persia and Its Kings, Part I
Author/Editor: Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila
Almeno una stella. Un progetto di tutoraggio per gli adolescenti immigrati
Author/Editor: Favaro ,Graziella,Napoli ,Monica
Almost Hollywood, Nearly New Orleans: The Lure of the Local Film Economy
Almost Hollywood, Nearly New Orleans: The Lure of the Local Film Economy
Author/Editor: Mayer ,Vicki
The Alor-Pantar languages: History and typology
Author/Editor: Klamer ,Marian
The Alor-Pantar languages: History and typology. Second edition.
The Alor-Pantar languages: History and typology. Second edition
Alpenstimmung Musikalische Beziehung zwischen Alphorn und Jodel – Fakt oder Ideologie?
Author/Editor: Raymond Ammann,Andrea Kammermann,Yannick Wey
Alpine Industrial Landscapes: Towards a New Approach for Brownfield Redevelopment in Mountain Regions
Author/Editor: Marcello Modica
Als Andere unter Anderen: Darstellungen des Füreinander als Weg zur Solidarität
Author/Editor: Paul Helfritzsch
Also Innovators
Author/Editor: Yardley ,Christopher
Also Innovators: How one computer salesman contributed to the digital revolution
Author/Editor: Christopher B. Yardley
Als ze maar van me afblijven
Alte neue Ungleichheiten?: Auflösungen und Neukonfigurationen von Erwerbs- und Familiensphäre
Author/Editor: Annette Von Alemann,Beate Kortendiek,Sandra Beaufaÿs
Altered Ecologies: Fire, climate and human influence on terrestrial landscapes: Terra Australis 32
Author/Editor: Haberle ,S.,Prebble ,M.,Stevenson ,J.
The Altering Eye